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Citi Mortgage customer service is ranked #807 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.14 out of a possible 200 based upon 797 ratings. This score rates Citi Mortgage customer service and customer support as Terrible.


772 Negative Comments out of 797 Total Comments is 96.86%.


25 Positive Comments out of 797 Total Comments is 3.14%.

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    • 22.14 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 772 negative comments (96.86%)
    • 25 positive comments (3.14%)
    • 7 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by helena poist

citi mortagage sucks. if you send you payment on time it doesnt matter. One payment was 2 cents short. never missed a payment and I received a letter that i was going to be foreclosed on until i pay that 2 cents. Then i send them checks to be endorsed to get my hurricane monies so I can fix the house. not at all helpful. one person tells me one thing, another person contradicts that person. Two weeks later still waiting on them to send me back the checks.

Posted by littlewalk

I have been working with homeowner "support" specialist" Tony Williams and Short Sale "negotiator" Steven Schierbecker to stop a foreclosure through a short sale.

I submitted my request in mid December and did not hear anything until second week of January. At that time Mr. Williams sent an email asking me to call. I called and was told the office was closed. I called back the next day and was told I needed to schedule a time for him to call as he was unavailable. I received no call at the time it was scheduled. I sent emails asking for the info he had wanted to discuss. When we finally spoke, he didn't know why I was calling. When I had questions he raised his voice as though I were stupid, called me "Miss Cynthia" and was very demeaning. When I asked for help, he basically told me it was too late, the negotiator had closed my application because there was "no valid offer". He said "good luck" sarcastically,

I have been trying to reach Steven Schierbecker via email and phone. His voicemail box is full so no message can be left. I'm waiting for a response to my email. My house is scheduled for auction TOMORROW (1/24/17) but these jokers waited until 1/19/17 to tell me I didn't have what was needed for the short sale to be considered... at least that's what Tony said...

My feeling is that the auction should be postponed until this can be addressed.

Posted by Anonymous

my name is steven broeren. I live in nd. my wife is a school teacher, and i am a mechanic. We also farm 1000 acres of land. Our credit scores are both around the 800 mark. our annual income is around 10000. After trying to refinance with cash out with citi for 6 months I have givin up. our home is appraised at 133000 and we are trying to get 82000. It goes to show doing everything rite and working hard {two jobs} somtimes just doesnt matter. we have had our mortgage with citi for ten years and never missed a payment!

Posted by SY

With all these negative feed back on Citi Mortgage.. My question is any one or company or Government or Layers or any thing else could able to do to CITI mortgage company or their team?

Posted by jesiD13

I was attempting a short sale from 2009 to 2013. After jumping through hoops for them, the buyers offer was denied. Come to find out they foreclosed on me in 2010 but they continued to go through this process. How is it that they have no clue that this property is foreclosed and in their possess? Citi is still trying to provide me "help" for this mortgage that is no longer active. In addition to this, Citi had the 20 of my 80/20 mortgage go to a collection and I was paying. I checked my credit report and its not on here. The report says its written off. Yet, I have been paying for years and now there is no record of it. The last payment they took from my account reflects that it is going to Citicards. I have a credit card with Citi but it doesn't reflect these payments nor does it reflect the balance of this loan. It actually shouldn't because they are 2 different entities.

Posted by Anonimous

I am in the process of loan mod with the CITIMORTGAGE and it has been a total nightmare. They fabricated papers and told me I failed to pay my mortgage. I was never even late for ten years. They faulsely accused me for missed payment and filed papers for credit report agencies. So I guess now my credit is ruined. Ant it is all false accusations against me. I have papers, I have proof, but nothing works. Looks like those criminals have a good hand on that and no one is on their way. If there is a public case against them I would join.

Posted by bcford

Failed to record my satisfied 2004 mortgage loan which has not been done yet (12/31/15) that has kept me from selling my home.

Posted by Anonymous

Looks like Citi has been annoying and upsetting their clients for many years. My husband and I, too, are having Citi issues. Due to a health condition that my husband had been diagnosed with that took him off from work, we decided to get help from Citi by a mortgage modification. Help? Help? What a joke. If you ask me, those letters that they send out stating that they can help you with your loan payments due to hardships is nothing more than setting a family up for failure and foreclosure. It is so sad that so many families have fallen into this "modification trap". My husband and I have five children and have had our Mortgage through Citi since 2005 and have never been late until my husband got very sick this year. It has been nothing but a nightmare for me in dealing with Citi. They pretend to be friendly and want to be helpful, but I feel like it is completely a phony act. Simply put, they are not here to help families.....

Posted by Anonymous

I'm furious with City Mortgage, because they have reported incorrect information on my credit report as well. I have been trying to get it fixed, but to no avail. I am going to file suit against them.

Posted by LMollet

I had a mortgage account with Citimortgage that began in 2008. My payments have been automatically drafted from my checking account every two weeks. Mid September my balance was below what was owed on my home. A statement I recieved dated October 1, shows my payoff balance to be $215.71. On October 2, Citimortgage drafted the normal $300 from my checking account. Today, October 9, I receive a statement showing that I still owe a balance of $47.75. I am not sure how this is possible since according to my math, Citimortgage owes me $84.29. The "customer service" department is the worst. I feel as if agents are reading from a script and have no idea what they are doing. A "manager" that I spoke to on October 2, assured me that he would get this taken care of and call me the following Monday or Tuesday. Guess what? No phone call. I call again today, the agent spends a good ten to twelve minutes going over my account and starts in with the script. I understand your frustration Ms. Mollet. Nope, don't think so. Not unless he has had to make a call to Citimortgage.

