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Digital River customer service is ranked #786 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 159 ratings. This score rates Digital River customer service and customer support as Terrible.


154 Negative Comments out of 159 Total Comments is 96.86%.


5 Positive Comments out of 159 Total Comments is 3.14%.

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    • 22.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 154 negative comments (96.86%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.14%)
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by grimesrl

These are organized crime at its finest. I am a Combat Veteran Marine of 18.5 years. I purchased Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 so I could work at home. I was sent a link from digital river that I saved. It had no order confirmation number. When I try to redownload the product again to the same computer, it says the link is broken. I called and they tell me that I have purchased two products through them, none of which are the aforementioned product. The guy then proceeds to tell me that he cannot help me and hangs up. This place is a joke. Either stand behind your service or get the hell out of selling in the United States.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Tom Coleman. and the price I was charged is $43.29.

I removed my trial version per your website last evening and it was successful. Why did you charge me for a renewal?

Please refund my account $42.29 immediately and send me a confirming email.

I am going to Chase Visa and let them know what happened ad give them the authorization to block this charge which they will do.

Posted by JONES2973

You Suck Bad Deal You Never Sent Me An Invoice To My Email Address. I Will Get A Refund

Posted by Don M

Bought some downloadable software They charged my card thru Digital River but never delivered any software to download. Found out they provided no phone number for support and their online support said "Not available" Numerous emails got no response. A little research says the company is registered in Latvia. Called Digital River and got a couple of Indian support reps who were no help. Checked with my card company and stopped the transaction. I thought Digital River was a reputable company I know of the founders. Disappointing. Given that there was no avenue to resolve the transaction I dont think I will have anything to do with Digital in the future.

Posted by Pluffy

Ordered a new pc and microsoft office software from Lenovo Digital River.
Digital River cancelled the pc but sent the software even though both were on the same order.

I spoke to customer service at digital river and was told that they cancelled because they couldn't fulfil the order.

I did say that to send the software and cancel the pc was like supplying a car without wheels.

They said I had to pay for the software because I ordered it.

I think this company is very shabby and to be avoided.

If I had known that Lenovo was subbing their sales I would have avoided like the plague.

Posted by Karl

Odered Thinkpads from First order came broken, had to return it, took Digital River weeks to answer my mails, sent it back 2 weeks ago, still wait for my money.

In the meantime I put in a second order (I need a working laptop) After 15 days, this order was cancelled by Digital River because they did not recieve any money. Yet I have paid and its no longer on my banking account. Digitalriver owes me 3000 � right now. Will never ever make any transaction to them!

Posted by Trousers

Ordered NVidia 1070 cards through the NVidia store. Didn't realize when I placed the order that it would be fulfilled by Digital River or I would have never used the store. After several declines of my card/paypal because their system wasn't functioning properly the order finally went through. I chose next day morning shipping. They don't tell you it is next day morning shipping after they process your order whenever the heck they get around to it. They said they would email when it processes. I never got that email. I decided to cancel the order, they said they couldn't because it had already processed. This was a lie as an hour earlier they told me it hadn't and likely wouldn't this week. Amazingly after canceling the order I received my goods the next day. Apparently the trick to get your stuff is to cancel the order, they will push processing so they "can't" cancel. They told me I could refuse shipment but with their record I can't imagine I would have ever seen the money so I just kept the product.

Posted by Cthulhu

I have tried to return my HTC vive headset and I keep getting the run around they will not send any return
information just emails saying they will send an email this feels like crooked business practice

Posted by comeasyouare666

This actually applies to Atari as well, but I ordered a game through Atari US. Payment went through fine via PayPal. The problem I have with Digital River is that they accept a payment via PayPal, yet make it absolutely impossible for anyone paying with PayPal to access what they've paid for. They ask for order ID and password.. except I was never prompted to enter a password. Fine. I go to "forgot password". It asks for order ID. I enter it and get "email_missing". OK. Well, option 1 doesn't work. Option 2 asks for e-mail and last 5 digits of my credit card. I didn't pay with a credit card, I paid with PayPal. So, neither option works, nobody there has any solutions to this issue and I question why they even accept PayPal if they make it impossible to access content. Unbelievably frustrating.

Posted by blizzle

I ordered an HTC Vive with Digital River as a distributor on Feb 29th. It is now April 29th and I still have not received my order. There many, many people on Reddit who ordered Late March and Early April who have already received their orders. There are also many others like myself who have ordered on Feb 29th who have not received their orders. How can orders placed a month later arrive and the Feb 29th orders not even be shipped? How can a company operate like this? If you have a choice I would avoid this company at any cost. I will never again order anything that is distributed through Digital River.

Posted by Demici

yes same as below paid through pay pal and have now tried to stop payment again!!! grrr
So no phone number to call to agree to disagree Digital River with Digital river or to make them aware of a glitch in their system! Get phone number 08456035070 from Pay Pal and the number at first does not answer then does and then passes me to a digital assistant who can't help! says that the billing department is not in the same building so can't pass me on!.
ok Digital River Get YOUR ACT TOGETHER PLEASE. oh the Avast programm would be ok if it worked on my machine and did not cut me out of my own machine. Thanks but no thanks.

Posted by dave

I was automatically updated for the new year on 3 Dec 2015 then yesterday downgraded to free avast 18 Dec 2015? The money is being taken out so would be nice to have the upgrade I'm paying for.

Posted by JoeSz

I'm trying to buy Folder Lock; paid with Paypal, never received any activation code, not from Digital River, from mycommerce, nor from No one of these three responds to emails.

