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DHL customer service is ranked #416 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.23 out of a possible 200 based upon 476 ratings. This score rates DHL customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


433 Negative Comments out of 476 Total Comments is 90.97%.


43 Positive Comments out of 476 Total Comments is 9.03%.

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  • DHL

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 34.23 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 433 negative comments (90.97%)
    • 43 positive comments (9.03%)
    • 4 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

this package was alleged to be delivered. Site states it is still in Hong Kong.

I want to know the status of said package..

Kindly RSVP

Posted by didi

i had a very bad experience sending parcel with DHL they are absolute nightmare to talk on the phone and they also said they are self regulated and they don't have a financial ombudsman, basically you can not escalate a complaint, seriously, so if you wish to complaint they will just smile and say there is nothing we can do! Horrible company! Make sure your shipment don't cost 4 times mo
re just like mine did
! (£49.95 delivery plus vat£120 tax and admin fees paid into DHL bank account when received)avoid it!

Posted by Anonymous

This is by far the worst customer service experience. Dhl did not provide me with the correct information to send an international package and now they want to charge me 180 dollars for the shipping to be successful. I payed 55 dollars for express shipping and the package didn't arrive the next day. They did not mention that there was a possibility that mexico might charge an extra tax for going in the country. As a new customer they should have mentioned all this before paying for express shipping and they customer service representative said that that is something I should know already.

Posted by always delay in shipment

worst experience with dhl (gulf region) dont wanna waste my time to describe my problems.

Posted by DHL - Nungambakkam - Chenna - I

DHL (Nungambakkam - Chennai) has wrongly committed to deliver shipment but now saying beyond our control if fail to do their commitment and cheated customer only in order to get only money. I was hoped DHL is good for service but in my case, I was ordered from INDIA to SOUTHAFRICA - few tablets for my personal use with DHL but now it is under the CUSTOM SA. While asking DHL, they are telling us to get medical certificate - but in SA it is not possible. Why DHL is committed that they will deliver on time in 4 to 5 working days. If DHL informed us earlier to get medical certificate then first I try with SA health department and once I get the medical certificate, then I can order my shipment, but DHL committed wrongly and received 6000 Rs for their charges and now the shipment is under the CUSTOM SA and it is on hold. Now I lost 6000/ + my health slowly and there is no proper justification from NUGAMBAKAM - CHENNAI DHL office and just dragging this issue infinitely and I plan to close this DHL issue without ourself but no proper response from DHL and may take to larger audience. DON'T suggest DHL go forward to any one because I am impacted lot and may be I can wait few days for their proper response. I am requesting DHL corporate office to settle this matter with DHL Nungambakkam - Chennai (INDIA) branch as earliest.


Posted by DHL (Numbakam - Chennai) - Cheat

Hi Team,
DHL (Nungambakkam - Chennai) has wrongly committed to deliver shipment but now saying beyond our control if fail to do their commitment and cheated customer only in order to get only money. I was hoped DHL is good for service but in my case, I was ordered from INDIA to SOUTHAFRICA - few tablets for my personal use with DHL but now it is under the CUSTOM SA. While asking DHL, they are telling us to get medical certificate - but in SA it is not possible. Why DHL is committed that they will deliver on time in 4 to 5 working days. If DHL informed us earlier to get medical certificate then first I try with SA health department and once I get the medical certificate, then I can order my shipment, but DHL committed wrongly and received 6000 Rs for their charges and now the shipment is under the CUSTOM SA and it is on hold. Now I lost 6000/ + my health slowly and there is no proper justification from NUGAMBAKAM - CHENNAI DHL office and just dragging this issue infinitely and I plan to close this DHL issue without ourself but no proper response from DHL and may take to larger audience. DON'T suggest DHL go forward to any one because I am impacted lot and may be I can wait few days for their proper response.


