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Comfort Inn customer service is ranked #392 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.05 out of a possible 200 based upon 610 ratings. This score rates Comfort Inn customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


567 Negative Comments out of 610 Total Comments is 92.95%.


43 Positive Comments out of 610 Total Comments is 7.05%.

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    • 35.05 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 567 negative comments (92.95%)
    • 43 positive comments (7.05%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Just had a terrible experience at the Comfort inn. I discovered mold the day I was checking out. They tried to tell me I should've told them. They put me in the room knowing that.

Posted by Anonymous

On 6/26/18 I stayed in Smithfield NC. I will never stay there again or at any Comfort Inn again. The room smelled dirty and the smell of smoked was very prominent One of the dressers was obviously busted as the drawer was sticking and I notified the clerk and one would have thought there would have been some compensation for my inconvenience. I never received a survey in the mail so I am addressing my issue here. Now I know why I stay at The Country Inn Suites. Have been on the phone trying to reach someone for over a half hour.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently stayed at one of the comfort Inn in Stoney creek Hamilton I called a couple of weeks earlier to get rates for two rooms two nights .the rap didn't give me individual rates but a total of what it would cost me and I asked twice to make sure I understood was that total for one room or total for both she stated for both . So I went ahead and reserved . I also asked for an email with confirmation and details I gave two of my email addresses .but received none. I called them 3 times each time she said it was done but I received nothing she said to check my junk mail and again nothing .I called Microsoft to question my email .anyway I showed up to my time of reservations and got charged double what she quoted me on the phone and when I tried to remind her of me asking whether it was for one room or both she denied her quote that she wouldn't have done that . My word against hers not a fair situation. If I had known it was double the money I would have called a different place maybe two queen beds and shared more reasonable for my budget . They gave me the brush off that their rates are based like gas one time up and one time down according to demand.I felt embarrassed there were other guests around so I retreved .I guess I am stupid and I should have know. All I could say to them was to be more clear with their customers and played double but its been chewing me inside . I feel conned.

Posted by Beyond offended

I stayed at the Comfort Inn at Martinsburg West Virginia I was there for 2 days with my fiance. One of management since a cleaning lady to clean our room without my knowledge we had to do not disturb sign on the door the cleaning woman enters our room and immediately locates some insulin syringes for a prescription that I have notifies management and at this time before receiving any confirmation cause my company and tell them I am a heroin addict and there's drug paraphernalia in my room they went as far as telling my company that my fiance they believe is a prostitute which is the most offencive and unprofessional I have ever seen anyone react. I was never contacted by the hotel when returning I was told we had to leave I showed them my prescription to clarify the situation and was informed that they had searched the room and found some intimate objects in a drawer which should not even matter so all in all I was told because of our playfulness in the bedroom and a prescription that was validated we were kicked out of the hotel and my fiance was called a prostitute my company drug tested me in which I passed find colors but the humiliation and the offensiveness of the entire situation along with what my fiance was called I recommend anyone going to Martinsburg sleep on the street before they go to Comfort Inn. We have been in touch with an attorney and are filing lawsuit

Posted by Anonymous

I stayed at a Comfort Inn 2 weeks in a row in Wichita Falls, Texas for my work. The first week they took my company credit card with no issues. The very next week I went back to the same hotel and they would not take the company credit card because it did not have my name on it. I told them that they took it the week before and they said it was a new guy and he should not of took it.

Posted by Valerie

my husband and I stayed at the Comfort Inn down Charleston SC i called and made reservation for june 10th to June 14th and was told it would be 119.00 anight When I checked out they charged me 119.00 for the first night and 139.00 for the next 3 nights. we also were locked out of room the 13th and had to go to front desk to get back into our room. i complained about the charge and the manager told me that she couldnt do anything about it but when we come back again she could make it up to us. we wont be going back there. we stayed at 3 other hotels on our trip and none of them over charged us

Posted by Arra

My t.v. didn't work properly, phone the desk couldn't hear me neither could any ones else I tried to call. Top if off my cancer medicine (which cost $2000 a month) was thrown away by cleaning staff. Wah complaint was not given any attention. They didn't care at all. I think I should get a refund!

