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Costco customer service is ranked #181 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 683 ratings. This score rates Costco customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


596 Negative Comments out of 683 Total Comments is 87.26%.


87 Positive Comments out of 683 Total Comments is 12.74%.

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    • 47.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 596 negative comments (87.26%)
    • 87 positive comments (12.74%)
    • 16 employee comments
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    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Unhappy

Problem with Patriot blind service ordered eight week ago and I called to check on estimated date which is 7/25/18 . I was not given installation date after all this time only excuses . Want to cancel order with them as I used my Costco city card and will have paid in full and received no blinds and am very unhappy about this service.

Posted by Medhat

Member (since 1993). I admit I made a mistake to send my daughter to return an item ( TX ID 814600051389) the cashier was rude with her. My daughter complained to the manager then the cashier apologized. The manager offered her to go & shop to replace what was returned. Then at check out Supervisor KIM rushed to the cashier while my daughter were standing in line and after she already paid, yelling and grabbed my membership card & said "she is not a member" and through the card on the counter. When I learned about this I took my daughter & drove to Costco (Store # 239) and confronter KIM with the manager's help. She remained rude & obnoxious. At this moment I said I'm not talking about the polocy I'm talking about the way you talked to my daughter. NOW, I deeply believe that Supervisor KIM was a racist because my daughter is a Muslim and she wears a HIJAB. I'm not sure if Costco tolerates discrimination against customer based on race/religion/gender???? I'm demanding Costco to apologize on behalf of Supervisor KIM & in the future, when I visit that store I'll refuse her service.

Posted by Hasidim

I believe that the Costco policy leads to a great deal of abuse. I have personally witnessed items purchased on an annual basis being returned by customers simply because they can (they take advantage of the Costco liberal return policy). I have seen unwashed black pants, white shirts and even underwear piled up on the return desk each September. The Costco staff dutifully process the returns (with gloved hands) since the customers will phone to complain directly to the administration. It is quite a shameful scene in Rockland County each September.

Posted by Anonymous

DO NOT BUY TIRES FROM COSTCO! Their road hazard warranty has a lot of holes in it. I purchased 2 new tires in 8/2017 and got a nail in the last row of the tire and Costco would not repair. I had to pay the difference after prorate,$45. Its not the cost, it is the idea that Costco will lead you to believe they will honor their road hazard warranty. If I take the tire elsewhere to repair, it nullifies the entire warranty.
On the 2nd tire, Costco placed it on the front instead of the back (wothout my knowledge & against my request for the new tire to be in the back). I then picked up a nail in the older tire in the rear and now Costco will not repair due to there was a previous repair on that tire. Of course, this is not listed in paperwork or road hazard so now I have to replace a 2nd tire in 8 months due to gaps in road hazard warranty.
Customer beware. Even if you read small print, Costco does not list EVERYTHING that is & is not covered by their warranty.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I had ordered shoes online. They sent a wrong size . i have been trying to return this for almost 4 weeks now !!!. Worse customer service, never experienced so much inconvenience trying to refund an item in UK. I have made numerous phone calls as well as emails asking for arranging a refund but with no success. Overtime i am told by customer services, the refund team will contact me to arrange a date but nothing has happened so far .. Its a nightmare !!

Posted by Anonymous

i ordered 5 boxes of Poise overnight incontinence pads...the ones i got were a" new design""and they are no where near like the ones i have always ordered from you!!!!

these are smaller, much smaller, and do not work for all night, at all!!!! please send me 5 return address labels so i can return them to you and please credit my account or send me a refund... i live 100 miles (round trip) from the nearest COSTCO Warehouse so i need to do this online because its snowing here and i can't drive to town. thanking you in advance...

sharon )

Posted by Michelle

I bought some glitter pens about 2 months ago. I opened it and a month ago they weren't working properly. But I lost the original packaging which made the code that you scan. Will I still be able to return it?

