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Consumer Cellular customer service is ranked #352 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.65 out of a possible 200 based upon 87 ratings. This score rates Consumer Cellular customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


84 Negative Comments out of 87 Total Comments is 96.55%.


3 Positive Comments out of 87 Total Comments is 3.45%.

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  • Consumer Cellular

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    • 36.65 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 84 negative comments (96.55%)
    • 3 positive comments (3.45%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by BBB complaint

Problem description:
I fully purchased a phone from consumer cellular In February 2018- no payment plan. Due to the fact that they do not offer the type of plan I now require I am changing carriers for 2 of the 3 lines I have with them. . They refuse to unlock my phone. The site small print that says I must have 180 days with them before they will unlock it. This was never told to me when I made the purchase. But, I am not ending my service with them. I am just moving some of the lines. I need my child's line to have unlimited data. A child can not get a contract without an adult. ( 2 lines need to move). The small print also says they can give me a buyout price. By my calculations if I remain with them for the additional 2 months it would cost about $20. The refuse to give me a buyout citing that it only applies if I move to an area not covered. However, that is NOT stated in the fine print. This situation seems comparable to buying a steak in the supermarket and having them tell me I can't cook it for 2 weeks. I have spoken with both reps and supervisors without satisfaction.

I want my phone unlocked so I can use it with another carrier. I paid for it in FULL at time of purchase. I am even willing to pay a reasonable buyout option for the 2 months remaining even though I don't think I should have to pay anything.

I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

Posted by Ky Joe

I love my CC, but your begenning to fall behind compareing to other companies, you have no unlimited data plan, the newer phones you seem to be the last company to get them cant never get a rep on the phone any more without waiting forever or have to get a call back, your a great co but falling behind, and i bet youl give me excuses instead of fixing the problems catch up Guy's ...Ky Joe.

Posted by Anonymous

I was calling my pharmacist to find out when I could pick up my medicine. but my phone call was re routed. to Consumer Cellular which told me that there was some irregularities on my bills. I waited for 25 minutes for a "friendly service Repersentive"" to answer this rerouted call. Finally I got a repersenitive and she informed me that i owed $54.44 on a bill who was disputed back in November 10 2017. A $25.00 late fee was added to the bill. I checked my receipts and bank statements and I saw that i had charge the November bill to Dillard's American Express and it had been cashed to my statement. So I asked to speak to Billings and got Andre. He informed me that the November bill was disputed and that i now owed $54/44 and can use the phone to Call Dillards until I charged the $54.44. so I charged that amount to my credit card and was able to finally call Dillards that explained that since I was given an new credit card, they had cancelled the check to Consumer Cellular. They were the one who had disputed that check. So now I am finally being told almost four months later that my check did not reach them and an added $25,00 was added and before I could use my phone, I had to charge that amount. Consumer cellular has kept me on the phone for three hours,Disconnected three times and am still waiting to get a hold of Andre in billings to explained what happened with American Express. Its would have been helpful if I had been told before now that my check was disputed after four months and my phone made useless until $54.00 was paid.

Dillards is sending me the check that I had paid and so I will come out the same,except for the $25.00 late fee which I had no notice of. Theres something terribly wrong with your phone system and not noticfing me of a problem four months earlier.
it doesn't speak well of Consumer cellular.

Posted by Customer review

highly disappointing for the set up of my phone. 8 hour set up. Representative closed my old account with Verizon before setting up my new phone with cellular. when we got disconnected I could not call back the cellular company because I did not have a phone. the old phone with Verizon was closed, the new phone with cellular was not on yet. I had to borrow a neighbors phone. which was inconvenient for both of us. 2nd complaint. I was never able to transfer my contacts. got an appointment with TARGET the phone tech was not there. I had to go further away to find another Target store, again to find out that they did not know how to make transfers.

Posted by Anonymous

Un-freaking-believable!! I closed out my SPRINT account on December 15th and came to CC. My husband's phone works fine... but 2 phones, 13 tech's, and 2 resets of MY phone...I still cannot receive a call. The newest resolution (after wiping my phone clean) is I need to wait until I return from vacation in a week and let you try again. HOW did you EVER get a #1 customer Rating with J.D. Powers...I have now lost all faith with them as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I lost my cell phone yesterday at the airport in Costa Rica. Please suspend all activity on the phone. Thank you.

Posted by rhight35

Support se4vice is poor. Besides taking forever to get to talk to a support tech she was unable to resolve my problem installing "Hotspot". Due to my lack of computer skills I employed a computer consultant who, after spending thirty minutes with a second tech, it was resolved that the device was..."defective. Get a replacement device! Guess what...after forty minutes of phone time..."Sim Card" is the wrong one. It was readily apparent that my tech was better qualified than the Consumer techs...three of resolving the issue

Posted by Anonymous

3 calls this morning Nov 11 to try to use the DORO I'have had for 10 days... first I had to wait to get another sim card, then I was told that I HAD TO WAIT 24 HOURS for the ATT system to transfer to another system...I keep calling to hear the same message any time of day 'EXPERIENCING HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS'NO ONE EVER GETS BACK IN TOUCH WITH ME WHAT CAN I DO/

Posted by Nancy Kelly

I called all day Friday left 3 requests for call back. Waited all day no call also waited on hold 30 minutes, no answer hung up, needed information immediately. Very disappointed and aggravated with your device. Called this a.m. got same message. I need a call back today. I am wasting my valuable time it's time for me to change carriers!

