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Coleman customer service is ranked #727 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.81 out of a possible 200 based upon 62 ratings. This score rates Coleman customer service and customer support as Terrible.


61 Negative Comments out of 62 Total Comments is 98.39%.


1 Positive Comment out of 62 Total Comments is 1.61%.

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    • 24.81 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 61 negative comments (98.39%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.61%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Stumblez

I purchase a Coleman Red Canyon 8 person tent. I set it up in my yard before actually taking it out camping, and boy am I glad I did. This tent requires three different types of poles and two of them broke during setup at home.

I contacted Coleman and they sent out replacement build a pole kits.

I then took the tent out camping and had another awning pole break, that means both of them have been broken now.

I contacted Coleman again and was made to feel that somehow I was abusing their product. They have basically refused to replace the third pole and even sent me the link to purchase a new pole.

Now why on earth would I ever want to give any of my money to Coleman? Ever!

They lost a lifetime customer.

Posted by Anonymous

My son was gifted a Coleman Hydration Backpack for his birthday. He used it once and the bladder broke. I contacted Coleman and was told to contact another company, Olivet to see what could be done. So I did. Olivet said they didn't have anymore and I should go purchase a similar one from a sporting good store. Since the backpack label says Coleman, I called them back to tell them the company they choose to handle the issue would jot help me. Coleman made no effort in helping me get a replacement bladder. Instead, they promised to contact Olivet and get back to me two days later. I never heard from them again. I expected a lot better customer service. They have made it clear that Coleman doesn't make all their own products and they are not a reputable company any more. I will not be choosing Coleman products in the future.

Posted by Brandi

im highly pissed i bought a coleman pool with the windows and nt even had it 2weeks yet and 2 of the windows the seal has broken on them and are draining the water out i payed almost 400 for this crap

Posted by Johanna wingI

We purchased a pool at Wal-Mart last spring and put it up for the summer to swim in and now not even a year later it started to rust and all the hoses are leaking not impressed with this pool at all but can't take it back because we been having it for about a year now so the next pool is gone be a Index and I tell everyone who wants to purchase a Coleman pool don't buy it

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased several pairs of lined pants from Sams club for my husband and son in law. Seems both of them have experienced failure with the outer layer splitting. Is this common for this apparel? I have a photo I can share. It's a little disturbing since we bought about 5 pair thinking the coleman name would be good product.

Posted by sprack

Colman 24 hour ice cooler is a great lunch pale but you will be lucky to get 4 hours of the 24 hours of ice it claims. Filled it with water 4 bottles 20oz and 3 sodas 12oz all cold from the refrigerator and no ice after 4 hours and black with the silver quick grab top ..

Posted by Melanie

I have never been so disappointed in a company that my family and I have grow up with! THEY HAVE NO RETURN POLICY! I am not a person who doesn't gets upset, but I am incredibly pissed that a $160 item can not be mailed back if doesn't work for us.So glad I checked before ordering! MY WHOLE FAMILY AND I ARE GOING TO BE STAYING AWAY FROM COLMEN FROM NOW ON!

Posted by Jkiffer

I have a Coleman cooler purchased for a gift. After a couple of uses the handle Brook in center. 28 quart 3 day Xtreme Cooler

Posted by Severing coleman relationship

I purchased a Coleman lantern as i like their products however it malfunctioned and because I don't use email nor have access to send a picture of the date. Code they refuse to stand behind their product easy cop out sorry Coleman you lost a devoted loyal customer I will infact deplete Coleman brand from all my gear completely to much competition for you to act unappreciative and remain passive to customer satisfaction to resolve my issue I lose $30 dollars to my lesson learned you sacrifice thousands years to come to your competitors for acting stupid in regards to a minor problem rest assured I will make well known to all my outdoor friends that be many as I am an avid outdoor ameture whome many consult for gear consolation to simply avoid Coleman product with big agnes and ozark trail now being my soul product reference your loss Coleman

