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DIRECTV customer service is ranked #220 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 3043 ratings. This score rates DIRECTV customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


2,638 Negative Comments out of 3,043 Total Comments is 86.69%.


405 Positive Comments out of 3,043 Total Comments is 13.31%.

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Product Knowledge

Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating


    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 44.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 2,638 negative comments (86.69%)
    • 405 positive comments (13.31%)
    • 26 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
    • 3.4 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Chase

The technician was very nice and fully knew what he was doing. He explained everything he was doing. I was very pleased with his work. The technicians name was Brian Turner

Posted by Anonymous

I called last week about upgrading my equipment & getting a new plan (in an effort to save money). I had a wonderful customer service experience... I believe his name was Jonathan (I am not 100% sure of his name, because I spoke with several people before I got to him). He was fantastic! He was extremely knowledgeable & very nice to talk to. He made what is normally an extremely painful & long experience, a very good & happy experience. I think he represents your company very well & I hope you know what an incredible employee he is. The best thing he did (that the two people prior to him did not do) was explain in full how the free HBO / Showtime plan works. My husband & I have been DirecTV customers for over 12 years and were considering making a switch, but the customer service representative that I spoke to was a very big reason why we decided to stay with DirecTV. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or need any further information. -Jerri & Garry Dale

Posted by Anonymous


Service date was April 27, 2016-

He was the most knowledgeable tech.from Direct TV that we worked with.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Direct TV customer since 1999.
on 4-19-16, technician Richard Velastegui, EMP 019639, came to my house, was on time, showed me his ID badge (never had a technician of any service company do that!) and replaced my HD Sat Dish on my roof with a nice new dish, and then tested the signal strength for my receivers, and in a very amazingly short time, he had adjusted the signal strength and acquired a great and improved picture on each receiver/tv for which he made sure each worked well before leaving. Richard was very polite and professional the entire visit and answered all of my many questions on operation of the receivers before leaving.
I would ask for him again if I needed direct tv service in the future, but unfortunately, he is moving out of Austin soon, and working for direct tv in another state and/or city. I would highly recommend Richard if you needed a great and knowledgable tech for direct tv service and information. I am sure direct tv company would like to hire more people as efficient as Richard Velastegui.

Posted by Billy visiting technician from C

Service Technician named Billy from Colorado was awesome!!! Hope you'll have more technician who are like him!

Posted by anthony beck

I have been with direct t.v for some time. All of your employees have been very good to us. This employee I am writing about went out of her way to make me feel very important. I am disable so I can not get out much so I watch a lot of t.v. She went over packages with me and saved me money by helping me pick one with the shows that i watch the most. Her name is Melanie. I ask for her id. I am not sure if I should share it on here but she works in tech help. I just want to tell her thank you for making me feel like I really was part of this family. this account is under Anthony Beck I am his wife Marilyn also when i call today to ask a question an employee named John was very nice and supportive with people like these 2 I will stay with you and refer direct to anyone and everyone I know. my phone number again thank you to John and Melanie

Posted by Technician #110953/MasTec

After being a DTV customer for nine years,I could't take it anymore and called to complain. I was told told I was due an upgrade to a Genie and a new Slimline dish. After waiting 5 hrs,the installation installer was a no show on Feb 29. Appointment was reschuled to Mar 4 AM. Technician showed up and completed the installation in approximately 5 hours. Very satisfied with work done. HE was very thorough and explained all work done.

Posted by Debs713

My technician was Xavier. Very polite and helpful. He made sure that knew everything I could do with my remote and how to access channels I wanted. I was extremely pleased with his service. He will be one of the main reasons I recommend Direct tv to friends and family.

