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Posted by Anonymous

San Marcos, TX, Dodge dealership was very disappointing. Two routine oil changes were performed badly. We had leaks on the street--apparently, there was an overflow, plus the cap was loose. The second time, they kept our Dodge Ram 1500 overnight, and most of the day just to inform us there was an overflow of Amorall. This is not so. The new leaks were clearly oil.

Dodge San Marcos service men are rude, arrogant, and lazy. This is my 2nd vehicle, and the last.


Posted by tobitobi

I've recently bought a 2016 Ram 6.7 Auto 3500 that now has 62K
It surges badly, so much that the passengers complain. It's the most annoying thing especially when towing. It does it constantly on acceleration and at cruise speeds. Feels like its running out of fuel. Once the surging starts with towing it sets off a chain reaction where I have to slow down to get it to stop for fear of snapping off a trailer ball. The dealer has had it 3 times,(once even going through the transmission!!??) Please give me either some experienced techs to go to or other suggestions.

Posted by Anonymous

My 2013 Dodge Mini Van needs a new transmission at 95700 miles. Is this normal wear and tear? It will cost me 4 thousand dollars. This is the 2 nd Dodge Mini Van I have owned and had no trouble with the first one. I was thinking of buying anew one and I see the newer models have 100,000 mile warranty. Have they made improvemnets to the newer ones?

jim pillsbury

Posted by Anonymous

My first disappointment with my 2018 Dodge Durango SRT 392 - the navigation system is not good. It has repeatedly taken me on the slowest/longest/indirect route. I�ve defied it a few times to take a route I know is shorter and did not find traffic or construction delays. Also the Search function doesn�t find much - a simple Google search finds businesses that the nav doesn�t. Most people have the same comment and tell me to use Google maps instead.

Posted by unclebe38

This Is The Strangest Story I Have Been Involved In.

This Story Involves Three Dealerships At The Same Address, Which Means The Same Dealership Was Sold Or Went Out Of Business For One Reason Or Another. 2016 Dodge Dart Was Purchased New From First Dealership (tim Parker) All Is Fine Then Sold Out To The Second Dealer (national Park Dodge) Under The Same Building, Noticed Problems With Clutch Took Into Deanship (national Park) And Was Informed That This Is How The Car Operates And Was Normal, Very Well. That Dealership Goes Out Of Business For Bad Business Practices To Include Not Making Any Notes Of My Visit And Stating Any Issues I Had At That Point, Now I Have The Same Problem As Noted Before But Now The Same Car Is Inoperable And Now Informed That This New Dealership (riser) Has To Do An Inspection To Find Out What The Problem Is And Obviously At My Cost For There Was No Notes Left Of Prior Visit. Was Told That If I Choose To Do The Repairs That The Diagnose Fee Would Be Deducted From Total Cost Of Repair.

The Diagnosis Was Complete And The Damage Had Been Severe, Clutch, Throughout Bearing, And Flywheel Was Destroyed And Would Cost An Estimated Cost Of Over 2800.00. Service Advisor Determined That The Damage Was Caused By Driver And Was Never Investigated Any Further To Ensure That It Was In Fact Not A Mechanical Fault. I Have Been Driving Standard Transmissions For Most Of My Driving Life And Why Would This Vehicle Be Any Difference. The Dealership Just Made A Haste Decision! Sought Out Assistance From Dodge But Was Told That The Dealership Was Informing Them That The Owner Had Caused The Damage And Repairs Would Not Be Covered Nor Would There Be Any Ideal Of A Humanitarian Or Good Will Repair To Where The Dealership Would Absorb Any Of The Repair Cost, They Basically Stated No! Absolutely Not!

Contacted Dodge Customer Service To See If They Could Be Of Any Assistance And After Andrea (ext 81511) Basically Blew Me Off For Over A Month We Then Choose Another Case Manager Of Shay (ext 81494) The Difference Was Astounding, This Manager Seemed To Give A #%$. She Offered A Deal Where Dodge Would Pay A Portion With Owner Paying From 100 - 600 Dollars (to Be Determined Later) Obviously We Accepted This Offer; Shay Came Back And Said That Some Dodge Regional Manager (name Eludes Me At This Time) Of Some Sort Decided Not To Assist At All Because The Dealership Stated That This Was Because Of Driver Error. After Confronting The Service Advisor (719 Joshua Stair) Of The Supposed Statement He Had Made, He Had Declined To Uphold His Confidence Of Making Such An Absurd Decision And Stated He Had Not Ever Made Such A Decision!

