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Cogeco customer service is ranked #316 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 89 ratings. This score rates Cogeco customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


81 Negative Comments out of 89 Total Comments is 91.01%.


8 Positive Comments out of 89 Total Comments is 8.99%.

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    • 38.39 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 81 negative comments (91.01%)
    • 8 positive comments (8.99%)
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    • 3.1 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

The absolutely worst customer service and you're not even able to contact them to discuss the issues and

Posted by Jack

Horrible customer service. Called because of poor internet, waited several times for 30 minutes or more before giving up. Now unable to access past bills for tax purposes. Customer internet service has been down for an extended period. Went to a Cogeco storefront and told to call help line. Waited 20 plus minutes again to be told they could not provide the information required. Have quit and gone to Bell where I receive unlimited access plus Fibe and Crave TV for less each month. Really Cogeco has no customer service to speak of.

Posted by Anonymous

The manager customer service.

I signed a contract to install TV.Internet, and phone on May 24. I am still waiting for installation. A man did come here May 29th, said he could not connect as there were branches in a tree blocking him from the box, and his ladder was not tall enough to reach it. He did knock at the end house to see if he could reach from her patio but she refused to let him go through, however it would not have made a difference as it can not be reached from her patio. I hope to hear back from you soon. Catherine Sparkes,

Posted by Anonymous

Switched from bell.sorry I did. Cogeco almost unreachable.waiting for tech service had to call head office.
TiVo product is very good. Funny thing collection office answer right away. The rest good luck. 45 minimum wait

Posted by ktel

I've cancelled my service and moved to As soon as my contract ended I made the arrangements.

It's great to deal with a professional company with friendly competent customer service, not to mention the fact that it's cheaper and has unlimited data.

Unfortunately the saga with Cogeco is not quite over yet.

When I disconnected they locked me out of my account so I am not able to view my final bill and confirm that they received the modem I returned.

This meant that I had to call the billing department to get this information

When I finally got through to someone there I was told that I am owed a credit but they can't tell me what the amount will be.

Then I was told that due to an issue with their billing system I would have to call back on July 3rd to ask them to send me a cheque for the credit owed.

Apparently if I don't call back the cheque will be issued at some point in the future when their system is fixed

They have absolutely no idea when their system will be fixed, could be a week, could be 6 months, absolutely unable to even give an estimate.

The agent I was speaking to was unsympathetic and unhelpful- what I've come to expect from Cogeco.

This company is totally incompetent- I can't think of one single positive .

Posted by Bob

Still waiting for phone and Internet hookup....have en waiting science May 17th WTF?? Still waiting for call from a Manager to explain how can you take on new clients if you can't provide the service?? Call everyday same response, unfortunately we are in an apartment building and cannot use satellite dish and Bell Fibe not in this area yet or we would switch. Is this not the most horrendous service ever - over 1 month waiting for Internet hookup?? Please help

Posted by BASIA

Horrible Company, waiting To Talk With Someone Is Aprox.1 Hr.they Give Me New Hd Box For Past 5 Days No Service, spend Endless Hr To Talk With Them No Answer So Far!

Posted by pdf01141

A Brick delivery truck took down my Cogeco connection. Cogeco said 2 days to fix. Guy didn't show up. Cogeco said he was sick and they rescheduled for 2 days later. So 4 days without service so I cancelled and reluctantly went back to Bell. Cogeco sent me a bill this month even though service was disconnected. I called, 55 minutes on hold they told me it was their mistake and I would be getting a cheque in the mail in 4-6 weeks. WTF!!

Posted by sage

for 24 hrs now, all services up for 20 min, down for 10 min consistently, tech says problem in area, but cleared 3 hrs ago, hold time for support 45+ min, hold interrupted when services die use cell to get through, appt for repairs one week out!! what -- what plausible excuse can you possibly offer for service/support this bad?

Posted by Bob

Been waiting since May 15th for internet phone and TV hock up, so far on TV thyehave no idea when I will get the rest of the services. They say they are having issues since they did this system upgrade! NOT MY PROBLEM!!! Why did you agree to take me ins a new customer then? Have escalated numerous times to call back from management or supervisor team! I am not paying for anything until this ever gets resolved!

Posted by paul

customer service at cogeco sucks bigtime!!! transfered our account to NEW system a month ago...lost all our info..paying for plus 10 service but getting basic...say they cant fix it?? ..cant access my account...cant fix it...cant get reimbursed until prob w account fixed...bye bye cogeco!

Posted by Butlp

Just spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Cogerco customer service trying to put my internet on seasonal hold for the summer for the third time and yet I'm still getting billed. I kept being pushed from one department to another with 30 to 45 minute holds. The call centre people are rude, incompetent and just don't care.

Posted by Jeff

We were moving and had a transfer of service scheduled, when they had their database problems. Our appointment was missed and we waited for over a month to have our services connected. Service techs didn't show up, didn't call, didn't complete the job when they were actually at our home. Since then we still don't have all our services connected. Customer service simply says they can't do anything about and they'll schedule another appointment. Local store says they can't contact the local service techs. We've only had a service tech come to the place once out of 5 tries. Our problem is constantly escalated, yet nothing is ever done. This company has the worst customer care I have ever experienced. We will promptly be switching services.