Posted by Sherry

I always look forward to a slice of pizza. No more. The new dough is soft, soggy disgusting. Please go back to previous dough.

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to get through to customer service for three days
, Disgraceful

Posted by Jamalama

For all you idiots leaving comments and questions on here asking Costco to "let you know" or to fix whatever problem, you need to realize that this is not Costco's website or Costco's customer service department, so Costco is not reviewing these & will not "get back to you". If you have issues with Costco, their merchandise, the service you received there, etc., call their customer service department, email their customer service department, or speak to a manager in an actual warehouse. And no, I don't work for the company, I'm just tired of seeing morons post questions and complaints on a web forum that the company doesn't even oversee.
That said, I love Costaco. It's a great company, I've never had an issue returning anything there, and I even know people that returned unused food after a party and didn't have any problem with the return. If you have issues with the company, contact the company.

Posted by Kjani

I'm a Costco stockholder and I am really upset that Costco let's a woman return a Christmas tree after Christmas because it's dead. That just abuse of process I cannot believe they'd do that. It seriously makes me consider selling my stock

Posted by [email protected]

Dear Costco, the checks I ordered are incorrect and I need a refund for the 2 packages I paid for. I did not detect this at first but the Bank just told me the correct account number was added to more large numbers and would not be valid. Any check written on these would be returned. I need a read person to contact me. Patricia

Posted by faux20

Bought 4bridgestonr tires for my sons car when he came to visit.we live in Cary NC.he lives on NY.when he went home he got a flat a month later.he went to Costco in Nanuet NY.they told him they couldn't do any for him because I bought the tires in NC under my name.if they told me that when I bought the tires I never would have bought them here.he had to go to another tire dealer and pay $150 for a new tire.I used to spend $300-400 dollars when I went to Costc.since then I haven't spent a penny there nor will I ever.they just didn't care enough to fix the problem.thats what bothered me the most.this idiotic policy of if you buy it here we don't guarantee it anywhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

Extremely disappointed from the computer service in the Nashua New Hampshire Costco store. I wanted to buy today Microsoft Surface from your promotion ($299 off) which expired today. The person that was supposed to help me could not find the micro SD RAM slot, and said there isn't one, and as a result I didn't buy the machine. Your web page specified there is an SD RAM slot. Back home I researched the Surfaces, and effectively found the slot location, at a not very obvious place on the Surface. I'm not supposed to know everything about an apparatus I see for the first time. Your "helper" is supposed to know and show. He was more ignorant than myself, and that is he was of zero help, even though these folks are there to help. Because of his ignorance I lost your deal, and as a result I won't purchase a Surface from Costco, for what you care.

Posted by Jlandby

Today I returned 6 TVs to Costco, within the 90 day elections return policy. The TVs worked perfectly, no issues, I had found a better deal at another retailer.
They did take the return back but only after multiple questions, about me and my business and being lectured by the store manager about the return policy (which I'm well aware of).
I understand this was a large return but I did not need to be talked down to from the Costco management about my return.
In the past, my fiancé had to return her $8k engagement ring because of problem. This wasn't an issue what so ever. Even though the ring was 3x more than the TVs that where returned today.
Will I request my membership be refunded, I'm not sure yet. I have mixed feelings after my visit to Costco today.
This Costco was in Brainerd, MN.

Posted by Costco member

We bought an electric deep fryer and use it once but did not like the way it worked. We want to buy one that is with a fire source. It is only been a week since we bought it and we have cleaned it and only use it once can we still return it?

Posted by WallyP

For the third time in several visits, my wife and I are very disappointed in the cafe's chicken and romaine caesar salad. The lettuce part is not picked over enough so one finds, especially on the dark romaine lettuce, totally wilted pieces. Yesterday's salad, Friday October 27, salad had a Thursday sticker on it and even more of the lettuce was wilted. Also some of the chicken was very tough and dry. We buy this salad to reduce our fat intake and get vitamins, protein and other healthy veggies, so you see why we are disappointed but the salad lately has not been fresh.

