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18 Negative Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 90.00%.


2 Positive Comments out of 20 Total Comments is 10.00%.

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  • Dick's Sporting Goods

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    • 34.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 18 negative comments (90.00%)
    • 2 positive comments (10.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

worse than the fact they never wanted to help us with purchasing shoes was the total indifference when I brought it to their attention.

Posted by Unhappy Customer # 400

Another bad review unfortunately. Went to store in Bangor, ME - let me begin by saying, STAY OUT OF THE RESTROOM; they have obviously they have not been cleaned in months. Underneath the toilet areas were disgusting, there was feces near the toilet paper holder, and there was not a drop of soap. Went to pick up some items in the field hockey area. Essentially empty. No sticks, no bags, no safety equipment. It is fall and school is back in session, but you are a sports store! You should be stocked and prepared. Not one person came to help us. I didn't even see a sales assistant on the floor. Went to the front desk, and the individual didn't care about lack of stock or helping us. I go over to the mall to a tiny little Olympia Sports store out of desperation. They had everything we needed, and were so helpful from the minute we walked in the store. Both the manager and sales associate helped us gather what we needed, made suggestions, and in the end, we purchased quite a bit of Under Armour for the rest of our family - not a cheap purchase. You can have your expensive stock and pretty store, but I will NOT return! Clean your bathrooms and hire some helpful sales people. It appears that I am not the only one that has been unhappy with shopping at Dick's Maybe it it time to rethink things.....

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to share my experience with someone who cares regarding customer service and my experience at Dick's Sporting Goods at West County Mall in St. Louis Missouri. I haven't ventured in the store often, but this experience is likely to keep me away. It started with an Adidas jacket I found on a rack with other Adidas items but no jacket similar or like and with no price tags. Asking the floor guy WHO WAS A GREAT HELP. To get me a price, he was unable to determine. So he got a manager, at the end of all of this I learned her name same Sarah or Sandy Cooper. At any rate she search for the jacket in a hand-held gadget and approximately 30 to 40 minutes later she is still trying to price this item. Of course I waited as I was really interested in it. I ask her since I've waited so long and it's likely been clearance at some point let's just go with a reasonable price for the item. She stated that a reasonable price was $65.00 because there was no Adidas jacket, sale or not that was below $65.00. I said so you are going to set a rate that high based upon nothing. She responded, it is something and that is a fact that the price is no lower and will not be sold for any lower. To that I said I am not interested, thanks for taking up all my time to set a price that you are determining randomly and without any thought to me waiting almost an hour. I walked off, but I wanted to prove a point so I went to your website from my phone "something she could have accomplished herself", and wouldn't you know it - the jacket was on your website and listed at $50.00. At this point I went back to her and showed her that she was wrong with her assumption of $65.00 and that to set a price like that based upon nothing was flat wrong. Another employee, who like her - wasn't much for smiling or customer service said, well we will give 10% off. I purchased the jacket but express my unhappiness with their service and asked to speak with a manager in which she replied he is not here. She did however provide his phone number 3146491400 and said his name is James and I can call him tomorrow. Well I left, a bit disappointed and the more I thought about it and how I was treated the less I wanted to call James the next morning as he may also give no consideration to my plight since these are of course his immediate subordinates. So with that said, instead of calling James - I elected to contact you directly in hopes that this reaches someone who cares. Someone that cares if a customer would stand for almost an hour for an item to only be forced to find it on his personal phone. I guess the 10% off was to make up for the standing and waiting for nothing. At any rate it does not satisfy the fact that it was only offered after I pointed it out to a manager who was SET to charge me $15.00 more than the jacket sells for with NO MERIT to do so. I was appalled. Truth be known I loved the jacket, wanted it. But the more I thought about how I was treated, with the exception of the floor guy - it was almost like I was bothering these individuals. In closing I most certainly hopes this comment reaches James, his supervisor, and his supervisor's manager as well. I found their actions to be pitiful at best. Only the floor guy keeps me from believing that this is how horrible people are treated when asking questions or in need of assistance in the store. No one in a position above him on that day, represented your store in a manner that I believe Dick's Sporting Goods would like their customers to be treated. I am returning the item tomorrow. Hopefully this will reach someone who cares. Thanks for your time.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the York, Pa, Concord Road store yesterday buying a few items. The gentleman who waited on me (apprx. 18 years old, thin build, african american) didn't seem to able to take no for answer when I declined signing up for some type of loyalty program. Felt some tension and after he gave me my change nothing was said. Was expecting some type of thank you or have a good day. I was waiting for my receipt which he didn't give me with the change. After he realized the oversight, he just handed it to me and said nothing. Left me under the impression there might be some type of expectation by management (high expectation) to get customers to sign up. He clearly had a negative attitude after I declined mort than once. Not a pleasant experience. Amazon.com is much easier...no attitude.

