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2 Positive Comments out of 28 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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    • 26 negative comments (92.86%)
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Posted by BJaakola

I have a 3 year old Denon AVR-S900W tat my fiancée purchased for me. A week ago the left side speaker outputs and subwoofer stopped working. I tried different speakers, wiring and did a reset as directed my Denon support. None of this worked. I produced my receipt to tech support and asked if there was anything they could do to help me out, they replied I could have it repaired at my cost. I feel that if you spend quite a bit of money for a receiver a company would want their product to last more tan a few years and want to help a loyal customer(this is my 3rd Denon receiver). I would like some kind of effort, even if its an offer to make repairs.

Posted by Don't have one

This evening my husband called customer service to ask about why our volume control has suddenly stopped working; we are connected to the internet, know how to use our system, etc...the lady that answered the call at Denon was, without a doubt, the most confrontational, rude, and incredibly crass individual I have EVER Encountered in customer service! I'm plain old mad that he was unable to get her name prior to her handing us off to someone else...I'm talking REALLY bad. She was completely yelling at my husband (he had her on speaker) because he didn't understand her questions, all of which were technical--hey, lady...if we were that techs we most likely wouldn't need your help!
I'm disappointed with the Denton system as a whole; it is not living up to the 'ease' we were promised, but now to encounter this type of 'help' I'm ready to throw the whole thing into the lake.
Good luck to anyone who is unfortunate enough to have this lady answer your support-call! She was TERRIBLE AND RUDE BEYOND BELIEF.

Posted by Joe

I purchased a Denon surround receiver and it goes into self protection mode when turned on--meaning the power button flashes red. I have reset it several times and it works until I shut off and restart. Denon customer service said I need to send it in for repair and would not quote a cost. It is a software issue---probably in need of a time bombed update. I asked for instructions on how to fix and was told I needed to send it in. I asked for an incentive to upgrade to a newer model and was told no. I regret this purchase and did not get the feeling that customer service was there to help.

Posted by Disgruntled

I bought Denon AVR -S710W in Dec 2015 and 3 or 4 months later, the video and audio signals stopped. Upon call Denon Service Desk they told me that this is due to HDMI sync issue. They told me to disconnect all the HDMI cables from both ends ans reconnect them back after 5 mins. This temporarily solved the issue. 2 or 3 months later the same story. I did the disconnect/reconnect and the issue gets resolved until last October, 2017 ( just 2 months before the end of warranty!!), the issue could not be resolved. I contacted them and reported that i replaced all the HDMI cables (4) spending $100 and still the issue is not resolved. So, finally, they told me to send the unit to one of their designated National Service center in Madison Wi. Now the service center informs that they can not repeat the symptoms. I reported to Denon and told them that the unit has intermittent issues, so, I would like it to be replaced with brand new one or they issue me a credit at Best Buy. They are refusing. This is my second Denon AVR and after such an experience, I would never buy their products.

Posted by charlie

first the denon I bought the blue tooth does not work. when I went online the website does not work. What does that really tell you about denon. I am going to take a sledge hammeer to it and buy something that actually works. what a joke. they only get buy with their crap because it is so hard to rate.

Posted by AVR poor service support

No service support in person is available in colaba but he took my amplifier since 2 month. Response is very poor and not lifting phone calls.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say that I've had the most incredibly awful experience in terms of customer service - while trying to purchase one of your products - the non AH-D7200 headphones. I place my order on March 3rd (Order # 19863). 3 weeks later, I inquired about the status of the order, and customer service told me that they had cancelled the order because they could ship to a PO Box. So I asked why they hadn't contacted me to tell me that they needed a physical "ship to address". So I then gave them my physical address to reinstate the order, but heard nothing thereafter. So after several more days, I looked into other sellers of the product - found one - ordered the product and received a shipping confirmation on that same day. Then I called USA Denon, just to check on what had happened to my order with them. When they said they'd have to check on it and get back to me - I told them to simple cancel the order. The following day, in monitoring my bank account, I saw that they had processed a $1,000+ charge against my account (despite my request). So I went on line (April 1st) to see what was showing up on my order status and it said "Track Status". When I clicked on that, it brought up the FedEx tracking site asking me for a tracking number - none of which had/has been provided by us.Denon customer service. So presently, I sit with my banking account debited, I have no tracking number for a product paid for, and I get find anyone from your company who will respond to this penultimate mess.

