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Discount Tire customer service is ranked #65 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 66.78 out of a possible 200 based upon 139 ratings. This score rates Discount Tire customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


109 Negative Comments out of 139 Total Comments is 78.42%.


30 Positive Comments out of 139 Total Comments is 21.58%.

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    • 109 negative comments (78.42%)
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Posted by Bryan

I just purchased a full set of Pathfinder AT's today and it became obvious that they are a little louder than I was hoping for. I'd love to trade them for the Pathfinder Sport S AT. Is that something I can do in the next couple of days without having to come up with more money? The manager said if O did not like them I had 30 days to return them, but the actual policy says they must not be mounted or used...soooo, what's the deal?

Posted by Mad at Lindon UT Discount Tire

I ordered in new tires because the sales guy said the ones on my car were worn on the inside. Rather than choose the more expensive "in-stock" tires I chose some based off the best reviews and pricing. After going to get the alignment done the dealer told me the alignment was fine and that they'd replace the tires free of charge because they were just bad tires. SO I go back to refund my order and the sales guys get all pissed with me because they special ordered the tires. Then they charge me $81.20 for shipping and restocking when refunding the order. $81.20 for four tires that cost $53 a piece. They were 195/65/R/15 which is a normal size and easily could have sold them in store to another customer within days. I will no longer visit any of these stores because this kind of service is unacceptable to me. I would accept 10% or even 25%, but $81.20 is almost 40% of the cost of the tires!

Posted by Frustrated Customer

I purchased 4 new tires for my 2008 Escalade on July 3, 2017 at the Bryan, Tx location H 23 #1223 When I arrived home, I realized I had lost the right front wheel cover. I called the store and they said they would order a replacement. I live 30 miles away in a small town and have had to make 4 trips to Bryan because the covers continue to pop off for some reason. I have lost 2 and the other 2 trips they ordered the wrong cover. I was able to trace back and find one and on a very busy Highway 6 my cousin ran into the street and picked it up. We returned it to the store even though they promised me this time it would stay on. Several times they promised me they would call me when the covers arrived. One manager named Jeff guaranteed me he would call. When I went in to inquire, I was told it had never been ordered. Joshua promised me he would order it this time even though I had been told this before. He did call on Monday to say it was in and when I got there guess what, the wrong one again and it did't even match. On one trip Jeff tried to get me to take one he had ordered and I said NO, you have to be kidding, it doesn't match. On 2 visits Jeff has made the comment, "This is 3 or 4 we have ordered! This is getting pretty expensive!" So is this my fault Jeff?? No sir!!

Posted by bugb8

made appointment for flat repair and rebalance and rotation. flat repair completed. balance and rotation not. returned to discount, now rebalance and rotation complete with broken wheel stud,must get that fixed. wasted my day off work for this. be aware!!!

Posted by Trish

None of the numbers work or no one will pick up the phone! My husband tried to purchase 2 tiers and was immediately called back to tell him they couldn't sell them bc they weren't the right size for his truck (which they were).so tell me why 4 days later the payment went through after it was canceled and he couldn't purchase them we are negative 112 plurality 36 overdraft fee!!!!!!

Posted by Money Loss

Today I attended the store at Discount Tire Store - Cypress, TX
11310 Barker Cypress Rd.
Cypress, TX 77433 for tire service. This visit was a return from a previous service visit a few days before. I had my tires rebalance and rotated and the result was terrible. I had to drive 800 miles from a out of town trip and return to the store several days later. While I was there I needed a flat repair and guess what they did not have a replacement tire. Manager said I will order tire, have it mounted and balanced and call you by 3:30pm.4:55pm no call. I called them, oh it just arrived 30 minutes ago. I get to store within 5 minutes and see my mounted tire sitting on floor. I waited an hour before getting tire installed. I was kissed but my wife told me to keep my cool. We live around the corner from the store and have 4 vehicles, all needing tires at some point. I will drive the few extra miles to get any kind of tire service somewhere else before going back there. Sorry money lost on y'all part. I'm no longer giving my business.

