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Craigslist customer service is ranked #891 out of the 939 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 17.83 out of a possible 200 based upon 1593 ratings. This score rates Craigslist customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,567 Negative Comments out of 1,593 Total Comments is 98.37%.


26 Positive Comments out of 1,593 Total Comments is 1.63%.

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    • 17.83 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,567 negative comments (98.37%)
    • 26 positive comments (1.63%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Hello someone hacked my account to try and sell something I never posted then every thing started to get flagged I cancelled the account and just want it to be fixed so I can still use Craigslist. Please if someone can get back to me thank u

Posted by Terrin McKelvey-Green

How is one supposed to contact you???? No number, email and do on! What a waste of my time!

Posted by [email protected]

It seems there is no way to call Craigslist to varify it is they who are contacting me.

I received a text message stating the following:

Dear craigslist user, your account is reported to have violated our policies, to avoid account suspension

This looks highly suspicious to me and I would like to know for sure.

Posted by Tim minks

I need help and to speak to a LIVE PERSON PLEASE!! My account has been back and someone is posting stuff on my email address and the new one I set up for just Craigslist only. My phone number 479-461-5556 is associated with another account and I cannot even get the verification codes to post. PLEASE CALL NOT EMAIL ME. I NEED TO SPEAK WITH A LIBE PERSON TO GET THIS FIXED. I HAVE EMAILED AND EMAILED YALL MANY TIMES TO NO RESPONE OR HELP. MABY THE OTHER PERSON IS GETTING THE REPLYS BUT I AM NOT. HELP HELP HELP. I SELL ALOT OF LITTLE STUFF AS AN INDIVIDUAL ON CRAIGSLIST AND LOVE YOUR SITE. JUST NEED TO GET THIS LINED OUT. THANKSAlso a lot of my post are being taken over by the same person with my email my post that already exist and they are deleting my stuff off there and putting theirs on with my email still and their phone number. It�s a fake google number and nobody will answer the number. I have it and many others and most of the post saved. I believe it�s the same person/scammer doing it. A lot of my post are being flagged by this person too. All I sell is car parts on there and nothing of nasty words or nudity or outside of your guidelines. I have been on cragslist since the day it began. . Sincerely Tim Minks Finace Manager for American Honda of Arkansas. We also pay to post our products on there too. But this is my personal not business stuff. Again. Please CALL ME . I am in Arkansas call me anytime after 930am central standard time.

Posted by Aleithia K Alicea

I got a weird message from ( suppose ) to be Craigslist concerning my verification.?????

Could this be a scam. I just opened a listing today. A car for sale.

Aleithia K Alicea

Posted by ctunloader

The help screen is not answering my question or helping me fix the error, you have 2 numbers for customer service which is worthless, it does not allow you to talk to a human being, It is worthless and your customer service sucks and should not even be called customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been looking at cars on Athens, GA Craigslist trying to buy a car. When you go to reply it will give you a phone number but when you call the number it says the text message customer you are trying to reach is unavailable. It also says leave a message to no response. I also have tried the E-mail it gives and again. O response. How in the heck do you get in contact with these people? Please send me a response. Thanks, Lynn

Posted by Anonymous

I answered an ad on Craigslist and was scammed out of 400.00. Today I found out that they had already been reported and you kept running ads for them so I'm going to file suit against you. My phone number

Posted by n/aEFJX


You have had my account on hold for the longest time. I have sent numerous messages to you, requesting WHY. I never get a response back which would allow me to correct the problem. Please either email or call me within 3 days. Thanks Bill Gervers

Posted by Anonymous

Your telephone number is purely a high pressure selling unit, that annoyed men no end. I have tried to get in touch with you to get help in listing an article for sale in German. Please call me back at 917-439-3497. Thank you. Maurice de Montfalcon

Posted by Tiger094

Craigslist is a great resource to buy and sell, however is not a self maintained system. A live customer service is needed. I have called only to get an automated message instructing me to email my concerns to Craigslist. I have emailed several times and never get a response. Is Craigslist closed? I dont think so. Customer support is non existent. I know Craigslist gets overwhelmed at times but there are issues that need attention, like excessive uncalled for Flagging is a big issue.
Hope someone at Craigslist reads this and takes action.

