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Cricket Wireless customer service is ranked #656 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.78 out of a possible 200 based upon 1469 ratings. This score rates Cricket Wireless customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,390 Negative Comments out of 1,469 Total Comments is 94.62%.


79 Positive Comments out of 1,469 Total Comments is 5.38%.

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  • Cricket Wireless

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    • 26.78 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,390 negative comments (94.62%)
    • 79 positive comments (5.38%)
    • 14 employee comments
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by mike

I would like to express my feelings about my account with cricket. First i have constantly had my service payment questioned 3 times now from cricket and every time i call they tell me my account cwrd wont go thru on billing so each time i call the bank and they find cricket each time put in the wrong expiration date i call cricket and teee the cricket rep to plrsase input the correct ex date she did i got another I'm sorry ok done . With all this i decided to remove the auto billing and call the payment in well i did and my service was cut off during all Christmas the serviced is still off i have phone call saying payment was received 12 21 17 this is my only work phone someone needs to help me or i will persure other means.

Posted by Esposito

I went in to get a replacement for my screen saver after I spent 400.00 plus $ on cells. The protector was installed incorrectly. Long story short the called the laws on me b/c I told them it was bs.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been with out service for 4 day's and cricket has known.They don't seem to care to much.Im having to drive around my town to get service.I done been to my store they have done sent them messages and so have i.If it isn't fixed by tomorrow im goin to straight talk.You can't get text, calls or online.I pay 117. For something i can't use they aren't even offering credit.I may can understand a day or two but not 4 day's.This is ridiculous.

Posted by Mel

Good morning.

I am part of a multi line account and I needed one of my phone numbers changed. On 7/17/17 the agent changed the wrong phone number and now refusing to fix this issue and give me my number back. I have been with Cricket for many many years and have had my same phone number this entire time. The supervisor I spoke with was unprofessional and very unhelpful. She was also to add a credit of my 15.00 that I paid for the phone number change which she did not do. It was so easy to make this inconvenient, huge error but impossible for Cricket to fix. The supervisor also said she was escalating my issue to URGENT to be resolved in 24 hours and when I contacted Cricket through Chat they continued to tell me it can take up to 5 days to resolve and they can not hold my number. Supervisor also said she would not credit my account for the trouble but for me to accept it and there is nothing she can do. The supervisor also waited to process the case until the following day! It is important that I have my old phone number back! I need someone to call me today to get this resolved! This is unacceptable! Phone number

Posted by Illegal actvity

Have trying to speak with store owner but his employees don't let that happen. As soon as you ask for Mike (owner) they hang up. The employees (Antoinette Rodriguez) there are doing so very illegal activities out of that store. Using the phone system to call people from different #s to harass them. He pays her under "the table" so she can get Public Assistance!! Really? As a taxpayer, this pisses me off! He is just as guilty as she is for going along with this ILLEGAL activity.

Posted by jross

Had the worst experience with their call center today! The person on the other end actually yelled at me as it tried to give him my mew credit card so I could continue to have my ohone on auto pay. I didn't realize I had to listen to a 20 minute sales pitch on some pretend gift card and mystery box that will be delivered to my house for only a small fee. That was just the beginning. New did get the issue solved.I'm changing phone companies, this is too much.

Posted by Dee

I hate i switched ova 2 cricket. I want 2 change my num but i can't talk 2 a customer service person. Please read nd dnt make d same mistake i made by switching. I should've stayed wit verzion

Posted by Anonymous

Worst service could not get a live person. The numbers do not connect to a live person
I'm glad I have T Mobile. Cricket is not worth the time of day.

Posted by Galaxy amp #2

Trying to get. A hold of someone about my service's

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my dad wants to cancel his cricket service from today coz he loose his phone.His phone no is. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I was going to purchase a plan with 4 phone lines and have had the worst experience of trying to do so. I have been around in circles with customer service for 3 days. I finally was told I could purchase each phone by themselves as for the offer was ending yesterday and the phone lines were for my kids Christmas. I received conformation on three phone orders and two of the orders were canceled. I am very upset with the way I have been treated. Customer service does not know what they are doing. I was referred to cricket by a friend who is currently a customer of yours. I guess I am just going to have to find another company to use because as I said this was a gift and now it is not going to happen and the offer for the phones expired as of yesterday at 2pm.

