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Danby customer service is ranked #332 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 37.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 24 ratings. This score rates Danby customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


22 Negative Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 91.67%.


2 Positive Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 8.33%.

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    • 22 negative comments (91.67%)
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Posted by John

I purchased a new dehumidifier from Home Depot in Oshawa Ont. Can. on Feb 22nd 2018 and have tried three times to register it on your registration form but it will not except the full numbers either on the model or the serial numbers. Model #

this has been EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING as I would like to have it registered in case something goes wrong.I have even tried to phone but the number listed 1when dialed doesn't ring through.

I am hoping this isn't an example of you service and warranty

Posted by Exncite

Won't connect due to the "national holiday". This August 7. There is no national holiday.

Posted by MKerb

Bought a defective microwave from them - could still be used, but door wouldn't open when you pushed the button. I sent them everything they needed, but never heard back. After 2 months, I called them to check on it, and everything was processed, they just never called me.
They said they'd send a replacement if I sent them pics of myself cutting the electrical cord. They didn't care when I told them it would be inconvenient to be without a microwave for 2 weeks. "It's process." I spoke to a supervisor and suggested at least 5 alternatives but they wouldn't budge. I told them my service had been so poor that I'd probably never buy another Danby product. They said they'd note my file.

Buying a defective product is one thing - that happens. But poor service is quite another.

Posted by dan

poor customer service, you wait for an hour on the phone no one answers, you press star for a customer call back, no one gets back to you. still waiting and a month later still calling but not return call backs. Do they exist? Radio silence. I can't grade the other stuff cause I can't get ahold of them...

Posted by Anonymous

i purchased a dishwasher through home depot that was ordered directly from Danby, upon receiving the unit the box had been previously opened most of the parts were missing, the dishwasher calls for salt which is impossible to find, the unit was way over priced for an out dated machine....

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad experience with a kegerator that stopped cooling sufficiently after 5 months. I got the runaround from them about getting a refund, and eventually gave up.

Posted by HighSchoolBuyer1

I purchased a 4.3 CF refrigerator for our science lab last July 2014 and completed all warranty paperwork. The thing stopped working in March 2015 - still under warranty. I've called, received various instructions, emailed, faxed and mailed all requested documents multiple times and as of today - October, 2015, the dead fridge is still in the science lab and there is no replacement. No one responds when you send the info or material they request.
I called again today and the customer service rep literally answered the phone saying, "Oh, shithead!"
I will never order any product from them again. I've wasted so much time on this, and I believe hell will freeze over before they send us a unit that cools.

Posted by C_Mac

I purchased a Danby small bar fridge, which we set-up in February and had it break down in may, so it lasted for a total of 3.5 months. We called in to the warranty line and they informed me that they would be happy to issue a refund if I provided them with 4 photos of the unit and the receipt. I sent in the pictures at the start of June, a month later I emailed back as I hadn't received my cheque yet. I was told the file I sent was to big, because their was pictures on it (which they asked for) and could I send it in 4 separate emails with a picture on each. I did this, got an email back saying that they were busy and would get back to me in a few days. I then waited, again nothing. Finally I called back and was told none of my emails went through, as their fire wall doesn't allow files with pictures to go through...then why did you ask me to email you pictures!?! The customer service rep gave me her corporate email, which has a different firewall, and asked me to send it there. I finally got a response saying that my cheque was being issued, and it would take 4 weeks to arrive in the mail. Today I emailed back after 4 weeks to let them know I still haven't received my cheque. This has been on going since May that I am waiting on compensation for their product that broke down after 3 months of use. Worst customer service ever.

Posted by Ninja

I have a freezer I bought less than a year ago from Home Depot in Peterborough Ontario Canada
the in-store warranty is up.

I registered the freezer when I bought it and the freezer manual say I have a 2 years factory warranty.

My wife had contacted your customer service via telephone, after a large hassle the agent finally gave her instruction on a refund procedure.

My question is the procedure sound quite shady and I don't understand, why you would do it that way?

The instructions were

!. Send us a copy of the receipt.

2. Cut the power cord and take a picture of the cut cord.

3. Take a picture of the barcode on the back of the unit.

4. Peel off the barcode and take a picture of the barcode itself.

I'm not doing any
of the above there no reason you can not send a repair technician to fix the freezer or at least re-in burse me for repair price.

Posted by Didneylandgolf

Hardest company to deal with!!! I bought my 78 year old mother a deep freeze from walmart last march and it stopped working, I called the service dept for Danby and they came out to have a look and deemed it unrepairable and said they would order a new one, 2 weeks went by and still no news I called the repair place and they told me to contact Dandy direct, so I did and phone call after phone call after phone call every time left my number and a month later still no return call even wrote them e-mails and still haven't received any return e-mails, How does one deal with this kind of crap time after time, so the next stage is to go to the press to let everyone know what kind of crap service you get from Danby and to tell them to buy from a better company,

Posted by KMG

I purchased a Danby “fridge-only” three years ago. Just past the warranty (plus VISA extension of the warranty) the fridge broke down. It was checked by a certified repair man and deemed it unrepairable.
I contacted Danby. I realized that I was out of the warranty window, but I wanted to see if there could be any negotiation of some level of recompense. My first line of contact was with an agent who kept saying how “unusual” the mechanical fault was and how “unfortunate” my situation was (!).