Posted by tweety15

I tried to refinance a mortgage with Citi Mortgage. Mid-way through the process, I received a letter stating that the application had been denied. I was surprised by this because I had cleared all potentially problematic issues, and I was unaware of any other reason why the loan would not be approved. When I called to get an explanation, the number for the representative that I had been working with no longer worked. I was greeted with a message that the number had been disconnected. So, I tried the main number and was transferred from one 'representative' to another, each one apologizing for this or that and assuring me that the next person to whom I was transferred would be able to assist. During one call, the phone line was staticky and the 'representative' spoke in a manner that was not meant to be understood. He rattled off his so-call broker number so quickly that I had to ask him to repeat it about four times. After a brief exchange, he said he would transfer me to the person who had initially handled my application. Instead, I think he disconnected. I tried calling the direct number that he had given to me, and, of course, the number had been disconnected. The manner in which Citi Mortgage handled this business transaction is shameful. I sincerely feel bad for those who are employed for this shabby outfit.

Posted by Anonymous

I put in a simple request for a letter of verification and was told I would receive the letter electronically within 24-48 hours. It's been over 120 hours. They clearly missed their SLAs and I have yet to receive anything. I followed up 4 times and spoke to a manager the 3rd time. I had to re-request the letter again the 4th time. I will never bank with Citi mortage again nor ever recommend them to family or friends.

Posted by Anonymous

Please let me state I am not a loser. I am a home owner and have never missed a payment. Due to taxes and insurance increases my note has gone up almost two hundred dollars. Dur to a nad aminarational quote the last two years I am now paying the price. Two hours and 4 representatives later...pretty much too bad for me. I asked to refinance to get the house note lowered and wsd told that tjey only refinance. notes over 100,O00
so I do not qualify....very very interesting....

Posted by susie

We have tried to get a hardship loan for over a year and all we get is a run around we have had 5 different people help us we Fax all the paper and then it changes to a different person My lawyer faxed every thing this time and they are till not helping us they are the worst mortgage company I've work with somebody please help us .

Posted by appraiser 613

called the main # and was told to call the customer service #, called that one sat on hold after prompts, 15 minutes, called the main # again, they said the customer serv. # was down, call it back in 2-3 hours,.. waited two hours same results ... they owe me money from an appraisal i did three months ago ... fourth attempt to collect.

Posted by Angry

CitiMortagage / Citibank they are one in the same.

If I were you and you were considering doing business with these people I would run as fast in the other direction as fast as you can.

1) Even though we are in the year 2015 non of their reps can return your call. They don't have that ability nor can they email you anything concerning any correspondents.
( really, give me a brake)

2) During a Bankruptcy and finding out that this mortgage was not reaffirmed even though my Attorney made several attempts according to him. All of their customer reps had assured me that I would have no problem refinancing my house one an reaffirmation was filed due to my outstanding payment history. In fact the reps assured me ones the account was reaffirmed all of my on time payments would be reported to the credit agencies.

3) A year has passed and I had the loan reaffirmed. Funny now, I am getting the run around and jerked around as always. Most reps are in the Philippines and you have to request to speak to someone in the United States.

4) I have been told that all the statements from their reps have been misleading and un-true, Sorry about that.

5) I have now been informed that they can not refinance me.

Posted by Adam Taylo

Can someone help me? When I went through refi with Citi, they told me that PMI would come off at 78% by law. I have the email. now they have changed that to 70% after I refi'd. Can they just lie like that? The disclosure they sent, required by law, does not say anything about a potential change like that, it only says it is private mortgage insurance.

Posted by josh5714

we have apply 2 times for a loan modification and denied 2 times with in a year and a half each time the kept running us through lopps and . the website says they are there to help in my mind that is false advertising. all they want to do is line there pockets. they are so full of BS throught the new gaverment laws they are supposed to help customers out they are just a bund of frauds and liars

Posted by dlaz1990

Doesn't anyone here see the irony that the only people with complaints are the one's that are talking about not making payments, modifications etc.. don't hate the bank because they won't allow you free loaders to continue owning a house and not making payments. In regards to those refinancing.. the reason for all the documents and delays is not Citi's fault or choice.. it is DODD FRANK - a bill passed after the crisis that is put in place to not allow people that shouldn't get a loan get one. As a result, they need 100's of documents. Maybe it will result in less people needing modifications like all the losers on here. Other banks are worse.. trust me. I deal with a ll of them in my industry.