Posted by Anonymous

this is an email I recently sent to the people who do you basketball hoop installations--Dear Sir, I'm writing to point out that Dick's may want to consider getting a better company to represent them in their basketball hoop installations. After purchasing my outdoor basket ball hoop, I submitted my form to start the construction process 13 days ago and was told it could take as long as a week to get utilities to come and mark my property (which is not true, it usually averages about 2-3 days) and, once marked, work would be scheduled immediately. After a week, I call the help number listed and was told the request for utility markings form was submitted and was working and I should be hearing from them immediately.
I called today, a week later, and was informed the information had not been submitted yet, that I was correct in that it usually only takes 3 days for utilities, and that the paper work would be submitted today.
DIck's is well known for its "good" customer experience and this kind of treatment from a subcontractor is not going to help when social media comments start discussing the poor performance and reliability of their installations for outdoor sporting equipment.
Respectfully (but mad), Matt

Posted by I'm Watching

Arrowhead Mall, Glendale Arizona. Dick's Sporting Goods is a zero value store. Anyone can find the same item somewhere else for less. Customer service is awful. Not one employee knew where anything was or had any knowledge of any sport. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE......ANYWHERE.

Posted by Anonymous

We received the Field and Stream Outpost XL ladder stand the box had holes all over it and taped in many places. Every thing inside was all lose and the ladder was bent. My Grandson got it straighten out and put together. I should have received 20% off and I did not get it. This box had been opened and returned to you and we ended up with it


I ordered a pair of Men's Nike KB Mentality Basketball Shoes BLACK/ANTHRACITE online. What was shipped out was white with purple soles. Due to dress code restrictions this is unacceptable aside from the fact IT WAS NOT WHAT I ORDERED! The customer service representative I spoke with (Jonte) was very professional and well trained. She informed me that the black shoes were out of stock. So instead of the company sending me an email informing me of this so I could look elsewhere, they sent me something I didn't order or want. I stopped shopping at Dick's 5 years ago when an extended warranty was reneged on but thought maybe things had changed & would give you another chance. I see nothing has changed with the company. Things are still overpriced, the customer is an inconvenience and should take whatever crap you decide to ship out. I was offered a 20% off coupon by the nice representative however I declined because I will NEVER shop at your company again.



Posted by eric the red

this was on a major fishing blog in Oregon

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Unread 10-06-2015, 09:49 PM #1

Join Date: May 2010
Location: tillamook co.
Posts: 3,548 Default dicks says salmon closed on columbia


in their store in hayden meadows there was a whiteboard sign in the fishing dept. saying salmon closed at bouy 10.

of course there was no one around to ask what that was about.

