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Continental Airlines customer service is ranked #198 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 646 ratings. This score rates Continental Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


542 Negative Comments out of 646 Total Comments is 83.90%.


104 Positive Comments out of 646 Total Comments is 16.10%.

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    • 542 negative comments (83.90%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I am a mexican citizen I am planing to fly out of Harlingen Tx. the week of Oct 26, 2015. Wondering if I will need the mexican passport to fly out of Harlingen Tx. currently my mexican passport is expired and due to the mexican passport system changes, I was not able to renew my passpaport on time. I will cross the border by car, get my traveling visa and the drive to harlingen to fly to Detroit metro Airpot to attend a meetings and training of my job. I work for Geneal Motors de mexico Complejo automotriz Ramos Arizpe en Ramos Arizpe Coahuila Mexico.

Posted by J Kelly California

I am beyond frustrated! I started this journey 4 months ago trying to redeem a paper voucher that needs to be used up by Dec. 11th 2012. After hours of talking to incompetent people on the customer service line and punching in the numbers on the voucher into the "redeem voucher" section that in turn sent me a digital voucher for the wrong amount, I was connected to someone who told me to send in the voucher to the TX office.

In a matter of days a wonderful woman by the name of Carla Appelton-Roawls left me a voice mail saying all is corrected, my voucher date has been extended and I am getting more back than I originally thought. I was happy and surprised by this. I tried calling her back on the number that showed up on my phone to thank her, but the number did not go through. Non-the-less, I was happy about the news.

Well it is now 6 weeks later and nothing has arrived in the mail or email??? I finally called the hellish 1-800# again tonight to do a follow up on the voucher and got an incompetent person on the phone who is now saying the voucher has been spent and is no longer valid!!!!!!


I am going to send another letter to Ms. Roawls tomorrow to inquire about this.

I am slowly running out of fight. I am trying to get to Hawaii to pay respect to my birth father whom I have never met who is a war vet and is buried in Punch Bowl.

If it is true, that the voucher has been spent, someone will be paying dearly for this in the karma department for sure.

Posted by Et 4 Him

I paid for round trip ticket to Quito Ecuador for a mission trip. I was robbed and in my bag was my medication. We were 5 hours from Quito. I had to make an emergency trip home to get my medication I was advised to purchace a one way ticket home as it was cheeper ... paying almost the same amount as the round trip.! I was told I would receive a portion 1/2 minus 150 service charge to use in the future. NO Restrictions were mentioned. Now I am trying to succure a ticket to a mission trip to Peru and was told that I could only us it in the continal US domestic flights and it is now 186.50 and possibly only a one way ! To where?!!!!
I need the money for this trip. I also did the refund policy to get help for the emergency trip home and filled out all the paper work and ot of 1250.00. Got 40. Yes $40 refund!!! This is not a way to treat your customers. I have only flown continental! I only fly for mission trips to help others!!! Would be nice if you could help me.

Posted by Anonymous

Because I had a medical problem I was forced to cancel my trip to New York, Using my mileage to travel was something that wqs still good until I notified CO of my cancelation. The rule seems to be another way of making money along with all the other scams eg.aisle/ window seats pillows etc. I was going to be charged $300 to replace my mileage until my health allowed me to travel again. What a great compensation for having accumulated afew 100,000 miles and then you have a new rule to scam the customer again. I do not have to fly with United/CO and do not fly much anymore but I can be verbal about the services. You are already making money off the extras.(73 yr old frequent flyer.)

Posted by Doll

YMy name is Sherry O'Connor. I am sending an EXTREMELY URGENT COMPLAINT for what was by far the most absolutely horrific and worst service I have ever been treated with in my entire life! Two days ago, 7/18/12, I booked a last minute flight with Continental Airlines for the next day being yesterday, 7/19/12, from Logan Int. Airport in Boston, to Trinidad and Tobago with a layover in Newark. The reason for the lasf minute travel was due to the unexpected death of my brother with whom I was very close. My flight was scheduled to depart from Logan at 2:30 p.m. and get into Newark around 4:15 p.m. My whole trip started bad, and escalated into HORRENDOUS! The flight was delayed, and I didnt get into Newark until almost 5:30 p.m. I was not thrilled about this, but it was nothing in comparison for what was to come! I had a 7.5 hour layover in Newark which I was also not happy about, and then came the worst! Continental Airlines waited until almost 11:00 p.m to tell us that the flight was delayed again until 10:40 this morning! I am 3 months pregnant and informed Continental Airlines of this, and I was absolutely shocked and appalled at the complete and total lack of consideration, customer service and professional attitude displayed by the employees at Continental Airlines! I have never in my life been treated so poorly with an attitude of indifference! Continental Airlines did nothing to accomodate me regarding putting me up in a hotel for the night. They were extremely rude and made me sleep on the floor of the airport! 3 months pregnant and I'm forced to sleep on the floor of the airport, COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! My husband payed $752.00 for a round trip ticket that was only going to be for a 2 day stay, and now its only going to be 1 day, and I've missed my brother's funeral! Not to mention severe pain I am experiencing in my stomach! I have given birth to 3 healthy children already, and this ia not a pain I have ever experienced! I fully intend to contact my lawyer regarding my experience and any potential additional problems that should arise because of this experience. Also, I intend to inquire what obligations Continental Airlines should have to me. I absolutely expect to hear a response back on this matter immediately!

