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Comcast customer service is ranked #460 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.82 out of a possible 200 based upon 2857 ratings. This score rates Comcast customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


2,645 Negative Comments out of 2,857 Total Comments is 92.58%.


212 Positive Comments out of 2,857 Total Comments is 7.42%.

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    • 32.82 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 2,645 negative comments (92.58%)
    • 212 positive comments (7.42%)
    • 42 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

You customer service has a lot to be desired. Service call are of the stone age and I have call four times for your company to come a fix my home cable from the wall. Why. Because one of employees was tooo lazy to get his own ground cable and stole the one from the direct T V box.Still have not gotten repair.

Posted by Anonymous

Re-nominating Comcast as Worst Company in North American -- though in reality only their repair crews are on this continent, with customer "service" outsourced to the Philippines. Yesterday Comcast email was down for at least 7 hours. I had to speak with THREE reps over a period of SIXTY minutes just to be informed that the problem was at Comcast's end. The first rep read from a script to advise me I should purge "cookies" from cache and reboot computer. When I asked for a supervisor she put me on hold, never to return. Second rep was also at a loss; again, I requested a supervisor. Supervisor took TWENY minutes to inform me about the outage, saying she "assumed" the previous reps would have told me. English-speaking ability at the call center is MINIMAL; they may understand basic sentences but are unable to grasp anything even slightly complex or to put anything into context and have ZERO knowledge of local conditions.

I called the Comcast "corporate office" today to complain and spoke with someone in Tucson who used the word "unfortunately" about 100 times. He claimed there was something called a "We're on It" line based in the U.S. that customers could call to avoid the Philippines customer-"service" center but said he was "not allowed to disclose the number" and that I could "find it online." Online search revealed NO phone number for this dubious entity, just more of the usual B.S. Corp-office exec also refused to issue credit for the time that email service was out, saying since Comcast email is "free" they have no obligation to compensate.


Posted by The Elder

Have TV, phone, internet with Comcast. Recently phone line was very staticy, so I called. The guy that showed up, Peter, only spent about 10 minutes listening to it. Insisted I had a loose connection at first (I didn't, I had checked before calling in), and then changed his story and said that his boss, Scott, would check the line from HQ and would call me later in the day. This was BS. Of course Scott never called that day or any other day after. I finally got through to someone at night who reconfigured my system from where he was and the problem has now gone away. That first guy just does not care about me, the equipment, or the company he works for.

Would try Verizon FIOS, but if you look on this site, Comcast has 90% negative ratings and FIOS has 90% negative ratings too, so why bother switching.

There's so much money to be made here you wonder why they can't be bothered to have at least decent customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

really nice recording way to contact a real person....
While preparing for the storm, I noticed that the cable box on the side of the house was uncovered and mangled. I can't believe that your techs left it that way after the last visit.
did not want to personally mess with it because I find Comcast to be tempermental and I didn't want to inadvertantly lose service. when things calm down and before the next hurricane, could you please send someone out to fix it?


Comcast is the worst Co. on this planet!! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE DOESN'T SERVE ANYBODY BUT THEMSELVES!!! "Service" look up the definition COMCAST!! I use to work for a public service co. and we never treated our customers like Comcast does!! Stop hiring people that can't speak proper English!! Your people have no idea what their doing, they all read from a script that they were taught by Comcast!! You tell them your problem and they want to sell you another product or service! HA!! They also lie!! Got a new modem and the personnel at the front desk said call and they will tell you how to activate! How can you call WHEN YOUR PHONE DOESN'T WORK!! DUMB,DUMB!! Luckily my neighbor was at home. 2 hours later he finally got my modem activated, after I had to keep telling him I was using my neighbor's phone!! The stupid dude kept asking me if lights were on or off!! How can I do that when I'm at my neighbors home?? STUPID!! Thats the kind of people that Comcast hires!!! They don't care about their customers so long as they get their $200.00 a month!! My first year with them was horrible!! It took them the whole year before anything got settled and solved then 2 months before my contract comes up for renewal the same problems start all over again!! Future customers BEWARE!!! Be prepared to have a battle with Comcast to get anything done or resolved!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Fairfield rd.,plymouth meeting pa. Cable is out, get out here and fix it it has been 12 hours...or we are switching to fios

Posted by BEVERLY

Service is terrible and customer service poor since I've subscribed starting about 3 years ago when I moved here. I didn't think anything could be worse than TimeWarner; I was wrong. The guy who installed said it was his last day working with the company -- said he quit because company was so awful and he felt bad for the customers. I work at home. Have had my signal go out probably every day for 3 months. Over last few weeks it's gotten more frequent. Waited for tech a week ago, changed out equipment and said now working perfectly. It's been worse ever since. Got the bill but Comcast says it won't give me a credit until the problem is fixed. Now I'm supposed to wait home again for another technician to come. I have lost so much time I could have worked and am now behind, not to mention the stress dealing with customer service has caused. I tell them I want a credit for at least the last 3 months -- but becauuse I didn't have time to stop and complain and spend a lot of my day back and forth with horrible customer service I have no proof. A couple of dollars credits won't compensate me for lost work time and the stress. ComcastCares they call themselves on Twitter. No, Comcast does not care. They are a legally sanctioned monopoly with huge monetary barriers to entry by potential creditors. They need to be broken up at the federal level by regulators.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a husband who is 90 years old, WWII veteran. I work and he is home all day. At least one week a month our TV goes out for what ever reason. Most recently they say I have not paid my bill - They do not send me a bill. They automatically withdraw an amount from my bank account to pay for telephone,TV and internet. I have the bank statements from January, February and March which show that I have had $200 withdrawn from my bank account by Comcast on 13th of each of the three months. Not sure what their problem is but if we had a real market economy and not "fair haired boys" I bet I would have better customer service from the currently only available cable company.