Posted by Anonymous

Consumer Cellular has made one very LARGE mistake with their commercials. FIRST, what you used to find at the LIBRARY is still what people come to the LIBRARY for. Google does not give you any more information than your local library can and does. However, what you do not find at your local library is the vast amount of incorrect information that swamps the internet. ANYONE can post anything they would like on the open internet. What you get at the LIBRARY is FACTUAL INFORMATION. PLUS....We Librarians have been teaching seniors HOW to use the technology companies like Consumer Cellular sell to them without any support network for some time. SHAME ON YOU CONSUMER CELLULAR...YOUR PRODUCT DOES NOT REPLACE US...WE SUPORT YOUR COUSTOMERS MORE THAN YOU DO!


I Am Tired Of The Attitude Of The Customer Service From Consumer Cellular. I Have Been A Customer Of This Company For 7 Yrs. I Purchased Two Phones 30 Days Ago And Has Been Nothing But Trouble. I Am Been Charged For A Data Usage I Never Requested. And My New I Phone Had It Automatically On And I Have No Way To Know It Was On Or How To Turned It Off . The Phone Came Without Instructions. I Was Notify Of The Rate Changed When I Question It (which Took Me About 30 Minutes To Get Through) I Was Told Of The Data Usage. I Inmediately Ask How To Turn It Off . In 7 Yrs I Never Use But The Minimum. I Reached To Customer Service About The Overcharged Through Phone And E Mail. They Dismissed My Complained 1. The Phone Came Program With Data On...2. I Was Never Told 3...i Had Nw Way Of Knowing It Was On Or How To Turned It Off. My Initial Called After Receiving The Phonw Was That I Had No Operating Instructions For The I Phone. I Was Told Not To Worry. I Am A Senior With Limted Income This Data Overcharge Really Upsets Me. Unfortunately This Company Is Changing And Not For The Better

Posted by HoHoHo

I get two days from the receipt of my bill until I have to mail the payment back tp the company. Last month, I called customer service and told them I wanted at least
five business days between the time I received the bill and had to mail in the payment. They promised the change would be effective this month. Nothing has changed.

Posted by Anonymous

on 2/27/17 phone read emergency calls only. called cc was told to go to target to get new sim. card installed card then told phone bad. bought phone at target told phone bad. went back to target for new phone told this phone was bad. after five trips to target and many many hours over 2 days with customer service asked for supervisor told could have $7 credit. what an insult. News that evening advised of outage on att system. which meant my original phone was ok. can't reach corp. to complain.

Posted by Dee

I purchased a phone in November which was defective. Consumer Cellular had me jump through hoops to correct the problem. It didn't. Had to purchase a new phone so as a senior I'm out over $200. Posted a nasty review on line and contacted AARP to complain. Got a call from the Corporate Office (name given: Andrew) who advised me that one more step was needed to validate the warranty on the defective phone. Advised me to contact the store where I purchased the second phone to ask about return policy. Gave me a PHONY NUMBER to return call to him!! What the hell is going on with this company??? This is the WORST SERVICE I have ever had!

Posted by Anonymous

I got a smart phone for my work made over a dozen calls because I had multiple issues. I was unable to log onto he internet even though I was in areas with free wi-fi but in these same areas the phone would go onto the internet and start playing games even though it was in sleep mode. I ended up needing to call the police non emergency number in an area that I should have had internet but did not so I called 411 and asked for the non emergency number for the Chico police. It automatically connected me to the police in Southern California over 600 miles away I tried 30 times to get the correct number but every time it just auto connected to the previous number I was not able to request another number at all and tried everything I could think of to get it to work. I called Consumer Cellular and was told all of the charges would be removed but I would have to call back once the charges posted. When I called back I was told they would deduct $10 the bill is $45 because they are being charged by the 411 service I called 411 from a land line and was told that all charges would be reversed but the carrier had to request it. I never got the number am being charged $45 for services I never got.

