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Dillard's customer service is ranked #189 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 47.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 224 ratings. This score rates Dillard's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


188 Negative Comments out of 224 Total Comments is 83.93%.


36 Positive Comments out of 224 Total Comments is 16.07%.

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    • 47.27 Overall Rating
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    • 188 negative comments (83.93%)
    • 36 positive comments (16.07%)
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Posted by Anonymous

A few years ago I walked into your Dillard's store in St. Joe. While I was looking around I heard this woman going off on one of the associates there. At first I thought it was a customer, but later found out it was the store manager. After hearing the way this woman (store manager) was going off on the associate, I decided right then that I would never go back. Then a few months ago, a friend talked me into going back. So I did. Everything was good for the couple of visits I made. Then a couple of months ago, I was in the store and here was the same woman on a tirade with another associate. A very nice gentleman who had helped me on a couple of occasions whenever I came in. I immediately turned around and walked out of the store. Again vowing to never go back! My friend and I decided a couple of weeks ago to give it another chance and go back in. When I did, I found out that the gentleman, who had been taking the woman's abuse, had recently quit. This woman was rude and very disrespectful of the associate AND the customers who heard this. Along with being embarrassing to the associate. I give the associate 5 stars for putting up with the verbal abuse, but I give the store and store manager 0 stars. If she wants to yell at an employee, she needs to take it off the sales floor.

Posted by Customer

I had to return my sons clothes which his father bought him the wrong size my son just turned one year old and he bought him a size 3 to 6 months which was really tight and short . My son had it on for about one hour and now I am stuck with it he bought it for $40.00 dollars 2 months ago I had the receipt and the tag but they refuse to take it back . Which was the worst shopping experience I have ever had at Dillard's . The cashier called her manager the same way the manager treated me . I have worked retails even in a grocery store we were taught to make our customers happy . Not just like that we can not take it back no reason . No explanation only she said she will lose the money . But she didn't realize that she is losing a customer for ever . Just this was at store #1 I think in Boise square mall .

Posted by Anonymous

The Dillards in auburn Alabama junior department needs to hire friendly employees. I've complained about this issue and nothing seems to be done through don't ask can they help just look like why are you here and the Manger in purses and jewelry area is one rude old lady

Posted by shopper101

I was shopping the Dillards in Fayetteville, AR, and I went into the fitting room. There were two girls using all the available space and showing each other what they had tried in the mirror outside the dressing room. They quickly told me that they were using the fitting rooms and that I would have to wait, so I did. When I was ready to pay for my items, I found the two girls standing behind the counter chatting and to my astonishment, they actually were on duty sales associates! Never once did they ask if they could help me, and even made me wait BEHIND THEM to try on clothes in the dressing room. On the off chance that these girls work on commission, I went to the shoe department to check out, just to make sure these two idiots were not compensated for their terrible behavior. I have visited a few other times and I am not impressed at all. I spend lots of time cleaning out my own dressing room and trying to run down an associate just to purchase the items I've picked, and sometimes I just give up and leave.

Posted by Jr

If there is worry about the pensacola branch, I feel I can assist in aleviating the problems. I do not want to give my name as my best friend would be fired even tho me. Hence, employees were told they would be fired if they talked to the gentleman that came from corporate a couple months ago. I ran a very successful company that when sold we had exactly 1206 employees. I see and hear things every day for the last 2 years and some things in my opinion are very detrimental to the branches success. There is so much positive potential at the store. I know much better could come from the branch if some proper changes were taken.in my 30+ years experience I can see this is possible. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the phone with customer service and it was the WORST experience I've ever had! I am being charged a late fee for not being able to make my payment online (which is the only form of payment that I can make) due to THEIR regular system maintenence. The supervisor Elizabeth (emp# 5998) was very disrespectful saying that it's my fault because I didn't call to make the payment. Granted there was a Late fee that I was charged the month before and they waived it for me. I appreciate it and take full blame for it. I always pay well over the minimum each month for my balance and you would think they would take this into consideration and cared for the customers but that's a big NO! I will be sending an email to corporate as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Shopping at the Northpoint Mall, Alpharetta, Ga Dillards on 07/07/2016 between 1:00 - 1:30. Upon entering the store the fire alarm went off. Customers were walking around confused, not knowing what do do??? The ladies at the cosmetics department ushered customers out at the nearest exit. There was no loud speaker directions as to what to do. Apparently, the majority of the employees did not know what to do. In this time in our country, Dillards needs to train their employees on situations like this to keep themselves and customers safe in their store. Fortunately, the alarm was turned off and the fire department told us everything was fine. That was almost 20 minutes standing outside the building NOT knowing what was going on. Employees need to be trained and above all, being INFORMED of what is going on. I love the employees in this store and shop here often. I want this to be a safe environment to shop in the future.
JoAnn Jones

