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Coby customer service is ranked #896 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 17.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 348 ratings. This score rates Coby customer service and customer support as Terrible.


343 Negative Comments out of 348 Total Comments is 98.56%.


5 Positive Comments out of 348 Total Comments is 1.44%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Coby

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 17.84 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 343 negative comments (98.56%)
    • 5 positive comments (1.44%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
    • 1.5 Reachability
    • 1.3 Cancellation
    • 2.4 Friendliness
    • 1.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Could not find customer care for a Coby product l just bought very frustrating

Posted by Anonymous

how do i download the hulu app on my colby tv my email is

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to call ur company a joke....i bought two head phones and t hey both dont work..and were in america so dont need a forien guy tellin me im this how u do buisness..

Posted by I will never buy a coby product

How can I contact someone to help me with my tv problem? I have called

Out of all of these numbers I finally got someone on the phone and was told unles I paid $1.95 for a promotions offer I could not get help with me tv problem. I was yelled at by the person on the phone and told to shut up and listen! I WILL NEVER BUY A COBY PRODUCT AGAIN JN MY LIFE!

Posted by Pamela

Mp3 Player 1 Month Old, Quits, And Not Hold A Charge At All. No Contact No. Works, Or Ever A Person, Only Advertisements. Not A Reputable Company At All!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Coby customer service phone number is out of service, so is their telephone number for Canadian residents was returned saying there is no such address. How am I supposed to get ahold of someone there? I have a Coby DCS404 car dash cam that I received as a gift and the suction cup stopped 'suctioning the windshield' and doesn't hold anymore. I just need a new one. Can you send me one please?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 rechargeable razors. They are both terrible and dont shave off haor at any length. They are the worst. Is there a replacement or refund.

Posted by ann

I bought a Coby MP3 player in August and it just stopped working!! I have tried EVERYTHING and have tried calling to get NO ONE to answer!! i tried to take it back to the store I bought it at but they stated I had to call or write the company!! Please send me a refund!! Or instructions on how to return it for a refund!! Thank you! A.Bauer

Posted by Anonymous

The DVD portion of the TV stopped working. The code says SEQ play. What does that mean? And how can I get it working again.

Posted by Anonymous

called in because we bought this tv for my mom and her remote quit working. When you call in you are solicited for products if you dont press a key to purchse the product they hang up on you. The first product was life alert, the 2nd time was a $100 gift card, then click, hung up again. WHAT A COMPANY!! ILL NEVER BUY A COBY PRODUCT AGAIN.

Posted by Anonymous

ALL i wanted was to buy a remote not pay for a card. I still didnot get a chance

to talk to anyone. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Too bad the company does not exist. I have a coby portable dvd player but can only use it by electric plugins. I cannot buy a battery because the company is gone....I really was a great idea.... Years ago, I traveled a lot because of business meetings for an design and textile co, I would watch art, design, and architecture dvd's on the plane or in my hotel room. It is convenient.

Too bad.
Dorothy Treitman.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not waste your time Coby is actually out of business the number you reach is just an advertising scam claiming to give prizes Companies who go out of business should inventory replacement parts somewhere

Posted by Anonymous

This company is a scam. Can't reach customer service. How does NY let them get away with this? Never buying from them again

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service awful i dont want a $100 card reps are rude and hang up when you dont accept the so called gift coby i will never purchase anything with coby on it again HORRIBLE

Posted by ami

The rep wanted me to pay $40. for assistance with my coby tablet that will no longer connect to the internet after only 2 years. The phone number in my booklet is only a lot of ads trying to get you to spend money. I have lost faith in Coby.

Posted by Linda

Dear Sir/Madam:
I have just gotten off the phone with one of your representatives (supposedly). He was talking so fast and in a foreign language that it was difficult to understand him. He was insistent that I take the $100 gift card and I told him I was not interested. He wanted to know why and I told him that I do not like to shop and that I appreciated the offer, but I did not want the gift card. He was extremely rude and finally said, WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT? I told him I needed help hooking up a Sony Media Player to a Colby TV (I would have never purchased it but it was my parents and they are both deceased so I took it. My dad was very tight and bought the cheapest of everything). Anyway, he said he could not help me and said I will give you the number to our Technical Services Department. The number he gave me was 1-800-555-1212 which is the number for Information for the United States. I did not appreciate his demeanor nor his false pretense in trying to give me a fake number. As soon as he said the number, I knew exactly what it was, but I dialed it just in case and sure enough it was information.

I know that you try to do your best to help people, but this man was downright rude. I can understand why you have so many complaints. You probably won't see this. I'm sure it will be put in the trash with all of your other complaints, but you need to read them, because you have lots of them.

Posted by Anonymous

No help from them. Only interested in promoting money gift. Given my Chase credit card number they do not accept Chase!?

Posted by Anonymous

Everytime I call it redrect's me to anothercompany. What a bunch of crap!

Posted by yousuck

i try to contact you company for informat for a remote control but the only thing you were concerned about is a servey that if i didnt complete your servey you couldnt help me at all and then try to charge me a dollar are you crazy. I will see what the people on facebook will think about it because i will be posting your sorry company and crazy service you have. have a messed up day.

Posted by RevJay

First place that has told me before going through the hoops that there is nothing available for Coby products. Thanks. JG

Posted by camellia

The service sucks. I purchased a tv and I called customer service and no answer

Posted by Anonymous

We bought a coby 33 in flat scree tv from hh Greg and after about 6 months it will not turn on the standby light stays on constantly. These tvs are crap have read so many upset customers review this tv I am.very disappointed that the part that is supposed to fix it costs as much as the tv itself.

Posted by Anonymous

My initial TV shorted out during a storm, even though it was connected to a surge protector (none of the other electronics did). They were very gracious and replaced it immediately and with no hassle. Not quit a year later, my picture started blinking and I can find no one to support it and have just found out they are out of business. Is it even worth fixing if I can find someone to work on it? I need to decide if it's just cheaper to replace.

Posted by Anonymous

The Company ceased operations in 2013. That is why there is no support to be had.

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Posted by 13luckylady13

I was very pleased to find a free PDF copy of the Coby recorder for free on this site. Thanks you very much.

Posted by Gary

i bought a coby portable dvd with built in 7 inch monitor last 2007 and never had any issue regarding quality of the product. I am happy and fully satisfied and i hope coby be back again

Posted by Vagabond21

Coby support has done wonderfully for me. I've had issues with only 1 40" tv unit among all the computer, tablet, dvd players and other products and sizes of tv units I've purchased.

Posted by happy

Purchased a Coby 40 inch Tv in the beginning of March, and the screen went out in September. Called their customer support and the politely handled the situation. I will have a new tv within two weeks. Thanks Coby :]

Posted by iggy

i dont agree, called twice and got through promptly

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Posted by confused and need help

Is there a valid techsupport phone number for coby.... I receive a defective 32" led tv and cannot get a valid phone number for the company.


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