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Posted by Cris

You can improve by teaching your flight attendants to help and talk to all passengers with kindness. In a period of 35 minutes i asked for some headphones 3 times and they never gave them to me. Then, when they were handing out snacks and drinks they skipped over us. I have traveled a lot and have never been treated like this.
The flight attendant's name is Courtney, she is young with blonde hair.
Flight 2534 from ATL to RDU

Posted by Anonymous

On Fl 844 dc to atlanta originally scheduled 1:45pm. It's now 6:45 pm and still on ground .Will miss international connections with no explanation for delay. Original explanation was weather at 3 pm in atlanta now no reason. Appears no communication with dispatch or willingness expend any fuel for risk of expense

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I recently flew on delta from Nashville to Atlanta and onto Orlando. On the way there, we were delayed supposedly by weather for 30 minutes. Which I highly doubt. Because we waited on the plane for 30 minutes and then two pilots boarded and the fog suddenly lifted.. on our return flight, my husband and I were sitting in the back row. As soon as we left the airport, the air conditioner started leaking and pouring water down onto my husband and the stewardess. So much water that my husband's arm was soaking wet. The stewardess was also wet. She gave him paper towels, but said that was all she could do. We realize it wasn't her fault but nothing was done . She said well I'm wet too! Very disappointed and will not fly delta again! Had another bad experience with deltasa few years back and decided to give them another try. But never again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I mistakenly hit the wrong month key on my return date while booking on-line. I didn't notice that the itinerary was incorrect until a friend pointed out that I'd be returning during the wrong month. After being on hold for over 1 1/2 hours, the customer service rep said that I'd have to pay more than the original round trip fare, just to change my return ticket...and that she was giving me a good deal. After complaining about this, she hung up on me. I had to book a one-way ticket, now almost doubling my original cost. Talk about bad customer service and zero flexibility!

Posted by Bruce

transferred 1 million Hilton point to Delta, which would have equaled 90 thousand Sky Miles Points. Delta only gave me 10 thousand, and after calling daily for over a week to their Sky Miles support line, I have yet been able to talk to a representative. e-mailed concerns get a response stating that it can take a month or more for them to get to the e-mail. Their customer service is the absolute worst I have ever experienced.

Posted by annette moore

My daughter and her boyfriend have been without their luggage for 3 days now. They are both active duty military. Your airline misplaced there luggage on a connecting flight from Venice Italy to Amsterdam. They then flew to Detroit for another connecting flight to Indianapolis. We have called multiple times just to be on hold for over an hour at a time. They only have so much time to spend with their families. I find this unexceptable! They are serving our country overseas but yet they can not enjoy the holidays with there family because they are constantly trying to call Delta to locate their luggage. Its really upsetting that this is consuming their time. Both of them have not been home to see their families in almost two years. Customers should not be treated this way especially the men and women who are serving our country. Delta Airlines will not be an option when booking any flight for me or our families in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

On flight 5263 LGA to GSO. I paid $264 to upgrade to first class. Such a disappointment. It's no different than economy class. The restroom is in the very back of the plane, no coffee for the flight this evening what is it exactly that I am getting. I paid for the upgrade which more than paid the luggage fee. I will never do this again or fly Delta when possible.

Posted by Catherine K. Yearout

A group of 9 women purchased tickets for a non-stop flight to Tampa from Cincinnati for Oct. 24, 2017. Our non-stop flight was changed a week before our flight to a 7:15 a.m. departure from CVG to ATL and connecting in ATL to TPA.
Both of these flights were a confused, overbooked mess at the gates! Flight crews were delayed in arriving for both flights!
Delta had enough passengers booked to fill both flights - the non-stop smaller plane to Tampa leaving CVG at 9:15 a.m. and the
7:15 a.m. flight to ATL and departure from ATL to TPA.
Delta issued an apology - BIG DEAL! Our earlier departure (7:15 a.m vs 9:15 a.m.) and length of flight (from 2 hrs. to over 4 hrs.) were a huge inconvenience for a group of 9 traveling together and having selected a non-stop flight at a reasonable hour.
The chaos at both gates (CVG and ATL) due to over booking made this Delta flight experience result in delays and totally
unreasonable for our group who had purchased tickets in advance and learned of the changes to flight itinerary shortly before
departure. No explanation was offered nor was any attempt to compensate for all of the inconvenience.
Delta lacked any concern for us as passengers.

