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Cub Cadet customer service is ranked #424 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 65 ratings. This score rates Cub Cadet customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


62 Negative Comments out of 65 Total Comments is 95.38%.


3 Positive Comments out of 65 Total Comments is 4.62%.

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    • 34.02 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 62 negative comments (95.38%)
    • 3 positive comments (4.62%)
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Posted by thunder1951

I bought a cub cadet self propel SC 700E and its 3 weeks old and came with a broken blade lever it took cub a week and a half to get me one and now the rear wheel drive cable is broken or unattached. Cub said to call warranty repair I did and 5 of them said 4-7 weeks for repair what joke this mower is. Never and I do mean never will I recommend a cub mower to anyone. When in the 3 weeks I have had it, it mowed great but the mechanical build is junk with a nice Honda motor on it. I am totally disgusted. Now I am waiting on the phone with Cub to see if I can get a schematic to fix it myself. I should just return it to Homedepot where I purchased it.

Posted by ronnie

i have got 4 different string trimmers from tractor supply that were cub cadet 1st one a ss270 1st day using it the clutch came apart inside was told to take it to a authorized cadet repair store couldnt fix so got another ss270 new used 2 times trimmer shaft broke again couldnt fix so i bought a ss470 4 cycle hoping it would be better and stronger used it 3 times brand new in box was cutting grass around electric fence when it quit and would not start back took it to tractor supply to exchange didnt have another one so i exchanged it for a BC 280 will try it if r
this one fails they said i have to send it back to the company no go i payed for the power plus protection on these trimmers and for what i payed i could go to lowes and buy a trimmer every year for 3 years and throw the old ones away wake up cub cadet your going to loose alot of business because of customer support i have a new 50 inch cub lawn mower i bought also and liked cub cadet for years but now i am wondering if quantity is taking the place of quality if so i will trash cub and go to john deer may pay more but atleast if it tears up within the first year they will replace it not send you to some outback garage to get it fixed

Posted by Anonymous

Good afternoon folks. I wish to purchase a Shop Manual for Cub Cadet 7200 serial #20933. Please let me know. Regards.

Posted by Rowdyone

I am livid to say the least as the tech support plainly sucks and has little knowledge to help the consumer. I had a drive belt go out and the support kept telling me to take it to a dealer. I told him I could do it with a little of his help. Got the thing on but he forgot to tell me to put the drive belt cover up in the groove that and when I put it on, it sheered my pig tale going to the clutch. What an idiot as he should have told me and rather than tell me the obvious, he tried to tell the me the clutch was bad and take it to the dealer. I looked under and sure enough the drive belt was not connected like he said and the clutch wiring was sheered to the point it kept shorting out. Call them back and told them they told me incorretley and they owed me a new wire harness going to the clutch and their response was I should have taken it to the dealer. I told them I put it on exactly as they said and they were wrong. They owe me a new clutch harness and until they send me a new one, Ill tell everyone never to buy a Cub Cadet and I sure as heck wont. It was almost as if they were trying to steer to a dealer where it would have cost hundreds of dollars. This is pathetic and I would have expected more from a company I had so much trust in!

Posted by cub cadet ss470

string trimm Cub Cadet ss470 string head - grommets - can not buy seperatly. bought head last year because lost grommet string comes out of. will not buy your head for $15.00. will switch brands since your cutting head wears out to fast.

Posted by steve

bought an electric start walk behind mower opened the sealed box (customer service suggested that the store I bought it at lost the parts). Missing is key and the start button the battery charger,as it needs a special type,some kind of break in oil and other "stuff" I don't know because there was no manuals parts list not even a warranty card they said the start button and oil is in route via US Mail only God knows when I'll get the paper work because that's coming from somewhere else oh yes the charger is on back order. Cub Cadet is owned by a company called M T D they own a lot of other lawn mower company's don't buy any of them spend a little extra money and buy a JOHN DEER but check they might be owned by M T D

Posted by Anonymous

I am having a problem with a t21 cub cadet itâs only 1+half years old
14 hrs all toghether it will not move forward or reverse

Posted by Christine Susong

I've only used my mower zero turn for four years bought it new the drive belt comes off at lest 3 or more times a summer I've had it to lanes our local dealer two or three times and it still keeps coming off. I would not buy another cub or recommend anyone else to buy one very dissatisfied with mine I've spent over 600 dollars trying to get it fixed but still having trouble

Posted by Rowdyone

Tried to get their help on putting a drive belt on a zero turn. They sent me a black and white diagram then a service manual. Then when I had them on the phone they told me how to put the clutch cover back on with out telling me that it had to be up through a slot to keep the clutch on the PTO from turning since it was in the middle of the drive belt and mower belt. Needless to say it shredded my wire harness to the clutch pig tell and spent over an hour jerry rigging it to cut my lawn. Now they wont even talk to me about replacing the harness, which in my opinion they should since the idiot I last spoke to tried to tell me it was my pto that was bad, never mentioning that the wire harness was installed incorrectly. Plain and simple, their tech support sucks and in the end it came to me, that all he wanted me to do was get one of their dealers to fix it which would have cost $300.00 and three weeks with the grass almost up to my butt at this point. Their terrible and don't order any parts from them, from Ohio to Tennessee it took 8 days to get one hex bolt. Sorry bunch!

