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ComEd customer service is ranked #777 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 434 ratings. This score rates ComEd customer service and customer support as Terrible.


418 Negative Comments out of 434 Total Comments is 96.31%.


16 Positive Comments out of 434 Total Comments is 3.69%.

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    • 23.09 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 418 negative comments (96.31%)
    • 16 positive comments (3.69%)
    • 1 employee comments
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Posted by AnteEm

Left a report of a street light out on April 12th. Got an email response saying they would be out in a "a day or two" to fix the problem. The truck came on April 18th to fix the light, that night the light didn't work. Reported it again on the 19th of April. Again, got a response saying thank you, we will be out "in a day or two to fix the problem". Here it is, May 2nd, 2018 & they are a no show. Meanwhile, another streetlight has gone out. So I reported the no show on the 2nd response to the 1st light & reported the 2nd light being out for the 1st time. Everybody got that? Hope so. Hope that ComEd has got it. The street is getting very dark & the neighborhood is not all that great so it would be nice to have all the lights on again. I'm guessing it's not the bulb, that maybe it's an old breaker that is starting to go & taking a string of lights out with it. The 2nd light is the next 1 down from the 1st light, same side of the street. Can you hear me now, ComEd?!?!?!?!

Posted by Em

Not very nice.... Collection without even showing last bill. Makes me wonder what's hidden in it. This very unfair way of treating customers.... Makes me happy I'm moving out of this corrupt state and won't have to use ComEd

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I called your office and I wanted to set up a new address your customer service rep who could not tell me why I was being charged $160. I wanted to talk to someone in the credit department to find out why I've been with ComEd for 27 years never made one late payment and I'm one I want to know why just from moving into a condo from my home why there's $160 fee I can be reached

If you want my money I will give it to you but I want to know why and you're up could not tell me she was very snippy on the phone telling me that I could not get this information I need to pay the money first and then I will get a letter in the mail.

Posted by julie

terrible service with com ed its only been one month and nothing is taken care of our street light was struck by lightening and everytime we call customer service they say they have to come out and check the light pole we will tell everyone how poor our experience is with com ed

Posted by Tee Hi

ComEd absolutely sucks!..

For over a year, I was on their "Budget Billing", paying faithfully until I moved in March. After the move, they sent me a "Final Bill" of over $400, which was the actual balance since my budget payments were only a portion of the actual bill each month. Not having the money to pay or even start the deferred payment plan at that time, I ignored it and figured I'd get to it when finances allowed.

Since then, they've ADDED THAT BILL to my current account instead of leaving it on the old account number and now, I have a "Final Disconnection" notice, even though (1) the amount is only this high due to the budget billing that THEY offer; how are you going to offer me something and then penalize me for accepting it?! (2) I not only faithfully pad the BB amounts, but have paid all the Current Bills since I moved.

It would be one thing if my balance was this high due to my negligence in paying or if they were willing to give me time to get started on the payment plan without threatening disconnection, but as a faithful payer for the last 18 months, at LEAST, this just doesn't make any sense!

Posted by 0079

I hate comed they letting us suffer they want change my lights over an I have a child at home on the vinalater an almost pass cause they left my light off after I moved for more than 15 days an they are not still on

Posted by Anonymous

could someone fix the wiring on the pole wires behind hoffman estates, il high school, the linemen put a black plastic bag around the wires and its flying all around. you would think that ComEd would have a more sophisicated way of securing wires

Posted by Grumpy

After losing power. To half my house, I reported the outage to comed. After several hours, I checked back for a status update and saw that "all outages in my area had been resolved and mine may be an isolated incident"....okay? So what does that mean? Is someone coming to fix it? Did some already service the equipment but the problem is still not resolved? what action if any has been or will be taken? Questions. Meanwhile my food is slowly spoiling in the fridge and I have no heat in January. So after about 12 hours I finally just call and ask to speak with a representative. "Oh I do see that you reported an outage but no service has been deployed. We remotely checked your smart meter and could see that you do have full power coming in so it must be an internal problem. We recommend you get in touch with your landlord."......Oh my god, you couldn't have sent some sort of email or something to tell me this when you first checked this how ever many hours ago? Had I not called in and spoken to someone I would not have gotten this answer. So for hours I waited for a service that was never coming, and was never told it wasn't coming. Thanks ComEd.

