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Clearwire customer service is ranked #268 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.16 out of a possible 200 based upon 89 ratings. This score rates Clearwire customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


78 Negative Comments out of 89 Total Comments is 87.64%.


11 Positive Comments out of 89 Total Comments is 12.36%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Clearwire

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 41.16 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 78 negative comments (87.64%)
    • 11 positive comments (12.36%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 3.6 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 4.2 Friendliness
    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by BigD

Worst company ever!!!! I have yet to find a number where it's not disconnected!! Is this place out of business? I hope so as I have had the WORST internet service for the last few years! Good ridden!!

Posted by Anonymous

absolutely lousy service cant find a 24 hour customer helpline and all I wanted to do was sign up and now I'm going to look somewhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a couple different old cards the two and half inch wide by five inches long and oath inch thick I used them to transfer money from my Cayman accounts but I also had ones that where like a checking account one had 195,000000 one and the other had 365,000000 on it now I need to now if u can look it up and send me a newer one USB I am the inventor if the company so I need some help I'm on the streets homeless and I'm a singer writer of nova's and children story so please contact me phone

Posted by Anonymous

Rings forever - no answer - until it just drops you!

Posted by leannehendley

I demand our money back, on router and services for last four months...since notice. We have no service, no options, wasted years need for school business and community outreach, etc. I am planning to sue. You should, join us in this, too

Posted by Anonymous

I have clearwire internet and phone service and am satisfied but I want to know why my phone calls are cut off after about 10 to 15 minutes i sometimes have long distance calls that last longer than that and it is embarasing to think I have hung up on someone.

Posted by Anonymous

You guys have been illegally withdrawing money from my boyfriends card that was on file for account that I called and cancelled last year in December!! I used his card for a payment you stored the card and has been taking the money out each month knowing we are not using it we do not even live where the services are being billed and we have another internet company I am contacting better business and the p.u.c. also the bank!!

Posted by Die in a hole

Never buy this company's internet, it sucks! It's the worst internet you could ever have. Don't waste your money or time on this crappy internet service that doesn't even work. Don't try to contact them either, they just have Spanish operators. All of the other reviews have been horrible so if you don't believe me look at the other reviews. Do not trust this company's internet!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a clearwire customer for over 5 yrs.
I have told friends how great the service is and have raved about the customer service. Today was a different story. I have spent 5 hours trying to get an issue resolved. The staff overseas was a pain. the language issue was a problem. I had to call 4 times just to get some one I could understand.I still have no support to correct the problem. I was advised to wait 5 to 7 days. If it was not corrected by then to start the process again. I asked if I would be notified when the issue was corrected and was told *NO* I just need to keep checking to see if it is fixed. I will not have anything good to say about them until, they improve their service & response.

Posted by Anonymous

I Can Not Get Any Information On My Account
The Customer Service Rep. Does Not Speak Good Englishand I Don,t Understand Them.
They Are Not Helpful,they Are Rude
Because Of This I No Longer Want Any Thing To Do With This Company.i Want To Cancel

Posted by wollenweb

Here it is November 30, 2013 and I am still without service from clear wire much of every day. I am on the computer and the signal is lost; a check of the phone an it is gone also. This is an EVERYDAY occurence.

Why will you not contact me? You are paid through drafts from my bank; stopping this might get your attention. Contact me or I will stop paying you. I am enraged when my service is lost on such a regular basis.

My phone number, when it works, is 541 830 0861. Call me please as I am never successfull calling you.

Do not Ignore this communication. Dire measures will follow if you fail to contact this customer. (customer service HA HA HA.)

I am respectively;

Posted by wollenweb

Do These Communications Ever Get Answered? This Is My Second; With No Reply.

I Contacted Clearwire By Phone Today And Was Disconected After My Problem Was Revealed. Although A Phone Number Was Taken: "in Case We Get Disconnected." I Was Told. But, Guess What: Nobody Called After I Was Disconected!

My Confidence Level In Clear Wire Is At A New Low. I Think I Was A Little To Trusting When I Made Clear Wire My Only Phone Service As Now I Am Without Phone Much Of The Time.

By Reading Reviews, I Am Not Alone With My Problems With Clear Wire. All Comments Were Negative, Stating The Same Problems I Was Having.

I Want To Keep Clear Wire, But This Worse Than Pitifull Service I Am Getting Will End Or I Am Gone. I Have Made This Statement Before, But As It Is Difficult To Find Good Service, A Search For A New Carrier Will Take Time.

Contact Me Please At Phone And If It Is Working We May Resolve This Issue.

Considering All Your Negative Reviews I Doubt That Anything Will Be Resolved But We Can Try.

Please Contact This Lowly Consumer.