Posted by Darlene

Every Time I Pay My Phone Bill It Never Gets Paid And Yak Take More Then What Yak Are Suppose To. This Time Yak Took $50.00 Last Ti.e Yak Took $400.00. Its It's Like This Every Time Yak Need To Get Better Ways To Talk To Someone Cause Ur Machine Thing Don't No How To Do It Right

Posted by Sheresse

I'm very unsatisfied with Cricket's customer service. My phone has malfunctioned since day 1, November 25th. The policy says 7 days to exchange. They say today, December 2nd, is day 8. That makes no sense....

Posted by Anonymous

I been having problems with my cell....try to make a call and no signal or call fail...or they trying to reach me and they say it sounds ringing and at my cell u have no missed calls....this is bad what if it's an emergency or life death situation and they can't get a hold of me.....

Posted by Latasha

Worse company in the world just ported in feom another company i was asked of i wanted insurance and i agreed to get it. 2 weeks later my phone started charging slowly i wanted to try and get another phone only to find out that the employee didnt apply the insurance and now the refuse to help me and want me to pay full price for another phone

Posted by Anonymous

Got signed up to Cricket and not sure how experienced thesee guys were. First time my complete information was not loaded up on new phone because said wasn't equipped to do it. After about 5 hrs and involving my son got it done. Won't be recommending Cricket any time soon. Don't open unless can offer better customer service. Hope we didn't make a mistake.

Posted by Anonymous

how can I talk to a live person from CRICKET please? my caller id is NOT correct. I need your help please.

Posted by espinozafc

Can someone tell me what's going on with Cricket? I can not log in to my account?

Posted by Cricket

I would like to talk to someone because I paid $45 yesterday for my plan but my internet service is very slow. Can someone please let me know what is going on?

Posted by Anonymous

Forget name and password. Can't reach cricket.Please help

Posted by Anonymous

Have been dealing with an EXTREMELY incompetent manager, Corrine, at the cricket store on blanding Blvd for nearly a year now. I was sold a defective phone that she refused to allow me to return, tried for nearly a year to get her to set up my account on auto pay and she was unable to do so UNTIL I canceled my line 3 days ago. When my husband went up there to find out why we were suddenly auto deducted for a line we cancelled she, Corrine, was EXTREMELY rude to both my husband AND the associate who was trying to help him because she was too busy laughing and giggling with another client who was talking to them about pentagrams, ouji boards and various ofther forms of WITHCRAFT AND DEVIL WORSHIP. This manager has been very incompetent on several different occasions on several different circumstances and has never been able to handle what we needed to have handled without making us call the 800 number (where we were able to deal with representatives who knew what they were doing and talking about unlike the "manager" of that blanding store). We will not only be calling our bank and reporting the auto deduction as fraudulent but we will be telling EVERYONE we know about the evil conversation that the manager and one other employee were happily participating in and how completely HORRIBLE and INCOMPETENT the manager and at least one associate is at that location. While this is the 1st time we have been on the receiving of her rudeness I have personally witnessed her being rude to at least 3 other dissatisfied customers over the past year or so with your company. While we will NEVER again do business with cricket after our horrible experience today if you want other people in this area to so business with your company I STRONGLY recommend you clear out the evil, rude, devil worshipping staff that has no problem discussing such things openly and with smiles on their faces in the middle of the store during business hours with children present because I assure you any and ALL God loving, Christ following clients will pull their money from your company as quickly as we did. I will be praying for the dark souls working in that store and the dark souled client that travelled from Starks to (her own lips) to deal with those in the blanding store because (again from her own lips) the manager in stark believes in Christ. Still trying to shake the ice cold chill I got off the staff and witch (AGAIN, her own lips) that I had to share air with in that store!

Posted by Veryupset1

I processed a 1 time payment for Cricket Wireless of $50.00 and they have managed to take out 7 payments all together of $50.00 a piece. I contacted my bank yesterday with Richard from Cricket Wireless on the line and spoke to a Manager by the name of Jess. Jess refunded my account the 6 payments that were not suppose to come out.. Between 3-4am this morning I received text alerts from my bank informing me that Cricket had taken the 6 payments again and causing my account to overdraw again.. I have been on the phone all morning with Cricket and my bank and each company places the blame on the other one.. I am now charged and overdraft, have no funds in the bank for gas to get to work and no one knows what is going on.. My banks dispute takes 10 business days and Cricket says 3-5 business days to find out what is going on.. I need some assistance with this matter to have my funds returned immediately!!! Their customer service stinks and each time they place you on hold for an hour or longer to come back and tell you "I am so sorry but".......

