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54 Negative Comments out of 58 Total Comments is 93.10%.


4 Positive Comments out of 58 Total Comments is 6.90%.

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    • 33.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 54 negative comments (93.10%)
    • 4 positive comments (6.90%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Clear(wire) ceased my internet service on 5/1/2015. They informed me that this was to happen. My problem was an automatic deduction from my credit card. They kept deducting $78.02 per month for the next 6 months for a total of $468.02.

I discovered this earlier this month when I was doing my taxes. I am unable to contact them at 888-253-2794 since no one answers that line. I am pretty sure that the CLEAR company does not exist. Since they were owned by Sprint I would expect that they should be liable for unauthorized charges made by their subsidiary. I probably will get no relief from this, but I wanted let people know that I Sprint will let this happen, I would advise people not to deal with them.

Posted by Anonymous

My customer's router is close to four years old and out of a three-year warranty. It's receiving power is less than adequate to pick up more than a one or two-bar strength signal from the broadcasting tower less than 5 miles away in direct line-of-sight. The technical department of Customer Service indicated to me, after testing both transmission tower & my router, that the transmission signal was more than adequate and my router was no longer able to receive a strong enough signal to function properly. Their solution was to sell him another router, since his was OUT OF WARRANTY.
Now, understand this, he has been a loyal customer for over three years and has never been late paying his bill. He has ALREADY PURCHASED ONE ROUTER. He DID NOT BREAK his old router. His SERVICE HAS BEEN SO LOUSY over the last six weeks that the have lowered his bill from $54 to $25 per month. Even giving him a $10 credit to his account for him not to discontinue service.
When informed that the only way to keep his patronage, that CLEAR MUST REPLACE HIS ROUTER for free. The CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (Jose Portillo) informed him that his service would be terminated on the 15th of this month (even though his bill isn't due until the 16th and with the $10 already credited to his account he is paid through the 27th or 28th.)

I am a Microsoft OEM in Portland, Oregon and have many loyal customers that I feel it is my responsibility to warn to STAY AWAY FROM CLEAR WIRELESS and of course any future customers who ask for a referral to a wireless company will be counselled to obtain service from a different provider.

William Anderson
WireWizard Systems, LLC
Portland, Oregon

Posted by Anonymous

I had to make a payment on my clear internet service. But nobody is there or they change the phone number,so how am i going to make the payment now!!! I already have a late fee please contact us.I NEED MY SERVICE!!!!!! Please contact us asap i have payment in hand!!!!!

Posted by MARIA

Hi, My Name Is Maria Rojas.

I Order Clear Tv. You Take Out From My Checking Account 11/26/13. $50.01

2 Days Later I Send Back This Clear Tb Because This Is Not Working In My House. My Husband Put Here And There, To The Window But Nothing, And I Send Back.

Today A Received My Bank Statement, And I See You Put Back To My Account Only $21.72

Why? I Paid $50.01

Please Put Back Tu My Account The Rest $28.29

If Not, I Call The Better Business Bureau.

Thank You.

Maria Rojas

Posted by theresa

I order clear tv.four week age.and i asked for my money back .yall didn't. Will you refund my money.u said. it was on back hold. i don't. won't it.i just won't my money back in my account.I've being calling yall for the last two weeks.

Posted by Anonymous

Well, for me clear is the best because first of all is affordable for an UNLIMITED USAGE plan.
With regards to speed, its okay or so-so.
Cable connection is still better than 4g.
Their representative is nice and very understandable though their from offshore.
Anyway, 143 jjc

Posted by Anonymous

Don't Make No Since I Been On Hold For 30 Minutes And I Want To Cancel My Service It Sucks Do Not Take Anothe Dime Out Of My Account Rip Off Customer Service Sucks Very Very Unprofesional And Am Still On Hold Please Do Not Take Another Dime Out Of My Account!!!

Posted by sarasue

We have had clear for several years. It was awesome. About six months ago we started having very slow connections. We spoke to all the overseas people and was given a bunch of bull as to why. One even told us to go to and we had terrible connection test results. He said it might need time. Whatever! They sent us a different modem it didn't help. We started with them at the beginning and pay less than their new customers. I feel like they want us to leave so I am looking around for another provider.

Posted by Pat

I had clear for 9 months. I paid $50 a month for 6 mg but only received 1.3 mg. This is less than the $25 plan that gives 3 mg. They could not fix the problem and would not reimburse me for the 9 months of overcharge. When I cancelled 8 days into the month they refused to reimburse me for the other 23 days. Worst service ever plus being cheats. It's very unfortunate that the consumer has to learn the hard way. I'm disgusted... and will make sure this is known to my facebook, twitter, my space and linked in followers.

