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Days Inn customer service is ranked #696 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 1205 ratings. This score rates Days Inn customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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44 Positive Comments out of 1,205 Total Comments is 3.65%.

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    • 1,161 negative comments (96.35%)
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Posted by Tina

I would like to write about the Days Inn in Bridgeport WV,
I've stay at many hotels all over the US and I have to say this hotel is one of the best places I've ever stayed. My husband and I travel for work we stayed at this hotel over a total period of 4 months and I have to say the staff here goes above and beyond for us. They have the greatest manager in Housekeeping (Victoria) sweetest women always goes the distance to help with anything with the greatest attitude. Also the Front Desk Manager (Jerry) is very accommodating, and has helped me many times with bookings also going above and beyond for us with the best attitude.
I would like to say Ron at the front desk is pleasant very helpful as well. The following people I mentioned are the ones that deserve recognition all hotels should have a staff this amazing.

Posted by Dantly

This past weekend my family and I stayed at the Days Inn in Bordentown, NJ. We checked in Friday night and were assigned rooms 167 and 169. As I walked in 167 the room smelled like cat urine so bad I had to hold my breath. I propped the door open and went into room 169. Room 169 had a hole in the carpet and the chair was falling apart. We closed up the rooms and went out for a bit. When we returned the smell in 167 was so bad we went to the front desk. We requested a room change and they moved us up to 267 and 269. As we entered 269 it looked better but we didn't have a security lock on our door, our shower curtain had holes, the lights were falling off the walls, the sick was cracked, the comforters had holes in them, and the showerhead was loose. Room 267 had a toilet that didn't flush and a sink that didn't go down. We complained and they fixed it but then the tub wasn't doing down well, there were several bugs, our children found a lighter, there was a plate to electric wires that was cracked and the wires were exposed, and the neighbors on the other were loud and left shot glasses everywhere. The hotel was very run down and dated but the staff were very pleasant. Overall we had a horrible stay and are truly dissatisfied with our stay. We were not at all comfortable in our stay there.

Posted by Kathy

I made reservations for my grandson and fiance at Layfayette,IN for March 24. Upon ck in, paid cash, they found their roon to be very tiny(suppose to be queen) very dirty with hair all over bathroom sink and tub, Urine stains on stool and floor, bedding dirty and stiff with stains and crumbs in the bed, smelled of smoke even though non-smoking, and 1 towel for 2 guest. They returned to the desk, and ask for refund as this room was unexceptable, or to be moved. Staff would not do either. Staff stated a housekeeper had been fired for not doing her job. But offered no solution. They had to leave and got to different motel because they could not stand it. I feel a refund is at least in order. I have filed several complaints, and get no response from motel staff. this just gives all Days Inn a bad repretation, and I can assure you I will spread the word

Posted by Toni

Hello WHG a few weeks ago I emailed you a letter to you about my stay at one of your establishments Days Inn in Colorado Springs. I reported to you the conditions to which I stayed. There were guns, drugs, police/swat team and people who were begging me to pay for their room these couples were in the lobby and one of them were sleeping in a corner. There were people climbing in and out of the lower bedroom windows (they pushed out the screens and the Swat Team came to the hotel because a man had drugs and guns and jumped out of the second floor window would just like to say not only was I uncomfortable in staying there but I feel like I was being taken advantaged of by your establishment. I gave one of the employees there $10 for that refrigerator because I needed to keep my medications cold. I was promised many times that it worked as I kept complaining that I didn't think it did. The employees kept telling me it would take time to get cold, I feel asleep and in the morning the fridge was still warm and I didn't trust to take my medicine for my diabetic issues. I paid for that fridge and yes it was replaced the next day but by then it was too late.

I filed a complaint with BBB and this was their reply to me.. I feel like this was so unfair, uncaring, callus and cold of The Days Inn to do to me.

Thank you for listening to me.


I have enclosed my results from the BBB

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it concerns:
We recently stayed at the Days Inn in Destin Florida. Approximatly half the electrical equipment in the room was not working. The refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and a good number of the lights were not working. We were able to get maintenance to find us another coffee maker.
Probably what concerned me the most was an external speaker mounted on the television. I tried to remove it but it was securely glued to the television. I have owned any number of flat screen televisions and have never seen an external speaker plugged into the television. I can not imagine what use one would have for the speaker . I took a picture of the television and speaker setup and would love to have someone tell me why it is there.

Posted by Chanel

A grounds fee plus tax. Took our 59$ cost for 1 bed 1 nite to 87$. This was a motel in a small city near the projects. No grounds. No resort. No Days Inn. Glad I called 1st. Just needed to stop to rest till a.m. on long drive.Once I read reviews glad I stayed at a nicer motel near a casino in a beautiful area. Locked in price. Got conformation and email. Room was great for the sleep we needed. Never Will think of Days nor any related hospitality.