Posted by Marerose

Well it looks like my disatisfaction with Comcast isn't anything new. But I will never recommend your service to anyone. my biggest issue today of my 'customer service" (the term I use losseley) was horrible because I could barely understand anything the woman said based on her Hindi accent. I can't believe you guys can't afford to have proper English speaking American's as your support. I had a really important issue to get resolved and I ended up hanging up on her. It is astounding that they don't know how bad their accent is. I will be filing an offical complaint to management.


Posted by lcaltobel

I have been calling comcast since Tuesday today is Friday to fix my email and phone that have been hacked and have yet to get anywhere except frustrated. I am at my wits end today a customer service rep HUNG UP ON ME!!!!! Now that is some customer service!
I am getting NO help no matter who I speak with I just get routed to the next person and so on. I have lost the connect 2 time and no one has called me back

Posted by Anonymous

Comcast SUCKS!!! It is the WORST company I have ever dealt with!! They say they are all about customer service,but when you have an issue, you get the run-around, and they are just the WORST Cable network!!! Their customer service is there, just to piss you off, as they take your money for crap cable, interrupted service!! On demand?? Yeah, right, on a guess, that it might work!! They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Your changes for e-mail are horrific as is most of your services. Wish I had more options. Windows 10 and Comcast are useless.

Posted by Anonymous

Many American companies need to bring back Customer Service to the good old USA. Most of the time I have a hard time understanding what the overseas CS Rep. is saying. I can tell they are reading a script. Most of the time overseas CS Rep. do not comprehend the problem you are trying to explain to them. I am wasting my time. I end up on the phone calling several times because they hang up or you just get disconnected/dropped. A few weeks ago I spend about a good 4 hours or so trying to get help from Comcast 800#. What a waste of time. I finally had someone with the intelligence to dispatch a technician to my home. It was the remote box which the technician had to reprogram it. Now I have a problem when I send messages to group e-mail addresses, they are not being received. They seem to be going out but I find out later they are not being received. Normally when messages are sent & for some reason at the other end they are not receiving your e-mail, you would receive an e-mail from the main server carrier that your e-mail was not delivered and the reason why. I am not getting that. I started to use Delivery Request when I send an e-mail to my e-mail group addresses. Again the e-mail seems to be sent but I do not receive any delivery info. Now, I called today and your overseas CS rep. were not helpful at all. This time I request to speak with a U.S. person and the overseas CS rep. transferred me to another overseas CS rep. I end up calling the office in Maryland and was on the phone for a good 20 minutes or so still waiting to speak with a supervisor. I end up asking the CS Rep. in MD to have the Supervisor call me back. She responded that I will get a callback within 2 hours. This is very poor customer service and I am not a happy camper. I dropped my Centurylink Svc for Comcast thinking that I would be getting a better service. I am very disappointed.

Posted by Nat

My mother inlaw has comcast. We have tried to get her dish or direct but too many trees..ourv1st experiebce wss when they put hervwiring across the middle of her floor.shevgsd to hold up the cable to vacuum. Keep in mind thst she is 80 years old --ehst a safety issue! When i called they asked what was wrong with that. Really? I gave them 24 hours.the lazy contract person was just lazy. Finnally returned and ran it under the house. Several minor issues lead to today.she has been without tv for week.not acceptable. Todsy they dhow..walk in turn tv on. Ssid fixed and left. Still no cable tv. Called back. Asked to speak to someobe in leadership and was told no one above the call center. I told the nice man that even the president answers to someone. They are to come tomorrow...had best do so. Lrts say they come..let mecadd they had best fix her tv.she missed the debates and her footbsll. Friends add each day.."what you get with Comcast". I wanted to prove all wrong....but have to add to the frustration. Waiting to see if i can say thank you to someone tomorrow

Posted by Finally free from cable

The customer service reps were nice enough but Comcast is extremely difficult to deal with. I wasted about 1 1/2 hour of my life dealing with trying to cancel cable TV this week. I would not recommend Comcast cable to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service I have ever seen unable to bring up my account let alone fix my cable took one hour to my pay my bill on the phone transferd me three times just for that these people have no idea what they are doing I'm going to change my service they need to train people better they have service everyday oh wait it's going out again I do not know about them however I do not have three hours a day to spend on the phone with them to fix my tv in like them I care about the people I work with an try to on a daily badis

Posted by NOgmo83

August 26, 2016 @ 9:30 I arrived to my new house- a few days before our final move to a new state - I had many things to do in a short visit, but one of my main goals: Connect internet with my new Motorola modem. I chose to do a SELF SET UP because the previous owner to the house said He used your services and it is already set up for Comcast. I quickly found that I was not connecting. Everything was great with my modem, but there was no connection so I called Customer Service where I was told, something on Comcast end was not completed and it required a tech visit. She was very kind, apologized, and promised (#1) the fee for the tech would be waived, (#2) I would have a credit to my account for the inconvenience, and (#3) I would be a priority customer and got an appointment for 12p the same day. I was happy with this despite the circumstances and I waited at the house. 12 o'clock came and nobody came or called. At 1 o'clock I called back to find out by the automated system that my appointment was REALLY scheduled for the following day! PROBLEM: I would not be there! I spoke with a guy who acted like I just dreamed up my same day appointment, and the only thing he could do was reschedule me. He never apologized, he never offered a different solution, he clearly did not care about the continuous string of problems I was having. I requested a Supervisor, who shortly after did call be back. Eric quickly agreed there was a problem and said he would put in a complaint for the unfulfilled promise of a same day appointment. This is the ONLY thing Eric did to help my situation. After a rigorous couple hours on the phone throughout the afternoon, the end result with Eric was, I had to reschedule for almost an entire week later, He kindly told me I would be "credited" for the time I did not have service (which was to be expected, right?) and also, that I would be charged $50 for the tech fee, but he could "put a note in to ask for it to be waived". Now, when problems have escalated to this point, and I still don't have service, the last thing you want to hear is that you might have to pay $50 for the company's mistakes. This did not go well, so Eric assured me he would take care of the fee- although it was company policy to charge for tech visits no matter the situation. At the end of the day, I wasted hours on the phone, I missed my own deadlines for the day because of time spent waiting on a tech to never show, I was lied to, more importantly, I was not compensated for any of it, and I still do not have service. I am extremely unsatisfied, and I will recommend people stay far away from Comcast if they want any quality Customer Service.

