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Cox customer service is ranked #280 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 405 ratings. This score rates Cox customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


363 Negative Comments out of 405 Total Comments is 89.63%.


42 Positive Comments out of 405 Total Comments is 10.37%.

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    • 40.37 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 363 negative comments (89.63%)
    • 42 positive comments (10.37%)
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Posted by Unhappy with Cox

Service is very expensive and very unreliable. This is especially true of internet speeds. Work at home at times and rely on internet. Purchased upgraded package for internet at $180 per month, with speeds up to 100 MBPS. I may achieve 50 MBPS sometimes, but 0 - 4 MBPS. These speeds are not fast enough for email let alone streaming.

Have had troubleshooting multiple times and in home Technicians 4 times with in 90 days. Have had this diagnosed as:

Actual Cox infrastructure and their physical switch

My buildings Switch ( I live in a loft at multi-tenant building)

My units wiring

My units switch (there is none - and this has been the reason multiple times)

My Modem

My Router ( I have a dual modem / router approved by Cox and validated by 4 of there technicians as working fine)

Did I mention the Speed Test on their site where you can document your speeds, was down for maintenance when I was at 4 MBPS/

My major issue is as a consumer is if Cox can not provide or support a MBPS, there should be a class action suit brought on to penalize them. They would not accept it if their customer paid 4% - 50% of their bill, and their customer should not have to suffer at 45 - 50% of the speeds they pay for.

I will reopen my complaint with the Nebraska Public Service Commission. Their lock on my neighborhood is almost a monopoly; the pricing is unfair, customer service is poor as is the service in general. The quality of the product, the overselling of bandwidth and not being able to provide speeds for the packages they sell is deceptive and should be addressed.

Posted by Cox must go

$75 per month. That's how much my Internet service cost. It works properly, less than 50% of the time. I live in New Orleans, LA where the city officials have agreed to make Cox the only wired, true high speed internet service provider. I hope idoit's who signed the contract to make a single Internet service the monopoly in this city have constant Internet failures that every citizen has to endure, thanks in part to their dumb decision. Cox doesn't care and has the total freedom to never care, because they don't have worry once about a true competitive threat to there horrible business. If it was not made clear, somwhere in this passage, I'll write it here, Cox internet service is extremely over priced when you consider the horrible delivery I have received of said service. I will actively work to change our city's punishment that was contractually forced upon us. I have had enough of this monopold and I know many who have had the same feeling for a very long time. It is time to changes this

Posted by dont want to menton

Cox do not have good customer service after contract. It is almost 3 months that I have ended the contract with Cox. In the last payment they charged me too much money. when I asked why, they said it will be refunded to you. In addition, they took some money as deposit for equipment. They are playing with me for almost 3 months and still I did not received my money back. Many times try to contacting billing department but each time they says if you did not receive your check by end of this week call us back. There Manager in billing department is a very rude lady. she thinks that she want to pay me from her pocket?
It the area that now i am cox has not service bot due to his problem I will never go back to Cox if they have service in area also.

Cox Need to pay more attention billing department.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to access cox communications security suite to install virus protection that is included in package . I keep getting error page . I have been calling cox for 2 weeks trying to get this matter corrected . all i get is a bunch of runaround. the last call i made i was transferred 6 times ending up back where i started. tried another time and asked for a supervisor and was told that they would not be able to help me

Posted by Very Angry Boy

My review is basically a mirror of Sonny's, except we had Interne only, but same M.O. from Cox, overbilling changing pricing adding fees. i had to call them EVERY month over a period of two years to correct billing, and when we finally disconnect they dare to send me a final bill of almost $100! I was appalled and livid.

Sonny's Review: (I agree 100%)
Cox is the worst cable company I have ever dealt with. Their practice of FRAUD charges are a joke. Every month I have to call because they try to charge me for something I NEVER REQUESTED. This month 8/2016 was for some kind of BS Sports Package which raised my bill from $162 to $175. I contacted Cox AGAIN and got it removed. I also have filed SEVERAL complaints with the FCC on Cox.