Posted by j

I have yet to call coperate but that is the first thing on my to do list. Days Inn Lancaster PA was one of the worst experiences my family ever had. we were charged multiple times for other rooms and after we called to complain they said there was nothing they could do to revese the charge because everyone had already checked out. I called my credit card company and told them to cancel the charge which I had notified the front desk rep/manager I would do since they were unable to cancel the charges. My credit card was reemburst and then the Days Inn decided the wanted to cahrge me again after I checked out for two rooms again. called back to ask why im being charged every manager said theres nothing they can do. To top it off I rented a ballroom space for my sons birthday party I emailed numerous times to confirm rooms and party with no response until 2 days before the event. I should of known we were off to a bad start. So we get the ballroom and the heat wasnt working the room was filthy. Now you think your going to get more money out of me for this horrible experience. I would not recomend this venue/hotel.

Posted by AJenkins

My family recently spent 3 days at Days Inn in Hawks prairie/Lacey, WA like we normally do when we are in the area; I must say it was the WORST experience we have ever had at this hotel to include the rudest management/ workers EVER out of all our stays there!! The 1st day house keeping brought us a vacuum and folded bed sheets to clean our own room. The second day we switched rooms to a bigger one and there were bed bugs along with used condoms in the microwave! When I called the manager all she could do was give me 10% off the next night and sent a house keeper to change sheets. The last day we were there one of the maintenance men made a very inappropriate comment to my wife and when we talked to the manager she called my wife a liar stating" he's normally a sweet person!" Then upon checkout the manager brought back dirty towels as the reason to keep our deposit stating they were "ruined" bc I cleaned up Gatorade my 2 yr old spilt and wiped up some wet cereal my 1 yr old made a mess with. Along with sheets my 1 year olds diaper leaked pee out of. The manager Breanna rudely stated "towels are only meant for drying off and not for cleaning up after my filthy kids!" Breanna also commented to a co worker loud enough for us to hear that she "cant stand white people who marry bc its degrading" behind where we were sitting waiting on the general manager to get there!!! I've never felt so discriminated and upset before! I will NEVER stay at Days Inn again knowing the general manager allowed the managers behavior with no repucutions towards a loyal paying customer !

Posted by Anonymous

It's been a week and I haven't heard back from anyone. I talked to someone about terrible service and rude behavior of the staff. The re# I was given

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam: I've stayed @ Days Inn in the past. The Lodging and Service has never been substandard. The following was observed/demonstrated:

1. Reception Desk phone wasn't answered/provided a voicemail bet 11 to 12 am.

2. Dead bold lock required several attempts to close completely.

3. No Dial tone, phone didn't work, unable to reach reception desk.

4. Clock face broken, didn't work.

5. White bed cover stained, appeared to be dried blood.

6. Dirty, burnt coffee pot bottom, unable to use.

7. Vinyl swivel chair dirty, unable to use.

9. One of two hangers broken, unable to hand clothes.

10. Tub, toilet, sink appeared 10+ years old, but functional.

11. Only ice maker in first floor hallway, sat in pool of water, and area smelled.

I requested assistance from Desk Clerk for washcloths, hangers; was told maintenance will help, and did not. I did not request another room, since curtains were open for other rooms. Other rooms appeared to be in the same shape.

A full refund - $55.07 for this Sub Standard Lodging and Poor Service is requested. DAYS INN - 601 Orange Avenue, Roanoke, Va.

Thank you in advance for your time, and consideration.



Posted by Anonymous

I am dissatisfied with my accomodations.
After a week now since making my reservations with the 1-800 corporate folks, I am dissatisfied with the hotel selection. Daily, I have called to beg for housekeeping issues and have been treated rudely and argumentatively by the front desk.
Today I feel I Have been treated the same by the Corporate CS rep.
I reserved a three week stay. I asked to be relocated to another hotel within the area, and was told this could not be done without management approval of the place I am staying

Very disappointed with this service.

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning,

I stayed in your hotel Days Inn -Southington this past Saturday night, August 19th. My confirmation # through was 75341985. The account . I was with three children.

I was VERY unhappy with the visit. When we tried to check in - there was no one at the front desk. A women was outside talking on her cell phone, and she FINALLY came in to check us in after a few minutes. (I was told her name was Nyla). She proceeded to stay on the cell phone the entire time while checking us in. I asked for a larger room, however she said the entire hotel was booked. I paid the additional money to have a cot brought to the room for my son.

When we got to the room, around 9:00PM, the room smelled like smoke and the walls were so thin that we heard everyone next door, including a crying baby. The outside of the refrigerator had dirty fingerprints all over it. The cot was brought and my son had to go back to the front desk FOUR TIMEs, because each component of the cot was sopping wet.

At 2:00AM - two men tried to use their key to get into our room. When they couldn't, they came back down the hall a few minute s later with Nyla who proceeded to OPEN our door in the middle of the night!! We were TERRIFED - she asked if we had reservations and I said it was SHE who checked us in a few hours before (if she wasn't on the cell phone perhaps she would have remembered).

After breakfast the next morning, our keys were deactivated when we tried to get back into the room to pack.

I was travelling with three children, but even if I was alone, I would have hoped a chain such as yours would care more about the comfort and especially SAFETY of it's visitors...