Posted by Anonymous

Probably one of the most up customer support phone systems in the world! When U call U get the option of a call back, with an estimated wait time of 5 seconds... well 20 minutes later I'm still waiting, with my brain turning to mush with the crappy music and constant "we appreciate your business" BS!!! No doubt corporate will try to execute some poor underlings for not doing their jobs, BUT, this is clearly a higher level management FU, as nobody in the working trenches would approve a system like this! I'll probably just return this purchase to Best Buy for a complete lack of ability to get customer service! F. Holm

Posted by Cedtex

I have a Denon AVR 1913 purchased in 2012. A "New Firmware Release" message popped up and I proceeded to update. For some reason it couldn't compete and went in to a retry loop. Tried reseting, pulling the plug, etc. but no luck. This made the receiver out of commission. I tried the Chat feature on the Denon website which said my wait time for an agent was 11 minutes and I was 4th in queue. It went down to 2 in queue and back up to 3 and then the time increased to 14 minutes. All in all I was waiting about 30 minutes. I gave up and tried the telephone option. That started at 21 minutes and ended up being close to an hour before anyone answered. The agent could not fix the issues and said he would escalate and someone would contact me in 24-48 hours. That was Saturday, December 10th, today is Wednesday and you guessed it, no response. I also left a message on their website, no response.

Posted by Waiting for Denon to do the righ

Purchased Denon AVRX4200W Audio Visual Reciever. Basic AV functions worked fine however it takes considerable time, even weeks to have and take the time to learn about, implement and even use many of the advanced streaming and networking features on this and other new AVR's. At the 59 day ownership point, after a ridiculous and countless number of hours I find that the networking and updating features not only don't work, but require sending the unit for repair and replacement of parts that obviously did not work when the unit was sent to me as new. Some quick internet searches reveal many other owners having same issues with many concluding they too purchased AVRS with features that Denon knows or should know do not work or will cause unit failure when/if the owner tries to implement it's network connection and update features. Interestingly, Denon Customer Service denied my problem as a known or common problem even though there are many complaints of exact and similar issues on the internet. Furthermore their factory service center openly acknowledged that this issue is a known and common problem. Not only has this issue been known with several models for some time, Denon continues to sell the units and has failed to implement a user reset feature for this issue Additionally, Denon's poor customer service response caused me to end multiple calls due to not being able to wait for service longer than 30-40 minutes. Repairs will take at least 30 days if I'm lucky and there are other customers claiming reoccurrence of the issue after repair.

Posted by KingKawi

Everything was fine until a few months ago, when internet radio started acting up. Getting an answer out of customer support proved pointless. Other than being told stations were being geo-blocked, despite being able to airplay all of them!

Searching through stations and selecting one resulted in a totally different station playing.

Denon has made it next to impossible to talk to someone regarding these problems and seem totally disinterested in rectifying.

Will be looking at other brands when the time comes again. New buyers beware!

Posted by GAETANE

We Bought For Our Folks A Denon Cd,dvd,blueray Player Last Year 2015 End Of July, Because Of Sickness In The Family We Could'nt Renovate The Living Room Has We Planned So Only This Year When My Father Past Away End Of April We Decided For Our Mom To Renovate The Living Room In Early Sept, After Installing The Junk Of Denon Dbt-1713ud Universal Audio/video Player We Are Facing The Fact That It Is A Lemon We Bought At Hi-fi In Montreal That Cost Was 700.00 Dollars And Because We Did Not Invest In The Extended Plan For The Protection Of The Junk Denon Dbt-1713ud Universal Audio/video Player They Are Not Willing Etheir Exchange It Or Repair It !!!!!! No We Have To Pay For A Big Lemon And I Can Tell You Never Never Never Again Will I Buy A F..... Denon And Never Will I Encourge Anyone To Buy A Denon I Will I Spread The Word That Denon Is A Fraud And For A 700.00$ Denon Dbt-1713ud Universal Audio/video Player Not To Take Back His Lemon I Will Never Loose Money And Shut My Mouth Bunch Of Loosers If I Would Have Known That I Had 10 Days Only For The Exchange I Would Have Tried It But We Didnt Get It Out Of The Box Only This September 2016.