Posted by Colleen

We are staying in comfort inn BWI the desk clerk was just incredibly rude. Not a small amount but incredibly. I personally would have been fired is I was only 10 0/0 as rude.

Posted by Audrey

We stayed at Memphis, TN Comfort Inn at 100 N. Front Street on Fri, 25 May 2018. Arrived there early as we drove from Clarksville, TN that morning and were going to a graduation that afternoon and needed to change clothes. We checked at the motel front desk with TASHA to see if, by chance, they had a room ready, at that time, as we had reservations for 2 rooms. TASHA was so very pleasant, nice and accommodating, and luckily, she had 2 rooms ready near each other, and she checked us in early so we could change. TASHA is a very helpful, friendly, and definite asset for any motel to have. Thanks again Tasha in Memphis, 100 N.Front Street.

Posted by kandy0197

I stayed 2weeks ago at the comfort suites in mandeville la i did not know i had a smoking room turns out there are none here & I was charged $250 room cleaning fee which was fine I was wrong but when I returned on April 29th my daughter & I witnessed management with an unleashed pitt bull dog. So id like yo know if she will be fined as well or will my 250 be refunded. Thank you

Posted by unbelievable

Got charged twice at Comfort inn Rivers edge Huron Ohio. I called got told it was not 'their problem' and then got hung up on twice! Sondra is her name...not doing her job or even an explanation. She should be fired immediately.

Posted by SpecialOlympicsVolunteer

Unable to reach them. Put on hold for over an hour and was finally disconnected. They obviously have a high disdain for customers because their "customer service" line is just a reservation line.

Posted by SpecialOlympicsVolunteer

We recently stayed at the "Comfort Inn" in La Grange, KY as part of a group. This hotel has a severe problem with rats. Yes, big mean rats. They were behind the front desk. The manager is insisting that many of us who paid on our credit cards did not stay there and is demanding that the group pay for our rooms. Even with the evidence of our receipts he is demanding double payment for the group. I guess he just wants to take advantage of the Special Olympics team because he sees an opportunity to defraud us. I would recommend that anyone considering staying at a Comfort Inn think about the fact that they are happily attempting to defraud our group because they apparently think we are an easy target. Avoid ALL Comfort Inns when you are looking for a hotel for business or pleasure trips. If one hotel stoops this low then it must be a corporate policy. I sat on hold for over an hour this morning on the customer help line so that means that corporate doesn't care about their customers either, so the disdain for customers is part of their corporate culture

Posted by Anonymous

I got ripped off from your hotel in Mechanicsburg PA I need you speak to someone A.S.A.P I have for no help from the management or staff at the hotel my cell number i

Posted by Anonymous

We stayed at the comfort inn Alexandria this past weekend. The hotel is under construction. I completely understand that this needs to be done in order to improve. However spending 139$ a night which is very high and having terrible service is unexpected. The lobby was freezing because the door was open the entire time for construction. And the process to check in took awhile. There was no microwave in the room, the bath water did not get hot, we were only given 1 towel, no trash can in the room, the wifi was very slow, the fridge did not get cold, there were very few TV channels. Plus our room was dirty. There was old lotion on our window sills when we got there. The carpets didn't even looked vacuumed around the edges. I would expect this if I spent 79$ a night but not for this price. I will not be back. And you need to fix this.

Posted by Grnthumb

I stayed at Comfort Inn Pasadena, Ca. After a 7 hr drive to see my dying aunt, I checked into the comfort inn. My first impression of the desk help after waiting 5 minutes for him to appear, he was fat and slovenly dressed. He (leonard) failed to make eye contact and then mumbled something I had no idea what he was saying.I had to ask him to repeat it twice. The night continued to deteriorate as I could hear every slamming car door and the other guests around my room were slamming doors and smoking on the balcony coughing loudly. I tried turning on the a/c to drown the noises. When morning finally came I could hardly wait to check out. A new gentleman on the desk did the paperwork and finally asked how my night went. I told him it was awful and I'd never stay their again. His reply? Nothing. Not sorry or anything. I have never seen such bad customer service skills and rudeness. They should rename the place uncomfortable inn!