Posted by k9pines

Everytime I call to book a puppy to be shipped I am hold for at least 45 minutes with Continental. I have to use Continental because they are the least expensive to ship Internationally. This time when I called to get a quote I was on hold for 58 minutes, and did not even get an apology! Wishing they would get with the program or another airline would lower their shipping rates! Hello DELTA are you listening ???

Posted by mb

It is so pathetic what Continental Airlines has become after joining with United. They have the worst customer service ever! the agents at the airport are the more rude people on earth and I just have one more: they would NOT refund me $3500.00 due to an illness. If more people fill out complaints with the Better Business Bureau or the gorerment act out in this airlines,things would improve dramatically. Sorry for Continental, it was such a good company.

Posted by Dkb197

I just called the customer service number and was told the wait time would be 15-20 minutes. I held for 1 hour and 5 minutes and had to hang up because my phone lost its charge!! I need help!!!

Posted by Anonymous

It does not only feel demoralizing but also insulting. The Airline companies have joined to take advantage of bad leadership in Nigeria to exploit the citizens.The idea of restricting customers to one baggage of 50Lb for international flights is stringent strategy for extorting the vulnerable travelers. It is very deplorable that Continental Airlines which Nigerians in the United States embraced as a messiah with the direct flight itenaries, has joined the plights of the Country's corrupt leaders in crushing the citizens of Nigeria. Nigeria has no airlines,the exploiters programed it so. Then,the Airlines plying Nigeria is also excruciating the poor. Could it be true that conscience should be led to rest. Even for the dead ones, there is no hope of resurrection. I implore the Continental Airline management to re-evaluate their stand on this policy. My call to the customer service this evening has acrued a longest night of my life. I am solely depressed seeing enlightened world join the dark ages of uncivilized third world in relegating human life. Accept it or not, communicate me or not but this is a voice crying for the people.

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad customer service in El Paso TX Airport very very disappointed. I use to love to use Continental but know that they merge with United and see how rude there workers are in this area i prefer to use Southwest airlines great service with costumers and Military Friendly. Me being a military personal in orders never been treated to rude and it docent mean because I'm military i need a special treatment but if this is how i got treated image civilian personal. I will not recommend this airline at all.

Ssgt. Lawson

Posted by Anonymous

Two days in a row I have been trying to get ahold of somebody at the Continental Pet Desk....yesterday it said OVER 30 minute wait time, so I hung up and thought I'd call back another time....tried again later, same thing, so I hung up again....tried again today, decided to wait it hour and 10 minutes later someone answers, who seemed completely irritated that I complained about being on the phone over an hour listening to their music. I had a question that took 5 minutes, and I had to wait over an hour just to get an answer....very frustrated! How can major companies do business like this and not expect people to go elsewhere....there are other airlines to choose from.

Posted by OOH

I have been a customer with Continental airlines since 1976. It was always a very customer oriented company and when you spoke to an agent always helpful. Now, since it merged with United, it is a nightmare. It is impossible to speak to someone who can be understood. Having call centers in Manilla or India is not acceptable practice in my book as we have enough unemployment right her in the USA. By the way, he person in Manilla who was impossible to understand, referred to a USA based agent as a "On Shore Agent". A very sad comment on our business practices.Continental has just lost a customer who has been using there airline for over 40 years.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by nfl

I just spent 49 minutes on hold at the United Customer Service line and nobody answered so I hang up, and I was using the phone line for elite customers!!! Now I believed when people say they spend 3 hours waiting on the phone due to a travel emergency...United is by far the worst airline on the planet

Posted by burned by United

United does not have the worst care, they have non-existant care. You are on hold for hours, to talk to someone who BARELY speaks english (this is important as they screwed up my tickets and now I have totally over priced tickets that don't work for us). Then you are disconnected. I am pretty sure this is on purpose. Sounds like someone just disconnects calls to reduce workload. I will never fly United again, and will recomend to my company we only use Delta. MUCH better service.