Posted by James

My boots I loved them until they ripped apart after 2wks of exposure to bad weather I leave in ct it's not that rough, wish I could upload photo of my boots

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I bought a pair of Coleman shoes 11 + bar code +88-926-018-7658. I wore them 2 days in this shoestring clip broke brought them back got another pair and another strap broke now I have to return them twice getting a little upset about the shoes I'm buying for the cold weather if they keep breaking I am not tuggingon the shoelaces too hard something might be wrong with the quality of stitching I can wait a few days before I return them again the second time I would appreciate an email on this issue

Posted by DC

My Coleman tent got destroyed by wind, and left messages to try and buy replacement parts but nobody can be bothered to call me back. Coleman's customer service is absolutely terrible and for this reason I will never buy or recommend their products.

Posted by MikeMike

Purchased a Coleman 12 ft. x 12 ft. Canopy Shelter. Used the canopy on the beach four times and packed it up. A year later, discovered that one of the plastic brackets was broken. Checked on Coleman website and could not locate the bracket. From the website, sent an email asking to purchase the bracket. No response after over a week, so called the Support Line. Explained that my email had not been answered and provided the Incident Reference #, so she could see the email and the pictures of the bracken, model #, and even a picture of the bar code from the box. She left the line for a few minutes, returning to tell me, "They don't sell those parts for liability reasons". She then offered me a 25% off if I purchased a new canopy from her. I explained that my canopy had only been used 5 times, the last time with duct tape holding the support arm. Obviously Coleman is interested ONLY in selling new equipment and not supporting the equipment they already sold.

Posted by Shelley

Bought a Coleman cooler at Walmart say keeps ice for 5 days temp.under 70 degrees well its 67 in our home had to put ice in after 2 days we planning trip sept how is it going to handle beach weather its not very disappointed in product

Posted by Anonymous

Bad customer service... Agents telling me that it would take so many days and it was a lot longer... Was prepared to pay for four day shipping and the fellow that I talked to said no they called me from the shipping part of the company said no it'll be here 45 days with you just paid $24 and he said it should be here Thursday and Friday of this week I checked in on that a couple times I asked him up at least three times if that was right and he said yes okay then when the lady called me the next day or at that night I called her back and then nothing was true... And she was the only one Sarah that said that there is no refunds but this was after I told them refund it and I hadn't heard about it before it doesn't say it on the paper from the order that where I ordered before... I've used over and over and over again for coolers Can't Say Never Again

Posted by Anonymous

My customer number my name is Rebecca Sharp I ordered some items City Connector hose adapter pens footings and it was supposed to I told him I wanted the two-day shipping and it then they put meet the guy called me back and I said no for day shipping he said well we can have this to you in 45 days and it should be here Thursday or Friday of this week when I got a call back they said no it wouldn't be till next week I said well I'm just going to cancel the order and they gave me the run-around Supervisor was supposed to call there's no Supervisor was available and then less called me today or actually I cancelled it today through less and then he calls me back and says that I can't can't switch that it says no refunds I've gotten total run around from all your agents when I first ordered they said it would be 3 to 5 days ... Then they called me on the third day to verify the order it took me 13 days to get that order I said okay it's messed up well when I called back I said something about 2 day shipping and then I said no for day shipping he said well we can get it to you in 4 to 5 days and it should be here in here Thursday and Friday I double check with him several times on that and then I get a call saying that no it won't be here till next week I'm just real tired of people not doing their job and that's why I'm cancelling... Let's also told me someone told me that there was no refunds nobody ever told me that accept Sarah which I talked to last night... They said that you have recordings I'd like to at least have a hard copy of those recordings very dissatisfied and any and everybody that will listen I will tell... I've already gotten ahold of the consumer awareness and did it complaint and the Better Business bureau's next you guys can't do business like this if I did business like this I will be fired

Posted by Anonymous

Dont waste your time with coleman products they suck bought a pair of boots about amonth ago and they are are starting to fall apart i wouldnt suggest any coleman products to anyone

Posted by Rouse

We purchased a canopy about a month ago. Last nite we had a rain, this morning the frame was all broken. Whence we got to looking the frame is made out of very thin aluminum. I understand that you want to keep the weight down, but we thought we were buying something a little bit more stable. If it can't go though a rain with no wind I don't consider this stable. We have always considered coleman a very good outdoor company. Not so much after what just happened. Thanks for time and will be looking for your return message.