Posted by Anonymous

They charge me $200 in one day got negative in bank and even wasn't able to solve the problem because they discontent my service! !!!!!!! I was on hold for hour and they didnt help me! They couldn't transfer me to the supervisor! !!!!!!!

Posted by walterbest

I had arranged my bill to be paid on the 3rd of each month through pay pal corresponding with my social sec disability benefits deposit,my checking account was debited on the 2nd resulting in an overdraft and this was not the agreement we arranged,please respond as I have been trying to reach someone all day- Walter Best

Posted by Anonymous

The thing that pisses me off the MOST is when you run out of high speed data before your bill thinking it'll be fixed after you pay your bill. I always have to wait DAYS after they take out the autopay out of my bank account to reset my high speed while showing in my settings I'm "using" such and such amount of data... Which is complete bs that's it's counting against my amount of high speed when I'm not getting it! They need to fix that bs ASAP!

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Posted by Higgin33

I called cricket customer service and I spoke with JA, she was extremely helpful and went above and beyond anything I asked for to make my experience better. She looked at my account, listened to my concerns, and gave genuine thought into her advice for me. She made sure I was satisfied with my decisions. Also, she was very knowledgeable about the company!! She is a true asset to your company!
I also forgot to ask her name,and had to go online to figure it out, i chatted with LM, and again I had a great experience. She was very helpful, and a pleasure to work with! She tracked down my phone call and provided the information I needed immediately!!!
These two ladies are the reason I will continue to support and subscribe with Cricket!

Posted by Anonymous

The best employee y'all have in Tuscaloosa, AL is Aric.

Posted by Anonymous

yesterfay I visited a Cricket store on Alex-Bell Rd in Centerville Ohio & Teresa helped with setting up new service on my husbands phone... Not only was she very knowledgeable but she also made the whole experience very pleasant:).. I will definitely return to that location again to do business.

Posted by Minmin

Greetings from the Philippines!

Hi, my name is Min. I work as a customer service representative for Cricket Wireless. Starting june 3rd we've been receiving massive calls about network outage and its been a nightmare. 99.9% of the calla are mad and irate customers yelling and cursing us which is understandable but please do understand that we're only humans in customer service and there is nothing we can do to fix the network. Were also surprised because we were not warned about this outage. I dont understand why most comments are bad about customer service, most of the agents i work with are very nice and friendly. Anyway, the network outage has been fixed today! And FYI we dont give free month of service because of this. Please understand that we also have limited access on the system :)

Posted by Anonymous

Holy crap they changed their payment methods the automated system is so so so easy to use now thank you Cricket

Posted by Happy Cricket customer

I have used Cricket in Wisconsin for about 18 months now and referred 15 other satisfied Cricket customers from 4 other states. After paying tens of thousands to US CELLULAR during about 20 years prior, I am sorry I didn't change to Cricket many years earlier! Could have saved thousands of dollars! My Cricket SMART PHONE service works great at home and while traveling in USA and I couldn't be happier with the cost savings each month besides! I didn't have any trouble on very few times I have called customer service and almost no wait time either. Very happy. Can't beat it if you ask me. No dropped calls, internet works great and text and pictures very efficient!!

Posted by Anonymous

We just contacted support to get an email problem fixed. Answered immediately and fixed the problem in minutes. Polite, knowledgeable, perfect. Sorry for all the bad experiences posted here, but there are some excellent ones, also

Posted by Jared

I wanted to move from Straight Talk to Cricket. I was frustrated that there was not a Cricket store in my area. I connected with Billy M. at Cricket Zendesk through email/Facebook. He took me under his wing and helped me through getting a SIM for my unlocked phone and getting my account set up on his end. He was with me through the whole process. I get all bars of service in my area whereas Straight Talk only has 50% service bars. Thank you Cricket and Billy M. for your help and patience!

Posted by QUICKO

why does my ZTE phone display message: Sorry, could not send all your messages ... 1 message sent failed ...

