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Dish Network customer service is ranked #403 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 1787 ratings. This score rates Dish Network customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,647 Negative Comments out of 1,787 Total Comments is 92.17%.


140 Positive Comments out of 1,787 Total Comments is 7.83%.

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    • 34.63 Overall Rating
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    • 1,647 negative comments (92.17%)
    • 140 positive comments (7.83%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer for YEARS! I have no complaints with anything but pricing continues to go up. Makes no sense offers come in to play when a customer says they are leaving for another service then the deals start coming into play. Many I know play the game of going back and forth to different services to get lower prices. I suggest offering discounts and lowering prices for customers who have been loyal. Base if off of years, get people to stop switching and leave loyal customers thinking it does matter!

Posted by Backinrivercity

I used DISH network for over 15 years. In 2016 we first upgraded our service with a Joey. We were subsequently overcharged for the installation, and a $93.52 promotional credit we were promised was actually charged to us, not credited. Attempts to straighten out the billing problems were completely unsuccessful. Six months later we began having constant outages. DISH refused to send out a repair technician unless we paid $150 for the call, notwithstanding we were paying an extra $8 monthly for the privilege of such visits. We finally decided to terminate our service. My phone call to terminate was a nightmare. I was told we were responsible for a $200 early termination fee. I would have paid this fee had DISH not already owed us more than $200 for overcharges and had we not been without reliable service for approximately three months prior to cancellation. The supervisor I eventually spoke with was a model of customer dis-service. I sent a detailed letter explaining our dispute by certified mail to Charles McKay (executive in charge of complaint escalations), including documentation of the overcharges. Mr. McKay not only did not respond to my letter; but the complaint was bumped down to the lowest level customer service staff. My husband, who wears a cochlear implant and has great difficulty hearing over the phone, attempted to interact with DISH customer service because I had been so badly treated by them previously. Long story short: DISH staff made no response to our letter other than we owed them $189.29 on our final bill. They refused to respond to our letter in writing. They then threatened to turn our bill over to an outside collections firm. (Great job, Charles McKay!) We are paying our bill under protest, then proceeding to seek redress through state and federal consumer protection agencies and the BBB. I have only profane words to say about a company that would treat a loyal and longstanding customer this way.

Posted by Pissed off Consumer

Dish network is super shady, and are great at luring new customers in with incentives. However, they offer better services to new clients, and existing clients are given the shaft. They increase prices, add packages and charge you for them with out consent. Once I cancelled my service, I called in advance and told I was getting a refund of $114 and it would take 2-3 weeks for them to mail me a check. I cancelled Jan 4, 17 and it is Now Mar 20, 17 and no check. I called customer service to ask where my check was and they said there is no refund and the last customer service rep I talked to did not note my file, and the refund I was supposed to get was used to cover the cost of services for a month I did not even have their service. Be aware, they are quick to take your money, but you will likely never see a refund or your money back.

Posted by A

Wow seriously glad that fin b that took our call didn't give me her name, worst fin customer service I've ever had rude disrespectful and hung up on me. I'll never get dish they can take their piece of sht hopper an Joey shove it so far up their.

Posted by msdorthy

i wont to know why you took channel 9526.,off sincerely im a shut in and watch it every day but it is not there any more .sincerely dorothy feltner

Posted by eS

Dish Network No Longer Works. The Company Has Major Technical Problems Which It Fails To Notify Customers About.

Posted by Anonymous

Dish "lures" customers in with low service prices, and then increases prices by cancelling "special offers". Our bill increased from $130.00/Month for internet & TV to an announced approx. $175.00/month. New customers are offered in the $130.00 range. Dish admittedly states that new customer deals are less than the same deals for existing deals--and uses the "take it or leave it" attitude. Why do the Federal "price fixing" statutes not apply? SAME SERVICE/SAME PRICES?

Posted by Lally

DISH Network is undoubtedly the most dishonest TV service provider in the USA.They are all about raking in money and more money from honest, trustworthy customers. They promote their services through deceptive, marketing strategies. They will NOT allow you to read their contract unless you sign up for their service first. That's because they don't want you to know of the unfair and expensive charges your credit card will be charged. Equipment must be returned at the customer's expense (about $50.00). If you cancel contract prematurely you get a $218.35 penalty and you pay $10.00 dollars for a box to return equipment.

Posted by S.Dixon

I do not like Dish Network at all prices are terrible, pay over a hundred dollars for basic channels. Loses signal all the time and it's never nothing no tech can do anything about, they cancellation fee is terrible making you stay with them, they can be a whole lot better on so many different levels!

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Enjoyed Dish Tv Services For Many Years. However, It Seems Every 2 Years The Receiver Hard Drive Fails. After Speaking With A Technician Tonight, Error Message 311 Dictates I Must Replace My Current Receiver With A New One. I Will Then Lose All Recorded Programming For A Second Time In 2 Years--terrible !!! It Appears There Is No Other Option. This Is Bull !!! Where Has Dish Equipment Quality Gone? The Only Explanation I Received From The The Technician Was, "it Happens." Well, That's Not Good Enough. It Happens All Too Often To Me. I Am Seeking Other Alternatives To Dish. I Work In A Large School District. I Will Be Soon Communicating With Many Co-workers Expressing The Failure Of Dish To Provide Quality Service And Equipment. Good Evening.

Posted by Rick 1954

I bill was $91.53 this month no problem, but when i check my bank double payment was taken out.contacted Dish and guest what 2 hrs later nothing was resolved,contacted my bank file a complaint have to wait til weds.contacted BBB made a complaint, contacted Dish and told them what i did, your money should be back on your card in 7 days, i hrs to take it out 7 days to get it back.this isn't the end, Dish will pay for any overdraft i occur when this happen

Posted by Charlied

Have had two different techs come to my home to repair problems with service rebooting itself multiple times without success. I am not happy paying for sub standard service. I expect a credit for the service I have not received due me and to have it repaired.

Posted by Roy

Started up a new 120 package with Dish. Account Specialist quoted me a first month (TOTAL) billing amount that I would see on my first month bill. Bill came and it was no where close to the amount I was promised. Called and talked to another Specialist who told me he could not verify that the first month price I was quoted by the previous Specialist I spoke. He offered my a first bill amount less than the first months bill amount I received but it was still more than the normal monthly bill amount I was promised for the remaining 12 months of my agreement. Dish will not honor the promised quote for the first months billing amount. They will honor the next 12 month amount but they will not give me the first month bill amount I was quoted which was $16.70 more that the promised/agreed bill amount. Shame on you Dish. Not honoring price and service promises made by Dish Representatives seems is a reoccurring issue.

