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DFAS customer service is ranked #769 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 23.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 50 ratings. This score rates DFAS customer service and customer support as Terrible.


48 Negative Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 96.00%.


2 Positive Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 4.00%.

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    • 23.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 48 negative comments (96.00%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.00%)
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Posted by charlieswolf

They just can't get it right. They messed up my pay when I almost retired 2 years ago. It took 1 whole year for them to correct their errors because they kept re-entering the same errors. Now, that I have actually retired, 2 years later, they set my pay using the same information from 2 years ago. Are they even trying? Hopefully, it doesn't take another year for them to correct this error.

Posted by Naantz

Unbelievably bad service. How do these people have jobs?! I was transferred to three different people who sounded pissed just to be alive and on the phone. I am shocked and horrified that these are the "customer service" folks that DFAS has working. It terrifies me that these people have anything to do with my pay...

Posted by Cookie

Telephone hold time is 20 minutes if you're lucky. Usually it's over an hour. Most of the customer service reps are clueless and rude. Finally, after multiple frustrating calls just to try to update my address, I was given the option to leave a call back number and time. I did that. It's now 20 minutes after the time they were supposed to call back. Surprise! Still no call back. Dfas customer service makes the dmv service look like the 5 star treatment. This is absolutely the worst service ever.

Posted by Jerry

I was somehow reported deceased. They don't know how. I submitted the forms to fix their screw up but still not getting paid. The techs on the phone, when you can get one, are clueless. One of the worst offices I have ever dealt with. Army 26 years, not my first problem with them.

Posted by Archie

DFAS Customer Support in Cleveland, Ohio is horrible! Worse than the VA (times 10). Three times I have called to change my military allotment for my mortgage. NYS raised taxes again! Three times DFAS has locked my account on me stating I gave erroneous information! B.S. Info they requested: Full name, MYPAY User name, time in service (provided service exact dates), SSN, Survivor Benefits election option at time of retirement, routing and account number, and type of account i.e. checking/savings. Ridiculous to not help and they lock my account! Veterans are made to feel like second class liars when they call for support. None of the support staff nor supervisor can help resolve problems and issues. They keep referring to policy, yet they wont tell you what the policy number is and they won't escalate a call out of the call center. I was told they don't have access! What to heck are these people doing? and try to get a straight answer or any help! It is just not going to happen. Worse than the VA, which has gotten tons better. How about helping Veterans. Bad and shame on the department!

Ret 2003, MSgt Smith

Posted by https://contacthelp.com/DFAS

I noted the gentleman's comment and since today I have been on the phone trying to navigate to the department by pressing the appropriate number I found I just kept going around and around and not being able to speak with a "live" voice. So this is what I did. I listened to what department I needed wrote it down and then hung up. If you don't hang up and call back in and immediately press the number you need it will not connect with a "live" person. I used both numbers the 888 number and the So, call either number and wait for the answer and immediately press the correct department number. You don't need to listen to anything, just press your correct department number. My call was answered in about 2 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is terrible. Only 1 phone number. You have to listen to countless phone trees in their entirety. When, after a long delay, you do get to talk to a real person they transfer you for yetr another long delay. I retired in June 2017, it is now January 2018. Pers 912 has send my retirement paperwork to DFAS several times and still nothing has been done. I would complain to someone, anyone, but there is no other phone number to call and I can't find any avenue to voice my frustration. I'm currently on hold again and since the wait time is extreme I knew I would have plenty of time to write this comment. It amazes me that some people want the government to control the entire nations health care.

Posted by Anonymous

Very poor customer service. Called and had questions about some paperwork that I have submitted for the 5th time. The first customer service agent didn't try to help, kept interuppting me and cutting me off. Took my name and number said that someone would call me in three business days which translates into probably the encd of next week. Second time I called the young lady couldn't help me, transferred me to another person who apparently gave her greeting while I was still on hold because I didn't hear her. She yells HELLO in the phone...I asked her my question and still didn't get any useful answer. This is the retirement division and their customer service is atrocious. I a Federal Employee as well and I am stunned at the way they speak to people even while being recorded. Good luck finding anyone to speak with that has any knowledge. It took almost an hour to reach someone that spoke with me for less than 3 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

I just spent 31 minutes on hold when the representative came on the line. I told her I had called two weeks prior & was told to call back for status of SBP refund as I'm an annuitant. She transferred the call & now it says they will call me in about 29 min. She never checked my file or helped me. This is the second time I called DFAS and a customer service rep did this. Unacceptable.