Posted by Skyebobby

On October 11, 2017, I flew on Delta flight 2164 from JFK Intl. to San Antonio, Texas. The only flight attendant who was professional a, courteous and had a smile for everyone was the first class attendant. Sunshine Judie's to him. The attendant in economy were automated robots. The plane was filthy and the attendants did nothing to pick up trash in the aisles. They just stepped over it. Someone could have tripped over it, fallen and sued the airlines because of their negligence. Will never fly Delta again.

Posted by Anonymous


I need to cancel my flight and get a refund. Confirmation my VISA for refund Nancy J Trick

My friends in Venice have storm damage due to IRMA and can not host me, please refund my ticket cost.

Thank You, Nancy J Trick home phone

Posted by carolyn Hochberg

I am on flight 0749, lax to JFK, feb 22 departs 4:05pm seat 28c.

I was told that this seat was extended legroom which incurred a $45 charge . This is only preferred seating . I would have paid the additional charge for delta comfort had I been properly informed . I called prior to changing seat and was told that this seat was extended legroom. Very disappointed in the Inadequate communication. I would have never paid for this seat .

Thank you,

Carolyn hochberg

Posted by eldrapub

Grateful and pleased: My wife and I needed wheelchair help between terminals on May 18, 2016. Kaitlin was our helper (chaufeur). She was very friendly, courteous, professional, and efficient in caring for us. We want others to know of how kind your people can be in serving others.

Henry and Florencia

Posted by Anonymous

I'm on a vacation in the dominican republic my scheduled flight was cancelled today to san antonio via Atlanta so now I will be leaving tomorrow at 2:08 pm tomorrow the hotel i was staying was the sharaton so I am back to this hotel on a voucher from Delta on a substandard room and no access to the sharaton club in order to have a cup of coffe and no breakfastin tomorrow morning i was told by the clerk that Delta did not authorized what I have only last night plese let me know how this works do I have to pay for my meals upgrade my room and pay for internet

Posted by Upset

On 6/2/16, I flew from Ithaca to Washington D.C. by way of Detroit. I am mobility impaired and had nothing but trouble.

First, in Ithaca, both the jetway and chair lift were broken and I had to struggle up the stairs in pouring rain with slippery stairs and banisters.

In Detroit, it took 30 minutes to get a wheel chair to reach my connecting flight. When it was time to board, there was no attendant to wheel me through the jetway. Even though I was first class and disabled, I was the last one to board. Detroit needs many more attendants to assist.

Posted by Marguerite

My husband and I, along with six of our friends recently flew from anchorage to Atlanta. To start with this trip was booked back in September. When we arrived at the airline 7 hours early we checked in. We were told at that point that our seats were not going to be together. Now we're talking a 6 1/2 hour trip that we couldn't be with our spouse. After much verbal abuse because we didn't and still don't understand the concept of making a reservation with your partner you have to be split up, they ended up seating us together, but not without each of us ready for a stroke. When we arrived at Atlanta, we had to go from one end of A to the other end of B. We tried to walk and got about 2/3 of the way and my husband, who has heart problems couldn't walk anymore. There were carts all over the place, we passed 3. My sister went back to get help for my husband and I and were told sorry, there are no drivers for the carts. You'll just have to make due. We arrived home this morning in Pittsburgh around 10:30 and my husband has been in bed since. We saved for this trip for years and I feel that Delta Airlines ruined a perfectly good vacation by thinking of your pockets rather than the customer. We won't be flying with you anymore whether your supposedly are the "Best or Biggest." All I have to say is Shame on all of you. The executives need to travel on one of their "wonderful flights" sitting in the middle seat and see how they like a 6 1/2 hour flight. Justify this anyway you want, but I know you have lost 8 customers. The staff in Anchorage and Alaska were both deplorable. I have to say that your on board staff were excellent. Too bad you can't train the people at your desks to be as kind.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Debbie Shafer. My fiancee Captain Mike Henry Jones is in tamale ghana. He had a ticket to fly home to the usa. He was hit by a car was in the hospital then he was hit by a motorcycle was again in the hospital his plane ticket was on stand bye it expired. I,sent him 200.00 for a new ticket. I know they are 1,200 I can't afford to send any more. I just came out of bankruptcy. He is military.his future motherin law isn't well. She is on oxygen 24/7. He has never ment her. He lost his ticket. Please can you help this man he has served our country. Please help him come home.