Posted by Anonymous

Service Nonexistent. No Bridal Registry Knowledge Of Location,once Located Registry Clerk Could Not Operate Computer And No Manager Avaliable For Help. After Many Problems With Purchase Gift Wrapping Another Complete Disaster.
Registry Not Updated At This Time.

Posted by Perrysburg

I purchased 2 pairs of SUMMER shoes, online, and received them late february. I live in Ohio and also wear a size 11, which is not the most common shoe size in women's shoes. I decided in early June (when it was finally nearing summer) that i did not like the way the shoes fit (they were NOT worn) and took them to my local Dillards store to return them. As noted they are UNWORN and STILL BEING OFFERED AT FULL PRICE online. I was refused a refund on my credit card (the means of the original purchase). I asked for a merchandise credit and the answer was NO. I talked to the department manager who echoed the same sentiments (NO return/NO refund/NO credit) as well as the Assistant Store Manager (who I know personally). NOPE, nothing. None of my MONEY will EVER be spent at this disgusting store EVER again.....

Posted by Frank

I was at Dillard's in Odessa Tx to do some shopping. I'm a 100% disabled vet and have a tax exempt Dillard's card which I got out of Oklahoma. It's good at all Dillard's stows, and used before in Midland Dillard's store in Tx. Tax exempt transactions were always done at registers. Odessa store says I have to pay full price at register then take to customer service for adjustment. Had to request manager to come out of office to talk with me he told me same thing, found him very rude.

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned from the Dillards location in Glendale, Arizona - Arrowhead Mall. The interaction I had with a sales associate in the Women's formal dress department is the most humiliating I have experienced.
My husband and I have been shopping since February 7th, 2016 for various formalwear for a cruise we will be taking this coming weekend. Our cruise departs on March 13th, 2016.
Our first visit to this department was on February 7th, at which time we purchased a $358.00 gown. The same associate I dealt with today is also the associate who sold me the dress, she was very pleasant at the time of the purchase. I have made several dress purchases on-line since the purchase on 2-7-16. We have spent approximately $550.00 in dresses and another $100.00 in accessories.
My visit today was to return a dress I ordered on-line. The dress arrived last week. I tried on the dress and it did not fit properly - the top left shoulder of the dress would not lay flat. I placed the dress back in the plastic, back in the box and brought the boxed dress to the store today. The dress has been in the box since after I tried it on a week ago. I never expected the treatment I received today. It began with a wait at the counter before I was helped - two associates passed me by before acknowledging me, they saw I had an on-line box. I told the associate I needed to return the dress I ordered on-line and it was defective. I explained the defect to her, though she questioned it and could not see how it was defective. The associate (upper middle age, light brown, blonde hair, small in stature). The associate proceeded to throw the dress on her face and smell it - she did this several times right in front of me and stated she needed to call a manager. When the manager did not respond immediately, she threw the dress on her face again and proceeded to accuse me of wearing it - "it smells like it has been worn." The dress still had all the original tags. Her tone and facial expression, not to mention the lack of eye contact was humiliating. I very calmly, though I was very taken back, told her I had not worn the dress, it has been in the box since last week, it is for our cruise and we have not taken our cruise yet - we depart this Saturday. Still no response from a manager, so she proceeded to scan the invoice - still smelling the dress and questioning where the defect was - this went on for quite some time. She began the return (it was purchased with my Dillards card). A manager finally called and she stated she did not need them anymore, "I took care of it," she exclaimed in a very nasty tone. She then proceeded to process my return and gave me a receipt - did not make any eye contact and said, "Have fun." I had intended to look for another dress in the department to replace the one I returned, but after this event, I chose not to purchase anything, especially not from her. Thank goodness I met a pleasant associate at the make-up counter where I made another $100 purchase.
I have never been accused like this before and never felt so mistreated, a horrible experience.
I would like the store manager to contact me.

