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Creative Labs customer service is ranked #392 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.05 out of a possible 200 based upon 113 ratings. This score rates Creative Labs customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


103 Negative Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 91.15%.


10 Positive Comments out of 113 Total Comments is 8.85%.

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  • Creative Labs

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    • 35.05 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 103 negative comments (91.15%)
    • 10 positive comments (8.85%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.3 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 3.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Phyllis

I have one of your MP3 players from 2009 White Satin I am trying to download books MP3 books for my computer to the MP3 player and I don't know how it won't work if you could please send me information on how I can do this I would appreciate

Posted by Jemmer17

I bought one of those fancy FX cards for gaming, it seemed okay as far as hardware but the drivers never worked properly, then after one update I couldn't open the settings for the software, when I went to control panel to open it the entire computer crashed, this kept happening until I removed the software. I contacted customer support and they flat out told me that my warranty was expired and they wouldn't do anything for me. I tried to tell them my hardware seemed fine but the drivers were making my computer crash, they wouldn't hear anything about it. Pretty much dismissed me told me to buy a new card. That was with the most expensive card they offered at the time and the totally refused to help.

Posted by CreativeSUX

DO NO´T BUY creative products, thats unles you wannt something that will break in 2months and you wannt to buy a new one.

Theyr customer service is horendeus they will try and get you to pay for RMS shippings and they will drag theyr feet and try and get you to just forgett about it and buy something new.


Posted by Samuel

I'm have never shopped on line bar just recently. I bought a sound card from creative that straight away didn't work properly. To cut a long story short they had me do all these crazy things to try to get it to work - it also took ages to get them to admit the card was at fault. I have need been stuffed around so much ever from a company as much as creative. To be honest if ever I had a problem I took the produce back to the store and I would get a refund or exchange it so something else. Creative have but me off shopping on line for ever. I'm 60 years old and I can honestly say that I have never had quite an experience like this in returning something that is faulty and that I'm not happy with. Their return process is extremely unprofessional, painfully long, slow, exhausting, complicated, non-customer friendly, and quite frankly shamefully. The only thing that seemed to go smoothly is them taking my money from my credit card, that was done smoothly and extremely quickly by them. They won't give me a refund I have to get another card or buy another product. I will be reporting them on their sheer lack of interest even though they say in there email that they welcome feedback they may welcome it, but they're totally not interested really I don't get it really, why does a company that sells to the public teat them so poorly.

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased Creative Head phones in the month of may 2013. Now its mic is not functioning properly. I contacted the dealer and he told me to contact Creative customer care center directly. I searched for the same through net and found one located in malleshwaram, Bangalore. I tried to call the number given in the web site, its not in use. The details are "Vishan, 45/1, 4th cross

" Kindly do contact me as soon as possible so that I can get my Head phone repaired or replaced. I also suggest you to kindly update the customer care contact no in the web site.



My contact No. is as follows:

+91 9035999583, or +91 9845263856

Posted by Anonymous

I bought this creative wireless reciver last week, received it today. Tried to attach it to my TV flat screen,smart TV, with no luck. What do I do to connect to tv? The diragram does not show how to connect to TV. Please help.
This is the third request.



Posted by fLOYDC

I Agree That Creative Has Joined The Other Pc Suppliers And Shut Down Their Support. I Will Never Buy From A Company That Wont Help A Paying Customer.

Posted by jdecrist

I spent a lot of time gathering information to support a tech support request regarding lithium batteries for the Vado HD video recorder. To my great frustration, when I clicked submit, I was told that there was an error and my transmission didn't go through. Sounds like calculated avoidance for a poorly designed and less than durable product.

Posted by GKIII

Creative Labs has become totally incompetent. I was promised a license number and a download link within 1 hour of my purchase. Two days later I have received a copy of my receipt and after another complaint I received a Tax Receipt, who knows why. Then I was refered to a page where I was asked to input my order number. Doing that took me Amazon's webpage and a list of my orders with Amazon. This order was NOT placed with Amazon but directly with Creative, on line.

Posted by Rainn

I have been trying for hours to get customer service. When I started I was a loyal Creative Zen customer. I have purchased 6 mp3 players from this company for family members and myself, as well as speakers, headphones, and so on. I will NEVER spend another dime on a product from this company. I cannot get any help, have been led in circles by the site, told I would be connected to email, and sent back to home instead. We aren't stupid. Eventually we figure out we are being lied to, and I now hate this company for treating me so poorly and valuing my business so little. You have achieved your objective of having to not having to talk to me. You have also lost a loyal customer, and I will let my family and friends know to avoid doing business with you. I have already posted online reviews. Nice job. Ironically, I wanted too know if I should buy a battery, or should buy another mp3 player. Now I know I should- from someone else.

