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Citibank customer service is ranked #634 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 571 ratings. This score rates Citibank customer service and customer support as Terrible.


545 Negative Comments out of 571 Total Comments is 95.45%.


26 Positive Comments out of 571 Total Comments is 4.55%.

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  • Citibank

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    • 27.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 545 negative comments (95.45%)
    • 26 positive comments (4.55%)
    • 8 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by smoke

very bad experience... patiently waited for so long for a citi officer to answer the phone, in the end she just drop and end my call....

hope for their improvement.....

Posted by Anonymous

I hate their website! It's not intuitive or easy to find things. It doesn't even make sense. What the heck is the difference between "Your external accounts" and "All external accounts"???!!!! Even more than that...their customer service via email is NON-EXISTENT!! They have a button that says 'connect by email'...which doesn't work and shows no email address. Most people I know don't want to call these days, we sit in open offices or don't have time to sit on hold forever. We prefer to contact via email. But Citibank clearly doesn't want to be contacted. I've been with them for years...but the website and customer service has gotten I'm about to leave them. I've had enough.

Posted by blindsided

The local physical location of my bank has not changed since the 1980s, but the banking company operating there has...three times. So I didn't choose Citibank...we just were folded into the Citi behemoth.
As of mid Jan 2018, I owed appx $25 on a chkg plus..17days later when I tried to make that FINAL pymt, Citi made that account unavailable for me to access..and pay. Now, $25.00 has been hit with late fees..and tossed into collections pit..thereby dinging my credit! Why would someone in a company decide to BLOCK a FINAL Pymt on a consumer account that is technically over twenty years old?
Why after twenty years am I being barraged, Seven days a Week with harassing phone calls from Citibank? Why, when I go physically to the bank branch am I told by tellers that they can't accept my payment, shrug look bewildered? Why have my numerous attempts since Feb 1, 2018 to pay this nuisance $20 plus amount escalated to 2 or 3 times what i SHOULD pay?!!
I truly feel that I'm being scammed!! I'm being held hostage while the ransom fees grows disproportionately out of control. Speaking to bank personnel is only leading to more confusion, because Citibank has rendered its 'THINKING'employees powerless to utilize 'COMMON Sense in what should have been a simple matter to resolve. Instead, drone like employee mentality serves the mechanisms of technology that cannot factor in nuances of a given situation on behalf of the consumer. Whenever, i am able to get past this unnecessary nightmare...i intend to research and hopefully find a more sane banking ecperience.

Posted by Jaq

UNPROFESSIONAL. I received a Personal Loan pre approved so i went to the nearest citibank. Even the manager told me that im approve since the citibank send me pre approved letters to . After he process the loan he call someone and told he me that im decline. ARE U KIDDING ME? Are you fooling your customers? Why are you sending a letter that pre approved and you will decline it without any reason. That so stupid. im really disappointed with citibank. I;m one of

your loyal card holder but u make me look stupid and u waste my time for nothing.


after seeing a cheap interest rate for a personal loan for Citibank, I got online and applied. after about 5 days i tried calling to find out how my application was going and they said it was cancelled. declined with out my knowledge! They could not give me any reason why could not put me through to someone to talk to so I could explain why I wanted the loan to pay out my credit card and other loan. Just kept saying 'we can not let yu know why!!' Very rude and inconsiderate to people!! DO NOT USE THEM!!

Posted by complain

I have terrible experience with Citibank HK, my husband transferred USD 318,050 to my account in Canada on Mar.3, but I still didn't got the money, Citibank HK made big mistake twice to my account name, I really don't know how they can make same mistake twice, it's still not solved by Mar.20 and they seemed have no idea about when I can get the money.

I need the money urgently, it seemed what I can do is to raise my complain.

Posted by Should change name to Shitibank

Unbelievable incompetence and inefficiency. Trying to set up a simple Global Transfer between Citibank HK and Citibank Thailand yet its taking hours and hours of my time to get it sorted because their 2 offices can't communicate with eachother to figure out what the problem is. I knew Citibank was hopeless but wow, this experience has really put me off them. Small consolation is the customer service reps are trying to help, but their organizational structure and their HORRIBLE systems (both online banking and phone banking) are making a mockery out of them. Credit Suisse and HSBC so much better which is why they get bulk of my business.