Posted by Anonymous

I stayed at the Comfort inn at Bonita Springs, FL. I was lied to about a pool that was suppose to be used by us but instead the city wrote them up for a unsafe pool and they worked on it the whole time we were there. they false advertised and also they had very loud pounding all day and part of the night. it was the worse place we ever stayed in and the manager refused to call us and discuss this while we were there. we called several times to try and reach him but he never talked to us. We are going to talk to our Senator about this and let him know this should be unexceptible to lie to guests about a pool being accessible.


We Stayed @ Your Cheektowaga Ny Comfort Inn Paid 203 Cash And Have The Receipt Clerk Behind The

Desk The Charged The Full Amount To Our Card Without Our Knowledge, As We Were In The Buffalo General Hospital For Two Day And Had A Loss Of A Family Member

We Will Fax Your Copy Of Our Paid Cas Receipt /call To Your Hotel Management Did Nothing As The Said They Would Take Care Of It And As Were Are Seniors On A Fixed Income There Should Have Never Been Us Getting Charge Twice/when We Paid 203 Dollars/who Pocketed The Money We Paid

And Why Doesnt Some Call Us Back /as They Have Yet To Take Hold Off Of 203 On My Wife Debit Card

Posted by Anonymous

My lady and booked on booking not knowing anything but we have stayed at choice hotel for the last 10 years.
So I book the room not sure when we'll get there due to work tracfic.but we keen it would be no later then3.oo at the latest.So we check in and the room's suck.After 2 nights of waking up with headaches mind you on a vacation.I talked to someone at the front deck very nice help ful I said I had no idea that this hotel was under construction number one and this is just a old holiday inn as I sent a week here 40 some years ago.What a joke it the same as when I stayed here less the bar and resterant so called under construction mold behind the wallpaper ceilings paint and plaster falling off.If I knew that this place was like this I would have stayed at the place next door.So I got another crappie room and the manager said she would comp us a night.Well let's see how that's going to work as we already paided for the last night.When the front desk asked me if I wanted them to keep the the money's for the next night the change I thought what a joke either the manager did not say anything or these people are just money gripping nuts.We will be leaving today never to return here.

Posted by Anonymous

I work for a roofing company and we are staying at Comfort Inn Chester Va 2100 w hundred rd and it has been a very bad experience. The Manager her name is Neshia was extremely rude to many of my co workers. The company pays almost 4000 dollars a week for our employees but due to the unsatisfaction we will take our business to another hotel.

Posted by shou kadet

We Stayed At The Comfort Inn - Fremont In 9/29/17 Left 9/30 17 - Room 111. Checked In By Kamet. I Called On Sunday 10/1/17 That My 87 Year Old Husband Had Left Is Radico Solitare Game . I Was Assured They Had Found It And It Would Be Mailed Out To Me. I Have Call 3 More Times And Each Time Assured The Same. I Have Yet To Receive The Game Back Very Upset With The Inn. Very Bad Way To Treat Senior Citizens!!!!!! - I Want An Explanation.

Posted by nativepariah

I stayed at a comfort inn in Painesville, OH. I saw bedbug in rm 306, they moved me to 316 quickly. In rm 306 I killed the bedbug myself. they quickly moved me when i made it know to the desk worker. Neither manager and general manager were there at the time. Next day I was told the GM wasnt there at checkout time and she would be giving me a call. I did not ever receive a call back.
I called her back the next day late afternoon. She treated me like an idiot, said there is no bedbugs there because she hired bedbug sniffing dogs. and made sure they were not there. I like to know where the they find these bedbud sniffing dogs. The General manager Phyllis A. Schley is the woman who rudely dealt with me on the phone in both her curtness, and her blatant lies. The customer service number takes forever to get talking to someone on, and when you do get through you get hung up on. So I am upset and does no good, because there isn't any reimbursement for my woes.

