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Country Living customer service is ranked #33 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 82.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 75 ratings. This score rates Country Living customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


59 Negative Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 78.67%.


16 Positive Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 21.33%.

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  • Country Living

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    • 82.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 59 negative comments (78.67%)
    • 16 positive comments (21.33%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 7.5 Issue Resolution
    • 5.0 Reachability
    • 3.4 Cancellation
    • 7.6 Friendliness
    • 7.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I have just recently received a statement (invoice) saying I owe you $38.10. You have listed my gift subscription as going to Annie Laurie Yeiser, and another to Annie Laurie Pettit. These are one of the same and her name is Annie Laurie Pettit Yeiser.

I think I have been over charged. My account nmber is I left my address and other information on a form that I had just filled out and there was no place to send too or click on.

Posted by Michele

I have not received issues for March or April even though my account is paid up to Sept/18. When I go to "missing issues" and my account, it tells me I may miss issues until my account is paid for renewal. I have 6 issues to go before my subscription runs out. Bill me and I will pay it then. Hoping my missing magazines come soon. I have been a faithful reader for many, many years.

Posted by Anonymous

I mailed a check #2866 on September 8,2017, I keep getting billed for another - please confirm my renewal status - my check was for $26.97.

Thank you

Brenda Blochowiak

Posted by Anonymous

Not sure what to do I might order subscriber I all ready have one so now I get to county living now.. I thought I had order a different magazine. So do I stop the new one.

Cathrine Sousa

Posted by Anonymous

Country Living magazine is not diverse enough. They only show one race of people as if only one race lives in the country. I challenged them to show photos and stories of all people alike. I have contacted them several time for suggestions but they ignore. Being on a platform like Country Living magazine and their social media they could really bridge some gaps in society. Obviously they don't care enough to even respond.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 1-year subscription that was already paid in January 2017.....for service to January 1028. Recently am receiving notices that I own $16.31..........this in in ERROR. I have tried calling your customer service line, and online services to no avail.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

Posted by Tamra

Please contact me . I have been looking for the Chesapeake chair manufacturer for a couple of years. I saw them in a furniture store, loved them, but did not purchase. I wish I would have. Googling information, I ran across this article. Please helpe fine who I can purchase these chairs from. I have tried everything.

Posted by Disgusted with Country Living sc

We tried 4 times to tell them that we don't want to renew a subscription we gave to our daughter. They ignored us and say we owe them 24.97. Lasy year the subscription was $8.00. Low introductory rates the first year are a scam to bill you 24.97 the second year, and then insist on payment, even after we cancelled. Crooks!

Posted by Anonymous

I did not authoriza the deduction just made from my checkinng account in the amount of $24.97. please put the money back into my account. judy

Posted by annonamous

1.) On hold for customer service 15 minutes. Finally gave up
2.) Why are you asking for our credit card number over 6 months in advance? Unacceptable!

Posted by Terrie

I have been getting Country Living Magazine for 37 years. Your magazine has stopped being a country magazine. The magazine has become so thin, no real country pictures or recipes. This is the first year I will not renew my subscription. Your magazine is no longer what it was and this makes me sad. I really looked forward to receiving your magazine for so many year, but no more.

Posted by Anonymous

I agree with most of the commenters here....if you dont receive your magazine, they extend a month....I dont want the extra month! I want the magazine! Also, why is the cust ser number top secret??? And the rep left something to be desired...

Posted by Anonymous

I too am receiving this magazine even though I did not renew the subscription. I returned one notice saying no, buy just received another issue.I too will never get this magazine again. I don't agree with their way of, if you don't answer there many renewal forms sent, then guess what, you are getting it. NO THANKS

Posted by Anonymous

I keep getting a bill for which I DID NOT ORDER Country Living ! TWICE !!! My account number and now I really do not want this magazine ever !

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in magazine. Have been a subscriber for many years. Called because I did not get magazine for Nov and all they would do is extend date of subscription. Renewal. If I did not want the subscription I would not order it!!!!! I feel they should of sent the issue to me.

Posted by Anonymous

I great,y object to the fact that a telephone service number is not readily available in magazine and that I had to spend almost 45 minutes trying to find a number.....there are times you would like to speak to a live person.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been unable to find the correct site to get more info on the Nashville napkins featured in the November, 2016 issue. Could it be a misprint that four napkins cost $58?

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I have asked to be removed from the mailing lists many times but still getting invoices with rate adjustments. I don't want their magazine! How many times do I have to tell them that?

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered this magazine once for a year's subscription. I did not renew, but now I constantly get a new invoice to pay or renew. I'm tired of it. I tried writing to them, tried returning the invoice with NO and take me off their list but evidentally they don't read "NO".