Posted by FROGMAN

By Using This Service, You Automatically Grant Them The Right To Periodically And Automatically Bill Your Credit Card(s). Many Ties This Isn't Apparent At First, But Trust Me When I Tell You This - If You Do Business With Them, Your Card Will Be Charged Again And Again! It Is Not Enough To Cancel Your Email Relationship With Them - They Will Continue To Charge Your Card Until You Contact Your Credit Card Company To Cancel Their Right To Charge Your Card.

Posted by Dorothy400

I want to cancel my subscription with AVAST. My ID isexpiration date July 19 2016. I had to have my PC worked on because you didn't do the job of keeping the malware and malicious software from shutting down my pc. This cost me $149 to get it fixed. I also want the cost of your subscription refunded . Thank you, Dorothy Blackwell

Posted by none

Found Dir.McAfee ad online thought it legit. Found it was a scam to get a 42.00 on my credit card. I received directions to a link for McAfee to press and receive McAfee and I discovered McAfee would charge me and additional charge for the program. What I received from Digital River was nothing. Maybe Air. Many disputes about against them for the same thing.

Posted by R MURPHY

These People Took 98.26 Euro From Account Today, And I Never Heard Of Them. Their Customer Service In Shannon Hasnt Answered Any Call, And Now The Phone Is Ringing Out. Who Are These People??

Posted by BCGenesis

A couple years ago, I attempted to upgrade my ACDSee 14 viewer. My payment was refused, so I tried a couple other payment options - all were refused. When I contacted support - and with me supplying them the info that I had tried various payment methods - their only response was "try other payment options". Maybe American English is not their native language? Just now, I tried updating to version 18. Once again - payment was refused. No - I will not pursue it with "support". They are losing money and my old ACDSee is still working. Interesting - I did purchase a new version 18 (for another computer) - and there was no problem with them taking my money!

Posted by Lenovo Buyer??

I ordered a Lenovo from their website. Was redirected to DR. Then nothing.. Not even able to process my order in 3+ working days.. Lenovo promise: product in stock, delivery in 2-3 working days.. This sucks major. Best of all, Lenovos site does not offer anything but a SYS_00001 error message and the DR site gives standard replies that do not tell anything.
Lenovo Buyer??

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to install the product on my MAC ACD 10.10 without � © success, now tells me that I have tried to download 5 times and can not do it again; can you give me a solution ?; not let me install it on my old MAC 10.6 since you can not install more times.

Posted by Anonymous

I have requested to cancel Avast for over three weeks now. I don't; hear from anyone or do I get emails about this matter. I am no longer using my computer due to illness so I would like to cancel this order and service. My order ID is . Ordered on 12-29-14. the amount is $65.45.

Please credit my account with this amount as this was a 30-day free trial. Today is 1-29-15 but I have tried on several occasions to cancel. Please take care of this today.

Posted by jimbean

digital river has the worst customer service. i have zero idea how this company stays in business. i have sent them at least 12 emails over 3 years just inquiring about their services. i have never once received an email. this is just something that has been on my mind daily. digital river seems like a scam to me. why not answer your telephone, nor answer your emails? onmyminddaily

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to cancel my Avast. I wrote incorrectly to Nexway who directed me to you. I ordered this 12-29-14 and wish to cancel today, 1-17-15. I have been diagnosed with a serious illness and as of now will not be using my computer.

Posted by MH

I took up Digital River / Beanstream with my volusion store.
I quite like the backend which is straightforward, the support from the advisors is freely available and the integration with Volusion was easy.
However if you are a UK user forget it! Digital River are new to the UK (2014) and it shows, basically the system is a fraud waiting to happen. And it happens.
The fraud prevention advertised is virtually none existent; I personally lost over £15000 due to charge backs which appeared legitimate.
To put that into perspective the target chargeback for any business should be less than 1%, I had approximately 30% under Digital Rivers Payment Gateway.
I even called the Digital River team on one of the big orders and was assured that systems were in place to check data.
The Pre Authorisation does not however check data, it does not check name, it does not check address, it does not check which country the card was issued in, it does not check IP, it does not even check if it is a man or a woman.
The AVS Address verification system does not work for UK users due to their banking partners! Who happen to be JP Morgan.
There is no current reason to use this system in the UK unless you want to lose your business.
Am I bitter Oh Yes!
This has virtually shut down my business.

Posted by Doctor C

Customer Service is in Manila, Philippines, command of English poor. Screwed up my order and I have had to make or wade through several calls to get it right. Took special complaints department to finally apologize. I will wait to see if they get it right. Once cost per transaction trumps customer service!

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Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for this number! One often has a question, particularly on billing, which can be solved only by talking to a live person and being able to do that cuts down on the level of frustration involved in these transactions.

My experience with the customer service rep was quite satisfactory except for some difficulty in hearing the representative.

Posted by Anonymous

I appreciate Digital River refunding
charges as it was an upgrade product
which Kaspersky allows for free.
Order #10078302519 was cancelled within
5 minutes of order.

Order #1007858919 was an upgrade from
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 to
Internet Security 2012 and should have
been free.

Posted by Diana

I was haveing problems downloading my Micr Trend.I thought they were great !! Help me me through the whole download.And quickly.Thanks Di R ! Diana

Posted by infantryscout01

I have had a good experience with Digital River. The hard to find phone number was a bit of a pain but once I called them they immediately exchanged my 64 bit Windows 7 for a 32 bit Windows 7. Within 5 minutes I had an email with a new link. The academic versions offered by Digital River saved me alot of major complaints here!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem downloading Microsoft Office 2007. I called the number you have listed, the phone was answered quickly and the problem taken care of almost immediately.

My only complaint would be that it was impossible to find this customer service number on their website.

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