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Dickey's Barbecue Pit customer service is ranked #626 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 46 ratings. This score rates Dickey's Barbecue Pit customer service and customer support as Terrible.


45 Negative Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 97.83%.


1 Positive Comment out of 46 Total Comments is 2.17%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Dickey's Barbecue Pit

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 27.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 45 negative comments (97.83%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.17%)
    • 3 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Diane

The dickys on boscell in Fremont was the worst...I stood waiting to place an order ..I was the only one in line..the employees were walking around laughing and joking....I got asked what I needed help I said yes...he was not overly friendly..acted like I was bothering him I placed a order ..it was very expensive..one side was 6.00 ?..I asked if I could get some bbq sauce and he commented that I didn't order a meat...the food counter in the back was very messy..food everywhere..

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Dickie's restaurant at12270 Base Line Rd,Rancho Cucamonga CA on 5/22/18 in the evening to place an order using a Local Flavor coupon. The manager did not know how to bring up the barcode. Another employee interrupted the conversation and told me they don't take the coupon. I told her I'm talking to the manager. Then the manager (male) told me to leave because I'm disturbing the 3 customers in the restaurant. I told him I am not bothering anyone-I am trying to place an order. The employee and manager were rude and disrespectful. As I left, the manager said "yeah leave". The ad in the publication states your restaurant accepts Local Flavor coupons. I see your employees are racist just like the employees at Starbucks.My company routinely caters lunches at different restaurants. I will inform my company and friends to never do business with any of your restaurants!

Posted by Catreena

Hi I'm mad as hell because my first experience was bad and I went back to try again and I purchased a potato with brisket and got home and when I start to eat the potato was not cook thoroughly.I called back spoke to Katrina Manager and she told me I was lying and she check herself.I said mam I can bring it back for another one and she said we out and so I paid all that money and wasn't able to eat the potato.I got bad services twice so I wasted my money twice never will I go back

Posted by Anonymous

I went with 3 other people for dinner tonite at Dickeys in Glenview, Il.We waited for around 15 minutes.Knowbody waited on us.Finally a fella said I have other orders.There wasn't anyone in the place.There was only 2 people working there. So we walked out .Will never go here again.I wonder what would happen if there was other people in there.

Posted by Robert Anthony Chavez

Very very bad rack of ribs...very disappointed...I was served a day old and burnt rack of ribs....and then they tried to keep 3 ribs... Now I know why...because they were bad...and inedible... I know that you may not believe me... So I will provide proper you with a rack from the same location... It's a shame on your reputation... When I send a rack then you will understand how bad they are...it will be your job to figure out why they are so bad... I think I know why... My phone number i

Posted by Fredy K

Be very careful! I went to Dickeys on north 12th St in Hanford, CA- ordered the Pit Boss Deal (sausage with cheese sandwich & side)on Tues 5-30-17. When I went to take the 2nd bite a sharp piece of bone (or other hard material) lodged between 2 teeth and chipped my tooth. As if that was not bad enough the Manager-Nick would not give me the insurance carrier or any company information stating there should not be any bone in the sausage. After I asked him to call someone in Corporate he then stated "Manuel Sousa, Director of Operations wanted me to pay for the dental work and they would reimburse me". I gave him my name & number (he wanted more info but I would not give me who I could contact for reimbursement). What kind of poor customer service is that. I enjoy their food but I will not be eating their again- dental work is way too expensive!

Posted by Oliver

Our local Dickey's story was unable to read either of two gift cards that should each have had a positive balance (one full, the other partial). This has happened before, and on a later visit the cards have been read. I wonder if this is a ploy to get us to pay cash rather than use up the gift card. So, I tried to check the balance on line but the numbers weren't recognized. I tried to call customer service and was referred back to the website to leave feedback. I am simply unable to locate a human. What if I had an urgent issue, such as wanting to report food poisoning? I think it is a company's corporate duty to provide a means to reach a live person, especially in the food service industry. So I am feeling ripped off with no means to address my questions.

Posted by ExLongTimeCustomer

I just visited your Pasadena, CA location. Your new menu is terrible. The food handling was horrible and the friendly professional staff are now a demoralized group of people. Also except for a few young people who were new customers the place was empty. How could you take a great wonderful tradition that has been around for decades and ruin it in such a short time. Shame, shame, shame. I read the multiple reviews out there and I would say you are losing a lot of customers. Sad.

Posted by Anonymous

Just went to park crossing Fresno ca . First visit and my last!! Ordered two sandwiches and got two potatos !! Went up to say that I didn't get what I ordered. He told me that's what I ordered, never offered to make it right . Very rude!!Will never go again and will tell everyone my bad experience.
spent money $15 for nothing!!!