Posted by Anonymous

To locate a human being is impossible. When you finally get to a phone # you wait on it and eventually it will automatically disconnect you. if you keep saying you want an agent a recording states "There is unusually high volume---then "please call back" very bad customer service. They should be taking lessons from the Continental company as there was never this much trouble.

Posted by joe32

Why is it so difficult to contact customer service? Is it because this airline has so many complaints?

Posted by shamumac

My Continental\United flight was over an hour late taking off from Chicago, multiple excuses, but they were waiting for passengers from another flight. Subsequently I missed my connecting flight to Dublin on Sat april 21, got rerouted through Madrid, where I am still waiting to get to Dublin. Not a customer service rep insight. I left Orange Co at 8am, Saturday April 21, Sun April 22 still stuck in Madrid. This will be my last time using this Airline, they lied to me at every step, and had no consideration for my travels. So Pissed at them right now.

Posted by ANG

You are correct Anonymous. About a week ago I waited 2 hours and finally hung up. Now I'm trying again as I write and it is going on 22 minutes! Awful response time on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

It should not take 15 minutes to get a hold of a live person to ask questions of.

Posted by mackenzie

I made my reservations to go to Mexico on September 24, 2011. Up until 11 pm Jan 2 the recording at Continental had us on Flight 4298 leaving Toronto at 7:59am. On checking the internet, there was no such flight. Called Customer Service who told me that our flight had been changed and we were on a flight leaving at 6am. There is only one reasonable connection in Houston for Guadalajara so goodness knows what would have happened to us if we had gone to the airport expecting to leave at 8am. Then Customer Service informs me there are no flights returning on April 3 so when would we like to come back? The whole process took about an hour so you can imagine how worked up I got therefore no sleep that night.

Posted by Dennis OLeary

I simply cannot make changes to my reservation.
Using miles I have been on hold for hours. This has been going on for weeks!
You guys have really screwed up and people should be sacked for this BS!

Posted by AV

Trying to book a ticket with voucher and credit for a ticket earlier cancelled due to health emergency since the last 10 hrs. Been hung up on 4 times after waiting for more than 45 min each time. The representatives are the dumbest people with no knowledge of the system.



Posted by Anonymous

I have used the number listed here to connect with Customer Service unsuccessfully. I have been routed to reservations both times I asked to talk with an agent. If this is not the Customer Service phone number - please change the number!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

My flight was scheduled for 2/17 And my mom called to say my father as in a comma 2/13. I called customer service and he immediately helped me change my flight to early next morning. I had no money all extra fees were waived. Thank you for being there for me in these hard time. You all are awesome!

Posted by Anonymous

Until I reached Marie Etienne in Houston the service and telephone conferences were a nightmare.she was only person w/ intelligence and immediate action!

Posted by [email protected]

agent Jeanette McMorris is an employee that your company should be very proud of,this is customer servie at it's best
Roy wright

Posted by woodlyn

The agent that handled this reservation was wonderful. I wish I could always be sure I would be able to only get her in the future. I had tried for 7 hours to do this ticket combined with another point system the other day - within a few minutes this lady did everything, while being totally professional. She deserves much credit for being so efficient.
Booking # AR4ZF6 Helen M King
agent Ann Carlson

Posted by Happy in Hawaii

I called to make reservations for my pets to fly from Honolulu to Atlanta. Yes, the wait time was very long (over an hour). I just put my phone on speaker and worked on the computer until someone answered. Knowing the wait time was not her fault, I was pleasant to her and she was fabulous to me. She quoted me a price of less than half what Delta wanted and checked a number of different flights to help me get my pets on the best flights for us. Keep in mind that most people are very upset about the wait time and the reps are probably lambasted by the majority of people who call. They are going to be much more likely to go above and beyond for anyone who is nice.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to con gratulate employee Joan Morell of Tampa Florida for being amazingly helpful in booking a complicated reservation for me today.

