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Posted by blubird106

Their unit that brews either 12 cups in a pot or a single pod cup is a waste of money. $200.00 and it worked for 4 months. Customer service is run by clowns. They pass your call back and forth between about 4 people and none of them gives you the same answer. If you make it public, they tell you to call the same number where you get the chief clown who tells you corporate has to approve a mailing label. You got it, a mailing label. I will NEVER buy another cuisinart product and I used to be a fan. Buy a Breville.

Posted by JAH

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

If you purchase a Cuisinart product, be aware that you are doing so under a very limited warranty, where you will be required to pay for replacement, or repair. In my opinion their customer service and product warranty falls way below industry standards. Consumer Affairs website apparently agrees with my position, giving them only 1-star in overall customer satisfaction.

A few weeks after receiving my coffee maker I noticed that the thermal carafe was leaking between the stainless-steel bottom and plastic top. Reading various reviews, I found this to be a common problem (I probably should have read the reviews before purchase). I called Cuisinart's customer service line and received the increasing familiar, "due to unusually heavy call volume . . . we'll call you back). They apparently had unusually heavy call volume all day, but after repeated attempts throughout the day and finally waiting on hold for 10 minutes, I was eventually able to actually talk to a customer service representative. I explained my problem and was told that they would gladly ship me a replacement, but it would cost me $10 shipping and I would have to return the defective carafe at my cost! In other words, I'm going to have to pay around $25 to replace a defective part under warranty. A part they sold me, most likely knowing it was defective at the time of sale (one only needs to read the various reviews in order to come to that conclusion).

In fairness, the warranty does state that to, "facilitate speed and accuracy", (in other words, to do your job), please enclose $10 (for shipping / handling). However, NO WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT I WILL HAVE TO PAY TO RETURN THE DEFECTIVE PART BACK TO THEM! They let you find that out after you purchase the product and require warranty work.

Can you imagine going to a car dealer and being told that the transmission in your new car was defective and would be replaced under warranty, but you'd have to pay to have the replacement transmission shipped from the factory and then pay to return the defective one. You probably wouldn't buy that make of car ever again! I suggest you do the same with Cuisinart products.

Posted by L

Cuisinart Customer Service is completely useless. My EM200 latte maker has a simple rubber handle that ripped. It is a small part that I can take off and on. Customer service wants me to ship them the entire unit so they can "evaluate and repair". I'm going to be without a coffee maker for 3 weeks because they are too stupid to just send me the small simple part. I have been going around and around with this on this for 2 weeks. I have flat out told them I am not looking for a new unit or to get the replacement part for free even though its still under warranty. I'm fine paying for it...and shipping. But they insist I send them the whole damn unit so they can evaluate and then determine what to so. They are willing to pay the shipping...still all I want is a simple replacement part.

Posted by Anonymous

Cuisinart Customer ServiceÂ
I am writing because over one-year ago I asked for my Food Processor blade to be replaced due to recall. I was especially affected because in June 2016, when a piece of the blade unknowingly broke off in some nuts I was grinding and I lacerated my finger when I was removing them from the machine. I was not aware at that time these machine were going to be recalled due to the blades. Since I have waited one year and still no blade I am asking Cuisinart to send me a comparable food processor. I was using my machine 2 to 3 times per week and am disappointed that for more than one year haven't been able to use this at all. Here are pictures verifying I have the Pro Classic Cuisinart Food Processor.
Please send me a new machine immediately as this has drastically prevented what I can do in my kitchen and I think a one year wait is more than enough time.

Jennifer Taghavidinani

Posted by Joe

Called customer service about my Cuisinart Convection Microwave Oven with Grill, that is less than one year old. At times it gets real hot and the unit shuts off all power. You have to wait 20 -30 minutes for the unit to cool and it will power up again. This has happened enough times that I believe it is a problem. I called customer service and after a very long wait, I finally got a person on the phone who seemed to know nothing about this unit. He put me on hold to ask around the office if anyone heard of this problem. When he came back on the phone, he said I would have to send it to them for diagnosis on why it it doing this. I asked him if he ever had this issue before and he said no. I find that very hard to believe. I just told him I and not sending the unit in at my cost to find out what is wrong with it. I thought surely they would have referred me to a technition who may know what he is talking about for some idea on why or what I may be doing wrong. Didn't happen. I will most likely go buy another oven, from a different manufacturer than Cuisinart. This is the second kitchen item we have had now that failed in less than one year. To those out looking for kithchen items, I would strongly suggest looking around. The failure rate, and unknowledgable service staff says it all for me

Posted by Mumsy

In 2012 I purchased a Cuisinart K-cup brewer. This unit lasted until 2016. At which time it would no longer brew coffee. The hot water would come out but it wouldn't brew with a k-cup. I contacted Cuisinart and demanded that they either repair or replace the machine. They sent me a replacement unit. This past June, 2017 the new unit gave out in the same manner. I, again, contacted Cuisinart and was told that since they only honor warranties from when the first coffee maker was purchased, they would and could not do anything about the second coffee maker. I had to borrow my daughter's old Keurig brewer so I could use up the k-cups I had left over from my last order. I have since decided to buy a regular coffee maker. At least, I'm pretty sure that will last more than a couple of years. In short, CUISINART STINKS!!! THEY DON'T BACK THEIR PRODUCTS AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!