Posted by Ann Kochenberger

We have received two packages from Costco in the past two days. We have never ordered any product from Costco to be mailed out. We do our shopping in the store only. We will be returning them to the store, and will be checking to see if money was taken out of our bank account.

I have no idea why these were sent. We opened the first one, then realized my husband had not ordered anything. We are returning the second one unopened.

Please see that no further orders are mailed to us.

Posted by SAS

Is an indoor amplified HDTV antenna considered an electronic and subject to the 90 day return rule?

Posted by Customer exchange

I would like to exchange 2 pairs of kirkland signature jeans for a smaller size. I need a 36x34. I received as a gift. The two pair I have to exchange are 40x32 item . Can I return these through UPS for the correct size. All tags are still in place

Posted by Dave

Got a Dandy portable ac unit about 60 days ago online. I am not a member. Can I still return it?

Posted by hikachu

receipt never came with my order for order? is it normal not to receive paper printed receipt?

Posted by Bubba

I purchased two "Lifetime Warranty" Flexon Garden Hoses in 1998. Rencently, I noticed leakage in the brass fittings while under normal pressure. I kept and reviewed the packaging. The packaging indicated to return any defects to the Costco store where purchased.

Upon returning, I was told "Lifetime" was a brand name. When I produced the packaging, it showed the brand was Flexon.

The return clerk called for a floor manager. Floor manager said they normally do not exchange garden hoses after 3 years of purchase.

Weird, never saw that posted or is it listed on Costco Web site.

Posted by Anonymous

When I return a couple of things I bought yesterday by mistake, do I need the credit card I used, or just my membership card, since you have the numbers?

Posted by CK

Why O Why can I not order my contacts over the phone... They tell me come in or order online... well that's a friction point for me... that's not customer service.. they give me some story about how do they know who I am.. I am in their system and have order before.. really I am sure trolls are just calling everyday to scam them on contact reorders for a member.. I can do my prescriptions over the phone.. why not contacts... well time to switch to Amazon.. at least they try to provide a service.. or have valid reason for not doing it..

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Posted by Robert

I absolutely love and appreciate COSTCO so very, very much. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, wonderful store and environment.

I wanted to say something about your pineapples. They formerly were superb. Lately there have only been organic pineapples
available, and they have been very disappointing. No or little taste and very small compared to your former pineapples.

Posted by kim

I had an incredibly positive experience recently at store number 462 in Carlsbad, CA. Through no fault of Costco, I attempted to return an item that is not "returnable". I did not know that was the case. Christina Josephine and Katelyn Williams quickly took charge, explained the policy, offered to allow my return this one time and did this all with warmth, humor and efficiency. Please extend my thanks to them for their excellent customer service. i have been singing Costco's and their praises since.

Posted by Anonymous

Praises for your hearing aid employees at your Brooklyn, NY store on 3rd Avenue. Sylvia and Francine were wonderful to deal with. You couldn't ask for better employees...

Posted by Ratings

Costco is my favorite store....except when you quit having or stocking specific products:

Luke's Crackers

Alpine Valley Bread (computer showed 800 loaves at the Cumberland Store in Atlanta yet the shelves were empty 3 times over a 30 day span.

Kirkland Chewable Calcium with Mg and D

Thanks for reading and responding.

Posted by Anonymous

While driving down a neighborhood street, I accidentally rolled over a political campaign sign lying in the road. It became hung up under my car. A passerby stopped to help me and we yanked the sign out, not knowing what kind of damage was created. He suggested I stop at a nearby Costco on Peachtree and put the car up on a lift to examine the underside.

Ed and Darayl were gracious and kind as they assisted me. We happily discovered that there was no major damage underneath my car. These two gentlemen are a welcome asset to the Costco service department!

Posted by M.J.

your employee, Corey, in the liquor store portion of the Costco on Peachtree Dunwoody Rd in Sandy Springs, GA is a great asset and a credit to the store. Friendly and knowledgable about the products. Very satisfied with his services.