Posted by Gagas

There is no reason you have to call me 4 times every day, I know I have an outstanding balance but you are harrassing me. And if it doesn't stop I will go to the BBQ and have you rated as poor. I asked for credit so I could get back on my feet but to harrassing me because of non payment is preposterous. I don't call you every 3 hours. I will not answer my phone.

Posted by Clare

TERRIBLE! I am still getting text messages and emails regarding my account that I closed in January 2016. I only had it open for 1 month because they couldn't actually help me with all my banking!!!! I am so over them wasting my time. But they don't know where the emails or text messages are coming from......

Posted by Anonymous

Citibank customer service is the worst. Their security protocols are so stupid and they have no ideas what they are talking about. I have to ask the same question 3 times and have called multiple times to try to get a new card that I had lost. Not to even mention the long on hold perieod as i ama citi gold client as well. Just completey incompetent and frustrating experience to say the least and this goes for all calls to whether it's for account info or online signing on problems to paying bills just absolutely stupid slow and imcompetant.

Posted by Ksimmons

Fontana CA Citibank do something about the long lines and the horrible wait. I tell people don't go to Citibank Fontana on Arrowhead and if you know like I know go to B of A

Posted by Anonymous

Honestly this is the worst bank ever! dont ever open a credit card with them because you'll completely regret it and they are THE WORST!!! Their interest is ridiculous and they continue to charge you even if your phone is locked and to make it worse they hang up on you when you call and when you call back they take a hour to actually pick up the phone!!! LITERALLY THE WORST!!! DON'T OPEN CREDIT CARD WITH THEM!!! EVER!

Posted by nordica1950

Citibank facilitated a theft of $599.99 by siding with a scam-ridden company purporting itself as being affiliated with Apple Computer. They said I gave my credit card number and received service, but the service was a scam. Also, the $599.99 was for LIFETIME support, and I have confirmation of that. But the company is providing only THREE YEARS support. Still, Citibank has treated me as the guilty party. No customer service or support whatsoever. Shameful and dishonest.

Posted by MAS indy

My bank called to get payoff on my citibank credit card but was only given the day of balance. I assumed my account had a zero balance. They have charged me residual interest and late fees for four months and will not take off my account. I had no reason to believe I had a balance since I was transferring balance. They will not take these off my account even though I offer to pay the residual interest owed.

Posted by Sam18910

I called Citibank customer service twice. First time the woman didn't speak good English and was hard to understand because she spoke so fast. Also, she kept telling me maybe maybe maybe. Second time I called a man answered but couldn't verify it was me, although, I've previously been verified 5 minutes prior to calling him. This took about 20 minutes. Then, he placed me on hold for five more minutes then hung up on me with no call back. What kind of service is this? Careless is the answer.

Posted by Anonymous

Bank Service really suck to the core .
Had to call 4 times to get to a customer officer.
Does not get any help at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Fontana CA on Sierra Ave the lines are always too long and the tellers are slow I advise everyone I know to go somewhere else. Should have never closed the second one on Sierra Ave and Marigold!On a score of 1-5...1/2

Posted by Melissa Le'Cole

I came here to give my awful experience with this company in detail. However, after being on the phone with their illiterate cost. reps; I'm too annoyed, agitated, & disgusted to do so.


Posted by Daric.heard

You guys can't get me into my account and I'm a little upset about that. It has an error message stating me to verify my security info I'm a phone banker and handle things like this all the time every time I ask for assistance you guys hangup or say try again in a couple hours. I am upset to say the least, I need to transfer money

Posted by Anonymous

I went online to check my FICO score after I paid my card off. It automatically enrolled me in paperless statements, when I previously received them in the mail. When I used my card again I waited for a statement in the mail, but didn't receive one. I didn't realize I was late until the phone calls started. I explained the situation and was told they wouldn't lower my APR since they deemed the error my fault, and not theirs. Then they lied and said my APR was always 29%! I have another card with 4 times the available credit at 1/3 that APR. Do you really think I'd keep this card and reuse it with that other option available? Another thing, I printed out my online chat with them, and was told they don't allow you to keep a copy of the conversation. Well, you inform me you may be recording it every time I call! What are you hiding that I cannot have a copy? This company is underhanded, deceitful, and will lie to your face. I am a current customer, but not for much longer.