Wendy Alanko

Posted by Anonymous

We stayed at your hotel in Rockhill SC over the weekend and we had some very serious issues.

The first was our daughter woke up covered in bites I took her to the doctor when we returned home and they are bed bug bites all over her body. That is ridicules and UN called for.

Second the air did not work in our room it would only stay on for 2 mins then go off and you would have to mess with it to get it back on. The room stayed hot the whole time we was there I said something to the person at the desk but he wasn't too concerned. Said they would have it check how did that help us?

Third our room was on the back of the hotel I am not sure what you have going on in that hotel but I would not like my Daughter be outside without an Adult and she is 17 years old. There was people drinking all night, people in and out of the room next door all night and them standing outside our room yelling and making all kind of noises all night long.

Posted by Lynniect

When I first checked in, I was shown to room #214, which wasn't made up yet (4:30 PM). Then I was sent to #209, which faced a very steep incline at the road and had a lot of men working on this slope outside my window, pulling weeds and doing mulch & I was SO uncomfortable seeing this, Â

it seemed like they were looking right into my room! So- again I asked to switch rooms. Lolita told me there were absolutely none available. I told her I didn't believe her. We went back & forth like this for 15 min, with Lolita being aggravated at ME for asking for another room, . I suggested she just switch me to a room that wasn't checked into yet. She suddenly found room #202; After bringing in my luggage and my dog to this second room, I went out to dinner & went into the hotel bathroom for the first time when I came back about 10::00. To my disgust I saw the filthy bathroom. There were spills down the walls, a dirty tile floor and really filthy tile baseboards & tub, and a plastic floss stick on the floor next to the garbage can which was NOT mine! The corner of the hall where you came into my room was never vacuumed, and covered in dirt and dead bugs!! In the morning I called the front desk & asked Lolita to come look at the room...Wanda came to my room to see it.. She was visibly both disgusted and embarrassed in witnessing how dirty the room, bed & bathroom were. There was litter under the bedclothes on one bed - obviously those sheets were not changed, so I shudder to think when the sheets were last changed in that other bed I slept in ?! About 45 minutes after Wanda went back to the front desk Lolita came up with a key to Room #218, and tried to quickly leave without looking at the bathroom as I had asked her to do. I insisted she come to see for herself that I wasn't making this up & after barely/quickly looking she just said (without even looking me in the eye) "go to room #218". Once again I repacked my and my dog's things, and it took several trips for me to move from #202 to #218 and unpack again. The room itself was cleaner inside, but still a very dirty tub, tile floor and especially filthy tile baseboards. What is it with these bathrooms? Why don't they get scrubbed clean? The bathroom walls in BOTH 202 & 218 had spills down them, as if 1/2-full coffee cups were thrown towards the waste basket...but the spills were never cleaned up! I have never stayed at such a dirty place in my life and I wasted a $200 Travelocity credit to stay there, as I had already purchased tickets to two nights' events in Scranton.Â

I'm a handicapped senior, and was traveling with my dog. Having to unpack, repack and move all of my luggage AND my dog from one room to another caused me an awful lot of stress, which caused an increase in my (chronic) pain level. This was all a terrible experience for me. Â

Seriously, I think Travelocity should drop this hotel from their listing. Not only is the inside dirty, but the outside was full of high weeds growing up around the front and sides of the building - like a place that was out of business. The doors and windows are all covered in prints & spills -- doesn't anyone even check this sort of thing here? I had to come into the side door at night after coming back from the events because I have a handicap placard and need to park as close as I can to the door - and it was pitch black out there...NO lights at all, which was very scary for this elder, handicapped woman !

I have taken quite a few photos on my cell phone, if you would be interested in seeing them. The ones without the room key are room #202, and I held up the key to room #218 to show which room that was.Â

Lynn Traverse

Posted by Spell Dog Backwards and educate

Days Inn LOUSEY Corporation.....Refuse to be SERVICE DOG FRIENDLY! This corporation just took over the COMFORT INN, IN PRESCOTT ARIZONA. Always our choice of a nice friendly place to stay and welcomed us many times!.....not any more, when we were told, no dogs welcome of any kind, because its now a DAYS INN!! WHAT, A registered service dog for a handicap person REFUSED. Lets see if you put this in your coments!! I dought it. Thumbs down to all your affiliates! BOOOO!!

Posted by pissedoff

My husband stayed one night 07/24/2014-07/25/2017 at the Days Inn in Espanola, NM for work. He checked out in a rush to get to work and left his wedding ring and his bracelet on the bed. When he realized he left these items he called the hotel and they didn't find anything when they went to the room. When he told me I called the hotel and she said they found his bracelet but not the (very expensive/ still paying on) wedding ring, that was sitting inside of the bracelet when he took it off. I asked for the number to the owner, corporate, and the district manager and she told me, "I will go and personally go look and even move the mattresses to try to find it. I will also have the maid go through the vacuum bag to see if it got sucked up and will call you back. I left mine and my husbands cell number. Well here I am 3 hours later and never heard back. I tried calling to get an update and the phone just rang and rang for over 2min. I'm at work and got a customer, so I had to hang up. My husband also tried calling several times during the 3 hours trying to get an update. He got ahold of the same lady that we both talked to before and told her we wanted the information for corporate, etc... We still didn't get the numbers we asked for and she didn't seem to care and know isn't answering our calls. we got the local police involved and now are waiting to here back from them.