Sincerely Debbie Mills Shafer

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I were on 2512 Huntsville to Atlanta witch left late. Missed our connection to San Antonio. When trying to get on an 11:15 flight to San Antonio were told that to do so it would cost us $50 apeice to get on . I don't know about you but having to pay for someone else's ( your) is absolutely asinine.

Posted by Anonymous

My confirmation number is GWFN83 and I want to use these monies for a flight to Florida. How do I redeem the funds from this ticket for another? Who do I speak with?

Posted by dellabramow8

1. Handle on luggage was broken and I was in a wheel chair so the attendant was unable to take me to the complaint dept. as he said that it was far away and that I would be late for the driver who was going to pick me up and take me home.

2. on the trip back to FLL on May 1st. Flight #DL2600 we had to leave the plane because we were told that the plane had mechanical problems. We waited for hours while I was in my wheel chair until another plane, many hours later, finally arrived from Bermuda, they said,and took us home.

Again I asked to be taken to the complain dept and was told by the attendant that was pushing my wheel chair that it was far away... I got home very late and exhausted and was not sure that I would ever use Delta again. Delta is the only airline that I use and I go back and forth to N.Y. to visit my children and grand children often as you can check my record. My sky miles account # is

Please contact me phone

Posted by dlane

Unbelievable delays, transfers of calls to the wrong place. Argumentative customer service rep. Ridiculous offer to re-book my $110 flight with a $600 ticket-- but they will waive the "change fee" How generous!

Posted by Anonymous

On the afternoon of March l6th, I traveled with my 96 year old mother from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Los Angeles Airport using Delta Airlines. We had arranged for wheelchair assistance at both ends. I am amazed at the quality of care and support we experienced. I don't have the name of the caring young woman who assisted us at Los Angeles but the young man at Detroit, Ervis Veizas, was exceptional. At both ends infinite patience and instruction as to where family restrooms were located, etcetera. Honestly, the quality of some of our workforce is exceptional. Where do they find these people? I really needed support and I certainly found it.

Posted by Anonymous

I was trying to fly standby on the 1 pm flight from Reagan airport in DC to Atlanta today. I was booked on a later flight and trying to get home early. I arrived at the gate 20 mins before it left and 10 mins before the door closed. The gate agent refused to allow me to fly standby. 5 people got on while I stood there and he was not busy doing anything else. i understand he didn't have to help me because of the 30 min rule but I also know he could have helped and chose not to. I confirmed this with his supervisor. As a platinum medallion member (or any customer), I expect better customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Nashville. Just checked in at Delta. 8 or 10 kiosks and 2 service people. Ridiculous wait.

Posted by Dj jones

HORRIBLE Delta will steal your money and not think twice about it. And lmao the Delta customer service is ran by a bunch a a holes with NO manners. Worst airline EVER!!!!

Posted by Tim

Delta Airlines does not have customer service, case in point, flight 1777 was delayed. Which resulted in missing a connecting flight. Note this is Delta fault. Instead of holding there own connecting flight, for the customers, they let it depart. Now all the customers that missed connecting Delta flights, were given a discount on a hotel room, now the room is only $69 at the customers expense, plus tax. Delta I will only fly with you once more and that is DL5075 that flies in about seven hours. This is a disservice to your country,customers and service members abaord.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

We had excellent help with the wheelchair we needed for my husband on a recent trip. Our person was Ruhul Amin. He as well as all the personnel at the desk when we arrived at DTW were great!! Keep up the good work!!

Posted by Anonymous

This email is to acknowledge exemplary service by Arie Jackson. She assisted me yesterday via wheelchair service. She is a lovely young lady. Sweet, helpful and friendly.
Delta is lucky to have her in their employees.

Posted by Marie

We recently flew on Delta through the Detroit airport. It was our first experience with Delta and that particular airport. My husband and I both requested wheelchair assistance as we have mobility issues. We were treated with the utmost respect on all our flights. We were met as we deplaned in Detroit by Maleek and Dominick, who guided us through the airport to our next gate. We never could have managed without their capable assistance. They were polite and friendly and should be commended for their wonderful service. We also appreciated the wonderful help given to us by desk clerk Lynn at Gate B1 and Natalie, our flight attendant on our trip from DTW to ATW. All of these experiences happened on June 14. We look forward to flying Delta again and again!

