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Posted by Anonymous

I have emailed my local crunch gym in Fort Lauderdald Florida on 4 occasions so far. The first email was sent over 2 months ago. Yet, no reply or contact. This is absolutely disgraceful !!

Billy richard

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, my name is Barbara Alvarez, club agreement I joined Crunch on May 1st 2017, paid all fees at that time,and had to wait a month for the gym to open in Lakeside, where I live. Then a month later,I was hit with more fees, which were not explained to me at the signing. I went to the gym, spoke to the manager, who got rude as soon as I said I wanted to cancel my membership, and wanted a refund, which he then smirked and said no refund. This is the second time I have contacted you in 8 days with no response and I would like to know one way or another about a refund of some kind. Thank you

Posted by Concerned

Incident that happened at San Mateo Crunch on Wednesday 1/27. Waited early with a new guest that I had brought to the gym. Was there 9:40am first in line for the 10am class. At 10am some members/ attendees of the class brings in 3 portable fans. They by pass the long line and walk in to set up these 3 portable fan on the floor in the front. Then instructor opens the doors and the attendees/members that set up the fans already have a spot in the room. Those 3 portable fans are a safety hazard in the class. It takes up space on the floors and I have seen people who have rushed in to get a spot trip or kick one of those 3 portable fans that are placed on the floor. Not only is it a safety hazard, it takes up space on the floor, and it promotes members/attendees to cut and bypass the rules about waiting in line. I suggest the portable fans be banned from the exercise room in case some one gets hurt or trips over the fans that are placed on the floor. If the instructor would like extra fans crunch should help find a permanent solution instead of having some attendees/members bring in portable fans. These members that bring in the fan also constantly touch the air conditioning, lighting and ceiling fan switches. As for now, I feel the portables fan should not be allowed in the room. Also no member and attendee should be handling the Crunch property.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Crunch Gym in Winchester, CA: Manager Ginny is a most disagreeable person. She completely lacks interpersonal skills and is very guarded when asked a question or request. The group exercise room and mats are filthy! In addition, the bathroom and gym floor run out of paper towels and soap. I have respectfully asked Ginny to rectify the problems and felt like I was bothering her. I have been a member for 2 years and have lived in the Temecula, Murrieta area for over 40 years and enjoy the close proximity of Crunch in Winchester. However, I may (sadly) discontinue my membership unless the gym maintains a much higher standard of cleanliness!!

Posted by liz

I would like to just say this gym is great. The classes are awesome.Clean environment. Friendly staff. Always leave drenched in sweat. Anyhow, I received a promo text on 12/31 in regards to 2 free classes on Jan 9, 2016. A sampler class 9am and 10am zumba. I totally thought the free meant as in free for guests but not thinking maybe this was just for members with the basic membership??!. So I stopped by reception, showed her the text and asked is this for anyone if so Ide like to sign up and also bring 2 guest (my mom, sis) she looked confused said it was only Zumba. Asked her to re-read the txt. Still unsure, she ran off to ask one of the coaches about this text, then came back took my name down along with my guest on a post it. Then all she said was arrive a lil early to check in. Then again, the night before I stopped by reception to clarify since the other reception seemed unsure. The male receptionist said yes we are having the classes and asked if I signed up. I said I gave the girl my name along with my mom and sister. He said oh I saw that here but none of us knew what these names were for. He then added the names to a clipboard with a list. So the day of I get there with my guest, reception says I'm only allowed 1 guest, the other is $5 and I needed to download waivers for them. I told him I wasn't provided this info prior to singing up for this sampler class. So ok I agreed to paying the $5 and told him to download the form's since we were already there. He said I had to have it already filled out. Ok, now this is about 10 min before the class starting. I got upset and told him I should of been provided with all this information when I was signing up. Now my guest are here thinking they weren't going to be allowed In, driving out from Anaheim, everyone at the entrance looking at us like we're trying to sneak in or something. I was embarrassed. No passes were given to us until I spoke with trainer Mario and let him know the misunderstanding. My point to this is be specific with these text msge promos and also have staff clarify guidelines at signing up. They possibly assumed my guest were members. They didnt ask. Communicate within each other to avoid something like this happening again. Thank you.

Posted by Duped

Crunch Gym in Ft. Myers, FL, trainer Misbah Ali sold me a package of 12-1hour sessions with a personal trainer. I worked out that day as a free initial hour, but had a very sore upper left arm during and after. My PA stated I should not do the 12 sessions until the arm improved. I returned several days after my doctor's appt., and Misbah understood, and while I sat with her, she adjusted my account to read only 4 sessions at $50. each which I had already paid. She advised me that she removed the balance on the contract of 8 sessions and the additional $400.00 would be removed. That did not happen, and my credit card has now been billed for $200. in August and $200. in September. Misbah now can't remember that she made the changes to my account, and has to speak with her regional manager to get direction on what to do for me.