Posted by Marxdog23

On January 1 I placed an online order for your location at military crossing in San Antonio Texas. I received email confirmation to pick up my order at 5:36 pm. My debit card was charged. Imagine my surprise when I drove to pick up my order and the location was closed. With a handwritten sign on the door. I went to the location at opening today. The manager, Monica Lara said the charges would be reversed as soon as she was able. Well my account was charged at 5:21 pm yesterday. The manager apologized but implied that I should have called ahead to make sure they were open. Then what is the point of online ordering. I am very disappointed. I love your food and was excited to share it with friends on new year's day. I wasn't even offered a fountain drink or coupon for the embarrassment and inconvenience. You have lost a customer

Posted by Anonymous

My fiance and I decided to eat at Dickerson BBQ pit today 12/20/16. Our experience was awful. The young lady whom served us had an attitude. I eat pork but fiance don't. She ficedar my pulled pork sandwich. My fiance informed her he doesn't eat pork. With an attitude she said I can another board. She did and with the same gloves she open his chicken breast and touched his food with pork gloves. I proceeded to notify the next young lady how gave us our sides because her attitude was ugly. I washed my hands came back to the table my fiance was really upset by then. The young lady for sides told ms.attitude that he doesn't eat pork and you used the same gloves. She said " If you don't eat pork why come to a BBQ restaurant?" I found it offensive and down right rude. To top it I found plastic in my mac n cheese. We wanted a good place to eat this was not it. Come to ask the cashier very nice lady. She said Ms. Attitude runs the place. Dickeys BBQ highway 80 in pooler Georgia .

Posted by anonymous

So we just went to Logan Dickey's and haven't been in a couple months. The menu was changed- they don't have the Onion Wranglers anymore which was totally disappointing, so we were going to get the crisscross cut fries, they didn't have those either! I was craving their salad and that's no longer on the menu. Ready to walk out, the only reason I stayed is my husband had already ordered. The ice cream was so runny, we skipped having cones, too! We won't be back. Did not like the changes. The customer service was fine. Just disappointed in the menu.

Posted by Chris

I like the food, but the process is broken I just had lunch at dickies today Spokane Washington November 1, 2016 I was greeted by the girl from first 50 dates she welcomed me dickies 3 times in 30 seconds and did not know what sandwich I wanted as I told her several times . This is my fourth and final time to dickies I will not be going back as every experience I've had there is disorganized mess .although I was there one time and the kid couldn't figure how to run the cash register and just gave me and my friend are meals for free that was nice

Posted by Anonymous


Sun, 23 Oct 2016

I just wanted to inform you in a awful customer experience I had at your lewisville, Texas location off Hebron. I placed an online order, walk in and I see employees were sitting around watching football, take about a minute to acknowledge me then proceed to ask what I was doing there. I told them I am picking up an order, my sides were not ready so I had I wait on them. I asked for sweet tea and for some reason it took 10 minutes. For sweet tea. While this was getting prepared, the employee who was helping me took a minute pause to check in on the football game. This is not the first time I've had a back experience with this place but this will be the last time I go there and buy from your company again. I will also contact the better business bureau as well due to incorrect billing from this location.

Posted by Anonymous

Well we went to dickeys in catoosa OK and when we were there they were out of a lot of items and so I tried the two meat plate and the food was very dry. I have trued to get a hold of someone but no luck not very happy as my husband and I wanted to eat but mine was so dry and nothing for anyone else to eat

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Dickey's located in dothan, AL the worst fast food experience ever,the floor was nasty, the employees were very rude .I order a Texas pie and ask for pork in stead of beef I was told I could not do that by the cashier which the lady taking my order said it was fine so after they couldn't figure out what I could and couldn't do I walked out the place sucks shut it down, I never been anywhere and spent money and was told I couldn't get what I'm paying for.never going back

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible, food cold their not friendly, very rude bathroom was nasty floor was sticky and dirty as well

Posted by Anonymous

Had a very bad experience on 9/28,@soledad cyn location, health and quality, got worse after my complaint, others noticed.

David lavau

Posted by momvolunteer

My children's school doesn't have hot meals available so once a week hot food is catered in. We had ordered food well in advance and stressed several times when the driver needed to be there so we could serve the food. First they were 40 minutes late (they are a 10 minute drive away), the orders were incomplete resulting in incorrect meals and some not being fed at all. This is for the Dickeys at 1511 FM 407 in Lewisville, TX. This delivery was very unprofessional.