Posted by Akffsw

Horrible customer service and extremely long wait time when called Citi card. Average wait time is between 30 ~40mins no matter when you call. And they never feel bad.

Posted by kkyycc

Aug. 6, 2016 aroung 11:00 am I went to Citi Bank Alhambra, CA . I waited about 30 minutes, Sunny Lee called my name. She let me sit for few minutes but went to next desk and talked to other customers or her friends who aready took care by a bank representative. I then explained to her that my brother did not received his new ATM card but the old was block and he could not withdraw money. She went to check his account information on computer, I also asked her to check if his has credicard and if it is expired.

She came back and said that my brother called on Jul. 16, 2016 for the card and tell him to called again. I asked her how about credit card and she said that she did not see credit card. She did not say he does not have credit card. I was afraid that she did not bother to check. I was POA and I wanted to request a new card for him. She said that he has to request himself, and that I cannot request for him. She then asked me when and where did I get POA. I told her that it is not related, and I am talking about ATM card. I went to counter request to see manager, the teller said that Sunny Lee is the manager of the day. However she will ask Yvett to call me Monday. Sunny Lee had the nerve came to the counter watching and listening while we were talking.

Then I went to Citi Bank Monterey Park CA. I had waited another 30 minutes. I got chance talked to the manager. Luckily he was very helpful and very informative. He requested a new card for me immediately and answered all my questions.

Sunny Lee is working against City Bank, she is not working for Citi Bank.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into the branch in Richmond because I hear it's regularly not so busy. Worst service ever. I don't know if it was just that specific teller or the bank itself. He was extremely rude. I wish I would have got his name to complain about him he definitely needs to be talked to about how to treat clients.

Posted by Jazzy4U

Long hold times - then disconnect saying too busy without allowing you to leave a call back number. Reps obviously not U.S. based and cannot resolve anything without checking with a supervisor, yet a supervisor must call you back at a later time.

Posted by melody

I can't access my account online and i put in security question but it still didn't work. I've been waiting on line for over an hour (twice, the first time i got tired and hung up) and still haven't had anyone to help me............. very frustrated

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Posted by Dina L.

I recently received notice that Citi Bank will start charging me $25 unless I maintain thousands in my combined accounts. I make a middle income which has me balancing bills paycheck to paycheck, so saving thousands is a bit out of reach. This new policy is harsh. However, I have had the BEST customer service experience with Citi taking care of me several times over 10 years. Citi advanced a refund of several hundred dollars for double charges by a summer camp, before the company reversereversed the charges. They did the same when I was double charged $1000 for furniture. today they reversed several NSF charges because I got caught up with a payday loan. so,it seems that if you ask to speak with a supervisor if the teller doesn't have the authority to do what you are asking for, Citi does its BEST to accommodate you within reason.
So only customer service complaints are they should reconsider the $25fee for long-term customers with direct deposit; and not sure if the 800# is routed outside the U.S, if so, that should change.

Posted by fmisle

The social team is pretty helpful, so is phone on the few times i've needed it

Posted by smriti

I am very impressed with Amanda Mohammad who is one of the customer service officer . She was able to guide me thoroughly about the usage of the credit cards. Thank you so much citibank for the excellent service !

Posted by Anonymous

the best service ever,polite acurate,fast
banking there for 17 years,never a complaint.
Iam 76 years old and have a the parking lot people were eager to help me taking my walker out of the car opening doors
giving me any help Ineeded.
In the bank the tellers are superfriendly.
I would say the service is AAA.