Posted by B

On 3/11/16 DHL made a delivery attempt at 12:15 P.M. The carrier left a yellow contract for me to sign if I wanted my package left unattended the next delivery attempt on 3/14/16. The contract leaves DHL not liable for stolen/lost merchandise. On 3/14/16 a FINAL delivery attempt was made at 1:22 P.M. I sent an email to DHL regarding the delivery attempts and the lack of any way to request a pick up from the website which the yellow contracts specifically state can be requested this way. They could not without an account number. I stated this fact and attached a print screen to show this is not possible on the website. The email contact is listed below. Julianna Certified International Specialist, Customer Care DHL Express I contacted Lotus at the above DHL Express phone number and she put a request pick up in for me at about 10:10 A.M. on 3/15/16 and called the Ontario, CA station to verify that my package was with the carrier and would be redelivered today 3/15/16 because it was already with the carrier. Lotus stated that the driver would be in my zip code at between 12-3 P.M. and that the request would not take effect until 24-48 hours later. I decided to come home and wait for the rescheduled delivery even though yesterday, 3/14/16 the contract stated it was a final delivery. Lotus also stated that a request could not be done online for the receivers, but only the shippers. This point was not mentioned in the email w/Julianna listed above. I also sent an email on 3/14/16 after the missed delivery requesting the Ontario, CA management contact me. They refused. On 3/15/16 at about 1:07 P.M. I called the 800 number once again to verify redelivery today on 3/15/16. I spoke w/ Walter who stated my package was redirected back to the station and would be available for p/u after 7 P.M. The office closes at 6:00 P.M. I asked Walter to call the Ontario station along w/his manager Corey.Both Walter and Corey refused to call the Ontario station. Corey refused to put his manager Frankie Olivi? They stated my package was redirected back to the Ontario station for p/u. I received an email from Julianna on 3/15/16 about 11:00 A.M. stating my package was with the driver for redelivery. At this point, I really could care less if the package gets shipped back to Turkey. I do intend to continue my complaints about the terrible service, customer service, and DHL corporation standards/protocols. The phone number listed for the Ontario station is unlisted for customers. NO CUSTOMER is required to sign any contract w/DHL for delivery. No customer. DHL is holding my package hostage. There also seems to be a lack of communication w/in the organization among their staff. My complaints will continue...

Posted by Hiba Saleem

On March 11, 2016 I received NICOP

(National Identity card of overseas Pakistanis) card of my daughter hiba saleem from NADRA Islamabad Pakistan. The NICOP card is case sensitive & its regretted to say that the DHL sales person through the envelope containing this important card out side my house and found in letter box which half portion was hanging from outside the box and anybody could take from box DHL Person didn't knock the door as one family member is always present inside the house. This is second time previously FedEx person through our Jadoo box outside but FedEx fixed the person and they made excuse. DHL is a world wide reputed company and I was not expecting this childish activity by DHL person. I will request to NADRA Islamabad that don't send our passports through DHL bkz if we loss my daughter's NICOO card then we may face severe difficulties. Please trained your personnel and tell them don't through the important documents in out side boxes.

Posted by Anonymous

Was just nearly run off the road by a DHL driver who used the size of his lorry to push through a queue of parents with recently collected school children inside.

Posted by Anonymous

I was waiting for a DHL Express package but it never arrived. When I checked the delivery status, DHL claimed that their driver delivered it to me the day before but did not get a signature. When I asked for an explanation, they finally told me that the driver mis-delivered it to "someone", address unknown, in a town nearly 8 miles away! They said that they would "look into it" and try to get the package back from the person that it was mis-delivered to!
Congratulations DHL! You have made it to the big leagues and are now on a par with the USPS! D=Disorganized, H-Hopelessly, L=Lost!

Posted by PeruHeon

My first experience with DHL in June was horrible and I waited over a month to get my package. My second experience is worse than the first. Why? Because the first time I paid over $200 and this time over $500 to get my package. We have waited 5 days just trying to get an email from them that they said they sent and called them more than 10 times. One lady actually told me that the people who send the emails don't have phones so she couldn't transfer us. You see in Peru the workers will tell you what is convenient for them and customer service is the worst even when you pay over $500 dollars. First time shame on you but second time shame on me. I am still waiting for my stuff. Don't use this company for anything.