Posted by Cheryle McCool

First I was sent a text saying that my posting has been flagged now they're saying my posting was fraud and it's not even my posting someone needs to get ahold of me my phone numbers

Posted by Anonymous

I came across an ad that was very disturbing. An itindividual is looking for someone to pick up his children out of town. With abductions, rapes, pedophiles at an all time high and predators on the loose, I feel this could end up in tragedy. I sent a reply to the individual ( which I should not have done) explaining the outcome of having a stranger pick up his children and he then made threats, called me a "ni&&er" said he and his wife were going to look for me etc. Now I'm not sure if the children may be better off with strangers than their own home. I have copied all text messages. But I feel Craigslist has a duty and obligation to protect children from being transported with strangers.
Post# 6377320378

Posted by Anonymous

Useless. I've selected all options and each one says to email. Emails are not working, that was the point of calling.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

This is a Business ad: Wanted hockey,baseball,football,and any sports cards and mem $50,000.Should n't he get charged as a business not a personal ad?

Posted by [email protected]

I trtied to ask a simple question and cant get an answer . Imposible to contact customer service byphoneHow do I get an answer?How can I see my listing on Craigs list???????

Posted by Anonymous

I trtied to ask a simple question and cant get an answer . Imposible to contact customer service byphone

Posted by [email protected]

So far, it is impossible to get any help from craigslist. I have been trying for 10 days and cannot contact a real person or email anyone. I just need to reset my password; however my requests via their automated system have all been ignored. I am at my wits end and do not know what to try next.

Posted by simons1963

so far, it is impossible to get any help from craigslist. I have been trying for 10 days and cannot contact a real person or email anyone. I just need to reset my password; however my requests via their automated system have all been ignored. I am at my wits end and do not know what to try next. i "CHATTED" with pearl on help line: the results, I am forwarded to "help support' where I am asked to pay a $5 fee using my credit card and learn that I may have to pay an additional fee up to another $40+. It isn't worth any of this!! I am an old lady with a heart condition and i'm sure my blood pressure is at the boiling point. Guess I will have to find another company to do business with.
Their automated system is not working correctly and I have to pay them to fix it!!
I am so frustrated and disappointed in craigslist... Life is short and I've wasted too much time on this issue. I will just give away or donate what I was going to post. The will save alot of time and the frustration. Good by craigslist

Posted by simons1963

so far, it is impossible to get any help from craigslist. I have been trying for 10 days and cannot contact a real person or email anyone. I just need to reset my password; however my requests via their automated system have all been ignored. I am at my wits end and do not know what to try next.

Posted by Anonymous

have tried for 1hr 20 min to contact craigslist by three(3) listed "help"or "customer service" numbers with no response.! sent e-mails with no response from C.L. all for a simple 30 sec. question and answer. I guess C.L. doesn't intend to assist anyone

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to find out why my IP address was automatically blocked? I didn't threaten anyone physically or verbally. Yes....I gave my opioion on "rants & raves " but that what people do.

I can't get ahold of anyone from Craigslist to explain why the block and is it permanent!

Posted by Anonymous

someone has my phone number attached to a posting about selling a car. i am not selling a car and i have no account on craigslist with my phone number or any of my contact info. i would appreciate if this issue can be resolved soon. i am getting calls and text non stop every day 24-7 day and night about a car i do not own or have i ever seen.

Posted by here birdie

I have been trying to get in touch with them with no luck at all I promise they need to fix their flagging system because people is getting flagged for no reason at all that is crazy. flag abuse.

Posted by Anonymous

Can you tell me if Craigslist add is closed

Contact number

When we called number they said we have the wrong #

When we sent email said undeliverable

Assuming add closed was for a lab mix puppy just verifying it is closed and not a scam

Thank you,

Dawn and Joe

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Posted by Anonymous

I recently hired a handy man Visalia ca and he is a scammer he did not finish the job. Never sent me a recipe for what I paid him. His number is area and I would like to be able to report him or review on his service. But you guys don't have a page. It is very important to add the page on your website so that WE don't get scam . I hope you can do something about this guy like booking his service from your site. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I find this site to be very practical. Its easy to complain when things are not right. But people dont say the good stuff. This site is benefical and useful. Thank you

Posted by taranctula

Craigslist Accounts are under attack daily by cyber terrorist flaggers who have hijacked the CL Flagging System. They have a variety of tools and programs available that have been purchased over the net specifically to rapid flag ads or lay waste to commercial accounts. CL may be complicit in this activity because they do not want any advertisers to have sustained profitable from the use of their website.
the only party who is making a lot of money in their system is themselves.
Whereas an advertiser is granted use of one edition, they have access to over 1000 editions published around the world.
Your ad is not flagged for its content rather for being part of a commercial account that someone does not agree with.
Since CL is used by 1 out of 6 Americans, and is a vital flow of information across the United States, this virtual control over the website content, becomes a block to the free flow of information and a threat to national security that no one is addressing.

