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Dewalt customer service is ranked #469 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 82 ratings. This score rates Dewalt customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


77 Negative Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 93.90%.


5 Positive Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 6.10%.

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  • Dewalt

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    • 32.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 77 negative comments (93.90%)
    • 5 positive comments (6.10%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Kevin

I cannot believe the poor quality power tools this company is turning out! Skill saw lasted 5 yrs.I have a 40 yr old craftsman and a 30 yr Black & Decker that still work fine.
I just burnt out my sawzall I got for christmas 2 or 3 yrs ago.spent 30 mins filling out information on quality control only to have it say an error occured.

Posted by Louie Genzler

I�m really disappointed in the dewalt tools lately. I have about every cordless dewalt tool. I recently bought the tough system radio. The first one I took back to the place it bought it cause it kept saying the battery is dead. Take the battery out and the battery says it�s full put it back in plays for a few minutes same thing stops playing says low battery so I put in a new battery some affect. They replaced the radio and I got a new one worked good for a month now doing the same thing!! Not sure if I should take it back and get a done but I�m getting tired of wasting my time going back and forth!!

Posted by Dawie555

People.i ordered tools from dewalt and have not recieved it yet.order number

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a dewalt DCB115 charger and the 20v battery, drill kit and have had trouble with the batteries charging properly. I even returned the charger for a new one and the problem persists. When I place the batteries on the charger the "charging" lite begins to blink, as it should, after a few seconds the charger quits charging and the lite appears to say the battery is completely charged, which it is not. I take the battery off the charger and place in in the drill and it will run the drill for a few seconds then runs out of power. Is there a fix for this....faulty charger? or faulty batteries?

Posted by dennis

I have made a jig for cutting 4x4 or 6x6 timber that works perfectly. It's a prototype made of wood. You slide it over beam set the bevel and secure. Made for cutting with standard skill saw. Just wondering if there is an interest Thanks Dennis Leary

Posted by Anonymous

No return phone calls,no answer on the web...But they did call back to take their survey.what a joke!!!!

Posted by Razz2469

Framing gun, very displeased, I have a fencing business 31 years, have over 20 dewalt products batteries, chargers, flexvolts.

This nailer is terrible only drives the 3.5 in nail in 3/4 of the way and crooked.





Posted by Chris L in Oregon

I dropped my Dewalt 18 volt cordless drill in my Koi pond on accident while putting up some lights. I figured it was lost in the deep water until a month later I was cleaning the pond and fished the drill out with a rake. I figured it was a goner. I let it dry out for a couple days and tried another battery and it worked!! Amazing!! Only problem is my phillips head bit is rusted on...submerged battery works too!! Amazing product considering!!

Posted by Anonymous

What a joke this DeWalt generac power supply is. Will not take responsibility for defective merchandise they sell. Their generator blows up 2000$ worth of items in our home, starts a fire, and they blame our home. How is it we don't blow up any equipment without their generator powered on. We have been getting a total run around for two solid months. Boycott their products. We are not the only one screwed by faulty defective cheap products. Read reviews and search the internet. They have awful customer service and reviews. Instead of helping us they blame us and block us from their Facebook page. Hopefully others will find another source for their tools. By the way. Search the internet. They own a lot of companies. Boycott them all!

Posted by Anonymous

Their website doesn't work. Paid $700 for a saw and now can't contact them using their website, every time it is submitted I get an error. Their website must have been built to the same specs as my saw.

Posted by Ray

No one is responding to my question regarding

my DS500 Moblelock

Raymond Klosz

Posted by Mike

August 1, 2016. Purchased Over 17,000.00 Worth Flex Volt Tools And Batteries.
If Purchased By Aug. 15, 2016 Should Expect Delivery Starting The End Of August 2016.
Today Is The 19 0f December, 2016 I Have Not Received Any Of The Tools I Have Already
Paid For. I Believe Dewalt Owes Myself And Others An Apology And A Explanation As To Why They Can Advertise A Product But Not Keep To What They Promise. Better Yet The Will Not Give A Reasonable Time On How Much More Time Before Delivery Is Made. In Texas You Are Called A Lair And A Theft When You Go Back On Your Word

Posted by Right way foods

Dewalt brand new blower dcb l 720 works only 10 minuts after fully charge..