Posted by Linda

On Nov 10 while travelling from Regina to Winnipeg we got caught in a huge snow storm with white out conditions and we made it to Virden where we were advised by RCMP to pull over and spend the night as conditions were horrendous in the Highway. The Comfort Inn had rooms and as I prepared to. Oil one I told the desk manager that I had my dog with me . " We do not allow dogs " She said I could go to Brandon -90 Kms away as the Comfort Inn there accepts dogs . I told her we were advised by RCMP to stay off the roads and she said there was nothing she could do . I asked if she was aware of the storm and she said thee was nothing she could do. I offered to leave a damage deposit-explained my dog was none shedding and had her own bed to sleep on . Nope- she could have cared less. I have stayed in Comfort inns with my dog when I travel across country and never had a problem and given the weather circumstances I feel she could have made an effort to accommodate me. Very poor customer service. Will be posting this everywhere I can and encouraging g dog owners to avoid Comfort Inn

Posted by Jerry

My name is Jerry Lowery, on November 3rd I stayed at Comfort Inn (MS 417) Olive Branch. MS for one night, when I checked in the front desk clerk was very nice and friendly. I checked out at 6am on Nov 4th, when I came to the front desk, I didn't see the clerk, so I rung the bell at the desk, after doing this the clerk seemed as if she didn't want to be there, she was very rude. When I asked her a question she spoked to me in a Loud tone . I was very disappointed with her unprofessional attitude . I will have second thoughts before I stay at this hotel again.

Posted by Jim

I am writing this complaint as there was not even an answer to a Better Business Bureau complaint from Comfort Inn and Suites Kew Garden New York City. Your staff stole $1100 in cash from me on Sept 12, 2017 I want it back.

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Posted by Anonymous

Great nights sleep in Lafayette indiana. Room clean, water hot!

Posted by Anonymous

My husband, granddaughter, dog and I have recently moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina. The first trip down we picked your Comfort Inn Capital Beltway/I 95 in Beltville, MD as a perfect mid way stop and a reasonably priced "pet friendly" hotel. For the price, the accomodations were just fine. I am sending this letter with regard to one particular employee at the front desk. Her name is Stephanie. I am sorry I don't know her last name, but I need to tell you how very lucky you are to have her in your employ. She is friendly, nice and very responsible. On one of our stays we left early to avoid traffic and three hours out we realized my husband left his wallet with all his credit cards in the room. Immediately I called and Stephanie answered. After explaining the situation and being put on hold,
Stephanie returned to tell me she did, indeed, find the wallet with all intact. She then went on to assist me with regard to giving me the information I needed to have it picked up by Fed Ex and packed it up waiting for it to be retrieved. We did receive it the next day and it was a very pleasant end to a very harrowing situation. After this experience we continued using your Comfort Inn and anytime I called to speak to my husband, Stephanie graciously greeted my by name! She made us feel welcome at all times and I think she should be commended for her honesty and integrity to her job. I am sure you get all sorts of complaints but this time I wanted to take the time to tell you about an extraordinary young woman you have hired for your front desk. Good job!! She deserves recognition.

Posted by Anonymous

I stayed one night at Comfort Inn in Greenville, Ala., at the end of May, probably the last day of May.

I had excellent service and the room was impeccable!!

A man, who identified himself as "Hoss," was the desk clerk during my stay. He was very courteous and helpful. I just want to commend him for his service and hospitality!!!

I usually travel alone. It is comforting to trust my safety and hospitable service to Comfort Inn staff and facilities!! Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

very comfortable and cor
teous staff........but they rip off seniors on the wkends. They block AARP discounts, at least at Blacksburg, VA. So sad that they have to rip off seniors!! Won't stay here again since they don't like the elderly!

Posted by Cheryl Knowlton

The Comfort Inn at Princess St. Kingston, Ontario is PHI-NOMINAL !!! Susie (The Manager) & Her Son "Tom" have it ALTOGETHER when it comes to Service, Personality, Understanding, Patience, Attention-To-EVERY-Detail. They are there to answer any question or give you any thing you ask for. They GREET YOU every morning in The Breakfast Room with Smiles from Ear to Ear. We can't THANK THEM ENOUGH for accommodating My Husband's Brother - while he waits for His Apartment to become available, now that The Family Estate has been sold. The Rates & Comfort (lol) is all he needs to fulfill his Time & it's like "Home" for now.