Posted by IndyOriginal

Nine out of ten times Comcast customer "service" lies to me. Outright lies! The most recent issue is I have been having problems with my remote control and the DVR. After changing to new batteries three times and changing to three different Comcast remote controls (not universal controls) three times, I called Comcast. They sent a signal to my box that helped awhile. Strangely, all of my remotes will work with the DVR for up to three hours at a time then just stop.

I really believe the problem is outside of the house -- perhaps they made a change at headquarters that is affecting my remote and DVR. (An example, they made changes in HD transmission that required me to change my regular cable box in another to an HD box.)

A technician came to my home. I told the agent on the telephone that a tech will not set foot in my house until every possible problem has been checked and fixed outside. Later learned from a Comcast chat that the tech never checked anything outside. The tech said all wiring should be redone inside the house. He refused to lay the wires where they had been done last time. He then refused to go through the attic. He refused to go under the ceiling tiles in the basement. He wanted me to move the TV to an outside wall so they could drill a hole through the wall. There is already a hole in the wall or I wouldn't have had cable for the last 20 years. He also said Comcast does not move any furniture or other items--the elderly, disabled people have to do it. WHERE DO THEY GET THESE PEOPLE?

Posted by jcchai

Would recommend any other provider if it is an option. Call in customer service reps have a hard time understanding because they are outsourced. My wife went to a service center in Florida which was an hour away only to have someone that was rude and didn't understand English. Asked for a manager and there was none.
I have 2 separate vacation rentals with them and will be switching.

Posted by medo0obasha

I had a 24 months fixed rate promotion with comcast, and the agent that talked to me about the promotional offer assured me that I will be paying $120 a month for 24 months for the bundle service with DVR.
After 7 months of fixed rate, they increased some random fees out of no where. Talked to customer service after many trials, just to end up with a dump one telling me that these fees is NOT INCLUDED in the promotional offer (as if we're dealing in a stock market with fluctuating rates) and that the rate should have increased 5 months ago!!!

The dumper thing was that she was just sorry that I was misinformed and she hung up on me without even giving me the space to talk.

So my conclusion is:
- Fluctuating rates even if they promise fixed rates.
- Dump responses from unreachable customer service agents
- Rudeness to its maximum limit.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Florida snowbird. I tried to make an appointment with Comcast for an installation almost six months in advance. I flew down to meet the Comcast rep at our apartment in florida. They didn,t show up despite repeated confirmations in advance. When I called to ask why, I was told they couldn,t get the tech there that day. They then scheduled another day when I was going to be in ny. Further they have been billing me for cable service which is not set up for months.they clearly don,t care. They have a monopoly. This is when the government should step in to help the little guy.however, I am sure that won,t happen either.

Posted by Jupiter

The WORST possible service of ANY company still in business! To say "Customer Service" would be inappropriate as they do not treat anyone as a "Customer"!

Would change to ANYTHING but Comcast if possible!

Posted by choirmom220

This number (the second listed on the page)is always busy.

Posted by Anonymous

worst most frustrating aggravating, not to mention deaf robots I've ever dealt with. repeat repeat, move on repeat repeat, retype retype,, still hung up, zero accomplished. crap service

Posted by Fred43

I've been with Comcast for at least 15 yrs . I've paid my bill yes I'm behind on it. I'm on ssd I get paid the 2nd of every month. I called on July 2 to pay my bill granted I stopped my internet and DVR service the recording said my total bill was 117.45 with a past due of 80.45. So I paid 81 on august 2 I called the computer said I have a past due of 281.45 with a total bill of 433. I went to my local office nobody knew why my bill jumped over 200 in one month. Long story short I'm getting dish more channels for 63.63 a mknth .

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Posted by Anonymous

We received excellent service from the Prince George Virginia office. Ashley Austin was very knowledgeable and efficient.

Posted by Anonymous

**Del Rio Contractors did some work putting in some new lines underground through the street and in part of my yard here in NW Albuquerque. They were polite, knowledgeable and informative. Their care for customer happiness was expressed in their actions and words. My yard where they dug looks better than it did before they started(Thank You!). The Del Rio people cleaned up and fixed the road where they also had to dig. They were faster than most road crews I've seen. These are quality folks you want doing the job! Del Rio did the work with surprising efficiency and represented you, Comcast, in a positive light. I AM IMPRESSED! I hope if there is any future settling
that these folks will be the ones fixing it because they really do good work.
Please share my thanks with these good workers and I recommend you consider them your first choice in the future.
- Kevin Jaqua

Posted by Larry

After a bad storm Saturday July 22, we found ourselves without Power, phone,or cable TV. This was due to a very large tree in my neighbors yard falling on the line. Sunday morning I contacted Comcast in Independence Missouri and reported our outage. I was told that someone would come Tuesday morning to address our issues. Much to our surprise, a technician showed up later Sunday. His name is Paul Gant. He went right to work hooking us up with temporary service. It was very hot but he stayed at it until service was restored. He was very polite and hard working. Paul Gant represented Comcast in an outstanding fashion. It is now Monday and a couple of technicians have already been here assessing the situation. Great job Paul Gant and Comcast!