Posted by stiana0

I am Irish and i have flown with continental 5 or 6 times . To me a flight of 6 hours is a long flight . The attendants were most pleasant and performed their job very well. I have had one r two issues with Continental. I feel that in life we will all have our ups and downs. Sometimes we tend to stick with the downs. Hopefully flying in US will not become like an airline we have. If you have then you will pay for your food pay for newspaper have an onboard lottery where a passenger may win a return flight wit this particular air company and where it could have been that you might have to pay to use the toilet.

Posted by M. Duffill

I must COMPLIMENT agent GREG BRUNSON, FOR VERY EFFICIENT, CHEERFUL SERVICE in obtaining reservations for a friend and me using our award miles. I have had great difficulty getting hotel and flight reservation to sync up with availability at the best cost. Greg worked patiently to solve our requests. He deserves being recognized. Several other calls previously were fruitless and some agents I could not understand their English!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just booked an international flight for my dog, AND THE BEST AGENT I HAVE EVER HAD, WAS CONNECTED TO ME TODAY. I am very impressed with the reservationist, Cynthia Edwards. I talk to several airlines over the year, and this agent was amazing. She was very polite, knowledgeable, and worked hard to find me the reservation that I needed. Cynthia Edwards is hands and feet above the rest!
My confirmation number is: RISIDHAN I hope you will be able to tell just what a great job she did for me today. My best, Sheila Connell (406) 533-9760

Posted by Anonymous

I have used this airline for a few years now with no issues they have always been helpful.. Just the other day I tried to book a flight for the first time since the merge.. Never been so mad about piss poor customer service.. This merge is probably the worst thing they could have done.. If you want to out source your call centers that's fine but at least have your operators speak clear English to a point I can understand and don't have to spell stuff out.. Some better waiting music would not be a bad idea...

Posted by Anonymous

So very often we find the time to write when we are not happy, but I think its important to write when we are treated well.
Today I booked airline flights on United with Brenda M8255 in the North Houston Center and she helped make the experiance a pleasant one. Thanks for a job well done.
Reggie K

Posted by Kathleen330

Trying to coordinate a reunion of 5 siblings and their spouses from 5 different cities proved to be a formidable task for me. I was very excited when all the connections worked out. One month later, the flight times were changed by 4 to 5 hours which caused (boring)unbelievable scenarios for the 5 couples. In a panic, I called Continental and an agent named Kathy McLarty (9B) answered the phone. I was calm, not mad and received the best care ever!!! I loved that I could understand her because that was a concern, and she quickly understood the nightmare and fixed it! She had even lived in our destination for awhile and suggested some places for us to visit. She was smart, caring, professional and fun to talk to. If everyone, on both sides of the phone, could be like her, you wouldn't need to read such negative comments!

Posted by Singh

The best and the quickest way to talk to someone at continental airlines in to use the Call Back/Click to Talk option.
You will surely be talking to someone within 2-3 mins.

To do that, Sign in at, go to your reservation, click on change flight, select a flight to change, once you select the flight, click on continue. At this point it will give you an error. As soon as the error occurs, you will see a small window which says "Have a Question? Click to Call". Once you click on the call option, it may ask you your phone number and confirmation number. As soon as you click call, you will recieve a call on your phone and it will connect to a representative.

I have tried this multiple times. It never fails.

Posted by mary

After a hours of waiting and no service and an agent who hung up, I need to say I fianlly got an agent
Name Charoltte Crowley who was terrific, professional, never put me on hold, and took care of all I needed in under 10 minutes.
Continental really needs to complement her as she provided SERVICE

Posted by wanderlustgail

Hello. On Wednesday, January 25, there were ten of us from a small travel group scheduled on your 8:45 AM flight from Albuquerque to Houston then transfer to your 2:11 PM flight to Panama. Because of storms/tornadoes in Houston, our flight was cancelled. One of your gate agents, Laura C. Hernandez, was incredibly helpful to our group and went way beyond our expectations in effort and time devoted to our needs. She eventually arranged alternative flights for us on American Airlines to DFW then into Panama, and we arrived only a few hours later than expected. She exhibited the highest standards of customer service and deserves praise and recognition for all her efforts. She was exemplary...and that was a real breathe of fresh air. Please thank her for us.

Posted by Anonymous

Had to call this number twice today due to change in price after I bought 2 round trip tickets. On hold 10 minutes just as computer voice said it would be. Very helpful representatives when they answered. Did what they said they would. Kudoes to Continental.

Posted by Anonymous

On 1/19/12 my 9PM flight from Houston International Airport to Seattle was cancelled due to bad weather. The Customer Service staff in the B Concourse was professional and sympathetic to my delay. I was very quickly confirmed on a flight at 9PM the next evening and given a standby boarding pass for 9AM the following morning. I was given a coupon and instructions for getting a hotel. Thanks to the helpful staff I was in a nice hotel in a very short time.