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you Griffin Knight you sure need more people like him he was great and helped my daughter in out of wheelchair and talked to me as I was keeping told me about walking sidewalk as this was my first time on an airplane sure made my aniexty better .plus he made sure I was there. Trip back was totally different

Posted by Anonymous

On Feb 22nd the wife and I flew into the Detroit airport. We got off at our gate noly to find our connecting flight was on the other side of the air port. My wife can not walk very far with out being in a lot of pain. That is when a saw a young man with a wheel chair. I asked if he could help and he was so nice and ready to help both of us. I believe his name is Hicham. Please let him know how grateful we both were for his kindness and help.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to send a huge thank you to one of your employees! His name is Seraj and he was extremely helpful in getting me to my gate in time. I was sure I was going to miss my flight and he assured me that we could make it on time in the wheelchair. when I thanked him and told him he did a great job.....he said it was his second day of working....a great asset to your airport and company............Mary Hamlin the flight was Fri. Dec 30 to Elmira

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous reply: I want to sincerely thank the young gentleman upon arrival from PHX to DTW on 10/19/2016. He was so accommodating in moving me from one location to another in a wheelchair. He was right there when we de-planed. He was kind and took me everywhere I had to go with a positive attitude. This is the first time I have had to use a wheelchair. He made both my wife and I very comfortable. This includes moving our luggage.

Posted by imseanbrown

I fly almost 200,000 miles a year, mainly with Delta. I choose them because of their consistent on-time performance and soft product. I've read LOTS of rants of people complaining about refunds, missed flights and delays. Delta has taken a lot of time and effort to clearly outline all policies on and also has been very willing to re-book (with and without fees depending on situation) on missed flights/re-bookings.

I have flown dozens of airlines throughout the world and Delta is considered my "go to" airline for on-time, consistent performance. I blog of my travels on

Posted by Anonymous

The gentleman who pushed my wheelchair was very nice, helpful and professional. We were very pleased with his service.

Posted by annoyment

Yesterday I flew into Detroit from Austin Texas.All of your employees who helped me were outstanding in the performance of there duties. However, one person, Randy, went out of his way to be kind and helpful.I will most certainly fly Delta again.Thank you for making my trip a pleasure

Posted by Anonymous

On April 7, 2016 I traveled from Detroit, MI io Providence, Ri as a wheelchair passenger. I was waiting in the gate area, and Kaitlyn (sp.?) was not assigned to me but was standing nearby when I asked her if she could take me to a restroom. She said "of course" and was so pleasant, she made my evening. (I had a 4 hour layover.) All the customer care assistance I had on my trip made the experience wonderful, Thank you!!
Judith m. Gates, providence, RI

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had a wheel chair ride by Doug in the Detroit airport and he was simply delightful. From one terminal to another, I learned a little about him as he shared his excitement about this winter's trip to Colorado. He is a good ambassador for Delta Airlines. Jean Donaldson

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to tell you how much I appreciated the service I received from DTW associates during my flights this past week. One in particular, stands out. His name is Dawoud and he was a pleasure to talk to on my wheelchair ride to my destination. He was helpful, informative, and very caring. I am thankful that you provide such great service in a world where few seem to care anymore. Thank you again for Dawoud -a very special person.

Posted by Deborah Anderson

I just flew on Delta airlines from Philaphia Pa and my destination was to Shreveport La with stopover in Atlanta Ga. I can"t say enough how much I thought Delta was excellent. There was a couple of delays due to thunderstorms but that was understandable. Safety first. Their staff was very couteous. Overall very good experience.

Posted by Anonymous

On July 14 2015 I received excellent wheelchair service from a delightful young man Ernest. He was polite, conversant, and very helpful. He got me to the next gate during a short turn around on time while informing us of details about DTW. A young man who exudes energy and joy of life.

Posted by Anthony

I was pleased with the wheelchair assist service that I received arriving at, and leaving from, DTW. The pushers were friendly and helpful. I only got the name of one of them. His name was Khald E.

Posted by [email protected]

Just wrote a negative comment regarding wheelchair service but now I want to comment on the wonderful service I got from the agent at the desk, Nalini Patel, who was absolutely wonderful in helping me get a hotel for the night. She called hotels to get me the best rate, ordered a wheel chair to get me to ground transportation. Gave me their phone number. Told me what time to get the shuttle in the morning. I then ran into her at the hotel the next am and she gave me a new boarding pass for the first seat. She was so pleasant and cordial. It was a real pleasure dealing with her after my experience with the wheel chair.

