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Dairy Queen customer service is ranked #338 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 37.44 out of a possible 200 based upon 166 ratings. This score rates Dairy Queen customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


151 Negative Comments out of 166 Total Comments is 90.96%.


15 Positive Comments out of 166 Total Comments is 9.04%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Dairy Queen

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.44 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 151 negative comments (90.96%)
    • 15 positive comments (9.04%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
    • 3.0 Reachability
    • 2.2 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 3.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Dairy Queen,108 Cities of Gold RD. Pojoaque, NM 87506,Jul 17,2018,7:56pm. Worst experience. Ordered a burger, the person working says, we don't have any tomatoes or lettuce for the burgers. Ordered the #1 burger, it came with a number of ingredients, not a tasty burger, ate half and threw the rest. My spouse went to the bathroom, not very clean and there were no paper towels, she and another lady walked out with wet hands. I normally don't complain but when I have a bad experience like this one, I feel that it is important that a business knows. Doubt that I will be going back to Dairy Queen.

Posted by Gina

Dairy Queen in kemah is so nasty cashier handles money an touches your food old as lady cook rubs her nose rude mutha there white ppl an don't like Hispanic buk them workers slamed our tray on the table food was cold man lucky I'm a female cause I would beet Tha sugar out of every employee there rude piece of Doo doo my name is Gina my number buk dairy Queen in kemah under new manager cause of the same

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited DQ in Randolph New Jersey and was impressed with it's retro style and very
clean and maintained grounds and patio area. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They were generous with the topping too!

Jack Pisoni

Posted by Anonymous

The Dairy Queen in Georgetown Ky is getting worse by the day. Last few times I've been there, the service absolutely sucked. People are waiting 30 to 45 minutes for an ice cream cone! This is ridiculous. Dairy Queen obviously has the best ice cream but geeez....45 minutes. Come on! The workers don't even acknowledge the customers. You have to say ....hey ....excuse me....I would like to order something. Pitiful. Please hire more workers...get more equipment....something. This store is losing business and its sad.

Posted by Anonymous

I have to say the Seabrook, Tx on Meyer Rd has the worst service.You have to wait forever in the drive thru and the inside is filthy,dirty restrooms,The people at the counter are rude and not attentive. They are skippy about how they serve the portions.You would think they would pick up and keeping clean and taking care of their customers.

Posted by Valerie

I worked for Dairy Queen in 1994. We used to be able to load blizzards up with the special treat customers wanted. It's an absolute disappointment to go there now. There's barely anything in the blizzards. Sad to say but my business has went to McDonald's for their treats because they are loaded. A treat in every bite! Maybe fix this issue.

Posted by Really??

Lately their ATM/DEBIT cards system is down quite a bit. Now they got a sign in the drive through order menu that reads "not accepting debit cards at this time. sorry fot the inconvenience". I had to pull out to go get cash and this time I went inside and didn't see any signs about not accepting cards. After placing my order and given my total I asked if the card system was down again like usual and was told it was NOT and that the reason they still had the sign posted outside was because since the system crashes quite frequently that way if it suddenly crashes they don't have to be going back and forth putting up the sign. WOW!! PURE LAZINESS!!! This happened at Dairy Quenn in Eagle Pass TX...Other than that the staff is pretty much friendly.

Posted by Kathy Esenther

Went to our local DQ for free cone day at about 5:30 and was told they were done
giving free cones. I thought it was free cone day, not for five hours as the owner indicated. What's up? Bad business practiceð蜬

Posted by Anonymous

Store in Ashland, ky. In Ashland off of 13th street.
Rude rude employee in drive thru. She was laughing and so was the manger. All over us asking for a extra sause. Rolled her eyes. Called the store to talk to manger and she said she would take care of it but figured that would be hard to do when she was the one laughing to. Jan 24th
9:00 pm.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never step foot in a dairy queen again. They charge over 12 dollars for a drink and burger with fries. Then have the nerve to ask for money to have a dipping sauce for your fries. What next, charge to park in the lot or use the toilet? I'm through with DQ.Been years and it will be a cold day in he'll before I put another dollar in the mediocre burger joints fat hands.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and went to the Dairy Queen store at 4650 s. Yosemite street Greenwood Village Colorado December 28, 2016, @ 7:45 pm. There was only one clerk a young 16ish gal. She was running around taking care of several orders at once. She did a great job! But that is really not the point of this comment. I cannot believe that management would think that it okay to leave A single person ( but in this case a girl) by themselves at night to run this store. Her safety should be considered. It's not okay. All the people patronizing this store knew she was alone the minute they walked in. Therefore a unsavory person would also know this immediately. I would hope that Dairy Queen and the franchisee would be much more aware of the safety issue And not put their employees in such a dangerous situation

Posted by Anonymous

Went to your location in Azle tx on 12/13/16.wanted full meal deal with upgrade to a blizzard for $1 AS STATED IN YOUR TV COMMERCIAL. Was told they do a mini. They are a franchise Quote until quote. Well that franchisee just lost a $30 order for their rudeness.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Buster Bars are terrible without the fudge and nuts that were there before.

