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Digicel customer service is ranked #499 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 31.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates Digicel customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


19 Negative Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 95.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 20 Total Comments is 5.00%.

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  • Digicel

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 19 negative comments (95.00%)
    • 1 positive comments (5.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
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    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 3.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by truth

Digicel has untrained customer service reps who read from a script. They start with blaming you for the problem and only when you can prove the fault is theirs, only then, they try to address the issue but the staff is so poorly trained in technical issues they are useless and parrot idiotic phases and BS.

Their network is in shambles.

Posted by Clemdon

I have never received an email receipt from Digicel, and when I reached out to their customer service reps, they did nothing to help me get them.

Posted by Princess

Hi I am a resident of niche and I have a huge complain about your Digicel services it's really off you guys really need to come fix this because most of the residents that live here have Digicel phones and if this keeps happening am sure most would switch to Seminole or something because everytime current gone the signal gone also can u guys come fix it plzzzz

Posted by Unrelaible

Digicel has ways to rip off money from customers. I don't know why PNG has decided to allow such a rip-off to be operating in this country. The most annoying thing about this company is that they have specific data deals such as the hour pass and the day pass. Whenever I try to get the hour pass(200mb) it sometimes dosent work and u don't receive MB at all however whenever I try purchasing the day pass (which is extremely lame) it quickly responds in no seconds. What's the point in starting something if it won't be reliable later on. How much more greedy can a company get.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying since yesterday to reset my password and was unable to do so.

Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon, I try to put top up of $10.14 USD into phone number

date 9/16/15 @ 00.03 am, but has of 9/17/15 @ 3.3 pm the credit didn't go through .I used a pal pal card

Posted by anne.nony

This is a review for Digicel in Jamaica. TERRIBLE COMPANY. It's honestly the biggest scam in our country. I've been a customer of Digicel for 10 years now but I've noticed in the past few years, they have increased their marketing tactics and are giving customers less value for what they pay. Every time I come back home for vacation, I have to contact the customer service department at least once. If this company tried to operate in North America, guaranteed they will be out of business due to the lawsuits filed against them. The way they try tief di people dem money and squeeze out every last cent is borderline illegal and will not be accepted in North America, but since it's Jamaica, they try to take advantage of the poor while paying off the government so that they don't interfere. There is something called the Money Mania Game (another one of Digicel's marketing tactics). I participated in this game a few months ago. The point of the game is to text "pull" to a number and the automated system will send you a message that includes the type of coin you've received, how much it is worth and what is your total amount in your "money pot". After a few days, I decided to quit because it was eating up alot of credit and I didn't think I was going to win. Since the only action required to participate is to text 'pull' to the number, I thought that if I left it alone and did not text anything to this number, it will not take any more money. The next day, I received a silver coin without texting 'pull'. Then it occurred to me that Digicel will take the $15 everyday automatically from your account and send you a text regardless if you texted 'pull' or not. I lost around $45 but I was leaving the country after a few days so I didn't put much thought into it. A few months later, I'm back in the country and later on in the day after I added credit to my account, I received a message from the same number about another coin I received. WHAT. I'm sure the game I participated in already ended but it seems like Digicel will automatically enter you in the new one. I tried texting STOP to the number. Somehow, that text refuses to be delivered so for a few days I've been receiving 'coins'. Finally I went on Digicel's website and spoke via chat to one of their Customer Service representatives named "Jodi-Ann". She asked me what my number was and I told her. She replied with the standard "Kindly hold while I gather the information for you." A good 30 mins later, Miss Jodi-Ann apparently remembered me and decided to message back. All she said was "type exit to be removed from the game". Why does it take 30 mins to tell me that? And why do you need my number? A few mins before Jodi Ann message me back, I typed the word STOP again and somehow magically, the message went through and I was removed from the game. That is when it occurred to me that the game is a total scam. It will not let you exit the game, only when you have contacted customer service to complain. So to all my fellow Jamaicans that work hard to earn good money, take my advice and do not enter any contest from Digicel. I woulda say doe boda even use digicel but we all know seh digicel is apparently the only phone provider in JA and we cah do much about dat but until a bigger, better network comes along (NOT YOU DIGICEL) hold onto you hard earn money tight tight.

Posted by nado

Hi I'm a Digicel customer from Papua New Guinea in the Pacific region. All the problems that you face with digital and it's customer service are exactly the same problem we face here!!! Digital is spreading like wild fire across the Pacific! I paid off credits which I got thru their credit loan service even though they never sent me any credits!!! Stupid service!!!

Posted by Moses

This isn't the first time Digicel has ripped me off. I bought a daily plan and they say I have my 50 mb data. Yes that is truth but when I want to use my data, I get nothing. And I've tried it on two other phones and still nothing. I even restarted the phone and still nothing. I think I'll quit and go over to GTT. Their Internet might be a little slower but at least I'll get data that I can actually works.

Posted by Peggy Carrot

i am angry because you guys say you can not help me just because i got some stupid code trying to reset my alcatel dl 750. My internal memory was full for about 94 %. What did you want me to do? Now i cant use my phone and i hear it is a crime or sometyhing like that to resert my own damn phone. Now what???

Posted by Anonymous from San Fernando

Digicel stole money from my phone. I called customer care, they could not help me and said to go to one of the head offices. When I went, the lady first tried to give me complete ridiculous data rates when she saw how much money came off my phone. When I refuted that, she checked the data usage on my phone, and when it didn't support the amount of money removed from my phone,she insisted that my phone must have recorded the data usage wrong. And of course there was nothing she could do for me. And if I don't like it, I should just stop using their data.