Posted by Anonymous

Great experience. Called number listed here and spoke directly to a human who gave me the number to the dept. I was looking for which was also answered by a human almost right away. They were courteous and helpful and I was off the phone with the answer I was looking for in under 5 minutes. Great customer service, thank you!

Posted by Bob

At the Orland Park, IL branch there is a terrific personnal banker named Johnny Sarena. There was no question he could not answer. Look for Johnny.

Posted by Anonymous

Service good once I got a person on the line. However, going from a machine to a person was difficult and time consuming.

Posted by sueatlas1

I want to recommend Ruth Macarena Bravo from Citibank on Jefferson and Fifth Street in the South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida office to a promotion.

I understand there is a position available in the back office and my husband and I believe she should get this promotion.

We think she is the best personal banker we have ever had at Citibank, or
any of our other banks in Florida and New York.

If you would like to speak to us at any time, please feel free to call us.

She has made us so happy at Citibank, we closed all other bank accounts and put our money into Citibank and also got our son to open an account,
business, savings and joint savings with his fiancee.

Posted by Anonymous

Well this one started and gained momentum on a negative note, and I was ready to post a costly comment while looking for support. You see companies like Citi are so big that each department only wants to satisfy their own needs. Whether is Collections, or Security, etc, they've got the blinders on to the total picture and don't realize the financial impact of the social media comments.

I had both a Citi personal and business credit card, until I left my firm at the end of August 2012. I pay both of those bills as soon as I receive them, but Citi never sent me a statement for the final bill. Interesting that the personal card statement continued to be received at the same address, but not the business card. Citi claimed several months of finance charges and wouldn't waiver on these fees, claiming that I hadn't instructed them where to send the final bill. They (the business card dept) also don't care that you have a personal relationship with Citi, as these two departments and systems don't talk to each other. As I approached the 90 day past due mark, I had to submit total payment to keep it off my credit report.

After reviewing this post and others, I came across Citi's Social Media Team. You can Twitter them at @AskCiti.

I thoroughly explained the situation to Mike Cardace at [email protected] via email. The next day, Mike had one of his team members reach out to me via email and phone to discuss the matter. This representative (John) conferenced in several departments to review the situation. After a few days, I was contacted back by Citi to advise the situation had been resolved. There was a few other issues including Fraud on an older business card, but those charges in addition were returned.

Note that it took from the initial email on January 3rd until February 18th to resolve and receive my refund from Citi, so you'll need to patient for the process to work.

If you have a legit situation that needs to be reviewed, I would definite try the Social Media team before posting your comments to see what is possible. They are definitely empathetic in this department and willing to listen to the whole story, although your outcome may differ based on the circumstances. Thanks Michael and John! Note that my ratings are combining both the negative start and positive finish.

Posted by Angela G.

Wow I'm surprised and saddened to see the negative comments on this site, as my experience was incredibly positive!

My issue was resolved at warp speed -- just three hours from my first private facebook message until final resolution, and I am just a plain jane ordinary customer. That is impeccable customer service by any standard, especially since my query and request were probably atypical.

Thank you, Citibank.

Posted by tschwei122

For those that are having issues I recommend you contact Michael Cardace via the email address he provides in his responses on the "negative" tab of this forum. I too had a problem with a payment plan that was reported late for 17 consecutive months all the while my auto-payments were being received. I spoke with a gentleman who was very pleasant and provided instruction on what to submit and where (a letter) outlining my issue. I then found this forum and reached out to Mr. Cardace via his email with the same information and within hours a member of his team had called to let me know my inquiry had been received and provided me a contact name and number with whom I could follow up with as things progressed. Not a generic CS # mind you, a real person, the same person, each and every time I had questions regarding status. Result: My request for correction to the reporting was accepted and I'm on my way to a home re-finance that would have not been possible given the effect on my credit score the reporting was inflicting. Mr. Cardace, Carol (my direct rep) you folks are outstanding and I can't thank you enough for your continued efforts to closure and the excellent communication along the way!

Best Regards,

Troy S.


Please dont waste you time calling in call to customer service just call Cindy Badger she was the one a manager I was sent to after a few calls she was great she had the fee remove and even sent me a zeroed bill, she is the one to call as she can make change without a ok. her number is 1469 220 2185 leave her a message and she will call u back need more like her thanks cindy.

