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DeLonghi customer service is ranked #639 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 62 ratings. This score rates DeLonghi customer service and customer support as Terrible.


59 Negative Comments out of 62 Total Comments is 95.16%.


3 Positive Comments out of 62 Total Comments is 4.84%.

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    • 27.24 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 59 negative comments (95.16%)
    • 3 positive comments (4.84%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I owned a Delonghi ESAM5500B Automatic Coffee Machine which started giving us problems. I called Customer Service (I must add that each time I called the Customer Service line I had to wait at least 30 minutes to talk to a Customer Service Agent.) The agent could not help me resolve the issue over the phone and as the machine was still under warranty I was told to take it to our local service centre in Calgary. I dropped the machine off at the service centre and 5 days later I received a call from them to say that they could not repair the machine and that Delonghi would be replacing it with a new one. After numerous phone calls and hours of my time the service centre received the replacement machine and I went to fetch the new machine. I set up the new machine to find that it was faulty - not working - water no coming through the machine. I was unbelievably frustrated and disappointed especially as I was having overseas visitors for Christmas and now I didn't haven't a coffee machine. At this stage I hadn't had a coffee machine for about a month. I called Delonghi and they said they would have to send me another one. After Christmas there was no sign of a new machine, so I started calling again. I was then told that they didn't have my machine in stock and would it be "okay" if they give me a "Reconditioned" ECAM23450SL. I was NOT HAPPY! I was also told that the factory warranty continues from the original date of purchase and does not restart upon receiving your replacement unit. I was horrified! So I must accept a reconditioned machine and not have a full warranty on it. I also had to receive a machine that I didn't want. The final straw was when I saw the price of ECAM23450SL was $999 and the value of my machine ESAM5500B was $1999. The machine has now arrived and I don't believe it works properly - the beans are not feeding nicely into the grinder so often I get weak coffee! I have spent hours dealing with this matter and am quite horrified that a company of this nature has treated me this way. I will NEVER buy a Delonghi product again!

Posted by T

Trying to book service for my Bean2Cup coffee machine seems to be mission impossible. I was bounced between 3 different numbers, each pointing me at the previous one. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Bought 2 Delonghi radiant heaters. The boxes arrived in perfect shape. One heater had the paint peeling, the other heater had bent fins and the main metal plate on the front was bent in and the sticker with all the information was put over the bent frame, not a scratch on the sticker so that is the way it was put together. Called Delonghi customer service, waited 1/2 hour and then talked to a guy who didn't care, according to him it was UPSs fault and Home Depots fault. The shipping boxes were in perfect shape and the white tape with all the information on it about the heaters that they put on the box to guarantee that it has not been tampered with was not cut which is the only way to get into the box. Delonghi did nothing but blame everyone else. Glad I bought them via Home
Depot, I can return them to the Home Depot store and get my money back.

Posted by Mox

Ordered The De'Longhi Slim Style HCX9115E, (its a room heater) 13 hours has passed still no tracking number for my item. Thats why i googled "customer service ratings on delonghi" and boy ohh boyy the ratings are bad. I order items even from europe and in less than 4 hours i already get shipping information. This is my first order from this company using their delonghi canada website.

Posted by [email protected]

horrible warranty service please don't buy save the headaches they kept my machine over 2 months employees don't care pretty bad experience sorry

Posted by Scranna

I've called Delonghi on a few occasions with regard to my bean to cup coffee machine and on every call they have been condescending and have conveyed the attitude of 'the customer is wrong'.

When the machine was new it didn't heat up the milk enough and I called C.S. dept. after trying all suggestions from their FAQ's and other websites (same as all occasions when calling Delonghi C.S. Dept. this took many attempts to get to speak with a representative). Their answer as to why the milk wasn't hot enough was "this is how the Italians like their coffee". I eventually found a suggestion on John Lewis reviews which stated that a small part which Delonghi provide can be fitted to the milk intake and it will come out hot. I called C.S. Dept. and after many attempt got them to send me the part free of charge, they had always insisted that I should pay for the part an postage as it was an optional extra (that nobody knows about) to make the milk hotter.

The machine is now leaking and I tried calling Delonghi today, going through the menu system to repairs and getting cut off after 3 seconds every time. I called C.S.Dept. and eventually got through, I explained the problem and they put me through to Repairs and I just got cut-off again. I tried again and got a voicemail to say they are now closed and call back on Monday. Thanks a bunch.