My standby experience at 9AM the following morning was horrible due to the behavior of my fellow ticketed and standby passengers. I need to commend the professionalism and patience of the gate staff at E 21 who dealt with passengers who would not listen to directions for the standby passengers to remain seated and ticketed passenger to only board when their row was called. Passengers repeatedly blocked the boarding area; one man tried to board with a standby boarding pass. There was also confusion with online ticketed passengers having been cancelled and holding valid boarding passes. Your gate staff handled everything calmly, fairly and professionally. Although as standby #20 or 21 I had no hope of getting on the plane, I truly respected the efforts of your staff to accommodate as many travelers as possible.

After my awful standby experience I resolved to wait for my confirmed flight at 9 PM. After several hours I decided to try customer service again. Sue Sonick and Roy Lacayo at the Houston E Terminal Service Customer Service Center were gracious and welcoming even though they had been dealing with disgruntled passengers trying to get out of Houston since the early morning. They worked together to find and book me a confirmed flight at 5:30. I have dealt with other airline customer service respresentatives who say no without even checking for potential flights. Sue and Roy represented your organizational extremely well.

I typically fly two to three time per month. While flying is no longer a pleasant experience mostly due to passengers with more and heavier carry on baggage than what I pay to check and refusing to turn off electronics, both which delay take off time and again, I so appreciated your staff making my delay in Houston a positive experience. I will choose Continental in the future if my travel plans allow.

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Also not an employee, but as a very frequent flyer had to submit my comments after reading all of the negativity...(I've also worked in customer service for 15 years)

I've flown almost every airline and by far Continental / United has been the best experience (So many people lauding JetBlue and Southwest and I compare them to the Greyhound version of an airline--yuck). I read a lot of the negative comments and most have to do with common issues that happen with ALL carriers. I've found through experience when flying that your attitude will have a lot to so with the outcome.

My husband and I are both tall and when we fly have ALWAYS been accommodated by the staff as best they could. They can only do what's within their power and within FAA regulations. We're also flexible when we fly.

We just got back from a trip and coming home the airport was a madhouse and the counter staff overworked. Many people were rude and belligerent to them and guess what they'll get back for that attitude? You get what you give and I think many people forget that.

When it was our turn to check in I was as nice as possible, no stress. They treated us wonderfully. Going through security same thing. Then when we got home one of our bags was really delayed. Most of the passengers from the flight had gotten their already. I went over to the customer service counter at baggage claim and they explained that some bags had been stuck. They were even willing to start a claim for me while we waited if my bag popped out. Eventually it did.

They were all pleasant and nice, but again, because I also approached it that way. I was stressed beyond belief (I had my laptop in that bag), but I wasn't going to pass my stress onto wasn't their fault.

Flight delays happen - especially into Newark for ALL airlines. I'm amazed that a few people actually posted "there was no reason for the delay", if you fly frequently enough you'll know that the delays at Newark are caused by too much air traffic. If you want to fly out on time book the first flight in the morning! Afternoon weekday flights are ALWAYS DELAYED. Have a connection? Give yourself more than an hour between connections, otherwise your going to be stressed. Check-in on-line to avoid getting bumped off a flight and use flight alerts for updates.

Be pro-active about your travel plans and don't sit around expecting the airlines to do everything for you. Pack properly. Plan ahead (we've traveled with our son since he was 9 months old and he's almost 3 and flown more than most adults - never a problem).

Posted by Anonymous

ON January 11, 2012, I flew from Minneapolis, MN enroute to Brownsville, TX, with a layover in Houston. Upon arriving in Houston, I saw there was an earlier flight to Brownsville than the one that I was assigned. I asked at the Continental desk about the possibility of getting on the earlier flight and was offered the choice of paying for the change or going stand-by. I took the stand- by. When I got to the gate, I was told they already had me name and I was assigned a seat. When I arrived in Brownsville, my luggage was not on my flight, but would be on the flight that I had originally had, so I was told to call around 8:00 to see if they had my luggage. When I called, the flight had just arrived, so I was asked to call back in 20 minutes. When I called back, they had my suitcase and offered to bring it last night and I said that today would be fine. I got a call this morning that they were on the bridge to South Padre Island and would be where I was staying in 10 minutes. They were!!
I am so pleased with the service and helpful people at Continental that made my flight very enjoyable.