Posted by Personal Hell

As a customer of Discount Tire for decades I have always been treated by courteous professional personnel and fair prices. I must say that with the closest store to my home at 64th at Ward, it has typically been convenient. However with my last set of Michelin tires this store was NEVER able to get them balanced correctly, and even then they make it clear that they are always really too busy to provide any customer service. They encourage you to leave your car unless you can wait one or two hours. Today the tech staring at his computer while I patiently waited finally honored me with his assistance. I asked if he could rotate my tires and with his best little B imitation replied that it first depends on if the tires are even worth it. After inspecting my tires, he found ONE that was not worthy of even touching. ALL THE TIRES WERE WITHIN SPEC but the side was worn unevenly. That typically requires at least probably two new tires in this case. He first claimed that he legally could not work on this tire and after calling him on it, then he claimed that it was store policy. Great way to sell tires you don't need. In any case, the next closest store is at 92nd and Wadsworth and These guys are soo much better, plus they know how to balance tires right the first time. BUYER BEWARE. IT IS WORTH THE EXTRA DRIVE TO GO TO THE NEXT CLOSEST BIG O OR ANY OTHER DISCOUNT STORE. 64TH AND WARD IS TERRIBLE! Their customers are treated like idiots.

Posted by troydorn

I was sold some tires a few months ago and was assured that they would be safe for winter. Today we had a snowfall of about a half inch and even with ABS breaks I couldn't stop at stop signs. I even ran into another car. I called the store and asked what my options were and was told I would need to buy new tires. I mean come on you can't even help me out a little.

Posted by Anonymous

once the sale is made...and believe me that is their are unimportant. i purchased 4 tires6 months ago and they were jonny on the spot for the sale. however..recently found a nail in tire and revisited store for repair. sat 4 two hours for this little repair. meanwhile many other walk ins getting service for new tires. i will never purchase from them again. plenty of other tire companies that want repeat customers.they are marginally polite at the front desk for repairs....but after the sale service stinks. this location is vancouver washington.

Posted by Siris

Was a discount tire customer for 12 years years. Seen it go from good to bad. Latest experience at 13645 N CENTRAL EXPY, DALLAS, TX.
Last rotation they tried to pressure me to replace tires even though the tread indicator was not worn. I politely refused. Had a flat yesterday and took it in. Refused to fix because tire is almost to tread indicator, so bought new tires. The tires were bought at discount and rated for 60K miles but lasted only 30K. Manager refused to give pro-rated mileage credit saying tire was not rotated for 15K miles right after it was put on. Tire was mounted on back and my FWD Pacifica wears down tires in the front, so this was probably in Discount's favor anyway. Pointed out that the terms of the warranty do not mention "rotation" at all while it lists everything else. Manager claims that not rotating is "willful abuse".
I used to go to discount tire because it was a hassle free experience. No longer.
Needless to say my next tire replacement will not be at discount tire.

Posted by Conquer

Beware Do Not go to discount Tiire in Knightdale NC .I took my Mercedes there omg wrong tires and messed up my rims . Horrible !!!!!! paid $600 for two tires. Customer Service sucks will never go back . They don't let you know when your car is finish 3 hours waiting . Driving home tire sounds awful shaking. Call back less than hour to return the tires. I was told you need pay more money and you have to wait for the tire to come in . Wasting my Time ask when will the tires be in I was told when fedex dellivers them . Wow Bad Customer Services I guess when someone dies the owner will step up until then Do Not waste your time. They should be called Used Discount Tires . For your safety go somewhere else .

Posted by Anonymous

Been waiting for over a hour to get my tire fixed at 67th ave in Peoria saw three women walk in get help with no appointment get help and leave and I'm still waiting!!!

Posted by Dennis R Brunson, Sr

My husband purchased four new tires in grand prairie tx in March of 2016, while traveling home to Hot Springs Ar, the bolts and lug nut stem broke on the driver rear side, cause damaged to reat lug nut stem on the wheel driver, we have pictures to support our claim, we contacted the manager at the gp location, Taylor Coe store., he stated he has submitted all paperwork to corp and as of today July 4, 2016 we have not heard or received any correspondent inregard to this matter. We feel we have waited patiently, we want this matter resolved, this accident could have caused the life of my entire family. We want to be compensated for the inconvenience, we would appreciate any assistant in resolving this matter. Thank you,

Posted by Lon O

Took my car into Discount Tire on 1130 W. Elliot Rd. In Tempe, AZ to fix a flat tire. In the 2 hours they had my car, they somehow managed to destroy my paint finish and also made 2 door dings on the driver door! I have witnesses that saw the car prior to me bringing it in and all agree that it was damaged by Discount Tire. They have denied any responsibility for the damage they caused. I even entered it in a car show about 3 weeks ago and was commented on by others, how amazing my paint looked. I am suing Discount Tire for Gross Negligence..