Posted by david

Current Citimortgage customer who applied for refinance.
First someone who called mortgage consultant will tell you best possible scenario about how long it will take, what rate it will be at, and how much it will cost. Send a welcome package basic documents for them to run your credit report.
About week later, you get loan coordinator who doesn't even know how to read credit card statement.
In my case mortgage consultant didn't tell me that I will have to close all my credit card account. but loan coordinator told me I must close all of them(I lost all my mileage).
Each time you submit additional documents which was never mentioned before, I had to wait 10 days for underwriter to get back to loan coordinator and for coordinator to get back to me.
At this point I guess Citimortgage things you are hooked already. It has been two months since I applied for this refinance. I have 30%+ equity and 650 credit score (I know it isn't the best). I have applied for home loan three times before each time it took only month or less. This is by far the worst service you can expect.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I are unlucky enough to have Citi Mortgage and we have been working for over a year to have our loan modified. I am on the phone with the homeowner support specialist... (phrase used lightly)every two weeks with issues and letters that I receive from them. We have made every payment since this past February when the modification process started and they constantly send letters out stating that our payments have not been made and when you call, you get people that have no clue what they are looking at. All they would tell me is the letters are computer generated and the last one that we got 2 weeks ago said that we would be disqualified if our October payment was not received. Granted, this payment was made the first of October and cleared my bank. I was then told that our modification was approved as of 10/29/14, and that our loan was current. Then today, I get a letter in the mail from the collections department demanding payment for 6/1/14-10/31/14 stating that we still owed almost $300.00. I call customer service again and I am told that I can disregard that letter, my loan is current and they are just showing that the payment for the month of November is showing due. That payment was made the end of October and cleared my account as well. After an hour on the phone, I was told that they were not clear what months the payments were made for and my payments were not posted correctly. I am now waiting for my homeowner specialist to contact me to solve this issue. so basically
I will be calling her tomorrow to see if they have it figured out. WORST company and if they could speak English, perhaps customer service would be better!! I have lost complete faith in this company ever being able to do anything correctly and I can not wait until I sell my house and get rid of this worthless company. They have one job and they can not do it correctly at all!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service. Will not follow through with commitments. Will not return phone calls. For seven weeks I have been working to address the same issue - with not resolve.

Posted by Anonymous

My home was originally financed through Chase Mortgage but later sold to Citi. This is the only bank that I know of that calls you on the 2nd day of the month if you haven't made your payment. Technically I realize although you have a 15 day grace period the payment is late if it's not in by the first but a courtesy call the day after the due date?

Posted by Anonymous

Citi Mortgage Is The Worst Loan Company!!!!! We Have Been Going Through A Loan Modification For Two Years Now And We Just Got The Foreclosure Papers Today!!!! When We First Started The Modification The Lady Said That We Didn't Need To Make The Payments When This Was Going On!!!! Now Its Two Years Later And We Just Got A Foreclosure Notice!!!! Frankly We Are Getting Tired Of This Company And Now We Are Going To Find A Way To Sue Them For All Of The Trouble That They Have Put Us Through And The Stress That They Had Put Our Family Through!!!! We Have Little Kids That Are Living In This They Expect Us To Just Up And Leave And Find A Place To Live When Winter Is Just Starting???? It Is Clear To Me That This Company Does Not Care About Us And Our Families!!!! They Are Just In It For The Money And Don't Care About Anything Else Or Anyone They Hurt In The Process!!!! As Far As We Are Concerned, We Are Done With This Company And If Anyone Wants To Take Their Loan Out I Will Tell Them Not To Join This Company Because They Are Worthless And Don't Help Out At All!!!! I Guess That's What You Get When They Move Jobs Overseas!!!!

Posted by HELP IN VA

I was forced into Chapter 13 due to not being able to secure a modification with Citi. Now since I was bankruptcy had some issues, missed payments due to 2nd mod being declined. Now trying to get back on track and submit a payment, yes it's late but I just gave them more than a months payment two weeks ago. I can't give them all of my pay every two weeks! Any way they said this was not part of my modified plan it was due the first, 7 days after the other money. There was no way possible, now trying to foreclosed and I haven't even technically missed a payment yet! I need help dealing with these scums. Citimortgage is the worst!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous


My mortgage had been with Citi for many years, never any problems. Always on time payments.

Now Citi transferred my loan to Seterus, Inc. as of February 1st. It is the 14th of February and my account with Seterus is still on hold. My mortgage payment has cleared the bank, but Seterus have not applied the payment yet. My taxes are due in the beginning of March. The account shows the escrow transferred but the tax dept.does not have the information set up yet. Also the insurance Dept has not received my loan info as yet. Seterus tells me that all of the information is not transferred over from Citi yet. Citi tells me the information has all been transferred as of February 1.
This is beyond frustrating. I sit here wondering if my taxes and insurance will get paid on time.
I don't know who to blame at this point, Citi or Seterus.

Posted by Hari

My application was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review.

Posted by [email protected]

I have been dealing with the department of home preservation, a not very well informed department. Today I spoke with a very well informed customer service agent, Michael. He took care of my business. You need more people like Michael and less bull like Department for home preservation.
What ever you are paying Michael, he needs a raise, a bonus and commission for what he did today!
I need to know if the loan modification I was looking for was really handled by a professional or a poke and hope agent!
Thank You,
Patricia M. Bevill

Posted by sudhir lal

From past years i had problems regarding paying off debts and taxes and also regarding credit cards so through my network i came across this company called Credit Sudhaar which deals with credit health improvement for the customers, so there by i contact them and shared what problem did i have and discussed with them, they helped me out respectfully and solved all my problems that i was facing. I was completely impressed with their feedback.

Posted by Anonymous

Received a package from UPS man regarding refinancing. I told my husband there is no way we can refinance. He is self employed and has not been working as much as he did, and my income wasn't enough. It was 3 weeks ago and we are already closed-no appraisal, no closing costs. We didn't pay anything out of pocket and the lady came to our house to close the loan. I read all the negative reviews and told my husband there would be no way that we could refinance but WE DID!!! We are so happy!!!

Posted by V-man

Great Help from CITI Mortgage, Thank you all.
Refinance under HARP 2.0 great experiene with Citi Team from Meghan to Michael Cardace.
I hope to more people with same experience since I am no diffrent than any one here who either had some trouble or Stressed out.
I believe If all the Doc are currectly submitted and if you meet their guide line They are helping everyone.