Posted by Anonymous

On hold for 20 minutes and hung up!

Bought a Cub today. Not impressed with customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband bought a cub cadet riding mower 5 years ago. We purchased the mower at Kerry's Lawn and Garden Center for approximately $2,000.00. We have a fairly small yard it takes my husband approximately 15 minutes to mow our yard it's only a quarter of an acre. The mower only has 17 hours on the motor. We have had to replace the tires on the mower already. Everyone that has seen these tires is amazed as they are completely bald - no treads!!!! We took the mower back into Kerry's that gave us some CRAZY story that my husbands cuts corners too sharp that is why the tires wore out that way. I'm very upset and don't plan to purchase a cub cadet again when it's time for a new mower.

Posted by JIMMYD

I purchased a 2017 Challenger 750 this summer and it has given me nothing but grief. At one point the machine was kicking out of gear at times where it could have hurt or killed one of my grand children. I let the dealership know and they simply said to drop it off and they'd look at it. They were able to re-create every issue I complained about and said they fixed it. They did not and I complained again an said I wanted the name of someone from Cub Cadet that could help me. They gave me your cust serve number. Can you give me someone who can help me? This machine doesn't even have 50 miles on it and it could kill someone. I asked the dealer to help me with putting it in for the lemon law but this Mukwanago dealership is worthless.

Posted by Cub Cadet Buyer

Cub Cadet warranty claim service is provided by Cub Cadet, or it is by mtdproducts?

There is NO email or online Warranty claim process provided on Cub Cadet website.

3-times, I called them, and they put the line on hold more than 1 hour and then disconnected.


Posted by bill

Purchased a XT1 LT42" on 8/23/2017 from Kenton Equipment Co. in Independence, KY. I am ready to purchase a different brand. Not because of mower problems, not because of Kenton Equip. but for the simplest of reasons. Your Website sucks and I was left on hold calling the 877# for over ten minutes (still on hold when I hung up.) Could not use your CHAT service because after filling out the info I could not send. All this because I needed to know the size of the nuts that hold on the blades so I could purchase a wrench to fit. Finally called Kenton and a clerk had to go to the shop and asked a tech for it. Can't even imagine what would happen if I had a real problem!!!! Will contact your Corporate in Cleveland and give them a piece!

Posted by CenTexFarmer

Dang, after reading these reviews I really dreaded having to start trying to get this worthless push lawn mower fixed under the CC warranty... and BOOM - the run-around began immediately! First, I called the CC helpline during the 1st week of September 2017 and referenced the case # CC provided me via the Tractor Supply website; the customer representative either lied to me or is a moron! Apparently when a customer complains about a product, CC replies not to the customer but to their retailer (i.e. Tractor Supply in this case). So by using THEIR case #, they assigned it to TS instead of me (the customer) - which has now created a new problem because the response was based on the existence of a extended warranty (which I did not purchase or would have been out even more money so +1 for me YAY).
So, basically I am back to owning a worthless piece of junk which cost me quite a chunk of change last year! I hope those CC people burn for robbing me. Thieves! And also liers apparently... Just keeps getting better everyday.

Posted by Anonymous

I Am Going To Post This Again, i Have Had My Cc Push Mower For About 13 Months,purchaced 5-16,it Has Been In Shop Sinse 11-17,i Bought It At Tractor Supply Spfld Il,they Told Me I Could Not Get A New One Because Of The Warranty,if This Mower Is No Good I Should Get A New One,but This Is My 3rd Letter Saying This And Corporate Office Will Not Respond,i Have Paid For This Mower Already,and I Also Got A Cc Rider And It Is In Shop Also,my Patience Is Wearing Thin,and I Have No Way To Get My Money Back,the Warranty Is For 3 Years,but They Still Want You To Pay For Labor,please Please Can Someone There Help Me,phone


I will never buy a club cadet again, had a flat tire second time I use it,also it stall and want start and they talk to me like I didn't pay them,they got every penny from me.

Posted by never a customer again

buyer beware, I bought a 25 ton log splitter at home depot and used it twice before it broke down, home depot don't stand behind the product they sell and cub cadet don't stand behind the product they make. I am done with both of them. even after two days on the phone getting no were with either company I finely got it into a repair shop for a warranty repair and after 3 weeks I called the repair shop to see if it was fixed yet and they said they are having problems getting the parts from cub cadet. they sell junk and then don't even have the parts to fix it. I will never buy from home depot or cub cadet or anybody affiliated with them again, they sell junk.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Cub cadet LTX1042KW four years ago and I have replaced the transmission belt four times.This last time I did it myself and found that the belt is rubbing aginst the stiring wheel shaft but C.C. says there is nothing wrong. I will never buy a Cub Cadet again.

