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Dell customer service is ranked #551 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.76 out of a possible 200 based upon 914 ratings. This score rates Dell customer service and customer support as Terrible.


865 Negative Comments out of 914 Total Comments is 94.64%.


49 Positive Comments out of 914 Total Comments is 5.36%.

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Posted by Debra Enzenbacher


Hello. I hope you can help me please. I am a university professor in Oman and my work Dell laptop failed. It was still under warranty and the agent here in Oman has not helped to recover the data. I reported this problem ONE MONTH ago and they have returned my laptop without a report and have not explained why the hard drive failed. Nor have they met my polite request to recover the data for me. Please can you help? This company, Integrated Systems, is damaging your company's good name here in Oman. Please contact me today to advise me my next course of action to recover the data due to the hard drive failure and no fault of my own. My phone number. Thank you for your kind attention.


Dr. Debra Enzenbacher

Associate Professor

Sultan Qaboos University


Posted by mskyace

Okay! This is the 2nd thing I've bought from Dell in about 8 months. The 1st was a Tower unit and at this point I can't remember what it was and I really don't care. I was always told this was one of the best companies to work with.
3 months after I got everything working right and set up, the whole color system started to go nuts on me. Of course, not being a genius with computers I decided to get help. I talked to 10 different people about returning the unit and got no one that would help or was given to another person down the row. After 4 days of this, I finally was able to get some one that would talk to me and he talked me into an All-In-One unit. I waited for that unit to get here and transferred all my work on to it. I waited for a return address to come and it never did, but the account sure did come in with both units to be paid on. I finally got all my paper work out and got a return address label on my own. I sent it back. It's taken them about 4 more months to give me credit.

In the mean time, I was doing okay with what I got. I also said that I wouldn't be paying for anything until I got my credit on the 1st unit. Now the All-In-One is sitting on the floor covered up waiting for another return label which has not come. The whole thing is locked up and won't even turn on, 3 months after it got here. I talked to 5 people in about 7 hours in February. I was finally told that my Mother Board had gone out. I was also told that it would cost me for them to download my hard drive, I'm still waiting for a return label. If not here soon I will again get my own label made up and send it back with another hateful letter. I may even send a few disc along for them to download my programs and tell them to keep their All-In-One instead of sending me a replacement.

I'm at the point, I can't afford to have something that only holds up for 3 mos. at a time and has to be replaced. I will not deal with Dell again unless I get it at a near by store. Which it probably won't happen then either. Burnt once was hard enough but twice - NOPE!!

Posted by lumberhack

Got my Dell XPS 8920 yesterday. There is no way this unit is worth the 2000.00 dollars they want for it. I set it up per instruction and it sounds like two model motorized airplanes having a dog fight. This is my second Dell XPS. I bought the first one in 2007 and had windows vista OS. It was a superb unit. This one however is a piece of junk. I doubt the power supply fan will last a couple of months, from the way it sounds. I need a CRA to return it to Mexico or wherever they threw it together.

Posted by Another Dell Buyerbeware

Wow judging by the grammar of many of these posters I can only assume they are not native English speaking or may be the root cause of many problems with their refunds. If you can't spell or write legibly then you may have trouble following instructions and procedures, geez! I made a few spelling errors writing this but there's spell checker for crying out loud.

Anyway Dell customer support is sub-standard in all respects and they do drag out your refunds and returns but my latest experience is not all bad. I bought 2 systems, 1 laptop for college student and a desktop for myself. Good deals, decent delivery times, blue screens on the laptop from day one - GAH. Support sucked for 3 days and finally, FINALLY, got thru to a foreign rep that actually helped out and got the system running. All I can say is there are a few decent support folks out there so don't give up. Follow their words, even the lame ones, to the letter, even if you've done it 10 times like us.

If you do have to RMA your device put everything back into the original shipping container and put blank stickers (you can buy anywhere) over the original shipping labels and use clear packing tape over the new return label so it cant be messed up in transit. Put copies of EVERY shipping label inside the box with your name, address, RMA number, device serial number and email address along with the problems being reported-cause for return. If you can, put more duplicates inside the device. Make sure that where ever they look your name and info and problem smack them in the face...due diligence and all that.

I don't care what company you use, doing more than you can to keep your name and problem in their face is paramount. They are huge and you are just a number to them and easily forgotten or misplaced. Record all verbal and written discussions for future reference and document, document, document. Sure it should be simple and you should be special and taken care of but the reality is you are not. Sorry folks it falls on you to do the work because they wont.

I do agree with another poster about choosing Origin PCs though. They are pretty on top of their customer support and product quality. I only choose Dell this time around due to a student discount special they offered. My next purchases will be with Origin.

Posted by Robert

You all might need to open account with arise to do your customer service for the people in India are sorry and don't want to help us out like that.

Posted by IrrateDellCustomer

I ordered a Dell printer and when it come in, it was not what I wanted. I called customer care and after finally talking to someone in a completely unrelated department, that person sent me a return label.