Posted by staci

Spent 18 minutes on hold with customer service all the while it kept telling me that the on hold time would be 1 minute. Gave up and tried an online chat. It just kept endlessly searching for an agent. Tried e-mailing, but you have to create an account with Denon to actually send them an e-mail. Ludicrous!!!
My AVR-X1100 is just barely over 2 years old (which means it will most likely be completely out of warranty) and the video processor has gone out. I have been informed that this part will probably be approximately $400 to replace. I'll just buy a different brand of receiver for that. :(

Posted by Chromadream

Purchased a Denon AVR X1100 from Best Buy on 9/1/2014, but did not buy the additional Geek Squad care package. I assumed that would be unnecesary with a major AV manufacturer, but I was wrong. The front display went dark on 6/11/2015, forcing me to rely on the on screen display on the TV for the status of the receiver. I tried the display dimmer settings, but they indicated the display was "Bright". I then called Denon support & they could not find a service center near Columbus Ohio. I now must send the receiver to a yet to-be-determined location, for Lord knows-how-long, disabling the family's entertainment system until its return. I was irritated that the product failed within the first year, but I am furious that Denon could not guarantee a rapid repair, at a local repair center. This is the last Denon product I will ever purchase.

Posted by Anonymous

Submitted an email with all of my information for a defective remote still covered by warranty. Received an e-mail directing me to another link to submit an e-mail to a different address. Sent the second e-mail and received a reply with a phone number to call. Called the number only to be given a second number to call. Called that number - got a recording to call back during normal hours 9-5, um .... it's 4:30.

Posted by Anonymous

been emailing somebody called Corey at Denon on a AVR X2100w just released in July and they dont work and they tell me to take it to a service center which will take 4 weeks to repair.. They guy does not even know what and AVR and tell me that i can not exchange it. Its better to buy a 100 $ than a 800 denon for sure...

Posted by Anonymous

Buyer beware when dealing with this company in Canada. They don't have a 1800 phone# (long distance / long waits only). Their chat support is mostly closed / offline. They are quick to sell products, but very slow on support. When a company has to hide and distance themselves, expect the worst.

Posted by Bossa


I'm in disillusionment when I received and detail exploring the DENON AVR 1713 which had been bought a few days ago. How come in, the type of Denon has a new product review in my country...
last, I found that the unit had been made in China, and I do not know yet about in other features which Denon AVR 1713 promoted.

I bought that unit from De'sound (IMS). I'm not complaint yet because what I knew that was the whole China's product... anyway, be carrefull to any kind product which had been mass product by China, if not you will loss your future illution.

Posted by hmwbkk

I was begging Denon USA for help with my one month purchased Exercise Freak Bluetooth headset that was not working with my new Mega 6.3 Samsung Galaxy phone. I first contacted a person named Rolando and he sounded like he was just getting out of bed. I was asking for tech support because the phone is bluetooth 4.0 and these headsets were 3.0. He said he was customer service and he had no knowledge of the product. He gave me an 888 number which i dialed and got right back to the number I just dialed and got a Corey who seemed to have less knowledge and desire to find out than Rolando. He said that it only works with Apple not Android even though I said that the website of his said clearly ANdroid and Apple. He seemed very defensive and I asked again for a Manager or supervisor and he said 24 to 72 hours a possible call back. He moved away from the phone and a Daniel got on and said he was a Manager and would look into it and someone would get back to me. A few days later a call back from another person called Lori and she said they made a case for me with Samsung support and I should call them they would revert the phone back to 3.0.
I asked for a supervisor again because I already brought the phone in to be checked out and they flashed it to 4.2.2 which was the same as I had and they said there is nothing wrong with the phone and nothing they can do to go backwards.
Finally a supervisor named COrey got on the phone and an hour of converstation about his staff not knowing the product or caring about it either he said call the case number and see what they say.
I did and Samsung also was not very nice and said they could not help a Michael said. I asked about the case number Denon made for me and he said nothing can be done. It was wrong info Denon gave us. I asked for a Supervisor or Manager and finally he agreed and I spoke to a Manager from Samsung who was very nice and investigated and told me to call Denon and say there is nothing that Samsung can do it is a Denon problem for not upgrading what 15000 Companies who deal with bluetooth have done already and upgrade their 3.0 BT to 4.0 Bt. I wrote Corey at Denon back and never not a reply and wrote again for help and no response. It is not the kind of Company I will ever buy from again.