Posted by Anonymous

Thanks for providing great online services.. Also please add an online service to update customers PAN card details ( Its frustrating to reach out to the branches to update these info...

Posted by pallasathena

I just got off the phone with a Citibank customer service person. I called with a really quick, simple question (wondering when my 0% promotional APR was going to end) and from the moment he answered he was incredibly pleasant and helpful. He acknowledged that I had been a customer for over a year and that I maintain my account very well and thanked me for doing so. He even complimented me when I got my security word right! He was able to answer my question quickly and with a positive attitude. I didn't call with a huge, complicated issue, but he treated my simple inquiry with a great attitude and was so lovely to talk to. It's rare that you get pleasant customer service people on the phone and it was a really nice surprise that brightened my evening. It's easy to complain when someone does a bad job but I also wanted to acknowledge someone who did their job with a great attitude, it doesn't happen enough. :)

Posted by Wessagusset

Ive had a Citibank credit card for 25 years and use it for most of my familys purchases. Six months ago, a disreputable merchant in India duped me to the tune of nearly $5,500. I notified him and his company within 3 days that the transaction was null and void. Neither the vendor nor his company responded. I notified Citibank immediately and was told to send confirmation that I had contacted the vendor as well as any other pertinent information. I sent a large file including documents in which the vendor fraudulently altered paperwork. Fortunately, I had original documentation that I sent to Citibank showing that he had used white-out wherever it suited him.

I was shocked to receive a form letter from Citibank months later saying that their investigator found in favor of the crooked vendor and disbursed all the funds in question. I had been told that no money would be disbursed if the case went against me without my assurance that Id received an equivalent amount in merchandise. My wife called Citibank and was told that there was no recourse. The case was settled. She then asked to speak to a supervisor who said, the money has been turned over to the bank in India. Theres no way to get it back. My wife asked to speak to someone with greater authority and was told there was no one with more authority than the person she was speaking with. That person then offered 5,000 in frequent flyer miles. My wife refused.

After searching on the Internet, I discovered a number of Citibank customers with complaints regarding home mortgage problems. The name, Michael Cardace, Citi Customer Advocacy, Citibank, appeared pretty often. He even listed his email address. Mr. Cardace was always responsive, sensitive to a customers frustration, and promised to do his best to make a bad situation right. It looked to me as if he did just that. So, even though our situation was not about a mortgage, we figured we had nothing more to lose. I wrote to Mr. Cardace, who responded immediately and promised to have someone call me about the dispute. His representative Ms. Tominson was great. She took sufficient time to review the file. The irregularities on the part of the merchant caused Citibank to reverse the first investigators decision and credit my funds back to my account.

I have none but the highest regard for Michael Candace and Ms. Tominson and to Citibank for having the good sense to employ such professionals. Citi is also to be commended for giving them the latitude to reconsider a customer who asks Citibank to take another look. Many thanks for restoring my faith.

Posted by markasey

I had a really great customer service experience with Citibank when I contacted them via Twitter. I was responsed to VERY quickly and a rep immediately called me and handled the situation I had in a very professional, timely manner. I was very pleasantly surprised using social networking customer support worked so well.

Posted by Anonymous0ne

I've always loved Citibank; but they are getting pretty sloppy with their customers' information.
(1) They cancelled and replaced my card with no explaination or notification, supposedly due to a "merchant complaint". When I questioned it, I got meaningless babble.
(2) They suddenly changed my paperless statements to paper statements.
Citibank is making me nervous, but I;ve been with them for 8 years and I don't have a minimum balance requirement or minimum purchase requirement so I'm hanging in there.

Posted by linkns

I am in the minority here but my experience with customer experience has been good.

I don't like the way Citi conducts business especially with credit cards but their customer service has been able to rectify problems caused by crappy business practices. Here's the thing. When you are nice to the other person the other side, you will most likely get a better response and service.