Posted by Anonymous

Contacted Dillards at Hulen mall 3 times. The first two times, the phone rang until it was disconnected. On the third call, after 10+ rings a customer answered the phone and stated that she too was looking for assistance.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a top for my mother for Christmas at Dillards in Austin, TX in November and mentioned it was a Christmas present. I even discussed with the salespersone the fact that I wasn't sure it would fit, but she told me just to keep the receipt. When you buy a Christmas present you expect to have some time after Christmas to return it, especially if the recipient doesn't live close and you have to wait to have it returned to you. When that happened and I went to return it, I was told they had changed their policy and you only had 30 days to return it, even with a receipt. Now, if you shopped for Christmas, say the first week or so of December, that would mean you have to return it the first week of Januauary. Shame on you, Dillards! I didn't get my money back, I went to another store to replace my Mother's Christmas gift, and I will never Christmas shop at Dillards again. And, I am Level 4 at Nordstroms, so you are missing a lot of money.

Posted by Anonymous

This store in Collierville TN has the worst customer service in any store I been in ever. I believe it worst than Walmart. I am not going to beg anyone to spend my money. No thank you

Posted by Lucia rocks

Dillards would rather lose a customer than changing a man's fragrance and they have they bad customer service and I am really disappointed of the customer service and I will never buy anything again from dillards and cancel my Dillards card

Posted by Heidi

I cannot believe this!!,I ordered an electric knife for Thanksgiving, and I just checked the order staus. They delivered it to the wrong zip code!!!! Of course it is being returned to sender.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned a sweater I bought last week with my receipt. I wore it to work and a couple of hours later, realized there was a hole in the armpit. When I went to return it the manager was called and she said that Dillard's does not sell damaged goods, plus it had been worn. Instead of tucking my tail and leaving, I decided to go to another register and see if my problem could be resolved. A saleslady suggested I go to Customer Service which I did. I was given a gift card with no hassles! Before leaving the store, I purchased a blouse, and two pair of boots. Two years ago, I purchased $2,000 in furniture and Dillar's has ALWAYS been my favorite store. I hate Macy's, but after this experience, I am very disappointed. You would think a store worth millions and millions could afford to give a person an exchange for a $100 sweater! I work for Talbots and they take back anything without being interrogated! I guess Dillard's really doesn't need my money since they are already rich!

Pat Jeffcoat

Posted by Mekapeka

I purchased some shoes from the Dillard's in Chesterfield, MO. The cashier did not give me my change. She swore she did, but she didn't. They told me they would count the drawer down and also look at the tapes. They told me they could not give me my money back because she said she gave it to me. They said they were unable to look at the tape, but I know for a fact she kept my change because she asked me to put in email address for my receipt instead of giving me my change. I am very disappointed with the service I received. I don't go shopping to have people steal from me.

Posted by Sexyvixen69

I am highly disatisfied with the quality of service I received. I have been going to your store for years. But after this I will shop at Target. I came in for help and one Ashley Selvidge. She was extremely rude and when I calmly told her to help, she changed her attitude. When I left your department I went to my car. I checked my wallet to see how much I had left to spend. I was short $100 I could not prove that Ms. Ashley stole it but I did leave it unattended in her care. I wouldn't be shopping at Dillard's anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at dillards today Cielo Vista El Paso Tx. Associate name Gabi from children's section didn't even try to help me when I tried to complained to manager they said that Blanca left and whoever took over from houseware/bedding didn't seem interested about my complained. Soooo sad...high end department store with Thrift store service. I don't know if I can even rate this visit even the manager is Soooo rude!!!! 9/26/15 at7:45 pm. If any corporate care you can e mail me if you guys care at all!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a dress on 7/29/15 for my granddaughter's wedding (9/19/15). Tags were still on and it had not been worn when I tried to return it today, 9/9/15. The reason I was returning it is that I found another dress I liked better, also from Dillard's.
They would not take back the first dress because it was passed 30 days. I was told I could take a store credit, but since I had already purchased a second dress, that was not acceptable to me. I therefore had to return the second dress, (the one I really liked). I felt that since both dresses came from your store, you would have been more accommodating to a good customer! I will not be shopping at Dillard's any longer. Thanks you, Mary Raymond, North Canton, Ohio

