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DTE Energy customer service is ranked #607 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.98 out of a possible 200 based upon 43 ratings. This score rates DTE Energy customer service and customer support as Terrible.


40 Negative Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 93.02%.


3 Positive Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 6.98%.

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  • DTE Energy

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    • 27.98 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 40 negative comments (93.02%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.98%)
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Rosemary

Received a billing threatening shutoff. My address but addressed only to 'Resident'.

Have been unable to reach Customer Service or Billing. Cannot do anything online without an account number.

No account number - no amount owing.

Please let me know what's going on.

Rosemary Jeruzal

Posted by Liz

Worst company ever. They try to just look good on the outside. Money grubbing company who spent thousands on wireless meters even tho our grids and wires are ancient. Say too many negative things in any social media and they report you to get rid of your comments. Did I say they go to great lengths to look good, but that's about where it ends. Michigan deserves better.

Posted by Anonymous

Your service sucks!!! I have been trying for three days now to set up my account and complete an auto pay. It says website is temporarily down for 3 days now. Nobody will return my calls or emails.

Posted by larry

Worst customer service. Long hold times and when you final reach someone they say you have to call back because their system is down.

Posted by Unhappy

I have ask DTE to move my meter to the outside of my home in July of 2016 they tolled me $485.00 filled out paper and got a call form them telling me $957.00,send in more paper work and it is now up to $1143.00 and now a REP for DTE calls and said will met me with his Forman on 10-27-2016,well no call until I called him 3 weeks later on 11-17-2016 and he said he would look into it,would not give me Foremans #, what should I do NEXT.

Posted by a

I have bought DTE home protection plan for a Furnace and later I have added A/C. I called a serve for my furnace and the technician came to refused to repair and turned the furnace off and just left. So I had no choice but replacing the furnace and A/C. I tried to cancelled the home protection plus after installing new ones as they are brand new and covered by the manufacturer warranty. However DTE did not accept cancel request and said that I have to keep the contract for rest of the year term($300) or have to pay early termination fee $171. I tried to contact the specialist Michael C. Romeo many times and left messages. He did not give me a response call at all. I called the customer service but the representative said that they could not do anything for me. I have to pay $171 + 1 month bill for my brand new furnace and A/C to cancel the contract.

Posted by Anonymous

Dte employees called on service call sitting by road eating throwing there garbage in ur yard

Posted by Anonymous

Fix u automatic system all messed up can't understand muffeled been going on for week's

Posted by Anonymous

I was refused by a customer service representative to speak to a Supervisor On Friday 8/5/2016.My daughter used my name and social security number to get electric and gas in my name without my permission. Only thing the representative said the bill is $161 and that the bill was sent to 20516 Rosemont 48219. Then I asked could I get the bill sent to my p.o. box she said no and hung the phone up in my face. Very Rude. The account number is Could you please have a Supervisor contact me. My name is Debra Foster Thank You

Posted by 35

Dte is a greedy money hungry company. They make about $1.2 Billion dollars a year and yet they can not do anything to help their customers with their bills if they get a little behind except tell the customer you have to pay all the bill or 50% and then have the nerve to cut off service!! I wish I had another energy company to switch to they make me sick!!! A selfish uncompassionate company who does not care for people!!!

Posted by Rachele

I have been fighting with DTE for years now to straighten out my account, i.e., credit. My meter does not work properly and I am being billed for the following accounts that are not mine. After careful review and investigations on my end, I have found the readings are not correct on account are shut my power off for lack of payment, I should fine you for ignorance. Your people are forcing me to pursue litigation, they act like I have done something wrong. When in fact you owe me thousands in fees for accounts that are not mine.

Posted by Anonymous

Re Home Energy Report for J Bird . We rate #98 in consumption of gas energy when compared to 100 similar homes in our area. We are year-round residents on the east shore of Otsego Lake in Otsego County. There are 34 homes on Wah Wah Soo Drive that have lake frontage. Only three or four of these homes are used year round. The rest are seasonal and do not heat in the winter or have their thermostats turned down when they leave for the winter months. When you made your report based on 100 homes in our immediate area, did you compare houses having lake frontage with houses not on the lake? Prevailing winds on lake front residences with western exposure are a factor in energy usage during the winter months.If you were comparing lakefront homes with nearby homes not on the lake,your comparison might not be accurate. We have more than adequate insulation in our home, but we are wood frame with double pane windows which we cover with shrink wrap in the winter to save on energy. We cannot change the impact of a south west winter wind exposure. We are not sure your energy comparison is a fair assessment of gas consumption of 100 homes in our immediate area.

