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Del Taco customer service is ranked #603 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates Del Taco customer service and customer support as Terrible.


108 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 95.58%.


5 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 4.42%.

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    • 28.02 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 108 negative comments (95.58%)
    • 5 positive comments (4.42%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Just got back from Del Taco. The service at the window was much less than desirable. The person who took my order was not friendly at all. I ordered a Macho Beef Burrito and got a bean burrito. I ordered 2 large fries and when I got to work only 1 large ff was in the bag. The service was very poor and I feel like not visiting Del Taco any longer.

Posted by Anonymous

91st ave and Peoria 2-24-2018 store hrs open until midnight. Then why at 1145 the employees stand there and stare at me. With no attempt at service? Poor management?? Poor customer service? Why should I waste my time coming to this store if the employees feel it's not necessary to do there jobs? Well frankly there are to many fast food places available. For me to wast my time and money there. No time for me. Then I have no time for you.

Posted by none

i used eat there 2 times a wk i will no longer eat your food and recommend others to do the same .I used the drive thru got home fries were not in bag went back got money back still pissed off get home my order was cold take it back they refused to return my money she stated she wont i could only get fresh order did no want any thing but money back she refused so i called a puta im pissed at this time i hate you del taco and i plan on telling the world you are thieves

Posted by Anonymous

I visit the Westchester Del Taco at least 4 times a week because the employees and the atmosphere are excellent. This morning the breakfast chorizo taco and the bacon roller tasted TERRIBLE, very different than before. Did you change the recipe???

Posted by ron

I could not find a toll free number to call so I an sending this thru email.

I do not think the gentleman who said he was Manger really cared as his stood with his hand on his hip while we talked.

Upon arriving a group, 3 or 4, of young men were standing outside door entrance. To include, at least one Del Taco employee who later identified himself as Manage at drive thru window.
A vehicle had parked, next to Handicap parking spot, in lined off area used for handicap access. Driver was standing beside driver door of vehicle talking to group standing there.
I asked the driver to please move from handicap access area he replied that he was not blocking access handicap parking. I replied he was blocking to my getting out. He said something is Spanish, which made group of men laugh and smile.
I replied he needed to move or I would call police so wife and I could use parking space. He then said something in Spanish which made group chuckle again.
Driver did back out quickly back and squealed tires to move to another spot and started walking toward group.
As I was not going to have myself and wife get out in what I considered an intimidating or potential dangerous situation where a group of 3 men were standing and an angry driver approaching group to told group I would not come in as I feel unsafe and will speak to manager at Drive thru.
I ordered food thru window, spoke to Manager-who in, while standing at window with his hand on his hip-didnât really look like he was interested in what I had to say.
Lady working at window, apologized to my wife and myself but manager never did.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I visited your 17th street store in costa mesa this morning.They are painting the building, with drive thru open ???So i go inside because i don't paint all over my 30,000
truck, and this guy taking my order is so dirty, he looks like he slept in the streets.
I look at the lady making my food, and there is a rag they use to wipe up,lying where they are putting the tortillas ??The place is filthy...I know they are busy,but they are serving FOOD......I WON'T GO BACK TO THAT LOCATION....THANKS

Posted by Fan of Kira

This review is about the location on Western and Florence in Los Angeles, CA. The cashier #5 was rude and impolite. What happened to Kira? She was the best. Cashier # 5 should be fired. She threw my money at me. She does not represent your company well, at all. is my email

I drive to this location 2-3 times a week because of Kira. I don't enjoy my food when cashier's are rude..please get rid of her. She is incompetent about the menu. She never smiles.i don't like handing my money to her. Please email me the location that Kira is working at. Thanks, The Tolliver Family Estate. we look forward to hearing from you asap.

Posted by JJMA

Your store at 2000 riverside dr Rialto ca is not only stealing from its customers but from you also. Your employee didn't put my food order in the register and when I gave him a 5 for my 2 dollar order he tried to give me back 21 cents. After I told him that all he did was hand me a 1.25 which is still not the correct change. He did not provide me a receipt for my order re confirming that he didn't put my order in through the register he also asked me when I got to the window what exactly I ordered as he walked around getting the food.