Posted by blessed10times

4/1/15 Dallas I had outstanding service by Young Shim and Marty Ratcliff. I am legally blind and they gave me excellent care. Walked me on ramp. Took care of my seating and made sure I was informed of time and all my needs met.
I also heard the way made sure all passengers were cared for. Excellent outstanding service. Best station I have ever been to. Thank you Mindy Haile flightless 5:30 departure.
Mindy Haile Champaign, Il.

Posted by blessed10times

Great service from Mitchel in Detroit a spa ( supervisor I needed transport in wheelchair) on 4/1/15 7:30p.m.
Excellent, fast, friendly great service. A real people person. Please tell him thank you for making sure I didn't miss my flight Dr 50
mindy haile champaign, Il.

Posted by Anonymous

Had excellent travel experiences recently. Perfect attention and service from Mathew upon arrival at DTW at approx. 8:20pm on 3/9/15. He was efficient, attentive and very pleasant. Made my travels much more pleasant as I have difficulty walking and was worried about being able to get to and from the plane, etc. as a side note, I still don't likethe cramped plane seating in economy, but do appreciate that the plane was right on time both ways.

Posted by Anonymous

I traveled Delta Feb. 18 to Michigan from Seattle . I can't tell you how pleased I was with the care I received from the staff at the checking in counter to the staff on the plan and the staff were I am senior with arthritis and the staff was quick to meet my needs. I don't travel by air very often but you can be sure when I do it will be with Delta. Thank You Mrs. Ward

Posted by Ernest

I was traveling in a wheelchair on Wednesday,, Feb. 25. I am pleased to say that the young man who pushed me to my gate and helped me get settled was an exemplary employee. He was a pleasant conversationalist and attentive to all my needs. I really appreciated the help!

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently flew Delta Airlines and would like to thank & commend them on their customer service. I was flying alone and asked for "wheelchair assist" and was rewarded with a gentleman to take me through to my gate in Detroit. When I arrived in Fort Myers the assist also went very smoothly and I was very appreciative. Thanks again. Michelle

Posted by Anonymous

We just had the best experience at the Detroit airport. Ernest met us at the gate with a wheelchair for my mother. He was not only kind and a great conversationalist, he was so helpful with the luggage and restroom stop. A wonderful young man!

Posted by Tan

I had the pleasure of meeting and having Kaylin assist me to my gate by way of wheel chair. Kaylin was pleasant and very professional. Thank you

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Posted by carvanroberts

Okay first of all, its DELTA AIR LINES. Three words. Not Delta Airlines... You have it spelled wrong on this website.

And Delta is the best airline out there. We are making serious strives to improve customer service and the experience for the passenger. We have won several awards for our technology offered on board and to passengers such as our electronic smartphone boarding passes, our iPhone app, on-board wifi, and live tv.

In an industry where the other big carriers are dealing with a huge merger (United/Continental) and bankruptcy (American) we are an airline that is committed to changing for the better and becoming the best choice for everyone.

Posted by Hector

I work for delta airlines at JFK, i gotta tell u people Delta is really sucks. Manangers, corpus security, supervisors abusing people everyday and they don't care who works and who doesnt work. All u have to do is dont be late. Supervisors stealing over time hours and gettting a lot of delta rewards. Also, Human Resource and Equal Oportunity never help nobody, they just help they friends and they never investigate nobody. On September and October of 2011 delta fired a lot of people for buddy passes. Only one person sold buddy passes when he was not suppost to sell it but Delta fired like 80 people. None of them came back to work eventhough some of them were innocent. I have couple of friends very hard workers but got fired and delta never gave them the chance to come back. So, Delta really sucks and they really need a UNION.

Posted by Travel Agent

I am a Travel Agent.. yes you better fly another carrier, we see A LOT of complaints and rude attitude by Delta.. it seems there is no service quality supervisor enforced by the company.. it´s the same for us.. when a client has an issue we contact them and they ask us to let the customer deal with airport staff and bye.. We can see that´s not happening with other carriers.. it is so strange that Air France is doing business so close with Delta and they do have a very different quality.. I think Air France is much better carrier and doing business with Delta will affect their image instead of hellp them.. Delta and KLM are both "very" bad carriers.. unfortunately..


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