Citi messes up my statement delivery many times and their website is a steamy pile of crap. I have to call customer service to help me and they always do. I just calmly explain the situation and persistently pursue for a solution in a civilized manner.

again, if Citi treated their customers with respect, dignity, and fairly, they wouldn't have so much backlash from customers and customer service wouldn't have to be swamped with calls everyday.

Posted by anonymous

Citibank is probably the most stringent banks when it comes to approving customers for checking and savings accounts. Not only do they pull Chexsystems, they pull all three credit reports from the major credit bureaus and rely heavily on credit scores to determine account eligibility.
Citibank will deny you a checking account if you have bad credit. The same goes for savings accounts. You can have a stellar Chexsystems report, but have bad credit listed as credit scores from all three credit reporting agencies, they will decline your applications for deposit accounts. They are a credit score driven bank like no other. A branch manager told me that "We don't give out deposit accounts to anyone".
A guideline is that if you have filed bankruptcy, forget it, you can't get a savings, checking, or any type of deposit account from them. You have to wait until the bankruptcy falls off. Also, if you have a prior charge-off with Citi, they will blacklist you for future bank and credit accounts for life.
Citibank makes money from cross-selling credit to its customers. So if you have bad credit, you are not profitable to the bank. They weed out credit risks immediately. If you are thinking about switching over to Citibank to open a checking, savings, CD, or other deposit account and you already have bad or average credit, don't waste your time. They will deny you. Usually you will be approved online, assigned an account number. Once risk management looks at your online application, they will close it. End of story. Plan on having good to excellent credit to be approved for a deposit account. That way, you are approved for their lines of credit, credit cards, installments, etc. that are linked together to build a Citibank relationship. They are by far the most credit oriented bank in the United States.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer for 5 years and so far I have had the best experience with the customer service very unlike Wells Fargo with which I have a second account..Very courteous and knowledgeable and ready to help staff..

Posted by Anonymous

I urge anyone reading this to go to the Negative comments and scroll until you find information for "Mike". I had several negative interactions with Citi until I found this website and contacted Mike. I was honest with my situation - while not going into too much detail - my negative experiences with Citi, what I was trying to accomplish, what I could afford, etc. Mike emailed me back within a couple days, asked for my phone number and had someone call me within a day. That person (Ms. Min) was helpful, professional, compassionate - WONDERFUL!! She was able to offer me two different programs that was actually going to HELP my situation, and I chose the best one for me. Yes, my card was closed, yes it will show on my credit rating as being in a "program". But I wanted to do the right thing and pay my debt, so I was willing to compromise with certain things as long as Citi would work with me.

So, if you are willing to make sacrifices and be honest with your situation - I HIGHLY recommend contacting "Mike". I feel so much relief after doing so - and I have hope again for someday (in a foreseeable future) being debt free.

Posted by Citi User

Appreciating that most of us look for these types of web sites when we have negative experiences but wanted to share something positive about their systems. Transactions post almost real time - whether I am making a deposit at a branch or buying a coffee at Starbucks, I can go online and see that transaction post to my account. Try doing the same at HSBC - deposits to my account don't show up on the same day. Real time systems make it easier for me to verify transactions and contribute to a more positive customer experience. Seems like something very simple and I appreciate it when I compare Citi to my other banks.

Posted by A.dam

I contacted Mike from Citi and he put someone on my case in a few minutes flat. Fast-foward a few more minutes, a quick phone call (halfway around the world, might I add) and all my issues were resolved!

Can't get better than that!

Posted by frendly_helper

My name is Maria Aguilar, I have only banked with citibank for a few months but i loved the service i received. I was calling regarding unauthorized transactions made by virgin mobile. Virgin mobile was not being cooperative and citibank rep. helped me get to the appropriate department that could help me. When i got on the phone with the fraud unit i spoke to Joanna. She was very informative helpful and used all her resources to help me. Although after i hung up with her the prob did not get resolved because of lack of information i needed from virgin mobile. She made some suggestions on what i should do and i followed them. She did not have to give me any suggestions or comments on what i should do to better resolve my problem but she did and i really appreciated that. I called back a second time and i cannot remember her name but i called at around 1:30pm PST and she was excellent. She exhausted her resources to help me, she called virgin mobile for me got them on the line and she got the information she needed from the supervisor of virginmobile. She transferred me to her supervisor Randy and he finished the transaction and i got my money back and it all got settled. He was very professional, friendly and great customer service from him overall. I will definitely be recommending citibank to any one that will listen and i will always let people know how great citibank is at helping there clients. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I needed that money to pay for my nieces birthday and could not wait to get it the next day. I really appreciate how fast you handled it keep up the good work.