I returned the printer the next day, December 6th. Today is JANUARY 17th and I still have NOT received a refund. Each time I call, the reps tell me a different story and that my money will be credited to my PayPal account within 3-5 days.

I still have not received my refund of $$119!! Today, I was told that they never received the printer.....
Best of luck to you on your refund attempts! Obviously they do NOT INTEND to refund me!

I have been a loyal Dell customer for years, not anymore!

Posted by NeveraDell

I ordered a new Dell Latitude Ultrabook laptop October 21. Dell was supposed to notify me by email when it shipped, but never did. I followed the process on line and saw that it had been shipped, with a Nov 8 delivery time. It arrived, though, on October 31---nice, but I only happened to be home that day. So much for the tracking process---it is worthless.

But that is just a small indication of Dell's disorganization. My real problem came when I started checking the configuration and discovered the Tri-Band Wi-Fi card I ordered was included on the shipping list and order confirmation, but was not on the computer. The computer had the lesser cost Dual Band card. I contacted Dell's Sales and they wanted to replace the computer! I told them this was firstly impossible because I was leaving shortly on business travel and had to have the computer, and secondly, I had just spent a couple of days transferring files and configuring the new computer-I didn't want to go through this again just for an easily installed Wi-Fi card! So, Sales referred me to "Technical Support" to "diagnose" the issue. Called Tech Support, and they were clueless. Had no idea what the problem was despite me explaining it several times. When they finally figured out the problem, they said that they could send me the correct Tri-Band card if I was willing to replace it myself---and I agreed with this.

But then later, Dell's Technical Support (talk about a double oxymoron) told me that they could not send me the card because: "...when I try to submit the dispatch for the wireless card our dispatched team canceled it because they said that the System is brand new. Part customer expected when ordered was incorrect. For such scenarios, customer must be speaking to our Customer Care." [sic]
So, I contacted "Customer Care." And found out (why was I not surprised at this point?), that Customer Care did not care. They referred me back to...Sales. The endless do-loop. So then, what was Dell Sales' response? I quote his email: "This sucks for you and this also sucks for me because I have to deal with an issue that I did not commit."

So, I asked for a Manager to contact me. Had a response from an equally useless Canadian National Sales Manager, who finally concluded, "We can have the Tri Band sent out to you, as quoted, but an installation of an internal component will require a technician to come onsite locally as it is a delicate process." That was on November 23rd. Due to my travels, I had a one week opportunity for the Technician to come to my house and install the card between December 12th and December 16th. Should have been no problem, right? Pop the card on a courier, have it in Calgary a few days later, install it in a couple of weeks when I am back in Calgary? Well, it's only a problem if Dell can't get its act together to ship the card!

I followed up twice with Dell, asking if the card had been shipped yet. No response. Finally on December 6th, I got a response from the National Sales Manager: "Hi Fred, I am working with my customer care management to get this resolved." "Resolved?" What is there to resolve? Please do not "care" anymore-just ship the card!

Then on December 8th, I got an inquiry for the Technician who was presumably supposed to install the card, asking me what my address was. Yes, Dell, it is the address that you shipped the computer to! You have it on file! But, by Wednesday, December 14, no card had arrived, and no report on its whereabouts except that the Sales Manager said that she had asked that the shipment "be expedited!" By Friday, December 16th, the day I left Calgary again, no card and no response from Dell.

Then, on December 21st, five (5) days after I had told Dell that I was leaving the country, I got an email from the Dell Sales rep advising me that the "card is with Purolator." So I asked the obvious questions: who did you ship the card to, me or to the Technician? And, how will the Technician install the card for me when neither I nor the computer is there?

It is now January 9th, almost three weeks later, and no response from Dell. So, now, in my spare time, I will write Dell's executives, and see if CBC's Market Place is interested in investigating Dell's terrible service.

When I bought my first Dell laptop more than 20 years ago, Dell had great service and products. Sadly, this is no longer the case. All departments, whether it's Sales, Tech Support, or Customer Care, are woefully inept and bureaucratic.

Posted by Nick

Dell is the worst and my experience with technical support has been a myriad of missteps.

1. My roughly one year old laptop died - likely because of poor components

2. Upon calling Dell, their recommendation was to send the laptop back to them to fix even though they sold me in-home service support; I went with in-home service

3. In-home service technician is only provided ONE part, so if that doesn't fix the issue or if Dell sends them a lemon, then you're out of luck again (on the bright side, in-home service was pretty quick taking only 3-4 days from time of call to Dell)

4. I tried to get a hold of my "case manager" via email (they don't leave call back numbers). She told me she would call me on the second day. On the second day, no call. On the morning of the third day, I receive an email from her saying she was sent home sick. Thanks for wasting my Saturday night waiting for your call.