Thank you all

Posted by Anonymous

We have had an arm with Citi for approx 10 years. Last July, much to our surprise, we received an unsolicited letter from them, lowering our interest rate, "to say thank you". No fees, closing costs or additional documentation! We have always paid on time. Not necessarily on the 1st, but prior to the 15th. What a pleasant surprise! We own a number of properties, with other lenders and have asked for refi options and have always been told no! Finally!!! A lender who recognizes a customer for just paying on time, during really difficult times!! No strings attached! Also, we don't have any other accounts with Citi! This survey wants me to rate the customer service, which I've never had to contact them, and the letter is signed 'Your Citi Team', so Thank You Citi Team!

Posted by Anonymous

Here was my letter of gratitude to the Citi staff that provided superior customer service and personal attention. As most of the comments prior to mine state, Mike Cardace is an excellent, excellent customer specialist there. I just received a personal email from him wishing me and my family a happy new year and with personal comments since we got to know a little bit about each other's family as we worked together. I am in sales and that is the way I like to treat my clients too, like friends. See my email to City below:

I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and all addressed on this email. Your team is top notch.

The expediency and professionalism with which my wife and I were treated during the loan mod process with Citi was outstanding.

We had unreasonable expectations as to how quickly the mod process takes, however, I reached out to all of you and could not have been happier with everyone's personal response and attention. I could go on but let me close with this:

1. Jennifer Butler was our personal specialist and did an outstanding job. Thank you Jennifer!
2. Michael Cardace followed up after I reached out to him and he corresponded with me in such a personal manner I was very touched and appreciative.
3. I am going to relate this excellent loan mod experience with the website so that the readers there can take solace in the fact that Citi will treat them well, have a personal touch to their client interaction and will do whatever they can to get you modded and stay in your house.

I cannot tell you relieved we are that we can stay in the house we have lived in for 17 years and our kids have and are growing up in. It means the world to us. And Citi did not have to do this for us. We were petrified and sick about our mod request not being granted.

We will be able to make good on our three month trial period and stay as a loan in good standing because all of the circumstances that befell us are gone and income is at full strength again.

I just wanted to pass on my wife's and my extreme thanks for such a job well done by all involved at Citi.

Thank you!


Posted by Dan

I recently closed on two HARP refis and am extremely happy with the professionalism and courtesy provided by CitiMortgage. From the very beginning I felt like they were there for me. Thank you,Rory Hennings,Ana Infante,and Michael Cardace.

Official company reply

Hi Dan, thanks for the kind words, we were all thrilled to help!! Best wishes, and get in touch with any of us if you need to.

Mike Cardace, Citi

MikeCardace 10/22/12 2:43PM

Posted by Sheyenne Schultz 310-429-4170

I'm a realtor who does tons of short sales here in southern Ca. No one has forced me to say anything. I am posting this because I am thoroughly overjoyed with CITI helping me in the short sale process. CITI WAS the owner of the 1st and 2nd liens, until they were sold off to 2 other companies. CITI did NOT have to help me any further, and yet..when I was experiencing problems with the new 2nd lien holder...CITI stepped in to make sure everything went smoothly and we closed...helping out the elderly widowed homeowner on her sale.
CITI is one of the few servicers out there who truly follows thru and cares. I have new packages that are being submitted to CITI and I am truly looking forward to working with them..for I know they will resolve any issues in a timely manner and see that things go smoothly with plenty of communication. What a pleasure!!!
Sheyenne Schultz
Real Estate Network Group
Shortsale Specialist
310-429-4170 [email protected]
*Over 400 short sales approved!

Posted by happy customer

Superior, tireless and professional service from Citi Mortgage Specialist. They had provided me detailed information on my current needs, and went over 1.5 hours to explain my future possibilities to get a refinance loan after my hardship qualification was not approved.

Thank you very much for all their service. I had answers within 2 days from 2 different groups! Amazing!

Posted by Anonymous

Recently I was in need of written communications from Citimortgage regarding status of my previous mortgage loan with their company. I had difficulty during the first 30 days to get someone to respond and get me what I needed from multiple phone calls into customer service. I finally decided to mail in a written request for what I needed. The written request was done about 2 weeks later, however, it was mailed to an old address so I never received it. I found Michael's contact information on a website (he is the responder for citimortgage on most of the complaints on this site) and he was the most helpful person that I have worked with throughout this somewhat stressful experience. For anyone looking for help with your Citimortgage concerns or questions, I highly suggest you put confidence in Michael Cardace because you will feel like you have found someone who is willing to help do whatever they can to get you what you need. I rate my experience on average, because the customer service I received over the phone was not good at all, but once Michael got involved, everything progressed as planned. I would rate Michael's customer service alone, with a 10 in every category. Thanks again Michael!!

Posted by Eric

Eli at Citi in the Mortgage Department helped me when I was at the end of my rope. He suggested an " assumption " of my loan to me to get my wife's name off our mortgage, who has planned to file bankruptcy at the end of this year. To protect myself and the 7 years worth of on time payments, I didn't know this was even an option. So far so good. I'll keep you posted. Thank you Eli!!!

Official company reply

Hi Eric, thx very much for sharing this story, I'm happy Eli was able to make a difference for you. That's our goal. If it's not too much trouble, please share send me an email with Eli's full name. I'd like to send a note to his manager to recognize him. If you don't know his last name, I can look it up if you send me your address.

Lastly, please share your experience on our mortgage community and make updates with progress. You're totally anonymous on the site.