Posted by keshia.burley

I have been a cricket customer quite some years now their service was okay until they merge over with AT&T now I'm having difficulties with the area coverage and Internet services.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had nothing but great service.
I also love no contract

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a cricket customer for more than 10yrs. I wasn't aware of all the hidden fees, until I made a bridge payment. Cricket is using the towers of AT&T and there is no pamphlets in service centers regarding this fees or charges.

Posted by Jason a human

You know I read a lot of these bad reviews. Just like when I went to virgin mobile then to boost and now cricket. I found that I've been in two cricket stores. My first was getting my new phone and porting from boost. In about 3 hours the port was complete. Service is way better. The CSR people in dealt with on both occasion s were very friendly and helpful. Heck even the customers were great answering questions. The consensus I got was pay your bill on time and you'll not have any issues. Any issues just go to the store and they will take care of you. Im happy with the service.
I found the entire process quite simple to switch and add money to my account.

Posted by Brandi

I love cricket, awesome service, great prices,friendly people my experience was at the grove street store in Fayetteville

Posted by Kim K

I just switched from Virgin Mobile to Cricket for (hopefully) better coverage in IL and northern CA. Set-up and porting my number over couldn't have been easier. I then quickly signed up for auto pay to save $5/mo. I didn't see the discount in 'my account' so I started an online chat. Got a representative immediately who helped me. I know it's early in the game but so far I'm impressed with Cricket!

Posted by tommi_crikcet

Hi my name is Tommi I am an advocate from cricket in Montclair California. I was so sad to read all the negative reviews about customer service and inconveniences quite a few of you have experienced and I feel prompted to help you the best I can. I would like to make it easier to get the best help possible to all of you so here is my email it is please feel free to ask me any questions as soon as I am at work ill try and help you to the best of my ability. I do believe in this company after all it was first created by a series of surveys that asked customers what they wanted in a cell phone service. I hope I can be a help to you and if you live near by Montclair California please feel free to stop In. we're located on central and palo verde right off the 10 freeway. -tommi cricket wireless Montclair California.

Posted by Anonymous

We are a new customer with cricket @ Middlesex shopping center in Essex Maryland 21221. Everyone is so quick to call or write a letter when their unhappy. We wanted to take a minute to say that your store manager Debra Schwartz was very helpful, polite, knowledgeable & crasmatic that she deserves an ATTA GIRL. Very happy & satisfied new customers. Robert & Maria.

Posted by Cricket Rocks

I think Cricket Wireless is excellent. Not only do they have the best rates around their customer service cannot be beat. I used to be an AT&T Wireless customer and there is no comparison, even though I know Cricket is owned by AT&T. I am not very smart phone literate, so I have visited my local Cricket store on several occasions to seek help and ask questions. They consistently provide expert service at no cost, which has helped me immensely. I highly recommend Cricket Wireless!

Posted by Alex

Just got off call with another customer service rep, his name is Dan, good guy, helped me to resolve the situation and reactivated the service. I guess, if you call Cricket, you ask for him. And I hope never to have such problem again.

Posted by larry

I recently joined Cricket and wanted to let you know that the manager at your store in Schererville,in. by the name of Vicky did an outstanding job with explaining and helping me choose the right plan and cell phone for my needs.

Posted by ex cust serv rep

thanks for people on the job who know what they are doing . I just spoke with JOVIE from corporate who resolved my problem!!!!

Posted by Ms. Abner

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for a young woman Daronda Harris at the Chicago Cricket store on 116th & Halsted, store #4196875. After having a problem with my andriod phone and two attempts at two other locations, I was finally able to get the assistance I needed from Ms. Harris. The other two locations provided me incorrect information indicating that I needed to buy another phone and with my husband out of work this expense would have been too much for me. Additionally, I was considering changing my service to another carrier. However, Daronda was very professional and provided me with correct information regarding my phone which did not require me to purchase another phone and she also introduced me to features on my phone that I had not used. Her patience, assistance and professionalism had me so very grateful that I purchased two accessories in her store. I hope that this notice will prompt management to acknowledge this beautiful woman in some way.

Posted by cligh71819

Excellent Customer Service from Karina R. at the Cricket location at 9480 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV. Karina is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and handled my purchase and sign-up (as well as other walk-ins' transactions)with poise, patience and speed. Kudos for Karina! Cricket would scream to the top with more people like Karina and by pulling the product from Radio Shack.