Posted by Slrmich

I live at 181!kansas avenue Ypsilanti Michigan 48198. My power has been out since Monday, December 28th at 8 pm. Yesterday we waited all day with no heat, no generator, nothing. Your text messages and updates kept saying at 630pm power will be restored. We saw the trucks at about 3pm at the end of my street. We went out to dinner and returned at about 8pm. No power. 3 Dte trucks were leaving my street. We tried to wave one down but he wouldn't stop. We started getting messages from Dte stating that power was back on. Half my street had power and the other half clearly had no power. Completely dark. 24 hrs with no heat and your status page kept telling us that we had power. We called and reported the problem. Again. Lady on phone was nice. She was sorry. Nothing happened. It's now 10:00am on Wednesday, December 30th. I still do not have power. And it's really cold now. I know u probably will never read this, much less respond. I'm just very disappointed in your employees falsifying work orders that a job was completed when it wasn't and they left knowing that we did not have power and then wouldn't stop to speak with us when we had questions about why they were leaving us with no power. If we could change power companies we would. You should be ashamed of such poor customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

My uncle is upstairs at 7019 Coleman Dearborn,. He is on oxygen, can't be moved. 90 years old, needs electronic restored asap or liability will be on DTE energy. Please respond.

Posted by Ronaldw236

I had an aggremet with dte to make payments on my account and to have my Dr. To FAX over a letter to put in my file showing I have a oxygen matching I need to breath so I have and did so now they just turned off my elect. And now my oxygen machine is on battery I called date and they say they never got the letter and I called my Dr.s office and they said the did send it and it confirmed it so they sent it again and date will says they didn't get it and they will will not turn on my elect.they will not stick to there aggrement they don't care if I can breath or not.

Posted by DebbieHBryant

I have several years of problems with power outages with DTE. I have issued complaint after complaint and have had departments from DTE out to my house on several occasions. Their Power Quality Department is the one I am most familiar with. We have replaced and repaired furnace, air condition, refid., computer and a host of small electronics due to the surge and outages even during a clear day. They take no responsibility for these outages, but do admit to wire repairs on the poles. I have called several agency though the State of Michigan which have complaints on file. I have even called my State Representative to help with this matter. I have to say as of late 2012, we have not experienced outages as in early years; however my burden due to these outages have not been satisfied. I have incurred lost resulting from electricians to replacement of major appliances. DTE continue to call me and advise me that this is not their responsibility. I am seeking legal counsel to continue my complaint as this is an area I no very little about.

Posted by dalton

to whom it may cocern i cant stand dt with a passion i went down to one of the locations on gratiot 4 times no one help me at all ihave issiue which you guys strted in the first place i have service at another address in my name at locations that shouldnt been in my name at at this point im about to call 2 4 7 nd problem solvr this not the end of me i will be heard its a shame that none help you guys pay supsivors for nothing they dont know what they or how to address a issue at all

Posted by Anonymous

in previous home bill doubled with smart meter. in this home, dte said meter did not work so I read it for them and they indicated meter reading was ok. then meter reader on may 8 said meter was ok, now in June get bill with payment plan unauthorized by myself for additional $155 for previous months. mind you I've only been here 3 mos. and was told in april and may meter was ok. so far I've received numerous letters each indicating different information. dte is very disorganized. ceo's must make a FORTUNE.

Posted by Anonymous

My girlfriend and I moved into a home to rent. We called DTE to inform them we were new tenants and need power turned on asap due to a medical need and they told us they would bump our day quicker. We called to confirm and management told us they wouldn't be able to until following day because they didn't have enough staff and to make "other"arrangements. This was very disappointing on a ethical level. DTE is a huge company which I'm sure has a lot of employees. We also have a friend that's a electrician that said its electronic and can be done in 5min. Unreliable and very disappointing.

Posted by Anti-DTE

I have been dealing with DTE since 2008 when I sold my house and moved out of the state of Michigan. They claim I owe them money cause someone turned on my power with my SS number. They are impossible to deal with!! They won't help me, Won't listen and They either hang up on me, give me a wrong number to call or give me a number with a recording that says to call back another day. Trouble is, it says that every day!! They are uncaring, and impossible!! By Far the Worst Company EVER!!!!

Posted by HAlexis

Helen Alexis
I have questions about my bill; although I talk with your customer service representative; I was not satisfy with their answer, that is why I'm emailing you to get to the bottom of this complaint.

I have notice my bill have been expensive lately. I live at 28706 Glenwood St, My niece Wendy Paponette live on Annarbor Trail across

MiddleBelt. We have notice that our DTE bill is getting higher and higher. When I talk with my elder sister (Angelina Thompson in Ecrose) her bill is not that high, and she doesn't have these type of charges like my niece and I in the city of Inkster. First of all, I would like to know what these are for: The bill begin with

Current Charges:

Power Supply Charges:

My Sister in Ecorse do not have any of these charges on her bill; so how come my niece and I have these charges in Inkster. Is there some form of Scam going on in Inkster? My home is a single home with no basement, and I have very good windows, and I keep my heat on 69 degrees, so how come my bill is so expensive. My bill before this was $257.00 with the same kind of charges. This is outragerous and I need some explanation or I will have to call Fox news/ of Channel 4. If any other customers are getting charges like my niece and I are getting in Inkster; their story need to be heard

Posted by vic

Had a $$$ held by DTE energy, for few years.