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Unread 10-06-2015, 10:00 PM #2
Back trolling

Back trolling's Avatar

Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Portland
Posts: 1,924 Default Re: dicks says salmon closed on columbia


Maybe when someone comes around they will update the board.
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Back trolling
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Unread 10-07-2015, 06:48 AM #3

Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Hillsboro/Bald Peak
Posts: 21 Default Re: dicks says salmon closed on columbia


Probably because they were out fishing at B10
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Unread 10-07-2015, 11:50 AM #4
Bill Monroe
King Salmon

Bill Monroe's Avatar

Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: Oregon City
Posts: 19,692 Default Re: dicks says salmon closed on columbia


Go next door to Fisherman's

Bill Monroe

"Yet it isn't the gold that I'm wanting
So much as just finding the gold."
Robert Service

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Unread 10-07-2015, 02:47 PM #5
poor on the shore

poor on the shore's Avatar

Join Date: May 2015
Location: Portland Oregon
Posts: 46 Default Re: dicks says salmon closed on columbia


Originally Posted by Bill Monroe View Post
Go next door to Fisherman's

Yup, go talk to the people who know what's going on instead of a bored teenager who's trying to avoid you.
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Posted by Anonymous

I just left tge whitemarsh store in Baltimore md. The riffle department refused to give sell me a firearm because i am black. I asked him to do the back round check and let me pay for the gun he said no. He also said he's no comfortable selling me a firearm. So my lawyer will be in contact

Posted by Anonymous

My best friend Raymond came to the Avon, IN store location to buy a new set of clubs including woods, hybrids, irons, and putter. We asked for help and no one was around. Finally I noticed a girl on the computer and asked if she could help us and she replied "what do you want". A guy finally came back and knew we were waiting for help and went in to the office. Finally the girl on the computer yelled his name and he came out. We were asking him what he recommended and he just walked by the clubs and kept saying, " these are good, these are good. ". We asked if he had any left handed clubs. He just said no, so we just left and went to the Dicks in Plainfield, IN. We get to the golf area and once again there wasn't anyone to help us. We pushed a button on the desk to get help. Ten minutes later this guy Jack came in. We told him about the issues we dealt with from the other Dicks. He said, " they justt get people to buy clubs without fitting them and said how bad that was," so we talk to Jack and he talks about the taylormade and Callaway sets. My best friend chose the Taylormade irons. By that time two other people came into the golf area. Jack kept talking about this Callaway driver he has and is so great. So he has my best friend hit a few balls. He noticed other people needed help and he kept rushing us and never offered for my friend to try the SLDR. He kept trying to give my friend right clubs after four times of us telling him he was a lefty. Finally my friend was looking at putters and Jack was rushing and my friend even told him to slow down. My friend liked the putter I have but wanted to try it and they didn't have a lefty so Jack said he could order one. He kept pushing my friend to get a credit card three times and my friend kept saying no. Jack showed a receipt and told us to take the survey and tell them how good he was. So finally we leave and we should have left happy bc he got new clubs but he we were so frustrated for how we were treated. Oh I forgot after Jack told us how bad the Avon store was bc they didn't fit their clubs before selling them, but he ended up doing the same thing. As we were riding in the car home my friend said look at the receipt and see if he ordered a lefty putter. Sure enough he ordered a righty. So I called and spoke with Jack for what he did bc he wash rushing us and he said he would fix it in the computer. So my friend gets his putter and it's right handed and he called Jack who said he couldn't change it in the computer. He should have called my friend and told him. So Jack orders a lefty. So my friend gets the correct putter and bc of the mistake my friend had to call customer service and got the run around for trying to send back the putter he got as a mistake. Needless to say you better get Jack help or tell him not to be pushy especially as expensive the clubs were and he only let my friend use one driver. We are both fed up and are going to use a reputable online store to get our clubs, grips, grinds, etc. we have also run into several individuals who have had similar issues. We are done with Dicks. I wish Galyans didn't go out of business.

Posted by TheGoodFight

Dick's Sporting Goods is proud of, and according to their corp office, and local manager, had legal counsel review their policy of deceptive pricing in their stores. This is the only place i have ever seen that places SALE placards out that read SALE: 2 for $x in large bold print, and if you only buy 1, they do not charge you the fractional cost advertised, but the regular price. Their employees tell me they know they get a lot of customers that don't realize they are paying the reg price but dont care. BE CAREFUL!!!