Posted by decnky

Signed up for Dish and now 30+ days later we regret doing so. Contacted their so called customer service (big joke) and also the rep at the "office of the president" and got absolutely NOTHING! They need to go back to school and learn the meaning of customer service. I doubt seriously if they can even spell it ! All I can say is that we cancelled our contract and they hit us with a cancellation fee (which I expected) but also a shipping handling fee to mail their equipment back PLUS a fee for the billing cycle. What a ripoff!!! Our advice to all who read this is BEWARE of the forked tongue sales people and especially the bon bon eating customer service reps.

Posted by Ann

This is the worst service ever. I will never ever deal with them again. My mother got her service date changed in may. They say they have changed it but never did. They want her to pay $100.00 for service that only was $52.00 when she started. They lie and lie to get u to stay with them. They are THE WORST SERVICE OUT HERE. NEVER GET YOUR SERVICE FROM DISH YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!

Posted by unhappy

I moved and was going to move my service to another state. Well the moving company took twice the time it said like a month longer and then lost part of our things including our tv's so Icalled dish to inform them and told them cancel my service I would call if we received our things. Well 3 months later they started billing me again and insist I pay and threatened to cancel my service LOL. I will not pay the bogus bill so now they sent it to collections. Nice

Posted by Anonymous

I am moving to another state, and was told my Customer Svc rep that in 30 days AFTER I move I would be getting an empty box ($10.00 charge) to return the receiver and remote. Note that is a month after I have left the state.I had to literally get mad to get him to send a box in about 2 Weeks . Then asking if I had someone to give my service to and who I am living with in the other state. Do they need Dish. REALLY!!!!. I have had tremendous service but lousy time trying to stop service.It has made me decide not to have Dish in the new home.

Posted by Anonymous

your dish network channel line up "SUCKS" Nothing but channels trying to SELL SOMETHING!!
Watching A channel ME TV The Other Nite And Channel TURNED PINK> When there is something on to watch tjhe DAM CHANNEL GO OFF!!! CANT WAIT TO TURN THIS DISH NETWORK "off"

Posted by drkhl0355

I know that this will never go anywhere but going to voice my opinion anyway. im tired of our programming going away and my bill going up instead of down.Last year we lost some of my favorite programming MAVTV and a few other affiliated programs because of price increases that they wanted. So i got less programming and the same bill. I am now seeing WQAD dropped but still paying the same money for less programming. Have about seen enough of corporate greed from Dish. My son works for mediacom and even though they are higher i will get the programming that i want. I think we are going to switch. You will not find my name on any account but my girlfriend pays the bill. Patty Ferguson is the name on the account. I am tired of paying for something Im not getting. It might cost more but atleast i cn watch wht i want and am willing to pay for.

Posted by Jazzygrace

Dish is the vilest most pathetic group of scam artist out there. They tell you they are selling you a bundle package which includes the internet but then OOPS their internet isnt strong enough to support your on demand and you will have to get your own server which almost doubles your cost and it doesnt matter that they lied, you will have to pay 400.00 if you cancel services. I tried everyone from their worthless customer service to the even more worthless 'account specialist', yeah right, to their elite 'presidents office' who read from the same script. The worst came when they took 500.00 out of my husbands social security disability account without authorization. This is the money my husband has to live on and they illegally withdrew it and absolutely will not return it. When I asked them if they were going to buy his medicine and food, they just blew me off and stated they still were not going to refund it. I have never been treated so callous in my life.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently switched from directv to dish and it was a huge mistake. Dish promised the latest and best equipment. What I got was not that at all. Dish Customer service is maybe the worst. I was told by the dish sales people not to call directv to cancel until after dish was set up. So I didn't and THAT WAS ANOTHER MISTAKE. Within 8 hours after I signed the dish contract and cancelled directv I got a call from directv offering me an outstanding deal to stay with them. I was tricked by the dish people. They know directv would call with a better deal. CANCEL WITH ONE BEFORE YOU SIGN WITH ANOTHER.

Posted by Anonymous

Call up Dish tonight to see about getting their TV and internet service. The guy that answered said real snotty like what's your name how do you spell it I just hung up on him. You're not going to get my service when your employees act that way.

Posted by "Dam Crooks "

I was a dish Network customer until they tried to make me pay extra money for there services monthly. I paid $ 100.00 for the month of June and I sent another $100.00 for the month July and I called the company to let them know that I have sent both of these payments to the address that came with the bill that they sent me. The company representative called me and said that they have not received any payments. So I then wrote them a very long and nasty cusing them out and the people who work for them just to get a response from my letter that I sent to the same address. Later I received a call from the company and the supervisor wasn't happy with my letter. I told him that I thank him for his call to me to let me know that they received this communication from me. I told him that I wrote this nasty letter just to get a response from them and I sent that letter to the same address as the first two money orders so if they have received this letter from me then they received the money orders too.Everyone should stop their services with Dish Network they are crooked

Posted by bryce p

I HIGHLY encourage anybody that is thinking about dish network to make SURE you read EVERYTHING you are signing. It doesn't matter if you have been with them for 20 years, if you make any changes to your service it automatically locks you into a new 2 year contract. and they are complete douche bags about getting that money. And the person i spoke to told me in the contract you sign it gives them permission to take whatever programming away they want and you are still bound by the contract. I HATE dish network!!!

Posted by Pat

I am tired of Dish Network's dispute with my local station, WTKR in Tidewater, Virginia. I've lost track of how many days it's gone on now. I can live without Local News, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, Steven Cobert and PGA Golf. But, we are approaching NFL Football Season and I'm not going to miss any games. I will switch to Direct TV if this dispute does not end soon. I'm the Final Consumer in this dispute and I will ultimately decide who's side I'm on.

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Posted by Anonymous

I just recently called Dish network for customer support. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a very quick call back. And was thrilled that I was able to deal with a tech that was helpful and spoke clear ENGLISH. I've called before and talked with several middle easterners that I could not understand. The techs name was Benjamin. He was very helpful and he deserves a raise. And y'all need to hire more people like him. Aka American's.

