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Cracker Barrel customer service is ranked #409 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 20 ratings. This score rates Cracker Barrel customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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Posted by Anonymous

Bensalem,pa (neshaminy) Found A Long Black Human Hair In My Food Only After I Put Thr Food In My Mouth. Discussed At The Response!!!!!!!! 12/16/17 5:41pm. Ck #8116.

Posted by Lonewolf

I personally think just store number two in Lebanon Tennessee needs a real overhaul four at the guest actually saying what the kitchen looks like I don't believe they would want to eat there these cooks to do a better job of keeping the area clean for it is not only a safety hazard it is a health hazard and is just plum nasty they mess up the floors and throw food on the floor all kinds of stuff on the floor without trying to clean it up and leave it for the night maintenance and I'd like to try to do their job for them I think it is very sad the Cracker Barrel management allows these cooks to get Away with what they are doing some other night maintenance crew they finish their job around 1 o'clock in the morning and then they take a nap and go to sleep till about four I think this is ethically wrong and something should be done with the cooks and the night maintenance staff I pray and hope that this will not end up there with my job and I get fired for speaking my opinion

Posted by HIJM

My family and I just went to a Cracker Barrel in Scranton PA we were totally disgusted with the service and the food the waitress the atmosphere it was very dirty I was very surprised we stop at Cracker Barrel very often during our travels I complain to the waitress a manager never came over and we spent a lot of money we had a party of eight we paid our bill left her food and continued to our destination!! Hope I hear back thank you

Posted by Anonymous

We have been to a number of Cracker Barrels all over the USA. Today we went to Clinton, New Jersey which has always been our favorite. Not any more. The portion size of my husband's fish was 1 very small piece. We received 1/2 portions of grits. The gravy for the biscuits was tasteless and like colored water. A total disappointment. They told us that's the portion. Well 2 days before we were in Mount Laurell, NJ and the portions were great much different. The bathrooms both mens and woman's were a disgrace in Clinton. Mount Laurel perfect. My experience with Cracker Barrel in Clinton, NJ was gross, I am not sure we will ever go back there.

Posted by Josephine

I placed an order online on Dec 4, 2016, and the Cracker Barrel website froze and did not give me a confirmation.

I checked the bank statement, and there was multiple billings from Cracker Barrel.

So I sent an inquiry requesting for only one order, and received at ticket number

Waited and waited and the order did not arrive, so on Dec 27, 2016 I called Cracker Barrel. Lady who answered the phone said they did not receive my order.

I was NOT informed about anything that went wrong with the order when the email reply came from . But was deducted from my bank account so I am certainly not happy.

Cracker Barrel just lost a loyal customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Had the worst service at Cracker Barrel . Our server was Tarmika. She would roll her eyes every time we asked for something . We also heard her mumble something under her breath as she walked away from our table. We will not be going back to that Cracker Barrel again .

Posted by Mad in Tiney Park, IL.

On Oct.15,2016 we dined in the Tinley Park, Il. location. When the food arrived the eggs and sausage were cold, and the sausage dried out. The bacon on the plate was perfect. I told the waitress and she took the plate to make it again. The eggs and sausage was then good, but the bacon was limp and not cooked at all. I called over the manager and told him, and he said to me, " you don't want to eat this bacon?" I told him it was raw, and I was afraid I would get sick if I ate it. He took the bacon and then brought out 3 new pieces. Two were burnt, and 1 was good. I noticed the waitress and the manager starting to avoid coming near my table so I left the bad food and ate the good food. On the way out I passed the manager, and told him 2 of the pieces of bacon was burnt. He just stared at me, and did not apologize or try to make the bad experience right. I paid for the meal and left. It ruined our morning.

Posted by Richard Michel

Dear Crackerbarrel,

What happened with Cracker Barrel extra sharp cheese. I recently purchase the sharp cheese in the red wrapping, it was one step below Velveter. The cheese that use to have a somewhat crumbly texture to it was like rubber. After years of eating this cheese, I will find another brand. So sad. Just in case I got a bad batch, I have 2/3 of the pack left because my dog wouldn't eat it either. Richard Michel

Posted by Anonymous

We have gone to Cracker Barrel many times and have enjoyed the food and excellent service. We noticed that the service was starting to go downhill. We decided to give them one more chance to see if the service had improved. We waited 50 minutes for our food. The waiter blamed the kitchen for the delay. However, when other people who got there after us were getting their food before us, we realized that maybe he did not turn our order in. He brought my husband his biscuits without the rest of the order. When the food finally came my husband did not get his hash browns and I did not get my toast. When he brought my toast it was not wheat toast it was white toast. He wanted to take it back and asked if I wanted butter and jelly. I told him forget it. We told the cashier and she wanted to get the manager but we said no because we will not be coming back to Cracker Barrel ever. We told her that the employee needs more training.

Posted by Anonymous

We own a house here in SW Ohio & also in E. Kentucky, my question is will Cracker Barrel ever build a store/restaurant in that area. The Paintsville, Ky. area to be specific. Has the population for one & many small local towns. Other than one Bob Evans & numerous fast food restaurants that are over crowded & under staffed with not very good food. The closest Cracker Barrel is in Lexington, Ky. & that is little over an hour away. A Cracker Barrel in the Paintsville, Ky. area would be greatly appreciated & definitely have a lot of guests all the time! Thank you, Geneva Morgan.

Posted by MamaMary50

I love going to Cracker Barrell to eat. Tonight we're in Florence,SC The food was delicious and our waitress was a delight,Roceda. We have hardly ever had to wait for our food, but tonight we had to wait over 30 minutes. This was quiet unusual. Today is May 31,2016 we were there over an hour. I do not wish to really complain, but the head manager needs to know. This will not keep mr from going back . Thank you for your tie Mary Coward.