Posted by Gracie

I have been to this location time after time and the passed 3 visit my order has been wrong and my food taste old I spend alot of money for food for me and my children this is a regular stop for us.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the Dairy Queen in Miramar Beach, FL. on Nov. 16 at 7:00 PM two young girls one white and one Hispanic were working. The Hispanic girl had her iPhone plugged in to the restaurant sound system and was playing loudly..very raunchy and vulgar rap music. My wife and I were appalled at this. We even nade a comment to which they shrugged it off. I love Dairy Queen Blizzards, and will NEVER go to this unit again. I tried to contact online customer service so the owner would know...but I did not get a receipt and without I code I could not take survey. That sucked too.

Posted by Anonymous

We came in for the $5 box lunches at 4:10pm and was told those end at 4pm now, they are only available now from 11-4 however the same signs from last month are up stating the box is $5 and there is no time attached. The lunches should be honored at $5 or your signs should be updated. It is very deceiving and upsetting. This is at your Anchorage Tudor location.

Posted by Anonymous

Frankfort st.,Versailles, Ky store
Tried the Purnell double sausage biscuit breakfast. Not good. Sausage patties thin and over cooked. Tasted dry and burnt. I would be ashamed to serve something so overcooked. I also informed Purnell of this.

Posted by Anonymous

Watched tv add for 3 dollar purnell double sausage breakfast. Tried at Versailles, Ky store,on Frankfort st.

Very disappointed, sausage thin and very over cooked. Tasted burnt and dry.

Taste nothing like purnell sausage I have had the

Posted by Manuel

Dairy Queen in plainview texas this store is always closing early like at 9 or so of not they turn off some of the lights and the light on the drive thru sighn to make it look like there closed wich os what happened today but i still waited untill they answered on the drive thru while I was waiting at the window for my food i saw atleast 4 cars stop at the drive thru sighn wait for a little bit then take off i guess they dont want to make money for the store

Posted by David Brown

I ordered 2-Flame Thrower Grill Burgers with pepper jack cheese, mayo, lettuce, onion, bacon. DO not want tomatos and Flame Thrower Sauce. 2-Sodas. wHen we got to my daughters our burgers had tomatos and that flame hot sauce. mE and my daughter are highly allergic to tomatos and we didnt want that sauce either. oUr food was unedible to us. Being given food that we are very allergic to is very dangerous, my daughter cannot even touch tomatos, this is my 2nd complaint about same visit and heard from no one. I hope to hear from someone about the mistakes that were made.

Posted by semperfih2o

The Auburn Way South DQ is managed by a very rude woman. On several occasions we have noted her chastising employees in front of customers, being rude when asked about underserving and sometimes not even communicating when asked a question.
The DQ on 15th st is well run and will receive all of our business. The manager is very cordial and helpful.
Robert and Judy

Posted by Anonymous

Dairy Queen on main hwy in Hebbronville Tx

1. Very dirty

2. Flies all over place

3. Men's restroom very dirty.

4. Didn't dare go in women's restroom.

5. Bad customer service

We love Dairy Queen but we will never go to this location again. We are on road trip and were very hungry. There aare not many places on this highway to choose from. What a disappointment.

Posted by Debbie

I have been going to DQ in Rockdale TX. On Oct,4, 2016 I had ordered a #1combo. I had asked for tea. I told her I wanted the cup packed with ice. When I got it. There was just a little ice floating on top. I told her. I ask you to pack the cup with ice. Than I ask her to give me large cup of ice. For my tea. She told me she would have to charge me 54 cents. I told her I was not paying her 54cents. Because I did not get what I order. And she would not give me what I order. I have done business for many years. Not only in Rockdale. But in other towns. But if something is not done. About this. I will no longer do business with any DQ. This was not the first time this happened here in Rockdale. I hope to hear from somebody.