Posted by Boyce Operator ID VNL

I would like to give a big shout out to Dish TV Technical Support Rep Boyce, operator ID VNL. Boyce is BY FAR and BAR NONE the BEST rep I have ever dealt with in all our years with Dish TV!! He was polite, easy to understand, helpful and went above and beyond to make sure that I would be a happy customer. GOOD JOB BOYCE!!! Thanks for all of your help and your patience with me!! Teresa

Posted by barrly

Okay. Okay. I've never been a fan of Dish customer service. Stupid hold music, moronic base level customer service reps - unplug the machine and restart, blah, blah blah. Negotiating service fees is a giant hassle - long term customers get screwed while new customers get great deals. Even with my upgrade, if Dish raises my service fee next month, after nearly 15 years, I'm out. Too expensive, too many blackouts with no rebate. Too many new streaming options - Dish competing against itself with Sling. Go figure.
Back to the upgrade. Had a problem with on demand and Dish service responded within a day. Decided problem was internet provider related. While they were there, we discussed upgrade to Hopper 3. could actually lower my monthly service charge by eliminating 1 of the 2 Hopper 2's that I had. Tech called billing. The 1st customer service agent was a total inconsiderate b...... Treated the tech like a piece of sh.. and I heard the entire conversation on the speaker. If she worked for me, I'd have fired her on the spot. The next call to billing was much more pleasant. Got billing to waive 2 year contract and upgrade fee. No brainer to do the upgrade. Scheduled for the next day.
After 2 additional days of cancellations, upgrade completed on July 4. Tech spent at least 5 hours on the project. After he left - the problems started. Hopper and Joeys continued to lock up. Watching live TV or DVR, all units constantly showing new error messages.
Called customer service. Unplug and restart. Who didn't know that was coming? Bottom line customer service just flipping the cards and having no experience with the new product.
Tech was sent out. Did all the diagnostic tests. Couldn't figure it out. Nearly every day for over a week, techs would come to the house trying to solve the problem. I met nearly every tech and manager in the region. They started to home in on the problem, suggesting the existing wiring wasn't capable of pulling in the signal from the new satellite receiver on the roof. Looked around the house and realized that there was apparently no way to run new wires because everything was covered by sheet rock.
At this point, I was contacted by Dr Dish and informed that my "case' had been upgraded and he was dedicated to resolving the problem. Very impressive. Very accessible by email and phone. Incredible customer service that I never expected.
Finally, the last tech to look at the problem came up with a solution. We both realized that the cable coming from the satellite to the new Hopper was actually accessible! He dropped a new line from the satellite, fished the cable through the existing channel in the wall and connected it directly to the Hopper. so far, 24 hours and no lockups!
All in, Dish techs must have spent 15 - 20 hours in my home and on the roof trying to resolve the lockup problem. My guess is thousands of dollars in service fees for Dish technical service employees and subcontractors. Who could ever complain about that level of service and dedication to customer service? Very impressive.
Next month, the service fee is expected to increase on my account. If I can't get Dish to agree to lock in my present service fee, everything was for nothing. I'll go to direct TV, streaming or the devil. But I can't afford to pay any more than what I am paying now.

Posted by Anonymous

I usually only come to these places to complain but I have to say that Dish has been delightful to work with to lower my bill without loosing important TV programing. Keep it up Dish.

Posted by Anonymous

On your main menue you have an option External Hard Drive to better manage your Hopper account and dump information onto an external hard drive. You mention a compatible HD but do not provide any informaion on this and one would assume that most extenal hard drivew would work - but they do not. You need to list the criteria on the ? help section - so that people do not trash/wipe out the user memory on a new HD (like seagate). Very irritating!!!! and very poor communication on your part Dish!!!!!!!!!!!11

Posted by FacelessVOid

To all stupid TV users out there!!! make sure that your TV is on first before you call for Tech support! you will call complaining that you can't see anything on your TV? of course! because it's off! It's hard to think that there are a lot of stupid TV users in one of the most advance country in the world.. oh well..

Posted by Dish is best by far!

I have played the TV game and switched all around. I Love Dish network!!! They answer quickly for customer service and they take care of issues. Unlike their competition direct tv who has screwed me and lied every time i ever called in.

Posted by ankila

I had a problem with my internet losing GBs. All of a sudden I would have 0 GBs...down from 10. I called Dish every day....sometimes twice...and I have never had a problem...just the opposite. Each CS rep was polite and willing to help me. When I would lose all my GBs, they would GIVE me more, only to have them gone the next day. They were friendly and worked with me until we found the problem. I love Dish.

Posted by Erica

I am very pleased today to be attended by ERICA attendant, who gave me the best support attention in Portuguese, being courteous and helpful. Parabens keep such people in attendance at the Dish. my name and Roberto caus.

Posted by Jeff

Surprised to see so many negatives for Dish. I have had this service for 20 years with very few outages or customer service issues. About the worst thing that has happened is after they installed a cable box for a new TV I bought, they swapped out several of my other remotes that were getting old. The Tech accidentally took one more remote than he left behind. Wasn't a big deal, they sent me a new one at no charge the next day... Overall, I never have any major issues. And I may lose satellite service once or twice a year at most.

Posted by Big H

I was a DISH customer. My only real complaint was that after my 3 months of free premium channels, I had a lot of trouble cancelling---took several months, with bills for them! (I tried to decline up-front, but the installation tech told me I could not.) I went to cable, but as with every provider, they keep jacking up the fees. I would love to go back to DISH--if they had FOX NEWS. I read a lot of complaints of subscribers who would like to cancel, since they dropped FOX NEWS, but cannot. WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE TRY TO START CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? Many law firms specialize in them. The FCC and other relevant federal agencies are totally worthless to the consumer!