This company has truly the worst Customer Service Dept. of any organisation I've ever dealt with. I will never buy another of their products, that is Delonghi, Kenwood and Braun. I'm not sure which organisation is in control but it doesn't really matter as they are all tarred with the same brush.

Posted by carol

Terrible customer service over the phone, even worse by email. My ironing system let out dirty steam, they told me to descale it even though the booklet said do not descale. They could not find my Stromegglio system even though I bought it from them, I complained by email, they replied that they did not sell the item that it was foreign. I again told them that I had bought it from them. I got a small electric shock and told them again, to which they replied that I should not have used a faulty item. It was not faulty, it needed descaling. Do not buy anything from this company.

Posted by slim

What a load of rubish, never been so disappointed with a customer care in all my life, its very good at putting obstacles in front of you, every time i sent a email, it came back i need this i need that but i know what thay want a good reshuffle and send them on a course to learn how to treat and help with a problem caused by delongi coffee machine, it was only six weeks old, and i sent twenty or so emails with copies of every thing related to my purchase, and still no nearer solving the problem, and to be honest i dont think care never again

Posted by Jaco van Niekerk

My dehumidifier which I use daily was broken and I took it in for service on 2 November.

They would fob me off over the phone because 14 days has not passed yet. I called after 17 days and they promised to call me back. I called on day 18 and I'm told a mimimum of 14 days is required.

How long does it take to fix your broken products?

How long does it take to get a clear answer rather?

Posted by Mel

DeLonghi customer service is not only terrible it is nonexistent. Our "Magnifica" machine is no longer functioning. We have called and emailed DeLonghi for over a week and all they do is leave you in a hold cue playing positively the WORST music on hold ever and every 15 seconds a recording tell us how "important we are...and to continue holding". We are presently on hold and have been for an hour. I am going to guess they will not answer today either.
I am going to take this crappy machine back to Sam's Club where I bought it. Thankfully I bought the Sam's warranty because even though the machine is still under the factory warranty, clearly, I will not be able to use it.

Posted by Pissed Customer

Call Rebate number 800-953-3098 and number is not in-service. Called De'Longhi customer service and rep was rude. I asked for a new number to the rebate line and she immediately got rude stating that they are not associated with the rebate company. I said you must have gotten several calls about this because you are already being rude and she stated yes they have. I asked to speak to a manager and she took my information for a return call which I should receive within 3 days. I will NEVER by anything with there logo on it. This is a crock of BS.

Posted by Pandora69

Purchased a delongi portable air conditioning unit 8/7/15 and sent in all paperwork for rebate. Still no rebate. I called and was told I was approved for the rebate but the representative is not given the date of mailing. Told to call Back 10/30/15if rebate is not received by then. They claimed unit runs quietly, this is untrue.

Posted by Kurtyan

I purchased my DeLong the coffee machine November 9, 2013. I paid almost $3000 for the unit. One year and a half later it started having problems. I've had it serviced twice. This morning it started malfunctioning again. Delong he does not want to replace the unit under warranty. All they do is they fix it and send it back. It works for little bit and then it breaks again. I have requested my money back. They refused. I wrote letters to the corporate office in the United States as well as to the corporate office in Italy . I don't know if this will rectify my situation. But I will never ever buy DeLonghi products again and I do not recommend anyone buying Delongi products. It is a waste of time and money

Posted by Lori

I purchased a De'Longhi 13,500 BTU in June 2015. I paid $549.05 with a $50 mail-in rebate. Sent all forms and paperwork and NO rebate. The A/C is mostly used as a (very expensive) fan since it is constantly switching from a/c to humidifier the to fan. Will not purchase anything else from HSN or De'Longhi.

Posted by Chatfield

I had the 5 cup coffee maker - purchased from Kohl's. It had it replaced 3 times - it would always leak water from the bottom. It leaked again this morning and called Delonghi - they will not do anything about it because it is over a year. I expect a coffee maker that I pay $150.00 for to last longer than a year. Crossing Delonghi products off my list!