Posted by KaraHatesYou









Called customer service line twice, sent three emails, it is very obvious that no one at this company cares. I will never ever ever again stay at a Days Inn or any Wyndham property. And I will continue to post bad reviews on every site I. An dibs to help others avoid this company in the future.

If a staff member of the Days Inn Historic Charleston, SC or any staff representative of the customer service line in Indianapolis was on fire, I wouldn't put them out.

Posted by TA

Checking into this hotel got my key went to the room as soon as I opened the door room 228 there was a horrible smell open the door never even walked in... from the door way you could see the bed it was broke, one side up to the height it should be the other side on the floor... but yet the bed was made. so there was an employee in this room because they took the time to make the bed but did not do anything about the bed being broke, and the let me rent this room. I went right back to the desk and said NO I will not be staying here the girl at the desk was not surprised at all when I told her about the room all she said was O really ok I will cancel your room. This was on 6/27/2017... But of course got my credit card bill today No charge for the room on 6/27/17... but there is a charge for the room on 7/6/2017 I have called twice and the manager Dennis still has not called me back regarding these charges.

Posted by Anonymous

Just completed a stay at the Days Inn Englewood located at 9719 East Geddes Ave. My stay was on 7/10/17 and 7/11/17. Walking into this motel there is a weird smell, like something spoiled. The smell increases in the elevator. I arrived at room 208 and was over powered by the smell of cirigette smoke. It was late at night and I thought I would tough it out. What a mistake, the smell only got worse during the night. The next night I requested a room change and was given room 306. The air conditioning didn't work. The desk reassigned me to room 118. This room looks like something from a third world country. The carpet is heavy stained and looks gross to walk on. The lights are dim and upon looking at them they have a nasty brown stain. The Sheetrock is rotted about one inch from the floor in the bathroom and has heavy brown mold growing. The smoke detector is missing and wires hang out the wall where it once was. The bed is liking sleeping on an old down pillow with multiple things sticking you all through the night.
This room win as the worst I have ever seen. Days Inn should be ashamed to have their name on this motel

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I recently stayed at the Days Inn Hotel in Port Orchard, WA. Since Port Orchard is my home town, we always stay there when visiting. However, this trip/stay was different. There were dogs everywhere -large,small,leashed,unleashed. Apparently the policy is 2 dogs max per room with each weighing no more than 50lbs. No problem, we have a dog but we do kennel her as we don't travel with pets. One night, as I was walking back to my room located at the end of the hall on the first level, I was stopped cold as a dog (I'm guessing an Australian sheepdog, 40-50lbs) came out of a room, lunged at me, growling, barking, in full attack mode. It was leashed HOWEVER the owner had a hard time pulling it back. A second dog of same size came bounding out of the room unleashed and ran down the hall. Again, I have no problems with dogs BUT the dog policy if in fact this is a companywide policy needs to be looked at and changed to ONE DOG per room and leashed at all times. THERE NEEDS TO BE A SECTION OF EACH HOTEL DEDICATED TO GUESTS WITH PETS. The rest of the hotel kept pet free for guests without pets. WE DO NOT NEED TO BE WORRYING ABOUT BEING INJURED BY SOMEONE'S DOG WHILE STAYING AT YOUR HOTELS. And those guests with pet dander allergies shouldn't have to worry about being put into a room that previously had pets in it. You can't clean a room deep enough to get rid of any hair, scent, anything pet and the cleaners don't spend that much time as it is cleaning the rooms for the next guests. Hopefully the pet charge per night is high enough for owners to reconsider bringing them.


Posted by mamaerwin561

Worst hotel I have ever been to the pool was green and dirty grass over grown brown and dog poop and garbage every were they said they had fridge and microwave when asked for them because it wasnt in room they said they cant find any and were very rude.

Posted by Debbie

I stayed 2 days at Days Inn in Bend Oregon. First it was false advertisement online what they have in the rooms. Second I asked housekeeping not to clean my room. They cleaned it anyway and low and behold they took money and my medical machine. Management said the money was taking because they thought it was a tip and housekeeping never saw my medical machine. Don't stay here!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had the utmost disappointing and most horrible experience with Days Inn Hotel Savannah, located at 1695 Pickwick Road, Savannah, TN. 38372. I was issued room 111 containing a double bed. The one particular bed I rolled back the covers to enter in had at least three (3) bright red blood spots on the sheet and the sheet appeared wrinkled and to have not been changed out from the previous occupant.

