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Craftsman customer service is ranked #741 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 129 ratings. This score rates Craftsman customer service and customer support as Terrible.


128 Negative Comments out of 129 Total Comments is 99.22%.


1 Positive Comment out of 129 Total Comments is 0.78%.

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    • 128 negative comments (99.22%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a xsp 12 gallon wet vac 5.5 hp that works well but the wheels are a total joke. The casters are held by cheap plastic which break with any weight or movement on uneven surfaces. I was told the replacement pedestals are $12.95 each? A flawed design costs a person more than it's value. I won't buy your wheels or any other craftsman product again

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a craftsman briggs station 725 series ohv21 in 163 cc self propelled mower last week at Ace Hardware $309.00 I am 79 years old lady n thought this would be great help in helping me mow my yard I want to let you know it doesn�t have much power kinda stalls out even mowing without the bag I did not get the warranty guess I should have maybe I just got a bad one but just wanted to let you know how disappointed o am. It�s my fault I researched slot of mowers before going with craftsman because I am by myself and money is tight but you might want to check this model. Thank you Judy massey

Posted by Anonymous

I have called all of the stores in the Richmond area and called customer service about the purchase of a Sears Craftsman riding mower to ask questions about the useful life of the mower and routine maintenance, I cannot speak to a live person nor has anyone at the 4 stores called me back.

Posted by Anonymous

I need someone to call me at this number . I have a product from craftman and I'm trying to figure out how to replace the bulb for it, don't know how to take it out

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to let you know that I went off my path of buying work boots and purchased a pair of Craftsman boots for the first time because they looked durable and would last. Within a month the sole came undone in the back of one of the boots therefore I will never purchase or recommend your boots to anyone..........

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Craftsman Snowblower a couple of years ago, and in January the cable that controls the directional chute broke. I took my snowblower to a friend who works on small engines and has his own repair shop in May of this year. A replacement cable was ordered in June and as of today's date, (Sept 05, 2017) the part is still back ordered. If this was a really old machine, I could understand poor availability of parts, but this machine is not two years old. If you can't get parts when your machines break, I am giving up buying anything Craftsman. A very disappointed customer!!

Posted by J9 Siebert

I've been trying to go direct Craftsman and every phone number that I call goes to Searsperiod they can't help me to rebuild my drill so I'm trying to find out from you how I can get it rebuilt it's a 3/8 inch 14.4 volt cordless drill driver the part number is I cannot contact you directly so I can't find out where to send it because our seers don't do that please call or email me at 928-830-4697 or email me at j9 Siebert at I do need some help trying to get my drill rebuilt. Thank you very much my name is Janine Siebert

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 craftsman folding chairs from Kmart last year and one is already broke. Craft is a name of strength and durability. Not sure, but maybe this one chair was a lemon? I paid good money for it. Can you help me out in any way? I can be reached at cell I can send you pictures of the broken chair. I was quite disappointed that this chair did not last too long! Thank-you for your time. I hope to hear from someone soon!! Terry ðŸË?Å

Posted by Big trouble

Craftsman customer care is useless it just goes to Sears--- and Sears customer Service is useless--- What ever you do don't trust a Sears protection agreement (you also get this same useless warranty for Craftsman a useless warranty from Sears)


I have a craftsman snowblower I purchased for over $500.00 I have had the snowblower for comming up on 6 years IT HAS BROKEN DOWN EVERY YEAR 4 times for the same thing --the warranty & extended warranty are useless because it takes them 2 or 3 trips to fix the darn thing SEARS wont honor the warranty The "we fix it on the first trip" HA HA or "Lemon Clause" because in the fine print it must break down 4 times for the same thing "IN ONE YEAR" so if it was to be a lemon you would have to live somewhere it snows all year long NO MORE CRAFTSMAN JUNK FOR ME --NO MORE USELESS SEARS PROTECTION AGREEMENTS EITHER

Posted by Carrie

Just wanted to say I sent 3 emails to craftsman customer care and a facebook message with no response at all. I purchased a pair of boots for my husband which he had for two weeks before the sole of one boot split from the boot itself making them unwearable. I cannot return them as the Kmart where I bought them is going out of business. I will never ever buy Craftsman products again since they obviously could care less about responding.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to find out what blade widths fit Craftsman BAS350 band saw. Can only get responses about small engines and the responses don't make sense or relate to my question. I am giving up and will buy another brand band saw from another source. If Sears can't do better than this responding to questions about a product, I don't want the product.

Posted by Dex

We have a Craftsman Staple Gun. It keeps jamming. it was a Christmas present and hasn't been used that much. i tried to return it for an exchange and without a receipt was told nothing that i can do. for an inexpensive product - you would think they would just return it. I have many craftsman products but will be changing to a brand that has more customer focused return policies.