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I have comments about the delivery truck on the 27000 Southfield rd lathrop village mi they always park it in the ally's blacking the castommer way for hours

Posted by Anonymous

Chris is the manager at store number 6 in Aurora CO and he was very rude! I had a nail in my tire and he refused to fix it. I called before going over there to see if they had a used tire for my car and he said there were 6 used tires. In the five minutes it took me to get there all the used tires were purchased. Hmmm right... Chris tried to sell me 4 new tires and I said no. Then he tried to sell me one new perelli tire for $119. I said no. I asked him to just fix the tire or put on the spare tire. He refused. I would have been stranded there if I didn't purchase a $70 tire! This is not a good store!

Posted by Robert

Discount tire had to order a replacement for a defective tire. When it comes I drop everything to come down aND spend over 2 hours while people are put ahead of me, because I was waiting on you to get the replacement. To make things worse it is hard to sit because of back and leg problems, where's the customer CARE. And wait without being told how long ai would have to wait.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased snow tires and rims in November. Discount tires said they would put on my all season tires in the spring for free. We knew that two of the tires would need to be replaced soon, and we discussed it with them when we bought the snow tires. They said the tires could get us by a little longer. However when we went to swap out the snow tires for the all season tires, they refused to put them on because they were worn. I don't think it is there right to refuse a service that they said they would do and tell me I had to buy new tires in order for them put my tires back on.

Posted by Anonymous

WOW. Went in to get new all terrains on my F350. After they were on I mentioned to the guys at the store that they looked small. They said drive on them and if you don't like them bring Em back within 30 days... Tried to do that today, only two weeks and 500 miles later, and was told I would have to pay 80% of the replacement tire cost. What. Not only can you not return them you only get 20% credit on tires in excellent condition and only 500 miles? I keep hearing about people leaving Discount and now I know why. Hate to see the change in them because they WERE great but not anymore. Firestone here I come!

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the store located in the Forum Shopping Center on 8130 Agora Pkwy in Selma Texas on 2/4/2016 to have the rear tire on my van checked out for a screw imbedded in the tread. The manager that inspected the tire said he should be able to take the tire off and patch it, and if he couldn't the worst outcome would be having to replace the tire. So I told him to check it out. A few hours later he called me and said that he couldn't patch the tire that it would need to be replaced with the correct tire for the rim. He said the tires on the van that I have been driving and have already put many miles on were not the correct ones. I asked him if he could just patch up the tire and put it back on and I would get a new one later. He said that he would not patch the tire and would not put it back on because he didn't believe it would be safe to drive it. He held my van hostage. I was forced to have to buy a new tire just to get my van back. He insisted that I needed to get new tires on all four wheels to balance out the ride properly. He gave me a deal on a new set just to get the tires I had so they could resell them. A WORD OF WARNING TO ALL: These people are scammers. If you are in the same situation ask them to put your spare tire on and have them put your tire and rim in your trunk and drive away. "What a dishonest way to get someones business". The salesman's name is Alejandro R. Ybarra that I delt with.

Posted by Joseph

Purchased my Michlen tires 30 months ago and have 13,000 miles on them. They are all weather cracked.
They were all warantee replaced at 90% of value.. I had to pay the 10%. However I had to pay for balance, tax, installation and disposal. Is this fair.. Should not Michlen pick up that tab?

Posted by Discount tire-13376 RESEARCH BLV

We bought a wheel from discount tire in Austin Texas .The oiginal size is 18x8 but they install for us 18x7.5.We just find out and report to them but they don't want to take it back.I don't feel safe to drive with 2 front wheels with different size.I am a loyal customer with discount tires from several years but now I am very disappointed with the service.Please help me to solve the problem.

