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    • 32.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 112 negative comments (94.12%)
    • 7 positive comments (5.88%)
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Posted by Please help me and make this rig

What do you think? I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for 15+ years. I have never had a problem and the people have been very nice over the years. In March of 2016 my son at 16 years old got his first job. He wanted to open a bank account. So I went with him to Citizens Bank to open an account. It was his account but linked to mine because he's under the age of 18. He set up direct deposit for his paycheck. We did all the necessary paperwork and the branch we went to was a different one than I normally use. I use one closer to my work. The person helping us told us after everything was complete that after three months of direct deposit that as an incentive to work the bank would deposit $150 in my son's account. He was very excited about this. He worked and saved his money and in June I watched for the $150 deposit. When July came and it wasn't there I made a note to call about it. When using the branch closer to my work one day in July I saw the same person who had helped open the account at my branch. I stopped and asked him about the money. He apologized and said he would look into it and verified my phone number. August and September came and no money was deposited. I was in my branch again in September and asked to a teller about it. She said she didn't know and that I would have to ask someone who was in the area behind me. She was very kind and when I looked in the direction she was speaking of I saw the desk of the man who had been telling me he would check on it. His desk was empty so I made a note to call him. I called the next day and he said he would look into it and again apologized and verified my number. October came and no money was deposited. On November 9th I went to my branch and went right over to talk with the same man. I got out of work early that day to attend a concert in Pittsburgh. We talked about that a minute and he said he would pull up my account. Surprise, there was no money deposited in my son's account. He told me he would send an email and get back to me later that day. I received a voicemail (that I still have on my phone) saying that he is working on it and hopes to have it resolved soon and that I should pay attention the upcoming week and the money should be in there. I told him even though I was getting very frustrated I had confidence in the bank and knew they would make it right. On December 1st I called again. He told me he would check and get back to me. I have a voicemail on Dec. 1st (still on my phone) saying he is still working on it and he will hopefully hear something tomorrow and have an answer. A few days later I went back in to my branch. I asked the teller to speak to someone higher up than the individual I had been talking with. She said there wasn't anyone there higher up and directed me to a woman behind me. She knew my story right away without me telling her the whole thing. First she said my son didn't qualify for the money. I asked her why we were told that he did. She said she didn't know but thought it was because he didn't have his license yet. I told her no, try again because my son had his license for months at the time the account was open and even presented it that day. I made sure he took it with him that day. Then she said it was because he was under 18. Again I said this was never mentioned before that it was a requirement. It turns out she was at the same level as the gentleman I had been dealing with but gave me a name of someone at the branch where the account was open who I could talk to. I called her the next morning. She was the most helpful in all of this. When I gave my name and started to tell the story she interrupted and said she knew the story. She said she was working the day my son and I opened the account and heard the gentleman tell us that my son qualified for this money. She listened and was very sympathetic but told me that customers can only talk to her level, managers don't deal with customer service. I asked for a name of her supervisor. She said she was instructed to not give out a manager's name for customer service. She then told me that there was an email sent from her supervisor to the gentleman I had been talking with back in JULY stating that my son did not qualify for this money because I was an existing customer that his account was linked to therefore it could not be considered a new account. For this reason he did not qualify and their employee was told that. On my end this gentleman was still telling me in December that it was being worked on even though his superior said it was not happening So this employee told me she would tell her supervisor all of this again and ask her to understand from my point of view but she did not have much hope that the decision would be swayed. I told her what kind of mother would I be as an example to my son if I stayed a customer of Citizens if they didn't make this right? If they have an employee who told a loyal customer something and it was wrong and that person was told it was wrong and still told the customer it was going to be resolved, why does the loyal customer have to lose out over $150? So I told her to tell her superior that I will have a story either way and that her boss just has to write the ending. The following day that employee called and left me a voicemail (that I still have on my phone) saying her boss stands by the decision to not give my son the $150. So this my friends is the ending Citizens Bank has written and I am sharing with you. They refuse to this day to allow me to speak directly with a bank manager when I ask for a name and number. -Ann Kaspick Erie, PA

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Citizens Bank located in the Stop & Shop in Falmouth, Ma.this morning. I work for a home health agency and was depositing an elderly clients money in her account
The girl at the counter, her name was Alexandria was very short with me to begin with and then she couldn't read the account # the client had written.She expected me to know it and when I said I had no idea, she gavee the deposit back and said she couldn't process it. Could she not have looked up the name on the deposit slip? I looked at it and one of the numbers looked like a 4 and not a 7 like she thought. Then she found it. But very rude the whole time. I am 70 yrs.old and have dealt with Citizens a long time and I can say I have never had a rude person like this.