Posted by Anonymous

hi my name is maria dauphin as a Costco member I would like to share my comments about the customer service that I received every time that I shop to Costco. all the employees are very helpful, friendly and nice, specially Charles and nick. I would like to give a 5 star to Chris Esteban who is in charge at wireless network department he is very knowledgeable, helpful and well mannered he will guide you and teach you how your device work and he don't force you to buy the products but the way he talk and the way he explain it you will be happy to sign up and buy the smartphone that's why I came back and bought another phone. In your company he is the plus+++++ I will recommend Costco to all my friends and to all the people I knew. LOW PRICES, EXCELLENT QUALITY, CLEAN AND VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. GREAT JOB COSTCO MORE POWER.

Posted by JC

Dear Costco,

I am a frequent shopper at Costco mainly at Costco on East Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA.

Have you heard of "Natren Healthy Trinity"? It's Probiotic that needs to be refrigerated while selling. Lot of people take them and people will be very happy to get them from Costco (lower price and convenience).

Hope Costco would carry them.

Could you please consider to carry them for consumers' convenience?

Should you have inquiries please contact me via

Thank you very much in advance.


Jeannie Chang

Posted by Happycustomer

Judy from Pharmacy in the Costco located in Bountiful,Utah is a great asset in your company. Very knowleadgeable, caring and professional. Thank you for hiring good people And thank you Judy for being so great To your customers.

Posted by N

This is to bring to the attention of the high quality service I received in the Pentagon Store in Arlington, Virginia. A sales person by the first name of Julia who made me feel as if she was interested ingetting what I needed for new glasses Today you hardly get service and when sales people step out of their way to do the best for you, it has a lot of meaning. I tip my hat to Julia and only wish other employees would take the same interest in the customers, just because you are a box store doesn't mean you shouldn't have the high quality of service Julia gave me,all the time. J.Leonetti Arlington, Va.

Posted by hdtvcamera

I would like to recognize Tom, the manager of the Hawthorne California Liquor Department. He has been a valuable resource for me in my wine and spirits purchases for years. He is knowledgeable, professional and always willing to make exceptional suggestions. He's never led me down the path of regret in my purchases.
My friends in other areas are jealous because he is able to acquire spirits that they wish their local Costco would get. (I take pleasure in texting them pictures of my purchases in the store.)
Please let Tom know that your customers appreciate his outstanding work.

Posted by Sunny

Not sure if this is the correct site to say this, I have no problem with customer service at Costco,they are great.But I do have a problem with new citi card coverage on car rentals,. American Express would take 100% responsibility for accident/damage/theft on rental car, when you paid a $30 fee and it would be a primary coverage on rental car, Citi however will be a secondary coverage, meaning your insurance pays first. What is the point to charge with Citi card? Citi should have the same coverage! Not happy with Citi car rental coverage

Posted by Allison

You pharmacist Jill at the Fort Myers location off 41 and College is the most amazing and care woman, I just want to let you know, I went through a ruff time about 3 months ago and she has been there for every time I come in, thank you so much Jill!!!

Posted by Unhappy

Had a prescription filled at Costco, cost was $35.93 for a 90 day supply, Walgreen charged $89.99 for a 30 day supply. Also Costco pharmacists are out in the open not like Walgreen pharmacists who hide behind a wall.

Posted by Anonymous

Just stopped in Harrisonburg VA store for gas and ice cream and noticed fair amount of broken glass in the parking lot I mentioned it to the clerk and they had it cleaned up within 10 minutes great company great store

Posted by Moog1966

I am amazed at the level at customer service at the Bayers Lake Halifax, Nova Scotia location. They are very fast, friendly and very helpful. The line ups were extremely long and from what I could see all checkouts were open.... I thought they moved everyone through extremely fast and still being friendly and actually having fun at the same time. I am also impressed at the selection and pricing... Keep it up, I love Costco !