Posted by CAW

I am a very sad former DISH Network customer. I was a DISH customer for 8 years and LOVED DISH. Unfortunately, the price kept creeping up until we were paying about $150 for our service. TOO Much my husband says so we switched to Direct TV because we were going to save about 1/2 off with the Intro offer from Direct for a year.
Before, we switched I called DISH and told them how much I love DISH and hoped they would match the intro offer that we were getting from Direct. First they offered $45 off for 3 months (not enough of a savings), I called back a few days later, this time they offered $40 off for 8 months (still not enough. When I finally called back to cancel the service, they offered what I had wanted all along (basically a match of what Direct was offering) but by then it was too late. After experiencing Direct service for a month, I still think DISH is much better. Their channels are arranged in a logical manner. They have more channels that I like. The remote is a funky shape with small badly arranged buttons and switches. Their rewind and fast forward is slower. I could go on and on. I'm sure that the Customer Service Reps are instructed to low ball the offers to keep customers but I told them exactly what I needed to convince my husband to stay with them.
After 8 years of being with DISH, now we're stuck in a 2 year contract with Direct. I am very very very sad.

Posted by Barry

I believe it or not had only one bad experience with a customet service tech about two weeks ago that tried sell me HD service. She tried to tell me my reiver and smart card was old and out dated and I was out of luck. I called again two weeks later and I got a male tech and he resolved all my issues in fiteen minutes. Thank you dish!

Posted by Faye Roberts

I have been a Dish customer for about 8 years. When the last rate increase happened I called and talked with someone who was very helpful and I was able to reduce my monthly bill to a more affordable rate while still keeping our most watched channels. Our service has always been excellent and I live in a rural area so didn't want to change carriers.

Recently our receiver went out and we had a new one shipped to us within three days, along with a postage paid box to return the defective one. There was no charge for the new one.

I also like how I was given a fifty dollar credit for a referral. That friend also got a credit and she is satisfied with the service as well.

Posted by darryl moore

We are tired of being lied to about getting the internet after we was told we can get it and we was not able to get it and then we can not get cause of the type of account that we have. Basically its like descriminating against a person because of their account which isnt fair at all when the people are keeping the account paid on time or sometimes early. We are very upset and is to the point of discontinuing service

Posted by mattman6304

I've had dish for a few months now I think they're better than DIRECTV and Comcast. I've had no problems with the middle everytime I call they were always polite help me out they don't work out a payment arrangement with me I'm done with dish! keep up the good work dish they explained everything to me on my bill.

Posted by desi_runner

I switched from Directv about a year ago because of the Hopper. Overall I'm very glad I made the change. The hopper is fast and the UI is more intuitive. I'm paying less and watching more TV.

Great decision!

Posted by bluefootedboobymashed

I've had Dish for about 3 years. Since then, I haven't really had too many issues. I don't look at the bills, but I see it on my credit card statement and it's usually a lot less that what my family pays TWC in New York.

Had 3 issues that required calling customer service, and once they had to send a technician. I've had a good experience with the call center and with the technician. I thought they were polite and helpful -- but maybe i'm more easy going than some people on this site. :-)

Posted by fumer88109

I ordered Dish for my apartment in Manhattan. After offering to install the equipment the following day, I requested that we schedule the appoint the following week.

The day of the appointment, it was dumping snow and Manhattan was slowing down. Still the installer showed up on time and was very polite.

Though I was disappointed to learn than the $29 America's Top 120 package actually costs $43 with the hopper, my bills have been what I expected. Apparently the "hopper equipment is free" with a 2 year contract, but you still have to pay a monthly service fee.

Posted by Paul

Hey, I've had Dish Network for twenty years and they just keep getting better. I called customer service three times and got my problems fixed each time. I guess it is dep[endent on whether or not you have enough sense to understand what they are saying to you. If you don't get it you might just be stupid. I don't know.

Posted by Charlie E2M

I was on the phone today, January3rd 2014 with Charlie E2M. His customer service and patience with me was outstanding. It took over an hour to figure out what was wrong and not one time did he get impatient with me at all. He needs to be recognized for his outstanding customer service. Thank you Tami D. Waterston

Posted by Hate_Directv

Switched from Directv! Enough said. Never hand an issue with Dish not performing as expected. in a year i had 3 issues all three taken care of immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning I would like to give Angie39Q five stars on her excellent customer service I really think she deserves some type of incentive for her service and patients

Posted by Anonymous

One of the main reasons I decided to switch to Dish was because they offered local network options. I am a fan of The Cleveland Browns, and have not had the opportunity to watch them on the local Fox Channel,as other teams are on that I don't really follow. What is the reason for this?

Posted by clossensandra

attn.albert valdez I was letting u no tht I got my statements from the bank it doesn't have where she took out the money from my card like she said she did.but my husband was here when I gave her my card she had the last 2 numbers wrong when she tried the card I told her I knew it was good I just used it . she said can I have ur number on the card again I gave it to her an she said she had the last 2 numbers wrong. so she tried it again with the numbers I gave her an it worked. why did she say it went through if I don't show it on my bills they said she left a note saying I told her to cancel my card. I nvr. told her to cancel ever .wish I would of got her name. but according to the man I talked to other than albert before him he transferred me 2 albert valdez. all I no is it was order to take it out at the regions bank. if it wasn't it isn't my fault. ive done my ck. book an it comes out rt. I pd.73.21 to use im not paying it again. I don't thk. I should have to. it was set up automatic withdrawal an if tht. didn't happen it not my fault. or the other 14 people at least who payed the bill but use said use didn't get it. that lady did something I think use should find out who she was an what happen to the money an why she never put it in the account it was suppose to go to. I can see if she was new messing up but not at least 15 other people. something is fishy in denmarek I would say. I am not paying it again thank you for your help. Sandra clossen

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thanks for all the good reviews :) I am an employee and Dish is the best company I've ever worked at so far. They care for their,a s customers just need to let us know if there are issues going on with your service and we will always be willing to assist you the best way we can... There may be issues that we can't solve right away so we're also asking for the extension of your patience.

Thanks to those who appreciates the service. Just let us know, we will always help.


Posted by aNONymous

I used to work at Dish a couple years back, and i can honestly say that they do not have the customers' interest nor their employees. It is a very backwards company and I would never recommend them to anyone due to their poor service. I won't be surprised if that company fails within the next couple years due to comcast, fios, etc.

Posted by Karla

I am a Dish representative & it hurts to see so many bad comments about it, but what is worse, I am able to give answers to everything written down here & explain the reason why, but my co-workers who got this customers so angry were not able to get the right information across. I apologize customers have to go trough this & that some Dish representative don't know what they say.