Posted by Anonymous

I called DHL today and I politely asked about the additional shipping fees I received. I had paid shipping fees through
I tried to find out through the website but they haven't responded, so the next step was to call DHL to get more information. For some reason, the person I spoke to decides to be very rude. She does explain to me that U.S citizens are responsible to find out the shipping fees overseas. I have bought a lot of items overseas and this is the first time I heard that the consumer has to pay additional fees. The person I spoke to did not have to be disrespectful. It was unnecessary for her to be rude. Secondly, my order was left with my neighbor and I was told through your customer service that it required a signature, so they wouldn't live it if there was no one home. Luckily, I was able to track down my neighbor and she had my package. That shouldn't had happened.

Posted by Anonymous

This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. My package went to their fraud department, and it has been a nightmare on getting this resolved. They told the shipping location that the product being shipped was stolen, which I provided the purchase receipt for to prove that they were not. Then the fraud department apparently doesn't call the shipper until the investigation is complete. This has been a nightmare for a week now and still not resolved. This is a company that I will never do business with ever again. I have started legal proceedings against them now as well.

Posted by lirazsiri

As an experienced customer that has shipped nearly 500 packages in recent years through other services I'd like to report a couple of very bad experiences with DHL. I asked around and did some research online and discovered that my experience with them (which I will describe shortly) was the norm rather than the exception, at least here in Israel.

I usually use Airmail or USPS Priority to my satisfaction. I have yet to loose a package. They arrive on time and the customs release process is straightforward.

For the rare occasions when extra documentation is required (original invoice) customs sends a notification in the mail and you can them the extra documentation by fax or email. No extra fees beyond state taxes.

This is not at all the case with DHL. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that DHL quoted 2-3 days for delivery and modestly lower shipping rate than USPS Priority. I decided to give them a shot.

Instead of good service at a good price I walked right into a trap.

First off, regarding the actual delivery time: 2-3 weeks vs 2-3 days quoted. It took 2 weeks for the first package to arrive. I'm still waiting for the second package I sent a day later, which I expect to arrive next week. By then 3 weeks will have passed.

Then there were the extra hidden fees. It turns out you basically pay DHL to hold your packages hostage. They ended up extorting over 100% of the original shipping quote in compulsory hidden extra fees for:

- storage fees
- airport/unloading services
- compulsory "help" with various bureaucratic forms (health permit) that
are usually not required
- fee for paying customs taxes
- fee for credit on customs taxes
- etc, etc.

Oh, and they claimed to be giving me a big discount on all of these goodies because I was a private customer. If this was a business delivery they would extort even higher hidden extra fees.

I still ended up paying hundreds of dollars extra for slow delivery.

Of course they won't be getting any more of my business but I wouldn't have fallen into this trap in the first place if vendors didn't allow them to advertise deceptive predatory pricing and bogus delivery estimates on the site in the first place.

FWIW, it turns out that DHL doesn't always resort to these dirty tactics. Amazon international shipments sometimes end up going through DHL and they've never tried these stunts with me when shipping for Amazon. I'm guessing Amazon hold them to account..

Posted by Anonymous

We are a large food company. Federal Government has passed Food Safty Act that requires all foodstuff(Ingredients and Packaging) to be delivered in secured trailers and/or vans. Last seven deliveries from DHL. Their drivers have show up at our plant trying to make delivery in unsecured(No locks/seals) vans. We finally had to drop them as an approved delivery carrier for our food items at all of our US manufacturing plants. There is no excuse for major carrier to continue to violate Federal Law on making unsecured deliveries of food items.