5. I decided to just call support back instead of waiting for my case manager. Since in-home service couldn't fix it, I decided to just let Dell handle it. I asked the rep how long it would take if I sent it to Dell and she quoted 7-10 days. I asked if this could be expedited because of what happened to me with my case manager and she eventually got approval for 3-5 days. Keep in mind this is right before Christmas, so I was concerned it would take longer. I probed more asking when the 3-5 days starts and she said "now" and that no, the Christmas holiday would not impact the number of days she quoted me. I clarified the process of receiving a box from Dell and using it to send my laptop back via FedEx.

6. Two days later, Dell's box arrives at my apartment. I package my laptop and take it to FedEx. FedEx tells me they can't ship the box because the box Dell gave me is not sturdy enough. They then ask me to pay $10 to repackage the box for sending or if I want, I can go home and repackage it with a box I own. Considering it's the Christmas holiday and not wanting to waste time, I pay the $10, thinking I can have Dell refund me for sending me a bad box.

7. Dell profusely refuses to pay me $10, saying it's not their problem even though they are the ones who sent me the box. I threaten to never recommend or buy Dell products again and they nonchalantly say "sorry to hear that."

8. It takes Dell 2 days to send me a box, 4 days to receive the package, and another 3 days to fix the laptop (already greater than the 3-5 days turnaround I was told). Dell sends back the laptop and it's expected to reach me in 4 days.

9. I already had the day off as part of New Years, so I decided to stay home and wait for FedEx to deliver my laptop so I can make sure everything works. It quickly becomes 6 pm and the status in my app still says "expected 8 pm." I finally go to FedEx's site to see the full status and it says "Delivery Exception" and "Incorrect Address."

10. I call Dell immediately and find out they FORGOT to put my apartment number on the address. Remember, they had correctly sent me the box to my apartment before. I ask them to reroute it to my work address since I won't be off to sign for the package. I then ask questions about what will happen because FedEx's site says they are going to ship it all the way back to Texas (it was in California), which would take them 3 days to do. The rep assured me that FedEx would get the updated address and not send it back to Texas. I ask to speak with a supervisor.

11. Supervisor is useless and doesn't take my feedback. He tells me that "ownership" is one of their values and that my feedback will help change the system. I told him I don't have much faith in what he's saying and that the incorrect address has been the latest stumble in a long list of stumbles by Dell during this experience. The supervisor tells me I can't ask for a "concession" until after I receive my laptop back and the case is closed. The best case scenario he has seen is that they can give me a coupon worth up to $50 for Dell purchases. He's non-committal if that would happen and doesn't even know if I would get the $10 refunded to me.

12. Low and behold, FedEx does send the laptop all the way back to Texas. I receive one of the status update emails from my case manager saying the laptop was sent back to them in Texas because *I* asked to have the address changed. You have to be KIDDING me. Dell messed up the address in the first place. I'm completely livid.

13. Unknown... who knows when I'll get my laptop back or if it'll even be properly working. I imagine there will be another problem along the way given how this experience has been so far. I almost want to buy a different laptop at this point, but I don't know if anyone is really doing it all that better. 2016 had to leave me with something a little more personal.

Posted by Peter

The screen of my brand new XPS13 - 9360 laptop lasted only 6 weeks!! I contacted Dell for support and was told just send it back and pay the price for a new screen cfor which they quoted me nealry € 800,00!! Zero trouble shooting!!! Never ever a Dell again!

Posted by Trailsport

My laptop lasted only 1 year and 3 months!! I called Dell today for support and was told just send it back and pay the trouble shooting!!!

Posted by worst dont reffrr dell

Dell are the world... They formated all my data's saying notin will happen...and its costing 49k to recover....they are helpless ...and they just sell the product after that they won't even care ....worst ever seen dell just close the company and just got lost..y

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a refurbished dell 7568 that died after 4 hours. Called to get a replacement and was told they had none(truth is the price discount had ended but they had plenty), was told that they should just refund my money immediately rather than wait for stock. I said fine. Two days later no refund so I called and was told it would take 30 days from receiving return. They got the return 1 day later. Exactly 30 days later I got the refund.

Absolutely unacceptable, holding peoples money for 30 days after return of defective unit. I am reporting them to the attorney general and will NEVER do business with Dell again. This is behavoir you would have expected from a company 20 years ago. I gave my money to asus instead.

Posted by Dell sucks

Dell's "customer service" does little to serve the customer. They are incapable of answering any questions on order status and seem to just keep pushing you off 24 hours. I contacted them three days in a row. Each day they say the will know more in 24 hours and have no information at this time. This is now day 4 - still no info. They keep saying I will get my product, it has been a month. I ordered a computer for Christmas and it is now four weeks and looking like I won't get it in time. I am blown away that in this decade a company like Dell can't figure out how to deliver. Beyond that the customer service department gives you no answers. I could have purchased from a company that was built on ideas from at least the 1900s that you can build a product within a reasonable amount of time and get it to the customer or at least tell the customer it won't make it. I was told I would get this laptop by December 5, then December 19, then no idea. Will never purchase a Dell again.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to buy an Alienware laptop
Contacted live chat for some info...went nowhere
rep was talking in circles and saying half-completed sentences..I had to guess what is he/she/it is going to say.