Posted by Anonymous

OMG reading some of these comments makes me angry, as a former CSR for dish all I can say is that while some of these complaints are valid a vast majority of them are because of a lack of COMMON SENSE and INTELLIGENCE.
Firstly, the people complaining about price increases, yes your first 12 MONTHS you get a discounted price going anywhere from $19.99 to $49.99, the first 12 MONTHS not forever, all of our print ads state so, the website states so, the advertisments state so, YOUR BILL SAYS SO,
"New Customer CR 1 of 12" (does that mean anything to any of you?) Pretty sure that if you don't know that is a promotional price it's because you don't read your bill and that folks is no one's problem but your own. Also ANY company will raise the prices from time to time, Wal-Mart does it, BP does it, everyone does it. Also folks, if after the first 12 months you can't afford to pay $69.99 for the TOP250 then get something else for cheaper, don't be complaining that you want all the channels for like $20 because that's what your sister's boyfriend's best friend is getting. Satellite TV is a LUXURY not a NECESSITY, if you can't afford the everyday price get something else don't be nagging for credits.
If you had a friend who constantly asked to borrow money but never paid back, would you continue to give him your money? Of course not.
Folks, pay your bill! You get 55 whole days to pay before interruption, again if you can not afford it don't have it. It's ridiculous how many people call in yelling at us to turn their services back on w/o paying. If you don't pay for your electric bill pretty sure they will cut if off at some point as Dish does, we are not a charity.
Pay in Advance customers, the only reason why your account it pay in advance if because you have bad frigging credit, it's not our fault we can't trust someone with bad credit with an extension on the bill, if you don't pay you don't get anything, same as anywhere else.
Also folks, if you lose signal when it rains or snows or hails, guess what THAT IS NORMAL, your signal comes from up in the sky where the clouds are the snow comes from, if something is blocking it you won't get signal. Don't be calling us when this happens, you'll be wasting your time and our time.
You people need to understand that sometimes reading your bill, or your contract will help you not seem like such a fool when you call. Everything is there, and if you don't read a contract before signing then really it's not our problem.

Posted by jksatek

What the customer wants and what they get are two different things. Lets take dimon2000 Dish Net Tech. Those techs that are trained by Dish and Directv are only trained to installed dish, cable, tuner and nothing more.
Naturally when one of them come across something unfamiliar to them . It's either illegal or against code.
I had a customer call me and asked if I would go fix his mom's satellite. It took me all of 10 minutes to figure out what was wrong. As I was leaving the customer asked me why it took me 10 minutes. The Dish Tech that came out spent 2 hours and couldn't figure it out. I told her it all came down to expereince.
I once had a customer say to me.Your not going to tell me I got screwed are you. Which I replied no. I'm not there to tell the customer that's illegal, that's against code or to tell them they got screwed. I'm there to do a job and to get the equipment back up and running. Customers are happy until the satellite breaks. Then I want to throw gas on the fire and tell them they got screwed . Just what the customer wants to hear.
When I get called out I tell them what is wrong and what it will take to fix it. If something about the install wasn't done right. Then I tell them what it will take to do the repair. Usually having the dish mounted incorrectly is the problem I come across the most.
If I have to ground the system or rewire it while I'm there. Then that is part of job discription and why we get paid to do it.
I have two customers who's equipment is not by the tv. So during the installation process . I had to install a 50 foot HDMI cable. If that didn't work I could use up to 300 feet Cat5 cable and HDMI Baluns to do the install. I've also used Cat5 component Balun's to run from a customers equipment closet to his tv.
If you not familiar with Baluns. One type are 75 to 300 ohm transformer on a Tv antenna is a Balun. Baluns are impedance matching devices .
You can send audio/video up 1000 feet . Using Cat5 and audio/video Baluns. Their are HDMI, Component, video/audio,digital audio Baluns, HD switches, signal combiners, analog UHF Modulators and Digital UHF Modulators.
If you think what I do is crazy. You should see what these Home Theater Install Companies do. Some of their installs have computers running the system. I've seen one on Tv where the Security camera, Dish Network Tuner, DVD and Stereo system was all operated by the computer and could be called up on any monitor.
But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand. That if your not familiar with something . That either you tell the customer your not capable of repairing the system in it's current configuration . Or just repair the satellite problem and leave everything else alone. If their is a problem with the wiring then have the customer call the installer who did the original install to begin with.
I'm not perfect and have made mistakes in my 28 years of satellite work. But their is a whole world out there you know nothing about.
I started in the electronics and got my training in the Air Force . I was an Air Traffic Control RADAR Repairman for 4 years. I worked for PTS repairing TV's for 2 years . I got my started in the satellite industry 1984 . Manufacturing and repairing Antenna Positioners for the big satellite dishes. I've done component level repair of satellite receivers and antenna postioners. I have even opened up and repaired Dish Net receiver. Not only for my customers but for other dealers in the business. I also did service calls for these dealers. Plus the past 12 years I've helped a friend install Federal Signal Tornado siren's . Wiring the AC, grounding and the installation of the cabinet.
I've repaired a gate operator, computers, water line to an ice maker, I advised a friend how to add a sensor to his alarm system. All this while at the customers home repairing their satellite equipment .Plus I've installed Security camera systems and a gate announcer for customers.
This past December I had a customer call me to install her new TV. Her new Tv was producing so much Pink Noise . That the IR and UHF remotes for the VIP 722 wouldn't work. It took me a few minutes to to figure out how it was entering the receiver and a small piece of Duc Tape to repair it.
So dimon2000 if your coming across a lot of HOLLY MOLLY installs. That your not understanding the principles behind of those installs. Maybe your lack of knowledge and experience are to blame and not the installer who wired it up to begin with.
The last Dish Tech who commented on my work. Told me I didn't know what I was talking about when it came to the NEC. Then he stated that at least he installs a ground rod it may not be to code . But hey it's better than nothing.
I once had a customer call me. He asked if I could answer some questions for the Directv installer. He was switching to Directv and I told him sure I would. So the installer asked me how the wiring was done. I told him there was 2 Diplexers in the system . One in the attic and one behind the living room tv. He finally decided to pull out the tv and sure enough there was a diplexer. Then the installer proceeded to tell me how he knew more then me and he made diagrams of all his installs. Then he decided to hang up on me.
I've never called anyone to asked them how to pull out a tv to look behind it, crawl in an attic or walk outside to understand how the house was wired.
It as never bothered me when someone has more knowledge than me.I have friends who have been in the business longer than I have. Or if anyone who had lesser knowledge I would always try to help.
But when someone who doesn't have a understanding of what is going on beyond their training. Then they want to cut somedown who as more knowledge. Well that only speaks volumes on their abilities or the lack their of.

