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DSW customer service is ranked #94 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 58.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 136 ratings. This score rates DSW customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


122 Negative Comments out of 136 Total Comments is 89.71%.


14 Positive Comments out of 136 Total Comments is 10.29%.

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  • DSW

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 58.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 122 negative comments (89.71%)
    • 14 positive comments (10.29%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 5.2 Issue Resolution
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    • 5.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by NeverAgainSadToSay

This was the most drawn out ridiculous experience ever. As someone who works for an online retailer website I am amazed how awful DSW is with their information being updated. I had my order cancelled due to their lack of inventory. Okay, I order another pair even more expensive. I received my text saying my shoes arrived so I went to the store and the Manager barely looked for them. She told me to wait for an email even though I had an official DSW text confirmation. The next day I called customer service and they confirmed my shoes were there and perhaps the staff just didn't look good enough. Today I returned to pick up the shoes and I returned them immediately! I decided to spend that money at Nordstrom or even Zappos. My comment is this what you sale is sold with many retailers so focus on your customer service and customer experience. In today's world brick and mortar stores are the first to suffer. I won't being shopping with your company again sad to say. To anyone else if you must shop with DSW buy in store and even then at your own risk!

Posted by Sixmigs

I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I received at DSW in Roanoke, Va. I purchased a pair of shoes for my daughter in mid May, the front
Of the sole as already come
Loose and there is a tear in the shoes. I didn't have the receipt because the shoes had fit. I tried to return and they told me they had to have a receipt or a UPC code. I only wanted to exchange them Indidnt ask to return or for a refund. I went home and found the box with the UPC code so I made another trip to the store and the manager said oh sorry we can't accept this you're out of the 60 daynretuen period and the shoes look really worn. How worn can they be Inonku bought them 3 months ago and maybe wore them 3-4 times. Well I took my business elsewhere - I went straight to Rack Room Shoes and bought 2 pairs of shoes. They were more than happy to have me as a customer. I will not be giving any more business to DSW - there customer service is terrible.

Posted by Josie

Very disappointed with this store. I ordered a pair of size 6 heels, when I received them by mail, the box said size 6 but the heels were actually a size 8. The shoes were way too big and looked worn. I called customer service and they told me size 6 were sold out and there was nothing they could do about it. I believe they should check the sizes of shoes before shipping them out. This will be the last time I shop at DSW.

Posted by Dhenze

I dont understand why the policy says you can return an item you are not satisfied with it but only if it's not worn, but how would you know if you didn't like it or cannot wear them without wearing them....

Posted by Shoe lover

Wow, after reading some of these reviews, I'm not sure I want to continue to shop here. I have had a couple of bad experiences lately. I order all the time from DSW, the last few times have been very bad. The shoes have arrived damage or worn (even if the say return unworn). I usually return them to the store, and this time I called customer service (what a joke). They were no help at all. I'm at a lost cause I really like their shoes.

Posted by kay

I brought 4 pairs of shoes on 7thJuly from the extra reduced section, When I got to the till I asked the lady serving me to double check that all shoes could be returned as I was buying these to go with dresses for a wedding and needed to take them home and try out with the dress. she told me all shoes were returnable and that I must take the shoe boxes home with me otherwise they wouldn't be accepted back. she said I would get money back. My husband returned my shoes today 19th july and was told he could not get money refunded on the card and had to accept store credit. I do not want store credit, I do not want to be lied to when I specifically asked if they could be returned and Iif I would get my money back. I am so angry right now with the store I never want to step foot in it. I do not shop at stores that do not have a great customer relationship.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is horrible NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will not buy from DSW online again Wait time for representative was 1-2 hours. No respect for the customer
Shipment sent without return label. Called to get a return label.

Posted by Patschic

WOW! I'm shocked at the way some of these reviews are written and amazed at some of the questions submitted! How do "you" survive on a daily basis? If SOME of you communicate with the employees in the same context/manner you submit reviews/feedback, etc, I'm far from surprised you have the problems you've mentioned. Some of these comments seem like they COULD be slightly fabricated...Also, FYI: For those who are submitting questions directed at DSW, this is not a DSW website & I can bet it's safe to say it is NOT being monitored by the company. If I had a question about my order/purchase/return/refund/ credit etc. I would be contacting the company directly. If you have issues within your local store, contact their customer service reps via the telephone or email. If you are still not happy or satisfied with their resolution, CONTACT THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE. Put forth a little more effort. You may be surprised at the outcome. Just a suggestion.....

Posted by Frustrated Customer

The return policy is the most ridiculous return policy. You really don't know how shoes fit until you wear them. I'm upset I'm stuck with a pair of $70 heels I can't wear because after an hour of wear the back of my ankle was cut up and bled, then scanned for over a week. What am I supposed to do with these shoes?