Posted by Anonymous

Enyoyed a wonderful breakfast on Mothers Day at the Lawton, OK Cracker Barrel Store #377. I bought a couple of adorable toddler outfits, unfortunatey I did not inspect the outfits prior to packing and returning to California. One of the outfilts still has the security tag. I have the receipt but do not know what to do to have the tag removed and I don't want to attempt to remove it myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I went to the Cracker Barrel located in Lawton OK yesterday about 6:00 pm. The hostess seated us and left menus. We waited over ten minutes and still no waitress. I got up and asked the hostess to locate a waitress for us. Again we waited almost another ten minutes. The hostess then seated another party at the table next to us. Immediately a waitress came to get their drink orders. She walked right by us with our menus on the table. After twenty five minutes we left. I took the menus back to the hostess and told her that over twenty minutes was entirely too long to wait for service.

Posted by 2565657430

Manager at your Decatur al location approached me about my asking for certain servers mind you I've eaten here for last 2 years sometimes twice a day talking bout anti disscrementation because I ask for servers that ive dealt with you come in here asking for this and that with all these elderly people I see everyday looking crazy at me as he speaks I ask him what business it was of his who I ask for well I can put you out his name is Daniel seen him a couple times but for him to approach me in this manner was humiliating when these older people are just like me ask for certain people very very upset about this situation

Posted by Anonymous

We had a late lunch today at the Cracker Barrel on S.E. Military Dr. In San Antonio, Texas. The service was terrible! It took an hour t get our food, and even then we did not get our sides until another 20 mins. One of our sides we were told they didn't have...but then a different table was served that side. Our food was cold when we got it. Our waitress told us she was sorry it was taking so long and that she mentioned it to the manager. We we checked out we told the manager,who was at the register about our experience ( he did not ask how everything was ) his response was very rude. Yeah, sorry about that.! We were very upset with our dining experience . I know a restaurant is only a good as the managers. This location needs to be checked out by supervisors. I will tell everyone in person and on line about this bad experience I have had and how they handled the situation. We spent a lot of money there, and with today's economy people will not spend in places that do not have good service .

Posted by Anonymous

Was called the a word in sharonville oh store by server Brittany B all because I wanted my ice water in a clean cup...filed a complaint on her ...employee number and nothing has happened... I was told she didn't mean any harm because her baby is mixed with African American blood she has picked upthe term from her surrounding's

....wish I could get my money back...213$ for racism...never again

Posted by Anonymous

Plainfield IN Location my husband served a raw chzbuger waitress did nothing but charge us for it It was dangerous to eat thanks for nothing did not offer to get something else for him just walked away we will not be back

Posted by Anonymous

I had ordered a pie and went to get it and brought it home and me and my wife was cutting it and pie was not even done. Dough was so mushy. So it was money wasted. Check# 3997

Posted by Anonymous

We stop at Cracker Barrels when traveling and also at home. If I were managing a franchise I'd urge employees to mention dessert without fail. We always ask what the cobbler is for that day. We order it. But waitresses always forget it and don't add it to the bill. In other words we have to insist on getting dessert. This is always the case.
Seems to me that offering dessert should be automatic.
What do you think?

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I chose to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel in Canton, GA. for dinner last night unfortunately. I have always loved eating at your restaurants. The manager, Dan Roach was incredibly rude and abrasive. I was truly shocked at how he treated me and my family. He embarrassed us and crossed the line of getting in my personal space. The waitress Nicole was a nice person overall but was very high strung as well and said he had been yelling at her about our order in the back. Super unprofessional. My husband ordered meatloaf but after 30 minutes settled for shrimp. Really? I have to say Paul Young is an extremely kind hearted peacemaker for Crack Barrel that kept the situation from getting worse than it was. He should get a raise and be promoted to the Manager.

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Posted by Kaytlynn Odom

My name is Ernestine Andrus (court appointed custodial parent/grandparent) of Kaytlynn Odom.
Kaytlynn (Kayty) has been applying for employment with Cracker Barrell since the first week of March, 2016. She has made 5 different applications, one of which the Human Resources person admitted that she "accidentally deleted."
1. She applied for two positions on one application. That automatically caused her application to be rejected; 2 weeks wasted.
2. As per Miss Debbie's instructions (HR, she insists upon being called Miss Debbie)Kayty reapplied. The General Manager interviewed her and hired her. It was then that Miss Debbie told Kayty that she had not completed the background check form. It took another two weeks and a recently hired person to come to our house and realize that the form was not on the page. He said it was not the same as when he applied and was unable to find the form. Miss Debbie was quite annoyed.
3. She told Kayty to reapply and give an e-mail address (didn't want Kayty to come in and tell her) and she would send her the form. At first Miss Debbie said that she couldn't find the form because Kayty had missed a letter in her application and she couldn't look it up by name. Then how did she look up the form to tell Kayty the letter she missed to make Miss Debbie unable to get the form to her. Kayty created a new e-mail address on the 5th application. Miss Debbie sent the background form, Kayty has sent it twice because Miss Debbie said Corporate hadn't received it. Kayty called her and on April 18th and she told Kayty that she was busy and that she would call her on Friday. When she had not called by 2:30 PM Kayty called, Miss Debbie informed her very curtly, that she would have to wait for Home Office to reply. She still has not had a call.
PS: When Doug (the manager told Kayty that she was hired, she put in her notice to Subway. She is now unemployed & needs a job. She is seventeen and seems to have displeased Miss Debbie. I think it began when she granted Kayty and "audience" and Kayty didn't want to be late for her job at Subway.


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