Posted by Anonymous

It would be nice if you would do something a about the music you play next to your customer service phone that makes it hard for people as well as your staff that comes screaming while your customers are on that phone.

Posted by Anonymous

St. Joseph, Missouri Dillard's is the worst place to work. Penny Kirkes, the store manager has no business being in that position. She treats her employees horrible. She has no compassion or empathy for anyone. She wakes up in the morning and asks herself who can she screw with today and then goes after that person. Example - An associate had a baby and she wrote her up for not calling in that day (No Call No Show), REALLY?? She keeps people that yells at customers in front of other customers and are insubordinate and fires the people that are there every day doing a good job and doing whatever is asked of them. Way to go Dillard's in keeping that peach. Get a clue and start firing the ones that need to be fired. They are doing your business no good. No wonder the St. Joseph Dillard's is losing money

Posted by Anonymous

I called Dillards at the Southpark Mall location. I asked for the jewelry department. The phone range for several minutes and when the girl answered, she seemed extremely put out that I was calling with a question. I wanted to know if they carried Alex and Ani bracelets before I drove all the way there, as I am not that close. Her response was yes. When I asked if they had any nautical ones in stock she said yes, but I would have to come into the store to see what was available. She was extremely put out that I bothered her.

Posted by Greeneyes7

We were at the Dillard's in Knoxville center in Tennessee. My husband and I purchased an Micheal Kors large hamilton on 8/13/2015. The same day I received the same handbag from my sister,I took the one I purchased back to Dillard's in the Knoxville center mall. My husband and daughter were treated very poorly. The clerk basically accused them of having a replica instead of the real thing!!! After looking the handbag over and seeing she was wrong she offered no apologies or anything.just saying how she remembered them bringing handbags back before. On that, yes I have brought handbags back if I spend that much money on a handbag I am going to be satisfied with it. If it's to big or to small I will return it.But this person was really rude and arrogant Dillard's is a nice store to shop but with associates like that you will lose customers. She mentioned she used to work at Belk also probably was fired. What happened to customer is always right? Or showing respect to your customers? This associate was very unacceptable she was extremely rude and nasty to your customers. Accusing a customer of bringing in a fake mk handbag and had no proof to back up her accusation was wrong!!!!!!!plus she was running her mouth when they where leaving.

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Posted by Anonymous

We want to give special commendation to Jessica in Intimate Apparel at your Oviedo FL mall location. She made a difficult fitting a pleasant experience with her helpful competence. Thank you Jessica!

Posted by Tanner's mom

I had a wonderful experience at Dillards at San Tan Village (Arizona) this past week and I wanted to share my comments with management.
First, I went to the Clarins cosmetic counter where I was helped by Kari Drosos. She was so nice; she made my experience there very pleasant. She is personable and professional and I had so much fun dealing with her.
Next, I went upstairs to look for a few things to take on my vacation in July. I'm going on a cruise and I really wasn't sure what I was looking for. Here I met Wendy Haun. Another wonderful employee. She helped me put together a few outfits and she made it fun too. I will return to shop clothing on days she is working for sure.
Thank you Dillards...my new favorite store!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a person who HATES to shop but I am going on a 21 day cruise and need new clothes. I went to various stores in search for new clothing. My experience at your store was fabulous because I was fortunate enough to have a sales clerk who attended to my every need. ROBIN at Dillard's in The Oviedo Market Place was very personable, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra effort to assist me in finding the correct sizes and styles. I would like to again thank ROBIN for helping me and when I shop again I will start in your store because of the customer service I was given by ROBIN on 7/19/2016 & 8/5/2016.