Posted by MADDOG

I wish I would have seen this web site before I made my purchases with Creative Labs. Not only is their product junk, but they do a terrible job supporting it. Then the topper is, just try getting ahold of anyone there with a concern. You better have at least a week to spare because these folks are operating at a whole different speed. Sloth. I am so frustrated with them, I wouldn't buy anything from them if I got a 75 percent discount.

CAVEAT EMPTOR (buyer beware)

Posted by Anonymous

a good customer - COMPLAINT. Very Frustrated. unable to contact by phone. Require gigaworks audio control pad for s 750 system. William Boyle - -

please note there are people who do not appreciate the On-line only policy available. Please gice us some service.

An angry/ frustrated customer.

Posted by Frank

I have a few Web Cams from Creative, now that MS has upgraded their Op system I can just throw out perfectly good cameras. What kind of policy is this? Do you think we are fools that you treat any way you want?

I am not buying any more Creative products - not a company worth wasting your money and time on!

Posted by dfasd

This number has been DISCONNECTED.

I hate trying to get a hold of Creative. This is one of the reasons I have stopped buying from them!

Posted by Jason$

The line just hangs up. Using their website to resolve an issue with a sound card I have has proved to be unsuccessful. The card failed within the warranty period and it looks like I have lost $150. I will no longer purchase products from Creative Labs since they do not honor their warranties!

Posted by CreativeLabsSucks

I will NEVER EVER buy another product from this company its a peice of CRAP. I bought headphones that worked fine till they broke. The mic just stopped working. Found out I had to PAY to ship the headphones back to them. They send me a new set of headphones which, guess what, BROKE! Broke within a week of my opening the goddam package. I told them I would not pay to ship another package to them. If they didnt send me a prepaid label to ship this back to them i was going to report them to the better business burau. They said ok we sent you a label. I pull that crap assed label they sent, head on over to ups only to have her tell me this is not a prepaid label. This company sucks. At this point I just want my money back and to never deal with them again.

Posted by steamrocks

I have tried every customer service number I can find for this company and all I get is every possible permutation of rining tone and messages that numbers are not in service. There was a time when I could get customer service.

Creative should economize elsewhere. I cannot reach them no matter what I try, and I have the patience of a two-year-old.

Posted by Dtormala

Ok I bought this Zen Touch 2 from Amazon 3 weeks ago. It froze up during a download simple download.. a game called glass tower 2 from amazon. was a free app. The download froze and I was force to reset it with the paper clip. Then when on the loading screen the Sound of perfection. It forze again I reset again and then I tried to power it back on it. The touch 2 thing would not power back on. I totally pissed offf. 3 weeks.. just cause i reset it then it dies thats bull anyone else have issues with this particular brand name of an MP3 player.

Posted by gptscorp

I have never heard of a large corporation to not work on Friday. Everyone else works on Friday. I have a technical problem today and cannot get help. I will never buy creative lab products again. Your support sucks!



Posted by irishklh

I bought two InPerson videoconferencing machines from a salesman in California. He was laid off and I was referred to Creative Labs in Oklahoma. I bought another unit. Shortly after I bought my third unit I got an email from the CL guy in Oklahoma telling me CL isn't going forward with this product anymore, but there were a lot of users and they would continue to support it. I had a year's worth of usage on the contract. When my contract started running out, I emailed the company asking them when my renewal was and how much it was. I was told they are no longer supporting these units at all. I got angry and a few emails went back and forth. As a gesture of good faith, CL offered me a 10 percent discount on my next purchase. I had spent roughly $3,500 on this product and my support of this product and they were offering me 10 percent. I was told I bought it from a 3rd party so CL wouldn't honor it. The first two machines, maybe. The third one I bought was definitely from CL. They knew they were selling products that they were getting ready to discontinue.

As a side. A few months back I needed to use these machines. It took forever to get through to CL. They wouldn't take my calls. I had to email them and they would respond back three or four days later. It took weeks to figure out the problem and it was never fixed 100 percent.

I would run, not walk, in the other direction from this company. Their support is horrendous. I hope you don't get caught in a bind and really need their help. They will not be there.

I have never in my life dealt with a worse company than CL.

Posted by BONDOMAN

If anyone needs technical support from creative labs, I will save you a heap of time. All you need do is read the below statements. This is all you will get if you are "lucky" enough to speak to a human.