Posted by Anonymous

We travel often. We stayed at the Comfort Inn in Atoka, TN for a week. Very friendly and helpful, service was 1st class. We specifically want to commend manager Carmen Smith. She went out of her way for us in every respect and made us feel right at home. Similarly, night manager Brian Maghetti, was equally professional and responsive to our needs. This was our first stay at a Comfort Inn, but will not be the last. (only the coffee was 3rd rate!)

Posted by [email protected]

My husbandand I stayed at the comfort inn in Lantana FL. The hotel stay was very nice.very clean and well managed.what impressed us most was a woman named Stella who managed the breakfast area. She greeted each guest and explained what was offered and went out of her way to help everyone.everything was in perfect order and clean.we watched her constantly wiping and straightening things and refilling.she brought people water, coffee, whatever anyone needed. The way she took care of everyone you would think she owned the hotel.perfect

Posted by Anonymous

After a very hectic week of travel and celebrations it is time for me to compliment the staff at your hotel in Goshen NY. My husband and I checked in on December 18th and checked out on the 19th after a pleasant night and breakfast. We were driving to Florida and I did not check my email messages unti we were leaving Pennsylvania. I had received an email from Neffertiti who was at the front desk telling me I had left my wallet and keys at the hotel. I immediately called and spoke to her and it was decided that she would FedEx me my wallet and keys to my Florida address. They arrived the next day fully intact.I was much impressed by the efficiency, integrity and honesty of both Neffertiti and the housekeeper of room 330.I am sending a thank you and gift card to both. Thank you. Linda Brown

Posted by Anonymous

I recently flew to Moncton New Brunswick. My purpose was a surprise visit to a close friend dying of cancer. The C. I. East was located about 1.8 km from the airport. I arrived at 1130 pm and was quickly registered. The staff at the front desk were amazing. Their professionalism, knowledge assisted me greatly in learning how to get to my destination .In the am I was surprised to see soo many soccer kids and parents checking out. Julien was alone handling all the checks outs . From my seat in the lobby I observed how he handled all these teens and parents with the same smile and compassion for each guest. Kudos to Julien and his team . My room was clean and I have to admit one of the most comfortable beds Ive slept in on my travels in a long time. The Comfort Inn would be remiss if they didnt move Julien into management as he is one of those special people you rarely get to actually take the time to write about . Thanks again Julien

Posted by elaine cohen

Hello. Thank you! Long overdue but needless to say, must tell you how helpful staff
was at Revere Comfort Inn, Revere Massachusetts last Jan. 6th, 2016. In the early morning of the 7th my husband became ill prior to out flight. The staff at desk was
wonderful! One staff member getting off his shift drove to purchase crutches us at CVS and assembled them in the lobby. Staff helped to escort him by wheelchair from the room, transport our things and get us on the shuttle. What a wonderful night mgt team! Please extend our appreciate and apologize it was not sent to you sooner. We stay at Revere Comfort Inn every year!
Elaine Cohen and Donald Milotte.

Posted by TNB

Staff very nice. Changed our room when request was made. HOWEVER, stain on white coverlet, appears that a cup of coffee was spilled on phone. WiFi does not work in room so I am currently standing in hall way to write this!

Posted by TB

I recently stayed at the Comfort Inn in Salida, Colorado. I must say I had the best night of sleep I have had on a long time. I called the hotel a few days later and asked if they could provide me the mattress type and who made the mattress. They kindly took my new and number and said they would calle back. Unfortunately I have received no call back. Is there anyway you can inform me who makes the mattress and what type it is? I am in the market for a new mattress and want one identical to the one I slept in at your hotel. Thanks .

Posted by Anonymous

My extended family stayed last weekend at Comfort Inn in Festus, Missouri because of a family funeral. The young lady who was preparing, serving and cleaning up breakfast is truly to be commended for her excellent work ethic and attention to guests. i work at a major health system in the Kansas City area. Had she been willing to relocate, I would have stollen her away from you! Truly you have a wonderful dedicated employee. Treat her accordingly so other grieving families will be equally comforted.

Posted by Kristen

I listed a problem with your Virginia beach comfort suites. It took 3 1/2 hours to get our room. We have been offered 50% off our night. The problem is rectified.