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the Costco in Burlington, wa, was greeted at the door and promptly answered my question. When going to the checkout, cashier greeted me by my name. Excellent customer service. Bellingham
location, staff not friendly.

Posted by Anonymous

Kim Robinson at the Costco in Richmond, VA's west end store in Glen Allen has my huge thanks of appreciation. I put a note in the box by the door and intend to write a thank you to the store manager, Marc Cibellis. Kim followed me out to the parking lot behind the tire center to help me locate my purse, that I misplaced. After picking up a tire being repaired, I loaded my car with my just bought supplies from inside the warehouse. My husband returned the cart to the allocated place out back (with my purse in the cart). We returned to Costco when we realized it was not in the car and searched the carts with no luck. Then comes the wonderful "Kim part". I went inside to where she had helped me in the checkout line and told her. She insisted we go back behind the building again and look and she spotted my small purse in the cart. Kim totally stopped what she was doing to come help me and I believe without her, I would not have left with my purse. She was an answered prayer for me and what a great employee to be so willing to come help me. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you this. Please be sure and commend her somehow for her dedication to members. Thank you, mary austin~

Posted by Anonymous

I love Costco! The products are great, the prices are good and the employees always polite and helpful. For the past few years we have even bought our Christmas trees at Costco. What a great deal! They were always big, beautiful, fresh trees. However this year we were disappointed. The tree was smaller than usual and it didn't even last until Christmas. We watered the tree daily as we always have in the past.The needles fell off so badly that some of the branches were bear and part of the tree was actually brown. We can't imagine how far ahead these trees must have been cut down. We wanted to let you know that this year's Christmas trees were not up to par. We're a little afraid of buying a tree from Costco again. If we do, we sure hope it's back to the quality of trees you've had in the past.

Posted by toketee1

I have had a FANTASTIC PERSONAL conversation with MARCELLA, an administrative manager at the Richmond Costco on October 28th! I had "lost" my debit card and my BART Clipper card and thought I had lost them while shopping there that day. She sympathized with my worries, she promised she would talk to everyone there in the office, she spoke intelligently and clearly, she took all my information, she kindly promised to follow up on my loss and get back to me. I did not expect such personal and sympathetic and articulate assistance. I commend her for everything she did to help me. I subsequently found my cards had slipped between the seats of my car so called her to assure her I'd found them and thank her for her incredible understanding. She deserves a promotion!

Posted by John D.

I would like to commend the help and service I received from Cory Baker at the tire center at the Pleasant Prairie WI store. He was extremely helpful explaining the different tire options, the ordering process and the the member benefits of tire lifetime service. He was very polite and courteous. He is also very knowledgeable about front-end car suspensions. He made the whole buying and service process the best I have ever had.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought mini cucumbers in Goleta, Ca. yesterday. Wanted to make salad for guests, when I opened the
package I noticed discoloring. At closer inspection I saw tiny wrinkles on skin and when I rubbed it with my thumb and the skin just came off certain areas like slime. Being an ex-produce man I
would suggest proper rotation of stock or a new produce buyer. I am putting three of you product on "vacation" (not going to buy) they are products that I have had very bad experience
with. One, tires: waited 4 hours just to have them rated, ham: last Christmas I unwrapped a package of ham wrapped in red foil very slimy luckily found one in the local market for our Christmas dinner and now produce: if I have time I am going to inspect very carefully, if in a hurry, I will just pass.

Posted by PM

We wanted to thank Winter Garden, Florida, Costco employee Christian Feliciano. We purchased tires online and then went to the Costco Tire center to have them put on our daughter's car. There was a problem with the load capability of the tire we purchased. The price of the correct tires was not the same and the return of the original tires was processed and the new amount calculated. When Christian discovered that a mistake had been made in the new calculation, Christian went out his way, even coming into the store where we were shopping, to make corrections to the price. We were very happy with the customer service we received from Christian.