Myrna Erickson
[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

Fort Ladurdale

I hade a lost item and wanted to thank Scott & Raphel and all the others who helped me get it back
Kudo's to a great Fort Lauderdale Team and Special Thanks to Scott & Rapheal how went the extra mile to hunt me down and get it returned...they wouldn't except a reward either...very professinal

Posted by [email protected]

I hope someone actually receives this because I wanted to give a compliment to the flight attendant who was in charge of my flight yesterday. Her first name is Ashley and the flight was an express jet: Flight: CO 4433Y. My name is Anna Schatte and I was the lady in seat 2A from Houston to Knoxville out of gate B72A.

My flight attendant on my trip from Houston to Knoxville was fabulous. Ashley was the perfect example of what a flight attendant should be. She was dressed beautifully including the way she tied her Continental scarf around her neck. Her laughter was contagious. She gave everyone a smile and eye contact. There were three precious babies on flight and she made the parents think theirs was the most important one ever. Everyone was impressed with how well her service was. She engaged in polite conversation. All in all I wanted you to know what a fabulous employee you have here. Even when the captain accidentally announced her as Nicole, she just gave a cute little laugh and waved it off.

Thank you for hiring Ashley and please pass on my compliment to her. I was actually heading home to a very sick 89 year old Mother. She had no way of knowing this, neither did she realize how much I appreciated all of her kindness and attention.

Many thanks,
Anna "Kathy" Schatte

Posted by sharon

In all the years I have been dealing with Continental I finally met the nicest, most helpful customer service person ever......her name is Darlene George. I was having trouble re-schedule a flight and I totally lucked out by having her answer my phone call. She was patient, courteous and most of all got me what I needed. Many thanks to Darlene!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Your employee STEVE SOLAR in customer service is wonderful. So helpful. He made my New Year. I made a mistake when booking my sons flight and he fix it in seconds. Thank you for having such wonder customer service. Happy and Healthy New Year

Posted by Anonymous

after finally getting someone who knows what they are doing lisa wiltshire was amazing she know exactly what i need to do t book the flights that i needed anyone lucky enough to get her book with her right away you might not be so lucky with some other agents.

Posted by Sue

I was a passenger on Flight 1290 from PHX SkyHarbor to Newark on Monday 12/5/11. It was suppose to leave at 12 noon but never left until 8 p.m. that same night. There were many things that went wrong with this flight, circumstances that were beyond everyone's control!! I just want to tell you that the individuals behind the counter that afternoon were as courteous and business above and beyond what would be expected. There were many people there that re-booked to other flights, and I was one of them, they were just so nice about everything and never once lost their patience, even though they could have lost it at any time. Ijust thought that you needed know about this. They were just great!

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Posted by Anonymous

Disclosure: I am NOT a Continental/United employee. :0)

I find it interesting that people will take the time to put their complaints on this website, but don't contact the company directly. Companies, especially Continental Airlines, likes to her what the customers have to say. It's like that old saying goes, "you'll get more flies with honey, than you will with vinegar." My experience with Continental has always been good, but when someone I know has had an issue, I advise them to write/e-mail the airline directly in a constructive manner, they have always reciprocated with a satisfactory outcome...most times with a monetary voucher for another flight.

Posted by former airline employee

I worked for Continental until recently. I flew often, mostly for free, and thus after paying customers, as it should be. That said, I observed flat out rude treatment by many passengers, directed at flight attendants and gate attendants. Your payment for service is not a license for rude behavior. Without a doubt, many posted complaints are valid, with regard to how the issues were or were not resolved to their satisfaction.

Being a consumer as well, I take complaints about companies on blogs such as this, with a grain of the proverbial salt. If 137 people board the plane and 2 passengers have problems, presumptively 135 hand a normal flight experience. YES, things go wrong and YES, sometimes staff respond in kind to rude behavior. It doesn't excuse them but please, don't tell me you have NEVER changed your inflection or actual volume in your voice, when engaged in a conversation with someone, when the results were not what you were looking for.

Like workers in any business, with the utmost knowledge of their job responsibilities and capabilities, those folks are battered with angry words when a flight is cancelled or delayed. When a full plane load of passengers who are angry or frustrated or simply disappointed approach the counter, it is simply impossible to make them all satisfied with the results.

Finally, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" expression holds true. Dont' think for a second that the exact same complaints aren't lodged about the other airlines. Go read there comment lines. By the way, people tend mostly to write when they have a complaint. Far fewer people right to say "good job" as it is expected for the service they paid for.


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