Posted by Tarheel Angler

Been trying to get my Estimated Earnings completed by DFAS since April so I can buy my military time back and retire from civil service in August 2017. They (DFAS) sent me (via mail) the completed DFAS-CL 1340/2 several times signed by Branch Chief (Mr. Cress) and they had the wrong end date of my military service, did not match my DD-214, so my pay and benefits branch will/would not process my request for estimating my cost for buying back my military time, said I had to resubmit my request to DFAS to provide Estimate of Earnings with dates that match my DD-214...very, very poor service by DFAS and when I called them, quite rude and attitudinal...I wish the President or SECDEF would clean house in Indianapolis!! I have called DFAS three times since retiring from the Army in 1998 and on all occasions, they were not very helpful to this retiree!!

Posted by charlieswolf

have been trying to get my pay corrected for 6 months. They continuously tell me to call back in xx (pick a number) business days and the matter is being escalated, only to find out that nothing has been done (it's been 6 months now). I asked for the customer complaint department and they said they don't have one. I asked for the person's supervisor, but she said they have a lot of supervisors and she couldn't give a name or a number. This is very poor service. DFAS, you should be ashamed of the subpar level of service you provide. I wonder how quick you would respond if the error was on my end and I owed you money

Posted by estradanr

DFAS is a nightmare to call and get any information of benefits or pay. The wait is outrageous, 30 minutes and more waiting for an another on pay benefits. This is ridicules and unacceptable. This system is broken.

Posted by An unpaid private who needs to r

The Finance here at Fort Drum is not as high speed as I thought, I came from the reserve and transitioning to the active duty. The finance office here gave me an accession packet. I submitted it resubmitted it, corrections had to made every time I went there. They never seem to have the same answer and the corrections had to vary from staff to staff member. It was hassle. I have been waiting for over 60 days to get my active duty pay. They just come up with a reason every time to send you back and give you a fake promising date to get paid.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible customer service. I have talked to about 50 different people at DFAS and always passed off, provided bad information, or hung up on because their phone lines do that to you. The wait times are absurd as well. DFAS people don't care at all and do merely give you an answer and hope you go away. Their people have very limited knowledge and I keep getting passed around because no one can figure out how I would get my taxes back to me. Every DFAS rep says that's not us, but contact debts and claims. You are lucky if you can even stay on the phone as it disconnects you over and over..and when you are lucky to be in the que, it's a very long wait even with 8 people ahead of you. Yesterday, someone called me back as I had already waited many times over, and she was no help. She didn't know anything to help my matter. She gave me a non working number to try. How's that for customer service. I am about to open a congressional complaint because I have been working this issue since last Sept to no avail. Even the dfas.mil and file a claim was a joke. I was passed all over and told to contact IRS and one other agency who had no record of a debt. My debt was paid in full due to receiving 4 months of pay for retirement when I am still active duty. I have now paid my taxes twice. You would think I would receive the correct tax document since it was paid in August 2016, and 1099'r rolled out in November I believe. No one can figure this out for me at DFAS. I just want a corrected tax document and my federal taxes refunded. Good luck anyone who contacts me...they have to be the worst for customer service. I believe military members deserve better assistance than what we are receiving. I am completely exasperated over this whole matter. It should be simple, but certainly it is not for them.

Posted by Frustrated

I too dealt with an Aisha unfortunately and apparently to request copies of my old leave and earning statements I was to email thisSeriously?!?! I mean why navigate through all of those phone menus when a SIMPLE email address can be provided for this request which I am sure that plenty of service members have!

Posted by 7YEARS

The Fort Bliss separations lead was rude and wouldn't let me get a word in. She did not care to answer any of my questions in regards to my final pay. If she would've kept her personal emotions outside of the workplace I would've been payed before Thanksgiving. Instead she was rude, and subjective. Questions I asked her were: What is the debt that I owe? She wasn't aware she stated : "Thats why we do a audit." My second question was "what is a px status," this is what DFAS said was on my account and this was what was holding my pay. She told me she would call back when she gets the time to inform me. She never did. I called BIG DFAS to get more information only to find out that it was a debit that had already been written off because it was under 250$. Now, I have called big dfas to figure out how to get my pay. Their answer "SUBMIT A TICKET." that says it may take up to 60 days to get a response. They are throwing me for a loop with transferring and hanging up 30 seconds later. Finally, submit a ticket. IDK if these people have a vendetta against service-members that get out or if they need to hire more staff. But what I do know is the system is far from customer serivce and more like getting CIF gear in basic training. I have a mortgage and bills to pay.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer representative namve "Aisha" was very rude. No sense of showing concern or respect or whatsoever. She was making gestures or sounds as if she's in a hurry and I am not making it easy for her. This experience is horrible!!

Posted by royal

Almost impossible to get any thing done with it or just talk to a person.