Best wishes, and I hope you have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,
Mike Cardace, Citi
[email protected]

MikeCardace 7/27/12 7:26AM

Posted by Anonymous

Following a very poor experience, Michael Cardace did a great job helping me to get through to the proper people at CITI bank and getting a solution resolved after other channels at CITI failed. I was able to resolve my situation.

Official company reply

Thx ver much, I really appreciate the vote of confidence. My team and I are here to help folks as much as possible, and identify opportunities for improvement.

A message to all, please get in touch if you need help. We'll do our best.

Best wishes,
Mike Cardace, Citi
email: [email protected]

MikeCardace 7/13/12 8:51AM

Posted by larmour

Our refi was handled impeccably by Citimortgage. Called Citimortgage April 12th, 2012 to inquire about a HARP 2 refi (our current lender at that time too) spoke with mortgage consultant Dmitry Ostrovsiy and was pre-approved within the hour. Our interest rate dropped almost 2%. We closed yesterday May 22nd, 2012. The customer service from mortgage loan coordinator Melissa Mathews was incredible! She kept us updated throughout the entire process. Extremely satisfied with service from Citimortgage!

Official company reply

larmour, I'm very happy to read about this experience, and the outcome with your loan seems like it will be very helpful. I will make sure that Dmitry and Melissa get a big pat on the back from their management team.

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience, I realize you are very busy. We appreciate it, and thanks for being a CitiMortgage Customer.

Mike Cardace, Citi
[email protected]

MikeCardace 5/23/12 10:26AM

Posted by rphmom27

I too wanted to thank Michael for getting my issue resolved very quickly after I emailed him. I just needed CitiMortgage to correct how my old HELOC was reported to the credit reporting agencies after it was reported incorrectly and was adversely affecting my credit score. After trying for over 3 weeks on the phone with customer service and getting NOWHERE- could never speak to same person or correct dept. I found this website and saw Michael responding to people's problems. Within an hour of emailing him, he responded back and that same day I heard from Darla in the Specialist dept who said she would look into and address me issu. Within a week, I received another email from Darla stating that my issue had been resolved and that she was sending me a letter along with the tracking number. So thank you Michael and Darlafor helping me - I really do appreciate it!! :) I highly recommend that if you are having a problem - email Michael- he'll be able to transfer you to the correct department!!

Official company reply

Hi, thanks very much for sharing resolution of this issue. For myself, and on behalf of Darla, it was our pleasure to help you.

Get in touch at any time if you have additional needs in the future.

Mike Cardace, Citi
[email protected]

MikeCardace 5/23/12 10:24AM

Posted by SDHMOWNR

I want to follow up to my original posting in the Negative comments section on 3/19/2012. Mike Cardace from Citi reached out to me when I posted my thoughts and within 72 hours a great customer service rep from the Escalations department was in touch with me.
Yesterday I received the call from not 1 but 2 reps that we were approved for a re-fi thru the HAMP PROGRAM. I literally almost passed out in disbelief that we were really approved and were going to be able to keep our home. After all of the time,heartache and frustration the Escalations team was responsive, professional and actually cared. The Escalations team has really been a pleasure to work with and my family and I truly thank you.

Official company reply

Hi, I'm so happy to hear this and I'm so happy for your family. Congratulations. I'm sorry there was heartache and frustration at various junctures, but it sound like the end result was positive. Please do me a favor if you don't mind. Send a quick email and, if you remember, please tell me the names of the Citi folks that you worked with. Thanks, best wishes to you and family, and get in touch with me at any time for any reason.


Mike Cardace, Citi
[email protected]

MikeCardace 5/17/12 10:09AM

Posted by atomicrays

When you call the customer service number make sure you are talking to someone in the United States. As soon as a person answers, ask to be transfered to someone in the United States. This I found to speed things up. Hopefully this helps.

Posted by B. Wise

Well, I figured I would let people know what I have come across so far.

I submitted the online package in September 2011, as well as all of the supporting documentation they requested. I called them up each week to see if they needed anything else and to find how it was going. I also asked each time how many pages they were showing on the fax to ensure everything was there.

In October of 2011, as I spoke with one of the reps on my weekly call, she informed me that they needed additional information. The information she requested was received prior, however, somewhere between it coming in on their fax line, and someone scanning the docs into their system, pages were lost (made me a bit nervous that info with ssn's and such just disappeared from someones hands). I grabbed the pages she requested from the packet I submitted and refaxed them that day. I called her back up and she confirmed that she received everything and she scanned them into the system.

In November of 2011, I received a letter stating that my case was being taken care of by Dagmar Turner, and that they were submitting it for approval - AWESOME!

In January of 2012, I decided to call and check since I was nearing the 60 day mark. Dagmar was unavailable, but I spoke with a man in her office. He informed me that my packet was incomplete and that they were missing some of the same pages again. I informed him that it was suppose to be in for approval, and he stated that they just received the packet in mid December. At that point I informed him of the November letter. Well his story changed at that point, he then told me that they needed updated pay stubs due to the other ones being too old. I informed him that it would have been nice if someone told me, and refaxed the pages.

I waited 24 hours and called back, this time I was connected to Dagmar, and she was excellent! She stayed on the phone with me while she went through everything I submitted, and submitted to the underwriters that day.

This past Friday, I received a letter from Citi informing me that if I did not come up with the back owed within 30 days I would be forclosed on. I called the number on the letter and informed the lady that I was going through the modification process and was told that until an answer came back, that I would not have any problems. She looked up my loan and informed me that I actually had been approved that day!!