Posted by Disgusted consumer

I have a cuisunart coffee/kcup comvo it is brand new 200.00
Was a gift to me. It scalded my hand and sprays steaming hot water and coffee out of the k cup side. It never worked from the get go. It spits steam out even after you turn it off. It scalds every regular pot of coffee u make and tastes like it's been cooking all day. Called company over a week ago I was told I'd get a call back in 3 days, NOT A PEEP. I called them today, got NO WHERE!!!! They want me to not only send this bad one bs l ( happy to) but without guarantee of a refund or a replacement one.
Then they ask on this questionnaire for my SSN & DOB
now please explain to me why I should give then my private info for an exchange or refund? They do not need that info that's ridiculous and at this stage looks like it's going to turn into a small claims case against them for this. The product is dangerous and a fire hazard to top it off. You get nowhere but the run around with them. And today I got just as far and told tjey forward an email about my concerns.
ARE YOU SERIOUS CUISINART???? You tell me to wait so I've waited, now since I've been without a coffee maker I'm going to go buy another brand prob cost 40 & wont burn me and it'll make good coffee. I DEMAND A REFUND OF THE $199.99 plus tax for this pile of less than par junk that not only causes bodily injury but a total worthless product. Due to the lack of response from this company I will never purchase any other products from this company again, I highly recommend others don't either because you can't get any of the warranties honored and all you get by calling is told call back in 3 days and check the status of your request. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 days waiting for a response and told to call back again this is exactly what companies do when they refuse to acknowledge poor products. This unit is a hazard and it's only a matter of time before someone suffers a serious burn or worse!!! The company is completely unresponsive and the customer service just takes your info and emails it off to a mystery person...

Posted by Anonymous

Any company that needs to take 4-6 weeks to process a refund needs to get a new CEO to run the company more efficiently. Their customer service is HORRIBLE.

This company is poorly run and reading the rest of the comments it clearly shows they DON'T care.

Posted by Butch

I have called for a replacement blade January 9, 2017 I was told it would take about six months it's already August 1 and I haven't heard a damn thing I think that is a stall tactic from Cuisinart and they're not going to give us blades this company should be shut down

Posted by K

I ordered a replacement bowl for my cuisinart work bowl over two months ago...still waiting. Customer service refuse to deal with customers who have bought from the web store, the web store number does not answer, neither tracking numbers nor order numbers work on website. There is no customer complaints possibility, no interest in actually delivering a product that was paid for, nor any shame in making it impossible to get one's money back.

Posted by Rich

Well, here we go again. 8 months later and Cuisinart still is giving me a run around about the replacement blade for my food processor. last time I called, I was told I would receive the part in June. It is now July 19th. Maybe they meant June 2025 I`m done with them and all they have their name on. It`s a good thing I purchased it at COSTCO. I just spoke with Costco customer service and they told me to bring the food processor back for a full refund, 6 years later. WOW, now that`s customer service! You listening Cuisinart? Good luck to the rest of you out there waiting and waiting and waiting.....................

Posted by Anonymous

I called in the model# from my processer from the recall months ago, I am still waiting for my replacement blade

Karin rapp

Posted by Charlie

Hey Cusinart In The Ivory Tower, I'm Still Waiting For my $46.73 To Be Refunded. You Know, The Cost Of Sending Your Garbage Product Back To Your Reputable Firm!!!!!!!

Posted by Gravy

Over the years, I've had pretty fair luck with Cuisinart products (blender, coffee makers, toaster oven, etc.) until now. Several months ago I purchased a Cuisinart Griddler. After several uses, an indicator ring broke off and I contacted the service/warrantee department. The answers I received were appalling. If what I was told is the warrantee policy is true, then your warrantee policy sucks big time. I'm 77 years of age and I have never gotten such a ridiculous response to a warrantee claim.