Posted by Allen

I purchased a TV through Costco Online almost 2 years ago, which stopped working yesterday. I called CostCo Concierge (technical support), and even without my receipt they were able to locate my purchase and efficiently helped me solve the issue (unplug the TV and hold the power button down for 60 seconds).

There was a short menu I had to go through when I called (press 1 for a TV, etc.) and the person who helped me came immediately on the line without me having to wait longer on hold.

I've used them in the past, and always had similar experiences - they have absolutely the best technical support! Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

I called the store in Buford Ga this morning looking for diet green tea (24 pkg bottle drinks) in mixed berry flavor. Penny at the store said if I havent see it in the store then we dont carry it. I have never been in the store. If they sold it I was willing to purchase a membership. I am a type two diabetic, and the dr's said it was ok to drink this. Plus my grand daughters drink this with me. Sam's club had discontinued it. I though some one would look and see if they carried it. I dont think this one person cared to check. See we were purchasing 14 24pkgs per month. I guess I dont need a membership when the employees dont care to check on items for the customers. R u employees there only to receive a paycheck only. Thanks. Robbie Brand

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Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir or madame I am writing you because I have issue with the Costco that I work in. I have been a member of Costco for almost 30 yrs when it was called at that time Price Club. I have been working for the company CDS and it is a job that I truly enjoy. But when I started working the CDS office was at the back of the store. It was okay we had space for our carts and supplies. Than they moved us to the front and I don't think anyone really thought about what they were doing. So I am here to tell you that that was a BIG mistake. You see we are right in front of the rest rooms so when we have to get our carts ready with the supplies we are in the members way. Not only that Costco puts all the empty boxes on one of the orange carts I guess that what you would call it and leaves it park there. Than the employees of Costco not only have their lockers in the same hall way but their break room is also there. Than the little private room for women to breast feed their babies is also there. Their isn't a day that someone either with a scooter or a shopping cart bumps into our carts. The store that I work at is in Austin Texas off the 183 by breaker. They tell us in our meetings that Costco wants us out there and have our samples out as soon as possible but it is hard when we have to get our ovens,microwaves, skillets or dasie pots ready. And our cooking and serving items ready. No matter how hard we try to be ready some of us have to stop get out of the way let the members pass to go to the restroom. I don't think it is safe and it is a accident waiting to happen. While I am at it why do you give the CDS people a real small office when we have tables, chairs, Large carts, pans, skillets, coffee makers, ovens, microwaves, our supplies like forks, cups spoons and our products that we have to demo for that day. It is again unsafe and very crowed. I have to say that who ever came out with the idea to hand out samples was a genius. So many people have told us that one of the reason that they join Costco was because of the samples that we hand out. They can try the product first before they by it. So if you can find a simple way to help us we would really appreciated. Sorry for making this letter long but before closing I want you to know that the main manager of the Costco that I work in his first name is John and right now I can say that he is a very sweet and nice person.

Posted by Patrick Richardson

Used to work at Costco Canada.

Was assaulted by a Schizophrenic Colleague but he worked there 14 years so they choose to turn a blind eye. I filed a complaint with HR in Fall of 2012.

Was talking about a book that had sex in it in the break room on my own time. A 21 Year Old Female Employee filed a Sexual Complaint.

Was brought into the Closed Door Office with the Manager and someone taking notes. They REFUSED to allow me to record the meeting.

They accused me Sexual Harassment and asked me to self implicate. I did not. They were so inept they couldn't find the Non Disclosure Form which I wouldn't have signed anyway. I am told, 3 day immediate suspension, stay off property, we will call you.

Next day I go to Psychiatrist get an Immediate Stress Leave Prescription. Ask Manager if I can bring it in. He says, "You have to bring it in but you are not allowed on property". I ask, "May a third party bring it in?" He is silent.

I go back to the Psychiatrist to ask for her advice and I RECEIVE AN EMAIL SAYING DO NOT COME IN YOU ARE TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY.

This Costco is one of the ones in Ontario, Canada.