Posted by burritoguy

Spoke with a Seema, a Surekha and a Smita before I got to a supervisor named Tom. The S's couldn't do anything including thinking, speaking English or listening. Tom was terrific and resolved the problem to my satisfaction

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Posted by unhappy

I used to work for Citi and LOVED my job morwe than anything. But I had the worst manager in Jacksonville named Trish in jax fl. She was very mean and nasty to some employees and didn't ever think I would be fired. the company itself is wonderful and they lost a really great customer service rep. I loved talking to customers and she has ruined a great experience for them.

Posted by Bam Boom

I currently work for citi and I love my job. It's hard to listen to the nagging everyday. Citibank has thousands of customers and it is also your responsibility to look over your accounts. Also remember not everything can be fixed in just a day, things take time.

Posted by zoomomtracy

Here's more wasted time and effort over $12 - I work at American Airlines and we are encouraged to have health tests through our insurance each year - and are rewarded with $125 Citi Visa Debit Cards. One card was used for several minimal charges in one day at a CVS (1.50-3.50 per charge). This signaled my card to have a hold put on it (for "security" reasons). I called the phone number on the back of the card when the card was declined. I still had $12.21 on it. Yeah, I know $12.21 ... it's the principal. When I confirmed that those were indeed my charges I was told I could use the remainder in 3-4 days.... nope declined again. Called back a month later - AGAIN confirmed charges WERE mine - was told hold would be lifted...card would be good in 3-4 days... nope, another decline (how embarrassing). I called today and was told that they will not take the "Hold" of the card until I produce the receipts from the CVS FROM FIVE MONTHS AGO!!!! Really? Does anyone keep their receipts for gum or a soda.... from five months ago???

Here's what I want you folks at Citi to know... I am also a customer with one of your credit cards. I have been a customer since 1991. In the 21 YEARS I have been your customer I have NEVER made a late payment on my account... EVER. I think it is disgraceful to steal from your customers under the term "policy". I don't care if it's $12 or $12,000.

For $12 on a debit card you've cost yourself a loyal 21 year customer on a credit card. Please contact me. I will be honored to prove the standing of my account. I will also notify my Health Matters office at American Airlines to let them know your "policy" is just another way to scam money from hardworking people.

Credit Card Companies should pay taxes on the dollars left on these cards, or the money not disbursed because of "policy holds". This is theft. It's such a small amount in my case - nobody cares. There should be Federal disclosure on what Citi scoops up. $12 x 1000+ people is a lot of money. Imagine what all the losses on this website/blog alone total. Disgusted Citi. Shame on you.

Posted by Anonymous

I work as a Citi assistant branch manager in Chicago. Citibank has drastically changed over the last 30 years I had worked there before corporate sent me a pink slip via email that coldly stated that I had one hour to remove my personal belongings from their workspace or I would be escorted by the Chicago police departed and any personal items shall be confiscated by Citigroup and remain their property. Furthermore, after 35 years of service with no thank you, the email stated my services are no longer desired at Citicorp. I was hurt, and did not understand why. But everyone just walked by me like stark faced robots and answered questions, and talked the same way, the Citigroup way. I knew it was time to go.