So Now That The Car Had Been Fixed No Person Involved Wants To Uphold Their Supposed Excelance In Decision Making Involving Mechanical Workmanship! We Then Confront The Service Manager At The Same Location And His Demeanor Was Basically That I Was Bothering Him After Showing Him A Quote In Writing Of A Difference In Repair Cost, His Solution Was Just Pay Me Out Of What They Call "petty Cash" And Be Done With Me

After Confronting The Service Advisor, He Again Declined To Admit He Had Even Wrote This Quote That I Was Holding, He Stated That It Was Misconstrued Or Taken Out Of Context.

Posted by owensd

My many years of buying cars at Tri-county Dodge/Jeep in Heath Ohio and always having my car serviced there came to an end this week after one very bad experience. I took my car in Saturday for repairs and was told that I needed the AWD sensor and the ABS sensor replaced and that all the work was under warranty. I asked twice and was promised that this was a fact. They did not have the part and was told to bring the car back on Tuesday. I did and was asked if I wanted to wait 1 hour for it. I said I would get it later and was once again told it was totally covered under warranty. I got a call 2 1/2 hours later (glad i didn't wait) and was told it was not under warranty and would cost $330. I balked and was told they would take $50 off the labor for them being wrong. Since I needed the AWD to work where I live, I gave the go ahead. At that time I asked for a manager (either service or site) to call me and was promised that when they came in they would call. No call ever came. I had the car picked up at 3:15. I know that car lots have the right to break promises but I have the right to find another dealer which I will do. I was planning to buy a small truck in the near future and it will not be bought at Tri-county and will begin looking at Fords!

Posted by Mamamoo65

I Have 2010 Dodge Caravan That I Got New At Bill Bourth In Sparta Tn. I Know By Time The Warranty Has Run Out. But I Saw On The Internet That You Had Trouble With The Transmissions Of That Year. I Called Dealership To See If They Had A Recall On Them They Said No But Admitted That They Had Trouble With Them. My Van Only Has 30500 Miles On It And Should Not Be Giving Me Trouble. I Am Disabled And Don't Use It Much. I Would Like To Know What You Can Do.

Posted by Minnie

Dodge Customer Service (National) are horrible. Worse than the websites rate them ..which is not good. I bought 4 oil change package for $100.00. I now have one oil change left which I can not use before the expiration since I just had an oil change 1,500 miles ago. I need a couple more months. Judy (case manager) said no. She said she would not/could not extend it. She says to call back after it expires and try again. REALLY? I was on the phone for 2 hours the last 2 days and got no where. Do I want to do this again? I think Judy if she was a good customer service rep would take care of me and see this through to completion. Of course there are no direct phone numbers to Judy for me to call. Talk about a run around. Customer service is not what it use to be folks.

Posted by little big girl

I knew the Cherry Creek Dodge Dealer was not honest, I called the dealer because my granddaughter had bought a Durango which was way over priced and the Durango did not work. This started in Colorado and I'm in Florida. When your young you learn hard lessons, but these crooks are deplorable. At that time I told her to take the vehicle and park it across the street and put lemons hanging from it, but she won't do that. I finally called the deal and they are rude and nasty I guess that's were the owner gets his nickname Dealing Doug. I spoke with Chris Staton, Diane and at the Grand Buick Dealer I spoke with Doug Morlan and Charley they just passed the buck and liad. I knew that it would not do any good talking with them. Any way my granddaughter moved back to Florida with the Durango and it still has problems. What a piece of junk, by the way we have a 16 yr old Toyota that does not have the problems the Durango has.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I were 160 miles from home and hit a coyote a Dodge Journey. It pushed the radiator into the fan, messed up the condenser and did some body damage. We had it taken to Stanley Dodge Service Dept in Gatesville Texas on Feb. 27,2017. They finally looked at it and we were told that they were going to start on it next. We called Thursday and got the run around. FRIDAY March 3 we found out that they had not ordered parts and not intention on doing any of the repair and had gave us the run around for the last 4 days. Instead the guy we spoke to (Jason)told us that it should be sent to another shop that does both mechanical and body work. They should of told us in the beginning instead of lieing and giving us the run around. They need to be more honest with their customers and I will not recommend them to people for any reason. I do do business with dealerships that lie and treat people this way.