Posted by Anonymous

My family stayed this past weekend in your hotel. It was booked through Hotels Corp through a times share package with West Gate Villas. I don't mind staying in a hotel that isn't updated, but cleanliness is important and is a must. I am appalled on how unkempt and filthy our room was. I have never experienced staying in a room this dirty. The rug was so dirty and stained that within a few minutes my kids feet were black. It looks like that rug has not been shampooed or vacuumed in years. The bathroom was dirty all the way from the light fixture to the shower. There was no pride taken to try to make this room look nice. The paint job was a quick mess of a job. Paint dripped every where from the door to the bathroom to the floor molding to the back of the bathroom door hook and so on. There was also mold and the WI-FI didn't work.
My first bad experience before I got to the room was checking in which took 20 minutes. It was late and I had 2 little kids screaming in the car. Someone was complaining about how they were double charged and also charged the wrong price that they were quoted originally over the phone. Then, when I was checking out someone else was complaining about their room not being cleaned and had no towels. Carlos started checking me out was trying to tell me I wasn't supposed to check out until April 4th. I showed him my confirmation paper and he went on to telling me how sometimes guest services changes the date. I was like what?! That doesn't even make sense and why would they just do that?! It does not seem like people are having a good experience or stay at your hotel.
I hope you can really look into these issues and make some changes for future people staying there. Hopefully they can have a much better experience and cleaner experience than we had. As far as I'm concerned, the whole hotel needs to be gutted and redone. This room is a health hazard and I will never recommend this place to anyone. I already sent an email to the general manager of this location, Danielle Butler

Posted by April

I rented a room-notified them after check in there was no heat in the room. Was told maintenance would come fix the problem. We fell asleep while waiting for them to show. At 4 am we awoke and began calling them to complain and ask for someone to come fix it. It took multiple calls and no one showed up until after 5 am. Maintenance showed and told us the management was aware the heat in room did not work and it could not be fixed. He showed back up @5:22 am with 2 blankets. We went to the desk to complain at 6 am. We were told nothing could be done and our money would not be refunded. We were not offered a different room and the desk clerk Emanuel refused to refund our money.He said the hotel had a problem with their maintenance staff and could not offer an explanation as to why no one originally showed up after our first request. He told us the manager would call us after 9 am. No one called. We had to leave and sleep at the airport in order to be somewhere with heat. I called and left a message and no one returned our call.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it many concert:

My mother and father in law stayed at the Days Inn Downtown Rochester: 6 First Avenue,NW Rochester,MN 55901. The first thing is the elevator carpet was dirty. But the room was clean and the the cleaning crew did keep up with towels and soap. Now the downstair bathroom was dirty. But other then that everything was good.

Posted by patterson

really enjoyed my stay the staff was very polite and helpful. they have the softest beds and pillows..

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I were guest last year for his family reunion stayed in a room near the lobby no problems this year in room disappointed roaches slow drainage in tub and sink damage bedding soiled mattress no microwave or refrigerator and we checked in on 7/1 check out 7/3 I called desk twice to request someone spray and fix drainage

Posted by Zack rathel

In Wellington Colorado a man named Rueben is one of your best.he was helpful and give him a raise.Nice man

Posted by Andrew

We were involved in a car accident on 12/28/15 had to be taken to hospital to be checked out. It was icing conditions and the vechile we were in was a total loss. Stayed at your hotel in butler missouri. We were without any dought treated with care, respect and shown total hospitality. The manager and staff went out of their way to help us out.

Posted by Anonymous

My grown son and I just traveled through southern Oregon and northern California. We stayed overnight the Days Inn in Klamath Falls, Oregon earlier this month. The room was very nice as was the staff. This was my first stay in a Days Inn and I will definitely look up Days Inns in other US cities when I travel.

Posted by Anonymous

My son and I recently stayed at your Days Inn in Green Bay,WI and someone high up in the corporate world should know that Patrick(my guess is he is the owner and/or manager) is one of the finest in the service industry that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Posted by layla

My husband and I stayed at the days inn in bernalillo, nm and the housekeeping people were very friendly and kind. We ran into some problems, there was a lady by the name of Adrianna who I believe was the supervisor, she was very rude and disrespectful. She was Also very rude to her workers. Other than that our visit was good the rooms were clean. A lady by the name of Lorena was very kind to us and gave us extra towels and everything else we needed she assisted us with everything we needed.

Posted by Anonymous

Zain from Days Inn on 1606 Central Ave Albany NY by airport was very helpful. I was shocked that housekeeping at almost 4:30 had no reported all rooms were cleaned. He put me in a room that had two queens but I am alone and wanted one bed.

He was so nice at the desk and I walked into room 119 but the coffee maker was in box, no phone, rug was dirty and smell of cleaning chemicals was overwhelming. I hate to complain but did not want that room.

He wrote a note to manager about the condition of the room and lack of housekeeping, apologizing and switched my room; walking me to the new room! He was so caring and helpful and made sure I was OK!

Thank you Zain; a nice young man and deserves recognition for his service.


Posted by Anonymous

We have been staying at the Days Inn in Kinder, LA. The staff is extremely nice and helpful there. We had an issue and Kimberly, the G.M. helped us and worked it all out with us. They have treated us really nice and we appreciate what all they have done for us.