Posted by Sonny

Cox is the worst cable company I have ever dealt with. Their practice of FRAUD charges are a joke. Every month I have to call because they try to charge me for something I NEVER REQUESTED. This month 8/2016 was for some kind of BS Sports Package which raised my bill from $162 to $175. I contacted Cox AGAIN and got it removed. I also have filed SEVERAL complaints with the FCC on Cox.

Posted by TY

Cox took two days to schedule a reported service (internet, phone and TV) that is down? It took 40 minutes wait to speak to someone and for them to tell you that 2 days is the best they can do. Not to mention the constant drop conversation (remember, Cox phone not working and have to call from cell) does not prompt anyone to call back even though they have your full information and problem identified! Spend 2 hours just trying to speak to someone and telling them it's important to get it fixed as I work from home to be out of service for that long, you get zero sympathy!!

After two days of no service (bet you they still charge me on those days), received a call at 9:15am telling us they are on the way in 10 mins. One hour later, I call back after no show of Cox only to be told the office reroute them!! WHAT??? They finally showed up 2 hours after they call (wifi was back by then) as they have reset it. It is as simple as a reset and I went through to get Cox support.

A third world country could provide better support.

Posted by Barbara

This is. Please send me written contract for information. Installation is to be today and I have received nothing! I was promised a service when I bought my TV at Best Buy!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My rant and rave - No, No, and Hell NO!, the way Cox cable went about this was so wrong! I refuse to be strong-armed, blackmailed and extorted into paying them any more money every month. Just hooked up antennas in the bedrooms and it works just fine! Thank you Cox for reminding me how I don't need 200 TV channels in all the bedrooms.

Posted by Dee

I avoid going into the stores cauase its slowly turning into At&t. Why do we need 3 door greeters. I say train them and let them assist ppl.

Posted by lindaw

I have 2 rental houses & both have had perpetual outages since the mandatory mini boxes got installed. I have spent a hundred hours on the phone with them as we have had outages weekly since March.. COX is the worst!! I am going to switch to DISH as soon as our summer rental season is over..

Posted by Deakonfross

Dear Cox,i'm complaining about several things(1)too many of the same movies are being played on premium channels,on demand,(2) please consider removing series that only have 1-2 seasons(3)please remove the "Unknon actors which i refer too as b movies (meaning bumm'n movies or copycat(3)More martial arts, sci-fi, horror a-1 horror etc.....(4)the prices on the on demand movies are too expensive considering how much it cost or start giving some type if reward bonuses, or gift cards if you purchased a certain amount of movies,new cox customers recieve all kinds of rewards & gift offers for signing up or switching to cox what about the pre-exsisting customers alot of the movies are not worth the purchase, the two for one specials suck because the movies you show can be seen on other cox channels & premiums & or netflixx or hulu what a waste of air time . Not worth it,(5) More Clint Eastwood movies,arnold swchwarzenegger (Top Notch actors)(6)too many sport channels(7)The channel line up is confusing and time consuming it should at least be in some sort of order and sections you have too tab between too many channels that you either don't have or even watch devide the guide in sections miniumize the search i can't afford (contour2)(8) too many political documentries on the premiums on demand & old movies & black&white premium channels on demand should be strictly for viewing movies so uninteresting that's what History channels for,and start doing servyes for shows & movies should you play for better feed back.Thank you sincerely your Cox Communications customer

Posted by Azbas

Customer Service is worthless. I am out of service for 3 days and it is there fault. They couldn't even make sure a technician could come in a timely manner. Thinking about disconnecting service. They could have at least gave me a credit on my account.

Posted by mrutin

DeAngelo answered quickly and was very helpful. He put me on hold for his manager, which took an excessive amount of time, however.

Posted by starfire

I can tell you from both a ex customer as well as ex employee standpoint how bad COX really is. I was a supervisor there and I can attest to the amount of angry customers that called in every day. The service is bad because of the crap equipment COX uses. To aggravate the issue, Cox has a bad habit of their sales agents slamming services, as well as not disconnecting you when you request because they dont want to get charged back on their commission, result is you get a bill you should not get. Then when you call about it you get to deal with a rude collections person who does not care about anything other than getting that payment because she or he gets paid on the amount they collect. So if you do happen to stay but threaten to leave because of crappy service you get sent to retention who again will usually be rude and say there is nothing they can do other than some generic 3 months of a premium channel for like 5.00 ( then that goes to regular price of 15.00 per channel) ... At night or early evening you can forget your internet speed because you are sharing bandwidth with everybody. AT&T critics say they are slow, but that is not true. With them you have a dedicated line and so even if your bandwidth is lower, your speed will be faster if you have UVerse. That is the plain truth folks and I can tell you that the people you call in Cox's call centers laugh at you when you call to complain . I have had to get on more than one person for that and I have witnessed even so called supervisors making fun of customers after a call.