Posted by sfails

February 4, 2017

To whom it may concern,
I purchased a 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 from Steven Wade in St. George in August 2016. As a consumer I felt like after the whole truck purchase I was taken for a ride. After it was over with I realized that the trust I put into the sales man and the Steven Wade Dealer ship was extremely misguided. I have been in used car lots that have taken care of me better that this dealership. I need a truck that I could rely on to pull a 5th wheel trailer. I had a good truck that I had taken very well including having records of the maintenance and repairs that had been done t the truck it was a Dodge Ram 2500 2004. It had done me a good job so I felt that I wanted another dodge truck.
Now I expect a dealership needs to make money on a perchance of one of their vehicles, but they also have a obligation to take care of their customer also.
I bought a truck from them and later found out they had undercut the value to my trade in over 5000.00 dollars. Instead of giving me a fair trade for my truck. Next they jacked up the price for the new truck above the normal rate for the suggested price.
The dealer ship was going to put my hitch in the new truck. When I got there they told me that they could not do it and I would have to buy a new hitch. Feeling I had no choice I bought a new hitch and I had my trailer just outside there lot. The hitch they put in was the wrong one for my trailer and truck. I got about 100 miles away and had the trailer hit the back window and damage the truck. When I got back they told me I needed a slider hitch and I said ok. After putting it in they told me that they could not take back the main part of the other new hitch and I would have to pay for that also now that I had they slider hitch in my truck.
I wasnât very happy about the whole thing as you could understand.
Then I was told they could get my truck fixed. So I said to get it done. But later found out I would have to pay for it. I got my insurance involved and wanted it done right. I was told by the dealership I would be able to get a rental vehicle until they got the truck repaired. They were going to take care of the rental at no cost to me. They took me to the enterprise rental lot and was told that Steven Wade had called and them they would be taking care of the bill for the rental. I did not get my truck back for another week from when they told me that I would be getting the new truck back. They lied again.
After I brought the rental vehicle back I thought it was done. I got my truck back and was resolved to go on with this truck. Well about a month later I get a call from Enterprise rental car they Steven Wade called and would not be paying for the rental. I called Steven Wade and talked to the sales manger Tyler and he assured me that it was a mistake and he would get it paid. 2 weeks later I find that Enterprise has billed me for the rental. I called and found that Enterprise was told that Steven Wade would not pay the bill and that the customer had been notified. I was very upset. This time I went down to St. George from Beaver Utah where I am from and talked to management. There again I was told by Tyler and his mangers that it would be taken care of and I would not need to do anything more.

A couple of weeks later and nothing had been done. I called Steven Wade and spoke to Tyler and he referred me to a payment secretary. She told me that she was working getting the payment to Enterprise. I called Enterprise Rental again to follow up a week later and found that nothing had been done. I was going on to 2 .5 months now with no payment. I was referred me to Enterprise rental cars main office financial secretary Alta in the Salt Lake office. She helped me contact Steven Wade dealership and with some persistence got it paid.
I was told that this truck should get around 18 miles per gallon. At the time I was fine with that because my older truck was getting that. I was lied to again, Later I found that this truck may get 13 mile to the gallon if I am lucky. Not at all the 18 I was told.
If this was customer service I guess I donât know what that is. I have would in several businesses where customers are first and know how to treat paying customers and not taken them for all their worth and then hit them again. I was called by Steven Wades Customer service department and I was in the middle of all this but was afraid to tell them much due to the mess I was in with the dealership and didnât know if I was going to get what I needed taken care of . I feel this dealership is there to screw the public. I paid way to much for their service and got way less than what I needed from them.

I would like to return this truck and be treated better on the truck. I was lied and taken. And I donât feel that is what Dodge is trying to do with their customers.

Thank You

Scott Fails
Beaver Utah, 84713

Posted by bobailey

Anderson Dodge in Rockford Illinois service dept is terrible. They are replacing parts that they just replaced 3 weeks ago. You cant get a service manager on the phone at all. Terrible service

Posted by Shouldhaveboughthonda

I've been trying to reach someone at dodge support for over a week. I've spoke to a couple different employees who keep saying the person I spoke with didn't do something right. Then they tell me a supervisor or manager is not there and will take a day to call back and if I request that my original request for a case manager will be canceled. I really like my charger but will not be buying a Dodge anymore with this terrible run around athe customer support.

Posted by Frustrated

We purchased a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan brand new had it 3 weeks and was in a very bad wreck. It did 16,000 in damages. It should have been totalled. We have had nothing but problems its currently at the dealership now has been for a month. Say that they don't know what is wrong with it. I had GAP insurance that would have taken care of it. Now im without a van to drive because they are not working on it. One excuse after another. They assigned me a case manager. No help from him. I either get my van fixed right or they give me a new one. Im calling a lawyer about this. I have had enough.