Posted by Donna M

spent almost an hour on the phone trying to disconnect my service sent my call overseas to someone who didn't speak english. Now 9 months later I get a collection notice saying I owe them money.I disconnected before next months bill, never recieved any notices from Clear Wire about any past due billing. Now I get the run around trying to clear this up so it's not on my credit report.Horrible company bad customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Very bad service and unprofessional workers

Posted by Anonymous

They really need to hire better tech support people.

Posted by Tal

I was able to contact Clear in Canada or in USA. Now it is over seas. They can speak english. They just don't understand us. Billing is all mess up. They say they can not transfer me to a rep in the USA which is a federal violation. I will take this up and report Clear. I carry four of the units which is more than than a house carry. Customer service suck big time.

Posted by Edgars

Just starting to use the systems,,and double billing to my debit acct. talk to a rep. on the chat, she was very friendly, but she told me that i have to call VIA PHONE ! in order to fix the problem, COMMON !, and also monday to friday, to fix an online, internet situation, now i have to make a phone call, give me a break... internet providers, needs phone reps.

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I enjoyed Clear's internet service for almost a year when suddenly I received a message that our account was going to be canceled in 14 days for apparent improper use. Even with unlimited internet I still monitor my data usage and I believe it's a reasonable amount. My slate it clean with regards to content downloaded/uploaded and if such policy was enforced I think many others would lose their service.
I call Customer Service about it and while I had no issue understanding him, the rep said he found no record of them sending me this message, only notices regarding payments. He noted that their system was being "set up" but they had already been in the area for almost 2 years.
Three weeks after receiving the notice, which he told me to disregard, my account was suddenly canceled. It is not unacceptable that the notice was incorrect and that the representative was unable to find correct information. Clear needs to check its system for integrity.

Posted by Frustrated

Consumer beware! Horrible company,horrible customer service. We had our service for 2 years with the service going out several times. Always the same thing, unplug modem, unplug Clear device, ping, blah, blah, blah. This time, we have been without service for over a week and no one can help us. After 2 years, we now find out that our house sits within 100 meters of the service line. Had we known that before, we would have not ever signed up with Clear to begin with. After going through the red tape of canceling service, no offer to prorate our service,or lack thereof, we are finally done with Clear. DO NOT USE CLEAR!!!

Posted by Justice

CLEAR stands for Clearly Lacking Earnest Agreement Responsibility!

So My brother went off to school and needed internet for his dorm. The school did not have internet in their dorms and CLEAR seemed like a good option. We signed up for a 12-month agreement because his school program was 13-months.

Issue #1: Billed for multiple accounts. During the first 3 months we were billed for 3 DIFFERENT accounts using our same credit card information! We went to 3 different location to fix the issue then finally were told that we needed to take it up with "HQ" (felt like the great and powerful Oz). Finally got the issue resolved after being transferred 7 or 8 times between staff.

Issue #2: Trying to cancel the service. This experience felt like we were in a movie where the actors were so insane that it was comical...and yet we were paying for it. after a long process of trying to cancel our service, this man informed us that his computer read that we had a 2 year commitment with the service and would have to pay a cancellation fee. CLEARLY A LIE! (pardon the puns) He also had the wrong email address and information tied to the account which made him lose any credibility for making such a statement. They certainly believe that they can do really whatever the hell they want without any concern or consequences and it's time for that thinking to end!

Please beware of this company!! Even for the low price there is no reason anyone should be treated with such little respect with a company that is CLEARLY trying to make their system so in-navigable that you just "take it." WRONG!!!

Posted by Facilitator

For all of you out there who tried to contact Clearwire and could never get a US phone number, here is it:
425-216-7600 (press 9 for receptionist)
This is the direct phone to HQ.

Posted by Autosellers

All calls routed to Filipine. Poor English (yes).
I received an RMA to return my equipment. After they received they claim they already refunded, even before I sent the item back. I had to file in Small Claims court to recover my money.

Posted by anonymous

The worse service!! I got Direct tv and they asked me if I have internet I said not but I think only Verizon covers my area this person says don't worry the company we work with works with Verizon... This company clear contacted me, it was a lady talking very very fast and as soon as I started asking questions she change her tone, at the end I got the service they charge me 106.00 dollars, I got the equipment on the mail 4 days later, I installed it and it didn't work, I called asking for help and they told me my area doesn't have good recepcion, but I should leave the house and it might work I told them that I need internet in my house, I told them that I will return the equipment and that I want my money back, this person said I can give you the monthly payment but you have to return the equipment at the store where you bought it!! I laughed and I said I don't even know where your store is located and he kept telling me that the system shows I got it from the store... After 5 minutes he was able to find my transaction and believe what I was saying, he didn't even apologies.. I will get the rest of my money when they get the equipment in the mail.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the worst and the sorriest company I've ever dealt with and hope they can be shut down,people are rude and very uneducated on how to cancel a number,they really need better people to speak with and who can do there person who will help is courtney at the clear talk store she's very nice and very polite....