Posted by anonomyous

Been trying to get my annuity payment for 4 months, and I here a different date everytime I call putting off my payment, and my papers have all already been processed. As if the 30 day processing time isn't abysmal. What they don't tell you about is the wait from after your papers have been processing until payment. What is the point in the 30 day processing time if you are gonna have us wait another 2 months for payment? I think the phone service is literally just to give customers someone to talk to, because the workers don't have access to much for information and cannot do anything to help you in the slightest and have no guess when you will receive your first payment. Absolutely terrible service even for people who served in the military and their families.

Posted by PissedMilitaryMember

Current ANG member hit with an "overpayment" debt in Feb of 2015. Debt was paid and have the screen shot ticket stating DEBT PAID IN FULL" Now, Aug of 2016 I receive another debt notification letter by mail with the same acct number as the previous debt letter, saying I owe. Yet another broken government agency. Sure with that whole fraud waste and abuse briefing applied to bogous (had a different word on place but the site won't allow it) shops like this.

Posted by Broke retiree

Long story, submitted reserve ret app oct 2015, turned 60 Feb 15, 2016, today is July 25 2016, no ret pay yet. I'm not asking for a hand out, just what I earned. I spent 20+ years earnong, 16 years waiting for eligibility, now I don't know how long it will take to process. GOD help me, cause these people are totally incompetent.

Posted by Gordon1963

I left DOD Civilian service in Jan 2015 via transfer to another US Gov Job. Employer paid me 2 more pay periods after I left thus creating a debt. I paid the debt back and received a letter from Out of Service Debt showing the debt was PAID IN FULL. In January 2016 something went wrong and the OUT OF SERVICE sent a new debt to me with same amount as debt from 2015. It was a duplication of the bill. For whatever reason - a duplicate bills was processed with Out oF Service Debt. I have been fighting since Jan 2016 til now to get this cleaned up with no confidence it will ever be cleaned up.

Turning to Congressman now as well.

Posted by Anonymous

DFAS is another broken government agency. I retired from active duty 75 days ago and still have not received any pay. When I call all they can tell me is that new accounts is working on building my account. When asked how long will it take the answer is another department is processing your documents.

Posted by LSC

DFAS customer service are lazy and barely hold GED level education. They don't care and will tell you anything to get you off the phone. The only way to get so a response is to write DFAS.

Posted by Not a DFAS Fan

Their service is unbelievable! One of their wage garnishment rep actually told me to go get a cup of coffee and calm down. Really? She tried to belittle me with her tone when I called in to find out if my book keeping of their garnishment matches. Instead, they kept thinking that I was calling to complaint about the shortage in wage garnishment. Their wage garnishment and paralegal department is a nightmare! The paralegal emailed me that all of my court ordered supports have been garnished. When I went to audit my checks again, I'm still showing a shortages, so I emailed her back to let her know that she was mistaken. They then decided to dip into the community property as well. Then instead of being $200 short, I am now $400-$500 short. Jenny S.'s excuse to me was that my ex wage went down instead of up. That was such B.S. He works for the government. The whole 22 years he was in, his income have always went up according to cost of living. She kept on saying that he needs to survive, but he has 3 incomes (pension, a six figure wage, and his new wife's income as well). These are court orders where a Judge thought that it was justified. I didn't order them. My children are with me 70% of the time while he can't even fully be responsible for his 30%. Our children have always been in the way of his travels with his wife when he has to be with them, so he would always demanded me to switch weekends for him. He only spends about 15% of that 30% that he threw tantrum in courts for. I am also working full time, but making minumum wage so with another $500 deducted from the already imputed order, how am I supposed to take care of my children?
It seems like everytime I called in to complaint, they take it upon themselves to pay out less garnishment to me. In the meantime, my ex could careless and won't pay the difference directly.
Where is the justice in this? What kind of business is DFAS running? Why do they even ask us to survey their customer service when they would only use that against us?
They are horrible to say the least!

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Posted by Anonymous

I had a horrible experience yesterday being on hold for 2 hours and nothing was resolved. Today I called again and spoke with Jess. She was VERY accommodating and resolved my issue quickly. She made a change of address for me and assured me the W2 I was trying to get would be mailed to my new address. From a horrible call to an absolute beneficial call just goes to show it matters who you talk to. My ratings are based on my conversations w/ Jess

Posted by Archie

After third 24 hour account lockout and forth call I finally talked to someone who was fantastic and resolved my issue. Thank You Laura! Ask for Laura.

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Posted by Anonymous

Separated 30 Sep..... STILL waiting for my final paycheck due to errors in processing that had nothing to do with me...just notified it will be another 20 WORK days...hope you enjoy you Holidays while I wait until you can get around to my case....again...ridiculous.


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