Will never ever think of buying Dell products again.

Posted by Ron

Here is my latest dealing with Dell. I purchased a new desktop from Dell, through their web page, and I directed it to be delivered to my daughter who lives in a different city than me. I payed using PayPal, and PayPal immediately called to ask whether the transaction was valid, and I told them yes it was valid. Then I saw where the desktop, and separate Monitor had been shipped and looked at the tracking info to see when it would be delivered - it was about a 10 day delivery time. Over the weekend Dell sent an email saying the order was being held due to a security concern, and I was not home to see that email. They said it was a last notice and if I didn't call them, the order would be cancelled. I saw this email on the day the computer was to be delivered, and looked at the tracking, and it showed the boxes were damaged and were being sent back to Dell. I called Dell and they said it was my fault and there was nothing they would do about it, not even reship the exact same boxes. They claimed they called numerous times, which they never once called unless they hung up when the answering machine answered. They also claimed they sent multiple emails, and the only one I received was the "last notice" one that when I did see it, I called them.

I can't believe that Dell doesn't keep in contact with PayPal if they use them as a payment solution for one, but also, if they had questions about its validity, why would they ship it in the first place? When I see a single email claiming it is a last notice on something, my first take is that email is a fraud, and I will not respond to it.

Perhaps I am lucky that my daughter didn't get the Dell product if this is how bad their customer service is simply trying to buy something from them. I had moved away from Dell in recent purchases, but went with their product as it seemed a good deal, but never again will I order anything from Dell. I've been looking for a reasonable email address to write to them as well, but feel if I use their customer support methods I will just get the same people from India replying with illogical explanations, and at this point, aside from waiting on a refund, I don't care if they go out of business.

Posted by HK

If you are going to buy a laptop, go to a store, I ordered online and it never came, I called customer service to report that the laptop was not delivered after a few days of the estimated delivery date. When I called the first time and asked for a refund they told me 48hrs, after 3 days, and no refund, I called again and they said 15 days, after 18 days, still no refund, I called again and they said 15 more days; I asked them why I had to wait so much, and all they said is that they have to make an investigation why the laptop when missing and they have to wait for the laptop to be back at the warehouse before they can summit a refund, I told them that a refund is only a wired transfer and should not take more than 48 hours, this is not the first time this happened, I ordered before with other companies and they refund me in 48 hours; btw I'm still on hold 10/25/16 for 30 min already.

Posted by Sick of crappy servcie

I will never buy a Dell again; hard drive failed after 5 months. After paying a computer repair place to diagnose my computer and being told I had a faulty HD was bad enough...but then to have to weather 8hrs of MY time on the phone (on MY WEEKEND!!!) with customer service doing the same tasks over and over again to no avail was a total waste of my weekend and then top it off when I called back on Sunday you wasted another 2 hrs of my time before I you finally agreed that the HD was gone....DUH!?!?!? that is what the diagnostic told you repeatedly but no you kept trying and trying to get it to work even after a clean install (that of course never worked) And this was after I lost contact with one supervisor (she never called me back) and then another who wanted to go through the process all over...yet again. I finally refused and demanded a replacement. That conclusion was already in your notes but you still kept insisting that I perform stupid repetative tasks. I bought a Dell for the good warrantee but now I see that your company is like all the rest; the customer is always wrong and stupid to boot. Plus, you insiist on using outsource customer service who interrupt continually and have limited understanding of the English language and very difficult to understand. Totally sucks...will go with Apple next time around. Very, very disgusted and unhappy with the customer service. But Dell doesn't care about anything but $$$ much was one frigging hard drive!!!

Posted by CRG0424

I just received our new PC from Dell and once again, no license key for Microsoft Office. I purchase all PC's for our small office. Of the last 3 PC's purchased with Microsoft Office, NONE included the license key. This creates a big problem as the PC is virtually useless in our office environment without Outlook, Word & Excel. So after waiting for the PC to arrive, I now have to wait another 3 to 4 business days for the licensing key as they WON'T provide one over the telephone or via email. I'm not sure what their racket is. Maybe they are hoping that you would forget that you paid for the software and buy it again. When this happened the last time I promised myself that my next purchase would be through HP. I decided to give Dell one more try. This was the last purchase through Dell.