Posted by Yoknows24

I'm contacting you guys because I'm disappointed and upset with all the issues on my 2010 Dodge Avenger R/T. I purchased this car used a year and a half ago with pension money I received used most of it to have a nice car. It has 64,000 miles within the past 3 months or so I've had a shifter cable break my air condenser went out my drivers side window broke still don't have the money for the a/c. Now my electronic controls for my personal settings doesn't work and I can't keep up with all the issues on my car. Paint peeling off front grill and I wanted a nice car but it has been nothing but problems that I can't afford it would be nice of your company to tell me why everything's going out on this car with only that kinday of mileage. I paid it in full 12,700 dollars and I'll never have enough money to get another one. So many people said don't get dodge and I guess I know why. Any ideas????

Posted by Hawk

Have a 2010 Dodge Ram had 27 miles on it started giving me trouble after recall on Heather doors was unlocking on their own Windows going down on their own it drop into low gear by itself transmission went out ran ruff still do making a nose was told it would stop have not just unhappy

Posted by Ebony215

Horrible i just brought a handicap accessible van my in end of January my transmission went i been stoke for 2 weeks without a van i have 7 kids one is completely wgeel chair bond dodge os not helping me at all it's their fault now i don't have a major cedit car or debit card to get a rental they won't even give me a replacement car but its they're fault they sold me a car with a bad trans it should not have passed inspection when i got it..So its school time imagine me on the bus with a wheel chair stroller and 5 kids

Posted by Anonymous

i got a car from dodge mission when the car was delivered it came with dent and problems with air condition as well as very worn tires. i loved dodge since i was young and when i finally get my first car this is how i am treated.

Posted by Anonymous

kasper in sandusky ohio was to replace u-joints on trucks drive shaft after the trucks has a bad vibration in the drive shaft they said it is now off dalence but not their fault so they wont fix it,, it did not vibrate like this be for they touched it only after its getting worse

Posted by dodge Ram

I have 2014 dodge ram pick up, I have had brake problems at 12512 miles and many safety recalls. Now at 13000 miles on it I have paint that chiping off, This pick up truck is nothing but junk also the paint has a orange pill look to it, What next, I am so upset over this investment, I demand the truck be replace now, I am 65 years old this was suppose to be our retirement to travel. Please replace the truck that all I ask, Give me what I paided for it on trade in period. Leonard and Cindy Roberson concord NC

Posted by praymon

please explain Garden City Dodge can schedule a recall appointment to be told the next day of the appointment day they don t have the part? That shows lack of concerns for costumers time since they dont even bother to call me til I showed up the next day.

Posted by Anonymous

I rarely use social media to get my point across but I feel I have to today. I drive a dodge nitro, and i loved it until 6 months ago. I have a problem with the front end for over six months now. My truck shakes when I drive it and the noise that it makes is annoying. It is a part that should be recalled by dodge, but, I guess it's to much of a money maker for them to do that. There is national back order for this universal joint. That just tells you how big of a problem there is. Thanks Dodge.

Posted by Hafeena Ali-Martinz

Can some one call me please, my

its in reference to an ongoing problem 2011 challenger with the local dealership, very dissatisfied

Hafeena Ali-Martinez

and Johnny Martinez

Urgently need some one to respond

Posted by Anonymous

I had my 06 Dodge Charger at Bosak Dodge in Merrillville Indiana for just short of 4 weeks. The car was dying out at stops or just after take off. Codes U0100 and P0700. I told them I needed the car fix because my license plate was about to expire. They presented me with $3200 worth of unassociated repairs. What they were selling had nothing to do with my original complaint. I also asked that they check my transmission fluid level for $57. I asked 3 times if they checked the level and as I was picking the car up, they pulled it back in the shop and we're adding fluid. After I refused the $3200, they told me they couldn't fix the car. They were guessing computer or wiring harness. I said go ahead with the $1100 computer change but if my car still dies, I would require a refund because I refuse to pay for guess work. That's when they said they couldn't fix it because now they say wiring harness, which is no longer available. I mentioned that manufacturers are required by law to carry parts for 10 years. They agreed but still said they couldn't help. So now I'm stuck with a car with expired plates and dying out. It's useless now because I can't drive it. I called 2 different Dodge Representatives and they were more useless than the dealership. They recommended trying another Dodge dealer!!! So watching all the dodge commercials with cars racing airplanes and doing burnouts is all fun but they don't have the knowledge or desire to use their brains and actually diagnosis the problem. I can not believe a Dodge dealership told me they can't fix my car. If anybody of any importance at Dodge reads this, I'd like a response on how this could be handle properly. What if I were a town or city with a police charger that had to be fixed? Would they turn a municipality away. This car is an ex state police car. My opinion is they couldn't make a killing on me by selling parts and I refused to pay for guess work. So now I can't use my car. Very poor business practice. I'd be embarrassed to be part of this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I would appreciate somebody from corporate to give me a call my name is Chuck I own I have a Dodge Ram Dually and I'm having problems with the dealership in Janesville Wisconsin phone number