Posted by CombatDoc

Com Eds account number look-up app is worthless. Only gives last 4 numbers. What is the point of this service when you need your complete account number and it only gives four numbers. Glad I am moving and getting rid of Com Ed.

Posted by reitredfisherman

I want to know why the COMED repair trucks are always parked at the Waukegan Pier? I am a local fisherman and I see the truck parked at the pier 4 or 5 times a day at all hours of the night too. I asked the driver, who said he was Chris, what he was doing and he said he was playing a game on his phone. Why would a repair truck be parked at the pier at 2am and the driver be out at the little lighthouse, don't they have real work to be doing? I'm paying my bill every month and I hope its not so the truck drivers can spend their time fishing or playing games like us retired people.

Posted by concern customer

Real poor customer relationship team. I can't solve my problem with "New Business department" for 1.5 year. You can't get written quote, they gouge prices. Simple job : to change 150 feet secondary wires they asked $33750!!!

Posted by Stick Boy

On returning home from work at 5pm, we realized that someone had taken our electric meter from our rental house behind us leaving a very dangerous situation. I contacted Com Ed and was directed to customer service. I was treated very politely and professionally. A Com Ed service man was there in minutes to replace our missing meter. I would like to thank the whole Com Ed crew for doing a great job. I think sometimes our electric service works so smoothly we sometimes take it for granted.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a single mother of one and my life got turned off and I went to one of you guys is programs that y'all have to get help with my lights I was approved for my lights to get turned back on when I talk to one of your associates they told me that I have to wait until the payment is posted to my account which may take 3 to 4 business days you guys need to come up with a better solution if someone goes to one of the programs and to get help with the lights if this is disconnected to get the service turned back on the next day not 3 to 4 business days are you guys going to replace the food that spoiled in my house No

Posted by seahawksgurl2014

like seriously this company sucks. they don't do anything, they were suppose to start me on budget paying, but no, never offer me it when i asked, said i was way to late, but its on your website, hello. work with customers !!! Than told me they put me through a program, so with all that call in a week they never did anything, they simply lied to me, and still billing me awhile my electric is off, omg seriously.

Posted by Clueless

The worst experience of my life thus far. I live in a apartment complex and recently on the 19the ComEd shut off my power. I've been without power since then and I have a new born baby. In more or less words ComEd basically told me they didn't care about my situation. My power is off because the previous tenant didn't transfer the bill out of their name. That's not my problem. ComEd is insisting on telling me I have to wait 12-14 days before I get power and that's if they approve me. What type of mess is this? Poor customer service. This is by far ridiculous. Unacceptable. Another power company needs to surface.

Posted by Rcott84

Comed need to update their systems to show payments have been post I paid earlier in the day and I still got my power shut off a few hours later. Get this it was a Friday so I have to wait until Monday or they need a weekend reconnection crew be smart and stop making people hate being a customer

Posted by Maggie

I am disappointed in CoEd's customer service department. I had my first experience of having my service. I called customer service and the representative that I talked to not able to give me information on how I could make payment arrangements to satisfy the balance owed and restore my service in the meantime. She never left the written scripted text: "I'm sorry but our policy is..." "I must advise you..." After she kept repeating these phrases and other similar ones, I asked if could I speak to a supervisor and she promptly advised me that the supervisor would not tell me anything other than what she had already told me. I then asked her if paid the balance in full when would my service be restored? She answered by tomorrow afternoon around 5:oopm. Of course that was ComEd's policy again and she could not tell me exactly when my service would be restored. I paid the bill by electronic check and asked again to speak to the supervisor. When the supervisor came on the line I explained to her what my concern was about the time it would take to restore my service. She started in on "ComEd policy" as the serv. rep. had done. Her voice became elevated and she told me that her job was not to sit and listen to my "commentary" and stated that my service would not be restore until the next day by 5:00pm that is ComEd policy and she was not going to lie to me. She then repeated "YOUR SERVICE will not be restored today and I'm not going to tell you that it is because it will NOT! However about an hour later my air conditioner started running. To my surprise my service had been turned back on. Now, I'm not sure if what these customer service people told me about ComEd's restoral was correct or if they don't know what the policy is. I'm baffled by the whole experience.