Posted by Beauty Products

After spending several weeks in the hospital and physical therapy my wife was looking for new make-up and skin treatment. We were very lucky to stumble on Amaanda Comptom in the beauty supplies. She attentively listened, made positive suggestions, and proceeded to provide a lesson with each process explained. Not only did she know her Elizabeth Arden line but made suggestions for products from other lines. She was focused on Quality and fair pricing.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem when I ordered Fashion Fair makeup. But I must say when the Dillard's management team found the makeup thru expedited my order. The were very apologic and professional even though I was very upset. I would like to congratulate the team Randall,Trina and Kathy at the Cincinnati location.

Posted by Anonymous

I had such a great experience looking for shoes for my school's formal. DeAunta at the Sugar land Dillards was just the best at helping me find a pair of shoes. He listened to all of my peculiar requests without judgement and gave me the honest feedback I needed to make a great decision.

Posted by Dave

I would like to provide Dillard's with some positive feedback and share my recent experience. I was shoe shopping this past weekend at a Mall in Winston-Salem, N.C. Many of the stores I went into were staffed with personnel that were dismissive and appeared to be completely unaware of their products. My wife and I went into Dillard's as a last stop before pursuing an alternate plan. We were met by a pleasant very knowledgeable representative in the men's shoe department who actually appeared to care about the customer's experience. Mr. Carlos Fletcher was the exception to the days prior interactions. I thank the Dillard's team at the Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, NC for actually remembering what customer service is about. I will return to your store based on this experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to give a shout out to Brenda, in the Jewelry dept. at the Park Meadows store in Colorado. She made my Xmas!!!I came in, specifically, for a watch for my husband that a competitor said they carried, which they didn't. I came in FRUSTRATED. Not only did Dillard's carry the watch but had a beautiful, excessive selection. I couldn't decide. Not only did Brenda help me, she went out of her way to accomodate me in letting me call my son. We all made the decision. It was like she was part of our family. Thank you, Brenda and Dillard's. Great customer inventory and, more importantly, customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in Store 770 on Dec 7,2013. Ms Mimi Elsevier was the most postion employee i had ever meet, she help me find all the items i needed and i just want to thank her for all her help. Those are the type of people you want working at the store. Again thank you for all your help.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to let the corporate office know what a great saleslady they have in the dishes and Christmas area. Her name is Sherry and she works in the Dillards store in Saint Joseph Mo. I went to the store to get a Christmas tree( I needed a very slim on due to a construction project going on in my home) the day after Thanksgiving she had just sold the last two siver tinsel trees to a customer. I was so bummed out she suggested we order it but my daughter is leaving to go back to school this Sunday so that wouldn't work. She looked at me and said," no problem I will just take the dispay one down for you. I was absolutely flabbergasted here it is 9:30 am on Black Friday and she just went about taking off the ornaments and put it in the box and taped it up for me and then rang me up. I couldn't thank her evough. She is truly an great lady. Thank You Sherry!

Posted by JC in CO

Thanks so much for keeping your stores closed for Thanksgiving. It is a day to be with our family as well as giving thanks to God for our many blessings. The holiday was started for that purpose in the first place. Just as without Christ, there would be no CHRISTmas. God Bless.

Posted by missy

The sales person named Shante' White at The Willowbrrok Mall shoe department did an excellent job with me. She was very patient and let me try on several shoes. When I didn't want to buy because of my foot problem she understood. I recommend her to anyone.

Posted by Cathy from Coppell

I want to compliment the efforts of Terica Prodhumme, one of your Sales Associates.
We were travelling from Dallas to Surfside, TX. On our way, we went to Dillard's at Willowbrook in Houston to purchase a swimsuit coverup. Terica was there to help. The coverup was the wrong size, so she found it in the right size at the Dillard's on our way to Surfside. She called and had it put on hold. Not only did she do her due dilligence, but she was absolutely delightful! If I had a store, I would love to have an employee of the caliber of Terica!


Cathy Falk

Posted by Anonymous

I want to comment on Myra from the Aurora, CO. Dillard's cologne department for an excellent service. I needed some good and new cologne and Myra was very patient and kind in showing me some excellent cologne. She is also a professional at what she does and makes sure the customers are satisfied, which I greatly am. Again, I want to comment on Myra for a job bell done !