Posted by jb

Poor customer service. No response from customer service for my email or phone calls.
They put you on hold more than 30 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

on hold now live 54 minutes not one human yet no pvr or channels recording says to go to web page fast easy well tried that web site under construction 200 f dollars a month i pay on time im going to get even with these high profit low customer service bstrs

Posted by Cass59

You Can Not get to Customer Service. I have tried 3 times across past week, waited in voice mail jail for over 1 hour each time - had to hang up !

All I want to do is send back a box i don't use ! Extremely frustrating.

Their product is OK but very expensive for what you get, cant wait for Bell Fibe to be available here

Posted by ktel

One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with .

They fail on every level including price, problem resolution and customer service.

Their customer service is so bad it's almost funny.

Their technical support lack the required technical knowledge and their customer support agents are rude and unhelpful.

Their billing system was down for 2 weeks and now that it's up and running again the bill is wrong

I can't reach anyone from Cogeco to address the issue, the phones ring busy then cut off- I've tried e mailing and have received no response.

I'm counting the days right now until I can transfer to in the next couple of weeks.

Posted by Kim

I am submitting this as I wait on hold for almost 60 minutes now and how ironic the song I'm listening to is by Ace - How Long (Has This Been Going On). Terrible customer service. And I feel sorry for the folks who have to answer the calls.. Poor management planning on your system billing upgrades and not providing the proper phone support. By the way this has been going on long before the wind storm we had so do not blame it on the weather Cogeco!

Posted by Rating

Last year, sometime in 2017 or late fall of 2016, I switched my telephone and internet services to Cogeco...Within the first year, the company sent out notices that their billing system was going to incur some changes. After receiving said notice, I did not understand certain aspect of the notice and thereafter called Cogeco for information. The Customer Representative that I dealt with, was extremely rude and very sarcastic. I simply asked the question, "Can you help me with this notice we just received?". Do you know what his response was? After a sigh he said, "What is it you don't understand as it's pretty simple to me!!!!!!".......I was so taken aback by his attitude and it didn't end there....future calls were all of the same experience. I made myself a promise that when Bell enters my area with Fiber Optic, it would be bye-bye Cogeco. And if Cogeco is listening, my experience has always been the same...if you're put on hold when you call because they are busy, be prepared .... odds are you will get a CR with attitude...So now we find ourselves here...Bell comes in and it's time to call Cogeco...You would NOT want to experience and feel the sarcasm, the constant interruption and ignorant response I got from this guy...If there was any hope some day in switching back to Cogeco one day, he just nailed the coffin...I will NEVER deal with these idiots again.

Posted by Bellcustomer02

Cogeco has the worst customer service. They don't warn you about your bills passing due date, don't care if you call every morning for 4days trying to get the internet after paying the bill. None of their "technical support" employees can fix the problems they have caused. Plus you have to wait over 20mins for every damn person to pick up. Like wtf are they even doing on the other line?? If they dont have enough employees, maybe they should hire more for the customers that waste their time just waiting. I talked to over 7 people during the 4 days trying to fix the issue. They even charge you for the equitement that they never told you to bring back.

Posted by JcGilmour

I have used Cogeco internet services for as long as they have been in the East end of The Niagara Peninsula. While their Internet service is the only game in town it is far from acceptable and the customer service is about what I would expect considering where the company is "run" from. They spy on customer's data and will cut off a server for a perceived problem. I will be glad when there is another game to play. Come on Bell get you but in gear.

Posted by Dave

my problem is that I called Cogeco if I could get cable period. I live in the country, well just on the very edge.
I was told yes I can have cable, I was extremely happy! because my Bell internet was running at 6mbps.
So I signed up! I was told a line will have to be installed from the pole, about 500 feet. So a technician came 2 Saturday's ago, said sorry I can't do anything a line has to be ran to the house.
I told him yes I know, I knew this from the start and so did Cogeco
So I called Cogeco (last Saturday) asked what was going on with my cable? same thing a line has to be run, she said sorry, we will not charge for installation.. I just had to call Bell to extend services for one more week...
last Saturday I get a call from the technician, can't be installed, again line has to be run to the house. at this point Bell has been shut off, I have no service now, for almost a week. So I
call Cogeco.... What is going on, 50 mins on hold..tells me a line has to be run....
OH REALLY! It's now been a month and a half,! this first time customer is really getting mad, does anybody know how to do their jobs? or what!!!!? next I'll be calling CRTC sick of this crap!ðčś¡