Posted by Barbara

I have been billed over $59.00 and I do not have an account with cox. I have vs it several days ago. I am supposed to be getting a refund back not taking out the money. I fact the money take out was ten dollars over the price I was to pay. I would like my refund asap. Did not expect this bill coming out, it shorted me with funds. I would appreciate it if you will take care of this issue promptly. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Barb Rollman

Posted by Steve Johnson

Since when do monopoly utility's care about anything except taking money? Real nice socialist party line about 40% bandwidth being used by analog TV viewers. Lets be a realist. Cox wants to engage in a battle for our minds by controlling "media." They are not television channel purveyors anymore. Cox has given up on the most basic of service options. It simply gets in the way of bigger dreams. They are a more "evolved' entity now. The added bonus is never again will a simpleton be able to split a signal in the home and receive "unauthorized" TV. And since millions of government and Cox employees do not worry about service cost in their lives, they make great ambassadors while forgetting about the lives of the people in front of the "media". Oh and how great that its encrypted! It is real secure now. Television that watches us with cameras can now transmit that information out of our homes. Of course that is what will happen in future. Everything is now set up for it. Thanks politicians for letting this happen.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off the chat line with "Angel" from Cox Support. I was asking him if I could ad an icon or a shortcut for my new cox email to make it easier to access. With my Gmail account I just click on the envelope on my tool bar and up comes my emails. With Cox, I had to go to google and put, and then go to the website and then login. What a hassle. I just wanted to know if it could be easier. They cannot help me with a windows 7 account because they say it is out of date and said I need Outlook. Angel then told me he could download the icon remotely and ended our chat line conversation. He gave me a phone number and said that I could call that number and he would answer. That did not happen. I got some lady that told me that it simply could not be done. So, I am canceling my email address and going to another carrier. I understand that I am old (77), but I have been using computers for 25 years not and I am not a techie. They were so rude.

Posted by asilvern

I was recently contacted to inform me that my bill was past due. When I went online it showed a balance due of $0.00, so when I called customer support and they told me that I owed over $100, you can imagine my shock. I double checked that my paperless billing setting were still correct on the website, and they were; but when I explained all this to the customer service rep, all I got was essentially, "This isn't our fault." This pissed me off to no end. No understanding, no willingness to take responsibility, no initiative to see if I was a consistent customer (which I am, and anyone could have seen if they bothered to look at my payment history). So now I owe more than I am suppose to pay, when a simple look at my historical consistency could have shown that it was probably a mistake on their end, waiver of the fee, and re-establishment of their good grace in the eye of their customers. Actively seeking a new company to get those services. Anyone have a suggestion? So irritated, and there really was no need to be!

Posted by Me

125 Brooke's Ave, San Diego, CA 92103. Your wire still hanging and kids and bums hanging on it. I loose my cable every time. You still haven't showed up and handle|corrected hazard.
Great customer service

Posted by Anonymous

Cox cable SUCKS, im not even a customer yet however im already speaking with a supervisor all because a rep couldnt do there job right i took off work to get my services and they NEVER came when i was talking to the supervisor all he could say is ""umm im sorry theres NOTHING I CAN DO"" now i cant get services until friday which means me being a single mother who rides the bus has 2 now take off work again but they dont care, do not go with them they do not VAULE there customers when we pay there bills they SUCK!!!!!

Posted by Brian

Every day no service. The mini box does not work. Cox Cable is the worst will be switching soon

Posted by Kyle

Called to report our business phone was out and fed it card machine line. They came and looked at it and said it was a problem outside on the pole. They put a ticket in fir service and said they'd definitely be here by the time we close at 6, never showed up. All day no phone or credit machine. Not good for business really disappointed in service to say the least.