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a joiner all my cordless tools are dewalt including chopsaw and hoover it's great stuff butility why can't you make boots that last more than 3 months I spent £65 not 3 months ago on a pair of size 12 slide boots very comfy but can't be used in the rain I've had more waterproof flip flops but I could live with that I could just wear them in summer . But it doesn't really matter because they are falling apart at that price I'd expect a bit more wear out of them I've reverted back to my doctor MartinS not as comfy but they last one lot longer

Posted by Anonymous

On dewalt miterbox stand, the brackets that attach to saw. Have broke the the clamping mechanism that attaches saw to miterbox. The rubber bumpers on the bottom are not long enough so that the clamping mechanism is lower than the rubber bumpers. When placing in work trailer to slide it back the clamping mechanism slides on floor thus braking them

Posted by Anonymous

I just called Dewalt customer service about a charger that failed to charge. All they could say was "I'm sorry". They gave me no advice for solution. I'm sorry don't get it when your on a job site! DeWalt SUCKS....Customer Service wast of time... Don't waste your money.

Posted by Anonymous


I tried several different times to leave a question at your regular site... It seems to require a part number to send the request. That is the problem... I need the part number....

So... YOU contact me and we'll go from there.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to let someone know, if anyone reads these, that you have a lot of contractors in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming getting very little or no Dewalt representation. It seems like the reps all just want to stay in the Denver area and you call them or wait and see them at a trade show. I know its starting to piss a lot of us off that has switch most of our inventory to Dewalt from other manufactures. We were all sold several years back on there service and commitment to us. We use to see our rep at least a couple of times a month. To show us new products or just to make sure everything is going OK. Now we are lucky to see them once or twice a year.

Posted by Anonymous

Always owned dewalt products. The battery life sucks. I own the 20 volt lithium drills. I do commercial work. I am lucky to get 45 minutes out of each battery and I have 5 of them. Think it's time to switch brands

Posted by Anonymous

Dewalt sucks, the repair facility in Anaheim said that since my DW871 Pro chop saw was over 10 yrs old., no more available parts, I am on my own. When the returned my non-repaired chop saw, they gave it to me in a bag of pieces (I gave it to them fully put together). I am furious, how can I diagnose it myself when it is completely apart, have no idea how to re-assemble it. Horrible of Dewalt, they should have at least returned it in the condition I gave it to them. Newer ever but anything from any of their companies, Dewalt-Porter Cable-Bostich-Black and Decker.

Posted by Anonymous

3 Months Ago I Took My D 51844 Framing Nailer To Your Service Center #1 On A Recall They Could Not Fix It. So They Sent It To A Different # 2 Service Center Now They Just Giving Me The Run A Round Still Has Not Been Repaired No Answer Yet When It Will Be Ready Sence Then I Have Went Out And I Have Had To Buy 2 New Guns, Need Them To Keep My Crew Moving.(not De-walt)

Your Phone Service Sucks, 1 Hour And No One Has Answered Yet.

Posted by terry

p.s. and your corporate customer service phone service sucks too, it does not work either. just music, and recording thanking me for my patience. well, I have run out of patience. will go back to my trusty electric drill with a cord, THAT IS NOT A DEWALT...

Posted by terry

your cordless drills suck. 3rd time is a charm. this time, same problem again, except this time with fairly new drill, only used 4 times. same issues, hot/cold delay, and neither battery's never charge. it's useless, and it's fairly new. I will never, ever, buy another Dewalt product again, and wish I had not got this one as a gift, but i'm stuck with it, and it will be the last Dewalt product I ever get stuck with again...

Posted by Anonymous

I am searching the Dewalt website and is unable to locate a replacement battery DW 9062. If able to assist please contact at

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I purchased a large tool box and the key broke after 2 months it is an A10 key the back part is made of plastick how can I get a new one. My e-mail

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Posted by Karyn

My parents had a house fire a week ago and included in the total loss was just about every dewalt tool you have. As my dad is a carpenter and swears by dewalt. We found one drill that is completely melted to the battery and still works!!!! Now if that's not a TOUGH drill I don't know what is! My dad would be very happy to give Dewalt some advertisement!

Posted by [email protected]

i want to thank dewalt for their awesome northwest repfor tacoma wash.
i will tell everyone of my great service and care form rep Eric on 1/23/17

give the man a raise

Posted by Jerry

DeWalt 6 in. Randome orbital sander. Total time one hour . broke twice, 90 day refund is over .Now I have to have it repaired again and live with junk . . Never will I buy DeWalt again .

Posted by Gearjammer

Customer service ok. DeWalt tool terrible . Orbital sander is junk. After 30 minutes of use it broke . Tool repaired and used it 30 more minutes and something else is broke . After 90 days they wont give a refund so you are stuck with a junk tool that cost $158.00.I will never buy anything with DeWalt name on it again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I'm a handy man in the Boulder CO area. Today I met a young man at the Boulder HD. His name was Edward. He did a great job answering my question and I purchased $300 + in DeWalt products.

I would very much appreciate it if I could contact him and express my appreciation.


Mr. Kim Summeril

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