Posted by Anonymous

Enjoying a nice comfort inn room as usual but just have a comment about the name of your soaps. Comfort care - that name denotes in the health world hospice care in the final stage of a life. The family is told that their loved one will receive comfort care. It's probably not a problem I just have been through the loss of a family member so the name jumped out at me. Just some thoughts. Thank you for a wonderful motel and great service.

Posted by Chula Vista CA

Michael Thompson, issues a phoney email address when he/she sends email which means she/he has no interest in communicating with people.

Michael Thompson
Director of Customer Care
Comfort Inn

Posted by Anonymous

December 18-19, 2015, myself my fiancee, family members and wedding party stayed at the Comfort Inn & Suites on Lasalle Avenue in Waco,Tx. This hotel, hands down, has the most wonderful, attentive, patient staff members ever! From the general manager Stephanie, to Assistant Manger Tamera and other staff members, you won't find a better group of people. The rooms are huge, and super clean. The meeting room was so convenient for our rehersal dinner. And the breakfast was so good. I recently spoke with Tamera to sign up for the rewards program, so I can continue to patronage this establishment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having such amazing and caring people working for your great company. God bless, Keith & Talibah Maxwell-Gaines.

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I spent this past weekend snowmobiling down in the Black River Falls, WI area and stayed at your facility there. We were very satisfied with the service that we received from your staff. Everyone was very friendly and seemed sincere in wanting to make our stay a pleasant one. The desk Associate, Tamara, was excellent and was especially friendly and expressed a very positive attitude towards her job. I also had complemented the cook that was on duty as the breakfast provided both days was very good. I have worked in retail for 37 years and it is very encouraging to meet Associates that are pleasant and enjoy their jobs.

Posted by dlbjr


Had a great time and the staff was excellent. Room was super clean and appreciative. Have a few complaints that are room specific. Room 209. Refrigerator compressor is going bad and making a wakening noise when running. TV was a little aged and dark making it hard to see with these old eyes. Hot water in tub was not hot enough when all the way hot, although the sink was hot! May have a plugged up valve on the hot side of the tub.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with my reservation and called the hotel to see if they could help me with my problem, much to my surprise I was transfer to Maria one of the managers voice mail. I called three times and she never answer my call, what type of manager dose that? the next day I called and asked if there was another manager and they game me Oscars name I called and he was so patient with me and help me solve my problem in less than 5 min that is all it took for him to hear me out and take action by looking into my reservation. I think Oscar took a leader roll and solved the problem, he acted like he should have acted like a manager. This happen at the Comfort Inn & suites Inglewood California.I was very happy.
Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

Just spent the night in Rock Springs, WY at your Comfort Inn. The computer was down which in most businesses means you, the customer, are out of luck. Not so with Marilyn Robinson and Mossie Nortz, both of whom were manning the front desk. They soldiered on forcing the system the old fashioned way and they did it in good cheer and grace. My wife an I were impressed.

We could have stayed across the street for half the price, admittedly with fewer amenities. Glad we didn't! They are great and deserve a corporate 'At a boy' for hanging in there. I could conquer the corporate world with an army of employees like these. Thought someone should know. Regards, John Snidow

Posted by Road Weary

Good morning,
Today was my last day staying at the Comfort Inn in Warsaw. For the past two years Iâve been calling the Comfort my âtemporaryâ home while I was working on a big project for Zimmer Medical. I just wanted to tell you about two exceptional employees you have at this property. Jenny and âlittleâ Rachael were always very helpful and courteous to me while I was staying at the Inn. I canât say enough good things about these two women. Racheal always greeted me in the morning with a big smile and a good morning. Jenny always took care of my reservations and anything else I needed.

As a manager myself I know how hard it is to find good people these days. These two ladies are âkeepersâ in my book. I believe when you have exceptional people in your organization, you should let them know.

I could have stayed at the Hampton Inn the Holiday Inn or any of the other hotels in town, but I chose the Comfort Inn because of how I was treated there. I felt like I was part of these two ladies families. They were always very welcoming and friendly. Iâm now leaving after two years in Warsaw. I have to say Iâm a little sad to leave my two friends behind. Please let these ladies know when you see them, how much I appreciated them. I will miss them.