Posted by Leslie

I just walked out of the Del Taco in Simi Valley on Los Angeles avenue without my food or my money. They made numerous attempts to charge my card and they believed the machine was broken. I showed them the money had already come out of my account. $5.35. The cashier was arguing with me because he didn't have a receipt. I showed him my account and was so frustrated with him that I walked out without my food or a refund. What a horrible world where no matter how I prove it, the cashier argues with me. I'll never go back again!

Posted by Not going back

Location in Moreno Valley on Alessandro and Perris is ridiculous. It's pouring down rain and I'm getting drenched trying to order from my car so I ask if I can order from the window. The girl says yes so I pull up. I start to order and she's stopped by her manager who says if you order here you have to come inside to get it cause we are on a timer and it takes longer this way. It took him longer to tell me that. I said I don't have an umbrella but he waved his hand and said no you order back there or come in we are on a timer. Terrible customer service if I wanted to get soaked for tacos it wouldn't be del taco. Accommodate your customers and maybe not worry about your time just this once.

Posted by Partifacepam

Food was great. Customer Service was horrible. They were insulting, rude they think there job is a game.
They HAVE NO business in your store.Expecially to Disabled Veteran. My husband.He left with NO FOOD.

Posted by del tavo sucks

sepulveda and santa monica blvd in wla, CA.
I dread going inside....maybe there will be one person to help...maybe 3 not, dining section closed at 5pm.... bathrooms locked, staff completely incompetent for past 4 years so survey doesnt is cheap, but who knows Gmos mostly . actually the worst place I have ever been besides my own bathroom after a diarra atack of food poisioning
but serriously. why understaff so farting much. does it take 15 for a bean and cheese burrito? sure if its del crapo! or el understaffo, or lockode bathroomo. stupid wait times for staff farting around endlessly. all tables dirty, salsa gross,place gross, ....endless display of garbage sidewalk gross, this business is pure crap! and so is the food

Posted by Stan

If you don't correct this problem I'm going to blast you everywhere on the internet that I can the manager at your Del Taco location on 17th Street and Superior in Costa Mesa is refusing to let me use the bathroom because he said I made a mess which is a false accusation I've had to clean up the toilet before I could sit on it because there was fecees on it I've been a resident of Costa Mesa since 1972 I've spent thousands of dollars at your restaurant but I'm never sending you another nickel unless you fix this....!

the manager has a big thick beard and he's very ornery prejudice against white folks like me and there's a lot of us here I dare you to contact me back I want to hear back from a human I want to hear what you have said to the manager your location has 3 toilets and Mexican food is a natural laxative we need to be able to use the toilet I asked him if I should poop out in the parking lot and he said go ahead

Posted by Are u crazy

I would like to get u photo of food that was throne together sad the only thing. On Titans was a scoop of beans on one side tried to spread around it fork broke got ten thinking Good to go with baby wanted something my poor husband was up there two times that night after working two jobs

Posted by Ric

On 11-26-16 at 730pm We waited half hr in line for food at the drive thru at the location in 6541 Dennis McCarthy dr Bakersfield ca. The only reason we did not leave was because we were trapped in the drive thru. I will NEVER come back to his location again!

Posted by Drock

The Del taco in Moreno Valley 16150 takes waaaaay to long to get your food it's almost like hey are creating conversation at start ask if you want condiments after they get your answer they ask you again put you on hold for 20 more second wait

Posted by Anonymous

Your 2 stores in Las Vegas have gone to hell! They dont care about the customers or the product they serve! The one on rancho at craig and the one on jones at the 95! I was just at the Craig location and spent $21 dollars and didn't get all my food and when I went back he kept my receipt and wouldn't give it back! I have it on my bank statement I printed out! The food was horribly package, it wasn't all there and I had to go back and it was the wrong tacos! I want someone to contact me so I can get a refund or a gift card or something! This is ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous

