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    • 26.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 5 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Dan

Their whole team are absolutely incompetent! A simple RMA where the desired result was just a webstore voucher I could use to buy a new replacement. No refund, no replacement. Just what I thought was the simplest option. 6 days after the courier had marked and provided proof of the delivered faulty unit and they still haven't updated their system to show they've received it. After getting in touch, they tried sending me a replacement, not reading the ticket to see that's not what was agreed. After calling them and fixing that, I had to wait another 48 hours to get a refund approved, which apparently only happens when they have the faulty unit. After it was finally approved, I just had to send the faulty unit and when it arrives, I just wait 4-8 weeks for the refund to be processed. WHAT?? READ MY TICKET!! I call up again to fix that, and they're now telling me they need to track down the faulty unit before they can start the webstore voucher process which takes 7 days.

What am I waiting for?? What is taking so long that you can't just give me a voucher now? They weren't even able to put a manager on the phone, you need to wait 48 hours for it to be escalated for that. How ridiculous. If you order from corsair, you better hope nothing goes wrong because they're incapable of doing anything there.

Posted by mafesio

Horrible customer service. As a business I would never use this company again, inferior products and support at premium prices. Support gives you the run around and tries to put all the burden on the customer in efforts to frustrate you to avoid seeking replacements. Horrible company, shady business practices, not a good business to deal with at all.

They should be boycotted until they learn to be a respectable business.

Posted by Kenny

I see from newegg reviews that the bad corsair thumb drive I purchased had about a 20 to 25% fail rate as do many of their products. Corsair first strung me along with a temporary fix on a drive they knew was bad, until I could no longer return it to Newegg.

Then, instead of doing the right thing and just refunding since it was their fault I could not get a refund from Newegg, they try to frustrate their customers from getting a warranted replacement by putting them off with nonsense replies and refusing to ship the replacement after they said they would...hoping their good paying customer will give up.

A scammmy and shady company with a rather poor product is the best I can say about them.

Posted by SmittyWerbenjaegermanjensenHEWAS

I would like to start this review off by saying that I am a custom PC enthusiast, and I trust Corsair completely when it comes to the quality of their hardware; if you look at the current build, my case (more on that later), RAM, and CPU cooler all come from them. My case is a 750d, which is one of the flagship models, so I was surprised when it showed up on my door with a crack in the side panel window from a third-party reseller. This was probably due to shipping; however, the retailer told me that I would have to contact Corsair directly. It turns out that they are open from 10-5 on weekdays only, which was less than favorable; after waiting through a long weekend, I tried reaching them for an hour before I got someone on the phone. The overall resolution was simple: they would send me a new side panel for free. This happened in the middle of January, and I am writing this in early March, as I have not received my panel yet. After trying to contact them for another half an hour, I was told that they were out of one of the most important parts of one of their FLAGSHIP cases- this is unacceptable. To make matters worse, it will not be in stock until June. JUNE! Do they really expect me to wait that long? I ended up overpaying for a side panel on eBay because I did not want to get dust in my PC, which is really unacceptable given that it is one of the most expensiveness that they make in the first place. Not a positive experience in any way...

Posted by abiri

I ordered the H100i Liquid Cooler, 850 watt Modular Power Supply, and 2 120mm Ultra Quiet fans. A week after the order was placed on the Corsair website it was still in Pending status. I called Corsair to see if there were any problems and they redirected me to a department in which no one answered I was forced to leave a message. I called back an hour later and the same thing. The net day I called and had the same service; this time I was determined to get help so I began bouncing around the phone to different departments. Every time I explained the situation I was transferred to a department that went straight to voice mail. At this point I am cancelling my order and choosing a different company to purchase my computer parts from.

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