Posted by Anonymous

folks i am not from citibank, but i am a credit card specialist!i have read a comment here abt a fee being applied after accounts paid off and it caught my attention-it is called RESIDUAL interest, if the accnt is not completely paid off every month then whatever is the balance thats carried over to the new cycle will accrue interest,as for the residual interest it is the interest calculated from the balance thats carried over to the new cycle up until the full payment is recieved, example,( balance is 100 dollars,rate is 15.90,end of the cycling date is 12 of every month,-statement was printed on jan 12,it does have an interest of around $1.30,then u made a payment 100 dollars total on march 5,way too early before ur due date which say around the 28th of march.but do u know that from the 13th of feb up until march 5 when u made the payment the 100 dollar accrues interest lets say less than a dollar, thats the residual interest,the estimated 1.30 interest is the interest coming from previous balance of xx bet jan 13 up until 12 of feb which resulted to a balnce of 100 dollars.

Posted by i_work_for_citibank

I work for Citibank, i will start off with that. I have had the absolute worst experience and I am leaving them as a customer. I work for them in London, not in retail banking but still bank with them. I traveled to the States to visit my family where I am from, and called to switch my account to link to my USD account instead of my Pound Sterling Account. They didnt perform this correctly despite saying this on the phone. I called back from the airport, and was furious, but happened to answer a security question wrong.

They locked my account out, and I was told that the only way that I could get my account unlocked was to sent a notarized passport image in the mail to a UK branch. Meanwhile I am on holiday in the states, and its christmas time and I need money. Plus, I WORK FOR YOU!!! How did I get my Staff Account in the first place!??? So, in the end, I am now having to use my corporate card for purchases. Citibank is the worst bank in the world. No one, I repeat, No one should bank with them. I work for them, do NOT bank with us. We are good at business to business products, but 100% the worst retail bank in the entire world.

My question was, being an employee, if I was in a remote place in the world, with no family around, how would my situation be handled? They said the same way and no manager could grant an exception. Furthermore, my 'Relationship Manager' at the UK branch couldnt call me to help because "the phone number you have in the states isn't on file with us". OF COURSE ITS NOT I HAVE A DIFFERENT SIM CARD IN THE US!!!

Any other small credit union is more efficient than Citibank.

Posted by CitiBank Dubai

CITIBANK DUBAI UAE, does not pay well to it Employees. There has been no salary increase at all for the last 3 years. Being a Staff I feel so sad to work in Citi, The boss wants the best of Services to be provided & keep on umping more & more work on us.
Customer Service will definitely suffer if the Employees themselves are not happy.
This is the worst Miser bank I have seen till now. I understand 3 years back we had recession & all that crap. But if I check Wikipedia today Citigroup is in a very good position with billion dollar profits. Citigroup's Net income is US$ 10.602 billion
Please give us a salary increase of US$ 500 at least. There is no salary increase & if you want to complaint the boss will tell you directly if you want to leave Citi it is your choice. Citi does not care for its own employees, So why will the Employees care for the Customers. Citibank saves & sucks money from its employees & also rips their customers. The cost of living is increases in Dubai drastically. But there is no salary increase. I would love to leave Citi provided I at least get a good offer from other banks. I am fed up & sick of Citi.
To My Almighty God !!!!
Please come on this Earth & provide Justice to all. Don't wait for us to Die & then Judge us, if we have to go to Heaven or Hell.
It is like Hell on Earth currently .
Please God come & save us & rescue us.
GOD please Don't watch your children from Heaven, Be with us & teach us how to live in this Cruel & selfish world where no one Cares for any1.

Currently Still,
Yours Sadly
Employee Citibank Dubai.

Posted by paymyownway

I am a former employee of Citi and left when I saw the company transitioning work overseas because I knew what was coming. I loved working there for many years, but when Vikram Pandit came onboard, the company went down the toilet. He is taking this U.S. company and moving it entirely overseas to his homeland of India. At this point, good riddance to him and Citi. NOW, the next thing. Citi pulled a fast one on about 3/4 of their card holders. To reduce their risk when the mortgage collapse started, they lowered their cardholders credit limit to $50 or less above what they owed. This hit everyone's credit report as a negative mark. I found out when I pulled my credit report after that happened and pow--I went from 720 down to 650. I had no other negative items on my credit report, just Citi. The way I see it, let Vikram take his failing company and shove it you know where and for all of us former City employees--we will survive, but Vikram won't


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