Posted by guelin

Costumer service sucks, they told they call me back,,,never call me,,, sucks

Posted by Anonymous

Right now I'm sooooo mad I just want to bang an Indian head in. Get ready to be bent over so they can give it to you good. ðŸË?Â

Posted by spatro

WARNING to all potential DELL buyers in India - It appears that DELL is offloading its old stock in India through CompuIndia. I bought a Laptop in July 2016. Shortly after purchase it started giving problems. I tried contacting the salespeople in DELl. They are evasive. Dell support says that machine was sold in 2014!!! I have invoice for 2016. The machine is showing OUT OF WARRANTY and here I am writing this post hung high and dry!!! I also lost other offers like back to college and extended warranty which was offered at the time of purchase. Anyone needs to validate my invoice please write to me

Posted by Niquey

My boyfriend bought me Dell Inspiron 5459, it took me a month to think about it..brand, specs and everything...i was so excited because this is an advance gift for me...unfortunately, all those excitement turned into disappointments..when i got home i've checked that the screen has white spots...or i can say a white shape like smile...i called to the store, a day after i purchased the unit..authorized reseller of dell and they adviced to call dell...when i called dell,it was 1 hour call they just made technical things obviously it is defective unit...they wanted me to send picture of screen, and many more as their procedure for processing of return...this really stress me...and now i made conversation to the store that they must be the one who will negotiate or i believe that there is 7days return policy....they gAve me 2 option to replace the LCD monitor...or i will wait for 2 to 3 weeks for full replacement...sadly a laptop which i didnt use yet will be replace a new part...i have no choice because i have to leave this country in 10 days cant wait for 3 weeks more...i trust the brand...but i didnt expect to have this kind of stress...

Posted by DellSentMeDefective

I bought an Alienware 17 R3 at the end of June and received it around July 10th. But because I was extremely busy in July (taking three courses this summer and my landlord was selling where I used to live so I had to house hunting and move etc.), I didnt use the laptop much. But it kept giving me blue screens almost every single day since I started to use it. I didnt expect this new laptop was defective and thought it was just some sort of software issues and could be fixed once I ran the Dell System Test because unlike the "traditional blue screen" where the computer totally freeze and you can only press the power button, the "blue screen" Alienware gives says "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart etc.". The laptop became laggy last week so I downloaded the Dell System Test and tried to fix the problem myself. Before I ran the software, there's no message or warning says if you doubt there's problem with your hard drive you should NOT run it, so I ran it, and the primary hard drive died and I lost all my work, study and research materials. And yes I did not back up, I mean, I havent get a chance to ran any big games on it and I only used it at home, if it was you, would you expect a hard drive failure? So I contacted Dell the 2nd day, I told them this laptop is so obviously faulty at the first place and I hope 1. they can fix the laptop and recover my data; or 2. just return this defective laptop for me. Dell replied saying the only thing they can do is to replace the dead hard drive for me, nothing else. If I wanna recover the data, I have to go find 3rd parties and pay the costs myself. And returning the defective laptop is not an option.
I mean, if i changed my mind after 30 days of purchase, of course Dell can refuse to return it. But this laptop costs $3500 and they sent me a defective. I trusted this brand and was really busy so I didnt use the laptop much now it became their excuse to refuse to return the defective product. There are ways to recover data from a dead hard drive but Dell refused to help either, neither are they recovering the data for me nor are they paying for my costs if I ask a 3rd party to recover it.
In conclusion, do NOT trust Dell and Alienware. I paid $3500 and all I got is a defective laptop which lost all my work, study and research materials for this summer. And Dell thinks I deserve it simply because I trusted the brand and did not return it asap!

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted Dell Customer Support today with a printer issue and the support representative was VERY RUDE to me and actually hung up on me. So therefore, since I couldn't verify the problem if I have to replace it, I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE any DELL products. We have about 20 Dell products plus printers in our company. I AM VERY DISSASTISFIED!

Posted by md

I needed to replace a laptop charger. After finding the charger on Amazon, I wanted to speak with a service rep. to determine if the amazon charger was correct as it says it's sold by "Dell", but no chargers on their direct site were near that price. After a long conversation to verify the computer model, I asked again why it cost more. He said they cannot guaranty third party parts. When I asked if the "Dell" on amazon wasn't actually dell, he told me that would depend on me. Thanks for the help.

Add your review!

Posted by Helen

Hello Office,

This is Helen, a loyalty customer who purchased high-end Dell laptop and desk computer in the past 15 years.

Recently, I have a issue with Dell Technical Support located Floor 20, Line 628, Zhangyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China.

My Dell Laptop could not be charged due to the problem of battery, but can be started. I went to the Techinical Support today. The staff asked me to wait outside of their office. After half an hour, they asked me to come in and told me my computer can not be started and should be fixed. They said there is some problem with mainboard and asked for high fixing fee. I do not know what they did with my laptop, but I am sure the reason can be found with investigation. Also, I read comments of this store from Baidu Map and got the information that it may not be official Dell Technical Support. But it use the name of Dell Technical Support and Dell official pictures online. Enclosed please find the picture of the store.