Posted by jc

The machine pretty much died after a few months -- no pressure, no crema. I called DeLonghi, and was first told it would be replaced under the warranty, turnover usually less than a week. A couple days later, I was told that I was given wrong information, and that it needed to be repaired. I was concerned that it would take too long or would not be able to be repaired properly. After being spoken down to rather condescendingly by customer service, acquiesced to a repair since really I had no choice. We're going on 4 weeks now, and I have heard nothing back from the repair shop other than several times I called them. I called again today, was told they are still waiting on the part, and that it would take at least an additional 2 weeks. I then called DeLonghi, was AGAIN told the machine would be replaced due to the inconvenience, and that someone would get back to me within 2 days to set it up. Nobody called. Called back a week later, and was told that the unit cannot be replaced after all (again). I've been without the machine for over a month, and they will do nothing to fix the situation. The machine quality that I experienced was bad enough, but the terrible customer service makes it even worse. I regret not having bought a different machine. I will NEVER buy DeLonghi again.

Posted by losing steam in White Rock

Hello, I took my Delonghi Stiromeglio Pro 300 steam iron into Batteries Included at Semiahmoo Mall in White Rock B.C. Canada. The recommended service center. I was informed that my iron was 2 months over the warranty but I wanted to see if they could fix it and how much the repair would be.
They contacted me 2 weeks later to say that the problem was in the cord and that they could not repair it because the part was no longer available.
I picked my iron up the next day only to find that it was missing the rust coloured O-ring that fits onto the knob on the water tank.
I returned the very next day to ask where the O-ring was. I was told they would contact their repair technician. 2 more weeks have passed and I have heard nothing back. I am unable to leave a message on their phone. They do not answer their phone and they do not have an e-mail contact that is accessible.
The O-ring fits very tight and would only come off if someone specifically pried it off.
I took my iron apart when I got home to find a "kink" in the hose. I cut the hose back, reattached it, and voila the iron works perfectly.( I think there was an electrical short)
I am a Registered Nurse, not an appliance repair person. ????
I am extremely unhappy with the fact that Delonghi didn't extend the warranty when I explained to Batteries Included that my iron had been not used in 10 months because it was packed away while I was in the process of moving.
I am also unhappy that the parts are not available even though the iron is still being sold. But mostly I am furious that Delonghi recommends a service provider that steals parts, does not follow up and has no way to contact them except in person.
Sincerely, losing steam in White Rock, B.C.

Posted by italia

The customer service for my faulty from new espresso machine was virtual non existent there was trouble contacting them by phone, email took over a week to be acknowledged with a sorry for the delay in responding there was a high volume of enquiries to deal with. When eventually i did receive a response all they did was suggest the steps i had already tried so it was a fruitless exercise. I was then advised to take it into a local agent ( it was purchased on line ) While i do realise sometimes faulty products can be produced and sold it was the customer service that made me decide i shall never purchase a delonghi product ever again I have owned several espresso machines never ever experienced with any other maker

Posted by Anonymous

I have just bought a Delonghi Espresso maker from Currys - it came with the single esspresso filter missing - I have tried 3 customer support numbers - i is out of service and the other 2 have kept me waiting for 45 minutes without an answer - I just get a message saying "We are experiencing unusually high volumes of calls..." - which is a load of bull unless most callers are still on the line waiting - what crap customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anne

I had an aweful experience with Delonghi.

First, I bought an electric oven from Delonghi at Best Denki Malaysia about a year ago. Unfortunately, the oven door hinge was broken after several usage. I was very disappointed with it because I chose a trusted brand and the quality of the product turns out to be bad. I felt cheated by this. And to fix it, I was informed that I had to purchase the whole set of door which comes with door hinge. This made me mad because it is too costly and the price is half of the original oven price!!!!! Ridiculous!!!

Secondly, I would like to make a complain on the customer service centre in Citta Mall, Malaysia. All the staffs didn't even take the initiative to attend customers when I walked in. I asked for help from the staff to go to my car and help me to carry the oven to the centre which is at third floor. The reply was Ma'am you have to go down to LG to find a supermarket trolley to bring the oven up to third floor! This is terrible!!!

Third, before I managed to speak up to the technician, he was mad at me and was rude and told me that he got screwed up by other customers. What kind of service is this?

I have lost my trust on you and I will NOT purchase anymore of your product Delonghi. Your customer service SUCKS!!!