Posted by Anonymous

We wish to express our sincere thanks to Ruben for his awesome customer service skills. We are grateful that he was able to repair the issue and resolve the situation quickly with my t.v..

We give him a 100% rating.

Thank you Comcast for hiring Ruben ;-)

Best regards,
Mujica Family

Posted by Mrs.D

We switched to Comcast from Time Warner Cable aka Spectrum and long story short, we are getting a hell of a lot more for our money! So far we are very happy with the service!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give a big "excellent job" shout out to Dan Cashmere (Sales and Service Consultant based out of the Hillsboro Oregon office). He was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable - was a very pleasant experience working with him.

Jeff B.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give a BIG kudos to techs David and Alex! Thry were at our house a good part of the day (mon). Our cable is old, a tech came out just a couple weeks ago, did not fix the problems. Thought he did. Called Comcast again last night really fed up. David and Alex came out, i cannot tell you all they did, but we have great working cable for the first time in mos. Plus new remarkable chsnnel changers, and we are now on Xfinity which is a dream! Thanks again David & Alex, you were polite, knew what you were doing, and we can't thank you enough!!! You deserve a BIG raise!

Posted by Anonymous

I appreciate there service and the techs who helped with my concerns
They were courteous and very helpful, even tho I was upset.
Thank you fir your service

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say I have had a few issues with my comcast xfinity cable.
Every time I called customer service they have been very polite and helpful, even tho I was upset.
I admit they had to take a few attempts to fix the problem with my cable, but the techs and customer service were always polite and helpfull.
I really appreciated that.
By the way so far so good looks like my problem with the cable was fixed.
Thank you comcast for your help.

Posted by Anonymous

Over the past year I have needed to call Comcast and have Comcast reps out to my home for numerous reasons. Today was the latest of these when I received an automated call from Comcast advising me that my Home Security system was not operable. I spoke with a rep and now have an appointment for 7/9/16 to hopefully rectify this problem as well as address why I am constantly having to seek out customer service from Comcast due to cable outage, phone outage, internet outage and now home security issues. Within today's call I asked to speak with a supervisor/manager in order to address my displeasure I, as a long time customer, have been experiencing. I was connected to Lorissa(spelling?)to voice my displeasure with Comcast and hopefully determine a solution as to why I am having so many service issues. Lorissa was extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable of Comcast's products which could assist me. While it remains to be seen if my issues will be resolved, Lorissa has somewhat restored my faith in Comcast and I hope my message will be forwarded to her superiors and she will be recognized for excellent customer service.

Posted by dinos

After a long 2 hours of talking to the billing department and not getting anywhere and basically being told their screw up was our fault, I decided to cancel my service. I was connected to a wonderfully helpful man named Anthony, once we explained why we were canceling our service he offered to wave the $150 fee we were being charged. So thank you Anthony, account executive @ Spokane valley for fixing this mess in less than 15 minutes.

Posted by ???

Dear Comcast,

I want to leave a positive rating and comment regarding my appointment today, March 19, 2016. I have been so frustrated with learning new steps and have all my TV's up and working since my husband passed away. Vinny was wonderful taking time to reprogram my remotes and got my equipment working perfectly. Just what the doctor ordered. He took the time to reinforce the instructions. My Comcast To identify the right Vinny - his name on my sheet is Vincent Barrella, T Yours, Barbara Kondrath

Posted by Anonymous

I lost my remote control for the TV & cable box, so I went to the customer service center on Peachtree Road in Atlanta. The lady who greeted me at the entrance was extremely nice, and she immediately got me a replacement. I was very pleased at how fast and pleasant the experience was. I was in there probably no more than 2 minutes.

Posted by TK

Service was great 3-5-2016, Mike showed up on time,installed new modem and then made sure everything other device worked. He was polite, professional and efficient.

Posted by fierystar

Had an activation problem that was resolved in a very professional, friendly,, and knowledgeable way Jeff in the Philippines.
Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I just now renewed my relationship with Comcast after a period of absence from their service. The customer service rep, her name is Ana, was very pleasant, informed and knowledgeable of all aspects of my transaction. She ensured that I did not pay additional fees in light of being a previous customer. My interaction and reconnection to Comcast was a very pleasant experience and I thank Ana for her help!


Posted by Michael or Heather Johnson

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been troubleshooting for nearly 5 days with Comcast due to a lack of internet connection. We've talked with several operators, we went into the Comcast store and replaced the modem, we've researched on our smart phones, and have had no success. Finally, I was transferred to Quinn (OP ID ;d2) who stayed on the phone with me to help establish service again. We worked and worked together until we finally got a signal and got back online. We had issues with splitters, cables, a sea of ports and devices in our high tech set-up at this house. I had to describe devices to him, he'd research them, then he'd tell me what to unplug and what to plug back in. It was tedious and time consuming. But after 2 hours and 4 minutes, we were successful.

I told Quinn that we need the internet immediately for work. We are responsible to get lifesaving devices to hospitals and are on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a patient is on the operating room table and a surgery team determines that patient needs the devices we provide, we must have access to the internet to pick the correct size and get them to the hospital immediately. Quinn was very professional and determined to help me establish internet connection, realizing lives literally depended on it. And once he and I were able to get the internet going again, he transferred me to Paul (OP ID 838) who talked me through renaming our new network name and password.

Thank you for providing me with these two service operators. I now have internet and the ability to do my job. I appreciate these technicians--particularly Quinn, very much.