I contacted Dell China Customer Service today and asked if there is an anti-fraud department which can handle this issue. But a staff whose name is Lilin Lin did not answer my question and stopped chat immediately. Enclosed please find the picture of the chat. Since I can not get any help from Dell China, can you please let me know how to solve this issue? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Posted by Gypsygirl

Despite the minimal time that it took me to be able to understand my tech,( Jeverly_ 984943), she was the best and very much appreciated! This tech promptly contacted me multiple times to resolve my computer issue with follow ups, and sent a service order repairman out right away. Once the repair was finished we came to see that was not the problem. Through her patience and time, miss Jeverly 4 hours later, was able to say goodbye, ending our call, with myself, a very happy customer. She didn't give up or get snappy with me considering on my end of the phone was very hectic and busy, but she still hung in there, not to mention my lack there of knowledge on computers. I give her a score of 200% excellent job, proud to be a customer of Dell if all the techs and other personal are as wonderful as she was! Oh and after my equipment was running and good to go, I even received additional emails from her to make sure I was good with the service I received. Way to go dell! Thanks miss Jeverly!😊🤗🖒👏

Posted by Anonymous

It was awesome experience with DELL INDIA.....Customer care service is too good.
Mr. Sanjay sharma an employee sent for servicing done a very good job....i appreciate dell services. Keep it up!

Posted by dell vostro 3550 laptop

please,i am having serious issue with my my dell vostro 3550 laptop.i recently changed the screen but the keyboard is not functioning well. What should i do and how much is the keyboard in case it requires changing. Thanks

Posted by Dell Concierge Service

As something of a computer amateur, I decided to purchase the Dell Concierge Service for a little over $200/yr. for 24-hour technical support. Best tech decision I've ever made. Yes, all of the reps are from India, but i have never had a single issue understanding them; they know what they're doing regarding my computer and then some; and they're trained very well in politeness. I've had the service for two years, and have never had even one bad consultation. My computer is running as cleanly and quickly as the day I bought it thanks to them.


I wanted to tell you about my positive experience with Dell.
My laptop's hard drive stopped responding so I called Dell to organise to have this fixed, it turned out that my 1 year warranty had only just expired. Dell agreed to fix my laptop under warranty as we had been experiencing issues leading up to the hard drive crashing. We sent the laptop off with being told that it would take 14 working days to get it fixed and sent back to us. We had it back within a week!
Overall I was extremely happy with the service and willingness to help.

Posted by Anonymous

Dell UK customer service has been excellent. They solve my problems every time and are very efficient and friendly.

Posted by mhbowen45

I have worked with cisco routers and switches since 1990. the thought occurred to me about the motherboard having interrupts to move data. this sounds like the old slow way of old networking of 10 meg/ half duplex. if the chips were designed with flash drives 100 gig full duplex, then no interrupts would be necessary. Ethernet cards would store info on the flash card and be able to send data at the same time, onto the switched bus network.

Posted by shootfire

I had a repeated issue with my Dell laptop. Tech Support elevated my situation all the way to Customer Relations, who offered me multiple replacement options at no cost. And this is just a $399 2-in-1. I've never had any issues with Dell.

Posted by Samuel

I had recently purchase a Dell Inspiron 3000, somehow after i bought this gadget, immediately i encounter with some technical problem (the touchscreen not work). The next day i call to their customer service centre, and the operator who serve me is very proffesional and polite, she patiently ask me for the details of technical problems and i answer her patiently as well, after a clear clarification, she noted all my feedback and told me that she will arrange someone to come to my house for repair. And true enough after 3 hours, there is a technician came and ring on my home bell, and within 1 hr duration, all my technical issue has been resolved (my touchscreen run silky smooth now !). Besides that, it is so kind to the technician that he gave me a new screen protector for my laptop as well! And he also fix my laptop cable for me as i doesnt realize there is a problem with my laptop's cable as well. Overall, i am very happy with Dell's customer service. My overall feedback to their customer service s is ---Efficient, Effective, Helpful, Polite.

Posted by Anonymous

In my recent experience with our Concierge Service, I needed help with using my email - how to be sure I was saving those that I had received and sent as ongoing correspondence. My Serviceman was Ankit Srivastava, for Service . He was very cordial and concerned that I was understanding him well. He logged on to show me how to make folders and sort my emails into them. I am 71 and don't always remember how to do things that I don't do on a daily basis. My daughter was unavailable at the time and I was afraid I was losing the emails as they disappeared from the Drafts list. A big thank you for a job well done to Ankit and followup.

Posted by Scott

See some unhappy Dell customers here, but you guys REALLY haven't seen bad anything yet until you have dealt with the crooks at Toshiba.

I've expereienced both now, and for my money, Dell has been pretty good at supporting it's products. I'm even typing this now on an 11 year old Dell XP with
still original 19" Dell monitor. Both of Wwich have like the equivilent of a million miles.

That's not to say Dell is all perfect. Because if someone can't do the basics like windows re-installations themselves, then yeah, fixing computer problems thru the telephone man in the foreign land is probably like mission impossible.