Posted by Anonymous

Cox made errors in setting up our system. The cox support person had documented the error. When we called to follow up regarding the issue the sales manager directed our concerns to the manager who took no responsibility and blamed us. He said no records existed indicating it was an error on Cox end and also made the comment that they only retain file notes for a limited amount of time.

There is no customer service because Cox knows there are limited to no alternatives in the Santa Barbara area.

Posted by steve

i have been a cox customer for many years. this past week has been the absolutely worst week of being a cox customer. I have had 4 different apts missed scheduled or the technician just didn't show up. four different times I've had to arrange my schedule or leave work because of cox incompetency. speaking to supervisors have been a waste of time or part of the problem. someone is supposed to show up Saturday, we'll see. after being a cox customer for many years, I can't imagine many more months

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Posted by Anonymous

Steven from cox gave me the best customer service ive ever received truly a pleasure, all reps ive spoken to responded intelligently and in a timely professional manner.

Posted by Anonymous

After being juggled back and forth for ten days, we were so fortunate to have Cox tech come to our rescue. We had a signal but no Wi-fi or cable to our new apartment, brand new smart tv for christmas and could not watch it!! Stephen, could not figure out the issue either instead of band-aiding problem he went beyond and drilled into wall to find wiring had been tampered with. Went to control box (outside) and found it had been broken into..was dented and could see forced entry. Sure enough "someone" had unhooked our cable and stole it for themselves. Problem solved...this really should be reported as it is criminal to steal like that. We were thankful he went above and beyond to find the culprit.

Many thanks and kudos to this great employee.

Madison Maietta

Posted by Anonymous

I am very satisfied with Cox. I see many complaints from Arizona. When calling Customer Service, it depends on who you speak to. I have had some hang up on me, when I have said fix the problem. When they hang up on me I call back until I find a person willing to assist me with mutual respect. Problems solved.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed with your technician that came to my home 5325 E Tropicana. Apt 1120. Incoherent wearing shades tried to communicate with him very little understanding how to talk with me as customer. Now I am in your solution store no booths inside for private conversations. 2016 you represent the new century. Come on. Thanks to Mr Miquel Santana solution specialist will be the one who gets a good rating of approval. Thanks Mr Santana.

Posted by D

Today I had the best service from Michael Sullivan from Irvine California team, he tried everything to make my internet connection works. Thank you so much. You made my day .

Posted by Anonymous

My aunt has Cox and she keeps saying her bill goes up every month. It turned out she never paid the full amount and remaining balance was rolled over to the next month. I'm sorry to say but it's not always the company's fault. Customers have to take some responsibility especially when they jump the gun and call in cursing & yelling to find out they were looking at their bill wrong or check bounced. Customer's are NOT always right and it's a shame they act the same way backing their company towards customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I just talked to a customer care person @ Cox her name is Valene she works in Omaha never before have I had such service from cox which I really don't have a high opinion about, but she is a total rock star patient & very helpful I just knew I had to give her props. Great job for hiring Valene in your Omaha store. Keep her she is a total jewel for your future

Posted by Anonymous

Nothing but problems with the mini box intrusion-UNTIL-I changed out ALL of the old cable at our home.Cox ran in a new line in for internet service but NOTHING worked right until I REPLACED all of the old cable in the house.PRESTO -Everything works perfectly!!! When I talked to the reps they did say to check your connections,and just looking at them doesn't cut it! I still think cox has become greedy charging for every TV in your house. They been wanting to do just that for a long time and they finally figured out how. Now everything is dependable just like the bill cox sends each month! Change out that old cable people, it worked for me!!! Maybe I should bill cox for all that cable I installed. The reps on the phones are saints. How many times a day do those poor souls have to ask who they have the pleasure of speaking to everyday?That company would be nothing without them,for gods sake stop forcing them to say that corn-E robotic line. they deserve more money!! OK I better stop cause I was just getting started. END

Posted by Anonymous

worked with Erin employee he was courteous and very helpful

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to comment on the great service we received from your technician Joseph Smith. He was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and went out of his way to take care of all our problems. Very enjoyable experience.