Posted by victim101

ComEd overcharged me by about $2300, and now say that they can't get me a refund until over a month later. I am not a rich person and I don't have an extra $2300 just lying around. Why is this company still getting away with these crimes?

Posted by chicago85

Their customer service is completely inept. I wish I didnt need to pay them a single cent. I HATE this company. I needed to add my girlfirend onto the electric bill to establish residency at our address. They cant print her name on the bill. Idiots!

Chicago, IL

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to set up an account with them is basically impossible. I am moving to Chicago in one month from Cleveland and I cannot just drop everything to go verify my identity in person. To top it all off their customer service is so poor I cannot even get a person on the phone. This is so unbelievable and they should reevaluate their business practices.

Posted by Anonymous

By far the worst company there is. I had a pending payment for tomorrow. They came and shut off my power today. I have two small children. I called and paid the bill right away and they can't turn my power back on for 3 DAYS!

Posted by Anonymous

incredibly confusing to me and a neighbor regarding the moving of a power line..they pitted us against each other when the whole thing was Com Ed's responsibility. amazing BS.. just grabbers..

Posted by Anonymous

Paid my ComEd bill by credit card through Bill Matrix app. The app wasn't working so I kept trying. The next day I discover it went though 4 times, 2 declined 2 posted. Bill Matrix policy is 7-10 days for any kind of refund. ComEd supervisor Mr Walker was no help what so ever just said in his soft whisper voice you have to contact your bank, but it's not the banks fault it's your app!!! Thanks ComEd from now on I'm paying by check!

Posted by Anonymous

I hope by now your company is aware of the scammers out therewith their pesty, bogus daily calls on behalf of com ed to lower our electric bills. If not, google the phone number 312 340 5587 to read ALL the complaints about this. IF this IS being done by com ed, i want the pesty calls stopped now! If not, com ed should be stopping this legally and fast.
Lets see if ANYONE truly cares about CONSUMER PRIVACY, OR LACK OF IT.

Posted by shelly

Very unsatisfied with com ed rates, customer service,very very upset, com ed wants theyre $ yest, but when they owe you, youre supposed to wait and wait and wait

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Posted by Zion City M. B. Church

January 10, 2017

I would like to commend Brian Baity in the Com Ed tech support for the excellent job he performed today in helping to rectify the on-going issue we've been having with our past meter readings. During this service call, he was friendly and displayed a very positive attitude. Also, he showed that he was quite knowledgeable about the problem at hand. He gave a very detailed explanation in laymen's terms as well as offered several good suggestions for improving our future electrical needs. It's greatly appreciated that Mr. Baity arrived on time and that he focused his full attention towards obtaining a solution regarding our dilemma.

Posted by konstantin

I'd like to thank ComEd for excellent electrical service for many years.

However, there are wrong things.

ComEd attempted to withdraw the same bill twice, and when my bank prevented this, ComEd keeps charging an extra fee for this protection and possibly triples the fees in chain reaction.

Instead of fixing apparent flaw in their computer services, ComEd's customer support keeps protecting the practice.

Here are the details:

September 12-18, 2014.

Konstantin Kirillov

Posted by Anonymous

Sorry to hear so many people with difficulties. Thanks for the "Press 0" 3x. Took 3 mins to resole my issue with billing.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a successful experience with them. When I called, the recording had me leave my phone number for a return call, which it said would be in 35-53 minutes. They actually called in about 20 minutes. My questions were answered clearly. This seems like quite an efficient system to keep us from waiting on hold!

Posted by Anonymous

ComEd is one of the best companies I have dealt with.

their costumer svc has been efficient and helpful. I have been w/out elec. a few times and ComEd has been responsive to my questions. I think we have been spoiled by their overall good svc....Just look at the rest of the US who are served by other Util. co.s, ComEd is much better, so may I say...'' Thanks ComEd"

Posted by Thankful in West Chicago

I know many of us were frustrated by not having power for up to 5 days this week due to Sunday's storm, but to all of the tree and power men & women who worked 16 hour days in West Chicago...Thank You. You were amazing and did a great job.

I also feel the updates via text from ComEd were great--not always entirely accurate but still very responsive.

Thank you, All.