I laid out to Danby what my financial loss was (cost of their machine, cost of the repairman visit, cost of a replacement fridge). I know the warranty states but I think it unreasonable for a company to think that any consumer goes into the purchase of a major appliance accepting only a 3 year life; none of my other, various appliances has ever conked out before a more reasonable lifespan (and I have many as I have several suites). If Danby had made ANY compensatory move I would have been satisfied with the ‘unfortunate and unusual” bad luck I had had. Foolishly, I had hoped that Danby will consider its long-term reputation and will do the right thing by me. Pretty well any token, partial, financial reimbursement would have gone a long way to keeping me a satisfied customer. What a disgraceful company!

Posted by chandra

i called today customer serice to getinf abt neares service center. However, both times CSR hanged up . I did not get any inf. I changed my mind about buying a dehumidifier because of this bad response

Posted by Anonymous

I been trying to get hold of customer service for today and on hold for hours.Think you need to fix the problem .i will not buy anything els from Dany.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer support dept must not be staffed 9-2-2014 no one answers after one hour on hold - call backs get busy signal, makes me wonder if a Danby product is the right choice for me.

Posted by DJ

Dealing with this file has shown me how bad Danby Customer Service is. I bought a fridge that is, as the Customer Service person has said, a lemon. From the 1st day of operation it has not worked properly. The Warranty says service within 100 km of service shop. I live ona small Island that is a 10 minute boat ride and within 10 km of a service shop. The only option that I am given is to arrange for the fridge to be shipped back at my expense to the dealer that sold it to me for a replacement. With the cost of getting the fridge here this will more than double the cost of the item. Customer Service person told me that the warranty doesn't apply to service that requires the crossing of water. This is not stated in the Warranty Policy either in the material that came with the product or on the Danby website Some service and a pretty worthless warranty when a customer gets stuck with a lemon

Posted by Anonymous

Took over a month to get a replacement of a broken dehumidifier under warranty. Customer service ranged from unhelpful to incredibly rude (implied that the customer frequently lies) and required a lot of hoop-jumping just to get a repaired or replaced product. I will never buy a Danby product again.

Posted by EcoSciFi

Just got a Danby model DDW611WLED as a gift after the same model from
EdgeStar stopped draining and cost me half it's original value to
repair before the warranty expired. The EdgeStar dishwasher had the
same problem again after the warrenty ended. I live in the country and
the technician I paid to fix it the first time is gone. I gave the
first dishwaher to a friend who said he would try to fix it, but threw
it away instead. So, without consulting me he bought the same lame
model from Danby. I just called your worthless customer service line
twice. I had hoped I could at least talk to a technician. Instead, I
was first given instructions for adding water softening salts to a
model I do not have. Then, I was told to return the product and buy
that aforementioned newer model. I explained that I am actually
recovering from a traumatic brain injury I suffered in a bicycle
accident and generally only leave the house once every four days for
supplies. Neither of your customer service phone answerers could care
less. I was hung up on twice. I will tell everyone on any site I can
find that Danby is even worse than EdgeStar, which I did not imagine
possible and had actually hoped would not be the case. I had hoped
this company actually cared about taking care of customers. I'm
incredibly disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying unsuccessfully to register my new microwave and obtain the 2 extra moths warranty coverage offered as an insert in the user's manual. Because I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the online form will not acceot my information because I don't live in a U.S. state or have a U.S. postal (zip) code. Thuis is ironic because according to your insert, the 2 extra month offer is only available to Canadians.

Please email me with instructions:

Thank you.


Posted by Unsatisfied customer

Customer service is a JOKE!! I have a wine cooler and a beverage center. The wine cooler's copper lines were rubbing which created a pinhole and caused the refrigerant to leak out. This repair cost me $300. When I called about reimbursement, they refused due to being out of warranty. This is a problem that could have been 100% avoided if done properly from the factory. I DO NOT and WILL NOT recommend any Danby products because they don't stand behind quality (or lack thereof)!

Posted by Anonymous

terrible customer service. i called about our glass turntable shattering when the door was opened and glass going into my husbands shoulder..... all i was asking for was a replacement and got absolutly no help from customer service.

tina foster

Posted by Anonymous

please find a way to hire some help for your customer base. I have been on hold for 40 minutes with service and no answer.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for 2 hrs to reach Danby Canada regarding DAnby microwave that is not working and only 6mos old. got it at xmas
your ph 800-263-2628 is busy all the time.???
my ph no is 506-204-1269

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Posted by JGRamirez

Purchased Danby Twin Tub washer - love it! It's everything I hoped for, and when I had questions the customer service team was great. My call took less than 10 minutes, the agent I spoke with was courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Great experience!

Posted by Leena

I recently bought two small bar fridges from Danby and they are awesome, I have one in my basement for using while outback and one upstairs for drinks.
They are both in perfect condition and it was so easy to purchase them.
Its nice that Danby now has the DANBY OUTLET STORE where you can go and buy discounted product as well as their Danby online store which you can also order directly from.
Thank you Danby Fan for Years!

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