Posted by SCOTTY

at the begining of november after several trips into your store in waite park minnesota without recieving any help at all, i tryed calling your store and after 4 days someone finaly answerd. i told them i needed 4 tires gave them the size they said 3 to 5 days and said they would call when they came in. this was november third. i called 2 weeks later not hearing from them . they said the will be in the next day, AND i didnt need to call anymore they would call me when they are in. as of yet which is december 3rd i have yet to recieve a call. NICE.

Posted by Klynnestone

Discount tire removed a spacer from the back tires of our boat trailer, we drove that day 75mi on the highway, the tires rubbed against the bearings creating friction and causing the bearings to break and the tire to come off the trailer. Stranded we were told they would "help" by filing a claim with their claims department. My entire families lives were in jeapordy and that's how they "help". Don't ever buy tired from them.

Posted by Rich

On two separate occasions after purchasing tires with lifetime rotation and balance they did not balance my out of balance tires they just rotated them after being told they out of balance. How many times does this happen if people do not have the time to stay and watch their vehicles. I am very disappointed and discount tires

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Posted by Air Force Vet

Have shopped at Discount Tires for close to 7 years. Over the years we have come to trust Mr. Luis Torres for he is always straight, up front, and tells us exactly what we need after listening to us. If we ever came back with a problem he solved it. Recently I called Discount Tire and spoke with Mr. Torres asking him to make me an appointment for the next day and would he pick out a set of tires for my wifes small car. I told him what our budget was and that I needed a decent tire but not top of the line. Mr. Torres looked at some things gave me a quote and told me about the tire. The next day I arrived for my appointment. I came in and asked for Mr. Torres, the first thing I noticed was that he was no longer in the front but was working in the back. Here is where the problem started. The person who now was helping me up front looks at the order and then says, "I see the tires Mr. Torres has you set up for and although they are a decent tire this would be a little better for you. I understand they are for your wifes car and the important thing is her safety." I have been married for 20 years and don't need someone "Up selling" me telling how to keep my wife safe. I like discount tire and have found Mr. Luis Torres to be very professional and honest. If you shop at Discount Tire in Ocala and want a positive result and experience ask for Mr. Luis Torres.

Posted by Anonymous

As a customer of discount tire, I can honestly say, I received the best service at the Albuquerque store on 3701 highway 528 NW by Juan Cruz and I don't even live in Albuquerque just here on business. I wish more discount tire stores were like this one. Fast, friendly. This store exceeded my expectations, as I don't even get this kind of service in my hometown. Thank you Juan for doing a great job and having me out quickly !

Posted by Anonymous

I went to discount tire in Rio Rancho,N.M. to get my tire checked because the tire pressure light went on. I was in a hurry because I had to take my grandson somewhere. A young man named Jeremy helped me, was polite,and got me out of there fast.Everytime I go there, I am treated respectfully and every single one of those employees that has ever helped me has made it an enjoyable experience when sometimes it is in a stressful situation. Just wanted to thank you for hiring wonderful employees at the Discount Tire store on Unser in Rio Rancho N.M.

Posted by Aleman

I just took my car to Discount Tire at 8335 S. US Hwy 31, Indianapolis, IN today and was very satisfied with their tire replacement policy and customer service. I purchased the Falken tire about a year ago, and it still had a lot of tread left. I got a flat tire and told Discount that I wanted to claim my Road Hazard warranty on the certificate that I bought. Evan, the salesman, said that was no problem and that Discount would either repair or replace the tire free of charge.

Evan said they were very busy, (I was 5th in line), and that it would take about 1½ hours to get the repair done. I told him I would be at a nearby restaurant while I waited. Apparently they worked very fast, and had the car done in 45 minutes. The restaurant was noisy and I didn't hear my phone when he called. I was just amazed when Evan walked a block to the restaurant, came inside and told me my car was ready. Now that's great customer service!