When I moved out from House my bill were all paid,I got my deposit back from landlord.
Called DTE many times to find out when I am going to get my deposit back from them.Spending 4 hours on the phone I have been told that I get it back with in a month. It has been more than 3 no check, Just a new bill with new charges?>???>???

Posted by I HATE DTE

I HAVE HAD IT WITH DTE! My husband and I are investors in Detroit, so we deal with this "company" quite frequently. Unlike most of the others who have commented on their experiences with DTE, we have not had issues with their billing. Our issues have been with simply turning on the electric and gas at our properties. I will give an example of their incompetence.

We purchased a property near Harper Woods, and shortly thereafter we scheduled DTE to come over and turn on our electric and gas. They give you a 4 hour time frame in which someone needs to be at the property. I wish they were more efficient with their timestamps, but I understand. Thus, we had to have our property manager hang out at the property for 4 hours waiting for them. They never showed. I called DTE, and they said the field technician is running late today. When I asked for an estimated time in which they might be there, they said it could be as late as 10:00 PM! They were scheduled to come from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. As if a 4 hour time frame is not enough. We had our property manager wait at the property for a few more hours and then we received an automated phone call that said due to an emergency, DTE has cancelled out appointment. Our property manager wasted his time waiting there for 7 hours for nothing! I had to reschedule the appointment, and they could not get us in for another week. I asked them to let me know if there are any earlier openings. They called me on Friday (Tuesday was when they were supposed to come) and said someone would be coming to the property that day. I thought, "Great!" Two seconds later I received a voicemail from the field operator saying he was at the property and he needs me to call him back. The problem was, he called from a "No Caller ID" number, so I couldn't call him back. Also, due to the minimal notice they gave us, we did not have anyone at the property yet to let DTE in. I tried calling DTE, and they said they do not have communication with the field operators and they cannot help me. I asked them to please make sure my regular appointment scheduled for Tuesday was still scheduled. They assured me it was still scheduled for the normal time on Tuesday. When Monday rolled around, I still hadn't received a confirmation call from them saying they would be at the property on Tuesday, so I called them to make sure it was still scheduled. When I called, they told me it was cancelled by DTE on Friday. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED THEM TO MAKE SURE THE APPOINTMENT WAS STILL SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY! Then, they said they don't know if they can get me in on Tuesday as originally planned and they would have to contact another department to find out if they could get our appointment on their schedule again. If they could not get us in at the time we originally scheduled, they said we would have to wait another week. Now, I am waiting to hear back from them as to whether we can get our original appointment back that they cancelled.

DTE and it's employees are unprofessional, incompetent, rude, unintelligent and frankly just ridiculous with the way they run their business. One must need to have a Doctorate in negotiation and debate to work with these people! They provide zero customer service, and they have no communication between departments. I think they do have the power to work with customers, but they choose to be lazy rather than deal with their customer's problems. Their lack of customer service has cost me and my husband AT LEAST 6 months of rental income between the properties we own. I have been so upset with them at times that I have seriously contemplated our decision to invest in Detroit, however, I love Detroit! The most stressful task in buying a house in Detroit is getting the power turned on. That says a lot about this company...

Just to put a little humor in it... Now I understand why Eminem is so pissed off! He must have called DTE before entering the recording studio.


I have been fighting for over four years on a bill this not my bill i have filed a law suite against DTE over the matter. I have been hospitizaled three time over the matter had a stroke and high blood pressure due to that medical condition i had to have my left foot amputeted due to a blood clot from the stress and medical conditions. It's CRAP how you get treated by the workers

Posted by Grosse Pointe Park

I have been out of power for six days. Only house on my block with no power. Threw out hundreds of dollars worth of food. No one has come to fix the problem. Rude customer service that doesn't do anything but lie. I hate DTE.

Add your review!

Posted by CQWZ

Hello, My name is Vickie McDonald and I live on Olmstead in Dearborn. I would like to personally thank all the men and women who took care of our outage last night and today. I hve health problems and need to also use nebulizer for COPD. With our water shut off Frm 9 till 2 Frm streets/pipes being replaced your swift work is certainly appreciated. Thanks to all of you. Much blessings to you all. Vickie

Posted by Anonymous

I just would like to acknowledge Darryl ext 62046 for resolving an issue that has been affecting my life, my children and my business for the past three weeks. I've spoken to several representatives but it was Darryl that actually did something using his resources and problem solving skills he was able to come up with a resolution. I'm so grateful that Darryl took the time to help me instead of being just another apathetic person on the other end of the phone telling you what they can't help you with just pay me. Darryl was kind compassionate and helpful. Thank you thank you thank you!

Posted by Wendy

I find this company's customer service to be top notch. The agents are always friendly and go out of their way to help the customers. I never dread calling this company when it's necessary.

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