Posted by Happy customer!!!!

I took my mom into get some clothes. I picked out something expensive for her. The sales clerk showed me something a lot less expensive that was just as nice. She saved me about 30 dollars. From then on, I always went back to her. Great employee!!!

Posted by jvlaw1974

I shop at Short Pump Town Center in Henrico, Va. I had an issue with an Anne Klein watch and received no satisfaction from the sales clerk. While leaving
the store, my husband called out to a gentleman in a suit and asked if he was a manager. He said yes, so we proceeded with our slight situation. He was WONDERFUL and helpful. He had the Jewelry Manager call us the next day. They replaced my watch, which was more than I expected. I am so grateful to Raymond Kendrick. I have already spread the work how wonderful Dillard's was to us as customers

Posted by Marsha Marion

I had an incredibly marvelous experience recently at your Dillard's store at SouthPark Mall. I went to the Children's Department looking for a pretty dress for my six year old granddaughter. Kellie, the sales person, went out of her way to help me find the dress for this very special occasion. Kellie presented herself as very knowledgeable about her merchandise and went out of her way to find the perfect dress for my granddaughter. I was thrilled! Furthermore, she took me over to the shoe department and introduced me to Susan who helped me find the perfect sandals and also showed me a pair of tennis shoes that my GD could use for school. In addition, both pairs were on sale. Both Kellie and Sue went out of their way to make me one happy customer. They were both personal and professional! What more can one ask for when seeking a terrific buying experience? I will continue to return to your store as I am 100%+ pleased with the end result. Thanks, HR, for hiring people of their caliber!

Posted by cms

I always get good service in Dillard's until today ;the sales associate in the home department by the name of "Toni" was not very pleasant, didn't talk to me, not even hello, she was too busy chewing gum during the all transaction .... also she had to void the transaction because she forgot to give me my 10% discount ;when she was done she had the audacity to tell me that i was only saving 2 dollars!

Posted by Anonymous

A few weeks ago I visited the store in Wichita Falls, Texas on a very busy day. A Ms. Severa Arrendondo waited on me like no one at Dillard's ever had before. She was attentive to several customers, had a sense of urgency to take care of all our needs, and even helped me get my purchases to the door. SHE WAS AMAZING. In some stores you have to search for someone to help you. SHE WAS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

Posted by maryjane

i had the best experience with a sales person at hulen mall the sales person help me out a person very respectful,one of my many visit i must say he blessed me i will look for him every time i come to dillard's in the young man's dept his name is BOBBY GREEN THANKS DILLARD'S FOR HIRING YOUNG MEN WHO IS PAIENT WITH OLDER WOMEN.HE'S A KEEPER.THANK YOU.

Posted by [email protected]

I went to the lingerie dept. on Saturday. I was helped by Holly Miller and it was the best experience I ever had. She fitted me for a bra and took her time with me. I left there feeling pretty.

Posted by JessieLou

I have been to two Dillard's stores - the one in the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL, which I loved! I was debating between getting a Mariah Carey fragrance or a Kate Spade fragrance since they were both on sale and the associate was very helpful (I ended up buying Kate Spade's). The Dillard's at the Volusia Mall in Daytona, FL, is also very good. The only bad experience I had was about a month ago I asked an associate in the shoe department if they carried Kate Spade shoes and she said, "No but we have Michael Kors", and I just told her in a friendly tone, "Okay thanks." I noticed as I was looking at the other shoes she was following me and reminded me like I didn't hear her the first time that they carried Michael Kors shoes. I ended up leaving. I do NOT like being followed like that. I absolutely hate it when associates make it so obvious that they work on commission, it personally makes me very uncomfortable and nobody deserves to feel that way while they're shopping. It's ridiculous.

Posted by florida

I just wanted to compliment an employee at Dillards in the Florida Mall. Her name was Joette (not sure how you spell her name) I was trying to find a shawl for an evening gown and she was such a big help. She even took me to the mens department to find a tie that matched the dress (which took a while since it was a pretty big section). I have never met anyone in a dept store that was so willing to help and all the while had a smile on her face. I will def. be back to that store because of her.