Heather Johnson

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a new TV and I called Comcast today because I needed technical support. I knew I'd be aggravated and frustrated and figured I'd have to call back and forth several times before it would be resolved.
I was wrong. I got Seth who was from Southern New Hampshire. He was knowledge, helpful, personable, engaged, caring, pleasant, respectful, patient and kind. He spent a very long time helping me. He was terrific. Can't thank him enough.
Bernadette Higgins

Posted by Kidane

We had an issue where after replacing our modem we could not get our smarthub on the tv connected to our internet. I worked with 2 people at Comcast and 1 person at Samsung for about an hour and a half before I called Comcast back and worked with Kidane. She was excellent. She was the only one who knew how to reset so we could address the privacy mode on the smarthub and I was up and running in no time. I did not say that I would leave feedback at the beginning of the call so I was not able to let anyone know how much she helped me. I hope this feedback gets back to her supervisor because she deserves credit for a job well done.

Posted by Brandy

This data usage limit is absolutely crazy I already pay comcast 175.00 a month for regular cable and internet. No premium channels and no movie channels, so what gives comcast?

Posted by ?

I am extremely satisfied on the recent service I requested from Comcast. I have been a Comcast customer for 7 years and notice that the service quality has improved 150 percent. Keep it up and thanks.

Posted by dave57897

To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to commend tech support representative Ariya's (hopefully spelled correct) fantastic, responsive help in quickly resolving my internet connectivity problems. While people often hear a lot of flack about consumer support, I want to make sure she was recognized. I hope your company promotes reps who do an exemplary job. Based on a cursory look at the forums, it seems it often goes the other way.

Most truly,

Dave Hantman

PS I also would like to cite the last two or three reps whom I've dealt with, as they were also quite helpful, though I unfortunately did not get their names. I would assume you can look it up through my records.

Posted by Dont Worry Bout It

I don't have a bad experience. It just amazes me how someone will stay with a company having all these issues. You say the prices high, well leave, you say services sucks, well leave. What is so important about Comcast to make you stay and want to degrade someone. Then what really trips me out is you mad cause pricing change from a promotion and for to everyday pricing. Did you think they was gonna last forever. And why wait till your 2 days away from disconnection to request Collection for an arrangement. This is a cable company, this isn't a utility based company. Its sad how you really put cable, internet as a major part of your life. This is material things, how can you get upset and want to sue over material things. Maybe Comcast isn't a bad company, maybe yall just some bad customers.

Posted by [email protected]

My rep.Carmela,tecwash,support. Was wonderful in getting all my chanels,restored after I switched my my box to X1. She spent 1hr on the phone,till all my channels came back. She was GREAT!!!! She is a keeper!!


A Changement Of The Password By A Technician Of The Modem, Probably Created Problems Of The Internet Connection
Depraving Me Of Its Use For Almost A Whole Day And Loss Of Work.
A Few Ladies Did Tried To Help Me, Working Long Hours, Having Me Participate In Difficult Operation ( An Old Lady ). No Result !!!!
Finally A Very Experienced Specialist Named Heather Took On The Problem, Working Hard With
Competence, Experience And Also Kindness And After Long Hours, Late In The Evening The
Problems Was Solved !!!!
This Person Is An Asset For Your Company And Precious Help For The Customers.

My Thanks Go To Her ( Eventually To Charlie Robert She Mentions In Her Mail.)


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Posted by Justme

I see the complaints that are made regarding customer service, just a quick question have y'all though maybe if I'm polite and respect the customer representative I'm speaking too, my questions will get answered! And not start the conversation screaming like a maniac trying to demand something that I'm not even paying for just for y'all to understand having cable or internet or any TV provider is not a basic need its a luxury and if you can't afford it just stick with regular TV on your local networks instead of ordering movies and then calling asking for it to be removed. If you watched it you have to pay for it and if you didn't like it, remember it still has a charge its like if you just bought a car and the realized you can't afford it are you going to tell the person who sold it to you I didn't use it can I get my money back. Let's use our commonsense if the price increases call in let the representative attend your needs in an a professional manner because I'm sure if you received a call from any type of customer disrespecting you or calling you all types of names you would not be able to take it as a professional.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm shouting to the heavens and beyond, that after working for Comcast as a call center agent for a few months, I would rather burn in hell for eternities than continue to work for this company.

Posted by theyknow

I have an issue with Comcast and a Supervisor for Comcast. A friend of mine became employed with Comcast at the beginning 2014 and shortly after working for Comcast my service would sometimes become interrupted due to hardship. Well, the Supervisor would call and make gestures pertaining to bills once my service was interrupted. I asked him if he had been accessing my account and he stated "no." However, I called Comcast and was told that the Supervisor had in fact accessed my account. This leaves me concerned because the only information this friend knew of me was my name and my number associated with the account. Also, Comcast has an arbitration agreement with their customers and it seems that Comcast is not concern with the issue of their employees invading your rights and harrassing customers because no one has reached out to me for an apology or anything other than to call asking questions about the incident just to have an arbitration hearing.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an old school customer service rep and believe that it is my job to help the customer, within the description of my job, the best I can. HOWEVER, comcast does not support their employees in any way shape or form. We are told to follow a script and if the cx issues doesnt fall within that guide line you are done helping. You will also be written up and put on warning for going over and above. Sadly, 99.9% of overseas reps merit is judged by conforming to this. They are only as good as they are allowed to be. Same is true for stateside CSRs as well but we are American. Many of us will NOT be dangled by the neck till we conform and still try to help who we can. In my opinion Comcast biggest issues is they are firmly committed to "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". I dont think there is any intention of changing in the future. So for those of you that blame the mindless agent remember they are only as good as the training and company behind them. Comcast does not support helping cx to the fullest extent because it costs to much and takes to much time. And "Yes" I am trying to find another job. LOL

Posted by john81

im crrently a c.a.e. for comcast and for all of you reps trying to explain how cx that are rude hurt your feelings and so that makes it ok to be rude back....well thats complete garbage because its your JOB to be professional, and to keep your composure! at the end of the day its just a job,just a call, and justanother day. so quite whinning and do your job. at the center im at one rude response from an agentg leads to termination. so think about what youre saying. you guys sound so much like the callers youre whinning about.