Posted by Consumer Cellular Corporate

I have been a customer of Consumer Cellular for more than three years, it has been the last six months that I have experienced difficulty with two phones and periods of No Service when attempting to make long distance calls. Upon several calls for assistance
I have received a total of five SIM cards, spoken with eight phone phone personnel a Supervisor,who said I might be in the AT&T or T-Mobile tower areas, and also asked if I was near a lot of trees, I have no access to long distant and I haven't received one credit for this lack of service. I am now awaiting a T-Mobile SIM card,if this doesn't work, I will have to select a provider that works.This is
the absolute worst service I have ever received and I will expect a credit for service not rendered.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service used to be wonderful. Now, you are on hold forever. I no longer recommend Consumer Cellular to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Claims about being ranked highest in customer service must be a mistake. For over 5 days have been trying to get a phone issue resolved. Over six people have given instruction on how to fix phone problem and none have worked. Had to be on hold for over 20 minutes just to get a supervisor who told me she was 75% certain her fix would work. Didn't work. Would not give me her return phone number but said she would call back in 1-2 hours to check on the fix. Why can't anyone figure out the real problem instead of guessing and providing a "reboot the phone" fix. This has been a nightmare! They don't have anyone who truly can "listen" to the chain of events that transpired, and then logically troubleshoot to come up with a sound answer and fix. We have tried so many things already--just FIX THE PROBLEM. Give me to someone that knows and stop guessing!! I don't blame this on those having to take the calls. I blame management for their customer service model. They do not have correct protocols in place for escalation, and do not have the right people trouble-shooting and fixing. Where is it we fill out that customer service survey? The results are definitely not accurate.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got my new phone and do not know where to attach the power cord to the phone!

Nancy Hedbawny

Posted by Lady Grey

Horrible customer service. Only been a customer for 4 months - got the Motorola G3 phone - piece of Garbage! Replaced the phone once for over heating battery (recv'd 8/2/16) low and behold - SECOND MOTO G3 is DOING THE SAME THING! LITHIUM BATTERIES THAT OVER HEAT TEND TO EXPLODE AND CAUSE FIRES!!!!!!! Getting run-around by CC "customer service" I requested a totally different phone - Was told by a supervisor Kim on 9/6 that this is way out of their policy and she will have to request "special permission" for this but "don't expect it to happen" but I will be in touch within 24 hours - Well 36 hours has gone by and I have yet to hear from supervisor Kim with an answer.

Posted by Amanda#48520

Consumer Cellular has terrible customer service. Long wait time; poor policy replacement of phone; rep and supervisor stated nothing can be done because with your situation all CC does is purchase phone from Motorola and their policy is 'nothing can be done'

Posted by none

I unfortunately have consumer cellular. Worse customer service in the world/universe. When you call the automated system always always says they are experiencing higher than normal hold times of at least 15 minutes and you're on hold for no less than 20 min but usually you're on bold from 30 to 48 min. I have been on hold up to an hour. The call back system doesn't work and you get hung up on when asking for a supervisor. Then you're forced to call back again and hold another 28 to 45 minutes. I had gotten a smart phone but refused to use someone else's minutes to get it activated. I had call the company using my son's phone and literally was on hold for over an hour. Using bis minutes. I feel consumer cellular owes me a very large credit or another phone. I have to, with this phone, not only turn it off but take the battery out at least 3 to 4 times a day. That's how often it messes up. Not long ago when I'd make calls the person I called personal or business they couldn't hear me forcing me to remove the battery 4 separate times. Horrible phone, horrible customer service. I expect an answer from someone at the corporate level.

Posted by Anonymous

upgraded to 2 Huawei phones.. when mine was received, it had a scratch on lower bottom of screen. I phoned in and voiced my concern. I wasn't happy to have a brand new $100 phone with a scratch..they didn't offer a replacement because I didn't have warranty coverage to fix it... thinking it was a new phone and having bought a screen saver for it plus keeping it in a case should be enough protection in itself. I'm not happy with the scratch that came with it and now they are telling me they can't help me. They said the only solution is to buy another $100 phone. That won't happen. I've always been happy with the service and have told many friends that have bought from your company because of my referrals. I will have second thoughts if you can't stand by a phone that was defective when sent to me.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a customer Faith Ohanesian Phone number My phone just went through the wash and I have no phone to call you please send me another phone like I had (immediately you have my card number My daughter Leslie Smith will probably call you as I will email her immediately Need the phone ASAP Thank you

Posted by Emarel

My saga is long - it began on April 10th when my phone broke. It has finally ended, I hope, today, May 11th. (I switched services on April 24th but had to continue communication with CC service.) I spent hours with representatives that promised and then never delivered. I'm sending a letter to the CEOs, but I wanted to voice my impression of the company in this comments space: Morons!

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Posted by Jim

Have been with Consumer Cellular for about 3 months. So far they are the best I have used over the past thirty-years. Very reliable cell signal and customer service.

We have 2 lines for half the price of our previous carrier without all the hassle. Today I received a Priority Mail package with a free replacement phone with charger and belt carry case. A SIM card was also included. Activation was free with customer service lady getting me going in no time with a great attitude. The new phone replaced the existing 2G with 3G. How many cell phone providers will do all this pro bono?

Posted by Anonymous

We have never had a problem with Consumer Cellular and are very pleased with our phones. If I have a problem, I can call anytime and the problem will be fixed. Thank you for such great service.
John and Judith

Posted by KetchupKid

Consumer Cellular phone service and customer service are far and away the best of ANY company I've ever had to deal with, online or otherwise. I've been using them for over three years and never have a problem getting help via phone, email or otherwise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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