Posted by David

I have two pairs of Coleman 6 inch or so waterproof boots. I purchased the pair of Coleman Dry boots around 1994 and they are still waterproof. The other boots are around 4 or 5 years old have no specific name on them, such as most of your latest boots, and they have very little wear, but the sole is separating from the leather section of the boot and they leak like a sieve. I worked in the recent floods in West Virginia in the newer boots and got my feet wet each time that I wore them. I am very disappointed in those boots. I am retired and on a fixed income and would like to purchase a new pair of boots but will not purchase more Coleman boots because of the performance of this last pair of 'waterproof" boots that I bought from your company. If there is any kind of adjustment that you could make, I would greatly appreciate it. I bought the boots at your Coleman store in Seiverville, TN and do not have receipt or remember exactly when I bought them.

Posted by Ddlorie

Bought a Coleman aboveground pool. Have called customer service for ten days now. Everyone there tells a different story on why the missing parts to my pool have not arrived. I have been told it shipped then it has not shipped then it shipped again. I have been given every excuse and runaround. I askedto speak to a supervisor and was told they didn't have them. Spent over three hundred dollars on a pool that was missing lots of pieces in factory sealed box. Worst customer service I have ever seen. Will never buy a coleman product again. Shame on you Coleman

Posted by bill berry

I contacted your company earlier this afternoon regarding a leakimg coleman propane tank. Your people were apologetic and give me the number to the manufacturer. I called them and there response was underwhelming. Rude, unapologetic, and told me there was nothing that can be done about the rank smell in my boat. My whole boat smells so bad we cant use it. This problem is going on three weeks now. I am sure that there is some kind of cleaner or chemical that will disperse the smell. I would appreciate a response.

Posted by On fire for a solution

This is one of they ways your parts companies operate when replacing parts I DON'T WANT IT FREE I was going to buy it I call and send email all week calls hanging they pretend they don't heAR you and they don't have knowledge on product on email they advice you to call I only requested the website to a link that I can order parts and I get this crap someone please help my kids won't have a pool this year


Due of the high volume of email demands we would suggest that you call
our customer service center toll free at 1-855-838-3888. Our
representatives will be able to more efficiently service your questions
and concerns. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern
Coleman co
Bestway is not the best place to try to locate parts for your pool called 1st represent hang called
2nd 14min on line pretends they don't hear you
3rd no knowledge about product or name of the parts
Me need 3 top rails for a Colman swimming pool pool size 16�48
Him:can you give me more description of the product
Like? Part number dude that's why iam calling you product only came with owners manual and the only think it says is top rail part A gray new frame designed by the way not a good one don't buy it frame bends easy and hangs the call way to go coleman

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern I had recently purchased a adventure backpack on wheels for school unfortunately within a months time the zipper had torn away from the backpack itself I don't understand how one can pay so much money for a backpack and have that happen and college books flying out of it not to mention with the handle itself no longer goes up or down just thought I would do this complaint and to let you know that this is very upsetting and I hope that you can take care of that real soon I don't know that I will ever buy another coleman product ever again sincerely. Missy hillmer. You can reach me by mail

Posted by Anonymous

cannot reach a live person, how sad. well,maybe someone will return my call. THANK YOU

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Posted by activeman

Our wheel broke off our "Road Trip" Grill. My GF called customer service. They asked us to ship just 2 pieces of the grill to show proof of purchase and they sent us a "brand new grill" shipping prepaid. They also paid us to ship the bad parts back.

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Posted by Anonymous

Use to work for Coleman the products use to be decent but in the last couple years they have gotten alot worse I would not buy any product from them now.


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