Posted by B. King

To William (Bill) George

Dear Mr. George,

I would like to compliment one of your employees, Rhea Yoder, for the excellent service she provided me last week. Ms. Yoder helped me with my account. Her professionalism and ability to get the job done far exceeded my expectations. On this past Monday, she followed up with me stating that my request had been completed.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. Please pass on this note and acknowledge Ms. Yoder's excellent customer service at your next staff meeting.

Posted by Jibreel

The tech that came out to install our internet was jibreel. He was very knowledgeable about the products and services, he was very friendly, professional, well mannered, and did everything in a timely manner. We are very happy with the services rendered.

Posted by RS

I normally don't do these kind of things, but I thought I would do it this time because I was very impressed with the service at the 205 N 80th St. location. I'm also doing this because I figured that you probably get more negative reviews than positive, and I was definitely correct. So, my internet abruptly quit working at around 10:30 on Friday night and I went through the usual checking cable and wires in my home and resetting everything and my modem would show that it was online, but would not show any activity. So figured that I would just wait til the morning to see if it worked due to problem resolutions outside my home. I had no such luck. I called the Tech Support help line in the morning and they basically had me check and do the same things that I already did, but that helped me as well because they were monitoring my connection while I was performing the steps in attempting to resolve the issue. She informed several times that she was seeing that I had I high signal. She told me that the only other thing she could do was to schedule for a service tech to come out and take a look at my setup, the unfortunate part of that was that it wasn't going to be until Tuesday morning. I was kind of hoping to get my internet back this weekend. So, using the information that I knew about the connection to my home, I decided to go the store to see about purchasing a new modem. When I got there I was envisioning having to take a number and be waiting for some time. That was not case... From before even stepping foot in the store I was impressed with the service. While walking up to the door, the door was opened for me by the representative named Ashley. She promptly asked me what I was visiting the store to inquire about. She was able to pull up the information to the account very quickly and told me that this problem very well could be that the modem i was using is out of date, which is what I suspected. Ashley retrieved the new modem and sold the modem instantly. All in all the visit was about 10 minutes at the most. I got back home, plugged in the new, up to date modem and BAM, everything worked perfectly. Again, thank you for the great service!

Posted by bvictoreen

I was trying to change our call forwarding from AZ to CO and every time I entered*72 I got a busy signal. So, I tried and tried to reach a live person at Cox. Finally I found the following number recommended online: . My wait time was less than a minute and the people who helped me were fabulous! Turns out I had not stopped the call forwarding from CO to AZ so the Cox people could not ring through to test it. Bless their hearts, they kept trying and finally reached me after I had turned the current one off. I have nothing but praise to offer, and if I knew their names, I would certainly give kudos to each one!

Posted by mchoate

I just wanted to say how impressed I am at my day staff I was awake since three.trying to get some in to help I kept hearing they be down here soon but it wasn't until the morning charge nurse and my nurse made my day by calming me and reassuring there doing ever thing they can all I needed was for someone to come in every so often n say hey were still working on th st so thank you robin Tara and to the person writing back on fb

Posted by WTF_Customer

I have been having an issue with making online payments on the website. Didn't really care to much but i have noticed a large amount of people online with the same issue. Cox technical support continues to put the blame on our laptops... the only common denominator between all the incidents is the website itself. it would be extremely far stretched to say that all the thousands of customers are to blame. not sure who is running the technical support but they obviously lack common sense or intelligence either way they are unfit to provide customer service to thousands of people.

Posted by Anonymous

First, I would like to apologise for taking so long to submit my comments. We had a problem with our DVR box. We also wanted our wiring checked outside as it looked like something had been chewing on it. Your service technician, Mr. Donald Singh, was the gentleman who came to take care of our issues. He said our outside wiring was a mess. Our wiring was low to the ground under the siding. He replaced the wiring that was chewed. Completely re-did our wiring outside. He moved it up higher out of the reach of any rodents getting to it. He replaced our DVR box and checked our other boxes to make sure they were receiving a good signal. He spent about 3 horurs taking care of us. He even called later that evening to make sure everything was working ok. Mr. Singh went above and beyond anything I ever expected. He was pleasant, knowledgable, and hard working. I have been with Cox since 1983. I have always received good customer service but nothing like the service I received from Mr. Singh. He truly is a concioiousient dedicated employee to Cox and his job. His pride and caring showed in his attitude and excellence of his work. He is an example of customer service that all your technicians should strive to be.