Posted by cb22

We also have been without power since early Sunday afternoon, after having just returned from a very expensive trip to Cosco for meat for a BBQ tomorrow ! while I too am upset with the situation, I have tried to keep a good frame of mind, be thankful for what you have. As a kid, we never had air conditioning, while somewhat uncomfortable sometimes, we survived and we will this time too. Make the best of it,what a great opportunity to defrost both of our freezers and clean them out. There's always things in there that we really didn't want to waste but probably will never use ! Our power just came on a little while ago but has recently begun to flicker again so I'm not holding my breath that it will last thru the night. I did reach a com ed customer service woman last night at about 10pm who said service should be restored by 11:15 pm, it wasn't, but she was extremely nice and I think glad she was not being yelled at. So not all customer service reps are rude, or mean, maybe they're just tired of being yelled at. And don't think I have money to burn, the lost food will not be replaced for quite a while, barely making ends meat but glad to not only have a roof over my head but nice cold running water too!

Posted by Anonymous

It appeared to be an overwhelming task cleaning up Lockport after Friday's storm. I appreciate all the work it took getting power restored. Some might say 48 hrs is unacceptable...but in light of how long it is going to take to restore power to the Mid-Atlantic states...I am grateful to Comed. And I appreciate the honest restoration times given. Just hope the rest of the summer is uneventful as far as the weather goes.

Posted by Anonymous

Thanks for getting my power on. I know these are trying times for everyone.

Posted by

Just now--0930-the meter reader did an exceptional thing! I hope that he will be commended for exceptional service. He went to read the meter in the back yard, discovered our pet parrot out of his cage, and made a point of letting me know. I really appreciated this. If the bird had flown away, he never would have survived. I live at 18544 Sacramento Ave in Homewood. It is May 23. Please commend him for me!
Donna Campbell

Posted by satisfied customer

After a 10 - 15 minute wait. A customer representative came on the line and assisted me with my problem. He took care of my problem with no problem. Happy with the outcome of my call to them.

Posted by happycust

Even though I had to wait for a live rep, I was very happy w/ the service. The helped me with a payment plan on my bill. I lost my job and needed more time. Thanks ComEd!

Posted by Fine in Freeport, IL

I have never had a problem with Com Ed. They have always worked with me with what ever problem I have had.I have always had excellent customer service help! No complaints for almost 30 years.

Posted by District 116

The storm took down a huge tree in my neighbors yard and as it fell on his neighbor's roof, it took the electric line and nearby pole with it. We were without power until Saturday evening when a crew from Union, IL. showed up and installed a new pole and hung the downed transformer back up as well. They even helped install the line running across the street to another house back up since it completely ripped off the tension bracket and line pole attached to the house.

The snapped pole and transformer only serves nine homes and most others around here had power restored by Thursday evening. Instead of complaining we all were thankful that no one was injured, no one had flooded basements, and we had some nice cool evenings to sleep. Sure, we had to throw some food out but most of us are not dealing with insurance deductibles, etc. from roof, building, or vehicle damage and have gone back to normal lives while the electric crews are STILL out there in the (now) unbearable heat, wearing hardhats, flame retardant vests, and heavy boots that can save their lives. Considering the number of power disruptions that this storm caused, having a few inconveniences is something I have learned to live with and not complain about.

Thank you, Intren from Union IL. (and all of the other companies that came from other States) for coming to our area and assisting our local Com Ed crews to get us all powered back up before the current heat wave.

Posted by Boop

My lights came on at 9:30p.m.
And for that I was Thankful!
Thanks Com Ed.

Posted by koa

For the record, I am not a ComEd's employee. We just had a major storm people. RELAX. I have the same problems you do, but, for the most part, my A/C - furnace are working pretty good. Is ComEd a monopoly, probably. Is it reliable, yes. Nobody can control the weather. For the unfortunate times we bought a gas power generator - a few hundred box we did not have to spare but we bought it anyway a while ago. Easy fix.

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Posted by ComEd Rep

I am an employee dedicated to provided quality customer service to our base of almost 3.8 million customers. It's sad to see all of the negative reviews, but I understand there are very many who are satisfied. Many customers do not understand their billing and are EXTREMELY irate when calling about their accounts. Chicago isn't always the nicest city, but I understand the customer's concern. Having power is important, and the economy is tough.

I will do my part and continue to provide knowledgeable, and friendly customer service....


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