Posted by Concerned Customer

You guys think bad mouthing reps would help your issues resolved huh? The more you bad mouth a rep the more uninterested he/she would be to help you. Not only would this result to having your issues ubresolved but would keep you calling back. This has been an experience as a customer with comcast. Reps are persons to. They have feelings so you cant just bad mouth them. Yes I agree the company does suck, so as with the hold time and wait time, but they only work for the company becasue of the pay. Would you be willing to help someone who would badmouth you? Obviously the answer would be a no. So treat a rep nicely. Most of my issues actually get resolved cause I have been treating the reps nicely, even if sometimes it could be very irritating and frustrating. When they ask answer the question in a polite way. That is what they do so that they could better understand your issues because in the first place they are not there personally to check the status of your devices. Hope this helps you having your issues resovled.

Posted by Jack

I had a customer named Steve from CA who was a racist. After knowing I was an offshore agent located in Asia, he kept on saying Asians are a couple of dumb and stupid races. I do understand that he was frustrated that his internet was not working and he had to wait for more than 30mins for a live representative and I did my best to help him. He won't even cooperate doing troubleshooting the issue. I was even polite in asking him to check the lights on the modem and such and he would keep on mumbling and speaking profane language. After 45mins. on the call we were able to resolve the issue, which was caused by a loose connection at the back of the modem (coaxial cable to be exact). After resolving the issue he hunged up on me. The thing here is before you call in at tech support and have your issue resolved why not do the basics firsts in your end? (e.g. check connections, reset modem, etc) Then maybe you wont have to wait for a long time to have an issue resolved. The problem with you guys is you depend to much on technicians. Your the ones making your lives hard by just depending on something / someone. Sometimes Common Sense is what you guys need... But I do have to admit, Common Sense is so rare this days it has to be classified as a superpower...

Posted by kicked-to-the-curb

Was with Comcast for over 5 years and was part of the CA group of Call Centers that got closed and Comcast choice to piss away experienced and talented call center reps/leads and supervisors. Their attempted to accommodate everyone with positions within the Comcast scattered across other states (WA,Ore, UT, CO and TX)which less than 5% of 1300+ employees actually got those positions. CA generates the most revenue for the entire Western Region (all states West of the Great Plains) but Comcast assumed that having other call centers outside of area would be able to handle CA call volume and also increase the use of Out-sourcing from 15% to 30%. Comcast's lack of interest in their customer base, employees and overall attitude will be their Demise in the near future.

Posted by Sharon

i have a cx named MR KELSEY that keeps on using abusive language, i understand that cx are frustrated in having some problems with their service however, thats why we Agents are here to help them out, i just cant imagine that no matter how we do our best in helping them, they wud still discriminate our race especially if they knew that they were calling asians. Then if we are stupid why is it that we know hoe to fix your service issues even if we dont have that in our end?! And they dont even say thank you wen we fix their issue, the sad thing there is that they call us morone and stupid.

Posted by Eury

i am a comcast rep myself, as well as a consumer, so i understand how it feels when something went wrong with your service and called in waiting for a looong time getting a live person to deal with the issue. i also had my share as well.

no matter what, we as customer reps shud be responsible for resolving issues as much as we can through phone. we were given metrics we should meet, and i'm always on the verge of failing those metrics because i always prioritize resolving the issue of the customer than the metrics.

i know there are a lot of reps that may seem to be doing a poor job assisting you, but i politely ask for you to give the next you're gonna call a chance to solve the issue. i'm telling you, if you really want to have your issue resolved as soon as possible, talk to them calmly, they wouldn't get all flustered and mess up things, and they wouldn't be rude to you, definitely.

Posted by anonymous

rude agents? you say? how about rude customers which we get a lot. mind you agents are only rude when you are rude to them as well. agents are here to help you and being rude and shouting all the time will not help you. when you say your switching to another provider makes us wanna laugh

Posted by offshore agent

im a customer service rep working for comcast.

i understand your frustration, a poor customer service, incompetent agent etc etc.
or sometimes the customer rep that you talk are very rude. im sorry about that, but sometimes we just lose our patience to our customer, whenever you shout at us and start to curse us and take the problem directly to the agent, what do you expect? we will thank you in doing it? were just a human being that could feel, we got angry too and that will be the time that we start to be rude.
why dont you try to hold that anger whenever you talk to us, coz believe me, your anger will just worsen the situation.
we understand your situation, thats why we do everything to please you, we do everything to fix the problem. just please be calm and dont shout.

if you experience a very poor service, its just an isolated case and we could fix it or if you lose your patience just leave the company to lessen your burden just dont tell us every profanity words that you know.

i accept that many customer reps upsell a product and dont tell all of the charges to the cx. thats the most concern that i get in billing. so heres the thing that need to keep in mind when you're upgrading your service.

1. installation charges - whenever we send tech to the cx, theres always a charges for it.
2. make sure that you know all of the charges - when they offer you triple play, it will have tax and has equipment fee. and to make sure that you know all of the charges. after placing the order. call the billing dept about it, and they will be honest about the charges that you will get.
thats kinda hard or annoying that you need to verify the info in other dept but just to be sure and to avoid some problem in the future

Posted by hatescomcast

First of all let me start by saying that I am and have been a CSR for a while now and if I were to treat customers the way Comcasts CSR's were treating us yesterday I would have surly lost my job.

