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Dirt Devil customer service is ranked #577 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 28.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 16 ratings. This score rates Dirt Devil customer service and customer support as Terrible.


15 Negative Comments out of 16 Total Comments is 93.75%.


1 Positive Comment out of 16 Total Comments is 6.25%.

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    • 28.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 15 negative comments (93.75%)
    • 1 positive comments (6.25%)
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Posted by Rob

Hello my name is Rob been a customer of dirt devil for 13 years and never had an issue till 2 months ago I purchase a vacuum from Walmart in Fairhaven mass its the one with pet brush that spins ...roller on the floor vacuum never has spin not even once its a big issue I have dogs and i need to vacume I usually used the brush but my back is killing me from bending down all the time tired of it went to Walmart they won't take it or fix it so what's next they tell me to contact us im not gonna wait a long time before u respond pls send a tech to fix it...

Posted by HollyG

I bought a dirt devil quick lite plus cycling and its has only worked twice correctly. The first time I used the vaccum cleaner the belt breaks. I went ro walmart and other grocery stories to find the belt size no on seemed to have it in stock period!Took me months to locate a place who sold it, then after not being able to use this brand new vaccum cleaner for months I disable the vaccum cleaner and put thee belt in as soon as I used it guess what?? The belt break once again before I even got to vaccum upstairs! I went back tk the same store across town to buy the belt again and they were out stock!I decided to go back to Kroger the original place were I bought it to get help on what I should do. Kroger employees insist that I return it in its original box and they would give me my money back regardless if I had previous receipt or not. Well guess what I didnt have the box because my place not big enough to store it so kroger couldnt do a dang thing for me! This is the worst vaacum cleaner I ever had now I jave plenty of replacement belts now and guess what it still doesnt work! The hose wont suction anything up! Thanks dirt devil for taking my money and building this piece of crap!

Posted by Anonymous

This company it the worst to contact I called due to the fact this dirty devil model UD70163 will not pick up any dirty it has only been used
approximately 5 to 8 times. when I tried to contact this company to talk to them about the problem I was puts on hold for over 1 hour and the message kept
saying I could contract them by E-mail. Another lie they cannot be reached
Then when at last I did reach someone they will not stand behind their product My advice to anyone wanting to by a Dirt Devil DO NOT THEY DO NOT WORK IT IS ONE BIG SCAM

Posted by joni

Your customer service by phone is exceptionally poor. I could never get through to an agent and I would press 1 to receive a call back but there was no response to pressing one. To go on line through dirtdevil.com is only for a purchase. I'm sure none of this makes a bit of difference to the company.

Posted by Anonymous

bought a dirt devil vacuum used it for one month looks brand new, then went to turn it on and did 2 rows of vacuuming and it just shut itself off completely then i tried next day ran it 2 minutes and it did the same on third day the same i do like the vacuum but i need it to work using it for one month does not let your products look good to your customers. i do love the dirt devil vacuums but cant afford to buy another at this time. i just wish i could have them make it right for me

Posted by tired of BS

Vastly worse than the old AT&T service line. Come here if you want to waste hours and hours and get endless trouble for your efforts.

Posted by annoyed

Horrible on every level; company does not deserve to still be in business given the total lack of even adequate customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is just pathetic. We're in 2016 returns should be quick and simple. Not long lectures and excuses. Never purchasing from them again

Posted by allyne thow

I have phoned twice. You said you would email me but have not received anything. Too hard to phone because of the long wait.

Posted by Nora

I previously had a dirt devil that was perfect. It cleaned floors AND carpet just by changing the hose. NOW, I purchased a new one same model that ONLY cleans floors. There is NO brush nozzle to attach to vacuum the floors. WHY did you change it when it worked?? I NEED a brush for the floors to attach. Tried my old one and it does not fit into the new hose. I want you to send me a floor brush to fit this new vacuum. Needless to say............why ever would you change the former? OR, I will have to go thru the exercise that I do not have time for to return! Fed up as when I called your umber, the gal that answered STATED there was a floor brush included. Need an answer quickly

Posted by contact help

third try to connect me regarding missing hose for my model sd20005red cordless . cannot use vacuum with out the hose. no one ever answers phone
also keep entering your coded letters, each time I have to write another comments, repeating same request.

Posted by buster

I recently bought vacuum cleaner model number SD40010 gets hot and it will not pick up anything any more something is wrong with motor it pops, as you turn it up to pick up.

Posted by Judy

Cannot reach you by phone at hours stated. My stick vaccume model, plant U, mfg code L13BU, won't hold a charge for a more than a minute, and cannot be used. I bought it from Amazon, about a year ago.

Please advise how to proceed.

Posted by Larry

I purchased a Dirt Devil power washer. I called for a replacement part only to find out this model has been discontinued and there are NO parts available. I then purchased a new power washer from Dirt Devil and was told it was on back order. I have received NO communications from Dirt Devil not even by e-mail. I called this morning Friday at 10:am for customer service to be told the office was closed today on a Friday and I should call back next week. At this time I am not sure I want to continue purchasing products from this Company. Larry Stackhouse North Manchester Indiana

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Dirt Devil Vision Swivel Glide...TERRIBLE VACUUM!! Swivel wheels get stuck in the tile joints, and it moves at will. Poor suction, and I have to go back with the hose or my fingers to get what it misses. It's so noisy I wear ear muffs or plugs when I vacuum.to prevent headaches and hearing loss. The off/on foot switch is next to the handle release, and are easy to mix up. Cord comes out of the bottom, so it is easy to get tangled under your foot. Actually the worst vacuum I have ever owned or used. Can I send it back? or get some help with the cost of another brand? Or do I just leave it on the corner with a note "Free Vac! Get what you pay for!

Dave Holaway

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Posted by Anonymous

I called dirt devil to see how long it would take to charge my 10.8v gator cordless vacuum, and then a second time to see if a certain accessory working with the 18v gator vacuum would work with my 10.8v vacuum. both times, I had Excellent service. thanks dirt devil!

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