Posted by NSW

I did receive a missed delivery notice in my letter box on the 23rd December, I called on the 24th and asked if I could pick up the parcel from the center and was advised it was on the truck for delivery. Surprise, surprise it was not delivered, I called in the New Year and was advised there was a failed delivery on the 29th December - not the case we were in all day and no note was left and no attempt to call the mobile, it was meant to be delivered again on the 7th Jan, again we were in no note, no phone call.

Beginning of week 3 of the sager and still no parcel.

This is appalling service and also customer service, maybe GPS needs to be added to the drivers so you can tell they are doing their round and not just saying everyone was out!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am Sachidanandn, i sent a document with DHL from Kuwait Fahaheel through AL MUZAINI, while its reach there they call to my hom and inform that they can not deliver to your home or that area and they tell to come their centre which is too far from my home.

very poor perform by DHL in this case.

Posted by rony

bad bad they do mistake in custom after they lied to me. after i find out they lied they try to cover it by more lies.their mistake made a huge damage to me. i have it all taped and backuped going sue them in court.

Posted by Ambrosia

A package was to be delivered on a certain day. The person waited at home for the package. After tracking it, it said that they had tried to deliver it, but no one was home. When the person called, they claimed they had the wrong address and promised to deliver it the next. The person waited and when tracking it, again, it said that they had tried to deliver and no one was home. Now they will try a third time and i hope they make it there.

Posted by Brandon

After several weeks of non existent service and people not answering to emails or calling back when they said so, I laid a complaint to the 'Straight to the top' complaint system, which I was assured someone at the top would get back to me WITHIN AN HOUR!!! A DAY AND A HALF LATER NO ONE HAS CALLED ME!!!! OR EMAILED!!! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HANDLED BY DHL'S TOP MANAGEMENT!! I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY THE SERVICE FROM DHL STAFF IS SO CRAP, WHEN THE MANAGEMENT CAN'T EVEN GIVE DECENT SERVICE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a visa to my helper to come to hK I told them that is very important because I have also to arrange flight ticket. The front told me as long as has the correct postal code it arrives the following day between 9-5 of course trusting DHL the professional delivery and cost 10 times more than other services provider, such they have a performance pledge otherwise How to call a express? However, to my surprise my helper never receieved the mail after 58 hours and called me by long distant and when I chase htey told me wrong address cannot be delivery. But when I double check the address it was exactly the same, and when I called for help they said the mail will not be gaurantee arrive the next day. If u dont have a performance pleage and do not gaurantee than why I use DHL I could have use normal, and I was told that only Tuesday they arrive as public holiday Do not make delivery, however, my helper can go to pick up at the center himself. I believe the truth is they never made any delivery as I said why u not use the number to contact if you are already at the neighbourhood.
Now I am going to write to the press for this Not gaurantee services and just for its brand name can charge excessive rate but Nothing is gaurantee. What a good business to be in in this competative world.

Posted by harry

Why does a package tracking have DHL tried to deliver a package 2 times to my home and I was home both days and no one came to the door of left a massage they were there. does the driver not how to fine the right address.

Posted by lorraine

I'mvery very disspointment in DHL I posted a parcel to Gambia aAfrica and he still has not got his parcel it said on internet that hewould get it on friday and its on hold I'mnot very happy about this service at all when it said it should be in Gambia Africaon fFriday it should be there with him by now he is not happy becausehe didnt get his parcel its a gift for him