Add your review!

Posted by koffeecup53

I Just Wanted too Give Service Advisor--- At the Dodge/Chrysler Dealership at the Morristown,Tenn.---- Charlie Elmore a 5--Stars Recommendation for his Dedication and Efforts too Get my Problem with my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan as i Do Realize that the Service Dept Was Short Mechcanical Tech,s and He Made Every Effort too his Abilities too Get my Vehicle Looked at as I Did Have An Appointment at 11;30am and was Taken I and Problem was Taken Care of with in 35 Minutes. Amazing Service and TY TY TY Soooooo Much-----Charlie Elmore----- And I Want this Posted for Customers too See.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan mid-January of 2014. I am writing this letter to express my sincerest thank you for building such an excellent vehicle. I got in an accident last week where I was hit in the front by an SUV and the rear by a tractor trailer on a major highway. My van is totaled but I after a short ER visit, I walked away with minor injuries. I cannot thank your company enough for building a vehicle that I give the highest safety rating to. While every air bag deployed, windshield and other windows smashed, front end taken half off and the whole rear crushed close to the third row, all of my seats remained intact and unharmed. I am relieved that my 3 small children were not in the van with me but I know if they had been, they would have been completely unharmed. This accident tops one of the scariest moments in my life. Many people, as well as myself, have stated how lucky I am and how well the van protected me. If possible, I will be getting another one. Thank you again for having such an excellent vehicle available.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say I spoke with Ms Kim at the corp office. she was very nice to us and she ressured me that my vehicle will be fix. Will be calling back in the morning Ms Kim..

Posted by Anonymous

Not quite sure how to address this matter I have had now two warranty work on my 2012 Jeep Liberty now when I phoned today they said it might be ready tomorrow it has been in Gustafson's Dodge Dealer for over two weeks as they have had to order part twice. I did not ask for courtesy car as my husband has a vehicle but now feel like this is getting ridiculous and I am getting very frustrated.
When I brought my Jeep in for oil change regular staff member was off where I pay my bill this one day I had enough cash and gave her the money and she reached to side counter for change and then next I was phoned and said how did you pay for this I told them and since then it is like they do not believe me and also since then do not feel I am been treated right just my thoughts. Felt good at Kamloops Dodge when they did my oil change very friendly to everyone they served and felt like I was better treated there. Other people even non native one was manager from Denny's in Williams Lake said he has not had good service also at Gustafson's Doge they said if you do not buy vehicle from them they are like this, not the same in Kamloops they treated me well.

Posted by Happy

I don't know if this is the best place to say this? I have owned a 1964 Dodge Dart GT (50th yr anniversary) convertible since 1966; and,still starts right up. I LOVE this car and have never had a bit of trouble, except for the three times it was stolen. It needs a little work, new paint and a new top, but runs good. This was my 16th birthday present, will have owned the car for 48 years; and, 2014 it will be 50 yrs old (Chrysler will have a 100 yr anniversary). Restored it could be worth $30,000 but is worth much more to me. This would be a good ad to show how long they last, and, still be in good condition. It's a great car!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought a used 2005 gmc sierra z71 from Jenkins Chrysler Dealership in Lafayette, Ga 30728. I bought it as is no warranty. I know in the state of Georgia, that means exactly what it says. I test drove this truck, it performed without any problems. I went back on a saturday to buy it, took it home. That evening the check engine light came on. I called the dealership on monday, they said to bring it back. After about 8 days they called and said it was ready to be picked up. To make a long story short, Jenkins went the extra mile to make me a happy customer. They by all rights, did not have to pay for any needed repair. The total for the repair was approx. $450.00 and i paid out of pocket $100.00. I am happy with this, even if I had to have paid to pay the full amount. I feel they went above and beyond any policy concerning customer service. I will look to them when making my next purchase, depending on my wants and needs

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