Posted by Tom Terpanick

My name is Tom Terpanick and was a member at the Crunch in Woodbridge, NJ. My membership was revoked due to me asking the manager, John, to have the gym cleaned. I have contacted the New York Eyewitness New team, Seven on your side, who are thrilled to do an investigation on your gym. The manner in which your manager dealt with me is appalling!! My phone number is. Truly amazing and thank god I saved his voice mail revoking my membership. See you on TV!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am voicing my disgust at the poor hygiene displayed at the Crunch Gym located at Bankstown, Sydney Australia. The hygiene is disgusting not only with some of the members attending but also the lack of Management responsibility in providing high standard of hygiene.
I am constantly requesting for paper and cleaning product to wipe down my machine.
They have 3-4 staff member standing around the front desk and I am having to constantly ask for products to clean their own machines.
How can this large gym have only 2 cleaning stands ? With the amount of money they must be making they cannot supply on a regular basis paper towels and cleaning products? I am at the verge of looking at another local gym and hopefully not come across similar hygiene issues.
I am usually not a person who whinges but I am not enjoying this experience at all.
Who else is having to go through this frustrating ordeal voice your disgust and hopefully something will change :)

Posted by Anonymous

I work in the same shopping center that you have your "North Riverside" gym. My car is targeted DAILY with your advertisements. This has become an absolute nusance. Your beautiful full color postcards are littering the entire shopping center. In addition to that, there is no such place as "North Riverside". Your gym is located in the city of Jurupa Valley. It would be really nice if you could at least update your advertising and display your support of business in our city. We do have a Chamber of Commerce which you refuse to be a part of. We would love to be able to count you as a good neigbor in our business community.

Posted by Anonymous

Elk grove crunch day manager sucks. All the bs rules she comes up with. Y in the hell a 10 year old can't seat on couch while you workout is stupid. I going to cancel my membership, to Many stupid rules.

Posted by marina

They keep taking money out of my account even tho I cancelled my membership and they said it wouldn't take out anymore....

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know if I can have the email address to write to someone about the workers and managers at crunch gym in Burbank. I just became a member and I do not like the way I have been spoken to, made feel guilty because I don't want a personal trainer, made to feel I should be getting them business, promised a free month after i brought them 7 new people, but refused it until I said I was going to cancel. I'm really upset.

Posted by Anonymous

Can someone/anyone in the Crunch Universe help?

I loved going to your gym in Washington, DC (Chevy Chase) but moved to the southwest this past summer and cancelled my membership in July 2014.
Since then I am being repeatedly charged for membership after cancellation (I have all documentation) and my attempts to resolve this with the franchise owner and billing manager are getting nowhere. The charges continue and management is actually telling me to report “fraud” to my bank to get the charges to stop and has not refunded past charges. I understand this is a franchise issue but feel the Crunch Gym has a brand that I still love and will be a member again if I live by a location again.

Can someone/anyone in the Crunch Universe help?

Posted by Anonymous

Its 630 am and the mens locker room is already a mess at w83rd st in nyc...not even toilet cover seats available.. Also the hamdicapped accessible toilet stall latch is broken and retrofitted with a hook and eye latch bought at a hardware store that is falling out. Pretty pathetic for what I am paying in membership dues.

Posted by Darnitta

I came in 3/19/14 to let my 0personal trainer know that for the date of 3/25/14 that I would need to reschedule my appointment schedule for 3/25/14 at 11am however, my trainer Shannon said that was okay and for me to come in 3/26 at 11am, however, I did see her write it down in a book at the front desk in front of another employee at the gym however when I called to verify that I still had my appointment with her, she told me no let me rephrase that, she basically argued with me saying she didn't, then when I called back to speak with the general manger she answered the phone and said "I am the manger". Shannon made me feel as if I was a dollar sign and not a client.I Defiantly felt like a dollar sign when she said " I have 40 something ppl on my schedule and can't do nothing for you." I just hope you guys have trainer there that actually care about people and not there for the money and free access to the gym and it equipment that the members pay for out of there hard earned money.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member for a little over a year. I have been taking Carole's class on Monday mornings "Pilates Sculp" in South Beach, Florida. All of a sudden the class room has been changed today and the style of the class is totally different. The class was always full before and there isn't a class in the room at the present time that it was removed from. We used to have weight training incorporated with this Pilates class. There is no more weight training because there are no weights in the yoga room. There are thick mats as well in the room that I would use one underneath the Pilates/Yoga Mat so I would have cushioning. I now will have to give up this class because of the fact that there are no more weights included in the class and there are no thick mats for me to use. I just wanted to let you know that there is an old saying "Don't fix it if it's not broken. I am also a member at Equinox. I joined Crunch because the Pilates classes were changed to Barre in South Beach where I go. Please change it back. There is also no air conditioning in this room. Mostly everyone wants the old class space back.

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