So here is a question for you. What problem could anyone of these items possibly fix; RG 58, using 2 75 to 300 ohm Balun's and a round piece of sheet metal 18 inches in diameter with a F81 mounted in the center.

Posted by rickyd

I was a Dish employee for 3 years #1 in my office for cust satisfaction. I was #1 in nuimbers for my office, loyal employee worked whenever they wanted me to. There equipment is crap, especially there computers thety put in our vehicles. Every time I went to a customers home the computer would die or have no service. I told a customer my computer rebooted and I could not pick up servie for him to sign his name, I asked him if it would be alright to sign it for him when service picked back up he said that was ok. I signed his name for him but to my bad I sighned his name wrong and he called in to tell them that his name was spelled wrong and I got fired for it. THEY PUT ME ON ADMIN LEAVE WITH NO PAY FOR OVER A WEEK. a WEEK LATER THEY TOLD ME i WAS FIRED. Thank you that was the best move you you could make, I know work for your competeter directv best move I ever made. I always put them down to my mistake they wer better make the switch today youll be happier to I promise.

Posted by Dish Intruder

For all you thinking of becoming Dish Network customer or are existing customers consider the following, when you first sign up your credit background determines your valued service with the company. Allow me to explain, there is a 5 Star rating that determines if you are a paying customer or a financial risk with the service. Case in point, a 3-5 Star rating customer gets all the benefits, promotions, no charge on upgrading equipment under the reputable DIU (Dishing It Up)program, etc, as well a 4-5 Star rating customer is not charged for the tech visits with the Protection Plan, the charge only applies for 1-3 Star rating customers with or without the protection plan. A 1 Star rating customer is the worse position you can be in even if you make your payments on time, you don`t have anything coming with regards to 3 month offer movie premiums, discounts and the DIU offer does not apply to you so don`t even ask. A 2 Star rating customer gets some lineage with regards to the DIU but you still have to pay a reduced pricing of the equipment, plus locking yourself in a 24 month commitment and if its an additional receiver on the account, start looking at additional monthly receiver fees, depending on the type of equipment you request with range from $7.00 to $17.00 monthly fee. So next time you call customer service for Dish, ask the rep what star rating are you, that will really put them to the test.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with Dish for about 5 years.. I started like most with 120 channel package and inceased to 250.. i love the products offered and mostly saisfied with previous tech's I have worked with.. Besides the VIP 922 which has been a major pain of freezing but each time was replaced. I can only recommend DISH HIRE REAL customer service folks to handle CHAT.. Have you guys ever went on their and tested a few of your folks? It's like Dish has decided the best place to cut is CHAT customer service and I warn you you will lose many folks off those guys. '

I finally got around to calling in 2 issues today..One a 612 system acting sluggish in SEARCH and other windows.. Told engineering is working on a fix..I have been having the issue since got the box over a year ago..Do you really tell people they are working on a fix and expect it out soon after a year? Not good !!

Next issue and the one that I cannot nor will just let sit is my LOCAL NON HD chanels have very poor picture.. This is supposed to be digital and should look as good as ESPN for example.. The poor pic is seen worst on sporting events.. Even PPview that local guys hosted was very poor and I paid $40 for those and taped them.. I shoudl put of You Tupe for everyone to see that you cant see.. Cant see Jersey number, player, field marking and generally listen is the best option.. Needless to say I wasted my PP money since the only time the game is played is to remind me of why not to order another game or event..

I was told by CHAT he could do NOTING but open a ticket for engineering..Kevin missed the part that the issue is ONLY with LOCAL channels..WHICH means that 99% sure the issue is with the hardware and the feed it has.. BUT now I am waiting on what.. A engineer that will never call or be able to fix this.. So I now have a clock ticking that will wind down soon and out will go dish unless thet can provide the service I pay for.. I WANT MY LOCAL NO HD CHANNELS VIEWABLE AND EXSPECIALLY WANT THE FOOTBALL BASKETBALL OR ANY GAME TO BE SEEN,,

Balls in your court dish.. IF by 2 weeks the issue is not looked at at my house I can assure that Comcast is standing by to switch me to them at $89 for a year and $129 after that for 220 channels, hbo, STARZ, unlimted phone and Internet 12MB dnload speeds.. Sure I have to pay $8 for each non DVR and $16 for extra DVR and I lose duel and sling box but hey I want I pay for.. To be HONEST the thought of being a comcast customer make me sick. Their customer servcie really sucked last time I used them BUT heck if DISH is going the same stupid route whats the option? direct tv maybe..

For a NOTE Comcast lost many customers to dish for customer support issues and not techonogy or money ...Dish would be wise to focus HARD on how thier customer are being treated by customer facing folks . They may believe they are so much smarter than the customer but I am hear to tell you they are dead wrong.. We pay their bills and why they have jobs.. We go and they go.. Now how smart is that? They cant simply blow us off to ghost engineering ticket and expect to keep us. NOT going to happen FIX MY LOCAL CHANNEL ISSUES ! Thanks

Posted by dimon2000

Holly Molly Reading the story bellow by the installer called "jksatek 9/10/11 8:27AM " I never let my customers read contract they sign it in 5 seconds or i sign it for them. I hate working for dish no good company and all their back charges. And because of people like jksatek putting 2 boxes somewhere in one room, i am not even sure why and how he runs hdmi and all that stuff i bet he spends 10 hour on a quad it takes us 5 hours to fix all that mess. and i dont run new lines dish does not pay me for that. and i am not redoing a job if it is not up the code because dish does not pay me for that

Posted by Harry78

As a current employee, I think it's revolting that you would come on here, tell people to "demand" for this and that, tell them we rate them based on their programming, & tell them to call in to go to a certain department. 1) you are the reason we have repeat callers 2) you are the reason we have escalated callers 3) you are probably the reason you are no longer employed by DISH Network. When you signed on with DISH, you signed a waiver saying you would not disclose information like that, & if you are found, which it is very possible in todays infrastructure, you have a good time with that lawsuit against you. I have dealt with many different issues, all have been resolved. I pride myself in superb customer service because every customer I speak with is MY customer, I will get their issue resolved or get them to the person who can do it, obviously if it is not a customer initiated issue. I genuinely care about everyone I speak with and continue to. I am both an employee & a customer.