Posted by Anonymous

sent $30.00 digicel cell min and the person receiving min only received 15min tried to contact customer servie and today can not speak to a live person i feel ripped off .

Posted by Monique

I am having an issue with my cellphone service in which I am not receiving text messages from a Digicel telephone number in Trinidad and Tobago. This was preceded by my phone being bombarded by the same text message over and over whenever the person sent me one text message. Now it has gone to the next extreme where I don't receive the messages at all. My text messages go through to the person but it's one way traffic obviously. I called customer care and was told to remove my SIM card and reinsert it. That didn't work. I decided to try today and after being on hold then getting disconnected the first time I called and got through to Caroline in technical support. The young lady was adamant that I had blocked the person's telephone number and that was why I was not receiving their text messages. Even when I tried explaining that I am aware of how to block and unblock persons because I have done it before she insisted that was the only way Digicel's network would not have allowed me to receive text messages from the person in T&T. When I reiterated that I knew how to block and unblock telephone numbers she fell silent then said I should take it to a store to have them look at the settings before giving me the standard closing and hanging up.

And the survey that I elected to take never came through either because I would have let Digicel know exactly how I felt about Caroline's (from technical support) tone.

Posted by Nhra

I went to the Digicel in Debe about 12 pm there was no one there the open sign on the door I figure the went on lunch came back at 2.30 still no one there open sign still on the door and the hours is 8or 9 am to 5.30 pm .So the next day I went back to purchase a phone they have 11 phones on display and carry on two of the phones they have on display .I then had to go the penal branch Omg horrible horrible and rude the guys there were u ask a question I belive the Guy was Narrie and he is cannot answer your question and rude .I worked for one of the biggest phone company in the U.S Verizon Wireless and if a customer do not understand what u talking about u spend that time helping them to choose the correct phone and plan that would be convenient and efficient .To me it looked like he did not need the sale .Then after that their printer was not working they asking Us to.come back for out receipt we do not live in the area so now we have to go pick up a receipt just incase the phone has a problem Horrible experiance I tell u it seems like Digicel do not train the workers ..If was not for my neice I would have never gone digicel ...

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I have my digicel simcard with my phone its unlock and I have not put any credit on it for 6 months and its not working does digicel disconnect my service because it not working I need answer please

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a new phone at one of Digicel's south outlets and took a one month 4G data plan. I was informed by the sales personnel that I would receive an additional month's free credit only to realize that I was lied to. When time came for me to receive the additional month free credit I did not get it. I made numerous calls to Customer service only to receive a bunch of "run arounds" with each agent stating something different. I inquired at the outlet where I purchased the phone, only to be told by the manager that he could not do anything to help me. He seemed the least bit concerned with my problem at hand. Talk about poor behaviour! Having been a loyal Digicel customer for the past 9 years, I was really disappointed more so by the way both the outlet manager and Digicel customer service agents attended to this matter. This issue was handled poorly and the behaviour of the agents was quite distasteful. Never again with me and digicel!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a loyal customer for a number of years utilising the international plan each month. I noticed this past month that my regular credit had been decreasing at a rapid rate, only to realize that the tax associated with my international plan was not being subtracted from the minutes on that plan but instead was being taken from my regular credit. I asked why an advisory was not done so I would be aware and was given an apology as well as an explanation stating that moving forward the tax portion will be taken from the international plan and not my regular credit. I advised the Customer Service Representative that I wanted to speak to a supervisor as I believe that I should have been compensated for all the credit that was deducted from my account without, after being put on hold for over 30 minutes I was given apology again but no reimbursement. This is poor and unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my broadband from a co-worker of mine a week or two after he purchased it from Digicel. Straight away he wrote the letter to transfer the account to me. We gave all info with relevant identification and gave it to a rep in Port Antonio to fax off to head office in Kingston. This was last year October. Patiently i waited for the change and for him to forward your emails to me whenever he had the chance to. Due to this sloppiness, after calling your customer care quite a few times, i went back to the branch in Port Antonio and expressed my frustration. They assisted with sending the info once more in Feb. 2011. This still did not rectify the situation. Called 142 again to see if that could help...that was futile. I was so pissed waiting for a simple transfer, so that i can receive my bills and be updated for over five months till at one point it was disconnected. After paying, i was told by C.S.R. that i still had an outstanding amount which i couldn't understand seeing that any forward emails i received, i paid. Anyway i deliberately not pay for that until the transfer went through which did recently. Last Tuesday, i called in and was informed of the amount and what i needed to do. I paid off the outstanding and was told two to three working days. Of course my luck would have it that no-one gave in my info or even dealt with my account. I called in on Saturday which i was told to call back on Monday. Every time i call i have to give a summary of this and i am unable to speak to the rep i dealt with before. On Tuesday being overly pissed i made another attempt and again...roadblock. The rep stated that a supervisor would contact me shortly. Waited till 4:50PM and was informed that they would return my call in half hour time. I called again at 6:30pm...same thing. I am staring to really hate Digicel. I made one more attempt to call...hopefully someone would give a ratís ass about my situation. I am beyond pissed and i need to know why.

Posted by Jackie

Digicel Customer Services number 123 is just unreliable. Been try to ring up for help but was no one answered when it was meant to be a 24hour service. I transferred ST10.00 credit from a Tina's shop at Vaigaga around 6pm and when i checked my credit around 7pm it was gone already.

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Posted by Shirley

The customer service representative was very professional and friendly to speak to.

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