However from my experience, Dell has been very good about warranties & returns.

For comparison, read my recent review of Toshiba in the Toshiba section. Day one starts like this, "can't even get it to boot up" because the hard drive they sent arrived dead. And it only gets worse form there....

Posted by Anonymous

wow Indians are doing a great job, Very polite and knowledgeable.. keep up your good work

Posted by Anonymous

DEll is the No.1 Service Provider....Appreciate the customer Service they offer...Awesum.

Posted by Anonymous

DELL is just Awesum, I spoke with Victor he helped to remove the Virus from my computerm God bless Victor he is the BEST.. :)

Posted by stephen_in_ny

I may be the only one, but I actually think that Dell's customer service is fine. In particular, Dell tech support is extremely generous with warranty claims, especially if you've purchased Accidental Damage coverage. I've had countless laptop components replaced by Dell and they never give me any hassle.

Other companies (I won't name names but I have some in mind) try to wriggle out of honoring their warranties. Dell doesn't do that.

The key is to use online Chat. Calling them by phone is likely to be more frustrating (time on hold, difficulty describing issue, etc). With Chat you can multitask while you wait and it's easy to be very specific.

Sometimes Chat is busy, but if you try back in half an hour you should get through.

Also, don't expect Dell to help with software issues. That's probably the biggest issue people run into. They're good with hardware, but if you have a Windows problem look elsewhere.

I'm a big fan of Dell and will probably continue to buy from them. Note: I'm not affiliated with Dell in any way, and I don't own their stock, I'm just giving credit where it's due.

Posted by Happily satisfied

I recently ran into a problem with my Inspiron 620s. Turns out there were some sorts of corrupt programs and malware. But thanks to the patience and my gratitude,my computer is now up and running again

Posted by satyabrata dash

dell customer support in india the best for my inspiron 5010 lappy,,,i replaced damaged charger, motherboard,, even battery,,, wow that too within 30 mins of call and services are very fast /

Posted by rjft197

I had a 30 inch monitor with Dell that was having intermittent problems, having had problems with Samsung customer service I wasn't looking forward to this. I rang them at nearly 4pm after a 5 minute phone call I was told they'd send me out a replacement and then organise to collect the old one. The next morning at about 10am the delivery man turned up with a new one. He then asked if the old one was ready to take away (which it wasn't because i'd been told that they'd organise to collect the old one later) so he said no problem I'll wait and he even helped wrap it up and took it away. Unbelieviable needless to say I've replaced all my samsung hunk of junks with Dells now!

Posted by WillME

Well, I pay for additional tech support from Dell, and have found them outstanding. And I have used them often. The tech staff is personable and skillful, and they have resolved numerous issues for me, including some which are not technically covered by their services. One did mention to me, though, that if you call late at night, you get someone in India, and I have found every overseas tech support option horrible, so I simply call during the day.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a telvison from dells, after recieving the run around from ups and not recieving the tv, dells send me another telvison and the customer service i recieve from this young man was wonderful i worked in retail over 10 years and i appreciate good customer service. Dell keep the good work up customer service is important.

Posted by Anonymous

I recived exellent customer service with Dell my Dell laptop had had its memory erased so I contacted Dell through there "Chat" system and got a replacement copy of windows 7 and the drivers for £25. I will definatly reccomend Dell.

Posted by ben1492

Given all the bad reviews regarding Dell's customer service, I was loathe to contact them with my problem. I also like to try to figure these things out myself. Just bought my first Dell about 3 months ago, a refurbished but still warrantied Dell Inspiron 580 running Windows 7 64-bit). Right out of the box, I installed a TV tuner and a Radeon graphics card. It crashed when I started up, which I attributed to the new hardware. I didn't get a BSOD again until a month later. So I turned on the minidump and ran a driver verifier. It started crashing again and again at greater frequency, and I didn't know what any of the crash dumps were telling me. Today, I threw in the towel and opened up a chat session with a Dell CS rep in India. Within about 15 minutes, he identified the problem as a bad hard drive. Dell's sending me a new one free of charge, which I'll have by Tuesday. If that fixes my problem, you can count me as a satisfied customer when it comes to Dell's technical service.

Posted by x3samanthasue

I bought a Dell Studio XPS 16 back in August of 2009. The total cost to me including shipping and tax was $1503 and we paid it off monthly over the course of a year with a special deal they had that offered no interest financing for one year. Being a clumsy person and knowing I'd be taking my laptop to class, I bought an extended 3-year warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (I think they call it Complete Care now.) From my memory the warranty cost about $350 and that was included in the total cost I mentioned before.

About a week ago I replaced the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU to help the cooling process because I must say, the laptop was poorly designed in terms of heat venting. When I removed the heatsink, I found the fan to be clogged with dust and cleaned that also. After doing this my computer worked fine for about 5-6 minutes and then abruptly died while testing out temperatures in-game. I would press the power button, the keyboard and media center lights would come on, and it would then die after 3 seconds. The screen never booted anything.