Posted by lizlater

after 2 days of fighting with the automated number I was glad to find this post. My call was answered quickly and they were fast and helpful! Thank you India!

Posted by Lyn

I am not a cricket wireless customer, but, my phone somehow got locked up and I didn't know what to do. I was at walmart in Pearland, Texas and I saw the cricket store so I stopped. I went and told the gentleman, his name is Nick, the problem and that I didnn't get the phone from his company. Nick did not hesitate a bit. He took my phone and reset it correcting the problem. I don't know about anyone else, but, Nick did something for me without hesitation even tho it did not benefit him or his store. Thank you Nick, you are a credit to your company

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Posted by Anonymous

There is an outage of service in Tacoma, WA. I drive for UBER so because I have your service it is a Friday night...busiest night of the week and I can't work? How am I supposed to make up for that?

Posted by ItsJustMe

WOW! Read these employee comments. A couple of the American ones way down below are the only ones who fess up "Yeah, some of us are rude" and try to smooth things over.

But what's up with the rep below calling customers IGNORANT for being frustrated? The way you win people over to your side is to make them understand you WANT to help them and you're TRYING to help them, LISTENING to them and acknowledging you are having difficulty because it's the company doing it, not you.

You win people over by being part of the US of USvsTHEM and not automatically being on opposite teams.

Customer: "Yell! Rant! Frustrated!"
CSR: "This isnt' the first time you've encountered this, is it? It seems like you've been through this before..."
Customer: "RIGHT! I am SICK of having to explain again and again..."
CSR: "I don't blame you. That happened to me last week when I tried calling the [whatever place]. It took me forever. But I will do my best to stop this from happening to you."
Customer: "OK, I'm just so mad!" (customer feeling a little promising, but still pressurized...)
CSR: "Understandable.... " (let's the customer come down from steaming while helping)

See how that works? I mean you guys are blaming the customers. THEY PAY YOUR SALARY and you are calling them ignorant, demanding they understand your work day (the COMPANY is doing that to you, not the customer) and advising them they not call if it's not important... to YOU.

This Employee section has done far more against the company than it helped. Though I appreciate the Americans from a couple years ago down way below who actually tried.

Posted by Cricket agent

.If you have a little piece of mercy in your heart, you won't make your call endure more than 6 minutes and you won't call for unworthy things. I just saw one of my CO-AGENTS crying because some imbecile customer was yelling to her like the nasty dog She is. Don't be that terrible way. Most of us are just 17, 18, 19 years old only. It could be your son, your daughter... don't do it, please. Don't be racist either, you don't know how much efforth and willpower it is needed to do this job. It seems easy, but it's the hardest many teenagers could ever have.
We deal with real problems... all of the day; problems that have to be solved before the call ends. And I'm sure we will. We're only asking for a lil bit of patience, comprehension and a tiny smile - I can asure you we can feel it even when we can not see it by the phone.

Thank you.

Cricket Agent from the Philippines

Posted by Cricket Agent

If you have a little piece of mercy in your heart, you won't make your call endure more than 6 minutes and you won't call for unworthy things. I just saw one of my CO-AGENTS crying because some imbecile customer was yelling to her like the nasty dog She is. Don't be that terrible way. Most of us are just 17, 18, 19 years old only. It could be your son, your daughter... don't do it, please. Don't be racist either, you don't know how much efforth and willpower it is needed to do this job. It seems easy, but it's the hardest many teenagers could ever have.
We deal with real problems... all of the day; problems that have to be solved before the call ends. And I'm sure we will. We're only asking for a lil bit of patience, comprehension and a tiny smile - I can asure you we can feel it even when we can not see it by the phone.

Thank you.

Cricket Agent from the Philippines

Posted by kate

Hi this is Kate a CSR (Billing Dept.) from Philippines, just read the negative/positive comments and I really do appreciate the feedback. Ive been with Cricket for like 3 months and its a hell; Im really stressed every single day. Im receiving 70 calls and more every day, 99%of them are irate.

I would just like you to know that We, CSRs are TRYING TO HELP YOU. WE ALWAYS DO, (AS MUCH AS WE CAN), its just so happen that not all problems can be resolve right away over the phone. Our hands are tied because we are using a system, if ever the system will not let us to that and this w/out making any payment then its a NO. If ever we cant fix your problem dont blame us; you still have another option we have stores, Cricket Corporate Store (main store) and Cricket Dealer Store, most of the stores are open 7 days a week, you can go and visit the nearest one in your location and ask for help.