1. Thank you for being on hold.
2. What problem are you facing?
3. Please may I put you on hold for only 2 minutes while I check my resources?
4. Thank you for your patience while being on hold.
5. Go back to step 3 at least 4 or 5 times.

After a substantial amount of time wasted talking to your technical person, you will be given a tollfree 800 number so you can reach the TOP tier of customer support. When you call them they WILL identify your problem and promise to fix it and even give a demonstration of how they fixed it!! THEN!!! They advise you that there is a one time $169.00 charge for their free service!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK. I could not hang up the phone quick enough.

For me it is very difficult to accept that there is a company out there that is intelligent enough to produce a quality product, but DUMB enough not to realize that reasonaable customer support is NOT an option! It is a basic requirement. And to be deceptive with the $169. dollar charge was beyone belief. The beginning of the end for creative??? You betcha!

Posted by Brookhill

no technical support phone number listed anywhere on the Creative website (I actually found it here)
apparently their hours are 9pm - 1am Eastern time - I can only imagine the type of call center handling calls late night in the United States....

Posted by Anonymous

Creative Labs has reduced their phone support hours of operation to 20 hours a week. If you call 'Customer Support Services' 405-742-6622 (I got this number off documentation that used to come in the package with your product purchase). The hours of operation claim to be
Sunday - Thursday 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM. central standard time (also know as TV PRIME TIME and the least likely time Americans will actually call). Maybe they should add a laugh track from as sitcom as the music they play while you are on hold as well!

Posted by Just kill me now

I am in the middle of a huge problem with this company. You CANNOT get ahold of anyone. If you're lucky, you may get an e-mail that doesn't give you any information. They keep asking for useless information. I give it to them and still nothing is happening. Their web site says someone will get back to me within two days. That is absolutely not true. Please do not buy anything from this company. You will be sorry, I promise you.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

great customer service for an mp3 player that we thought was broken and was beyond repair. Expected to be told "too bad", but instead was happily surprised to be walked through steps to fix it, and explanation of the problem and avoiding it in the future. Polite, patient and quickly understood my problem without even knowing a model # or anything of device. Weird evening hours, but it worked for my schedule.

Posted by jonquack

I just sent back a pair of Creative Lab bluetooth headphones which were amazing, but the battery would not charge after 7 months. The customer service people were nice and there was absolutely no troubles getting them exchanged. Be sure to save the original packaging as it has the serial number and just have an original proof of purchase. Not sure why all the negative comments. Remember to save the original packaging and your receipt and this company is absolutely great to deal with!

Posted by jonquack

I sent back a Creative Labs bluetooth head set and they were replaced with no problems. Be sure to save the box because it has the serial number and be sure to have the original receipt. They are really fast at replacement.

Posted by Badman

The customer support from creative labs, for my ZEN M300 mp3 was wonderful, the man that I spoke to was Daryl, he was very helpful,very nice, and did everything to make it come out right, not only once but twice, when I had problems,they were very understanding, they pad for me to ship it to them and payed to ship it back. I had a very positive experience, with creative labs customer support

Posted by benji

I just called the 405 number and I got through to a person. He did some diagnostics over the phone and determined that my product needed to be replaced indefinitely. They issued me a RMA# and my new speakers are on the way. I am very happy with CREATIVE LAB. and will continue to buy there products until the day I wither away and die.
I must add, The tech guy had no problem waiting for me, while I put the phone down to take care of a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I got through to tech support using this number. No problem. Very helpful.

Posted by charlietuna

I am shocked that this company is still in business. Not only do they manufacture complete crap, but their customer service is not just bad, but nonexistent!

Buyers beware- stay away from Creative!

Posted by gda

I had a problem with connection with my Creative ZEN Mozaic which was easy to resolve. In all reality, it was extremely easy to fix, and i didn't even really need to contact support, but they did jog my memory on troubleshooting ideas, kindly, promptly. very good!

Posted by Brando99

I was able to reach tech support at the 405#. They were very helpful and assited me in getting a repair order completed for my MP3 players/recorders. There is hope for the future of Creative tech support. Thanks

Posted by no1uno

the customer service number (800-) referred me to tech support - even told me how to get through all the menus quickly in order to speak to someone. very nice.

Tech support would not send me a replacement part for one of my speakers. She said it would cost as much to send the speakers in under warranty and have them replaced as it would to buy another set, since my speaker stick broke through no fault of theirs. Fair enough.

I don't understand why they cannot just sell a part, or sell on tweeter stick out of a set. They probably have a good collection of these in the refurb/refund department. Seems like a waste to send all those parts to the trash bin when you could sell them to people like me.

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