Posted by Anonymous

I did not subscribe to any magazine Country Living but yet I'm getting billed $10.00, NOR did I get any of the magazines of Country Living, WILL you PLEASE take me off your list, and I will no longer be billed for this or these magazine subscriptions PLEASE, THANK YOU

Posted by Anonymous

I DID NOT order this magazine! I DO NOT want it. My account number

Can all this now

Posted by Fran

I entered a sweepstakes from Country Living, and since then I have been billed for the magazine. I DO NOT WANT this magazine. Please stop billing me.

Thank you,

Fran Ingram

Posted by Beyond Frustrated!

Received ANOTHER letter today thanking me "for participating in the Continuous Service Program" along with an invoice. I had already called and "opted out" of the automatic renewal program. I tried to call to again cancel this service, but found no phone number on the letter. I then Googled for a phone number and found only mail and e-mail contact information. FINALLY, after wasting way too much time, I found a phone number on "" when I Googled "Country Living Magazine" and scrolling down, which said to press "0" for a live person. The lady I spoke to did not want my account number, only my name and address, which I gave her. She wanted to cancel my subscription that I had already paid for, but I told her to only cancel the automatic renewal and remove me from the auto renewal program. Only time will tell if that will actually happen!!

Posted by Anonymous

I DID NOT renew my subscription to Country Living. I sent in your request with CANCEL in large red letters. I have NOT been receiving monthly magazines.

STOP sending me notices in the mail and on email! I am not past due on anything to you. If you do not stop I will send in a report to the BBB.

Debbie Deckard

Posted by Anonymous

Paid online 11/1/2015 and I received another billing. Paid 2nd time with a check. Also gave a gift subscription.
1st time $17 2nd time $18.

Add your review!

Posted by MBee

Customer service answered in ess than 2 minutes and was able to help me with my concern. Very friendly gentleman. I am satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called customer service again and explained that I had cancelled my subscription before. They kept sending me a bill and
the rep said that was due to automatic billing.She assured me that the issues would be stopped. I'm sure she will take of this for me.
The representative was most courteous.

Posted by L_Bates

Called and spoke to a customer service representative in less than 2 minutes. My issue is resolved, so I have no complaints.

Posted by Anonymous

I received very good, no excellent service. The lady was very pleasant and providied me with the answers I asked for. The wait was not long.

Posted by Anonymous

The telephone number provided was a direct number. I had searched the magazine and could not not find help. Went to their service web site and it did not have the category for what I needed. Got my problem solved in 20 seconds.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with C. S. today (Oct 22, 2014) was absolutely superior! I don't remember the lady's name, but she was courteous, patient and very knowledgeable. Her negotiating skills were extremely personable and kind, not to mention, quick and to the point. One could tell she was intelligent and empathetic to my request. Certainly the best experience I've had with customer service in quite some time.

Posted by LadyL

I have tried to cancel the subscription as I was receiving nasty notes to pay. I had already tried via email and then just ignoring the letters but they just kept coming. I finally found this phone number and it was very helpful. When I did reach them they were pleasant and took care of the matter.

Posted by Anonymous

Pauline D. From NH

I just got off the phone with a customer service rep who took care of my problem less than 2 mins. I was receiving the subscription instead of it going to my friend as a Christmas gift. Thank you Country Living sales rep!!

Posted by Anonymous

just talked with a customer service person at county living and she was most helpful. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Very Helpful!! The magazine itself only gives the website or mailing address. With the information you provided, I was able to speak to a real person and get my problem solved immediately. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

great customer service!! polite and helpful!

Posted by Karen Kath

A very pleasant and quick outcome to my dilemma.

Posted by Anonymous

I just talked to a young man named TJ who took care of my issue immediately and did it with grace and a lovely sense of humor! As a long time subscriber and an advocate of quality customer service, County Living is and continues to be my favorite magazine. Great job TJ! Thank you!!!

Posted by Retired Mom

I just called because I was getting 2 mag.
each month. The lady that answered my call
knew my problem as soon as I gave her my last
name. In seconds she fixed it and I was done.
Thank you, great service.

Posted by LjD

Dec 8, 2011

Great customer service at Country Living. I am a long-time subscriber, and today a young man named Toby in Cust Serv answered the phone, promptly & recognised my "problem" within my first few words of explanation. Toby must be a great employee, and yr records must be first class! Thank you for a pleasant DECEMBER day! Lea Duffin

Posted by shopper

I wanted to change magazines and the service representive was very helpful and gave me a list of magazines I could change to instead of the one I was currently receiving. Very helpful and pleasant.

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