Posted by milad kiaei

I was in Lambeth (London) DHL office to send the parcel to my country on 28th.10.2015, after 10 minutes was waited in the front desk and several times pressed the bell two aggressive DHL staff coming to deal with 4/5 people on the quiet and they started to be rode with customers and using bad language against each other and interacted each other job and did not have any concentrate on them jobs and really cheap staffs who could not served customer even with less than average quality however after 50 minutes finished my parcel and as DHL staff recommendation the parcel should be in destination on 31.10.2015 but it was not received and I double checked on line on 01.11.2015 and found out the parcel rejected to different office!! why delivery back to different office? I do not know! however again on 02.11.2015 went to this office and found my parcel which box was ripped no my address and no destination on the box and was missed some thing inside the parcel, I was on rush and I had to send again the parcel to the destination I gave another opportunity to them to post the lady who again packaged my parcel again did same mistake as her first colleague who did packaged in the first time did not fill in accurate the sanctions warranty and indemnity form in accurate and correct and did not put date and used previous Waybill number which was different with new one so second office in Croydon (London)did more mistake from first office, do you know what happened again? my parcel again sent back with bad position and stolen the mobile phone from box 3 papers work that I was provided for my solicitors was missed and after 3 days again on 05th.11.15 I came back to Croydon office in London and took back the empty, ripped and casual box, nobody responsible, low standard, Absolutely useless service, Worst tracking and rude customer care. Worst of the kind in terms of troubleshooting issues, no patience and courtesy to talk to customer. They do not honor their words and commitment. Poor follow up and they always find excuse which you know is fake, ambiguous communication if they ever contact you. They handed over my parcel to someone whom they do not know, I do not know, not authorized person to sign on my behalf. No escalation process. DHL is the worst of all. Now, I know feedback does not really matter for this company and they do not care for customer satisfaction. It is the 15 day and still no trace.i would like to speak with newspapers, standard agency and BBC watch dogs and provided movies put in you tube, face book, twitter and exploit from social media against this rubbish company.milad kiaei

Posted by TunObserver

My letter going from Tunis to China, stayed about 76 hours at Leipzig / Germany ( from Tuesday 26th October 2015 to Friday 30 th 2015 ), which is inacceptable . Please would you take steps to avoid repeating this excess duration at Leipzig during open days, thanks .Med Ali.

Add your review!

Posted by miriamevetidwell

I was not home and they left me a note that they would be back, and they came back on time. thank you very much. M E Tidwell...

Posted by M/S Tammy Walters

We had the privilege of being assisted by Tammy Walters of your Sydney office,
not only was she extremely capable and efficient, but also most helpful, reliable and truly pleasant to work with.
Tammy is certainly an asset to your company.
Yours faithfully
Michael and Fay Padowich

Posted by John H

Whilst driving along the M54 towards Telford this morning 11/3/16 approx 08.20, A DHL van joined the motorway(LN65 LHA).
The driver showed excellent judgement and caution, then displayed courtesy to other drivers.
As a professional driver myself, I would like to point out positive behaviour on the roads.

Well done!!!

Posted by amandapaul

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Posted by Anonymous

The customer service in Hong Kong was really nice. She was patient, calm, with good manners and good humour. It was really nice to have someone like that pick up your phone in.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have A Driver From Route No. Phx1t Named Luis. This Is A Great Driver For The Area Around. Very Helpful Guy With Questions And Has Even Helped Me With Some Dhl Supplies. I Never Have Problems With Him. Very Pleased With His Professionalism.

Posted by Ryangernat

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Posted by MARIA

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Posted by Anonymous

Brilliant service i used dhl express from uk going to tunisia letter got there in 3 days so happy with the service and will definately recommend you to friends thanks dhl will use again without a doubt

Posted by Mila

Hi, I would like to commend your employee Ms. Rose (from this office number - DHL - Nad Al Shiba) for assisting us in our rush delivery request. She was very accommodating and reliable as we call her consistently to follow up our request. She is very nice all throughout our conversation until our request has been satisfied. Thank you very much and more power!

Posted by Mbonang

Amazing experience! I called with some questions and they answered right away. I have been checking online to see when it'll be here and it arrived 2 days early! Could not be happier with the service. The man delivering was very nice and got a call saying how i can organize a pick up (if i want to) and a text saying it is on its way today!!! Very happy!!!!

Posted by Charlotte

Hi all, I just would like to share my great experience with DHL Khamirul W483.
He is very efficient and punctual for the collection everytime. Besides, he is willing to wait for me if the goods are not ready when he has arrived in my office without any complaint. Great job and keep it up!

Thank you for support!