Posted by Anonymous

In March I ordered a refurbished Denon AVR-1612 from Accessoriess4less. I followed the directions, I only hooked up the HDMI for the initial setup. When I attempted to turn the unit on, all it would do is cycle off/on/off every second. I had already read through the official AVR/**12 topic at, so I was aware of how to do a micro process reset and that it was a common fix to many problems. Unfortunately there was no improvement after completing 3 microprocessor resets.
The next day I called Denon support where I went through their standard support checklist.
• Do another reset
• Unplug then replug the unit in
• Try another outlet.
• Try turning the unit on without anything else connected
After going through all of this, the Denon tech agreed the unit was defective and told me it would need shipped back for replacement. Bradley Scott said he would email me a request for proof of purchase, then when that was received, he would send me the info for shipping it back. The original email sent to me requesting proof of purchase was mistakenly sent to the wrong email address. Two days later when that problem was fixed, I email the proof of purchase. I never received any type of reply from Denon. A follow up email also went unanswered.
A few days later I called tech support again where I had to go through the whole support checklist.
• Do another reset
• Unplug then replug the unit in
• Try another outlet.
• Try turning the unit on without anything else connected
After which the tech agreed the unit was bad an would need returned for repair/replacement. The tech then put me on hold while he transferred me to someone else who would arrange the return. I was on hold for about 5 minutes when I was suddenly disconnected.

Since I was getting nowhere calling their support number I decided to use the online support form. I detailed exactly what had happened to that point, how I had already contacted tech support who said agreed the unit was bad. How multiple microprocessor resets didn't fix the issue. How I had already mailed a copy of my receipt but never heard anything back. After 2 days I finally got a reply from Denon, a tech called me with instructions on how to do a microprocessor rest because that would probably fix the problem. I informed the tech I had already done multiple resets on my own plus again when I originally called their tech support #. I mentioned I was at work so didn't have access to the AVR anyway. The support person ( I think he said his name was Jeff ), said he would call back when I got home, he even verified the time zone difference to ensure exactly when I could expect his call. No surprise, he never called back.

At this point I was done with Denon. I decided to contact Accessorioes4less to exchange the defective unit through them. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a place selling Denon refurbs would be just as bad at standing behind what they sell as Denon is standing behind what they manufacture.

Here is the return policy from Accessories4less
*All Returns Require Prior Authorization
Please visit our website and follow the link to Questions (left side of page). Next click on the bold term Request a Return or Defective Exchange at the Customer Service Help Desk. Enter all info requested, and allow up to 2 business days for a response. Any item returned without authorization will be refused. Returned merchandise must be postmarked no later than 7 days after we provide you with a Return Authorization Number. *

I filled out the Request a Return or Defective Exchange form but the only reply from A4Less is that I would have to handle the return and exchange through Denon. The Accessories4less return policy definitely implies they will handle exchange of defective equipment as long as it's within 30 days, it certainly doesn't say all sales final or we don't stand behind what we sell. I don’t see why they have people fill out an online form to request an RMA to for exchange or defective equipment they sale when all they do is refer you to someone else.
I understand both of these places probably spend a lot of time and money offering support to people who simply can't follow directions to correctly hook their equipment. This is not one of those times, when you plug the power in and it won't even turn on, it’s clearly defective.