Posted by mad_at_daysinn

The hotel in Kinder, LA is the most unorganized hotel I have ever stayed at. They are filthy and run down. The General Manager doesn't seem to know what she is doing. The halls are littered with trash, they don't come and vacuum stay over rooms or even clean them. On a good note, the breakfast area is always clean and Miss Carla is a great front desk clerk. She is always so helpful and nice to the customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Very good experience at Days Inn Alta Vista VA- staff very helpful, food good, clean building

Posted by Anonymous

Can I just pass on my thanks to Jenny on your reception at derby. She is everything you need at front if house. Professional, friendly and a great personality and helpful in anything you need. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude it's greatly appreciated.

Posted by goney316

I recently had occasion to stay in Days Inn in two different locations. My first stay was in Pearl Mississippi in April of this year. The facility was very clean and I had a pleasant and restful stay. The complimentary breakfast was excellent.


To Whom It May Concern I Started Off My Day Great Until I Decovered I Had Miss Place My Phone. I Looked All Around The Days Inn Located At Archdale N.c.
I Ask Marilyn The Front Desk Clerk Had She Seen A Phnoe Around Or Had Anyone Turned One In The Answer Was No And Advised Me To Ask The Maid-raquel To Help Me Look For It Which She Did She Even Let Me Use Her Phone To Call My Phone, Still No Phone; So I Used The Off Computer To Locate My Iphone And It Did And My Phone Vibrated It Had Slipped Deep Down Into A Hole Inside My Hand Bag. So I Am So Please To Know That There Are Still Good Honest People In The World That Is Willing To Help A Stranger-god Bless Them
In My Book I Will All Ways Come Back And Stay Here For This Reason And The Cleaniness. Thank You John And Ernestin Dowling

Posted by Laura A pippin

I stayed at Days Inn in Bozeman .MT. I am very impressed and felt very spoiled there. The staff was fantastic. I really loved the pool and the hot tub was amazing. They have a sauna and exercise room also. Over all my stay was fantastic and I would recommend Days Inn to anyone. Laura A p.

Posted by ell

80/90 holly head road coventry i never felt so embarresed for someone else poor young polish girl trying to be helpfull gets a roasting of some asian guy who was just rude to me and horrible to her felt like punching his head in and turns out she was in the right as well meant to be staying there again in a couple of weeks got lots of work in cov so might just go somwere else.

Posted by tipped

Days inn was wonderful my friend had a baby while here and the company did all they could to help with the fact we weren't here for two days and i paid for them and they world very hard at covering the expensive nature of the problem. since it was none of there problem that we had a baby on the trip. thanks very much days inn. tiffany

Posted by blakesusan02

I just returned to California after staying four days at the Days Inn in Port Jervis, New York. Although the place looks a little worn-down and shabby--both inside and out--the microwaves and fridges; the a/c is powerful, and there's a small bar located within the premises. Also, there's a small strip mall literally right behind the hotel, with an excellent liquor store, inexpensive supermarket, TJ Maxx, and nail salon, among others. It's the staff at this hotel which is so great, however--very friendly, helpful, and accommodating, from the housekeepers to the desk staff. I have stayed at luxury resorts and received similar--but not superior--service. It's rather run-down, but the price, the location, and the staff make it a terrific deal if one doesn't mind orange, 1970's bedspreads that look as though they might be used for DNA evidence on any given day.


I couldnt find a site to let me post how wonderful my visit was to the Days Inn Bridgeview this past week.We met a wonderful employee Anthony Powell who is exceptional.Folks from the south know a thing or two about hospitality but this hotel and staff put it in capital letters.I so enjoyed evryone I even invited friends to come and stay and the got a room there also.Great Hotel.

Posted by Anonymous

Had to go to Scripps hospital in La Jolla, Ca. I called Days Inn Encinitas 3 times to confirm there was a hot breakfast...3 times! I was told yes yes yes. This was important due to the early times we needed to be at the hospital.
We got there, there was no hot breakfast. Just cold pastry.
The ac did not blow. I reported it several times during the week we were there. No repair was made.
However, the staff were very pleasant.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I recently stayed at Days Inn Fargo, ND. Accommodations were top quality in all categories. We especially wish to thank manager Levi for his over-and-beyond assistance in rearranging our travel plans into Canada at the time of checkout. His help was friendly, caring, and much appreciated. AS from PA

Posted by Anonymous

Friday June 7 I arrived in Gresham, Oregon to stay at the Days Inn there. Arriving via a back road I became lost so I called the Days Inn for directions. I have become aware that many employees have NO-ZERO clue where they are, how to give directions and haven't the faintest clue to life in general.
Savannah was a savior. She answered the phone professionally, asked a few questions about where I was and knew by discription where I was and how to get me to the motel. WOW!!! Big points right off the bat!!
Her directions were spot on and I arrived to the Days Inn in mere minutes. But there was a problem. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't have good news. The room I had reserved ONLINE was actually at an other Days Inn. She said this happens all the time with ONLINE reservations because there is a Days Inn that is in Gresham, Oregon and another in Portland/Gresham. Go figure. She was on the phone immediately, confirmed the reservation at the other motel and knew that she could not transfer the reservation to her Days Inn. She know what to do, how to do it and still handled herself professionally the entire time.