Posted by T

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed with this store!! Not only is their online services difficult the coupons and "promotions" are horrible to existing customers... I rarely order shoes but when I do I usually go into a DSW store because online is so horrible, unfortunately the location I went too was extremely unhelpful and I had no choice but to order online. Once I ordered my shoes and also placed my "free cooler" in the promotion code spot I was excited to receive my shoes and bag. WEEKS later I received my shoes ONLY not the bag because only using the code didn't work... if I would have had someone helping me @ the store I would of received both... now because the service was HORRIBLE and online even worst I didn't receive a cooler or ANY type of compensation... so disappointing this company would have bad service both in store and online.... BYE DSW

Posted by Anonymous

Buying shoes over the internet is difficult at best as the sizes of various brands can be so different. I do not have a DSW near me so I have no choice as I have very specific needs in shoes. If I could I wouldn't buy any shoes from DSW because of your return policy charging $8.50 shipping fee. This does not invite people to try your shoes.

Posted by Anonymous

The phone service at DSW is terrible. I call customer service for four days and the wait time was 160 mins 119 mins 240 mins. 121 mins. OUTRAGEOUS. I eventually got to speak with Tanisha. She was very helpful and apologetic but I think DSW needs to improve their phone service. Very bad. Thanks again to Tanesha. She resolve my billing issue.

Posted by Pam

I went into your Sawmill Road, Columbus, OH store on 5/05/18 and attempted to buy shoes. I needed a 7.5 pair and they never had one so on that date, 5/05/18 I ordered and PAID for a pair ON. and was told that they would be delivered to my address OVERNIGHT. In other words, by 5/6/18. However, with it being the weekend I thought I would receive the shoes on either the Monday or Tuesday. That is not the case - today it is Thursday 5/17/18 and I have not had the shoes delivered!!!

I have attempted to call DSW service number and was told the wait time for an anyone to answer was 63 minutes!! What sort of business do you run??? Now lets see if there is any comeback as far as this complaint is concerned. You have my telephone number


Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service EVER!!!! I have called for three days.....wait time today was 249 minutes!!!!! I have sent three emails for three days......no response at all!!!!!!!

Posted by CodyT

Rochester Hills location refused to exchange the sandals I picked up less than 48 hours ago, saying I would need to order new ones before they could to the exchange. When I asked them to order the correct size and style in, so that I could just come in and do an even exchange for ones that are not falling apart, they said that they could not order them in, but that I could come in and order them. There is no difference, and they refused to help me, and in-fact encouraged me to purchase an entirely new pair, instead of just ordering the correct size and style to their location, so I would be able to go in and do an even exchange. I will not spend more, and wait upwards of 2 weeks, in order to get the sandals I should have gotten, undamaged, originally.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service called me back in 5 hours left no message an had to start all over again.i need to exchange shoes for smaller size from 7 to

Posted by Anonymous

I used to buy shoes here all the time and for my children, but store clerks are not very helpful. Also, I had an occasion where I bought the Eruosoft Clarissa Wedge Sandal, and it did not perform, but I couldn't return it. I wore it around the house a bit and it seemed good, but as soon as I worn it on rough pavement,the bottom would stick or make the shoe shift, something strange because they would make me almost trip. They wouldn't accept them because they were worn, but clearly if they checked their records, I never have tried to return worn shoes. Disappointed in poorly designed sandals and return policy when I WAS a loyal customer.

Posted by TAH

I mailed back a pair of sandals on 04/19/2018 and I know they received my return because I tracked it and I still have no refund. Don't get me started on calling in this is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! one time I called and it was a 54 minute wait period....REALLY???? then I tried again and it was a 35 minute wait period so I thought I would wait them out...oh NO after 40 minutes I hung up. I don't know how they can stay in business if this is the way they treat their customers. I have bought sandals before and was pleased but the return is totally changing my mind about ever shopping at DSW again.

Posted by Amy Hernandez

I purchased a pair of shoes from DSW at the end of march returned the item a week later. It is now May and I have not received my refund. I am so unhappy and will not ever shop there again. I called customer service and was told by the recording that it would be a 157 minute wait. That is ridiculous!

Posted by Lisa H

They will authorize a charge on your card then hold your 4-hour in-store pick up for days and never tell you and then when you try to call customer service to check on your order they never answer or call you back. Check out their twitter replies to see all the customer complaints about hours of hold time and chat disconnects never getting through to a human.

Posted by Cathy

Worst customer service ever don't bother calling them they don't answer! Never ever shop here again!

Posted by AB

Been on hold bout 29 minutes no answer I should of read the reviews first tried to order same boot but different colors system i didn't let me so I guess I will be getting two of the same boots and stress

Posted by Loyal Customer 25

How in the hell can I find out if my shoe fits and is comfortable without wearing the shoe? I understand they don't accept torn up, old shoes back, but I wore my shoes once to discover the memory foam that was promised, isn't pillow soft. They will not accept them back and they're flawless, in box with receipt. What the hell! I've been a customer here for 25 years and never returnee anything. I will not show here EVER AGAIN!

