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Coach customer service is ranked #22 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 90.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 13 ratings. This score rates Coach customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


11 Negative Comments out of 13 Total Comments is 84.62%.


2 Positive Comments out of 13 Total Comments is 15.38%.

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    • 90.38 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 11 negative comments (84.62%)
    • 2 positive comments (15.38%)
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Posted by Jen

I was unaware of the 30 day exchange policy (even with a receipt) and I don't live near a coach outlet. If I had known I would have made sure to return it within that timeframe.
I will not be shopping at Coach ever again!

Posted by Anonymous

Not happy with Coach's purses anymore. I bought a coach purse at Christmas last year and the stitching is already falling apart on the handles. It was a beautiful purse, but for the price - I would expect it to last a little longer then that. My mom bought one at the same time as me and hers is falling apart too.
Makes me wonder who/what is making these purses like they are garbage now but still charging customers a fortune.
I've been buying coach purses for years and never seen them this bad.

Posted by Not a happy Coach camper

Everybody keeps talking about the "Prepaid UPS Return Label." For the second time, I have ordered Coach purses online, and for the second time, there is no PREPAID UPS Return Label included. The only label included AGAIN only shows the mailing address. I have asked UPS drivers about this for the second time, and have again been told that these labels are NOT "Prepaid." So........for the second time, I have paid for the return shipment to Coach for a refund. I am VERY frustrated!!! Is this happening to anyone else? Either include a "Prepaid" label, or tell the truth and let the customer know they will have to pay for their return shipment themselves!!!!

Posted by Shopperd

I was told this week that a new 2017 Coach Canada policy at a regular (not outlet) locations is that all sales are final on reduced product. Period.
This appears to be in direct contradiction to my previous experiences at Coach and is not reflected in online policies.
Can someone verify this?

Posted by [email protected]

Keep Getting Unwanted E-mails From Coach. I Have Done A Live Chat Requesting Removal, Done Absolutely No Good. I Have Unsubscribed From Your E-mails Via Unsubscribing In Your E-mails, It Too Has Done No Good.

Quit Sending Me E-mails Regarding Coach Products. I Don't Give A About Your Overpriced Products.

Posted by Handbag girl

I ask for a return extension exception due to the fact that the recipient of the items passed away and shortly thereafter my husband had intensive surgery and I have been his caretaker. The 1-800 coach# was unsympathetic. Yes, I've had the items for 4 months... They acted as if this was a mortal sin. There are plenty of high end stores such as Nordstroms that have a very liberal return policy. Luckily, a local outlet offered me an exchange or store credit, but I couldn't get a refund due to using PayPal. Not sure what that has to do with it... I've purchased items from Macy's on line using PayPal, returned it to a store and the $$ has been refunded to my PayPal account, no problem. While I'm super grateful to the outlet store for them offering an exchange or credit, my experience with the Coach 1-800 has left me tainted & disappointed. Coach should take a page from Macy's, Belk's or better yet Nordstroms return policy. They have become non Customer Service friendly. I get your policies but acts of God happen to people every day. There are plenty of other brands to choose from. Again, I'm not discounting the exchange/credit, but to be honest, the desire to OWN ANYTHING COACH HAS WHOLEHEARTEDLY LEFT ME

Posted by Anonymous

my experience with coach was deplorable and deoressing,I buy coaches ALl the time and now the return policy isn,t good at all because whose purse normally tear up within a year especially a coach,so I returned two purses abd a wristlet, and only got coupons this time I and my sister was,very displeased with coach, I had bought Gere one an wedudb,t kniw about the knew return policy all I can say is u will be losing,valuable customers because we buy,these beautiful purses because we thought it was a lifetime warranty on them, coach is the only purses I buy i,m wondering now,well just remember sometimes these expensive purse don't show wear and tear until yrs later,and we get nothing byt a meager discount card hardly worth it.MN any of my friends has gone to Michael Kors.

Posted by Brown Bunny

I am the Queen of receipt keeping but can't find my coach purse receipt. May I use my credit card bill as proof of purchase for a refund if I take it back to the store I purchased it from?

Posted by Anonymous

Hi....just want to know whether coach hv an on-line agent in Malaysia by the name of Farmount Group Sdn Bhd (Lussonet)
I hv ordered on-line with them & recd item but it doesn't look like original coach
May u guide me how to ensure that the 1 I recd is original coach?
Would appreciate yr response thru my email...tq

Posted by Poor quality mechandise

I bought a Coach lady handbag. After a few uses, the decorative hair on the bag started to fall off in big batches. I don't use that very often, so the 60 day warranty period had long passed. In any event, I did not expect such a shoddy quality of a $150 handbag from Coach. It's very disappointing.

Posted by Anonymous

on October 30th I ordered from Coach online 3 purses that were 80% off and today I got a email from saying my payment didn't go through Order # 2891 for $172.00. I can't find any information on what my order was or how to reorder as the sale last day is today?

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Posted by Anonymous

I recently worked with Jan Lieberman in your Northbrook store in Northbrook Court. She was a pleasure. Jan knew her merchandise and was a great help. I bought a gift for a girl friend and unfortunately had to return as it wasn't her style. Jan offered to show us around the store but it turned out as a credit card return. I did buy a pair of gloves. You need more salespeople like Jan.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say how happy I was to have found the outlet in Mebane,N.C. all the ladies there were very friendly but one named Jennifer went out of her way to call another store to find a purse I have been hunting for. No other outlet did this for me.I recieved it today and am so happy. Wonderful service and I hope she gets recognized for her help.

My thanks to her.

Sally Wiles

Email- [email protected]

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