Needless to say I was very impressed.

Posted by Anonymous

Stayed two nights in Thomaston,Ga. Room was very clean and the hotel manager was very helpful. Will stay again when in the area.Very enjoyable stay at Days Inn..dw

Posted by Anonymous

The Days Inn in Bridgewater (1260 US Highway 22 East, Bridgewater NJ) is consistent in one regard. Failure. The housekeeping is sub-par with complaints ranging between housekeepers failing to leave towels all the way up to failing to clean whole rooms. The housekeeping manager is rude and antisocial (Oksana is her name) and berates not only guests but front desk and housekeepers alike. In one wing of the hotel, the 700 numbers, rooms are loaded with mold, smell like they've never been cleaned. Furniture throughout the hotel is old and stained. The Front desk personnel are lackluster with the exception of Ashley and Michele. The breakfast is average featuring nothing hot except the coffee or tea. One would hope it is scheduled for a renovation and some major repairs to it's leaky roofs, moldy rooms, and wet carpets.

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Posted by Anonymous

The days inn on u.s.1 in ormond beach is a filthy,bedbug riden place the pool is missing tiles on the. Steps and plaster is broken leaving sharp edges to cut. yourself on.never the less. My wife got. employed their as a housekeeper. They would not let her have breaks or lunch

Posted by Waiting4W2

I am a former employee of a Days Inn and Suites. Truth be told, I wish I never stepped foot in the hotel much less accepted a job there. The work was fun...the guests great....the management not so much....They did not allow breaks for evening and night staff as we worked by ourselves and the desk needed to be covered at all times. No benefits...not even direct deposit...much less healthcare...So to make a long story short I had to find other employment. I gave a 3 week notice. I talked with my GM about mailing me my last check so I didn't have to come in to pick it up....she agreed. My last day with about 5 minutes left to go on my shift, My GM comes in and starts yelling and swearing at me telling me what a bad person I am and so forth....I left the hotel....she then proceeded to text me and call me to continue her verbal tirade. forward....12 days past due I had still not received my last check in the mail. I called corporate...corporate was very helpful although I was redirected and redirected and redirected to several different people to finally be able to reach the right person. Shortly after my final call to corporate, my GM called me and said that she was never trying to withhold my check, it is there at the hotel waiting for me to pick up...but I needed to make arrangements with her because she needed to be the one giving me my check. So we made arrangements. I was there on time but when I got there the head housekeeper was sitting at the desk and proceeded to tell me that the GM wasn't there...she stepped out and didn't know when she would be back...but she would go check and see if she could find her. As she left the desk area I noticed her reflection in the glass encased security board and that indeed the GM was there hiding behind a set of storage cabinets, crouched down, laughing because of the inconvenience she thought she was causing me. I called her out on it...told her I could see her. Now fast forward again. January 31 has come and gone and still no W2 ' here we go again. I am so fed up with Days Inn....I would never step foot in one again....let alone recommend someone else staying at one....and as for anyone thinking that they might want to work for Days Inn....STEER CLEAR!!!!!!! I have never been jacked around like this before....It is ridiculous!!!!!

Posted by Chocolate chip

I have worked a four different hotel in my life, I recently worked at days inn in portage mi, it's the grosses place ever .. It's never any cleaning supplies, the change the sheets in the room every THREE days, the reuse towels if they don't "LOOK" dirty .. They have an upstairs but the elevator had been broken since I before I started working there .. Guest have to carry all their belongings up the stairs.. He made his HK staff work all three major holidays with out the proper pay, which is clearly posted on a wall in the office .. I don't understand how place like that is allowed to stay open .. So one really should do a surprise expect ion on that place .. And if your going to be staying in kalamazoo or portage mi please do yourself a favor and DONT stay there ..

Posted by Clampet4

If you like excitement then the Days Inn in Kent WA is the place for you. Drug deals, prostitution, drunken brawls, parties, mayhem and foolishness at all hours of the night.
Hotel staff who could care less and an executive housekeeper who had her nose in everyones business. The housekeepers look unkempt in their torn, faded, dirty smocks and barely could speak any English so getting things for your room was nearly impossible. Breakfast if you could call it that was awful. Beverages in dirty containers, muffins were gross. Rooms had dirty carpets, dirty walls, burn marks in the carpet.
With as many times we have seen the police here I'm shocked that this place hasnt been shut down.