Posted by Anonymous

58110 was very helpful, He came to the door & showed badge an gave name. Answered all my questions. If I have anymore problems would like to have him.I would recommend him.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been w/ direct TV going on 5 yrs & have been pleased across the board w/ customer service but since at&t took over its been the worst experience I've ever had to deal with! I won't go over the details but will rather give a huge kudos to the direct TV rep, Chase, I dealt w/ tonigh . By far the best service I could of received in almost a 3 hour call trying to figure out the Chinese arithmetics at&t calls billing. Chase went way above what was expected and possibly saved a customer! You should all listen to how he talked w/ me for training purpose & I hope this gets back to his supervisor
Craig Hunner
Customer since 2011

Posted by Samsung

Hi, I'm William Pena, a San Antonio, native and New Direct TV customer. First, I wasn't around when the first tech came to my home and left this in horrific conditions. Shortly after I had complained to Direct TV, two days later, (today, (01/29/16)): I was home, and right on time a Mastec technician named ROBERT KAUSKA showed up at my door, and immediately assessed situation and went to work. Upon finishing, I notice this man went the extra mile to correct this which left my wife and I truly happy. I was quick to complain, I am also quick to give credit when it's due. This man, ROBERT KAUSKA did exceptional work and I would like for his employer to take notice. He is a true asset to your company. We will keep our contact with Direct TV as long as we know quality techs like Mr. KAUSKA will keep our system up and going. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

We Just had an upgrade done on our DIRECTV package. Our technician's # was first name Andy. The whole experience was very positive. Andy was very courteous, knowledgeable and meticulous in doing the new upgrade. We enjoyed having him in our home and getting to know him. He was also very patient, while teaching us about the new program. Keep up the good work! Thank You, Ken and Donna

Posted by tm

Wow this is so cool for my payment in today was not going to get in time. But r g at work with me to keep my tv on thanks keep up the good work. Theresa Moore

Posted by Anonymous

I had tv installed today tectican was very helful his name Jerrell Jennessee was very nice

Posted by Godschild

The Technicians were very professional. They not only checked with me as to what the problem was,they checked all of my television sets. They checked the outside lines and not only found the problem, but they fixed it. The to Tech's were on time and made me feel very comfortable.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank the tech that came out yesterday, Chantry Quinney, tech # 4771. He was able to solve the problem with our Direct tv. He was very knowledgeable and professional in handling our problem. Thanks, Mabel Mahfouz

Posted by James Tuckfield

Today James Tuckfield came to my house to solve a problem with the Direct TV channels and he was the best technician that I have ever received in my house.Very friendly and professional with complete knowledge of what he was doing.The lady on the phone told us that we needed a different dish but when we explained to James the issue he realized that all it needed was the three little sensors that point towards the dish so he saved the company some money.He noticed that our system was not connected to the internet so immediately corrected the problem even though that was not what he was there for.I was the Engineering supervisor for The Caribe Royale hotel and convention center for 12 years and I had 14 technicians working for me so I recognized a good employee when I saw him. Thank you very much.

Posted by Labriya

I had a very niceguy name Labriya to help me. Told me about the programs how to get an app and about AT&T merged. Thanks

Posted by NormaKinder8

Mark came today to put a new box on my son's tv - he did an excellent job as a representative of direct tv. After he left I got a phone call for a survy - I mis understood the number rating & gave Mark a bad score - when I realized what I had done I felt terrible because Mark deserved an A1 plus I certainly hope my bad survey can be erased my account no. is

Posted by Anonymous

Customer representative was short tempered. I was actually afraid to ask questions. She was condescending and talked down to me. First bad experience that I've had during my years as a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I Would Like Lamar For The Great Service He Gave One Of The Sweetes Tech That I Talk To L Steuart

Posted by PatM

BIG thank you to Franchesca (newfranbrown)in Mississippi. She is the BEST DTV employee that I have spoken with EVER! I have been with DTV since 2004! My DTV was out and she did everything in her power to have a tech come to my house the next day. Thank you Fran for being so helpful and courtesy. ( She was the Third employee I talked to that day. The other employees were not at all helpful).

Posted by Anonymous

Kudos and more kudos are due for Technician He was very professional, courteous, very efficient, and took time to answer my questions. He went "beyond" what was necessary to assure that we were properly getting the quality of service that we expect. This young man is a true credit to himself, his team, and his company. Please be certain that this email gets to whomever is responsible to see that this commendation goes in his file. He desires recognition...........Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

My resent experience with the technician Josh, # 106324 was GREAT ! He was on time, he made sure my service issue was taken care of properly and he was very polite & courteous. Thank you Josh for doing a great job !

Posted by Anonymous

technician met expectations 10
technician professional manner 10
technician educated me & wife on features & functions of system 10
great job


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