Posted by abpgapro

I applied for a golf sales position in a new store that is opening in Tampa in early 2014. I feel that I have been discriminated against based on my age. I just turned 58; I am a Certified PGA Professional (less than 5% of the 28,000 PGA Professionals are 'certified' in the career paths offered by the PGA). I have 4 certifications...most PGA Professionals who have taken the opportunity to become educated in the the certification program are certified in one program...I am certified in four (General Management, Golf Operations, Retail & Instruction). I am also a Air Force Veteran, spending 37 yrs working around the world to support our troops (Germany, Italy, Guam, Panama, and other stateside bases. In the reply from Dick's, they said that the company cannot even enter discussions with me...are you kidding? I was the one of the highest trained PGA Golf Manager's working for the government, always responsible for taking new programs where I was assigned to new levels of financial success and customer service. If it is playing ability and instruction you are after, I am an excellent instructor, accomplished player (10 holes-in one, 3 course records, over 100 tournament victories of various magnitude to include playing in the 1977 US Amateur, winning the North Dakota State Amateur qualifier, 1991 & 93 Rep of Panama National Champion, etc..... I have taught over well 2500 private lessons, clinics, classes, etc... Not even an interview.....???? Good grief!

Posted by Anonymous

tryed to buy on line with a gift certificate. was cancelled by email the next day. when trying to find out why I was told to contact my visa card issuer, I did and they told me my purchase was approved at their end. Was told by "help line" personnel 3 times some one would call or email within 24 to 48 hours, no resolution of the problem and I can't seem to get any help spending my money there, what's up with your online store?

Posted by Dale Murphy

I was in the Gilbert Arizona store last week, and I couldn't find an associate to help me. There were no customers, but even fewer workers. I asked to speak to the store manager, and I was told "he was on the phone", and he would be down shortly. 15 minutes later, he still was "in his office". Apparently he was the only one in the store at 10 AM but he was too busy to come talk to me. I will never go back to that location again. I hope that personal phone call was worth it!

Posted by [email protected]

on march 13,2012 went to dicks to buy fishing wading boots,nice selections and on sale. waited 10 min could not find someone to wait on us,had to go up to front of store,told someone would help us. waited another 10 min, nothing. went back up front of store asked for manager, by then mad and left monroeville,pa store. he couldnt find clerk either. lost a sale and wont be back. your store needs more help,this was not the first time we had to ask and wait for help.

Posted by Robbed Blind

I purchased a shotgun for my son for Christmas. On further examing the gun Christmas Day, the gun was defective. Dick's has an "all-sales are final/ purchased as-is" policy on all firearms. Had I known that, or if others knew that, they likely would not purchase new firearm merchandise from Dick's.

Posted by Escondido Troy

Horrible service. Their District Manager offered me a $50 gift card due to a very bad experience. The corporate office also called and offered me a $20 card. When the $50 one never came, I called and corporate said he had "spoken too quickly," and they would not honor their word. They lied to me again. The whole problem started because they were dishonest and lied; then they try to make up for it and lie again. I will never shop there again.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently was in your willowbrook location. I dealt with Jacquelyn in Jordan. Even though I didn't purchase anything from her, she was the most friendly and helpful individual I've dealt with in a long time in retail. She was even sick and still managed to provide me with top service! She is definitely what customer service is about and because of her is the reason I would continue to shop this store. Thank you to her!

Posted by Anonymous

i just bought some weights and a bench at your rockford store. the staff Evan and sara were amazing! what a good representatives for your company. the store manager jen was superb! they were so helpful and knowledgeable. I plan to come back for more!!

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If you buy anything from Dick's Sporting Goods, you're funding anti-gun lobbying
Springfield Armory, a major manufacturer of handguns and rifles, announced on Thursday that it was severing all ties with Dick's Sporting Goods following reports that the retailer had retained three lobbyists to push Congress to restrict the Second ...
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A newly opened Dick's Sporting Goods distribution center in New York's Southern Tier is planning an expansion that will add an internet sales fulfillment center. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the Coraopolis, Pennsylvania-based sporting ...