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D-Link customer service is ranked #341 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 37.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 150 ratings. This score rates D-Link customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


137 Negative Comments out of 150 Total Comments is 91.33%.


13 Positive Comments out of 150 Total Comments is 8.67%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • D-Link

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.27 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 137 negative comments (91.33%)
    • 13 positive comments (8.67%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 3.1 Reachability
    • 2.3 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Shahin KT

dlink customer care agent who was a lady hanging up my call after i said that iam in a trouble with their product.she cant even help.such worst attitude and worst customer suport.

Posted by Liang

Purchased a Dlink router from Bestbuy. The configuration of the router should be pretty simple but I encountered some problem, so I reached out to the Dlink technical support. I think they might have outsourced the aftersales support to an Indian company, with all tech guys I spoke to speaking Indian English. they tried to make things complicated and pursuade you to use their paid service. Eventually I spent 2 days to get the problem solved where I could have spent only 30 minutes.

Posted by rdoty

I purchased an outdoor wireless camera (DCS-2330L) and video recorder through Amazon. Initial attempts to set up camera were failure and I submitted complaints through support (Note there is no phone support for their products). Only after three submitted complaints I received an email response which were setup instructions - the same as those on their setup download. Just to make sure I checkmarked each instruction as I tried once again and again camera won't setup. After two more tries (and about six hours total wasted) I finally contacted Amazon for return/refund. Note that their instruction say that if you aren't successful setting up wireless then you should install by Ethernet. This is a WIRELESS camera!! Also note that for an outdoor camera the power cord is permanently attached to the camera and if you want to connect to an inside AC outlet - YES - then you would have to drill a three inch hole through the wall. This product is a complete fail.

Posted by bbexplorer

I purchased a dsp w110, smart plug. It stopped working after 2 weeks. I called tech. We resolved the issue that the item is defective. The return center woman was very rude. I told her I would not pay to have the item shipped--- it's DEFECTIVE. She hung up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor. Where is the customer service. My next step is to see if this company cares about its customers. I will not buy anything from them until this issue is resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for 2 months to get customer service is phone number I went through everything online if they explained to do numerous times. During all the frustrating times trying to contact them they suspended my service of all things just because I was trying to pay my bill. They make it impossible for you to get ahold of them I have done everything word for word and so has three other people just to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding it! It's so frustrating because so few providers service the area that I am in. But I am done with dealing I will go without Wi-Fi rather than being disconnected and having my service suspended. They seem to get good report on their Technical service why can't they do the same when you're trying to pay your bill its ridiculous it gives you to different numbers says hit zero as quick customer service and you will get a human exact words it doesn't work that way I am so done with dlink. Not only that they charge me for everything which I found out later would have been free through my TV provider but I wasn't all that and all the equipment that they brought out was defective so it too close to 2 months for them to hook it up and in the meantime they still continue to charge me and I never had Wi-Fi at them a disconnect my service because I can't even try to call and pay my bill regardless there a horrible installation policies the only way that I will stay with them is if they give me a credit on my account because this is ridiculous. I would rather pay Xfinity the extra money and know that I'm going to have service and know that it's going to be hooked up on time and efficiently.

Posted by problem

my dlink router is conncecting to the net and after 2 minutes it is disconnecting and when we are reseting the router it is connecting and again after 2 minutes it is disconnecting.so pls give solution for this problem

Posted by MsBWP

The rep was rude, raised her voice to me several times and was not clear in her step by step instructions at all. She was very impatient and was rushing me through a process I clearly wasn't familiar with. It was the worst customer service experience I have ever had and I had to pay for it to boot. I won't be purchasing another router from them that is for sure.

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service After having wifi reception problems with dlink 890L. There tech told me my network had been hacked and tried tons care me into thinking all my info was in danger. To fix it I needed to buy a $200 service contract. Not buying it, I researched that all I needed was some firmware updates and it works fine now. Pretty disappointed at their tactics. Sorry I bought their product.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible! Today I was sent a link for help from their customer contact site and the page doesn't exist!I have asked for a phone # to call and they won't provide one. Fortunately I purchased my D-Link wireless router Ac1200 from a company that values customer satisfaction. I will probably return it tomorrow for a refund and purchase Net gear - their customer satisfaction scores top marks. Live & learn, right.
No more D- Link for me!
Diane, Vancouver BC

Posted by Iagoman

Aaron from customer tech support was great! He got my DLINK camera working perfectly. I could never have done it by myselt. His Employee Number is .