Please Boycott Costco. They discriminated against me because of my sexuality, the discriminated against me as I got an ulcer and had to spend a few weeks away, they discriminated against me medically. They discriminated against me under mental health issues.

Please, I beg of you, BOYCOTT COSTCO and if you are in Costco in Ontario and the Manager's Initials are K.F. Know he has deeply hurt me, my loved ones, my family, and my friends.


a formerly proud Costco Worker who is having his life harmed by them today, Wednesday, March 13th, 2013.

Posted by March

I had the opportunity to work for several Costco's over time. In general they were all managed the same poor way. Ended my career in SC which I consider the poorest managed, employed Costco I worked for.
The transfer process to the Costco in SC was more painful than going to the DMV. My previous transfers were as simple as, “when can you get here?” Unreceptive upon arrival from all levels of management and fellow employees in SC. Very strange “stuff” going on at SC, Costco.
At the end of the day it was eleven of the longest years in my life working for Costco. After my children were old enough to set out on their own I wasted no time leaving. I had a good salary but that's as far as good went.

Posted by Pharr hater

I would like to respond to the concerned family member of an applicant ...who wrote a comment on 4/30/12 about jobs being taken from the community.

I happen to know the staff from this Costco and I can assure you that you are 100% wrong about Frank hiring his brothers or promoting them.

Both of Frank's brothers came to Pharr, Tx to assist in the opening process. Both brothers were already Costco employees and came from different buildings to assist. Both brothers have actually transferred to North and South Austin locations to pursue their careers. To my knowledge they both returned to a lateral position. They are both hardworking and dedicated employees who helped in the development of Pharr Costco new hires. Good luck to them in their careers.

I will not disclose my identity but I can assure you I'm not a fan of Frank but that's not what this is about. I know this site is intended for all types of feedback but know your facts before you slander a company that is one of the World's largest retailer and has one of the most reputable employment benefit package for their employees ...not to mention their stock.
As far as your relative goes ..,. And as far as I'm concerned... There was slim pickings in that corrupt city full of pretentious uneducated people, starting with your politicians and other city employees who all had someone that needed to be hired because they said so..... If your relative didn't get hired it was probably because they were unable to answer a few questions that are basic... Yes, basic or .... Perhaps they overall sucked...
I have been a dedicated Costco member for 28 yrs and have had the opportunity to interact and personally get to know many staff members who I actually consider family.. I highly recommend Costco to anyone looking for a career especially in the Texas region where there's plenty of room for growth.
Except Pharr Costco where all the winter texans feel that they need special treatment and as mentioned above you will deal with corrupt officials and the bad attitude of most locals.
I lived in that Hell hole for 6 months and ran into people like you left and right.

Posted by Olivra

Not most of the employees are treated fairly. Most of us here are just expressing what we have experienced at Costco. There maybe some subjective opinions. Generally, the management level seems to not knowing about how to lead the staff and to improve the communication among customers, staff and supervisors. Sometimes, the employees have to use "common sense" to help the customers.


COSTCO Should NOT be on the "best company to work for." I work for 80 days, they expect more from you, and you cant comment or question about upper management judgement. It's what the manager think is always right, don't even bother commenting on their decisions.

Costco should listen to their lower employee concern about their upper management anonymously... FAVORITISM work place is here..

Posted by Jordan Smith

I worked at the Tigard, Oregon Costco for about a year and a half. I worked hard, and so did all of the other employees. We always did everything that we could to make the customer happy.

I personally had a blast, and all the other employees were friendly. I literally cried when I had to move because I knew that I had to leave my friends at work. The managers and supervisors cared for me like family. When I was sad, they comforted me. When I had to leave, one manager bought me a cake with his own money. If you are hesitating about applying, let me encourage you to give Costco a chance. It's a wonderful place to work. I miss it....How many people can say that about a job? :)

Posted by Patty

Those of you who are so busy complaining about Costco should try being on the other side! I have a daughter and son-in-law who work there, and both my sons used to work there. What you choose to say verbally and in print is mean and cruel. Why don't you take the time to say something nice?