Posted by 555american

The days inn i work at in pa sucks.The owner bhupinder singh takes cash that people pay and puts it right in his pocket, doesnt put it in computer so that days inn corporate or the irs never knows about it.He pockets thousands of dollars a week.He is not fair with his employees treats them like dirt. His wife gets a pay check every two weeks and she dont even work there at all, thats not right or fair we get paid 8 dollars a hour,and thats why we will never get a raise because she gets a pay check.I hope so bad that some one will read this from corporate and do something about it please it is not fair, Days inn is suppose to be a great and fun place to work. You want your employees to be proud that they work at a days inn but we are not its time to make a change.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for a Days Inn, I'm not a happy employee. I am treated unfairly and rudely by the manager and the owner never is around. This hotel is a joke and feel that going from 30 hours a week to 8 hours a week is a little unnecessary! I am a single mother, 8 hours a week at $8 an hour will not feed my child nor put a roof over their head! Every guest i check in or check out seems to have a problem with our manager, as well as most of the employees have a problem too. our hot tub is boarded over because they dont want to have a lift put in and are eliminating it altogether, which i get to hear people complain about to. there is nothing i can do and i get the customer attitude for it. not fair. you should really take some initiative to inspect all of your hotels and make sure the employees are treated fairly. we are not slaves, we are your co-workers.

Posted by Realistic

I worked for a Days Inn in Bridgewater New Jersey and I can tell you this is no gem. The furniture is old and stained. The beds old and need replacing. Bedbugs, roof leaks, wet carpets, doors with hinges that do not work properly, electrical hazards (in several rooms, the leaks from the roof drop into lamps), and the houskeeping is average. Many times towels are forgotten leaving the guest no towels. Sometimes rooms are skipped, left unclean. The front desk staff is unremarkable except for Ashley and Michele who do their jobs above and beyond. The whole hotel needs renovation and repairs. The Wi-Fi is horrible and the bandwidth is not good enough. The cable television selections are limited. The Sports Bar that's there is only open three nights a week, none of them being sunday. Raises for the staff are unheard of. Days Inn would do well to drop this one at the first opportunity. It is apparent the owners do not care about this property, only about the money it brings in.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Days Inn employee have been for 6 years now. Anyways went to take a trip called made reservations and all that good stuff in Port Huron, Michigan. The guy at the desk tried to tell me cause i was an employyee i get charged by guest, and he was changing the rate. He countined to argue with me I said just give me my room (yes, a couple swear words). He told me that I am a days inn employee and that i am not to act like that, well guy If you dont broadcast it nobody would know. I will not stay at this hotel again. Oh, i was told by the manager I didnt have to Pay deposit and the guy at the front said i did and then argued about it.

Posted by Unknown

I work at a Days Inn and I am here to tell everyone a secret. If they arent American owned dont stay. The one I work at sucks real bad. These freaks dont give a POO about nobody but their selfs. I am astouded by what satys in these dumps. By the way we have had alot of problems with bed bugs. Please people stay where Americans are working and own. We dont enough jobs for the Americans and so we need help to get this going. Dont stay where dot people run it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Well I work for a Days Inn and working here has really opened my eyes to see how disgusting it is. Biggest concern.... Well i would have to say the mattresses that my boss has not replaced since he took over this establishment years ago. I would say it's at least 4 years. I'm not really up to date on how often mattresses should be changed but when I get one out of ten guest complaining about bed bugs I think it's time to get some new mattresses. Rooms should be closed down or out of order when a problem like this arises. They should also be put off market when there is mold growing in the bathrooms floor cracks from the over spill of clogged toilets or a dripping pipe. Another rule that I am also aware of is that guest should have some sort of cups in the rooms, well aren't they supposed to be sealed? Yes the answer is yes, yet they don't really seem to care all that much here for christ sake we don't even have a manager. So if you have a problem at this hotel you can put your name on the list to get to talk to the boss. I figure it'll be a couple weeks before he gets to you. We never are stocked up fully on breakfast items, so I advise people that are wanting a breakfast at a Days Inn to really only stay on the weekends thats really the only time they have everything in stock. I would know this because I work as the person that has to restock these items and until recently i was only working on the weekends. Little did I know that once I started the night shift on the weekdays that I would have little food items to work with. so with all that being said I post this up for the people that want to stay at one. I advise you not to do so. I know that Days Inn is a franchise and most of them are independently owned so there's not much that one can do. I ask you all... Do you really want to stay at a place that has a reputation of cutting corners sometimes even fail health inspections? Chose a different one because most likely you will not get what you paid for. If you want the same quality that you would get at a Days Inn but for a fraction of the price I suggest getting the roach motel down the road from Days Inn. Most likely they will have one or two around. This name brand establishment will just let you down.

Posted by deskclerk

Days Inn Pigeon Forge Tennessee, I was an employee until today 10-11-2010. This Days Inn has mold in the rooms, leaking roof, leaking plumping, rooms that smell like cat pee, cracked walls, stained walls, floors, stained carpets beds with blood on the blankets and sheets down to the pad. Rollways tied up with plastic bags, insects in the rooms, stained bath towels and washcloths, stained sheets and pillowcases. Guest adult stuff left in the beds, under the beds and in rooms. They have Mexican families cleaning the rooms. If you can call it that. The owners are from India. All complaints go directly to how these people live theirs life. The manager is white but not any better than the owners. If we had a real health inspector in Pigeon Forge this Days Inn would be shut down if nothing else for the mold that is growing. Days Inn Corporate knows of the condition of this Days Inn. Americans cant complain because they support these people with their money. But who cares right?


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