Posted by shoppingmom

I just reread my comment and part of it did not go through. Long story short, my daughter wanted to exchange her Prom dress we had purchased at Dillards' Junior department in the Wellington Mall. I had lost the receipt and the dress did not have a tag. To my pleasant surprise, the associate, Daphine Leon was so nice to help me. I was concerned after I explained the situation, I would receieve a negative responses. She, with a smile, said, "I can help you work this out. Give me a second to call my manager." I immediately thought calling the manager would take 15 to 20 minutes before she would even make an appearance. That is the typical expectation of customers. I was very happy and surprised to see the manager in less than 30 seconds! The manager of juniors, Lenora Cieni approached me with a smile, and asked me how she could help. In less than 5 minutes she explained how the situation could be fixed, regardless of the fact I had lost my receipt and directed her sales associate to perform the transaction to a gift card. Lenora's entire demeanor was an A rating. You can just feel when people are sincere in what they are doing. She enjoyed her job and doing it very, very well. Her Customer Relations mannners seemed to be very true to herself. I am very grateful, and now to the second part of this comment that appears first, to continue

Posted by shoppingmom

Daphine confirmed with my credit card purchase, transferred the amount to a gift card and my daughter was able to select a different prom dress. Well, this did take some time but as she shopped, I observed Daphine working; she was helping Mom's and daughters in the dressing room, helping girls on the floor, answering questions, directing them to other choices and still able to attend to customers at the cashier station. She did all of this with a smile and really seemed to enjoy what she was doing but oh so professional. Her manners, and tone with customers and her knowledge of the merchandise was top notch. I was so impressed by her and I have never spent more than 20 minutes in any department store in years because of poor customer service. I was in the junior department for almost 90 minutes. This young woman was amazing and although I only spent a few minutes with the manager, I could feel the same pleasure and appreciation for her professional ability and not, "blow me off." Sorry to say, but many times I have tried to find customer service help and when I have actually found someone, they have an attitude of not wanting to be bothered or not doing their jobs in other department stores. IF you want a pleasant shopping experience in Juniors, go to Dilliards in Wellington. Hopefully, Daphine and her manager Lenora will be working. You are guaranteed a good shopping experience. No, I don't work at Dillards. I am a Mom who was shopping with her daughter for her Prom dress and felt strongly these two young women needed to be acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you to Daphine and Lenora

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Posted by Anonymous

Dillard's please refrain from becoming political I am an ex- employee and now a regular shopper! I will not shop Nordstroms Neiman Marcus, Belks, Marshalls and all the other stores choosing to be political! I hope and pray that your store will not be add to my list! Thank you Denise Jaynes

Posted by trouble work place

I work for Dillards in Orlando fl, Florida mall.the store is run by gay Depart manager they hire young boys that they meet in clubs that don't have any real-tail exp. the men' depart manager Tim low & Fred are best friend and the hire young boys and take care of them when they on the floor they don't work and if you complain on them you are fired.Shela the store manager should step down.she let some of her favorite employee get away with a lot .I'm taking my exp some were that need it.i have seen people get hurt and they treat them like crap, I work in that store for 6 years and I had it with that store.