If you need assistance, ask for him.

Posted by Anonymous

Rudest Customer service I have seen

Good luck trying to get help, it would be easier to get a technical degree and solving the problem yourself

Posted by Sarfraz Ansari

My router had some issue just after 3 months of purchasing. So I submitted it to Dlink service center. They returned me the same faulty router after more than a month.
Again I had a word with your customer care, they suggested to drop a mail to your RMA. I did that. then they dispatched a replacement of my router.
When i collected that replacement router, i found that it was too much used and repaired router.
I am not able to understand why they did the replacement with old repaired router? My router has 3 years of warranty and it was just three months old.
So I replied on the same chain mail. Got a call from Dlink. The said, OK we will replace this with a new one. Once my boss will reply on your mail, deposit this router to service center.
But i didn't received any mail. I asked many times on the same mail, but they are not replying.
Please tell me what to do now?

Posted by nexy33

After nearly a month of trying to get an rma for a router i gave up and binned it the support is useless they want you to test this test that repeatedly often recovering the same paths numerous times, stay clear of their stuff if it goes wrong you might as well have burned your cash.

Posted by Udit

I sent my office guy to pick up my D Link router, also the receiving slip which i got from the d link office got misplaced. when i asked my office boy to give phone to someone so that i can tell them the problem, everyone refused to take the phone and talk. when i called on the landline number the person refused to give my modem back. he said we have to submit an affidavit, then only they will give us our modem . i also asked him to verify my details but he refused.

i do not understand why d link take all the details from the customers.

Posted by What?

Regarding the installation so far for DCS-933L.

This has been an awful installation experience. I wasted an hour using the wrong setup wizard. Your web page does a lousy job showing the models available.... horizontally scrolling and unsorted list. Usability tested? Seriously doubt it.

Before that, I had to go find a couple of Ethernet cables and connections for my computer.

Now I am waiting for because I have to waiting for the firmware to install. I have a fast internet connection, and it is wired in directly, and this is taking forever.

Thanks for wasting my Saturday afternoon, guys. My time is worth a lot more than the $100 bucks you just wasted. Sorry to be so negative, this is pretty lousy.

Posted by Santhosh

Purchased a D Link Camera DCS 932 L couple of years, first experience to reach the customer support to install and configure the camera was itself a bad experience. The way customer tech support system works is horrible, if you have to dial the Toll free number you will first get the commands to chose the options and once you are on line you will start getting a message stating ` Estimated time to answer is 1 minute, you are in the queue position 1' But you would listen this for atleast 12 to 13 minutes before you get to speak to the Tech, support personnel, if you are lucky enough you may get the problem explained and if the line gets disconnected thats it, coninue the process for days together, Very pathetic and unfortunately I have three D Link products and respond for choosing D Link.

Posted by Uday

Purchased a D link router on 18 th July 2014. As it was not functioning properly, the same was sent to their service centre. The piece which was given in replacement also stopped functioning after a week. i have been trying to contact the centre, but the people don't respond at all. i would advise all those people who r interested in buying router should avoid D link product. Planning to inform my friends & relatives through facebook & what's app.