Because a part that probably cost less than ten cents to manufacture was made from brittle plastic and broke, they want me to, at my expense, send the entire broken unit to them and they'll send me a new one. It's, quite frankly not worth the cost or hassle of doing so. A picture of the broken piece should suffice. Basically, they told me that I wasn't to be trusted and implied that I was probably out to cheat them.

I suggest that you check how truly reputable companies handle claims. Most assume that the customer is right, not that he's out to cheat them. Try Delta Faucets and Jenn-Aire appliances. They are customer satisfaction oriented, Cuisinart isn't.

Posted by Anonymous

We bought a Programmable Cuisinart Coffee/hot water maker Model CHW- 12. 12/27/16. It's been working just fine until two days ago. I set it to automatically come on at 7 am, but it doesn't and the clock jumps forward in time. This is my 3rd cusinart and never had this happen before This should be under warranty.

Posted by Redman

Here I am again writing to Cuisinart Corporate regarding the new replacement blade that lifts up off the shaft during processing. As I expected, after reading others comments, I have not had any response from Corporate regarding the problem with the replacement blade. Therefore I am looking to buy a different processor brand and dump the Cuisinart. I am so disgusted with their hot line customer service and the non-response from Corporate. I will NEVER buy another Cuisinart product.

Posted by Redwin

Unlike some of the Cuisinart Food Processor customers, I have received the replacement blade. HOWEVER the new one won't stay down on the shaft and flies off into the body of the processor as it is running. I have talked to the customer service hot line twice only to be told that "Yes the new blade does lift off." AND to write to corporate about the problem. Essentially I was told by the hot line, "Just live with it!!" It isn't something I can live with. This lifting blade makes the processor unusable. In the middle of making hummus the blade lifted into the middle of the contents. I had to stop the machine, lift out the blade, scoop out the half-made hummus, wash out the bowl and blade and start over. This happened two more times. I finally gave up and finished the job in my KitchenAid mixer. I wrote to Corporate today explaining the problem. It is just ridiculous that the new blade doesn't fit the processor. If I don't get some resolution to this predicament I am never buying a Cuisinart product again. I will follow up this comment with another if I hear back from Corporate. In the mean time I have a food processor I cannot use...

Posted by jhasd

Purchased a Cuisinart Toaster Oven in Jan 2017 and after 3 months the lettering started to wear off the buttons. Covered under their warranty but they wanted me to pay shipping both ways for a new unit and to return the old unit. Not worth the effort. Read their warranty carefully. They don't pay for shipping either way.

Posted by StuKin

I have learned that Cuisinart, like many other companies, does not manufacture most of the products that are sold under that name. They license the name to other companies that pay a royalty for the use of the name only. When you buy a product with the Cuisinart name on it, there's no way of knowing where the product was made or the real name of the company that made it. It's probably NOT Cuisinart. In fact, I'm not sure they actually make anything. Even the original food processor was made by Robot Coupe and sold under the Cuisinart name. Conair is the same kind of operation. They sell myriad products under several names made by others. Therefore, customer service is meaningless. It's a huge scam. Most of the people waiting for replacement blades for their "Cuisinart" food processors won't live long enough to ever see them. This is essentially a shell company. Just try finding the address of their corporate offices. Supposedly, it's somewhere in Stamford, CT, USA, but it's so well hidden in the warren of corporate office buildings it's impossible to find it.

Posted by Anonymous

I have JUST learned that Cuisinart only has ONE employee handling ALL of its recalls. SO try to multiply 8 million exchanges by one person and you will quickly figure out that the chances of getting your blade replacement are slim to none.

Posted by Anonymous

own 11 cup food processor for year and a half. when using grating or slicing discs, bowl pulls to the side, and chipped the bowl. happened not long after I bought it, just lived with it. however, happened again yesterday and chipped again. bowl does not snap into place, cannot use processor as is. have always been kitchen aid person (have mixer 47 years) should have stayed with kitchen aid. can be reached 5/10/2017

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a replacement blade for food processor in dec. 2016. today is may 1st. and I have yet to receive said blade. great customer service

Posted by Anonymous

I received my replacement blade but it is a piece of crap. I have attempted to make pizza dough, which I made for 16 years with my old blade, but now the blade never longer stays down and the dough goes up the shaft. It is impossible to clean upend I lose part of the dough. Obviously your "precise manufacturing processes" aren't very precise. I will never buy Cuisinart again. Why did I have no problem with my blade for 15 years and all of a sudden there is a problem with the blade?

Posted by Charlie

You would think that with all the negative comments about Cuisinart that the upper echelon would do or say something to appease the masses. Obviously, the consumer is the last thing on their minds and the first thing is the Almighty buck. You people, including the so called "customer service reps" should be ashamed of yourselves. Never again will Cuisinart, Con-Air, or any other of your products be purchased by myself, my family and friends or any stranger on the street who wants to hear about your reputable ways.