So after getting the reply from A4less which basically amounts to “not our problem, talk to Denon", I once again called Denon support. This would be the 3rd call or the 4th contact if you include the online support ticket. This time I spoke to Rolando Andrande, who was very apologetic. He couldn't understand why Brad, the 1st tech didn't follow up. It was right there in the records as defective waiting for return. I just needed to email in a copy of my receipt. I was told that it normally takes 48hrs but he would get his manager involved to expedite this since I was already waiting from my previous attempts to get this repaired or exchanged. Of course, I never heard another word back after emailing a 2nd copy of my receipt, including a follow up email simply asking who I needed to contact to get this resolved.

Posted by sshiggin

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Lied to at service center then 7 weeks later lied to by a customer service rep on the phone and still have a broken receiver.

Terrible and will never buy anything Denon again.

Posted by veryseablue

Denon customer service sucks. Consumer be warned!!!!!!

I bought one Denon AVR 1912 Receiver from Bestbuy brand new on clearance, when I opened the box and found that the remote control is missing from the package and I cannot set it up without it. I called Bestbuy and was advised to call Denon. Called and talked with John from the customer service. He talked with his supervisor and wouldn't supply a remote control, because it was on clearance. It is on clearance, but it's brand new, factory sealed. It's on clearance, because it's discontinued and promotionally priced. As we all know, the products on sale or clearance don't mean that they are treated differently regarding product and customer service. I am very disappointed with Denon's customer service and will return the receiver to bestbuy and won't buy any Denon products again. As an active AVS forum contributor, I also advise other A/v users to avoid Denon as much as possible. They are so many makers out there, why choose a manufacturers who doesn't stand behind their products. This is why I saw a lot of negative review about Denon's. It's my bad to gamble anyway.

The customer service guy, John told me that Denon pack everything in the box. and never make mistakes. ( excuse) and it's not their fault, maybe Bestbuy's. But during the phone talk, he mentioned that a lot of customer call them and complain about missing accessories. So all the consumers are making false complain. Does it also indicate that denon have problems with their products.

I am really disappointed and speechless. Good Job- Denon !!! Keep doing the good job and you will be rewarded sooner or later.

I will not stop here and this is only the beginning. tell your friends and file complain to consumer affairs.

Posted by pissed

I ordered a Denon receiver and Denon has taken the money from my account, they have sent me an email that it has shipped, but they cannot tell me when, or give me a tracking number. I have called them 7 times and I get the same story, that they will contact me with an email or a call...havent received either one and that is why I am canceling my order, so I think. Customer Service cannot seem to find a tracking number or status of order??? CS said they will cancel and i should receive a call or email to confirm, once again they say that but it never happens. Frustrating!!!

Posted by johnny

I have a avr590 tha is 16 months old and has no sound output. Been trying to get help for a week . was told that would have to sent for repairs even after i told service rep what the problem was. Headphone switch is bad and was told it was not serviceable. Have left phone number but no call from denon. Purchsed a Yamaha recevier today. denon in box on shelf in carport.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never been so frustrated! I am typing this because I have the time. At this point I have been on hold on a call that is not toll free for 24 minutes. The recording mentions a FAQ site. The problem is that all Denon sites are under maintenance, including product registration. This is not the time of year to make themselves less available in that most purchases are done at this time.
I waited, now 30 minutes. Time to box it up and get a Pioneer!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 3800 denon receiver I bought around 3 years ago. Recently my sound from the tv input went dead. the video worked, just not the sound. Switching inputs gave me the same problem. I figured it wasn't worth fixing but on going to the stereo store was informed that the service people of denon might help me fix it. Short story, the service woman talked me through a reboot on the receiver and all works perfect again. I didn't expect to be able to fix it without at least unhooking everything so I'm very happy about the whole experience. Wait time to get a person was 2 minutes. A nice experience for a change.

Posted by GM

Denon, fantastic tech support!

I wear hearing aids and contacted the major TV home entertainment equipment manufactures that had an analog audio out for a Bluetooth transmitter. This transmitter sends audio to my hearing aids via an interface device. Denon was the only company that was able to satisfactorily help me with my issue. I had purchased two other receivers from other manufactures. The respective tech people assured me that their components would work. After several phone calls to each returned the components. The Denon tech people were very knowledgable with little wait time.

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