I Am Respectfully;

William Wollenweber

Posted by wollenweb

This communication regards the bad workings of our phone and internet connections these past few days. We have been without the above services intermitently on November 21 2013 and November 22 2013.

I recently gave up my cell phone so that when this happened in the past I was not so put out because I could call you and yell a little. Now my only means of communication are through Clear Wire.

This is your first notice; when this happens again,I will be looking for another provider to fill my communication needs. :)

Posted by Anonymous

Can you stop sending your jobs offshore.???????
we live in the USA everytime I want to speak with someone they are in another country. If you can't support the USA because you are cheating the goverment out of taxes, then I won't support your co. I will find a provider that supports the USA>

Posted by Anonymous

I've had my credit card number stolen while on vacation. The card has been canceled, a new card has been issued, having a hard time getting the new card turned on due to the issuer switching providers . It appears to be impossible to get service on this issue, or pay my bill. Clear wire needs to have someone somewhere available to deal with problems like this,

Posted by Mauisurfer

I have been down for over 6 days. your tech support sucks and supervisors are rude and have no clue what they are saying. 5 supervisors 5 diff answers.

Posted by anonymous66

Corporation management actually does not care to provide either equal service or fair suppor..I returned. Device in 5 days due to bad signal and could not get a refund . The local vendors only sell the device with a month of service so try took back the crappy hardware and the Clear corporation did not return the money. Now that merger is started my credit is gone cro the clear system and the Spring system as well. Sprint store managers in New York sees are.not selected.for.their customer retention skills.

Posted by Anonymous

I can understand why your company is going downhill I have been trying for 2 days and approx. 3 to 4 hours each day to get thru to a live person. Impossible. I have given up no such thing can happen. The whole company is just an automated phone system that only cares about getting your money and running. Lloyd E. Smith

Posted by Clearwiresucks

By far the worst freaking internet service i've ever had.

There customer support are all foreign, barely speak english.

And to top everything off, it's freaking slow.
I was promised 2mb download and I'm only getting 0.40ish.

After calling and asking about it, there response is "We are sorry, but we just have too many customers in your area that are connecting to the tower"

Posted by Anonymous

I am so frustrated by your service that I am redy to leave you personally and the buisiness account also. My account, which I have had for 6 or 7 years is complicated bt anothere address-, etc that will not allow me tyo sign in on my normal account. This 4 address was once set up on Google and abandoned several years ago. Why can't I access my normal account. Every time I try to access my account, I can't find a sign in page that my password works on. You are more trouble than you are worth. You should be paying me to put up withg your convoluted service

Posted by sharamtab

This company and their service is sooo bad and it's so frustrating to call them and put up with their talking points I finally had it this time and did it... I told them to cancel all my four services as of Tuesday and I will be asking for a refund on the equipment when they open again in the morning.
I have lost so much time on the slow and down connections and on the phone trying to resolve the overcharges, if I knew from the begining I would never have got 4 services with them... not worth the difference in costs for sure.
I wish there would be a class action against these fools so they would learn their lesson.

Posted by Zman

Clearwire internet has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I cancelled my service after a year of use, and afterward they charged me for a new month's worth of service. The service tech told me I had another 2 weeks of service with no payment. Instead they cut my service off and charged me anyway.

These guys should not be allowed to operate a business because their "business" is not legit. Their internet is slow, the customer service techs do not understand what you say, and the whole operation is a complete and utter sham. They should be investigated for fraud IMO.

Posted by TheReddish

So I had them for 5 months, I had to put up with clear dropping my connection, and slow speeds. They sold me the unlimited 4g for my home internet, and after paying for a box always paying on time, they cut me off. It was right after a 55$ payment, So they scammed me out of 55$ and the price of the router that was way overpriced. The reason they gave me for canceling my account was to much usage. I payed for unlimited usage, They scammed me and are the worst provider I have ever had. Clear=scamming garbage interment inc.

Posted by Dan

I had no problem with service from Clearwire until I moved and needed to disconnect my service. I called to report that I was moving and close my account, which was paid in full and in good standing at the time.

I asked if I could simply transfer the service to my roommates, who would be signing a new lease on the same unit and retaining the apartment. Clearwire said yes I could, so I left it up to them.

After 2 weeks my roommates had not followed through, so I called Clear back to close the account instead of transferring it and return the modem. Clear told me I would have to pay for the 2 weeks of service (which no one used, the modem was disconnected) and offered to have my service transferred to the roommates again. I said no to the transfer and didn't approve of the extra bill after I already called 2 weeks prior to take my name off the account but figured it was easiest to just pay the 15 bucks and get the $ back from roommates later. Clear said I could pay online, as I was travelling at the time I had called, but when I went to pay online later that evening I got an error message that said my account was closed, so no more access online. So I gave up, figuring I would get a bill in the mail.