Posted by Anonymous

I made a suggestion to Craigslist on their forum (since I have had no luck trying to find a email address they reply to) about having moderators to make sure ads violate their terms before a ad is removed from flagging and the response I got confirmed my opinions that they do allow posts to be flagged and removed even if their terms are not violated just because someone does not like the way the ad is worded or as one Craigslist response was to me "AND for reader preferences / opinions". Wow, anyone can have a opinion about a lot of things and not a good reason in my opinion to allow posts to be removed when there's been no violation of their terms.

I am so happy I found classifiedads dot com as they replied to my emails asking questions about their terms and they monitor posts to make sure posts flagged are because of violating their terms. I hope all these people here that are unhappy with craigslist will think about giving classifiedads a chance and of course make sure to comply with their terms and I don't think anyone will have any problems with them As long as they don't violate their terms of service.

Posted by Flanagan619

I had a negative comment I added on May 28th.I wanted to ad this positive comment. After I made my negative comment I went over to the positive comment section and found my answer just by reading a couple of the other comments there. The answer was that if you're a paying customer who posts their ad daily, because say they're a health proffesional and rely on the advertising. If they have a credit card error type issue where the card just won't go through to pay, several times but money is being deducted from your card anyway, all I had to do was e-mail: [email protected] and within an hour,(because it was Memorial Day, or usually it's within minutes),Craig himself contacted me to let me know that he had somebody on it. I ralize their are alot of complaints about Craigslist. I pay $1800.- per year advertising with them. I make a ton of money because of them and without them life would be harder for me. So thank you craig @ craigslist for taking care of business. Kevin

Posted by Ray

You need to email Craislist @ [email protected], they will respond. On 2/3/12 @5:06 pm/est/usa I emailed them and received a response 2 minutes later. Now I am sure that not all responses can be met with such alacrity, but maybe we should keep in mind that this is a free site, and imagine the amount of employees needed to accommodate the more than 50 million daily users in the US alone. Should he also offer frr pick up and delivery?

Posted by SimplePoster

Believe it or not, I got a very quick response from Craig himself by just emailing [email protected] and describing my problem. He e-mailed me back himself and forwarded my issue to an IT team.

For what it's worth.

Posted by Dolly45

I appreciate Craiglist's service a lot and it has been helpful to me towards finding work, however at the same time, it's nearly impossible to actually get anything done. Every time some days pass, Craigslist logs out automatically and tells me to log back in. When I input the right information (which I actually carefully written down and remembered), it keeps saying the e-mail or password is wrong when it isn't the case.

Also, the phone verification thing is pretty annoying. I wish there were better ways to really validate people and remove spammers. Plus, to me, I still see spams even with this new function.

Might I also tell people to be more careful when searching for jobs here. A lot of "job offerings" posts here are too vague and uninformative. If you ask for more information via email, the "employer" never replies, ever. Ergo, I'd be more careful when submitting your resumes when they ask if they cannot even answer simple questions.

Posted by Anonymous

I truly appreciate your service, I use it all the time for everything. You are a great asset to society in general specially in times like this where people cant afford to go buy things at retail prices. Great recycling venue! I do want to comment on the retailers use of Craigslist, in some categories retailers have taken over, page after page specially in the furniture section. The reason I use Craigslist is to avoid retailers. Maybe they should have a section of their own. It is very annoying and time consuming to go through all their adds, it is overwhelming, even when I enter owner in the search box, they still come up. That's it for my comments, you guys are doing a great job, I truly appreciate it. Ray

Posted by Mike G

To all whose CL ad won't appear in search results: you are not alone. I have had this problem with a plain text ad and there is no solution. I cannot correlate the problem to anything in particular, but the only items I've had problems selling have Apple in the description. I surmise CL has a filter for "Apple" nevertheless some ads post OK. In any event CL does not care.

The only selling site worse than CL is eBay.

Still, I rank CL as a positive since it works most of the time, but when it doesn't, it just doesn't.