Posted by lmartinez1677

Took my car to Firestone on Blackstone in Fresno. Manager couldn't unlock wheel lock and stated there was nothing he could do without it. Rt front tire was almost flat... So the next morning stopped into Discount Tires and was greeted by 2 gentleman, whom of which was Joe Perales, helped, reasured and took care of my tire issues... And there was a promotion going on that Joe explained to me... Got great service and all 4 tires and saved at least $150 coming to Discount Tires instead of Firestone... Thank you Discount Tires...L Martinez

Posted by Anonymous

I was very pleased wih professional help I got from Danny and his staff. I get the same care with Travis and the Richmond store. Danny is with the store on Richmond rd. and Man o war

Posted by Sully

I stopped at your store on Hampton off of I25 in Denver to get a check on a light indicating low pressure on my VW Beetle. Your associate, Paul, greeted me as if I was the most important customer to come into the store ever. We chatted as he checked the problem as if he had known me for years. We discussed Denver, the Broncos and my car. The reason I write this is not often do I come across Customer Service personnel the likes of Paul. I will be back and Congratulations for having employees like Paul.

Posted by Roses

I want to say I ordered some tires online with Discount Tire .Com and it was a great experience. I had used Pay Pal which had an expired credit card that my wife forgot to remove so the sale did not go thru and I thought I would not get the $75 credit since it was the last day for the offer but they had contacted me and worked to get me the discount and make sure I receive the tires before my inspection was due. The customer service rep was great and this is my second time buying tires online with them and I will continue to do business with Discount

Posted by Robbarr

Great service....above and beyond what they could have done for me. The Service writer got on the phone with Goodrich tire warranty and had an extra discount while they were putting on the new tires. That was an unexpected surprise. During the free rotation they were fast courteous and saved me a trip to the dealership for an unneeded repair. I will always use them and highly recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I am NOT happy I just went to the location in Knightdale and got two new tires the salesman by the name of Chris was excellent in helping me I left the store after about an hour and pay $264 I stopped to get my car clean just afterwards unfortunately the guy that cleaned my car could hear air coming out the left rear tire Ameli went back to Discount Tire and received excellent assistance from a gentleman by the name of Randy it took about 45 minutes but they are able to fix the problem because apparently the air valve was pinched causing it to let the air leak out slowly the reason I'm upset is because not once did the manager ever say anything to me and he was well aware of the problem he did not address the situation and tell me he was sorry or even offer me a little bit of a discount but fortunately wendy was very helpful and kept me updated on what was going on

Posted by David

I went to an NTB (National Tire & Battery) with a coupon for an oil change and a tire rotation. They said they could do the oil change but not the tire rotation because my front two tires on my van were smaller than the rear tires and were showing bald spots on the edges. I took my van back to my Discount Tires in Cedar Hill, TX, where the front two tires were put on. The manager, Jaymie Gaddis, looked at my tires, checked his computer, saw that an employee had installed the wrong size tires FOUR YEARS EARLIER, and said it was their mistake and they would make it right. He then proceeded to check the Discount Tire inventory and had two new tires of proper size put on as rear tires and moved my old back tires to the front. The cost to me was ABSOLUTELY FREE! Discount Tires has always taken care of me and managers like Jaymie Gaddis of Cedar Hill, TX, are the reason why I will continue to be a loyal Discount Tire customer.

Posted by LRBTucson

Have always had good experiences at Discount Tire, specifically the two located on Oracle Road in Tucson. Efficient and professional customer service. My only suggestion is that they have a separate line for people with appointments so they don't have to wait in line behind walk-ins.

Posted by WellServicedMike

On 3/21/15, I went in to Discount Tire on 25214 Market place Dr., Katy, Texas 77494, to have my '03 Toyota Camry's two front tires replaced at around 10:30am. I went in was immediately greeted and spoke to Rick Uriostegui Jr. about my issue and my previous visit at another Discount tire location. He took time answering my questions and proactively helped me fix my problem. He applied Tire Warrantied refunds, the credits applied to my bill( I saved over $15 on a tire that would have cost me $65-$80), all optional items were discussed before they were added to your bill, and all charges explained before any work was done. Work was done quickly, efficiently, and the crews were polite and eager to answer questions. There was an emphasis on taking care of the customer. Friendly environment. After he discussed with me the 35-40 min wait time, about 30 mins in, my car was being serviced and after 10 mins, everything was done. He even went ABOVE AND BEYOUND my expectations and helped me locate my spare tire, the jack, and wrench in my car should I ever need it and how to use it so I don't damage my car. Now my car runs much better, and I would definitely recommend this Discount Tire to anyone. Thanks Rick!