Posted by Barbieann

I just bought a leaf blower/vac and might have used it an hour broke already. I thought craftsman stood behind their products. I didn't get a warranty cause I didn't think my tool would break in an hour�

Posted by Anonymous

I have evolve cordless drill never again!!will not hold charge since the day I got it Sears in jonsboro Ar so dewalt here I come

Posted by Anonymous

Snow thrower model 247.88779 trans no longer works crafsman has bad worm gear l will never by craftsman again used it 3 years in a roll light snow piece now you want $274 for a new transmission so I could use it for three more years and buy it again what a piece of s*** if you care about your customers you would do something 46 bought 617 09 yard ornament

Posted by Anonymous

Brought a cordless drill model used less than 10 times now broke,a piece of craft, never craft again

Posted by Anonymous

I have heard Sears is going broke. After trying to get a simple question answered I think I understand why.

Posted by Raymond Desparrois

Horrible just Horrible, I purchased a craftman lawnmower from sears it broke within 2 months I called services it would take 2 weeks to repair Evan through it would take anyone 1 hour so just ordered the to fix myself they sent the part to the wrong address I drove yo where it was delivered and got the part and of course it's the wrong part I called again reordered the part and have not received it so I called again only to be told it was never ed reordered now waiting for part it's been 3 weeks ..NEVER AGAIN

Posted by Jason

I have always been a die hard craftsman fan, but I recently purchased a new mower equipped with the easy walk system I had to replace the lever for the easy walk only to have it break within two months. Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

My Craftsman Pressure Washer does not come with the soap dispensing bottle. Why??? Ace Hardware where I purchased it does not carry the bottle. How am I supposed to dispense soap into the water when I clean my tractor today??? I think I should return the pressure washer, and go buy one at Home Depot. I'm not happy at all.

Posted by David

I would like to know why it is so hard to contact anyone. Almost all of my tools power equipment kitchen appliances washer dryer almost everything I own I bought from Sears. I would like to know why it takes so much time and effort to contact anyone to get something repaired. I have two Weedwhacker's that I am trying to get repaired. It seems like nobody wants to work on Weedwhacker's and I cannot contact anyone from Sears. The only time I got through to anything to do with repairs they want to come to my house and diagnose the problem for $101 per Weedwhacker and then do the repairs at my expense. This is pretty much out of the politicians run a country it's called double dipping. By the time you guys get done billing me it would be worth more than what I paid for. Give me an answer to the situation please. My email The only information I get from the local store is that they are just a mom-and-pop business and I can't take care of what I need to have done. Example I tried to buy a new washing machine A week ago and I had one all picked out in the store and asked if they've delivered in they should always sure for $80 I am less than a mile away from them and they want to charge me $80. So I told them I was going to Home Depot and buy my washer there. Her answer was she's just a mom-and-pop store and I should do my business with the little people. She should Home Depot is a franchise well according to the sign on the front of her building it says see years. Last time I knew Sears was a franchise. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Would you please email me a response to this email it would be well appreciated. You keep sending me emails to join the craftsman club now let's be honest would you join a club that you cannot get new service from.

Have a nice day


Posted by CRAFTMAN

I Purchased A Craftman Trimmer Serial Number Item Number P 41adz11g799

At Sear Sebring Fl, unfortunately I Took Item Back To The Sears Service Department For Service .however They Were Not Be Available To Assist Me Since The Scanner Will Not Read My Product, I Can't Reach, my Purchase Receive,.

Please Assist,.

Posted by dave

I was given a pressure washer for my birthday, which is in March. When I used it in May, the hose sprung a leak. Went to sears, got a new hose. Two weeks later I went to clean my deck, wouldn't start. Went to sears, they said could not return it since it was longer than 30 days.

But they agreed to have it repaired. Sent it off to Maryland, got it back 15 days later, engine started, the handle for the spray gun had been broken during repair. The panel was off the handles and the hose was twisted around the handles. I have never seen such careless disregard from a repair shop.

As for Sears' 30 return policy... don't buy a Christmas gift for someone unless they can use it within 30 days. So a bike, or garden tools, or any fair weather will carry no warranty by the time it can be used. It is beyond ridiculous.

Posted by onion

I was given a drill set as a gift from Sears. I did not have the receipt. When I went to Sears they said they could NO longer give me a refund or give gift cards for the unopened item.
I called the Corporate office at Sears.
I was told that even if you have a reciept they would not honor it if it is over 30 days.
We now have to put out an ad to get rid of it or keep it. How is this good customer service?

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Posted by Scott

Craftsman tech service is great. I had a 8 year old garage door opener and needed to change the code on it since I lost 1 of my openers. They walked me through it and never asked for a cent! Most companies want money before they'll help you. I was very impressed!

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