Posted by Anonymous

Like many of the other post's I am blocked---it has been over 6 months--nobody will help me---I have no idea why I am blocked

Posted by pattycake509


Posted by Anonymous

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand Craigslist and thereby avoiding most problems. I clearly understand that this is a free service and Craigslist is not obligated to police my/your ads for stupid flaggers. Flags are a service for real issues and there will always be idiots who abuse them. If your ad is flagged and removed it may be violates the TOS. If not re-post it or go post it somewhere else that charges you for this service. See very simple. Why should craigslist pay wages to an employee to chase down malicious flaggers? They get 0 from you. You cant challenge something that is a gift to you. Learn to use it correctly. Create a site of your own put your money into then let thousands of people use it for free. See simple.
Thanks Craigslist for answering my question quickly and professionally.

Posted by Panhead

Folks who post free ads on craigslist are not "customers", they are "users".

When one needs help with a craigslist related issue they should visit & post about their problem in cl-help desk forum which is located here:

That is a peer help forum that can be quite helpful. Help requests are answered immediately most of the time. Like all web forums there are some 'trolls' in that forum. Folks should flag but otherwise ignore any rude replies they receive in the forum & correspond only with the folks who seem to be sincerely trying to help. It is best to not enter the forum with a bad attitude. Be nice, supply all requested info & don't let yourself be drawn into arguments by the previously mentioned trolls.

Posted by hankleviner

On ur craigslist garage sales for example I cannot access to send an email to people who hav items. Im on Yahoo And it says att will not except. But at the same time I feel u r doing a great service to the community.

Posted by Carpetman

Follow the rules and post ads where they belong and you will be fine. I have been using CL for many years if i got flagged it was something i did wrong. The community rules CL so you must please them thats whos doing the flagging...

Posted by Anonymous

I had a great response from an error report and the customer service department answered within 2 minutes and reset my account for posting. I had no issues with the company.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the problem with the phone authentication everyone here speaks of and waited until Monday, called the number in the listing, pressed 7 (the number the recording gives for paid ads and housing) and waited about 2 minutes to speak to a human. Told her my story, told her about the postings I'd seen on the internet about the issues people have with getting no help, and voila she fixed it manually and 15 minutes later I was able to post again... thank you to everyone who posted on this, I think this may be why they are now handling the problem. And, thank you to Craigslist and the lovely human customer service person who solved my problem. Joanne

Posted by Anonymous

I have been using CL for about two years for my business. I have 4 ads and I rotate deleting/reposting them to keep them current. I do not rely on CL for all of my business advertising but have installed HUNDREDS of jobs generated directly from CL and more still from referrals based on those jobs. All for the very reasonable price of NOTHING. I have had many e-mails from "craigslist" requesting I verify this that or the other. I ignore all of them as I assume they are attempts to get my password etc. by hackers or those who are looking to hijack my account or gain personal information. I believe it is stated in the CL terms of use that they will never request your password or personal information and in two years I have never had a problem. We are really getting something for nothing and your only part is to read the terms of use and follow them. Pretty simple and I think it takes a special person to complain about that. If the FREE SERVICE provided to you is not good enough start up your own list, god knows there are enough people out there that think they can do better. They all spam me from my CL ad telling me how great their site is, you know the site nobody has ever heard of.

Posted by Anonymous

For everyone with negative comments:

I think it would do you some good to read this article in Wired Magazine about Craigslist. It focuses on the website's customer support.

Posted by Anonymous

15 minute hold time after which the rep solved my problem ASAP. I rate the CL help desk a "10."

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the phone after talking to a young lady at craigslist. She was very helpful on this phone authorization thing going on. It only took about 2 or 3 minutes and being on hold didn't take very long at all before my call was taken. Thanks for the help.

Posted by TampaBusiness


Posted by Anonymous

I have found numerous guns in my area on Craigslist and it seems VERY hard to get them removed. I have had to call on every one.

The ppl I talk to have been GREAT and the adds get deleted instantly. I applaud them on that. Great service!!

Posted by ChuckLez

Everytime I had a post flagged by someone, I ALWAYS got an answer as to why (and all reasons are legit reason like how I posted my paintball marker as a paintball "gun").

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Posted by Anonymous

For me it is so difficult to contact the seller of an item I'm interested in. I never get answers when I do the email thing. Example: I want this tractor. How do I reach the seller.??

posted: about a month ago

updated: about a month ago


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