Posted by Coriann

I am very happy with my business at discount tire. I purchased 4 brand new tires around Thanksgiving and a month later I blew one out. I also want to add in that I live in Utah but I was visiting family in Prescott Arizona at this time. I took my car in and they replaced it right away with a brand new tire, same as the ones I bought. The young man that helped us, Gabe, was very helpful with everything. I will be recommending discount tire to all my friends and family, and I will continue to shop there. Both stores in Bountiful Utah and Prescott Arizona have been wonderful

Posted by Anonymous

They do a great job. They fixed a tire for me and only charged me 5 dollars. Always great service.

Posted by Cecily

If you live in the Wake Forest NC area, I would go there ALL THE TIME EVERYTIME for tires. Ask for Moe to help you. This man literally went out of his way above and beyond to make sure we had the best customer service. He pretty much saved me from an accident waiting to happen. I will now never take my business anywhere else:) Wonderful customer service and very fast work! Awesome job!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend the service personnel in 2 locations in Washington. I have a 5th wheel and put new Carlisle tires on it in 2010. While traveling in Washington I wanted to get the tires rotated and balanced plus I had one tire that looked like it was separating. Brian and Nick in Burlington, Wash were very professional and personable and jumped Our issues immediately. They didn't have a replacement for the separated tire but sent us down the road to Marysville where they replaced the bad tire. We have had nothing but great service experiences with Discount Tire and it continues. Please let the guys in Wash know how pleased we were. Thanks, Jerry King, Pinetop, AZ. "[email protected]"

Posted by Bluezlgnd

Great customer service. Justin and Andy really go above and beyond here. I recently went in with an issue with my tire sensors, they spent a full hour trying to help me out.... and I didn't even buy the tires there. I have been a customer for 10years and will continue to be a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been regular customers at Discount tire for years. I recently went to Discount Tire to have my tires rotated and balanced. They found a problem with one of my tires; it had a 2 inch gash all the way to the steel belt. Two others had worn badly on the inside of the tires where it was hidden from view. I told them that my husband and I are out of work and I could not afford to replace the tires. I asked them just to go ahead and rotate and balance them. They told me that it was not safe for me to drive with those tires, especially the one with the gash. So they offered to replace all four tires and only charge me $30.00 for now. They told me that whenever my husband gets a job, to come in and pay the remainder. There are no payments and no interest. They just wanted me to be safe. What an amazing thing for a company to do! May God bless them.

Posted by Harry Zogg

The store at 7520 Village Square Dr. Castle Rock,Co. Asst Manager Jeremy Collins did a fantastic job! Had a bad experience with the Manager at the Arapahoe store! Will not go to that location ever again!!!!! Thank goodness for Jeremy in Castle Rock!!! THANKS AGAIN Jeremy!!!!!! From Harry Zogg

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service by Rei Makino, at Discount Tire - Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO. April 24.

Posted by cohenal

The best experience ever. The Austell store location in Atlanta, GA really wowed me. From the moment I pulled up the guys rotating tires all said hello. Also, the manager and the other person asked me how I was doing and if I was having a great day. The entire staff was extremely peppy and positive. They told me it would be 30 minutes or less to balance and rotate my tires and they came through in 25 minutes. They really exceeded my expectations. A little side note, it looked like there was a guy who was filling out an application and it looked like he walked there. The manager offered the guy a bottle of water once he left. I thought that was nice. I am curious if the company is under new management? This place really exceeded my expectations! Great Job Discount Tire.

Posted by tyregrl

Discount Tire has always been prompt and well priced.

Posted by Mobius

A job well done by Kalvin Trancao and Gregory Jackson in location: 34428 16th Ave S, Federal Way, WA 98003.
Jay C.

Posted by Anonymous

I just had my tires balanced at Discount Tire in Aurora, Colorado and saw a great example of above and beyond work. A guy came in asking if Discount did alignments. The clerk, named, Dusty, said "No!" but he went with the customer to look at the vehicle and to help out. Dusty did this all the time I was in that Discount Tire shop. Great job!

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