Is Del Taco where the simple minded tend to work? These people work at a simple taco fast food restaurant and they can't seem to get orders right, even when they "fix" the order after being told it isn't right. I was charged slightly less than a mexican restaurant for 3 del tacos and my tacos were inedible by the time i got them home (and they were cold). I ordered sour cream on all 3 tacos...first order there was no sour cream...told the drive thru window attendant...he takes the tacos back and i get the SAME tacos back SMOTHERED in sour cream...inedible. called management, he didn't give a damn about my complaint. told me to "go ahead" and call corporate. $9 for 3 crappy tacos and a soda. From now on, I'll spend my $9 at Supermex and get QUALITY food. Del Taco is nowhere near quality. Very disappointed and no longer a DT customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I have not been more displeased with any other fast food restaurant as much as I am with Dell taco right now. we had a fix our order as we were in the drive-through line and then once we got home we noticed that they also messed up our second order. it wouldn't be such a big deal but if you're gonna charge real restaurant prices for food then I expect that type of service.

Posted by Anonymous

I was not pleased with the 1720 Superior Ave location located in Newport Beach, CA. There was absolutely nobody waiting in line or in front of me when I was inside. It took 4 people to get the order right and it took 20 minutes to get my food. I will never come back again because of the awful service I received at this location.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to store #0811 and our cashiers name was jakob he is by FAR the rudest fast food employeee I've ever encountered, he's was very short and nasty with us we asked for a bottled water and apparently the store was out, i understand that things happen but he rudely said "we're out". I've worked for fast food for many years and not on my worst day have i talked to a customer the way we (my bf and i) were spoken to tonight.I will most likely never return to this store as long as he's an employee there.

Posted by Anonymous

I just took the survey and didnt get my code.for my discount on my next purchase. Please text me my code for the survey thank you

Posted by Alicia

There is a Del Taco on albrook and Peoria in Denver Colorado 80239 the only two workers to run the whole store that's crazy they had to keep stopping in the middle of taking my order they are grossly understaffed I feel really sorry for them they need more staff expecially for what they're getting paid

Posted by Matti

Good morning. My name is Matti. I just got back from ordering through the drive-thru at the Taco Bell on Florida in Hemet near Sanderson Avenue. I ordered two Del Tacos and a large fry with no drink. The service was pleasant but not friendly. However when I was asked if I wanted hot or mild sauce, and I proceeded to ask forr ketchup mild sauce and salt, the items were repeated to me and thrown into my bag on top of my French fries. This kind of grosses me out. They should be put along the side or in a separate bag as I do not know where the packaging on those food items have been. When I got home I opened my bag and pulled out what was pepper and not salt too dirty packets and then a ripped open pack of salt I took a picture and I'm hoping to somehow get it to you so you can see what I'm talking about. It looks like they were taken out of the trash or off of the floor. It was rather disgusting so I had to take off the top french fries that have been touched by the contaminated condiment items. But comma I lost my appetite and couldn't eat any of my food, because I'm wondering if that's what they give to me when I can see it, what are they giving to me or doing to my food, or not doing to my food when I am not able to see it. I am rather disgusted and nauseous. Not only have I wasted my money, but I have nothing to eat now. I will not be visiting that Taco Bell again. I have had other issues with them in the past, and haven't actually been there for almost 6 months. I thought Kama having waited 6 months, there might be new employees there and I might have a better chance this time. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I wanted to let you know, because I don't want you to lose more customers. The Taco Bell on Florida in Hemet near Sanderson needs to be checked in to you.

Posted by WolfPackMaf1a

Hello. I visited Del Taco on 09/08/16. I have been craving a Chocolate shake for about a week, so i decided to see if Del Taco had shakes. (I never ordered a shake from you before) I asked the cashier if you made shakes, she said "Yes, what size would you like?" I know i did Not want a small due to my huge craving, so i told her i would like a Medium. She said ok & asked if i wanted whip cream on it, i replied no. After a couple minutes, my number was called & i asked the employee to put the shake in my cup-holder. (I am a disabled person in a wheelchair). He put this tiny cup in the holder. I asked if that was a Medium? He said "No, its a Small". I told him " I did not want a Small, i ordered a Medium". He then tells me "We dont have Medium, all we offer is Small & Large". I said "Well the cashier charged me for a Medium". He asked her what she charged me for & she said a Small. What are your employees trying to pull here?! I may be disabled, but im not stupid! So i tell the guy that it was her mistake & that i want a Large. He said " ok give me a minute", he comes back & askes me if i mind paying a little more for the Large? At this point i am really pissed off!! I tell him to forget it & just give me the dang Small. He leaves again & comes back with a Large shake. Then a manager comes up to him, obviously angry for some reason & tells him in a loud enough voice that i can hear, " what is going on here, go ahead & give him the Large, but this is the last time, im not doing this anymore!". 1st of all, she came around with no clue of what happened & 2nd, this is the 1st time I've ever ordered a shake from Del Taco, so where does she come up with "this is the last time im doing this"?? I must say, this is the Worst experience I've ever had at a D.T.!! I dont think im going to be ordering shakes here again!!