Yesterday, (3/19), Dagmar gave me a call to let me know that we were approved and that she would overnight the paperwork. At this point we have a 3 month "trial" period to make modified payments in. The payments are almost 1/2 of what we were paying, which we can actually afford at this time (btw, both me and hubby lost our jobs and were unemployed for 6 months which got us to this point - hubby is now employed at much less than he was making).

Now, just to let you all know, because I wasn't aware how quick this happens: We were approved on the 16th of March 2012, our first payment is due on the 23rd of March 2012. If you are late on any of these trial payments, your modification is considered null and void. They must also be made with certified funds. Dagmar and me talked about this, and she told me just to give her a call and they can take my payment right over the phone with a debit or bank draft.

Dagmar also informed me that when my 3rd payment is received/made, to call her so we can continue on with the modification.

At this point, this is all I know about the process and will update in 3 months to let you know what happens then.

Dagmar has been nothing but professional with me and has been an excellent help. i never lost my cool with anyone when I called, although sometimes I was aggrivated beyond belief. I really do think there is a disconnect in the process, and it could work smoother if Citi made some adjustments to the process.

1. When a packet is first received by mail or by fax, I would suggest that 1 person be assigned to it during this "prepping" stage. They should receive the packet, review everything in it (give a 2 business day deadline), and then call the customer. During this call, they should inform the customer of any additional information that may be needed and the preppers name and number/extension. They should also inform the customer that any questions they have concerning the modification process itself should be directed to a 'CS specialist' and should not attempt to answer any questions that may cause misleading information. There sole purpose is to ensure that all of the information is received and in the system in its entirety. This will require that these "preppers" know what is required for an FHA, VA, and Conv (maybe a coversheet checklist). Once everything is received (if it is not there already), the "prepper" should sign off on the checklist and scan all the information into the system, and then verify that the complete packet is scanned in (2nd column on checklist possibly)(this should be done within 7 business days of receiving all the information). At this point, they should contact the Loss Mitigation department to assign the packet to a LM Specialist. The prepper should then call/mail the customer to inform them that there packet has been submitted to the LM department and they should hear from them within 10 business days.

2. I would suggest having a modification 'CS Specialist' department (as refered to in 1). The CS Specialists' whole job is to answer questions about the process. Again, they will need to know the process for each type of loan and everyone should be trained the exact same way and respond with the same correct answer. Some questions may be "How long does it take for an answer?", "Will I qualify for a modification?", etc. They should inform the customer that they can not give advice on what to do, but they can inform them of what the usual process and procedures are, and that if they have special circumstances, the information received could vary and if that is the case, their LM Specialist can discuss specifics once they are assigned. They also should not be checking on packets, they are just there to answer questions. A database construction of questions received should be made as well so if a CS Specialist has never had the question posed before, they can get a correct answer. If they do not know the answer, they should not make one up, but instead, let the customer know that they will find out and contact them back (and should ensure that they do follow up within 2 business days).

3. Once the prepper is done, the file should be handed over to the LM department to be assigned a specialist. The specialist should contact the customer via letter which is sent out no later than 10 days after the prepper last contacted the customer. The letter I received originally from Dagmar when she was assigned put my mind at ease. Now at this point, everything should be complete in the packet, so the LM Specialist should be able to submit to underwriting almost immediately after reviewing, but to be on the safe side, I would say they have 10 business days from the time the letter is sent out to get the packet into processing, or contact the customer by phone or mail to ask them for additional information if required (I know some loans can be very tricky). If additional information is needed, the LM Specialist should also contact the prepping department and have their checklists revised to add this information. I know as a customer, I would rather send too much information than not enough - you can always remove extra information, but its frustrating and time consuming to add more. I would suggest that once the packet is submitted, that they LM Specialist should mark their calendars for a call back to the customer each month (since it can take up to 60 days for approval), and ease their mind that they are still waiting for a response. Of course if the underwriter comes back and requests something updated or additional, it should be relayed to the customer within 2 business days. I would also recommend that the LM specialist inform the customer to be prepared to make a payment within 7 business days of the packet being approved (since some folks get paid on wierd schedules such as the military on the 1st and 15th), this way they can put some money aside during this process and be prepared when it comes back.

With these timelines and process, it would not only streamline the process, but also ease the frustrations of the customer.

I used the words "inform" alot in the above 3 suggestions, because great customer service and streamline efficiency requires lots of communication. Notice that during this process, the customer will have 2 direct points of contact - the prepper and LM Specialist (as long as all the CS specialists are on the same page and all giving the same answers, there shouldn't be an issue with anyone in the department answering their phones).

Your customers want to know that you care, and keep updated on the process, by just a simple call or letter, it will keep the customer from feeling lost, confused, and frustrated.

This process should also keep the time requirements down so that "updated" information shouldn't have to be acquired over and over - this saves the company money and the customer alot of frustration. If everything is done correctly, you are looking at a packet being submitted to underwriting within 30 days of initial receipt (give or take some time if the customer is slow about getting additional documentation in).

Like I said, this is just my suggestion, but ultimately it is Citi's call (I am always a person that beleives that if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem - hence the reason I make suggestions if I think something isn't quite right).

I'll update everyone in 3 months!

Posted by Ritoto

I live in GeorgiaI file for HARP 2 refinancing through Citimortgage.My house was $20 000 upside down. I applied on December 12, 2011 and I closed on my loan on January 31,2012. I appreciate the customer service. My loan interest rate went down 2%. Congratulations Citi. I couldn't believe it myself.