Posted by Philly Phil

Our house is in the strongest 4g coverage area on the Clear coverage map, but due to a tall apartment building between us and the nearest tower, the signal is actually too weak to support internet connection. We canceled the service within the trial period and received a refund for the service price, but still needed a refund for the device. As per one part of the website, and one service representative on the phone, we took the device to the Clear retail outlet where we had purchased it, along with the receipt. At the store, the employee informed us that we had to request a shipping label and mail it back. To be sure, we called Clear again and they said, yes, request the shipping label but then take it to the store and they will send it back. We followed these instructions, but again at the store the employee said, no, you have to mail it back to the company, we don't do that. So, before doing so, we called Clear again and received confirmation that this was indeed what we had to do. We mailed the device back with the receipt. Two weeks later, we received an email that said they had received the device, and, providing we had fulfilled the requirements, we should have a refund within 4 weeks. Three weeks later we received an email that explicitly stated that we had fulfilled each of the return requirements and a refund would be credited to the card on file within 7 days, but we should allow an additional 7 days for our bank to process it. We waited 14 business days, and it had not arrived so we called Clear. The first representative asked how much we had paid for the device and said he would "put it in as a refund". When we said, "So the email was wrong?" He said, "Maybe it just didn't get processed as a refund yet." This was disheartening, considering we had returned the device almost two months before and received multiple emails assuring us of a refund. The representative could see that we had received the email, but didn't seem to be able to do anything more about it. He gave us a ticket number and said someone would call in 3-5 days to give us more information. This call came and the representative said he needed to confirm our address so he could send us a prepaid Visa card. This was not what was promised in the emails we received so we refused, asking to have the money credited to our account. I have worked in customer service for a few years, and I have seen that these prepaid cards are notoriously fickle instruments, often causing frustration and annoyance at the cash register. Aside from that, mailing the card was going to take another month or so, and we had already been told the money should be back in our account. After some discussion, this representative determined he could not help and said he would let the accounts payable department know and someone else would call us. The third call came, and this time the representative seemed to know well what he was talking about. He apologized repeatedly for the inconvenience, but still said he was going to mail a prepaid visa card. Through our discussion, we got a clearer picture of how the Clear outlet, the warehouse, and the accounts department all generally don't communicate with each other. The system is dysfunctional in that none of them really knows what the other is doing or is supposed to do. When I referenced the email saying the money should already be in our account, he could see that we received an email but said he could not see that part of the email. However, if I faxed him the email, perhaps he could move the process along. I pointed out that faxing an email doesn't make sense, and he said it had to do with a policy about copies of things. So, after confirming and acknowledging that faxing an email, rather than forwarding it, is backwards and illogical, I agreed to do it. He said that he would call back upon receiving the fax. I faxed it immediately after hanging up yesterday, and have not yet received a call back.
This whole experience has been, and continues to be, frustrating and disappointing as we have not received a refund and are well past the original promise of 4 weeks, let alone the explicit recent notice of 7 days. It is frustrating that no representative seems to be able to do anything to help solve the issue; they can only restart processes from the beginning. Additionally, it is annoying that representatives, apart from the supervisor I recently spoke with, seem instructed not to behave like humans, but rather like robots who must read off a screen rather than engage naturally in conversation. This does nothing to encourage customers or make them feel heard. Rather, it can frustrate and alienate them into becoming angry, even the calmest of customers, leading to entirely avoidable verbal conflict.
Finally, this experience has been particularly aggravating because we did everything in our power to follow the correct process. We took no instruction at face value, whether from a retail outlet representative, phone representative, or website, but checked and double-checked to make sure everything was in order. Even going above and beyond the responsibilities of a conscious customer, engaging courteously with staff, and receiving confirmation of doing everything right, we still have not received our refund. Clear has fallen disappointingly short on expeditiousness and shirked its promises, leaving once enthusiastic customers aggravated, disgruntled, and disillusioned.

Posted by wendy

I have had Clear for years and started with my lap top. It was good at my second home but did not work well wtih my other home in Las Vegas. I live by on the towers with the best signal and added home service. I had Cox and Century Link prior to Clear and have had BETTER SERVICE but have stayed with Clear due to the reduction of costs. I can no longer have the poor service just due to lower costs. I am now changing and have no contract. Clear has a very low contract ETF but its no longer worth it. I have to wait a long time to long on and downloads are VERY VERY SLOW. COST AND DISCOUNTS FOR BAD SERVICE IS NOT WORTH IT.