If everyone would please just take a look at the Employee comments on this page, obviously these people do not care about giving good customer service, nor do they care about the customers. So with a job title saying CUSTOMER SERVIVCE--I think you all should find a new job. And even saying that the supervisors laugh at the customer after you get off the phone, doing things on purpose not to help the customer is outragious!!!!

We did not pay or last bill and due to that our service was cut off (expected). In this time we were trying to decide wether or not we wanted to even restore our service with comcast because ATT U-Verse was just now avail. in our area. So yesterday we have a knock at our door from a gentleman claiming to be with Comcast (he had no employee reference number, no Comcast shirt, just had a magnet on the side of his car that said Comcast)with several other individuals (about 4) in the car, DEMANDING the money from our past due bill, saying that he WAS NOT going to leave our doorstep until we paid. We told him that was fine that we would go up to the store to pay the bill that we did not need his assistance. He even said that he would follow us to the bank to get the money. The "Comcast Worker" claimed that we owed him a balance of over $200.

I'm sorry but ANYONE in their right mind would NOT give a stranger $200.00 without any proof, and to send someone to my door step harrassing me for money is a little bit extreme, this is not the mafia. Had I been home by myself and this had happened (female in her mid 20's) I would have called the Police. How are we supposed to know that he was legit without any proof that he is with the company. Also, our bill was only 2 weeks past due....

we ended up leaving the strange guy and his posse at our house, as we left to go to the Comcast office to pay our bill (which was only $98.00 may I add not $200.00). When we did we mentioned that our box had an issue with the DVR and she said we could either have a tech come look at it (cost us $$ for their broken equipment they gave us to begin with) or exchange the box. Seeing as how we didn't live too far away from the office we went home and got our box to exchange it only to bring the "new" one home she gave us to find that it didnt even work!!!

Long story short we went back AGIAN (3 times now) and exchanged it again with a non HD box (we pay for HD service) and her saying that they would call when the warehouse opened and they could get us the one we needed, understandable I guess. After we get home over 4 hours after we paid to have our service restored, still no tv service. after spending an hour on the phone with multiple service reps from every department ranging from tech support to collections, they said it was our fault for taking those measures of going up to the store and not having a tech come look at the problem, and that it was OUR fault for not telling the lady at the store to check and see if the box was working before we exchanged it. I'm sorry but it is not MY JOB to tell your employees how to do their job!!

Long story short they said it would take 30 minutes to 2 hours (around 6:30pm yesterday) for our service to be restored and as of 7:50am when I was leaving for work, we still do not have service.

You will send a strange man banging on my door to collect my money, but when I pay and you give me broken equipment it is my fault.

Really wish we would have just cancelled the service yesterday UGHHHH

If you are thinking about getting comcast, DON'T! Wish I wouldve seen all this before we started service with them...

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Comcast tech support. I understand how frustrating it can be to have your services turned off or not working. That still gives no reason for you customers to call in yelling and screaming. Cussing at us doesnt make things better. All we do is laugh at how childish you are. Also when you are in an outage we have no way to determine when exactly the service will be turned back on, so by yelling at us all your doing is wasting your time. Just know that I'm still getting paid :)

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Comcast customer service and while some customers are very nice, a lot are probably the rudest people I have ever come across in my life. First of all, if your bill goes up its probably because you were on a promotional price and that has's okay because in 6 months you can get on another one. Don't tell us how we are taking your money and how we will be sorry when you don't pay your bill, we won't...we get paid the same no matter what your monthly rate is and regardless of whether or not you pay your bill...all that will happen is you will get your service turned off and you will then have something else to call in screaming about...which is fine because we are pretty much immune to it. If you are polite we will do whatever we can to help you...we want to get the issue resolved, but when you call in irate and screaming like a maniac we will just do whatever is required. Also asking to speak to a supervisor is not a threat, they think you are as out of control as we do, it just gets us off the phone for a couple minutes, while the supervisor takes over...we don't get in trouble for all! Also when it comes to troubleshooting your issue, we are not God, we can only do so much and you are a part of the troubleshooting, if I ask you to do something it's not because I just want you to get up out of your chair for fun, it's for a reason. If we can't get it resolved over the phone, the only option will be a tech. We have a schedule that we look at and that is it, no supervisor can get you an earlier time, if the appt time can be escalated the agent will do it in the first place, if the supervisor does it just to get you off the phone, chances are it won't be a valid escalated appt and it will not go through. Just calm down a bit and maybe the agents will give you the best help they can and will give you accurate information and by the way if you call in with Internet issues...please be prepared to give us the Mac address!

Posted by FORMER CSR

I used to work for COMCAST TECH SUPPORT and I agree with Internet Tech... Most of you guys made my job a living hell every single day!!!!!! You expect us to respect you when you call us cussing and yelling for stuff that isn't even our fault and expect us to want to help you??? I had a few great customers but for the most part I hated my job and most of you were the cause of it so before you call Customer Support and yell at us maybe you should first make sure you understand what your calling about and instead of pointing fingers and yelling try to listen and work with us