Posted by Inside job

You would need to give a little more info about what the issue actually is that has been mixed up and what the charges are ?
If you are indeed paying over $100 dollars per month then you will likely be a 3* to 5* customer
( yes dish in their promo system rate you by how much revenue you bring in, i.e. 1* customer = welcome pack, non dvr, 2* 2 tv´s atop.120/ or 1* can be $100 per month but frequent late payments, 5* at200 and above, dvr, protection plan good credit and payment history additional receivers, premium channels etc)
Anytime you ask for a credit or ppv coupon you have a battery rating also to around the value of $150 per anum (5*) which slowly depletes with any resolution involving credits. this will also effect your qualification for dishing it up, i.e. 1* poor payment = no free upgrade as it takes Dish around 2 - 3 years to recoup the initial cost of installing you (average of $750- $1000) so if dish spent $1000 initialling you with cost of receivers and labour, you have at120 (44.99) plus $10( 2nd hd )receiver fee plus $6 (dvr service) totalling $60.99 per month then it takes dish around 17 months to start making any profit from you as a customer so you will not likely get anything gratis is that timeframe.

On to your question again, assuming you are in good history, out of contract or in the final stages, ask to be transferred direct to loyalty, ask for your contract info, tell them you will switch providers and you want all 4 premiums free for 3 months on a roll to drop basis (it is available to all customers ) this will give you your movies for the holiday period for free, also enquire about NFL redone with multisport free until jan 4th and that should be worth your 20 mins on the phone. It is also the same department that can help you with your current issue.

Posted by The inside job

I am an ex employee of Dish network,
I find it absurd that ex or current employees would want to call anybody slugs for being dissatisfied with a service or provider or even expect the customers to have the knowledge that employees receive months of training to know and practice.

In my time with Dish, once i addressed the rightly angry customers concerns and informed them thoroughly of cause and effect, none have been horrible or awkward and all been grateful for the help, i have had some very pleasurable and funny conversations with them.

One of the greater issues in Dish is a non streamlined internal infrastructure and different control levels within each department.
Ultimately if a sales rep, lies (which they do very often as they are on salary + commission and anything that involves a monthly roll on, they and dish make money from or an upsell HBO,CINEMAX, STARZ etc) the after effect of this is you the customer and the person who has no knowledge or even memos within promo about the sale (the customer service rep) or (tech support agent), both of which are left attempting to clean up a huge mess with the dish rep never able to say NO or I CAN´T or in any part blame any other faction of Dish or admit that the customer was miss led, this both causes even greater issues and more false hopes and often leaves Dish looking incompetent and without answers and ultimately Dish wants you to pay to correct the mistake.

The dish retail side (i.e. you walk into a store and purchase Dish ) is heavily monitored and regulated and if issues are presented to a Dish cx rep about a retailer or the retailer lied then they are flagged within promo ( the tool all dish reps use to create and service your account ) if too many complaints against a retailer emerge in feedback then the retailer is struck off, unfortunately this process does not reach internally in dish and the majority of miss info is given from the get go by a fully internally employed and trained sales rep.

Onto the tech issues mostly 002, 015, 005 error messages even on a perfectly clear day and often 2 days after instal, again many different causes, and different levels of internal and external instal and monitoring and quality control can cause these issues, Can dish guarantee that the outsourced tech installed using brand new coax ? as a previous loyalty agent i know we have sent techs out to review issues and found this to be the case because the tech has installed on a home that has had direct or dish previous and just plumbed into old degraded coax, signed the job off and took his money (they get paid for all materials used per install ) coax at $2.50 per meter thats a quick $80 for cable not used. The other blinding obvious issue is in the States a lot of homes are wooden framed, the dish needs to be on a south facing wall (in the line of the sun all day) the tech bolts the dish into the timber, the sun comes out the timber shrinks, it rains the timber swells, 6 months later 002, 015 around the mid afternoon or intermittently as the dish has naturally gone out of alignment, presto $15 plus $50 work order to have it realigned for the same issue again in another six months.
I always found this amazing as Sky in the UK (where they have pretty bad weather and lots of rain and wind and all homes are brick and mortar or concrete type) uses a much smaller mesh type dish and never looses signal ? they also have no DVR charges, no absurd second tv charge and can have hd on both tv´s free. check out to see how much the US providers skim of you!

The other main issue in Dish as i mentioned is no one stop solution or answer, yet internally they promote this as a value, how? you cannot call customer service, pay your bill and then enquire about pricing or contract as you need to be placed on hold and transferred at the mention of contract. You cannot call tech support have the issue probed as half way through troubleshooting you need to be transferred of unplugging the receiver for 10 seconds did not resolve the issue, need a tech out? transferred again so as a customer it´s a highly frustrating experience especially when one agent in all the transferring does not fully inform the next agent of the situation and facts and the customer is left repeating info over and over again.

But the fact of the matter is non of this is the customers fault, the customer should not be expected to be Einstein or even know what a modulator is or the difference between VOD and PPV or how to connect a vip to a broadband connection, Dish should have done all this correctly from the start and needs to clean up its house before allowing employees to treat it´s customers like dirt, and know you know why i am an EX employee and certainly would not be a customer.

For people who have been asking about using Google to find a live support agent, just go to, on the red tool bar select SUPPORT, the bottom option of the drop down is contact us, select that and you will see CHAT NOW, you have the option of tech or customer service, here is the link to go direct
Once there you will need to secure your account with name (authorised user) PIN or last four of the social on your account, receiver model id (press MENU twice, system info will come on the screen and they want the R00 -R01 or smart card id S19.....) numbers from the screen.

Thankyou all for your time, i hope it has been informative, have a great day.