Clear also said they would send me a postage paid shipping label to return the modem, which never came. No bill ever arrived either. I started getting telephone calls on a daily basis "with an exciting offer to restore your service!" in an automated voice. At first I ignored them.

I waited another week for the label/bill and called Clear back when it never arrived. They said not to worry about the remaining balance under the circumstances and that I didn't need to return the modem because it was an outdated version they no longer use. So fine, clean slate, my account closed, no bill, no need to return the modem, end of story, or so I thought.

Well that was over a month ago, and I am still getting those calls from Clear daily, sometimes several times a day, with that same automated voice offering to sell me their services again and sign me back up.

But in talking to their reps over the phone previously, I found out they don't offer service in the area I moved to. Yet they are harassing me every day with these spam phone calls, sometimes more than once per day, all times of day and night, and also on weekends, Sundays, sometimes 8am & sometimes 8-9pm.

I finally pressed 1 to talk to an operator the last 3 times they called just to tell them to stop calling me, and it places me on hold for only a few seconds before another automated voice tells me there is no one available to talk to me right now and disconnects.

So it seems I am forever stuck with their spam harassment on my phone every day after closing my account.

Posted by super angry

Trying to disconnect from clearwire has been horrible. I was on the phone for more than an hour with people who could not explain why I signed up for a two year contract when there website says they have no contracts? The only reason I signed up with them is because the representive said I could go month to month with no locked in contracts. Well I was lied to and I hope this helps others when deciding to go with a internet provider.

Horrible customer service. Unable to provide helpful information. Difficult to communicate with. Please do not go with Clearwire!!

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Posted by Anonymous

I found it to be the best service I ever had. I could get clear wire where cell phones wouldn't work. I made the mistake if switching to cable company and got worse service. Never had a problem with clear wire and live stream works like a charm!

Posted by Heinz

I was very pleased in the manner with which I was handled with regards to my problem. The man I talked to was considerate and understanding.

Posted by anonymous

i don't have any problem on clearwire isp. they educate me well and when i sign up over the phone they inform me that my IP is static. with regards on the speed i haven't encounter a slow speed because at the very begining when i was reading the terms of agreement that they don't have the cap but i need to managed my bandwith to not encounter slow speed which is true. i've tried different isp company and they always charged me because of the the data cap which is never had on clearwire. for me clearwire is the best isp on the universe

Posted by newlifesteven1956

I have had clearwire and clear internet service for some time now and i have had no trouble with there service.I have a 4g iphone and clear internet service is much faster.those people complaining about there service,really have a computer problem and want to blame clearwire for the problems,because they dont want to admit there PC is really the proble.steven keith

Posted by sun123400

I purchased the Clearwire service at my local Fry's store on August 10, 2012. Ten days later I returned the device and called in to cancel not only the plan, but to get refunded the $49.99 (the initial service fee. I was able to cancel my monthly recurrance plan but I was not able to get my initial $49.99 refunded back. After numerous attempts and arguing with "2 specialist" who barely spoke English. I decided to call the number below. Please skip all other numbers and call the number below. I was refunded my $49.99 with very lil questions in a matter of 2 min max.

Posted by IhateClearwire

I have had the WORST experience with them. I was trying to cancel my horrible service and was completely unable to reach anyone in the US. Or anyone who spoke proper English. Finally I found this site which gave me the 877-537-1458 phone number. THANK GOD! This number got me to Robert who was VERY helpful and got everything done that I needed.

Posted by Anonymous

to all clearwire customer service that spoke to earlier pls. accept my apology of loosing my temper over the phone and keep passing my call at the ame time...and saying clearwire customer service was no just pissed coz i was on the phone for 2 hours trying to cancel my internet service,,, but my call has been cut off so mny times 4 some reason,, my sencere apology..

Posted by Anonymous

Live in Baltimore, and Clearwire service here is excellent. A year ago got 4G internet service that I can plug into the wall and move around my home - or take to friend's home. Only a couple calls to customer service, and each time, they were great and problems resolved quickly. Way better than Verizon customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

Ii had a problem with my new modem and Marc Rivkin (Las Vegas) helped me. His support was outstanding! He explained everything very well. Thank you, Marc!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had CLEARWIRE, now CLEAR since 2007. I've had to call customer service many times but always get my issue resolved. Nice customer service people that help out in many ways. I am pretty happy with the service.
Belton,TX location

Posted by KarenBaldwin

I wanted to take a moment to comment on the customer service I was provided moments ago. I am in a very difficult position, having created an account for a friend who now refuses to make payment for her used portion. In the 3:00 hour today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Danielle who ran down various options for me to pursue. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her and was well pleased with her expertise and knowledge. Thank you, Danielle!

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