Posted by TJ

I hate the business practices of this company. I have been a customer now for nearly two years -- and today I HIT THE ROOF over their response to me concerning my issue. I was so livid, that I recorded the ENTIRE conversation so that I could share it with my husband. (I had purchased the device protection plan.)

This is what happened.

1. After a few months after first signing up with the service, I started having problems with my Clear HotSpot. It turns out that the battery had worn out, and had to be replaced. I was shipped a battery at no cost.

2. Shortly after that, the device started rebooting continuously. I could not get it to turn on for longer than 8 seconds... because it kept "turning itself on" then "turning itself off." I called, because I had the device protection plan, for service. I was informed that my device was defective and that they would ship out a replacement FOR $9.99. (Supposedly to cover the shipping.) I pitched a fit -- meaning I strongly stated that this unfair and a ripoff, but I was very respectful. I wanted them to know that I was not a happy customer. I paid the $9.99 and they shipped the device.

3. Low and behold a few short months later, that device started acting crazy. Doing the exact same thing. This time I called again... and the rep said to me, "The device is indeed defective. We will replace it for you... for a FEE!" Another $9.99 out the window...

4. TODAY, I received an email that said, "Your device protection plan has been cancelled." No explanation, nothing. Just that one line.

5. So I called to inquire about this cancellation. I was politely told that they had discontinued THIS DEVICE and as a result, were no longer going to honor any of their faulty equipment. I asked POINT BLANK: "So what you are saying to me is that if my device (that I purchased) from you is defective, I have to deal with it by BUYING another device." The Customer service rep said, YES. That is correct.

People, this is so crazy I can't even put it into words. I went from speaking to an agent, to speaking to the next level supervisor... only to be told that ALL CUSTOMERS are now required to purchase and OWN their devices from Clear Wireless. The thing that REALLY GOT ME was that they WILL NOT HONOR THEIR OWN PRODUCT....

I am so ticked, I could scream. PLEASE run as a far away from this company as possible. There are other companies out there that WILL NOT treat their customers this way. There's more to this story... but I gave you the bare bones.

ASK QUESTIONS before purchasing their service. I guess they were hoping I didn't notice...


Posted by Anonymous

We had CLEAR for a few years and then the service got terrible. We could not use our phone or get incoming calls. Repeatedly I would call them or chat and do the same thing over and over again. Unplug the system and restart it. It would work for an hour or so and then not. Finally I went to Century Link and have had no problem what so ever. I have since tried to contact CLEAR because they now want money for a service I did not have. They tell me that I will be back with them because I won't be happy with my new provider. I tried over and over to explain to them the situation and why I changed. They wanted to update my service even though I told them the service I had didn't work. What are they thinking? It is like they are not listening to you when you speak to them or they just don't want to hear your complaints. Enough of CLEAR as far as I am concerned they just take your money with no service.

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Posted by jahlaune

They are ok with me I have called several times with no problems

Posted by Slow service

We've been Clear customers for 2 years but we've noticed a decrease in connectivity over the last year. Spoke to Clear reps and they said that there was some congestion with the towers in our area. Not acceptable! The last straw was when it took 6 1/2 hours to download a movie on AppleTV!! Now that is beyond ridiculous! Called Clear HQ at 425.216.7600 and spoke to a very pleasant man named Jonathan who honestly tried to keep me as a customer by offering a discounted offer (bless his heart) but that didn't deter me from canceling. I now have AT&T and it only took 2 minutes to download a movie on AppleTV. What a remarkable difference!

Posted by JUan

Extremely helpful, and excruciatingly nice. Just don't let your payment wait till the last minute. Very good customer service.

Posted by DK1990

Clear Mobile is a great service! The customer support team has been very helpful in answering my questions when i called and chatted with them! You don't have to be locked into to any contracts other carriers!

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Posted by ksnash

I used to work with Clearwire. You used to have to know about computers and how they work. I was too expensive at $13/hour so they hired nontechnical people at $9 or less. I was fired for supposedly not taking a call I did take. They were not on phone and we weren't supposed to take over callers not on line. Manager asked me to call out and I got permission and called out. The new techs didn't know basic troubleshooting. I worked in voip and the two questions I asked on every transfer were: "What lights are showing?" and "Did you try the other connection?" These were deemed cruel questions. I got annoyed for people transferred into queue from new techs. They were put in queue for an hour and all the other tech needed to do was try other phone connection. I had high qualities every time and was let go for made up issue. they are farming workers and stealing tax credits for hiring in my opinion. Managers don't take manager requests.


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