Posted by Anonymous

We would like to tell you that we had a great time at the Comfort Inn in Cameron, Missouri. The people there were so helpful and did everything they could to make our family reunion nice. We had no place in town to get together ( because of rain) so just stayed there in the kitchen area to visit.
Plan on going back again next year.

Posted by tu madre

How could this hotel could have employee drinking in the backroom wow its a shame that employee be drinking hidden n work drunk n the employees doesnt know okay fantastic

Posted by lazoomusic

Hi guys. I just wanted you to know that "Jody" at your Comfort Inn in Cortland, NY gave me exceptional customer service: My wife and I were driving up Interstate 81 heading towards Cortland from New Jersey. My wife was feeling extreme motion sickness, and said she could not drive in the car any longer. And so we ended our trip prematurely, stopping in Binghamton, NY. It was there that we checked in without a reservation to the Comfort Inn on Front Street (where we had stayed previously). Then I called Jody at the Cortland Comfort Inn to cancel, explaining the situation with my wife. Normally we would have been charged for canceling our reservation there, but Jody was compassionate and waived the penalty fee for us. She was great. Please know that you have a wonderful employee in Jody. Thanks.

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Posted by Anonymous

I just would like to tell every one NEVER EVER STAY AT COMFORT INN IN OXFORD OHIO.....
I just got fired from there of some bull crap They do not provid gloves or uniforms and the whole place is un organized and it not a good place to stay. Staff members are two face and managers do not do there jobs. And rooms do not have every thing working in them.

Posted by mz.chocolate

I was recently employed by comfort Inn.I worked there about six days.I started working did what i was suppose to but I didnt agree with how they was training I finished out the day and left.This is how the clean the rooms they didnt wash the bath tubs they would spray the tubs with bleach and would just wipe it dry so nasty and the I did it my way and washed the tubs out right with running water.But make a long story short I wasnt paid for the days I worked.The General manarger said that he didnt have to pay me.By me not signing an employment packet they pretended like they had no clue as to what was going on.And half the time we didnt have anything to work with like sheets, towels and wash rags .cause laundry would be behind cause the General manerger had to wash his things first cause he lives there at the hotel not only is he liar but he also goes with the help .I am about to seek legal help cause they had me working illegally.The General manergar and Executive manerger needs to be fired .The comfort Inn in Middleburg heights in Cleveland by the airport is ran by some morons thats why people dont stay cause they dont know how too treat there employees.

Posted by KristyFuller

I worked at Comfort Suites in Ardmore Oklahom preparing all the food every morning for about 5 hours a day. Around April 17th 2013 I got very sick and ended up in the emergency room. I called my boss from the hospital hours before I was to be at work and explained where I was and wouldn't be Abe to come in. When I got home I called again and told the hotel that the hospital said I could not work with food for 48 hours so I would not be able to cone to work the next day either. When the 48 hours was up I walked, still sick to work in the cold ran almost 2 miles away. When I got to work I was rudely yelled at and and what I thought I was doing there? I was told to get out and that I didn't work there anymore. I will never recommend Comfort Suites or any of its sister hotels. Not only did they fire me illegally fir being in the hospital but I still have not been to get may last paycheck. Also they fired me for not working illegally with a note from a hospital saying very clearly I COULD NOT WORK WITH ANY FOOD FOR 48 HOURS.

Posted by Sarah

I actually worked at a comfort inn in Boise Idaho. I was a housekeeper. Things that are found in rooms go to a lost and found with a label and the customers info. Well a co-worker grabbed something out of one of my rooms. She told me she was taking it to "the box" later that day before I went home I stopped to check if the item was there. It wasnt. There was no one there for me to talk to so I had to wait until the next morning. I discussed my problem with a manager. Instead of talking to the owner she told the girl I was calling her a theif. Of course this caused an arguement. Of course in the middle of argueing the owner showed up. I was not allowed to tell him what happened. When I tried to explain myself I was fired. This comfort inn does knowinly rent to prostitutes doing buisiness. The owner allows drug use. Even when there were complaints about marijuana smoke. I will never stay or work at another comfort inn.


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