The next morning, a Thursday, I called Dell Tech Support around 8am and used the Higher Education Express code I found on their website in hopes of getting to someone quicker. When I finally got a tech, as usual he had me try to hit F8, etc. to try to get in the BIOS. Luckily he only made me do this 3-4 times before he put me on hold for a minute or two. He then concluded that it was the motherboard and arranged for an in-home tech to be sent to my house and asked me when I would be available in the next 2-3 days. The entire call lasted just short of an hour.

Surprisingly I got a call while I was at work the very next day from the tech and we set up a time for him to come by that evening. He was really friendly. When the new motherboard was in he booted the computer to a diagnostic screen and ran a full test on my laptop to ensure everything was fine. Unfortunately my hard drive failed the test twice. It had made a clicking noise for over a year on occasion, probably from the couple of times I'd dropped the laptop, but I'd always ignored it. He called his special line to the Customer Support center and they wanted to have me ship my laptop to them for a full diagnostic and repair which would mean at least a week without my computer. He let me talk to them and encouraged me to insist that they send me a replacement drive so I could install it myself. I only had to ask twice and the part was overnighted to me.

Because the hard drive was ordered so late in the evening, I didn't get it until Monday, which was fine because although my old one failed the diagnostic, it still worked just fine and I was able to back up the couple files I didn't have on my external hard drive already. The replacement was super simple and I wiped and repackaged my old hard drive and shipped it back to Dell in the same box with the provided shipping label. I also received follow up calls (I missed the first two 'cause I was in class) from Dell to ensure that the new hard drive was installed and functioning well for me.

I was also happy to see that the replacement drive came preloaded with all the original software that I had in my original Dell order so I didn't have to go through installing drivers, etc. All I had to do was pop in my Windows 7 upgrade disc. Also, now that everything's working, my computer is running about 20 degrees cooler when gaming, probably due to me cleaning out the fan. It's great!

All of the outsourced customer service reps were very friendly and for the most part easy to understand. I never had to beg, I was never questioned about whether or not I had damaged anything myself, I was never blamed. It broke, I told them, they fixed it no questions asked. I have definitely received my money's worth out of my warranty and have peace of mind for the last few months of it until I decide if I'll renew it or not.

I am so happy with Dell for the service I received and I can only hope that the majority of their customers receive the same.

Posted by AP

Dell customer service stuff was extremely understanding and helpful and made sure I got the hard drive I needed ASAP. I would like to express my appreciation to Swaroop, Deepak Katoch for the great work they did.
We live in a world of deadlines and demands and we just wanted to say Thank You. I am really pleased.

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Posted by dellemployee

I´m currently a Dell call center employee, and I want to point some things out that I think would help everyone have a better experience when calling Dell for assistance:

1. Please have your order number (Dell reference number), Dell Purchase ID (DPID) or Service Request number (SR#) ready. This will help the agent to quickly find your records (trust me while we can find your information by using your email address, name, phone number or even your account/customer number, it can sometimes be very tricky due to the complexity/lack of features of the software we use.

2. Don´t get frustrated when the agent asks for the name on the account, the phone number and shipping address (even when you have already provided this information to the previous rep and have been transferred to a different department, as this is critical and we are not authorized to do anything at all if the customer cannot verify his/her identity).

3. Whenever you call to initiate a return make sure you are within the 30 day window to do so, otherwise no one will be able to authorize it (no matter how much you yell, and how many arguments you say you have, and how many supervisors you ask for).

4. Be patient when it comes to getting a credit as there is a refund timeframe that is out of our control, and neither an agent nor a supervisor can expedite the process.

5. Don´t expect to get a full refund when you return a TV due to change of plans as there is a restocking fee of 15% that we cannot avoid, unless the reason why you need to return it is due to a DELL error.

6. Always read the terms and conditions when buying online.

7. Don´t try to exchange your item for a different one. Dell can only exchange like for like items.

Hope this helps!

Posted by Formerdellemployee

As a former employee of a dell call center in the US just wanted to leave some helpful advice for anyone who thinks getting a dell is a good idea.

1)If you speak English and do not have a silver or higher support contract then your tech support call is going to end up in India or Panama. No amount of complaining or yelling is going to change that. YOU WILL NOT BE HELPED BY SOMEONE IN THE US UNLESS YOU HAVE A HIGHER LEVEL SUPPORT CONTRACT.

2)Be prepared to repeat your information to each person you talk to. The call directors will put the info in before they transfer you but the tech dept doesn't bother to check in the program it is entered in so they will make you repeat it to them.

3)In regards to the "India people". Nothing will ever change about them. When this was brought up to dell management in my dept i was consistantly told, "There is nothing we can do about it."

In closing unless you spend a ton of money with Dell then expect to get crappy tech support service on your machine.


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