Posted by Anonymous

My cub Cadet is in the shop four time, belts keep coming off, first time was after only one months use, Awful service with Atherton road service m in the shop 31 days, it is now in shop for 24 days, service manager lies, I keep paying lawn service to cut my grass. Never buy a Cub Cadet in Flint Michigan, Russ Frank sorry owner

Posted by KOJACK

Club Cadet Sells Riding Tracrors To Blains Farm And Fleet In Wisconsin With A Warranty Contract, But You Will Have A Hard Time Fixing Your Tractor At The Small Engine Repair Shop At Farm And Fleet In Watertown, Wisconsin. You Will Have To Take It To The Ace Hardware Store In Watertown To Have It Fixed Right.

Posted by Howard

Igot a 2008 cub cadet volunteer and it has been down since 2013 after a 3000 dollar shop visit so I took the transfer case apart my self and it has a broken shifting fork and a bad gear seems kinda fishy that it was repaired a week before it broke down again I would like to have it fixed if I could get the parts I need from you that would be great since I paid 15506 for it new and had have nothing but problems since thanks

Posted by Angry customer

I bought new and have owned my CubCadet lawnmower for two years now. I am very unhappy and would not recommend the 'CubCadet lawnmowers' to ANYONE!
Constant problems! Belts, pulleys, etc...the money I have put into mine could have bought me a brand new, thrustworthy, John Deere.... I cannot mow my 1 acre yard without something coming apart or tearing up. It's ridiculous!!! And the more people I talk to have said they could have warned me not to buy this brand of lawnmower cause it's the biggest piece of crap on the market!

Posted by Anonymous

The belt since new has slipped off deck, have had to continually replaced that has cost plenty of money to buy belts $40-50 at s time.
LT1045 46"cut

Posted by Tommy

I just got one of the new 700 challenger. I had it for a week and the brake cable broke on it. I took it back to where I got it and they have had it for 2.5 weeks. Don't seem to be in on rush to fix it.

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Posted by Anonymous

Good Afternoon. I am Tony McLester I purchases a Cub Cadet ZForce 50, Model . I have spent mild fortune on blades, from hivac to mulcher kit, I think this kit destroyed my deck. You would not believe the looks of the mower to be this old. I told the dealership here what I needed, for 2 acres this is what they advised. The hour meter quit first. Estimated repair bill would have been $200 plus.Did not repair. Most people do not believe the sets of blades I go t hru per season. This unit burns them up. Currently I am trying to get a few more years out of this ZTR, the deck is packed up w/JBWeld, the fiberglass duct tape to cover this up. I was told the deck was w/discount $850 plus $$$ to install. This wont happen. I spent $245 in 2 separate days repair for the PTO. This is absolutely ridiculous. Rite now the unit runs like the 70s model peanut picker. I have been told buy the original dealership Wiregrass International, Headland, Al. to use this unit w/extreme caution, the deck could disintegrate at anytime. You will not believe how this unit looks, it is blowed off each use, it is wet cloth washed and lubed each use. Lubed each season, filter systems changed by MYSELF each season or when need be. Rite now the faulty hour meter show 553.6 hr. B4 this season begun I had already spent $245 dollars on repairs on PTO, Already new set of HIVAC blades, the offered me $100 for trade on a new unit. I expect the deck to blowup anytime. When I engage the PTO you would not believe it, like a peanut picker. Thank you so much for letting me vent my frustrations, no profanity was used. I doubt very seriously this will ever be read. Thanks, when I cut my 2acres, this unit does not shut down for a solid 4 hrs. It is cosmedically dealership looking good.

Posted by brycetbs

I purchased a Cub Cadet LTX 3.5 years ago and spent a lot more money than I really wanted to because of the name and the positive experience my Grandfather has had with the mower manufacturer (2 mowers have lasted him 30 years), but mine is a piece of junk. Within the first year the blades fell off the damn thing, and now just after the warranty expired the mower has a constant oil leak and all 4 bolts that hold the exhaust to the engine have completely fallen off. I call Cub and they don't stand by their mowers at all, the 3-5 year warranty is a joke. 100 hours on the mower and its falling apart - sure am glad I saved up to buy something that was supposed to last

Posted by Now he

I have a xt3 and is a heck of a tractor. But the mower does not go very high and the numbers that tell the height is way off. When it says 3 in it is really 2 in. Seems everything is 1 inch lower. I have a 42 in deck. Is that normal. My name is Bill.

Need help if this shouldn't be as dealer does know how to help as well.

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