I've never seen a company so willing to work with its members. Give them another try; be reasonable and tell them what you need -- don't immediate start yelling and complaining about everything!

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked for Costco for several yrs now in NJ and I wish that Corporate could see how their managers and supervisors treat their is sickening...Everyday, I here others saying they get sick to their stomach before going to work each day. I am also feeling this. I get sick on my days off thinking what craziness I will experience when I go back the next day...I am a good worker and play by the rules but, the ones who do nothing get promoted and the hard workers get the worst hrs which they change frequently and the worst jobs. I am so tired of the favoritism. We are all adults here. Why can't we all just get along? Always drama here. Managers creating clicks and they party together and then in turn he will get them to turn on the rest who do not attend their crazy outtings. Managers try to intimidate us and and make us fear for our for the open door policy. It doesn't mean a thing. It just means that we pissed off the manager more and we are really going to pay...I would really like to see Undercover Boss come in and see how we are treated by managers who have not been trained to be professional with employees and customers. We shouldn't have to fear our managers and if we go above them with a complaint they shouldn't take revenge on us. This is immature & unprofessional. There is depression issues amongst alot of the employees. It sickening...I hope someone heeds the warning and helps us...We really need someone to step in and make changes here...We don't know where to turn for help. No one can be trusted to talk to as far as management goes...They just laugh at us behind our backs with their immature remarks which are humiliating, belittling and sometimes insulting. Sometimes, I just feel like crying due to the frustration and feeling of helplessness.
I don't know if the right people will read this but, I am praying for help...I am scared of revenge. So please, leave my name anonymous and do not forward this to my Manager using my name...Honestly, we don't know who we can trust anymore. I have nothing against Costco. I am happy to be employeed with the company. I just believe they need to take a closer look into management and possibly make changes needed to make our work place a more pleasureable & less stressful environment.

Desperately Seeking Help

Posted by Costcoemployee

I guess I am not really sure what all of the negativity is about. I have worked a lot harder for a lot less money at jobs where I am respected as a person half as much. You get paid what you're worth and are treated fairly. What more is there to say? I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world. Go Costco! :D

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Im so tired of hearing people complaining over the stupidest things for instance. You buy the stuff over 5years and try to bring it back for a full refund because you just now figure out that your not satisfied with it. PLEASE GET A LIFE~!!! Oh and those who hate hearing about our amex and upg of the memb srsly if SOME of you would take the time to see how much you shop u prob wouldnt have to be paying an annual fee for membership an wth in that case if u dont make up the amount u pay to upg its refundable. REALLY?? What more do you guys want? Think of it this way us workers are probably miserable because we have to deal with miserable ppl like this on a daily basis. Ive never had a problem at Costco, but at the same time I understand what these workers go through due to I am an employee for them. Yes we get paid well enough but not enough to be treated like crap an when ppl cross a fine line. Reminder. Kindness will always kill ignorance.



Posted by longtermemployee

I have been a Costco employee for over 30 years. I love all my members and love helping them. But I recently got a write for helping a member and it too long according to the manager. They said I that I am too slow and it is not good for business. They also said that I take to long to drink water while I am taking medication. Costco does not give us our break on time and never want because the member is first. So members if wondering why we're miserable its because of management does not care for service and just push you out and wear out the employees and make us so stress out and tired. So if your going to complaint about a employee, stop, find out the condition of the employee and why he is tired and worn out before you take it out on them. Costo has been trouble before for not giving breaks on time which is against the law. Attitude reflects leadership and Costco is lacking very much. We are trying to do our best because each employee service 3000 members a day. Give a break, please. See and open your eyes and find out why we look miserable before you write to corporate. Corporate does not care, period.



Posted by Anonymous

I have been employed with Costco for 10 1/2 years and can honestly say Costco takes very good care of their employees. I love my job. Thank you Jim Sinegal!


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