Oh by the way, i never got an "Im so sory for my mistake or any other appology from any employee! Prety bad in my opinion. Not the way to treat a customer who has eaten at this D.T. many times before. Thank you for your time & consideration

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Posted by Anonymous

I drove through the del taco in Tempe, AZ at @ 10:10 pm on Sunday, March 19, 2017. The young man working drive through informed me that their entire computer system had frozen and they weren't able to take any orders. When I drove to the pick up window the same young man opened the window and explained what was appearing on his screen. He apologized profusely as did the two women working with him. I told then how surprised I was that there are so few Del Tacos in Tempe and the areas of Phoenix I've been to. And I explained that I exited the I-10 freeway at Broadway only because I saw the Del Taco sign. The young man said if I wanted something small he could write down my order and take cash, which I greatly appreciated. He and his team were so gracious and willing to help me that I wan to commend them on their of GREAT customer service! They are the kind of employees Del Taco should be proud to have. Thank you.

Posted by Del fan

Ermina was the most outgoing worker have seen in the night crew for a long time besides the graveyard guy James . She made sure my del tacos had sour cream and it was not all falling apart when I got it .I have to say I eat del Taco slot and this was one of my best visits yet...thank you Ermina!!keep up the good work.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Del Taco restaurant/South End of Carson City Nevada, near the WalMart.
I stop by there about once/month when I go visit my Mother who has alzheimers. Everyone in this store is so nice and attentive to my Mom and Stepfather. I really appreciate the wonderful service. Thank you so much!!!

Posted by fullerton546

Currently the social idea of help the "homeless", less fortunate, at ANYTIME has changed from giving "cash" to giving food items, the other day i passed a lady sitting under a tree with w beautiful yellow lab. I passed her and stopped at the next intersection, went into a 7-11 getting 5 large cans of dog food, then walked next door to the Del Taco, happily they advertised "gift cards", so i purchased a %15 card, afterwards I asked the question, are these "cash-able", can they be turned in for "cash"....YES. NOT the answer i wanted to hear, but i took it anyway, drove back up the street, gave the lady the cans of dog food and the Del Taco gift card. Merry Christmas's were exchanged. ill take this next to corporate marketing and see what they have to say, unfortunately, being able to "cash" the cards back, enables people to continue with the possible alcohol and drug problems that helped get them onto the street. If you agree, please post your comments, either for or against the current practice. Thanks for reading.

Posted by nascarjr08

I went del taco drive thru and the person who took my order also made it and took my money all with no gloves on. I thought that when food was prepared gloves should be worn but if not I would think they shouldn't handle the money too.

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Posted by M

This is for Del taco #946 Salida Ca your so call manager is rude and she has her mother working there and also a nephew. Manager yells at employees in front of customers and one the employee burn her hand in June 17,2016 and the manager didn't even made a report or when in to make sure that employee she get medical attention. The so called manager just call her mom to go in to cover the employee rest of her shift.And if nobody does anything about it I have pictures and videos how this so called manager treats her employees I'll make sure it gets to the news and labor board commission

Posted by Anonymous

I am not a customer, but a employee for del taco on calvine rd. I work for Remash. My name is jesus rojas. My situation involves Remash's unfair treatment towards me. He has been constantly talking to me disrespectful. Recently I have been submitted to the hospital, with proof of me under medication, so I couldn't go to work. He calls me yelling that, and I quote" And may I also say this is how he talks to his manager and employees most of the time. I have tried to get a hold of the district managers number but no help. I would like to be reach back pleas. This is not how a Store Manager should treat his coworkers.


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