Charlotte from IBP

Posted by Prateek

DHL raipur is superb ... specially at millennium plaza raipur .... awesome service ...keep up the good work guys.

Posted by karla

Hi everyone! I just would like to share my wonderful exp with DHL SOHAR Oman. THANK YOU wouldn't be enough. This company has been instrumental for the expedite processing of my family's visa. Special thanks to their manager, sir Hilmi, who even went beyond his duty just so those documents reach me on time. Thank you very much.More Power to you all.

Posted by none

I buy items from overseas and I always use DHL they get items from Hong Kong to my door in two days they are by far the fastest shippers they dont let items sit in there warehouse they go from the plain to the delivery truck love to use them I wish I had the option to use them when I order stuff on line in the country.

Posted by Adrian

Some of the compliments i've received lately as below:

1) I spoke to your customer service officer named Adrian. He was very helpful and proactive. I just want you to know that he is a valuable asset in your company and he needs a raise. Please let everyone know how helpful he has been. More power to your team!

2) I would like to commend your employee, Adrian for providing such good customer service. I have called your line to ask for a courier service in Singapore, but apparently DHL isnt the right company to call. He responded to me very politely and gave me an alternative number to call and explained why DHL is unable to provide such service. I find this very praise worthy as not all customer service staff i talked to provided alternative options to me especially if that option is not a part of their business. I would appreciate it if you could include this commendation email on his evaluation files. Please train more cs staff like him as he has displayed the qualities of a good CS officer.

3) I would like to commend on a Customer Service Office Mr Adrian who answered my call on 8th Feb 9.40pm and assisted me in all areas of queries on my package. I was making the call from Malaysia and the reception was really breaking but he tried and pick up all the words and even have the ability to reconfirm my email address as it was different from the company name.
He is the best customer officer I have ever encounter all these year. Kindly forward this email to his boss or the relevant department.

4) Team,

I would like to share that Adrian has earned himself yet another compliment this year!... This would make his tally to 5 this year.

The customer is most impressed at the way he handled her service call. The words fantastic was used to describe her experience when Adrian was attending to her shipment, and after knowing that Adrian is part of the team that I manage, she quickly wants me to ensure that he is complimented for the great service that was rendered. Customer said that Adrian was very clear and handled her call really well. The experience made her feel safe that her shipment was in good hands and has boosted confidence in DHL.

However, todays experience took an opposite turn to that.

I am very thankful for the great experience that Adrian has given customer, as it has greatly buffered the negative experience that customer is currently facing with the same parcel. (This was an escalation that I handled this evening). . If you were to read the trace, you will agree that it has very serious repercussions. I have to admit that it if werent for the very positive experience that Adrian has rendered to the customer the day before, the escalation this evening would have taken a very different turn

Team, this scenario is a very classic example that if we consistently hold high service standards with our customer, they can be a little more forgiving when things go wrong. Adrians excellent service to the customer, has allowed me to handle the escalation better.

Adrian in reading Well done and keep up the good work!

5) Dear Sir,

I would like to commend Mr Adrian Soh on his helpful and polite service rendered regarding a shipment to London. He provided very clear and concise information, and was impeccably polite in his instructions and queries. He also highlighted the limitations of the UK customs and advised me wisely against shipping food to the UK to avoid inconvenience.

I hope that other customer service personnel strive to be as thorough and helpful as Mr Soh, as he has reaffirmed my decision in using DHL as a courier.

Warm regards,

6) Hi Adrian

Just a note to express my appreciation to you for emailing me the necessary forms to assist me with the shipment documentation to my daughter studying in Australia, as well as your patience in explaining to me the required information to be completed to facilitate the ease of processing and customs clearance.

My daughter has received the shipment today.

As I would like to send a complimentary letter to your organisation on your excellent service, could you advise who I can write to.

7) I would like to compliment Adrian for his excellent customer service. He went that extra mile, and extend his full assistance retrieving shipment details, dated 4 months back.

Adrian put himself in customer's situation on how important the information was to customer.