Upon checking the comments below Customers are complaining about the language? Were not born in America so its already given that there might be some language barrier because the way YOU say it is different from the way WE pronounce it. And with regards to Refund/Replacement /Text promos and any other issues Cricket has TERMS AND CONDITIONS, before you guys signed-up to cricket the TERMS AND CONDITIONS are already there, you can check it on our website

Posted by Anonymous

I worked there for 2 days October 1st and October 2nd. I was never paid for my two days. I gave them three and a half months to allow them to send me my check by mail as promised by Raj. It never showed. I went up to Cricket Wireless today and asked for it Raj was called to inform him that I was present at the store for my check. Raj proceeded to tell Amy the manager that I was not to receive one because "my paperwork was never turned in." That Is Morally Wrong, I deserve to be paid for my two days of hard work. Please answer back to me ASAP. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Andy

HI guys m Andy a cricket rep from India just read all the bad as well as good comments...just wanted to let u kw guys v r here to help u n trust me we do our best....v r awake over night just to help u...n let me inform u that v r trained in such a way that v can give a support over the call from anywer so dnt imagine that only if v r in ur country v can help...

Posted by

Cricket Customer Service hours of operations are:

Care: Monday-Sunday 6 AM to 11PM MST

NDCC: Monday-Sunday 7 AM to 11 PM MST

Porting: Monday-Sunday 6 AM to 11 PM MST

Posted by Ryan from Cricket


My name is Ryan and I work on behalf of Cricket Wireless. We appreciate the feedback and respect our current and past customers comments regarding their experience with our customer service phone operators and various services. We are always happy to assist our customers the best to our ability. As we are not able to reply directly to each individuals' comment on, we invite everyone who may have comments, questions and/or concerns regarding their accounts, experiences and more with us on our Facebook page, where we are always able to communicate directly with our customers to better assist you and investigate claims.

Please visit

Ryan on behalf of Cricket Wireless

Posted by The Best Value in Wireless

I am a customer service rep of Cricket, i read some of your comments. I know that some of you called in cause you are having problems with the service, but you know what guys, we really do our best to help you with your issues. And just to share, most of our callers are nice.American's are nice! :)

Posted by Crciket Rep

WOW!! This is crazy lol i work for cricket in arizona since 2 years ago and honestly you guys are right cricket sometimes get over board with S***!! OOOh and i just want to let people know that NOT ALL REPS FROM CRICKET ARE RUDE THEY ARE SOME REPS THAT ACTUALLY LIKE TO HELP CUSTOMERS AND BE HONEST AND TELL THEM WHATS BETTER FOR THEM!!!! and if you live here in phoenix az 85035 come to my locationsand i promise you something that im going to try all my best to help you out if you having problems with your phone etc!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

this is david cricket broadband costumer service rep i know how people fell about cricket but please be patient our company
its growing and sometimes we can assist people like they deserve becouse were to busy we ara under strees all day and we have to deal sometimes with angry costumers but sorry for any damages to our costumers feelings in behalf of cricket and next time u
call please nicaragua its the best costumer service ever this is where im at

Posted by Anonymous

Just got laid off from a US Call Center. All US call centers are being transfer off shore. Root problem is the computer systems. Customers call in, but there is no way we solve most of their problems because either the system won't let us, it is too impossible to make a change, or the system is down. The main system is a non-multitasking system known as CID. This coldfusion app is extremely slow. Customers have to wait minutes while we try frantically to make simple changes to their accounts.

Fees abound. Add something, that's a 10 install fee (unannounced). Downgrade? That's 15. Swap out phones, that's 15. Seriously a change in a database is worth $15? Phone doesn't work after you do a change? Want to change back? No way, batching computer system can't do it. Made a payment with cash at one of our payment locations? Could take up to 48 hrs to show up on the account. System down? Internet off line for phones? No official indication.

The system is set up for failure. Don't blame the agents, they are under enormous stress with their jobs on the line.

Cricket worked so hard to provide service, phones, towers, the computers that support all that at such a good price. It is just said to see the lack of investment in the basic customer service.


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