Posted by Charlie

Yoo-hoo Cuisinart Executives, I'm still awaiting a response from you "Customer Service" department regarding the reimbursement of my $46.73 for returning a defective coffee brewer that wasn't a month old. What seems to be the problem? You can't afford to cough up the $46.73? We are retired on fixed incomes, yet we bought this piece of junk because it had, what we thought, a reputable name. That money to ship it back hurt the pocketbook a bit. So please, all you three button vested suits, pool your country club fees and send me back my money.

Add your review!

Posted by Shonta

I have an 9-10 yr old Cuisinart Grind and Brew thermal automatic coffeemaker, Model DGB-650, serial # 01006C. I makes wonderful coffee. I clean it with vinegar water every week as directed. After yrs of service, it stated to toss the gounds of coffee all inside the machine. after talking with customer service, I suggested that my old machine might need new grinder and lid parts. Shonta, Cuisinart agent for customer service, said she would send me complimentary new parts. The parts arrived within 5 days rather than the 10-14 days as advised and my machine is working as before.Shonta was very polite and helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with customer service.Give it 10 stars!

Posted by Anonymous

We recently purchased the Cuisinart Soda Maker. As we enjoy drinking bubbly water, we were excited to be able to produce our own. However, it is impossible to find the CO2 cartridges locally. By the time we mail the empty to Cuisinart in N.J. for $9.95 and exchange our empty for a filled co2 cartridge for $16.95, we have spent almost $27.00 for the 14oz cartridge. It remains to be seen how many 2 liter bottles we can produce vs. paying $1.00 for a 2 liter bottle in the grocery store. Almost all of my small appliances are Cuisinart products but I am very disappointed in the lack of support for the soda maker. Cuisinart should decide to support it or buy it back.
Mary Louise Cole-Wood [email protected]

Posted by Dawn

Cuisinart Customer Service is GREAT!!! I sent my Food Processor Elite 14 Cup machine in for service and they sent me a new machine!!!!!! I LOVE CUISINART and their parent company CONAIR!!!! I am a fan for life of Cuisinart Customer Service and their Warranty promise!!!

Posted by CarlottaJ

I bought a Cuisinart in 1976 or 1977 at The Greenhouse in Bellingham, WA. It still works perfectly now as the day I first brought it home. It had a 30 year guarantee. But a product, (that was expensive at the time) about $300, is well worth it if it lasts 36 or 37 years. I have had to replace absolutely nothing on it. I bought all the blades that were available. I am a gourmet cook and use it frequently. I'm absolutely amazed. So are my kids who are now 40 and 46. They comment on its long life every time they come home. I see all the negative comments here and maybe I'm not on the correct website to give kudos to your product. It absolutely the best thing I ever bought for my home. I more than got my moneys worth on this product. I took a photo of it today turning cookies into crumbs but didn't know how to get it on this site. Thanks for a great product.

Posted by notahappycamper

the first time i contacted customer service it was very pleasant and they sent me the item (mixingbowl for food processor) fast, unfortunately i was only able to use it only once because the same problem occurred while i wanted to use it, the piece that broke off of the bowl to start the motor broke off of the second bowl, and i am not a happy customer about this...defective bowls???

Posted by DaneDad

I got excellent service from Cuisinart. Exceeded my expectations in many ways

Posted by Bob

Excellent customer service, poor product (ceramic knife) that broke upon first use.
Requiring a substantial fee to send a replacement is, I believe, against the law (Magnuson Moss Warranty Act) and should be stopped.
CS contract organization did promise to replace my broken knife without charge. Hope it happens.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service, had my issue figured out in 5 min, thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

So far, so good. Replacing EM-200 w/o proof of purchase!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is great. As for the product...less than great. For the second time in less than a year, a plastic part in my otherwise stainless steel can opener has broken. Customer service is sending the part, free of charge...but that doesn't change the fact that, counting last time and this time, I won't have a can opener for several weeks. This can opener cost around $50; I bought it because I thought the name Cuisinart was synonymous with "good product." (The last one I had was a Sunbeam under-the-cabinet which cost $10 and lasted 25 years.) Why would this company stick a crummy plastic part in the most highly stressed part of a stainless steel can opener???

Posted by Smoke

Coffee maker went up in smoke, called customer service immediately. Very nice and sending replacement with no cost and not many questions!

Posted by debbieict1

I have the Keurig Cuisinart coffee maker and I have been fighting with it for about a takes no less then 20 minutes to make a small cup off coffee....I did weekly, used a paper clip daily...and no luck...I finally broke down and called the help line....Jamie was so maker on the way within 10 minutes...I should have called about a year ago....