Posted by not happy

i have purchased shoes from DSW for a very long time however, lately the customer service is horrible!! The live chat does not work, I have called been on hold for hours, emailed no-one got back to me. I have a return for the wrong time that was sent to me, no return form in the box. Very frustrating!!!!

Posted by ma

i loved dsw until
my most recent purchase
after being on hold for hours
my issue was resolved
the cuatomer serviice is horrible

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Posted by Jim

I was totally pleased. I purchased a pair of shoes for my 5 year old grandson. After a week the seams were coming apart. Took them back to the store after 2 weeks from purchase without a receipt and showed them to the DSW clerk. They gave me a full refund back to my CC. Great service, the shoes were defective and they took care of it.

Posted by Irina

I've been devoted DSW customer for many years now. I have to confess, I'm a shoe addict - and I love to shop at DSW, as there is always a great shoes selection, awesome clearance and easy return policy if you need to return an item.
Last time when I shopped at DSW in Saugus MA on Monday, April 2nd, I met Kaitlin, the customer service person. I was extremely satisfied with her professionalism and ability to help me out with all my questions.She was very knowledgeable, helpful, attentive and friendly.
I received the best customer experience at DSW by Kaitlin, as I was really impressed by her and pleased.
I would like the management to recognize her for the great customer service she provides on behalf of the DSW staff.
Just to add, the store manager that evening was Ryan, who also was very nice and helpful.
I will definitely return to that store soon, for more shopping, and hope Kaitlin and Ryan are there!

Posted by NA

Dec. 3rd at 4:43pm I called DSW The Coustomer service associate that came to my rescue was Kate! She was working in Columbus,Ohio this evening. Kate is a tremendously smart and caring professional! Kate listened to all of the unproffesional mistakes that had been made during my purchase (that had gone dreadfully wrong at the Pleasant Hill store in Ca. 11/16/17 at 6:12pm. The worst part is the security lock is still on the beautiful boots I purchased for $135.99! I had begged the manager to see if she could locate the boot I purchased in a size 9! The manager assured me that she searched all of the DSW inventory. She assured me there wasn't a pair! As it turns out there are a few pairs! Now nearly a month later Kate has made that sale! Kate provided me with what I had requested! Kate made that happen very efficiently! DSW would be much more effective if all of your employees were as efficient and caring as Kate! I do not know Kate this review is honest and not fake!

Posted by Anonymous

I would love to make a wonderful recommendation for the most lovely saleswoman that I spoke to today. Somehow I got cut off before I could answer any questions after my purchase. Her name is Beatrice Williams and I sincerely hope that the proper eyes see this!!! Please thank her for me!!!!! Deborah C.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently shopped at DSW Park Meadows store. Found a leather walking shoe, but the box had mixed sizes we needed 6 1/2 and the box had a 61/2 and a 6 inside. Keith came to our rescue and four the other 61/2 shoe after searching through the size 6's and 61/2,\'s.
Thank you Keith!!

Posted by Shanahan

Rachel at Dublin store was super. She located the several different pairs of shoes I wanted and checked on line for other colors available. It was like having my own personal shopper

Posted by Anonymous

I was @ store # 29554 on July 9 2016. Shop @ the Fox in Johnsberg,Il. An associate name Cassie was very very helpful and kind! Haley also was helpful. I had the best experience, That will be my favorite shoe store to go to!

Posted by DSW29522

Latoya Of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Gave Me Exceptional Service Today. She's A Gem And A True Professional.

Posted by Julielesce

Brian the Manager at the Watching mall handled my situation with pleasant professionalism. The best customer service. Thank you Brian and team

Posted by Torell

Torell from store was very helpful in finding what I was looking for. Torell was extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with. I will be back for sure.

Posted by Kris Holtz

I reside in LaQuinta CA in the winter. I found One Wink pearls in our local DSW store. I wore them andy friend wanted a pair. We have two DSW stores locally and both were out. Also out online.
On a hunch I called the Factorial DSW as our summer home is nearby. James answered and found the pearls. Than I told him I wouldn't be back til April. He said he was recently transferred to the store so would ask his manager. They are transferring the pearls to my LaQuinta store!!! I'm thrilled! THIS EMPLOYEE IS A KEEPER! He WILL go far.
Kris Holtz, very happy customerâ¤

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to comment briefly on the excellent customer service received at the Wauwatosa, WI store. Both the manager, Alyssa and cashier, Renee, were most helpful. We held up the line for quite some time with our need for assistance but they remained cordial, helpful and willing to spend the extra time necessary to finish our transaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Karla & Jenn at the Mission Valley Store were a great help with everything

Posted by Anonymous

I would like DSW to know that Karin at the Plattsburgh NY store was a great help,and courteous
She is a credit to your organization. A special kudos to her from me.

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Posted by Anonymous

Hello I was trying to fiil out the job application unfortunate your website present problems. Please can somebody help me . my email thanks


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