Posted by KGarvie

Your company is absolutely ridiculous !!!!!! you should let your employees know it is illegal for them to deny access to paying customers in allowing them to speak to a supervisor/manager...... Cogecos customer service is disgusting. paying customers being hung up on, threatened, changing peoples plans without telling them, putting extra costs in bills, being told something and a different thing by multiple employees. Been with you guys for almost 2 years now and have had a problem EVERY bill date and been on the phone with your horrible employees every month. Had to call in on April 24th because you guys screwed up and didn't take money out of the account and went on to attempt trying to charge us an NSF fee.... the employee fixed that but seems to be put on our next bill...... which now our bill date is the 8th of may, are you kidding me 14 days.... What your company is doing is absolutely disgusting. I was told if we took pre-authorized payments off i would get bills the same time every month like we used to.......... we called did that and then what do you know the next employee we talk to decides to tell us we are not aloud to take pre-authorized payments off or they will cancel our contract!!!!!! after being with you people almost 2 years now we may have paid bills a couple days late because we were told we could have our bill date on the 20th and then they said that was a lie..... your telling me we cant take it off but their are people i know that haven't paid a bill with you in 3 months and can pay basically whenever they want.................... get your sh*t together Cogeco. (N) ridiculous! Constantly having problems and being hung up on! .............. and you wonder why your being flooded with calls your practically stealing from people.

Posted by Marc G

I had an absolutely horrible experience with Cogeco. @ weeks befor I moved into my new apartment in Burlington I caled them and booked a March 31st Appointment for them to install TV, Internet & Home Phone Services. I informed them that on the 31st I WOULD NOT be reachable to give their technician access to the building. I would be at home, but did not have a mobile phone and that the technician would need to call the "super's" number for entry to the building. I ALSO gave them the "Buzzer Code" for the entry borad in the building's lobby. My appointment was scheduled for the 11AM to 4 PM window. Nobody arrived. I called at 4:30 PM and was told the technician arrived at 11:20 AM and "couldn't get into the building. This was totally unacceptable. I told them I had taken measures to give 2 phone numbers for them to enter the building. They refused to re-schedule the appointment for any sooner than 5 days later. UNACCEPTABLE !!! Every time I asked for a better resolution to the problem the guy on the phone repeatedly replied... Can't Can'T Can'T. So the next day I went to BELL and got a better deal. I wil never deal with Cogeco Again. I will never recommend Cogeco to anyone again. They are un-professional, un-caring and totally incompatant.

Posted by Anonymous

-9 rating is what I give to Cogeco Cable. Worse service ever. Either their representatives need more training or the representatives HATE their job!

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Posted by Anonymous

why am I not receivingBusiness News Network Account

Posted by elwelder

Had a 1 sec power outage today then went to work in Garage, when I returned and turned on TV, had no channels, called tech support, had problem fixed in seconds, also had a new remote being sent to me because other had broken buttons, and spoke to an actual english speaking person, Twice I called tech support since I subscribed and twice problem was handled immediately, So far very happy with them, Keep up the good work and leave my rates alone and I'll keep on being a long term customer

Posted by EJV

We've had Cogeco cable T.V. for many years, and for the most part they will try to work with you to correct service or equipment issues. Prices are competitive, if you negotiate. In fact, we just moved our landline telephone service to them because they're $10./month cheaper than Bell.

Now for the really bad stuff. Cogeco will not respond in writing to any questions or complaints. They standard written response is "telephone us." When you telephone them, the first thing you hear is a recording telling you that; "this call is being recorded." However, try to get them to put anything in writing so YOU have a record. Good luck, the term "till hell freezes over" comes to mind.

Posted by Amy (N2860) is excellent!

I had an exceptionally positive customer service experience with Amy(rep) this morning, she recommended a better digital package for the same money I was paying for quite a while and also switched our account to unlimited internet.

An outstanding display of customer service by Amy (N2860) - hopefully her superiors at cogeco take note :)

Cheers! Chris

Posted by Bob

Great service at a busy time of year. Checked out other problem areas while he was here. very knowledgable and friendly. great service.

Posted by Anonymous

Cogeco phone service sucks! My line kept cutting in and out when I was talking. I switched to bell because they offer free long distance and the reception is much better.

Posted by Anonymous

Some time back I requested a new HD remote to replace the orriginal one supplied with the HD box. I have been remiss in not thanking you for this. It is wonderful not to require two or three remotes to operate my VCR or DVD player not to mention the TV .Thank you so much for your prompt, oourteous and friendly service. That service is exactly why I switched from Bell to Cogeco and it is greatly appreciated.
Jane E. White That code is almost impossible to decipher for us old folks J.

Posted by Margaret Fraser

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent, positive and comprehensive support I received from Megan yesterday!

I have been away for six months in Mexico and returned to find that my bank had made mistakes which resulted in a bounced check....they alerted me about that and suggested I call to advise your company to take the money out as it was now back in my account. This will be resolved today!

However, in my call I spoke to two customer service agents, Merill and Megan.

I was more than impressd by BOTH of them in their friendly, positive and proactive way of not only dealing with the initial reason for my call but also in the added help I received in answering questions and qualifying my needs with the company.

Their help was outstanding! I do not say that lightly!

They were patient, thorough, and suggested refinements to my packages in all areas of my account.

They had a thorough understanding of the services available and helped me in ways I had not anticpated popssibnle when I made the call.

To have found one person in Merril was a delight but to then be transferred to another representative, Megan, who was just as positive and helpful definitely made my day easier and services more accomodating to my needs.

Well done in your selection of representatives that makes staying with Cogeco a must for satisfaction!


Your SATISFIED customer

Margaret Fraser

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