Posted by Anonymous

Cox is one of the best companies I've dealt with. All the reps are friendly, especially cable tech support. They have really knowledgeable reps. Sometimes there's a long wait, but being a human being and understanding how the world works, and wait times exist everywhere ( even at the McDonalds down the street from my house. I just want a Big Mac) -it's ok. Business isn't controlled by the reps, it's the people calling in going on and on.
Cox is good. I love Cox. ;)

Posted by Algi

Cox customer services reps are very knowledgable about the products and current campaigns. I dont know why you people think they have some sort of magic wand they wave to make things magically work. They are the ones that have to give you the bad news, so stop taking it out on them, when it is not their fault, also they are pressured into quick call times so its not their fault when you have to wait on hold for 30+ minutes to talk to someone. they are trying their best to get customers off the phone to ghet everyones issues fixed. Yall need to calm down and maybe stopputting so much importance on cable and internet and go out and read a book or something, jeeze.

Posted by JAMES

I Had A Tech Repair Man Out Sat. Last. He Was Very Polite And Good At His Work. He Had My Problems Solved Very Quickly.he Is A Fine Representative Of Your Co.thanks For Having Such Fine Reps.i Have Almost Left Your Cable. I Will Stay Now. I Don't Remember His Last Name. Victor Is His First. James T. Coberly Rogers Ar.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service! Service people were very friendly!

Tulsa customer

Posted by NORFOLK, VA

I just got Cox service today and realized my package would not allow me to watch NICKJR, for my grandson. I called Cox's customer service and was really surprised, because I had read all the negative comments. But I was only on the phone for about 10 minutes and the rep was very helpful. I hope things stay this way. My grandson is very happy, so I'm happy!


Posted by [email protected]

Today, Saturday, 8/3/13, Andrew, a support tech, who came out to my apt, did a great job connecting my apartment cable line to the internet... he had to lay in a pile of puke out by the cable junction box in order to get me hooked up... he went well beyond the call of duty, and i am much appreciative...

-- Tim Smith,

Posted by Anonymous

I called & talked to Dave this morning because my business phone wasn't working which included credit card machine transactions. Dave got it working quickly and was very polite and informative throughout the process. Big kudos to Dave!

Posted by Ellen

We just got Cox Internet and had trouble getting our modem to connect to our router. We called Internet support and spoke with Steve. He was very friendly and within minutes was able to help resolve the problem. We have never had Cox services before, and right now we are very impressed with not only this call, but everything from calling for set-up to installation to problem solving! Way to go Cox! Keep up the good work!

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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for them. Was a good company until corporate headquarters took over. I was able to work with customers looking to save money and get a better bundle. That changed when corporate took over meaning that any discounts given to a customer impacted our paychecks. So giving a 30 dollar discount meant 30 dollars came out of my paycheck directly. There were many customer call backs because reps decided how much they wanted to discount and were pushed to upsell customer looking to lower bills and then give a discount when customer resisted. Made for a very long day of dealing with understandably irate customers call after call. The renewal letter mailed to customers mention cash back provided they pay double each month to get a pittance of a monthly bill credit. I didn't agree with this ever changing work environment that caused 1/3 of my department to go on stress leave. It's sad when my co-workers and I compared which anti-anxiety drug worked best. Everyday a new policy would come up or there would be a billing error, or some glitch that caused more customer callbacks. Its become quantity of calls handled rather than quality. It bothered me that I couldn't save long term(30+ yr) customers from cancelling. I was let go because I couldn't live with myself knowing I was ripping people off. Now I am a customer and getting ripped off! Switch when you can to someone else from not your friend in the digital age. I miss my co-workers the most.

Posted by Andrew Anderson

Ive been a subscriber of DISH Network for years (Im even employed by them now) and customer service is one of the most important issues in my opinion when choosing a TV provider. Issues are bound to come up at some point or another with any provider its how theyre dealt with that truly makes the difference. I can tell you that DISH has made huge strides in their ongoing efforts to improve. It shows too, DISH was ranked number one in overall customer satisfaction in the last ACSI survey; couple that with lower prices and more options than Cox and its an easy choice for me, I would certainly recommend them to anyone who may be looking for a new TV service provider.


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