Posted by Dee

Sept 9th 2016 I went with my friend to Dckeys...WOW...wish I could say it was a good experience but no...so many things to complain about! It was 2pm, the wait standing in line was excessive, more than 20 minutes to get to order. Then we had to go through the line (there were 3 people working it, you could tell they were under staffed!) It was dirty behind the counter! The girl getting the sides did not greet us neither did the one taking the money. Where the condiments were...DISGUSTING! IT LOOKED LIKE FILTH!! there was no tea, no forks. I'm not sure it got rated with a A but I'm going to contact health department also. I wish I could say it was my first bad experience but it wasn't. After the gym one day, some of us went there to eat... the girl that was going to treat us got extremely upset having to wait an excessive amount of time and also having the food cold when we got it and out of things...she told them to give her her money back and we left, they did not offer her anything for the inconvenience! I will not be going back...this happened in Lancaster Ca.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited your 6584 N Decatur Blvd location today. It was my first time there,my husband has been there once prior. Not only was I not given any sauce,I also did not receive the amount of pulled pork I ordered. My husband has to drive back,got the sauce and told them about the shortage. Then to add insult to injury the ribs we ordered were severely under cooked. I will enclose a picture. The time on my receipt is 3:49 pm. Ticket 10055. Not only did I spent $58.81,drive back to location,then try to eat under cooked pork. Unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

Please update big yellow cup club for Brenda Royals email to put in wrong email did not know how to update

Posted by Golding

I took my wife and granddaughter to the Dickey's in St. George, Utah tonight, May 25, 2016 around 7:45 PM (the location next to Wal-Mart in Bloomington). Our experience started off with the employee telling us you didn't have any turkey left? The employee looked very unprofessional (long hair in his eyes, etc.) and he had large hickey's on the left side of his neck. We ordered chicken and pork. We also ordered the chicken nuggets kids meal. We had to fight off all the flies inside the restaurant, I have lived here over 20 years and never seen that many flies inside a restaurant here. The chicken was cold, the kids nuggets were burned (our granddaughter would not even eat them), the pork had more fat in it than actual meat. The macaroni and cheese was mushy and we couldn't even get our granddaughter to eat that. The garbage can was so full, we had to leave our waste (and most of the food) on the table. And to top everything off, the bathrooms were disgustingly dirty. This was by far the worst experience we have had at a restaurant in this city and we will absolutely never be going back to Dickey's. The manager of this restaurant should be reprimanded and the employees should be given a course on [average] grooming standards. I wish you had a camera system in this location, so you could see the condition of the restaurant and the appearance of the employees.

Posted by Anonymous

Please let us know when you will be opening in Boiling Springs SC. We miss the location si much. The best in our area. Please reopen SOON!!!! THANK YOU.

Posted by eolson

Why no link to customer service email at your main web site ?! My problem -your coupons good for 3 days- redicolous

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Posted by Anonymous

Enjoyed my dinner with my best friend tonight at Dickey BB Pit in Sterling Heights, MI. The service was outstanding, and the food delicious! Thank you for this wonderful dining experience!

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Posted by Dont Go there

Im a former employee or an employee i dont even know because the was they play too many games. I got suspended for no reason, where I work at theres too much favortesome going on, and descrimensome sorry from my spelling but you get the point, I got suspended for keeping my mouth shuT and being respectful, my manager takes sides for his friends that work there and gambles and lets those friend employees get free food while thee others dont get nothing, we get no breaks, no lunches, even when you work a eight hour shift, its agest the law everything that he does and there nothing we can do, i tried and tried to call somebody from the higher company to help me nope i just wasted my time, so dont work for dickies, they dont have no one you can talk to when u have an issue they can care less, im so upset cuz i wish there was some one i can speak to but there aint this is the best i can do to put my word out, dont go to the one on Avondale Az on Mcdowell and 99th Ave. They treat there employees like they slaves,

Posted by Tracey

The Dickeys here in Yakima. I just worked at the owner pays under the table and shorts the checks....45 first time 146 second time.To save her money. She says she has the taxes pulled out of her acc. but funny nothing showing our hours she pays alot of people that way...DONT EAT AT DICKEYS in Yakima

Posted by Anonymous

My son worked one day in your long beach California store, he chose not to return due the food handling procedures! The manager used her bare hand to put meat on a sandwhich and he was told to refill a used bucket to put more mAc and cheese in for the line. He want given. Break for six hours! That breaks calif law. He called to say he won't be returning and it's been 3 weeks and has never received any pay. Also another employee walked out in the middle of his shift on his second day! I would like to know why my son was not paid? I suggest you take a hard look at your long beach store. My son advise the manager of some health codes they were in violation at the time he worked. He has his food handling license and has four years experience in this field, that is why he choose not to return and be a part of this mess.


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