Posted by Anonymous

A fellow worker and I stopped at the DQ in Chaska Mn. She ordered onion rings and a peanut buster parfait. The onion rings were not done and you needed a magnefying (SP) glass to find the fudge. I ordered cheese curds and a sm peanut butter cup blizzard.There wasn't much peanut butter cup pieces. Dairy Queen sucks compared to what it use to be. We wont be going back. Very dissapointing.JMPW

Posted by Anonymous

The manager Brooke was on the front line drinking coffee and smacking gum. Very unprofessional look to customers

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Posted by Anonymous

I have not been a frequent customer in the past
But I appreciate the corporate response to the recent incident in Zion.
I intend to frequent Dairy Queen much more regularly going forward.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to take this time to give the highest praises to Joe at the Camden, DE Dairy Queen. He was kind, courteous and went out of his way to assist me. You should be proud to have him representing you.

Karen S. Kimbleton, owner
RE/MAX Avenues, Inc. Dover, DE

Posted by Queenmom

I went to the Monroe LA location and I just have to say it was great .. The MGM was taking my order he was very sweet and made me happy .. I believe his name was SHANE.. I will be going back to that local just to get the great service

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. My name is Denny Bauman from Nokomis, Illinois. I want to give kudos to our DQ owned by Tom and Joy Spainhour. They operate a exceptionally clean and efficient store. Their employees are top notch and are always clean and courteous. The Spainhours always praise their employees when they are brought up in conversation. The give jobs to our small community (2500 populations) students.
Their largest asset to our community is their generosity. They have huge hearts and are always donating to some organization or charity. I am on our local school board and I cannot begin to list what they do for our students in our schools.
In this world people usually express their negitivity on these sites. I am here to attest that our community is a much better place to live with their presents in Nokomis. Tom and Joy are always happy, positive people and I commend them for all they do.

Posted by BGW

I would just like to say that I had the best of pleasant experiences from a 1 Angela Windham.Not only did she smile genuinely she was very professional and polite. Albeit I was very confusing. In my opinion this and other food chains should have her as a role model for acquiring customers willingness to return. Keep up the GREAT work Angela at the Dairy Queen on the corner of Texas Avenue and Brentwood in College Station,Texas

Posted by [email protected]

I was at your Dairy Queen in Baxley, GA. on July 31. My order was a foot-long chili dog, a foot-long slaw dog, onion rings, and FF. They gave me two foot-long chili dogs. I am very disappointed in Dairy Queen. I should have checked my order but I didn't.

Posted by ccrider

I love DQ

Posted by Anonymous

I decided to visit DQ for lunch yesterday I was undecided on what I was hungry for.The young lady working was very helpful and patient with me, I just wanted to say thank you for being very pleasant and took the time out to help me I know drive through is a tuff area to deal with but this young lady made it feel easy going not sure of her name but it was around noon on national st

Posted by Anonymous

The lady that took my request was on top of things but she wasn't the most pleasant. Hough I did great my blizzard pretty fast which was nice...

Posted by riama1

I went to dairy Queen the other day,and i was very satisfied with the service and friendliness of the workers there!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today me and my sister went through the DQ drive thru in Winkler, MB. We had a large order for our entire family. It only took a short time for us to get all of our orders. Not one mistake was made in the entire order! We received fantastic, efficient service!

Posted by eric

I just wanted to let dq know that ever since I've been coming for lunch to dq I notice that christine Jones always greets people with a great personality and always has that warm friendly feeling makes me want to come back for lunch all the time

Posted by Blarbonymous

I can't think of a single negative DQ experience. I love their cheese curds and Blizzards. Nothing beats DQ soft serve.

The staff is always friendly and helpful. I once tried a new type of Blizzard that I did not like, and when I complained, the friendly worker made me a new one free of charge. Great establishment!

Posted by [email protected]

Zach and the morning crew helped a elder women who does not have but a few days to live and the one thing she ask for was a hamburger, considering the time in the morning I had no easy task.. I finally ended up going to the DQ on Eisenhower and Hodgson Memorial drive in savannah ga. They were not prepared for what I came in for but that did not stop them they jumped to give her the one last thing she wanted, a hamburger. Zach also paid out of his own pocket for her. I broke into tears to see that this kind of kindness is still present. I will notify all CEO employees... Singed Kim cone

Posted by Mary

Hi. I recently went to the Dairy Queen on Williams and I35 in Georgetown tx. I am not a Dairy Queen regular so I can't really comment on the food however, I frequently dine out. I would just like to say that the attention I received from the staff, their friendliness and what appeared to be genuine concern for my satisfaction was outstanding. I was particularly impressed by Juan. He seemed to do it all. As a result, I will probably dine there again.

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Posted by R58mcneal

Hey there I want to ask u a question please if u would know
DQ is hiring in Wrightsville Ga and I applied there 3 times each time I got a reply from the manager daughter 3 times she said that I was to old to work and I needed experience well I shown her my cooking certificates and she said that I was to old again now isn't the law still the same. I have experience and what about the teenagers that get out of school that dont have any experience.
No matter what color race,age, ?


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