Posted by aaronCC

my wife open an account and was 2 dollars short by mistake, and gets 35 dollars charge, and 20 dollars after that for one whole week. When i call them they told me its our fault not to keep a track of the account all time... I m just speechless, anyways $150 lost. but i see how they treat us. so its worth it!

Posted by AnmoII

While working with Citizens Bank to secure a construction loan we were required to provide documentation multiple times, even after documenting that we had previously submitted it. Every time frame for each process they provided was incorrect and always took much longer. Our loan processor lost our paperwork and instead of telling anyone did nothing, which resulted in us having to submit the paperwork again. The Vice President - Sales Manager then took over our application, only to loop back in the same loan processor who had no idea what he was doing. It was very difficult to get a hold of anyone during this whole process. It took four months for us to get any sort of answers from the bank. They kept saying it was because construction loans take a long time to process. I know the issue was incompetence. The kicker: once we finally received something in writing (they basically refused to provide anything in writing and would avoid our questions) it was all wrong, and none of the numbers lined up. Still unsure how the underwriter (who had all documentation submitted to him multiple times), the loan processor and the VP-Sales Managed all missed this. Needless to say we walked away. I would never refer Citizens Bank to anyone and am shocked how they operate. Albany, NY

Posted by Anonymous

No matter what day or time, always put on hold for 20 - 30 minutes or more and forced to listen to the ironic voice message that repeats every 30 seconds "We value your business..." Apparently not

Posted by Ellatiu

Charter One was the neighborhood bank that I was so proud to open my first checking account as a 16 year old girl. Ten years later... I will have to close my account and I will make sure everyone in my family does too. I will write about this bank everywhere.. Screwing over a student is very low. A student account I opened 10 years ago that had no minimum balance requirement got changed to a $5000 minimum requirement and no one sent a letter home..To explain to me the changes and my options.. I have been getting charged for almost 4 years $15 a month. I went to the local branch and the only thing that got accomplished there was a rebate fee of $50 and the gentleman hitting on me!! Followed with with sexual text messages.. I have NEVER in my life felt so disgusted that not only is my problem not solved but the person who needs to help me out, who has all my account information, my address my social security number... made me feel so uncomfortable.. A banker... during hours of business to ask a customer for her number is disgusting and I gave it to him just so he would not do anything stupid with my personal information. This is the third time a banker from charterone/citizens bank has done this to me. I will put the names of these men and the branch location at the end of this message so women can be careful. In case this wasn't enough.. I called the bank on the phone to try to resolve my issue and all the manager his name Tom S.. which I sure he wasn't a manager nor was that his real name gave me his two cent before telling me there is no manager he could transfer me to and HUNG UP on me. He said... the change was mentioned in your estatement... A change this big... that effect a poor student... was mentioned on an estaement.. when over draft fees and anything important is always mailed at home... TEN years have I been a customer and the member of my family even longer... I'm just starting medical school and I don't have a lot of money.. but shame of you for robbing a young girl.. The $300 will not make me or break me.. but its the principal..

PS. I have the text messages saved if anyone cares to see!

Posted by booba

Citizens Bank, Waring Road, Rochester, NY, drive up is getting worse and worse. Today I waited 18 minutes in line, nobody was ahead of me. They used to have a person at the drivethru, but now you must wait until they serve all the customers in the bank it looks like. Horrible customer service, when he came to window, didn't even apolize for the long wait. AWFUL, totally unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

I feel like I am dealing with a used car salesman instead of dealing with a branch manager of our local bank

Posted by Anonymous

The short little girl at the gibsonia branch is the worst. She doesn't know when to stop talking and when I tell her I am not interested she doesn't stop. Over the top crazy. Makes people in line wait. Makes lots of mistakes. I think she is new. If I can avoid that one. Go out of my way to go elsewhere. The rest very friendly