Pls do appreciate him as a staff of DHL Express, to allow other customer of yours to benefit from his service too. He portrays how high DHL Express service level can reach.

8) Thank you so much for your extremely professional assistance. I am pleasantly surprised at the painless way this delivery is handled, having experienced other courier companies' services. You may convey my message and thanks to your line manager by forwarding this mail to him.

Thanks again

Hi, My name is Adrian and am proud to be part of a dynamic team like DHL express, in my country Singapore and in Asia, DHL is a brand, we are honored to be able to live up to it. All my colleagues received compliments on a monthly basis, now the customers here are very demanding and it's very easy to commit a genuine mistake and provoked a customer, then received a complain than to get a compliment. We strive to assist anyone, even if you are an international caller, please do not discount DHL in any way. Wish you have the best shipping experience everytime, otherwise we are here to assist you fully.

Posted by Anonymous

Received a phone call about package being tied up in Customs... I called and had the problem resolved in 20 minutes. Thanks to Kathy for her help.

Posted by ANDRE

Thank You Very Much For My Speedy Delivery Of My Tracking Number ]you Guys Have Exceeded My Expectation I Did Not Expect My Package So Fast Thank You Very Much And Keep Up The Good Work. And One More Thing If I Had Things My Way I Would Make Sure All My Things Come True [dhl] But I Guess That Depends On How The Company How I Order From Do Shipment With.anyway Thanks Again.

Posted by sabrina

HELLO to my friends out there i am testifying about the good work of a man who help me it has been hell from the day my husband left me i am a woman with two kids my problem stated when the father of my kids travel i never help he was living but as at two weeks i did not set my eye on my husband i try calling but he was not taken my call some week he call me telling me that he has found love some where easy at first i never take to be serous but day after he came to the house to pick his things that was the time i notice that things is going bad i help he will come back but things was going bad day by day i needed to talk to someone about it so i went to his friend but there was no help so i give it up on him month later i met on the the internet a spell caster i never believe on this but i needed my men back so i gave the spell caster my problem at first i never trusted him so i was just doing it for doing sake but after three day my husband called me telling me that he his coming home i still do not believe but as at the six day the father to my kids came to the house asking me to for give him the spell work to said to my self from that day i was happy with my family thanks to the esango priest of (abamieghe)esango priest he his a great man you need to try him you can as well to tell him your problem so that he can be of help to you his content email is this [email protected] indeed you are a priest thank you for making my home a happy home again. remember his email is

Posted by Bill

I just ordered a part from china. It was shipped from Hong Kong on 2-15-13. I have it in my hands on 2-18-13 at 1:00 pm. I think DHL service is the best.

Posted by cpt qn

Using the 800 # I was able to ask for representative (live person) and she had the tracking # I had previously spoken in the systen (so I didn't have to "start over")

Although she didn't have a reason why the delivery hadn't been made she did make notes and was helpful.

Posted by Steven

****Great service provided in Pueblo Colorado*** DHL driver came to my house and I was not home, since they require someone be home to sign for the package and can't leave it at my door, the driver checked with several neighbors and one of the neighbors down the road signed for my package. I am very satisfied with that, because I needed it that same day, and wasn't going to be home during the week to sign for a package. I wish more delivery companies followed these standards. I was glad not to have my package left at the door for someone to steal. The driver even left me a voicemail that he delivered the package to the neighbor in addition to putting the same information on the note he left at my door. Best delivery experience I've ever heard of in my opinion.

Posted by Khader

Just want to thank you so much for your super excellent job D. H. L. very Good job i want to thank you again and again So im happy with the excellent job you guys did I just sent a package to Amman Jordan ..

Posted by vsl

The representative was nice and solved my problem. didn't have to wait at all and when choosing through options when i first called the voice record understood everything i said instead of having to press the numbers corresponding. emailing inquire did not give me good service though, still waiting for an email back.