Posted by jayan

I am purchase D-Link Modem DIR-600 FEB 2015 but
unfortunately modem not working may 1st
my modem is send to your Trivandrum Service Center
12/5/15 first message my mobile
Your product DIR-600M/IN with RMA WIW4E00117663 is
dispatched to higher D-Link Service center and expected
to reach in three days and we shall update you shortly. Thank you for using D-Link Services
next message rec. 16-5-2015
Your product -DIR-600M/IN........
repaired/replaced from higher D-Linnk Service
reach us in two days
next message rec.27-5-2015
your product DIR-600M/IN with

not proper reply. your trivandrum service centre very bad service

Posted by Anonymous

After Rogers Communications suspended my internet service, stating a security issue with my router D-615, i contacted you by phone on Thurs 2 April.
Person who sounded like they were in India, told me repeatedly the same phrase "Rogers and Cogeco have made changes", it is their responsibility...after acouple of minutes of this i was hung up on.
I will never again buy a d-link product and will dissuade anyone i know from doing so.
Disgusted former customer

Posted by Anonymous

I called today to get my wireless router hooked up i was on the phone with a really nice support guy then he transfereed me over to someone elses and all this guy wanted wasfor me to pay him almost 300.00 dollars and after i said no he refused to even try hooking up my router and then disconnected the conversation i found he became extremly rude after i said i wouldnt buy what he was asking all i wanted was my wireless router hooked up. Im not happy with the tech support i received at all and im still not connected

Posted by nt055

Customer service is terrible, talk to people in India who can't transfer you to the service center people for a replacement product. They can issue you an RMA, but you have to then contact those at the service centre. Was issued with advanced replacement, but never got it because I had to contact more people to do this and pay the postage with insurance on the product. Dlink's advance replacement information says that the product must be shipped the day of issue or the next working day. Customer is again out of pocket for a product that stopped working a month later.

Posted by ching kiat

My modem internet light became red for no reason,have tried turn off-on many times,pls solve the problem.contact no.

Posted by Anonymous

company is not in good condition to provide their service to their customers

Posted by DLink trouble

Horrible customer service! Never order from DLink. EMailed back and forth for a month just to get a e-label to return my product. Their strategy is to make you so frustrated, you just give up and keep the horrible product that didn't work.

Posted by ken

Am working in an organization where I have this D link DIR-412 Router and there are many users who use wireless network Is there a way I can recover MAC address When there is a power cut please let me know.

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Posted by baby basang-egit

Knowledgeable tech support!!!!!!keep it up DLINK

Posted by Anonymous

Whomever I spoke to did a wonderful and patient job helping me set up the wi-fi extender. It now works perfectly. I tip my hat to really good customer service. Few companies do this 24/7 and few companies have real people to speak to who can walk you through complicated problems. Thanks, Douglas Rich.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called your customer service and you guys were outstanding thanks again

Posted by OC

Not sure what is happening to you guys.

I have had two issues...one of which really didn't have anything to do with D'Link and their customer service (although over in India) was very helpful and pleasant.

The # I called was and they were quick and helpful.

Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous

D-Link customer care representatives are really helpful and are really patient enough to listen to your problems and try their best to resolve your technical problems. you rock guys...thank you..

Posted by rbh4124

The support people are great! They are courteous, pleasant and above all, HELPFUL. Another great D-Link experience

Posted by ailunchiu

call them several times. never charges me anything and always patience, easy to reach with. communication is much better than linksys. clear phoneline. sometimes even i got drop calls, they called back. highly recommend. really succesful on the technician part.

Posted by Anonymous

Great service - very competent - very nice

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you customer support.
We have called you twice and both times you were extremely helpful, fast, polite and resolved my problem. He was clear with the instructions, no accent to speak of and very willing to talk it all through, he knew his stuff.
Congratulations on a job well done, I'm happy.

Posted by Anonymous

While it wasn't the fastest fix I've ever experienced, I just talked to D-Link twice over the past couple of days. My problem was fixed to my satisfaction and no one was rude or yelled or hung up on my ask others have posted. I called the 1-877-45-DLINK number and followed the prompts.

Posted by Anonymous

Having trouble with the DIR 450. Reps are very patient and helpful. Kudos.

Posted by REDRAGE

I just called them and i was on the phone for 3 min before i talked with someone. He was very helpful; however I had some trouble understands his english. Very good otherwise.

Posted by SpaceCowb

I had the best experience with the D-link support in Nordics. (Finland)
Phones were answered with in few rings. Technical knowledge of the staff was very good. They pinpointed the problem efficiently to the service provider. And released a beta-firmware to my router so I could access internet with it while awaiting for the official firmware.

They have responded to every email with in few hours.

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