Posted by Anonymous

WOW!!! SOOOO impressed!!! Called customer service at 10:30 on a Tuesday, and by 10:42 had a new Cusinart/Keurig unit on the way!!! Quick and easy to replace. Mine was giving me such fits, and after just 2 years, was not working at all. So thankful for the replacement on the way, and the customer service was AAA++++.

Posted by Frank

Brandy quickly & pleasantly answered my question on Sunday morning @ 925am and I was very happy to get it resolved right while I was enjoying my morning coffee from my NEW coffee maker. Excellent customer service! Frank in Charlotte NC

Posted by Sherry

Sherry answered my questions perfectly, I was delighted to get Saturday service.

Posted by coffeebean

I called today for info on start up, and was treated beyound expectations ! Even though it was my fault, she made me feel like it was O K . Love the coffee !!! Ted / Sandy

Posted by ropasami

I had a great experience with the Cuisinart customer service department. My coffee machine DCC 1000 started smoking and quit brewing. It had been bought 18-24 months prior, but I could not find the receipt. I contacted customer service via the internet and got a quick response from their representative, Michele. She assured me the unit would be replaced as soon as I mailed in the power cord. I was flabbergasted when the new coffee machine arrived within a week of starting this process. The efficient and courteous handling of this matter by the customer service representatives was such a pleasant surprise. I have encountered different levels of customer assistance from various merchants, but Cuisinart is unmatched. They have definitely earned a loyal customer and advocate of their products.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service at its best! My Cuisinart knife broke, so I wrote to customer service and included a photo of the 4 month old broken product. After being redirected a few times to different warranty departments, my knife was promptly replaced; and included an added gratuity.
Great company! The treatment I received from their warranty department has ensured them a lifelong customer.

Posted by Anonymous

My Cuisinart Keurig has not worked properly in a few months. I have tried several of the trouble shooting tips and have had no luck. I finally called Customer service and after a 10 minute phone call will have a new coffee maker! Great Customer service! Thank You Jessica!!

Posted by cusefan 44

I have a Cuisinart DCC 1200 coffee maker. The first one I purchased was used almost every day and lasted 9 years without one problem. This machine was replaced due to leaking from the base of the unit with the same model. Unfortunately, after 6 months of use, the plastic bottom of the coffee maker began smoking one morning. After throwing the machine outside, I contacted Cuisinart and spoke to Nick. He quickly issued a replacement unit, free of charge. I feared I may need to produce the receipt, but there was no need. Very courteous customer service which exceeded my expectations.

Posted by Todd

Had an issue with my SS-700 Cuisinart Keurig coffee brewer.
Service (Craig) rep was courteous and knowledgeable.
A replacement is on the way. Very satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the phone with customer service. It was really refreshing to have someone who was a professional on the other line. Within 2-3 minutes I had the information that I needed to return a coffee burr grinder that stopped working. No grief, no hassels. Maybe Cuisinart should offer training to the rest of the customer service world.

Posted by Happy Customer

I purchased a burr coffee grinder, model CCM-16PC, during April 2011. From the start the grinder worked intermittently. On July 1, 2011, the grinder did not work at all. I called Cuisinart and spoke to Clayton. Clayton took the model number and serial number from me and placed me on hold for a brief period of time while he researched the serial number. When Clayton came back on the line, he informed me Cuisinart would send me a new unit within 7-10 days. He asked that upon receipt, I box up the broken one and return it to Cuisinart via UPS. I did not register my product at the time of purchase; however, that did not seem to matter. I am pleased with the level of customer service offered by Cuisinart.

Posted by Anonymous

Clint walked me through using my pressure cooker the first time. He was great and very patient.

Posted by sallly

Than you for a great customer service. My phone call was answered promptly by Clint. He was friendly, solved my problem and the solution took very little time.
It was a pleasure to have that kind of service.

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Conair Recalls Cuisinart Food Processors After Reports of Blades Falling Into Food
Conair announced a recall of the blades in its Cuisinart food processors, after consumers reported that the blades broke apart and fell into their food—causing injury to their teeth and mouth. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ...
8 million Cuisinart food processors recalled amid oral laceration reports
The maker of Cuisinart food processors is recalling 8 million products after consumers reported pieces of the blade cracking and ending up in processed foods. The products blade can crack over time, causing small pieces of the blade to break off into ...
8 Million Cuisinart Food Processors Recalled Over Laceration Hazard
To register for a replacement blade, contact Cuisinart customer service toll-free at 877-339-2534 from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time Saturday and Sunday. You can also click here to fill out ...