Posted by Sgentry

I had an issue with the modification Citi did for me in 2010. I contacted the executive customer service office and they quickly fixed the problem I was having. Thanks Citi!

Posted by Tamara

...because it's never too late to say it - I'd like to take this opportunity and officially thank Citi Mortgage employee Ravita Ramnanan for her help with modifying my mortgage back in June 2009. She was the most honest, trustworthy and patient negotiator I've ever worked with. THANK YOU RAVITA!

Posted by sanditioin

After reading this site for while my husband decided to do the modification, I was pretty terrified. We decided to go ahead with the paperwork and pay the regular amount of our mortgage after the three months, which I think we could have continued making regular payments anyway. We started in March and yesterday (July 28, 2010) we were approved. It's official. It's on the website. My new payments are listed. We called the regular Citimortgage line and they said we do not owe any back pay or fees; that they were all waived. We got a reduction of about $470 a month on a 30-year fixed mortgage with 4.25 for the first six years, then six something after that. After 10 or 15 years, I believe the payments will be back up to where we are, but we are now paying on principal whereas we had an interest-only loan before. I will keep you all posted.

Posted by HisSon

We were in the midst of refinancing our mortgage to a lower rate after being solicited by Citi who had had our present mortgage when I came upon these comments. Needless to say it caused some concern.

We were holding our breath but the transaction concluded without a hitch.

We mentioned the problems we had read about to the Appraiser and CPA who came to our house representing Citi, and they said that they were aware of the problems and the training of Citi's representatives was just now catching up with the work load caused by this refinancing program.

There had been no problems since Citi took over our previous mortgage from another company about five years ago.

I appreciate the difficulties you are all experiencing. We have been in similar circumstances ourselves only not concerning our mortgage.

we wish you the very best in this matter.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give thanks to a Supervisor from your company that straighten out a situation that was going in the wrong direction. I had sent in an escrow shortage payment of $400.00, but was only credited for only sending in $174.12. I noticed that on my bank statement that no adjustment had occurred for when I sent in the $400.00,But only for $174.12) and called to get it cleared up. I had spoken to an employee and she said that it would be cleared up and to check back in a couple of days to make sure. I did check back in a few days and still found that there had been some correction made, but that not enough. I was speaking, to someone whos name I do not recall, and could not seem to make him understand that I had sent in the extra money to drop my escrow payments. He kept on telling me the the escrow is always changing. I told him I knew this and that is why I receive these statements to try and adjust. He still didn't seem to understand what I was trying to get him to understand. I then requested to speak to a supervisor and just after a few short minutes I was speaking to, forgive me if I mispell his name, Mr Anubam. He put me on hold for only a few short minutes and new exactly what I was trying to explain. I have never have dealt with someone who could cope with someone in such a calm manner and understand the situation so fast in all the years that I have dealt with any company . He would like to say that I feel that he is a valuable asset to your company and represents them in the highest degree. He was kind,pleasant, well manered and high ability to understand the situation and grasp it so fast shows how high his IQ must be. I should hope that in the future you mold your company on individuals on Mr Anubam. I have never been to gratified and and satisfied when someone before. In fact don't think that I have ever or even rarely taken the time to thank one for their excellent services. Again I would like to thank Mr. Anubam. Have a Great Day!! Craig B Jakielek

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Posted by Karen R.

To Mr. Cardace @ Citi
I sent you a reply email as fact 2...with all pertinent information, and have yet to hear back from you. Is it that you follow in the same footsteps as the rest of Citibank or are you really willing to help? AS a former Citbank employee and also a former employee of a Citbank approved bank attorney, I know all to well about the fraudulent and deceptive business practices that Citi engages in and based on posters comments, I see it still continues. Please advise.

Posted by tinglimp

First and foremost, I WAS a citi employee. What I have realized is that 99% of people don't know how their mortgages work. Yes, I worked in collections and hated it. Not because I was an evil collector but because we are forced to comply with so many guidelines. What you guys don't realize is you are not the only person with a mortgage. There are 100s of thousands of people that have a mortgage with Citi. I didn't leave Citi because I didn't like Citi in fact I LOVED working there. Unfortunately, what most mortgagers don't understand is that I am also a human on the other line. I have a mom and a dad. I'm a best friend and a sister. I'm a role model and a college student. Being told day in and day out that people are going to kill me and find my family and that I'm a worthless piece of crap and the sheer rudeness from people breaks down all of the people dealing directly with the clients. We are much more apt to help you if you are nice to us. So, because we deal with it everyday we get broken down. Honestly, I couldn't care that you're behind on your mortgage. I'm just there to do my job. I don't deserve it. I'm just trying to pay my rent. Here is the other thing people don't realize. DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOUR HOUSE IS BEING FORECLOSED ON TO MAKE A PAYMENT OR APPLY FOR A HELP! The best thing is a line of communication. Don't be mad at Citi when you can't get a modification, we just service your loan. Most of the time it is your investor guidelines. Stay under the 90 day mark and don't expect us to waive the late fees. You're late and you know it. It's not going to happen. And don't call us up asking why there was an inspector. You know why, we loaned you a crap ton of money and we're making sure you didn't abandon the property or burn the place down. Yes, we can call you 6 times a day and calls WILL start the day you become behind. You signed the agreement. And crazy thing, your due date IS the first we just don't charge you a late fee until AFTER the 16th as a courtesy to you but you are still behind. And even though we don't have the negative credit bureau reporting until the 30th, you are still reported after the first. It's not harassment, it's the rules. If someone owed you 150,000 dollars I'm sure you would want your payment on time too. And if you ever encounter someone who is nice god for bid ask to speak with a supervisor so you can give a compliment or write one in. It makes me continue to be nice than feel continually kicked around. Oh, and if there is a language barrier you can request to speak to someone else. It's not that hard.