Posted by abdel

im a dish network subcontractor, i ve been working with dish and directv since 2006, dish network has improved their service since 2010, they re verry demanding, and want techs to satisfycustomer no mather wht,
the problem is the people that seling dish, they re big layers
they sale you service exepecting hd, even notided in the work order with none hd equipement, i get alot work order with no hd equipements and cust expect hd service, honestly im not changing theres work order, im tired of them, they need to watch everwhere else, then just the techs

Posted by jksatek

As an installer I have no control over what Directv and Dish Network does. I only have control over the things I do as an installer.
The biggest problem I have . Is getting the customer to read the contract that is placed before them to sign. I've tried placing it on a counter or the table and telling them it here for them to read . While I'm outside installing the dish. if they have any questions to come out and ask me.
I also explain everything and I realize their is a lot of info given out. I'm sure the customers head is spinning from all the info. I also have a invoice that has 3 pages of info. Everything that I've said and in the Dish Network contract. Plus info that isn't in the contract.
I still can't get anyone to read the contract. They are just happy to get the equipment for free and watch tv when I leave.
I don't beleive that the customer is always right. The manufacturer is right when they are. The installer is right when they are and the customer is right when they are.
But as an installer whenever the customer has a problem. You have to do whatever it takes to make them happy.
It amazes me all the name calling that goes back and forth. I've never called a customer a slug. Or has I recently read in a complaint. Tell the customer to go [email protected] themselves.
In 27 years I've only had to walk off 2 jobs . I politely tell the customer . That I'm sorry I can't make you happy. So i'm going to clean up and give you the option to call someone else.
I still don't understand what happened to the industry. The name calling, lying and cheating.
Even before the economy took a dump. Customers stopped calling me new and existing. They started to Call Dish and Directv instead. People used shop by calling around to the different dealers.
The consumer used to do their homework . But not any more. You would think with the phone, internet, family and friends . They would investigate before the committ to the install.
My job experience is. I was an Air Traffice Control Radar Repair in the Air Force over 30 years ago. I repaired tv after that for PTS Electronics . I've been in the satellite business for 27 years. I've done component level repair just not for my customers, but also for other dealers in my area.
I've been a Dish Network Dealer for the past 13 years. While doing installs for Dish. I was also helping a friend install Federal Signal Tornado Sirens. For the past 12 years.
I'm only required to give a 6 month installation waranty for Dish installs. I give all my customers a 1 year installaion waranty. Dish only give their installs a 60 installation warranty. Directv only gives their installs 90 days installation warranty.
My installs are whereby I take 2 dual Dish Net tuners and place them in one location. So when I'm done with the install. The customer can watch all 4 tunres, DVD Player and their local tv antenna . On every tv in their home.
You know experience is everything. The manufacturers, sales people, dealers installers and the consumer. Knowledge should be your key .
If you can call Dish and Direct . Why didn't you also call a local dealer. You got online to complain about your treatment. But why didn't log onto Dish and Directv web site.
When the installer placed the contract in front of you. Why didn't any of you take the time to read it. Reading the contract was your last line of defense in protecting yourself.
There have been a couple of times. When I had to go back the next day to finish the install. I didn't make the customer sign the contract until I was finished.
Finding someone who has good business practices is very hard. I'm not perfect and have made mistakes. But I try to learn form them.
Dish Netowrk and Directv are not perfect. But meither are, Comcast, Cox Communication, AT&T U-Verse, Time Warner, cablevision and any of the other cable companies.
Don't beleive me . Well while your on here type your local cable companies names. You will see all of them have the same complaints against them.
A few months ago Time Warner offered their customers a bundled deal for 189.00 dollars a month . Whereby the customer got a 24 hour personal CSR and 24 hour Tech on standby to repair their equipment. If I were paying 50 dollars a month . Shouldn't I get that kind of service.
I think it was December 2009 That Comcast cable was 14 billon in the red. AT&T as a tiling problem. But in the real world all cable system have thier problems . Just finding something you can live with.
I get my info from installers, customers and Skyreport online.
Also if your on cable . Chances are your watching satellite. Either the big dish or one of the little dishes ( Directv or Dish network ).
Their are times when Dish and Direct buy out the local cable company in small communities. Or the local cable company will make a deal with them for their service.
Their are some channels delivered to the cable company. Comcast cable uses the big dish for their customers. They have their Head End on a satllite in orbit called AMC18, They use what is called a Mega Pipeline to deliver cable channels to their cusomters.
See what a little knowledge can do for you.

Posted by iwork4dish

Im a customer service rep for dishnetwork and all the times i hear people complain i have to tell you,all of these people that complain on a regular basis are slugs in our world and have nothing better to do,i had this service prior to even haveing a job in the company and have never had a problem,people it is simple power your equipment off at night,dont push every button you have on the remote and pay your bill,if we gave credits for everyone that thought they deserved something for free this company would be closed,please understand that the people you call to scream and yell at are just that people and we sure did not create the problems you may think you are haveing,as a matter of fact we are only there to resolve the problem,so the next time you want to scream and yell,please understand we poop,eat and breathe the same you do........

Posted by Anonymous

When you have companies raising prices mid-contract and the loss of programming due to renegotiation, it is best to always remember what you signed.

Your contract does dictate that prices and programming are subject to change. Request a copy to review if you've lost the original. The contract is to guarantee that you will retain services for the full agreed term, not that your prices are locked. No company offers a locked price contract, but they may offer you a LOCKED DISCOUNT. Be careful with the wording and any *asterisks.

Losing channels is something that happens to every television provider. LIN is asking for an increase from Dish Network to pay over 170% more for services over the previous agreed amount. That is like gas stations raising the price of gasoline to $9/gallon overnight. Would you pay it? No. In time, a solution will be reached and you will have your programming back. It is the greed of the broadcasters that is causing your loss of programming. Dish Network and all other companies that experience this price gauging are simply trying to protect your prices and keep rates low. By paying these outrageous increases, Dish has to transfer the cost to if you're complaining about a price increase and loss of programming - you're holding yourself to a double-standard.

This is the nature of the business, unfortunately. The best thing to do is research your price and see that you're getting a great deal for services some people pay 20$ more per month to receive.

I am a business analyst for many companies that go through these situations and trust me, they are nothing short of LIVID that you aren't receiving the best service available. Companies spend BILLIONS to protect you from being dissatisfied, but in today's world - if you don't get your way you're instantly disgusted. Unfortunately, the economy doesn't dictate the same instant gratification. Money is tight for everyone, and always keep in mind that companies exist to make money.

Posted by Anonymous

Honestly Im a spanish tech support rep, and we have customers who have not had 1 replacement in 10 years.. then we have customers having there DVR box replaced every month.. Sometimes u get bad equipment/ bad installation/ or just a dumb customer who leaves there receiver running 24 hours a day.


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