I work with Internet tech support for comcast. You guys blame everything on us, when most of the time it is an outage or something of that sort. You guys say that you pay for wireless internet, when no you dont. you pay for an internet connection to the modem. We are very good at getting things fixed for you guys. If the technician is late, it is not our fault. Most of the time we dont even live in the same state as you. I actually live in Tennessee and deal with people from west palm beach, south florida, and georgia. So of course we dont have any direct contact with the technicians, and we dont need people to yell at us for no reason because they deleted one of their emails, and couldnt get it back, and then continuously say that it is comcasts fault when it clearly is not. And we try to be as nice as we can, but we can't because you guys are calling us all of the cusswords in the word of cusswords, and dont ever let us explain what we are trying to do. and then you dont even want to troubleshoot because you dont want to do anything because you think its our responsibility, so then you want a technician to come out and remove your splitter, which could be done in minutes, and wont cost anything. AND THEN after you want a technician, you complain about the technician not being able to come out today, when you know good and well that we dont schedule same day appointments. And then you request a supervisor when its not til 1 day out, when we have 72 HOURS TO GET A TECHNICIAN OUT THERE! oh, and one more thing. when all you residential people keep calling saying you are losing money because you run a business from home, we cant help you any faster, and you are VIOLATING YOUR TERMS OF SERVICE! and if you wanted someone out faster, you should get a business account, because with that, you have 24 HOURS for a technician to come out. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I work for comcast in another country, if you call me insulting me because you didnt want to press the correct options on the ivr and got cable instead of internet services and start insulting every aspect of me not being american, I would xfer you to the incorrect area to the phone dept and to a spanish speaking person. Oh, and Comcast will screw you up so hard that you will only notice on your next month statement, (when buying something remember about taxes equipment and prorated charges)

Posted by Anonymous

I love how people on here would rather post a complaint than positive comments. The hold times are very high because of the high volume of calls because rather than try to calm down then call clients want to call screaming and complaining when that gets you no where. The representative DOES care about your issue and what needs to be done to resolve it, the agent cannot help you if you are screaming and not being clear and to the point. The agents are regular working citizens just like the rest of you people on here and you people need to realize when you call you are speaking to a person so demonstrate respect and you will get it back. It's not very hard to sit down, calm down, and relax and speak like a human. But it's alot easier to scream and throw a tantrum because your internet is not working. The agent will gladly help you fix it and work with you yet if they cannot resolve it over the phone it is not the agent's fault. Read a book on etiquette or something and quit throwing such a fit over no internet, go to the park or spend some time with your family. You are an adult you know.

Posted by Anonymous

if you just keep hitting pound, chances are you are going to be sent to the wrong person, and that's why they have to transfer don't complain if you're too lazy to actually listen to the promps, for a problem that you probably caused. i found out that my problem was that when i was rearranging my cords, i hit the standby button...they fixed my problem is under a minute. geez ppl. it's the internet, YOU WONT DIE WITHOUT IT. i promise.

Posted by Agent

I work for comcast as a customer service representative; I could agree with the service that sometimes it does suck for some people, but that is not what i am here for.

I am here to defend my colleagues and I that work for this company. We receive a lot of calls from stupid people that call angry about their services not working BECAUSE their BOX AND TV ARE BOTH OFF so that is stuff that gets me mad as an agent you take it on us when you are too stupid to check before calling us. That is why when you call and we ask for common questions like if the TV or BOX is ON is not because we are trying to offend you is because there is DUMB people that does not verify it before calling. Other situation is that when we ask for your name, address, last four digits of the SS or if you are the account holder is not to bother you, its because we need to ask that information as a procedure we must follow, so please don't get mad, be more educated.

You think that by calling customer service we could solve everything and of course not. Lets put it like this in the training session we learn very basic stuff, and once we are on the phone we learn by sometimes guessing,thats why we all sometimes provide different information, and is not our fault thats how we got "trained".

So basically, take it easy on us be respecful thats all. And not to say me but thats why sometimes you get hang up, because of your rude behavior. I don't do it but i seen it.

Posted by Anonymous

A message to all those who call Comcast:

Do not be a jerk. It's a simple rule, treat others with dignity and respect and they shall do the same to you. Most of the people that you call don't have too heavy of an affiliation with Comcast other than the fact they have to deal with their irate, insensible customers day in and day out. If you're complaining about a representative hanging up on you, it could be because they'd rather lose their job than talk to a customer who has no sense of how to treat another human being. The amount of help you will recieve is immense if you can just suck it up and realize that the representative is trying to help, not hurt, you.

Your Local Comcast CSR

Posted by Anonymous

What most of the people here don't realize is the representative can only help you with what they were trained with, unless of course they have prior extensive knowledge of computers, phones and internet. Remember these are people doing a job trying to pay bills, feed kids, start lives. You don't need to call and rage at them because you can't check a facebook status. Everyone is addicted to technology, I would even flip a witch if my internet stopped working, but don't take it out on the guy on the phone or over the chat. Their job is to help you, and you don't make their job easier when you call and act like a jerk. Let them help you. There is someone who can fix your issues if you're patient.

Posted by Anonymous

I work in telecommunications. The reason you are all having issues with your service right now is because they are making changes from analog to digital signals. I know they have been selling you digital cable for years but they are just now making the changes internally to actually do it. During this transition period the customers are being lied to and the service failures are being spun as anything but planned maintenance by comcast.

Posted by Anonymous

I to work thru a 3rd party for comcast from home.. comcast has serious issues they do not provide their outsourcers access the tools necassary to do the job.
most of the calls you receive are not the type you should be receiveing and have to transfer most of the calls. .. most of the agents would quit in a minute but the need the job. So much sh*t to put up with.. Customers waiting for months to get service just because the previous resident ran out on the bill or didnt return boxes.
Customers that returned equipment and told they never did. They now chrage up to 2.99 to ADD a product or remove one. On the contract billing said there are different codes in different areas .. the codes are changed often and behave differently in different areas.. address do not come up when searched .. agents transfering dailin to the same number customers do.. and have to go through IVRs that make no sense.. the list goes on and on... I am so glad i do not live in a comcast service area.. . But dont forget the customers that try to get cable under fake names but use the real ss and get caught .. when you say your going to transfer them and let another department explain they hang up.. I am so sad that i was assigned to comcast and am looking forward to the day when i can move on to a better project.. and wish most of the agents working on comcast luck.


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