Posted by hopescitiburnstotheground

I can tell you all as an x Citi Mortgage escalation rep, that Citi doesn't give a crap about the clients. We as employee's are told to tell the client's if their issues cant be resolved on that call to advise we will call them back within 24 hours, knowing that is crap, because the unit managers on the floor don't allow time for callbacks.Not to mention the hostile work environment or not being cared about as employee's make it very difficult to care about what is going on. You need to realize as client's you are just a number and not a human being. What I mean by that we have to ah ear to a talk time of 360 seconds per call. With that being said,all Citi cares about is numbers and profits. I can't tell you how much trouble we get into if we go over handle time. My advise to everyone is to take your mortgage and run like forest gump. Citi is more about taking much needed jobs here in the United States and moving over sea, why you ask????? two reasons 1 the president of Citi is from there and since he became president got rid of every american board member and moved in this family and cousins. 2.They want to frusterate you the client with having to deal with people that don't know how to help you or speak a lick of english.

Posted by TheRoadie

Worked for Citimortgage for 2 years, I was told that we only "apply effort" where it counts. In the Executive Leadership's mind that was making sure that we lied to prospective buyers, worked with the worst and cheapest property management companies, neglected to disclose issues with properties that were known to exist and 100% always placed the deals that made us the most money at the top of the list, and if we never got to the other people....well that was ok too. (especially if we were already dealing with a loss, in that case there's NO reason to "apply effort" unless you just happen to have some free time)
If you're ever thinking about buying a property that is owned by Citi, I wish you the best of luck. Be prepared to be treated like you are worthless and meaningless. Prepare to be lied to. Get loud, angry, and fight back as hard as you can. Question EVEYTHING they tell you, as that's the only way you'll ever get any attention from them. It's horrible but it's true. (As soon as I quit I joined a credit union, that's where I'm getting my new home loan, I suggest EVERY citibank customer do the same)

Posted by I'm Frustrated Too

As a member of the CMI collections, loss mitigation and modification team, the first thing I want to say is this: IF YOU DO NOT MAKE YOUR PAYMENTS YOU ARE SUBJECT TO ACCELERATION/FORECLOSURE. Read your Mortgage!

I can agree that CMI needs to improve. Believe me, the employees are almost as frustrated as the customers. Rules, policies, guidelines, timeframes, etc. change on a seemingly day-to-day or even hourly basis. It is hard to absorb all of that and give the best/latest info to the client.

Times are tough for everyone, including the underpaid, underappreciated employees at Citi. But that doesn't change the fact that CMI is a BUSINESS, not a public aid agency., No lender is required to provide modifications. Ultimately, it is a business and it has to make sound business decisions. If the principal or interest rate would have to be reduced to almost nothing to make a mod work, it doesn't make sense. If the borrower's income is not sufficient to afford even a bottom-dollar payment, the mod doesn't make sense. Sometimes it makes more sense to try to recoup the lender's initial outlay by selling the property. Sometimes a mod will make sense though and - believe me - we do a TON of them.

The mod HAMP mod (and other government programs) process is the same at all lenders - the guidelines are handed down by the government which subsidize the hit that the lenders must take when they do a mod. There are a lot of hoops to jump through but if you are honest and follow the directions you will usually have a good result.

Also, when you initially give your income/expense info over the phone/web, and we "pre-qualify" you for a mod we read you a statement that says "you MAY qualify for a modification, all figures are estimates and approval may change." Most borrowers fail to absorb the PRE part of pre-qualified.

Another point: Because there are so many people asking for assistance, it is taking a LONG time to process everything. Be patient, but don't stop following up! This is YOUR house, be proactive - don't wait for CMI to call you.

Also, I want to respond to all the comments about Citi taking a "bailout." To oversimplify: The reason for the government intervention is that borrowers stopped paying their mortgages! Besides that fact, Citi paid back the $45 billion and the governemnt made a $12 BILLION profit on the deal ( That's a TWENTY-SEVEN PERCENT ROI in relatively short order! I think we taxpayers got our money's worth.

Please know that I am not defending CMI or trying to give excuses for the treatment that many customers have explained on this site. Really, I hate my job. I am waay overqualified, there is no opportunity for advancement and my 4 bosses are idiots. I am just trying to provide some perspective.

Good luck!

Posted by Momof2

I worked for CitiCorp for several years, and let me tell you this, it was miserable. I worked in collections with them and this corporation only cares about the customers that make their mortgage payments on time. I heard endless sad stories from customers needing help with the mortgage. The customers had so many different reasons, It was very sad. From deaths, loss of jobs, military, financial and so much more. Supervisors would roll their eyes and make comments like, Oh, another pity case. We were instructed to shuffle off their calls and tell them we are processing their requests for help, but we knew no help would go to most all of them. I could no longer take the wrong doing Citi was doing and left the company. When it was time for my husband and I to purchase a house, I did NOT use Citi Mortgage

Posted by Tinker Bell

I process loan in Citi Mortgage. If you people only knew Citi's feelings toward it's customers you would never do business again with my company.
Some of Citi's policies and practices almost fall in the category of theft. Someone like Geraldo Rivera could dig up enough story to win a pulitzer prize. All the good you see about Citi is all for show. This is the worst company I've ever worked for, ever!


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