Posted by amyboston

I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for over 20 years. I have most of my personal and business accounts with them (personal checking and savings account), three business accounts, and two business lines of credit. The customer service has steadily declined over the years. Today was the last straw!
I deposited a check last month from a business client and it was returned to me unpaid. I spoke to the client and she said that she was baffled as to why it did not clear. She assured me that the funds were in her account and she asked me to redeposit the check. I physically took the check to her bank and they verified the funds were there. I went to Citizens and re-deposited the check. It was returned again!
I contacted her again and she again told me she did not know what was going on. I gave her copies of the returned check notices and the front and back of her check. She called me the next day and said that Citizens made an error. She had her bank write a letter detailing the problem. It turns out that Citizens encoded the check with the wrong bank routing number (twice) and that is why the check was returned unpaid (it was presented to the wrong bank for payment � twice)!
So I went into the bank today and waited in a long line to speak to a customer service representative about this issue. He took a long time (about 20 minutes) to read a 3 sentence letter that clearly outlined the issue and to review the copies of the two returned check notices and a copy of the returned check itself. He did not know what to do. Finally, he rebated me the fees and �opened a case� to look into this matter. No apology, no sympathy, just a smarmy look on his face. He was surprised that I was not grateful that he had rebated the fees that never should have been charged in the first place! He kept telling me that �mistakes happen� and �we are all human�. This is banking 101 � process the check presented for payment correctly.
I have lost a client because of this error. I client who was paying me over $500 a month. I also spent a good deal of time going to Citizens three separate times to deposit the checks and try to straighten out this matter, and going to my client�s bank to check on the availability of funds. In addition, I sent the customer a gift card as an apology for all this confusion (which Citizens caused).
I have no confidence in Citizens anymore. They cannot even process a check correctly! Their customer service stinks. They have no regard for their customers and they do not even have the decency to admit when they are wrong, own up to it, apologize profusely and set about making it right.
I will be closing all my accounts as soon as possible and taking my banking business elsewhere. I have had it with these jerks!

Posted by Shitizens Bank

First thing in the morning I am closing my account with citizens bank, and never coming back. I will bad mouth your bank as well. You cancelled my account because I lost my job and had no money for 2 weeks. I had no notice of my account being deactivated, you just did it. I had to go in and go through the hassle of opening a new account. Then. I bought 2 VIP tickets for my dearest friends on Christmas day, first time using my card since I got paid 2 days ago. After I had bought those, my card was shut off and I couldn't use it the rest of the day. My family drove here to Ohio from Kentucky and I had no money to buy gifts until this weekend. I couldn't get gas, or pay for a video game my little cousin wanted for Playstation Network. Because you wanted to shut my f*cking card off. On Christmas. You're worse than Chase bank. I'm moving onto PNC, hopefully they don't have such sh*tty regulations and don't run like a nazi bank, like yours.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible bank! I would never trust another penny to them! After reporting fraudulent activity on my account, they still allowed it to continue! I have finally closed my account with the balance of 0, and the bank has re-opened my account without even notifying me and allowed the fraud to continue. Now they are charging me fees for my negative balance on the account! Unbelievable how careless they are about your money and account. Absolutely ZERO securities at this bank. And I can still not close my account, because now it needs to stay open till the investigate. RUN AWAY from them if you can.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently requested information and sent it to me with out telling me it would be 272.oo dollars and they told me that customer service cant fix it .....Why did I ever use this Bank....Got better service from guy who delivered cow manure for my garden ....Ed Curley

Posted by Anonymous

One branch doesn't know what the other is doing. Employees make mistakes and the customer has to loose out. Finally, customer service covers up the mistakes and makes a final decision. You loose.

Posted by Anonymous

I am the owner of a Michigan based company, and Citizens Bank formally known as Charter One is my bank...But
I am changing all my business accounts
from this Horrible Bank, because the Customer service is absolutely unacceptable!!!! Although my monthly volume was substantial with this bank
I would highly recommended NOT BANKING WITH CITIZENS BANK!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

On-line banking charged overdraft fees for charges that were not posted until 4 days later. Multiple calls were useless excuses and double-talk.

Posted by Zero

Not good at all. Does not respond in a timely fashion. Feels like they don't care. Jon Humbert is working with me on a loan and he doesn't respond to emails.

Posted by jjackosn

I do business banking with the location in stop and shop on greenwich ave in Warwick Ri daily.This branch either runs out of coin or loses my drop bags and bank slips.This is getting annoying since these deposit slips belong to the company I work for and I have to account for each slip.Not accounting for these slips jepordies my job as a Manager.All the tellers do is talk and not pay attention to counting your deposit with the exception of a few.I was asked why do I get so upset about my bags being lost,what kind of question is that.This Bank has spiraled down hill and someone needs to
get a grip on the nonsense.Maybe if their job was in jepordy then they would learn how to be proffesional.