Posted by Marcair

Have three DeLonghi products a kettle, a toaster and a filter coffee machine. After only 4 months the coffee machine started to display a crack on the front casing which grew day by day. John Lewis where we bought it from didn't want to know and said neither there nor DeLonghi's guarantee would cover anything 'cosmetic' and refused to replace or assist us. This crack was not caused by us so now where is our re-dress. Very poor after sales and will NEVER ever buy another Delonghi product again. We have over 12,000 followers on Face Book so will now share with all the very poor service this company offers.

Posted by Dazza

Decided to buy a decent branded dehumidifier from Argos - chose Delonghi - not least because it came with a 2 year warranty. First and last Delonghi product I will EVER buy.

Product failed after about a year of medium use.

Despite multiple emails, 2 one hour plus calls to their *lack of* "customer experience helpline", I have yet to be able to speak to ANYONE from delonghi.

The best i got from them was a week after filling out my second contact form to them was that it would take a little longer for them to respond to me (than the quoted 5 days) "

We are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries and it is taking a little longer than expected to respond to emails.

Please bear with us as we are working hard to reduce our response time, whilst maintaining the high level of customer support you expect. Thank you for your patience."

This was almost 3 weeks ago...

So Delonghi's idea of high level of customer support appears to simply not have any contact with the customer at all.

I have sent a letter to their head office expressing my frustration with their company and surprise surprise, I have heard nothing back.

I have NEVER experienced such poor customer service from a company EVER.


Posted by Buster Bloodvessel

Missold an espresso maker.
I contacted deLonghi Customer Services to enquire the nearest equivalent current model to my old espresso coffee maker (EC152) which I needed to replace and was informed that the EC145 was identical apart from the facia colour and was assured that the crema filter device is the same on both models.

Acting on that advice I purchased a model EC145 from Argos.

I found that it does NOT have the crema filter device I specifically required, and as a consequence does not produce coffee with a good crema.

On complaining that I was given false information, the same Customer Experience Advisor replied that there is no such thing as a crema device!
Letters to the Customer Services Manager and the Director of Sales have had no response.

Posted by caffeinefreeinkanas

I sent my espresso unit for repair back in late January. It was just returned to me this past Saturday still not working properly with a new grinding sound and part of the unit broke off. Wow! Do yourself a favor and buy one from Jura as their customer service far exceeds Delonghi's. Will never buy another of their units.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never before encountered such dreadful service. My coffee machine went for repair in early December 2014. It was repaired & posted to me for delivery on 12th February but Parcelforce, apparently, has lost it. Can I get through to anyone to report my lost machine? Yesterday, I was on the phone for an hour and this morning at 9am when it went to 'We're currently busy'. Really? That busy this early? I'm still waiting.

Add your review!

Posted by Mox

Ok, i did made a review on my order to delonghi (previously not good) but now its good as i have already received my product which is working fine. Anyway just a recap, i ordered nov.7, then got an order number. After 36+ hours (yes that slow) i got an email from delonghi with a link to ups for my tracking number and finally i got my product (a $199 panel room heater) delivered on my door nov.15. note that i purchased it using delonghi canada website and im here in canada so no customs (that is a delay we cannot control) involved. I understand, they simply use regular shipping as its was a free shipping product and good thing UPS just dropped the item at my door (i was asleep) and when i checked the website of ups it says my thing is delivered on my door. Went out and there it is. Fedex/canadapost usually dont do this. They just give you a notice to get your stuff at their office which sucks because then you must drive there to get yours which defeats the purpose of free shipping.

Posted by I think Cary.

Got an expert from Delonghi to help me with a question I had with my machine they were friendly,knowledgable and helpful.

Posted by C.Lux

Some of the complaints on here are obviously from the same person. I'm sure many people have had real issues, but the dishonesty clearly ruins the credibility of legitimate complaints. I just had my eight month old delonghi espresso machine, that I purchased on amazon, replaced under warranty in short order. Didnt even have to pay to send the broken unit back. They simply had me cut the cord off and send it in a larger envelope. A few days later I received an email from a very courteous person named Nathan saying a new unit would arrive in 5-7 working days. Four days later I had a new machine. Just thought I'd share my experience since most people never post a comment when things go smoothly. I remember seeing this page when I was originally considering buying a delonghi machine and I'm glad I could see through the fake complaints because delonghi has been very attentive and accommodating to me. I'm not affiliated with them in any way.

Thanks, C.L.

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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for DeLonghi customer service, I can tell everyone that customer service does what they can. I remember having to explain that parts were on back order so many times, And the management never wanted to talk to customers.


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