Posted by Anonymous

Agent we spoke with was knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

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Posted by Adrakky

I'm a DHL Express staff myself but from South East Asia, in Singapore. This is a good company to grow in and welfare is world class as well.

One thing about being in Customer Service is to be able manage expectation, of all types. You can't judge and expect the customer on the line to be thinking like you do, and make them follow your processes. Unless a totally ridiculous request, a customer is always right and they can be very rude with you.

I wont come online to complain about the company i worked for whether it's current or even after i left the place. If you do so and even give the names of your immediate superior then people will question your integrity.

Talk and discuss within the management itself, may leave if out of choice but don't hurt the company or the people still working in it.

I can't vouch for other location but in Asia, DHL is the best. Start and expand any company in Asia because people are positive and hardworking, try calling any DHL rep. today and see for yourself how patient they can be, am proud to be their team.

Adrian Soh.

Posted by RSAC

I personally worked for DHL at 18 parkshore drive in brampton. That is where the call centre is located for DHL Canada, during peak season the managers : Ariel, Asif, and a few others that I should not mention......told us to LIE TO CUSTOMERS and tell them the systems are down! Only because they are afraid the GOS ( grade of service ) will fall under 90%, also they did these call back sheets where customers would be called back within "4 hours" which was another lie aswell. There is very poor communication with the whole company, we were advised to lie to customers and tell them that the drivers do not carry cell phones, so they are not entitled to call upon pickups/ deliverys. There are many lies DHL tells customers and do not blame the CSA reps like myself, it is the managers who tell us what to say. They do a great job in training, but they stop there. "Coaching sessions" were ran by uneducated people. More than half the staff there have no education what so ever, one of the main job qualifications is someone who is not in school, they clearly rather have Agency workers who cant spell the word " deliver", and spell it " delivar".....They do things like "quality" where 2 brown girls look for your worse calls and try to tell you how to do better. The quality girls especially FATIMA are very biased. I worked there for half a year now, and it is a very very very poorly run operation. Email : [email protected] for any customer complaints. Also half the staff is overweight, very low employee moral, every1 is miserable and talk about how they have no money. There are a few really good people in the building there, Abdi Mohamed and Sherry Philips are great workers/ supervisors. Im giving my honest opinion from some1 who has worked in the call centre for a litle while. No bias what so ever. IF you are looking for a honest courier company, DHL IS NOT THE 1. They also do alot of focus on "empathy" with customers by saying I understand, I can relate to that, which is ALL BS, because if DHL really understood...they would go out of their way to make sure packages are picked up and dropped off timely with call backs to notify customers, instead of saying sign up for text mssg notifications/ online tracking system that tells you peanuts! "your package is in the ontario service AREA" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO SOME1 who is in dryden, ontario??? Very small issues that can easily be corrected, but management is very poor at times, and the "floor walkers/ team leaders" really do not want to take escalation calls, as whenever some1 escalates a call, we are to tell them " a supervisor will call you back in an hour with regards to your complaint, because they are not available" which is complete BS as the supervisors are either eating lunch, watching aircraft videos, talking in one corner.....when there are 5 CSA REPS( customer service agents) with their hands up looking for assistance.
Thanks DHL for your time, and next time use better criteria when picking your employees because you dont know what just hit you.

- R S A C

Posted by DHLFAIL

DHL is the worst company and working for DHL is a joke. Their management team in the USA is deplorable!

The USA Customer Service call center in Tempe, AZ is all about stalling and hope the package shows up some where close to the right location.

Save your time and money and use Fed Ex or UPS ... even the USPS is better than the down sliding DHL service.

Posted by FEEDUP

AS A DHL EMPLOYEE who has been told North America cant seem to make a profit i ask, how much did it cost to send all the employees a GOLD ACHIEVEMENT award for not getting hurt on the job? how much did it cost to give out soccer jersey's that only fit 25% of the employees? and i sure would like some more soccer balls for my kids, or maybe some jellybeans. RIDICULES! IN STEAD THEY CUT EMPLOYEES


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