Posted by Anononymous

I have been an employee for years at Dillards. God only knows how I have managed to stay there that long! The sales goals are completely ridiculous and unreachable! Every month we get about 20 new employees and out of those new hires there might be 1 or 2 left after about 3 months. Also we have a manager named Sanela. She works about 20 to 25 hours a week but somehow I think the company "thinks" she is putting in 40+ hrs a week. They are on a constant watch for employees cheating the company when its actually the managers that they need to keep their eye on. Dillards will eventually start to crumble and completely fall as long as they continue to be a rated "F" company do the their money hungry and uncaring tactics given to their employees.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a former Dillards associate. I have worked there for two years. I have to say that it is the worst job I have ever had in my life. The amount of stress, anxiety and utter mental and physical exhaustion are not worth it! It is a hostile and completely unprofessional environment. I have never seen so many unhappy,over worked, resentful and insecure employees in any other work place. The employees are treated like garbage, the work load, sales quota and demands for credit applications make no logical sense. The employees are "Punished", written up and threatened with termination as a scare tactic to produce more sales and credit apps. When they fire you they write "failure to perform" or "breaking company policy" on your pink slip - so you are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits.
The employee turn over is shocking.
Pay cuts, write ups,Punishment, threats, scare tactics, exhausting work load and a severely unprofessional work place all give Dillards a terrible reputation inside and out. There is good reason for it.
Don't apply.
Understand that Employees are not responsible for company policy. And getting abusive with a sales associate or customer service associate - will not change the policy.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a former Dillards associate and know the frustration of working there. I had a terrible cosmetic manager who was never there. In defense of Dillards, however, I will say that their customers know of their lawsuits and take advantage of the store. People use to come in and steal, wear clothes and try to return them, change tags -- you name it. I was new and on the job for only a few weeks and a lady came in and wanted a full refund on a coat that was a year old (you can tell by the tag the age of the item). Their 3 day return policy is probably a good thing and I imagine all other stores will start enforcing the same policy except WalMart.

Posted by hefe1963

I was an employee of Dillards at Willow Bend Mall. It was the worst work experience in my entire life. Thoughts of jumping off the escalator crossed my mind on several occasions, but the fear of messing up the clothes I just folded, snapped me out of my funk.

Don't apply, don't apply!

Posted by Help us at Greentree Dillards

I have worked for Dillards at Greentree mall in Clarksville, IN for 8 years. In that time I have always strived to to my best and looked at Dillards to be a great company to work for. That is until Charlie Hufford the store manager came in. He is very mentally abusive to his employees and treats us with total disrespect. He works through abuse and humiliation to get what he wants. Everyone complains but is afraid to report him because they are all afraid of losing their job. If he gets mad at an employee for any reason he calls the person into the office and yells and swears at you until your in tears. He will also belittle you until he gets what he wants. You would think that with all this abuse that something would get done about it. I, myself feel as those my hands are tied. The only way I know how to get this out somehow is to post this message and hope that someone out there reading this will help us.

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at Dillard's for many years; even worked there in the past. The customer service is great, especially the Jewelry Specialist Lauren Nelsen in Strongsville, OH. She spent extra time in finding a product at another store. She deserves a compliment from management. carol

Posted by Anonymous

Dillard's is possibly the worst job I have ever had. The managers treat the employees with disrespect. You work hard every day just to get treated like dirt. The quotas are the worst thing of all. It doesn't matter how much you do for them, or the customer, if you don't make your quota then you get a decrease in pay. Everything revolves around your quota. It wouldn't be so bad if returns didn't count against you. There is so much I could say about this company, but I think I would have to write a book to hold it all. I have gone home in tears because of the treatment I have received.

Posted by Former Associate

In response to the person above me, I am a former Dillard's associate. You are an example of why Dillard's is known for having such poor customer service. You say the customers are only caring about themselves. That is the point. They came to shop for THEMSELVES. How do you expect them to spend more money or to remain hushed of an unsatisfying purchase just to help you with your commission? No. Your job is to serve and help THEM. Instead, you are thinking about yourself and your commission. The point of your job is to fight harder for sales for each sale you lose. Not to justify it by saying that the customer is wrong for not spending or wanting their money back because of a product's failed expectations. Minimum wage will be your life.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee at Dillard's and I will speak in defense of Dillard's. Dillard's has the worst and most abusive customers that I have ever seen in my 15 years in retail. Dillard's customers DO NOT APPRECIEATE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and are not LOYAL although they pretend to be. I have never seen anything like it before. Most of Dillard's customers don't want to pay the price for the merchandise, all they do is complain and ask questions like when is your next extra off or 70% off sale? If they do purchase anything regular price, even after an associate has given them all of their attention and excellent customer service, the customers will do things like wear the merchandise (especially shoes) and want their money back and will get enraged when they are denied. Customers at Dillard's will also return merchandise if they have knowledge of any extra percentage off sales. This is a huge problem because the nice associate that helped them works on commission but the customers don't care at all. They are all about themselves. I've had customers do horrible things like sever and cut shoes pretending as though it just happened,just to get their money back.


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