Posted by Anonymous

I opened a CD with Citizen's in Oct. 2014. I was promised a promotional rate of 1.25%. Noticed a few months later I was receiving 0.10%. After three visits I was told I wasn't eligible for the 1.25% rate because I wasn't a certain level bank member. They admitted it was their mistake. I asked for my CD money without penalty. They promised to call but as usual haven't come through. I have a CD coming due there next week and you can bet that one won't be renewed.

Posted by mwilliams

"I made a callto customer service to request for them to fax an account verification to my workso I may start my direct deposit. The woman I spoke with was name Shatricia, and she informed me with a slight attitude that the only possible way of getting this letter was to go into a branch. I have 3 young children and have barely enough time to sit between droppging them off at school and appointments, going to night school, and working on the weekends.

I am switching to Citizens from Bank of America. When I first started this job, I requested the same from Bank of America's customer service line. They faxed my letter immediately with no problem. I have only had my account open a short time, but already I am a little disappointed with Citizens customer service. This one experience has made me doubt my decision to switch from Bank of America.

I would suggest that Citizens make account verifications available through fax, mail, or email upon requst for the customers (pending sufficient identity verification)."

That was my exact text that I attempted to put into a suggestion/concern message to Citizens Bank through their website. I was told it was too long, the page refreshed and erased my whole message, which irritated me even more.

Posted by Sue 1

Citizens Bank artificially generates as many overdraft fees as possible by engaging in the process known as "re-ordering" checks as they clear. They post the largest ones first regardless of whether that is the order the check came in. As a result, customers may get hit with multiple overdraft fees when only 1 was really necessary. Bad Bank.

Posted by clavoie

My account with the Citizens Bank the ATM machine took my money temporarily shut down never give me receipt and they tell me I have to wait another week before they open up the ATM machine which will end up messing my account and I'll be paying $35 fees because I don't have that money in there not fare to the customer.

Posted by [email protected]

This bank will PRESS you into applying for loans against your better judgment then come back with a denial. Thus hitting your credit score.
They pushed me to try this THREE times.
Of course I will pull all of my money out of this bank and will not reapply for the 3rd time.
They obviously have a incentive program for their employees to sell products at our expense.
Done with them!

Posted by westw

Transferred ASSETS OF MINE ILLEGALLY. PROBLEM NEVER RESOLVED AND EMPLOYEES WERE ENGAGED IN SOME SORT OF COLLECTIVE DECEPTION AND run around. They are now claiming that they do not know what happened to the money which was transferred to a branch manager at another bank by a stock broker and an accountant claiming they had a court order. they fail to produce a court order and they then stopped all communication with me. They have horrible business practices; they hire terrible employees who are not experienced; they have misappropriated funds.

Posted by Samantha

I went to the drive thru turtle Creek location. The sign said open and the window was up. I was ignored. I pushed the button yet no one came to the window. I then went to the door and it was locked. So basically they closed early and ignored me!

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Posted by Anonymous

This was great. I had to speak to 2 different people and they were both very nice and very helpful. The prompts worked.

Posted by Anonymous

Awesome customer service reps, polite, helpful and friendly.

Posted by seagee

I actually just had a good experience with Citizens customer service. I called at 4am when I noticed they had charged me an insufficient funds fee on an acct that I had transferred more than enough money in to to cover a restaurant's error in charging me twice. The customer service rep was courteous and asked me to hold fir 2 minutes while she reversed the fee. I was very satisfied.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a safe deposit box at your bank and use it quite often. 10 days ago, I dropped my eternity ring on the floor while I was doing business. After I went crazy looking for it, I got a phone call from Tara,branch manager,to tell me that she found my ring. I know I am very lucky but I also want commend your workers who are so honest and loving. Please let other people know my great experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Good bank. People in the local offices as well as on the phone always friendly. I guess these people making the negative comments never had to deal with B of A. Now there is a lousy bank.

Posted by Anonymous

every interaction has been handled professionially,so farso good, love the online banking

Posted by Anonymous

great help to me got all the info i needed

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Posted by Anonymous

I would have gotten fired if i was a branch mgr. like the one at center square. the assist. was no better. rude and stupid!!! it is amazing.


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